KELO Weather – South Dakota

2.3 (183)
94.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KELO Weather – South Dakota

2.26 out of 5
183 Ratings
6 years ago, Scatcat316
What the heck???????
I loved the app before with previous layout. Now it's terrible and I may uninstall it. Why did you change it so drastically?? Before you could easily scroll through between weather screens on a circular pattern. Very convenient for me as I travel for a living. Now it's all separate tapping and the radar look is not the same. I wish it could go back to the way it was. Not sure I'll use it now at all.
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3 years ago, CalebDumke
Works Great
Most of the reviews on here are from 1 or 2 years ago, so I thought I’d give an updated review. The graphics are great: whether that describes the background photos, the interface of the 24- hour/ 7- day forecast, or the interactive radar. In particular, I like how one can select multiple different cities/ towns in the radar and then scroll through them in the 24- hour forecast section if they want to keep a watch over multiple areas. However, one thing that should be fixed is the format of the advisories/ warnings of the National Weather Service- they should be made a little neater. This app has had a lot of well needed updates over the past year.
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5 years ago, Bobbalooy
Not the great weather App they brag about
Pop up ads are annoying - weather forecasts are constantly changing (sometimes several times within the same day) and very rarely match their TV forecast for the same area and are typically not very accurate. Radar doesn't work a good portion of the time. Definitely not the "awesome" weather app that KELO weather people would like you to think it is. Just a heads up KELO weather team - changing your forecast to match what the weather is actually doing outside once the day comes isn’t actually forecasting anything. 0% chance of rain on both App and TV - 1-3 days out and then the day comes and low and behold it’s raining so magically the app forecast changes to 60% that morning.
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6 years ago, South Dakota Alarm
Horrible - update made it worse.
Just updated the app and thought it couldn’t get any worse - I was wrong. Not only now do I need to sit a look at a loading splash screen for 5 seconds (not that the app even requires a loading page for the little bit it does). Now the radar has so many buttons and options it’s useless. People just want to see quick weather things. Want to make the app useful? Just give an app with 8 buttons with things like quick forecasts, quick radar, and useful things. If I want to see more I will use the website.
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6 years ago, snowysd
It’s time for a change - to another local weather app
Historically, the Kelo weather app has been my go-to for local weather forecast and info. I find this current update to be frustrating to navigate and now lacks a “week at a glance” opportunity (you now have to scroll through to see all this info, and I also find the info harder to read with the background weather visuals). I’ve made a change to another local TV network app that better satisfies my weather info needs.
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6 years ago, BuckMT
New version FAIL
So unfortunate - I travel all over the west and have to watch the weather closely. My favorite app, until the latest update, was the KELOLAND weather app. Now, it’s buggy, no longer has the 2-3 daily 1:15 minute video updates and when there is a video posting it’s buggy (none responsive buttons, etc). I have iPhone 6s, iPad Pro so it’s not me. Leave it to techies to fiddle with something that was fine before - now it’s useless. I’ve gone back to the Weather Channel - yeah, that bad. So unfortunate...
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12 months ago, John - Subscriptions
Doppler images disappear without a force quit.
After viewing the radar page and then closing the app, the Doppler image no longer appears when I reopen. I can still see lightning indicators, and other weather data. If I force quit the app and then reopen, then the Doppler images return. This has been a problem for at least a year.
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7 months ago, Kendric of chessington
Kello greatness
I love this app I like that you guys have everything I love the live cams so cool 😎this is a good app the people are so talented it is also way more accurate than the apple weather great job to everyone who makes this app possible 🥳🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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5 years ago, bvilhau
Ever looked at an actual wind vane?
So the pointy end of real life wind vane points in the direction the wind is blowing from (aka the “wind direction” aka the direction you are facing when the wind is hitting you directly in the face). The wind compass in this app points directly opposite of which way the wind is blowing- points down for a north wind,etc. pretty basic. Also the app is sluggish and seems to have a much more generic hour-by-hour forecast than it used to have.
