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Jorge Garcia Armero
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2 months ago
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10.10 or later
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User Reviews for Keka

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
2 years ago, saforce
Minor Quibbles, Good Archiver Replacement
I've had Keka on my account for quite some time. I'm not primarily a Mac user and have extended durations away from the platform. I don't remember what Keka was like when I first purchased(?) it, but I recently wanted to archive a bunch of files to send off, only to open the app and be stumped by the UX understanding implied by your interface design. Since I hadn't looked at the store page, I had no idea what the window that popped up was for. I assumed it was asking maybe what default format and options I wanted. So when I closed that window, there was another settings window, which only further confused me. So, in the interest of being clear with your UX, please add a line or indication that the first window that opens is a drop target for files to be compressed, that the format selection in the top right is actually the format that will be used on the intended output, that kind of stuff. If you look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, the window doesn't declare it's intent anywhere for someone coming in fresh. Maybe everyone looks at the photos on the store page, but I downloaded it from my purchase history... so I missed those images. Anyway, minor gripe aside, it's a great app that functions as intended. The icon is cute, but lacks some contrast to see what it is for folks like myself with less than optimum vision.
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12 months ago, Aldaro Nightfrost
Robust, but simple
I first started using this application all the way back at the end of 2009 when the first stable release came out, and since 2011, it has been my go to archive manager on macOS. The app is incredibly versatile, and maintains a simple UI that fits in quite well with the overall design language of macOS. In addition to its wide variety of supported archive formats, Keka integrates well with the Finder, and even allows for the use of AES-256 encryption for certain password protected archives. Last, but certainly not least, Keka is by far the most stable third party archive manager I've used. The App Store version helps support its continued development, in addition to providing easy automatic updates. In short, if you are looking for a reliable archive manager on macOS, Keka is by far one of the best options available; you will not be disappointed.
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3 years ago, dghgfgdfchk
The best if not one of the best file compression
I found this program exploring the app store. I didn't really felt the need to download it due that I had another program for that. At the end of the day, I lost files from the other program and it wasn't working at all later on. I remembered this one I decided to give it a try. I have run multiple tests and different situations where I put on test how good and efficient the program is and can be. This app is worth the money and it's super effective and get the work done. Totally reconmended!!!
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6 months ago, Evancris
My go-to file compression wizard
Keka is my go-to file compression wizard! Seriously, this app is a game-changer. It's got this sleek vibe that makes dealing with files kinda fun. Drag and drop, boom, your files are compressed or extracted in a flash. It handles big files like a champ, and the security features give you that extra peace of mind. The support team is on it, too – quick and genuinely helpful. It's become my ride-or-die for all things file-related. If you're tired of the old-school compression struggles, give Keka a shot – you won't be disappointed! 🚀
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2 years ago, Aridon
Excellent app
I had a bit of a learning curve being new to macos but this is a great app. I use it to password protect sensitive files on Icloud storage since there is no way to password protect folders natively. This works great because I just zip up the folder, encrypt and password protect it. I want to thank the developer for replying to my previous review. They let me know I needed to set Keka as a default app otherwise extraction would fail. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Redestium
Some thoughts
Solid app but needs to be able to view contents of archives and extract/add a selection of files to it. Also I purchased this to show support but why does the app have the heart icon front and center in the main window for more tips when I already paid? Not what I was expecting. Lastly when using 7-zip format it isn't clear from the main window that the password is encypting the file or by what means like the zip format does with the explicit check box for AES 256. It'd be nice for that to be more clear.
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6 years ago, Webreviews
Went Paid to Say Thanks
I’ve been using the free version for years. I see you have a newly updated version and the price is right. Thank you Jorge. If I have one ask, is to just think about options to keep us safe, such as assuring that Keka can’t be used to launch attacks from malicious files that are hidden in a RAR file archive. Make sure that we know, and by default stops, anything that attempts to execute or launch something as part of the unzip process.
