KATV Channel 7 Weather

4.8 (10.6K)
61.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KATV Channel 7 Weather

4.8 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
4 years ago, edmobile🐢
Very dependable for me.
I’ve been using this app from KATVWX for several years. It’s helped me while traveling in bad wx several times. In fact my wife and I both have this app on our phones and more than one time we have received wx alerts at the very same moment. I’ve gotten out of flash flood situations a couple of times because of quick, accurate warnings. About 5 years ago while traveling from Hattisburg, MS to Arkansas in very bad wx conditions, we received a tornado warning from the KATVWX app of a tornado in our immediate area and told to take cover immediately. We were located just inside city limits of south side of McGee, MS on hwy 49. We were north bound. We pulled into service station immediately as there was dark clouds ahead of us north of McGee with lots of wind. I never saw a funnel but was glad to get the warning to take cover. There has been other times of traveling through Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas in bad wx and I was always glad to know I was in touch with KATVWX app. I always feel more secure when driving in bad wx knowing that I have KATVWX radar especially during possible tornados. Tks to all those at KATV WEATHER for makings this possible. I rate you a 5 ⭐️
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2 years ago, Woopig birdie
Perfection and complete professionalism !
The KATV Weather app is always on my primary page of apps. I use it almost daily. It takes a lot for me to trust anything and I can say the team at KATV is the best. Watching the storm coverage tonight, (Sunday, March 6th) absolutely blew me away. The professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed. Barry, Todd and James were awesome. I’ve watched all the other networks, as well as those out of state and there is NO comparison. Thank you KATV for your superior coverage of our states weather. You guys truly are life savers!!
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6 years ago, arkyartist
Dec ‘17 update takes three step backwards
For an APP that’s used (especially) in cases of severe weather and warnings- look for one that is more streamlined and with more immediate access. Have used and depended on this app on both an iPad and iPhones for several years until this most recent update. The forecasts are reliable and as accurate as current science allows, however the presentation in this upgrade render it too fraught with inconvenience for the time spent to open and load. * For mobile use and cellular data, the additional video feed load is superfluous and should be an optional item. Arkansas is a rural state with peaks and valleys and is oftentimes spotty between towers even on the interstates. For commuters having to travel in less populated areas, checking the forecast right before going off-grid now requires forethought and cannot be left to the last minute. ** Even on fiber optic high speed it takes longer to load for home use— going to the website has been quicker. *** the cloud background behind the forecast renders white text illegible. NOTE: this has been fixed in more recent updates. **** too many advertisers per screen, I would pay for this APP if there were NO sponsors and it were streamlined.
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8 months ago, ohpleasemayihaveanother
Best radar available!
Love the new KATVWX app. The ability to show 1hr previous and 6hr future radar and a 24hr predicted radar is the absolute best functionality available and it’s FREE. The spoken announcements are great and easily configured. Had switched to the Fox News weather app when others made future radar a premium service but that’s only 2hr and at times not correct. I highly recommend the KATVWX App.
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2 years ago, " the need to know " Mimi
Ch 7 weather app
I like the format; it is user friendly. I like being able to view details for each day or just overall forecast. I know I look at it many times per day! Thanks for the weather updates, since we know in Arkansas it changes so quickly!!!!!!😁👍. Great job weather crew!!!
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9 months ago, JMM from Cabot
Old was better
Doesn’t always load or loads slowly. Weather reader always opens to “past”. I would like to see a little of past ( where storm came from) and then where it is going in the future. I also keep getting notifications or alerts but when I open app it doesn’t show me the notification. I definitely liked the old app better. Can’t afford to not have this app slow or not work in weather emergency but I don’t trust this version to work!!! I’ve deleted and reinstalled it several times but still not working like it should.
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2 years ago, clarence Gill this os no fake
Waving arms
Chanel 7 would be berry good if you would stop your Chief Barry from doing all the arm waving finger pointing and all of his other moves he does we can see the weather map. And we know where we live we can see the weather moving in just little point standing aside will be gone. His arm waving finger pointing, fake rain or snow in studio is not necessary. Just tie him up and see if he can do the weather !!! Like all the other weather people do!! Please stop his crap!!!