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2 years ago, dclemt
Hate changes
I don’t use my phone for tons of apps so changing your layout to only portrait totally cancels my interest in this app. I HAD it on my iPad and basically use landscape… I’m not going t9 be flipping my device back and forth just for you weather… it’s now .. FirstAlertWeather.
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2 years ago, elliedanno
Cumbersome, Terribly Leaky App
Ads, ads, and more ads. Also, the Keloland apps will beg you over and over again to track your location and other details to feed said advertisements. Just want the South Dakota info you came for? Have fun hacking your way through the neck-deep underbrush of malware advertising that these apps purport to provide. “Experts have discovered one simple trick…” to avoid all this nonsense: SKIP INSTALLING THE KELOLAND WEATHER/NEWS APPS ALTOGETHER!!!
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6 years ago, Jstaples_sf
I’m enjoying the new features on the updated app. More options for radars is handy as well as the new hour by hour forecasts. The Skycams are also a fantastic addition. Thanks Keloland Weather team!
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6 years ago, SD Husker
Difficult to navigate
Recent update makes navigation challenging and frustrating to use. It requires ongoing taps to change view and see information rather than having things visible in the main screen. Having to navigate through several pages for 7 day forecast and hourly forecast is a huge turn off. I’m switching apps to one that is more user friendly.
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12 months ago, Jimwehrer
No landscape mode on iPad
I had deleted this app when it was downgraded to no longer work in landscape view on the iPad. I checked back this morning and downloaded it again to see if it had been fixed. Unfortunately, it still does not work in landscape view on my iPad. So, I give up. Deleted the app again. So frustrating.
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2 years ago, StephB77
New look
I haven’t made sure all of the features work in the new design but the look has something to be desired. Mostly I don’t like the white background. I liked the old way. It’s so bright on the eyes. Can we get a dark mode?
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7 years ago, Tech challanged
Are you kidding me
I open the app quick to check the sever weather radar as we were in a system that could bring large hail and strong winds. Instead of the radar map opening so I can quickly verify if I'm at risk for the brunt of the storm or not I am greeted with a 15 or so second video ad. I am deleting this app, it was never that great anyway this just made it abysmal.
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6 years ago, Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Definitely a nice upgrade to the app. The only real complaint I have is the fact that there’s no am/pm forecast videos. I find them very convenient when I’ve missed the morning or evening news.
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2 years ago, kwgregor
Needs Fixing
With the latest updates, the satellite view is missing. That’s not so bad, but the big problem is that it will not rotate on the iPad from Vertical to Horizontal. That’s almost enough for me to unload this app. Please fix it.
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2 years ago, csp00
Ruined the satellite for me
Blank white map. No option to change it to satellite view. Worked really good before the update. I’ll have to find another app that does what this one once did. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.
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5 years ago, Dcamonkeys
The app can’t figure out where I am.
I keep getting alerts for the Pierre area—I visited there weeks ago—even though “my current location” shows where I actually am. When I look at radar, however, the map is for Pierre. I have location services on, but apparently it’s too confusing to discern my current location.
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6 years ago, Draghnfly
Wish I could give minus stars
Absolutely awful. The previous version was so tidy and user friendly. Everything I wanted. My weekly forecast, radar, etc., easy to find. Yuck, yuck, and yuck. Functionality is completely gone. Wish I could unupdate. And where the heck did they put the locations? I had a dozen or so that I could easily check. Gone now.
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6 years ago, mbhaskett
Less is more
The app two versions ago was the best. This new one is just TMI. TLDR. I want to see a live weather map, what’s going on today hour by hour, and what the next 7 days might look like. If I wanted all the info in this new app, I’d visit your website. Which I’ve never done as long as I’ve had a pocket computer. It’s bad. Bring the old app back or I’m going to KSFY.
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2 years ago, dakotawoman
Not impressed with new update
Wondering why I can no longer view in landscape mode? It looks like the app went backwards instead of updated!
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6 years ago, Wunderlist 😀
New update made it worse
I can’t figure out how to watch the videos now of the Kelo weather now and it’s annoying. I hate the new update the app was fine before.