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2 years ago, Guesss What
won't split large archives when compressing
Updated review: I actually figured it out. While the interface is a bit confusing at first, but this app is doing what it says it should. I wish that the archive preference (compression method per format, where to split files, password, etc) either popped up when you went to archive files via the Finder or was within the Preferences options. At first I thought it wasn't honoring split preferences, but it seems to be working once I figured out that main window (which is actually archive preference). Also, every window seems to be named Keka, which makes it a bit confusing. The developer is very responsive, though. No worries about this being one of the Apple Store's abandonedware offerings.
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6 years ago, misko_
It works, I haven’t had any issues with using it for over two years
The best kind of utilities are the ones you don’t even know you have, because they just work. This is exactly one of those. I have used this for over two years and never had any issues, it works with anything I throw at it. No complaints, and I would highly recommend. I got a new laptop and I couldn’t extract rar archives any more, realized I forgot to re-install this app!
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5 years ago, A Bit of Madness is Key
Everything that I wanted is here!
It has all the likable fetures from the default Archive Utility except it's better. You have the option to exclude the Mac resource forks (the annoying _MACOSX folder and .DS_Store file that's gonna be in every one of your archive files and folders) that is an eyesore if you work across different operating systems. Not to mention the number of supported file formats. Don't go for the cheap one that only support a few file formats. Keka is the way to go.
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6 years ago, Lillliooiloilo
can't find RAR
the overall experience is good so far. the design makes decompress very easy to use. BUT , when I wanted to decompress from a RAR, I could't find my files in desktop, and didn't know the location of the files, but there was a notification said it was successful decompressed. I tries several times after that. but all failed SO, i had to use my old tool to deal with the RARs. and shift between these two apps. ...........
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2 years ago, Herpderpsausage
Quick and simple
Easy enough to use, with enough features for more savvy users. Would be nice to have even more control over compression vs speed. I can get better compression out of 7zip GUI in Windows than with Keka on MacOS due to more advanced settings in the 7zip GUI. Not worth losing a star over. Enjoy a small donation and thank you for making simple software all these years.
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4 years ago, Shishir Tandale
"Full featured" is relative
Keka does a good job at extracting a vast array of file types. However, I'm pretty disappointed that there's no way to extract specfic files or preview contents of large archives. This is less than ideal for me because I find myself browsing through multiple large .zip files and needing just a single file. But it does what it says on the box I guess. Minus one star for not meeting all my needs. It's a shame -- on Windows, a file explorer is par for the course in pretty much every archive application.
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2 years ago, DJ Nativus
A great decompressor that handles everything
I was using this for free for awhile and decided to support them and get it on the app store for easy updates. This is great with multi-core support for simultaneous decompressing and uncompressing. It also handles password archives easily and multipart archives. While you can pay more for more complex decompressors, I find myself not using them and preferring Keka <3
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3 years ago, danielsdesk
Can't believe I've never heard of this app before now
I used to have a handful of different compression and extraction mac utilities for various reasons, and I stumbled upon this one I had never heard of before in the app store. I bought it and gave it a shot and so far it replaces every single one of the other utilities I use. Worth the $4 imo.
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1 year ago, 疼逊去死吧
Very bad non Eng Char support
Wanted to love it, used it for years. Now I have found it actually has caused me a lot of problems. 1. Won't support non standard password, if the password's some werid non ENG char it errors out without giving the option to input the password at all. I thought the file was bad but other program can extract it no problem. 2. Buggy compression, at least ruined 2 7zip files I tried to make with it. Opened it month later on PC with the offical 7zip client and file was corruped. DON'T TRUST THIS APP WITH IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS UPDATE: At least the supports were fast in contacting and have determined the password problem were caused by setting a default password in Keka Preferences.
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5 years ago, Chumstick1821
Keka is *THE* archive utiliy for modern macOS
It acts like it was written by a Mac user: Simple, Functional, and packed with features. Updates are consistently pushed to fix bugs as their found, and any archives created with Keka won't send Windows into a tailspin when you have to email an archive to a colleague. I don't even remember when I bought Keka, but I'd do it again without thinking.