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5 days ago, mylesmkio47475
The best weather app
This is the best weather app I’ve ever used. It is accurate, shows the map properly and the warning notifications are sent to my exact location. I would 100% recommend for any I Arkansan
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5 years ago, Bobpoppa
Decent app BUT...
The intensely annoying problem with this app is that it makes you wait approximately 8 seconds looking at the splash/logo screen before it opens. The wait time goes down to 5 seconds if the app is already in memory. It is a relatively small app at 40mb, so the long wait times are by design. The irony is this “feature” exists in an area with more than its share of turbulent weather where every second counts. It has decent layout and content once you finally get to it. I deleted this app in favor of a more responsive solution.
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2 years ago, Carey D 21
Thanks for always being their for the people of Arkansas. Especially Me. When we moved back from Florida and, we didn’t have people to contact in bad storms I always felt safe with Channel 7 Weather.
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2 years ago, m. A .L
Watching the weather
I love ❤️ my 7 weather app. I can see what the weather at my house and go to my friends in Ky . I was watching whenTornadoes went through our state and through Kentucky. Call my friend told him to get ready it’s on its way .!! And it did , he thanked me for the heads up . Thank you channel 7.
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3 months ago, Steejen
Weather all the time
Channel 7 is the best channel to watch for accurate weather! I watch on tv when I’m home and have the app on my phone to have weather anytime!! I have to say I miss Todd though…
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2 years ago, luvpoodles
Thank you
I appreciate the easy access to hourly weather. This icy week was less stressful because of the app. I knew when to cover stairs (tarp)for protection so when the precipitation ended, tarp moved, my dogs had access to the yard.
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6 years ago, halash2123
Channel 7 weather
This new update makes it very hard to read ! Please change something. Always found this app very useful but now it takes forever to check daily forecasts.
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1 year ago, #1 Hog Fan Rain or Shine
My go-to for AR weather
The channel 7 weather app is my go-to for weather. It is easy to use, understand and quick to find whatever you are needing to know.
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4 years ago, donamike
Cannot get App
Have been receiving this App for several months until three days ago. Now the home page appears but no other info or data can be displayed. What’s the problem
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2 years ago, Beachsand6
Thank you
The channel seven weather team are the best by far. Their forecasting is accurate as can be each member of team brings their own unique contributions to the awesome job they do🙏
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6 years ago, Savvygirl83
App is good most of the time
I like the app for quick access to the weekly weather and radar when necessary but I have had problems lately with the map not loading and currently can’t even see what the forecast says because the writing is in white and the background is blue with white clouds.
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1 year ago, Buddy the yellow lab's Mom
An alert system that works well for me !
I feel safe with this app knowing that I’ll always be notified of severe weather issues
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2 years ago, zzkrt
Weather app
Your weather app is not very accurate. You are mostly wrong predicting when rain/ snow will begin and end. Your app forecast for temperatures does not match what is predicted on air. A ten day for cast is useless and always wrong. Your accuracy is fairly good 3 days out- beyond that you’re guessing.
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1 year ago, Honeycdj
Weather updates
Channel 7 is our go to weather team.
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2 years ago, Nat_Nat150
app is great
This app is probably the best app for weather. It is usually accurate and it tells you what the weather is gonna be like 2 days ahead.
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5 months ago, Bummer oh a app
Trustworthy throughout the year!
I’ve been using KATV weather app for years. In fact, I had it on March 31 . KATV helped us know we had to take cover, before the sirens started.
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2 years ago, Highway worker
My go to spot
My go to for all my weather info and up to date coming weather events . Very accurate and precise , love it. Thank you Channel Seven !!
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2 years ago, Bigfoot gangster 04
Weather report
Love it weather report is spot on help with my day to day planning working outside plus the alerts too.