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7 years ago, Mike 1619
This App Was Great
Pop up adds take over the whole screen, are loud videos and you have no way to close them. So you have to close the app to turn them off. Will be checking out other local stations apps. Too bad this was my go to app for weather.
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4 years ago, errora;ldsfjk
App works ok, but weather prediction is so bad
Their prediction is almost always more precipitation than what we get and less accurate than competitors like the weather channel to a stunning degree
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6 years ago, ddawglee
It's not that bad, the update is fine
I don't understand how a lot of these people have the audacity to expect perfection from a free app. I think the update is fine.
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2 years ago, Sam 55555$$$
Bad update
This app used to be a joy to use, it was beautiful and simple. Now it looks like all the other watered down white background ugly weather apps. Unnecessarily complicated to use. I am very unhappy with the update.
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6 years ago, CentralSDmama
I hope there isn’t a weather emergency coming soon! You can never count on it working! I like it when it opens, but 9/10, it won’t load and work like it’s supposed to! Come on Kelo, you can do better than this!!
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5 years ago, Speich14
Love everything, BUT
I love your app and everything over KSFY, but I hate your radar. I like KSFY’s radar better. Is there any possibility of getting that radar on your app?
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6 years ago, Knight fire24
Terrible update
Before this last update Kelo storm tracker was my go to weather app. Now it is terrible, hard to find the right place, radar maps don’t tell me anything. Please go back to the old version
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6 years ago, schuller#3
This app is very helpful tells where storms are going and good stuff 🙂
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2 years ago, MLangen
Needs an update
This app has great data but needs an update
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6 years ago, Cuboon
New app is not good
The KELo app was my go to because it was easy to read and fast. The new update is cluttered and you need to search to find the weather. It was a bad move to make the change.
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7 years ago, user_001
I was on the app getting this set up for the first time and a large pop up ad took over my screen! Seriously??!! Guess what? DELETED!! No app is worth being sidetracked and delayed by ads.
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6 years ago, mj_11
Radar never correct
Not so great when you look at 7pm and it say 2pm. And when it’s raining an look at the radar and it shows it’s clear. Going back to Weather Channel app
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5 years ago, Sunthebun1
Precipitation alerts
This app is similar to the Barron CriticalWeather app. The difference is the critical weather app has precipitation alerts including hail and you don’t. I want precipitation alerts.
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6 years ago, Carolesmalltown
Needs more work
Updated version is not easy to navigate. Go back to previous storm tracker. If not changed, I will be forced to go to another network.
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2 years ago, jdjm_s
Adds lockup the app
Too many ads they lock up the app can’t watch the weather forecast videos.
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6 years ago, Mrmarkell
Way too hard to use
It used to be a useful app, now it’s so complicated with so many options it’s frustrating and almost unusable.
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6 years ago, Sdfire
Garbage app
Sure would be nice if you would fix your “temporary”server issue so you are able to change locations. Great work on ruining this app.
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4 years ago, sgio376
Horrible Radar
What happened to the radar??? Its like standard definition instead of high def. Its almost useless. Accuweather radar is way better.
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7 years ago, Swolbrink
What happen! Full screen ads (that's plural!!!)
Every time you switch pages you get a full screen ad! KELO you lost me. Now it's slow and painful to use the ap.
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5 years ago, Ssc111
Not happy
New version doesn't work well at all. Had multiple severe storms and a tornado within 8miles of my location and not one alert!! Not cool
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1 year ago, frustrated in swmn
app bloat!!! Takes more storage space and requires deletion to clear bloat!
Please find a fix.
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6 years ago, Kellange123
Used to be a good app
I used to love this app then they changed the layout so it is an over kill. You had a good thing going.
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5 years ago, llwtn
Weather app
New weather app is terrible, will never use it again!
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6 years ago, Radar Please!
So Bad!
This update is so bad! Can't get the radar to work. I'm so disappointed! Will be deleting the app as it's worthless now!
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7 years ago, studram
Pop up ads
Need to stop with the pop up ads or I'm deleting the app. This is ridiculous!!!
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5 years ago, Blessedbyu
This is awful, I had to uninstall it.
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