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3 years ago, hsdajr
Great Compression Utility!
I had been using an old version of Stuffit for years until Apple switched macOS over to only using 64-bit apps. After trying three or four other compression utlities, this is the one I choice and it has been working perfectly. Very happy with my choice.
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4 years ago, nikzic
Look no further for a file archiver
Nothing but praises here! Can excludes macOS resource forks, can delete compressed/uncompressed files automatically (which saves tons of time if you do a lot of zipping/unzipping). There is also an automator service you can use to quickly compress files from Finder. On top of all, support is absolutelly amazing.
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2 months ago, bodycode
It's so full-featured and stable, it replaces all paid apps! It's not FIVE stars... it's 10 to the nth power stars. All the bells and whistles you'd ever need, and those are ESSENTIAL, like speeding things up with multiple cores, and the largest selection of file compression formats I've ever seen Thank you very VERY much for this compression utility.
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3 years ago, mikeq022
Finally fixed problems submitting assignments
This is the best solution for Mac users and submitting assignments! I had lots of issues with the Compressor generic method using macOS. Keka has made my experience uploading assignments as ZIP files easy for my PC user instructors and Mac instructors as well. Would highly reccommend 10/10 !
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3 years ago, using it everyday
It supports many formats and has Finder integration
Creates and extracts all the alternative formats like 7zip, bzip, etc. and can create tar or zip archives. Great for when you get files from Windows and Linux users. I've used the free version for many years. Buying the paid version is a thank you for all your previous support!
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5 years ago, SpriteGF
Have been using this for years!
I didn't realize this — but have been using the free version of Keka for almost a decade and am finally getting around to purchasing the app to support the developer. It's been reliable, unobtrusive, and very Mac-friendly and elegant. Really appreciate how useful this app is.
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4 years ago, RaphaSh
easy, efficient, fast
In my opinion the best file archiver for the Mac. Super easy to use, efficient because it works with several files at once, and very fast in comparison to all the other programs which I tested. I'm still very happy that I bought it, thanks to the developer!
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7 months ago, Jae San
I love this Zip App for Mac
Been using this for the better part of a decade and I love using this app, it is so much better than anything windows based zip programs offer. So easy to use and at the same time very versatile! It has kept pace with OS updates well.
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3 years ago, dtmobay
Solid app through the years!
I’ve been using Keka for years and never once had an issue. Keka is an amazing little powerhouse that just works, plain and simple. I finally downloaded the paid version to show support, thanks Jorge!
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1 year ago, brav0charlie
It does what it needs to.
Like the title says: It does what it needs to. Keka is great; the user interface is slick and intuitive, and it performs well. Love the drag & drop to compress/decompress feature and the support for encrypted archives. Makes archiving backups to cloud storage so much easier!
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3 years ago, guy-who-likes-history
Best MacOS Archive Utility
I've used this on and off for a long time, but checking back this year I've found a lot of extra polish. I now I get a Finder plugin that gives you "right-click -> add to archive" with better features than the built-in. I am no longer jelous of 7-Zip for Windows. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Emma Libster
Keka is fast, safe, and very powerful
The nice thing is I only had to get the app once, and am using it on iPad, iPhone and Mac computer. Great EZ interface. Looks like it supports just about all formats, encryption & passwords... Worth a couple bucks - Highly Recommended 😁👍
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3 years ago, nopnopnopnop
Archiving, unarchiving, that's all
Keka is an example of "less is more." It turns a file or folder into an archive, and vice versa. Unlike the Finder, Keka supports a lot of compression formats. Keka isn't a tool for editing ZIP archives; it doesn't even list archive members. But neither does the Finder's Compress feature. Keka fits macOS well.