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2 years ago, Struggling to learn
The Best by Far
This is my Go-To Weather App, because I can depend on its accuracy. It just never lets me down. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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5 years ago, Hammerhead1114
Fix it please
I have been using this app for several years now and the only dissatisfying this has been that it takes a while to load, up until now. It now crashes upon opening it. I depend on this app for accurate forecasts and in cases of severe weather. FIX IT PLEASE
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6 years ago, JabboL
Can’t read forecast after last update
I like this app because it is simple and easy to find the information I need. The latest update looks nice but the cloud background is the same color as most of the numbers and makes the forecast much harder or sometimes impossible to read.
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1 month ago, Mtn listener
Not quite right today
This morning the weather in Mountain View, AR is 43 degrees and rainy. Also, the weather in Pearl, MS is 43 degrees and rainy. AND the weather in Santa Monica, CA is 43 degrees and rainy. The weather maps change, but the weather info does not. This has happened a couple of times previously.
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1 month ago, Tashunke Witko
This is awesome weather app. Always giving me notifications on rain, lightning in the area. I highly recommend this app. Steve
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2 years ago, 00exploder
Not so great
App works as it should if weather is decent. If it’s storming when you would need the most it doesn’t work at all. At first I thought it was just my phone until I realized everything else on my phone works just fine during the inclement weather
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5 years ago, ajlm4
App takes entirely too long to load. Most times my phone will time out and lock before the app even opens. I like that the weather is typically more accurate and I can get alerts pushed to my phone, but it is no help if the thing won’t even open and load for me to see where a storm is.
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8 months ago, Lifeisafilm
Awesome app!
The forecasts are accurate, the notifications are convenient, and the app is very user-friendly!
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5 years ago, Chuck Kemp
Issues finding network
Even when every other app is on the Internet this app hen first opened has problems find the internet. The only way to fix is to force close the app. This is getting to be a pain.
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2 years ago, katie izzy
Enjoy checking Weather at my convenience!
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5 months ago, Mailgaree
Weather app
I love this app and count on it daily. It’s easy to use and always accurate.
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6 months ago, Texas ok
I’m still so impressed by you guys I moved from Arkansas and still get accurate information from KATVWX keep up the great work
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2 years ago, BC from Jacksonville
Todd Y
We like all of the meteorologists at KATV, but we really enjoy Todd’s humor. Now, not to say that he doesn’t get serious when need be, but he is awesome.
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8 months ago, toodles8201
Not happy with the radar
I’ve been relying on local weather but the radar has been off. It’s not showing me what the weather is really like for the past two months. I’ve been having to go the the weather channel app for a more accurate radar.
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2 years ago, Henri@22
Great app
I love how it’s so easy to find information on weather in my area and hazardous weather.
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4 years ago, Brian O'Marra
Maps take a while to download. Trying to watch the weather video is impossible. I can’t get passed movie commercials. Will download a weather app from another channel!
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1 month ago, Nana the beautiful
Fave weather app
The forecast are very accurate. I live in Timbo Arkansas and this is the most accurate
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9 months ago, psnowed-in
Love this weather app. It helps me be “weather central” for my family!
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6 years ago, Ross's Nana
White cloud background too light
The latest upgrade has bright white clouds on the screen which makes reading much more difficult. I’ve used this app for quite a while but with this change I’m searching for something better. More legible.
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3 years ago, Brown_85
S. L. O. W.
Please fix the video forecast so that it won’t freeze up! I cannot watch more than 10 seconds before it freezes and never plays! We have great internet in home and can stream anything on any device except this app!
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6 years ago, Melf16
Last update is a mess
I used to use the app all the time but this last update has made it impossible to read. The background and the text are the same colors. Did anyone proof this before releasing it? I will be using weatherbug from now on
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1 year ago, Alghonquin
Channel 7 news and weather .
It’s the best app I have ever used, free or purchased. Need I say more?
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2 years ago, knox82020
I love having this keeps me very informed. Thank you
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4 years ago, mcfly davis
That was terrible
I download this app and highly hopes that I could monitor the sleet and snow in my area. This app was so terrible it wouldn’t load past the open screen. I needed it for weather updates and school closing in which it was completely useless. I immediately deleted it, it served so helpful purpose.
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4 years ago, Huntfish33
Runs my phone battery down.
This app runs my phone battery down in the background unless you delete from your recent app list. Never did this until the latest update.
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