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4 years ago, WobblySquid
Best Extractor Ever
I'm a long-time user of Keka and it works. It WORKS! It's so easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and handles all the file formats that matter to me. Lastly, just look at that adorable icon! That little bug works hard. Also, I need a physical figure or plush of it to decorate my desk. Seriously.
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10 months ago, tookmyname
Simple and useful; never lets me down
A simple little app that does exactly as promised — easily compresses and encrypts files or folders. The developer keeps it updated as needed. I've been using it for years.
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2 years ago, sean_obi
Great tool with great support
I'm pretty sure I bought Keka 10 years ago, and it wasn't super expensive. It is an excellent archiver, and to this day, it still seems to be updated as much as any other app I own.
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1 year ago, jeff santangelo
Best archive app for Mac
I've been using Keka for a long time now, and I recently bought the app store version to show support. It's by far the most capable archiver I've found for mac, and I would 100% reccommend.
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6 years ago, Jrb1953
Not bab but
Got this because I had a valid .rar that another ap was not able to extract. This one did so. Things that need improving: option to see files names within a rar before extracting, optopn to force extraction of the a multi part file without all the parts present. So far rar utilities I’ve seen on OSx are much weaker than free ones available on Windows.
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3 years ago, Jef_D
I like it
Just bought the paid version. I had some very large zip files (or so they are labeled, anyway), and the default Mac app couldn't unarchive them. This worked great. And it's M1 compatible, which I wanted.
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2 years ago, OKfineGuy
Fantastic App
This is a very good File Archive app that has been updated over the years and most recent update was just 1 month ago. 

It supports a very wide array of supported compression and extraction formats. 

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2 years ago, I Like Their Old Stuff
Best Replacement for YemuZip
YemuZip stopped working and the developer has left the building. Keka is better than YemuZip was in its prime and is regularly updated. It's well worth the money if you work with people in the Windows world.
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2 years ago, Resolute Valor
Still use this!!
All these years later, and for the most part, this is still the one i use most even though I own all of them. Best zip on MAC.
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4 years ago, bumbleben0
A Must-Have Mac App
I've been using Keka since I first got a Mac, and only recently decided to buy it through the App Store. You can get the app for free from the dev's website (or Homebrew), but they deserve every penny of the App Store purchase - it's that good.
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7 months ago, Music Note "D"
Upgraded to the v1.3.5 from the free version
Been using v1.2 for years but glad to support the developer! $5 bucks for the latest version well worth it.
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3 years ago, MTZer
It works, It's easy to use & worth more than it costs.
Constantl updates, works on everything, no headaches. This is honest software that does its job and does it well.
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3 years ago, JOrok
Simple and Reliable
Honestly, the title says it all. This program has been Simple and Reliable for me for years. Keep up the great work, and than you.
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1 year ago, Captain1ndustry
The best archiving app on the store
Not much more to say. Works with many file formats. UI is intuitive and easy to use, nothing to complain about.
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4 years ago, JLHwung
Pay the maintainer of your daily used app
Used the free version for years. Glad that Keka still update and went paid for support. Thank you!
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7 months ago, maxisabeast1998
Been using it for years
went for using 7zip for years on windows and when I switched to mac this software seamlessly replaced 7zip for me.
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1 year ago, Me anonimous
Indispensable utility
Have been using this for years. Keeps getting better. A while ago I signed up for automatically donating a montlhy cup of coffee.
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5 years ago, Michael Jonas, Scottsdale AZ
Fast and efficient...what more could one ask for from a compression/extration app. The "negative" ratings are all very old, so don't be put off by them. And it doesn't hurt to make a donation.
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6 years ago, gibbynla
I had to buy it.
I originally downloaded app from KEKA’s own site. It’s the only thing that worked so far. I had to go into the App store and buy it out appreciation for it working. =)
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2 weeks ago, someguyALSO
A Classic that keeps getting better
My favoritest compression app in the history of compression apps. I mostly use 7z but dev keeps adding support for more types so that's nice.
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