Kentucky Farm Bureau

2.2 (30)
27.3 MB
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Current version
Kentucky Farm Bureau
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kentucky Farm Bureau

2.2 out of 5
30 Ratings
4 years ago, dmh7932
Needs Work
Just joined. App won't let me back in after I just registered because "email / password" wrong. I don't see how, I copied and pasted my password from a password keeping App and I know my email. However, and on registering I explored the app. I filled out my wallet, checked my insurance cards. I noticed "Elected Officials" is out of date. About this time the app crashed and I was booted out.
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6 years ago, Buckwheat409
This app is so outdated...
No Touch ID option, no ability to save your login info. No way to easily bring up your insurance card. This app is not user friendly and contains so much extra information that is totally unnecessary for its own customers. Why not make an app that is actually useful to those who use it?? Elementary kids are creating more intuitive apps these days. This is an embarrassment for Kentucky Farm Bureau. So far, the customer experience with them has not been user friendly to those it really matters to. Seriously, please pay someone $1,000 to make this a useful app.
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11 years ago, Stick1968
Ok app
Now all they need to do is where u can make payments threw the app but other wise ok
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5 years ago, SD#80
Terrible App
App is very out dated. Push the wrong button to go back and you must log back in even though I never logged out. Documents are a screen shot of the entire page your cards are on. Needs to be just the proof on insurance card. Some of the documents also give you the protect our blah blah blah, only the names of insured can view or print the documents. I AM THE NAMED INSURED. Only person on the policy! DELETED... won't get this app again!!
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5 years ago, Brillyntdisguise
Much improved!
Quickly and easily logged in, viewed and paid my bill. What more can you ask for? 😁
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2 months ago, Uselessfacebook
Waste of time and space
Let me start with the app itself works ok. The problem is the absolute mind numbing process of logging in EVERY SINGLE TIME and then having to do the reCAPTCHA test EVERY SINGLE TIME! Shame to think the developers of KFB themselves won’t update the app to remember a users credentials or use Face ID. I’d just assume use the web version and not waste space on my phone.
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4 months ago, Tim from KY
Please Fix or I’m leaving KYFB
Your app will sometimes let me login, and sometimes will not. It repeats asking for email and password after it accepts it. Then I have to verify I’m not a robot by selecting pictures over and over. Please fix. You are driving customers away from KYFB. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Jolly228
I’ve been trying to register for almost an hour. It won’t let me get past the birth date section. The format is so outdated. There are no examples, no assistance, no work around. That’s just trying to get set up. I fear what the actual app. Is even like once, IF, I am ever able to access it! Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Numimaker
Doesn’t work in iPhone
I am able to log into myKFB with a desktop with no problem. The app and the website give me “unable to connect with API” when trying to access on iPhone. The app and mobile site are useless and have never worked for me.
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4 years ago, KY Mapper
Much Improved
App now quite useful. Get docs, pay bills, get communications, etc. One wish is that it allowed you to add proof of insurance to the Apple wallet.
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7 years ago, Farthicle
Not useful
This app will "technically" pull up your insurance cards in PDF format but it's so small you can't see it. I can't imagine trying to show it to a police officer on the side of the road. The main use of an app like this should be to care your proof of insurance easily. This app is no good for that.
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3 years ago, BIGDOGDOC1999
WORTHLESS APP!! Will not open account and keeps asking for those aggravating pictures to check to verify I’ m not a robot! I hate those things there is better tech these days. NEEDS WORK!!
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4 years ago, Terarea
The app isn’t responding. I click on every option and nothing happens. I’ll have to start calling my insurance again just to pay it.
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4 years ago, doesntlikenicknameifsinglestar
Unrefined attempt at e-commerce
I like the insurance company, but trying to use this app is very frustrating. The functionality is very limited and the app isn’t very resilient.
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6 years ago, Majak Genesis
Bad app
Too much junk information , too hard to access tiny cards . Geico has a great app , maybe emulate it. This is a terrible app
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4 years ago, goatsandchickens
Since the new update I can’t even log in anymore!!!! Ugh.
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11 years ago, Othersalreadytaken
Needs to be personalized
Nothing useful one would expect from such an app. I can't pay a bill or review my policy with this. It mostly has PR materials.
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11 years ago, Natalielowe
Would be a lot more useful app if you could pay you insurance from it!!
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10 years ago, Sad Max
A waste of an app. Doesn't do anything to connect you to Ky farm bureau. Terrible.
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3 years ago, BroncosFan718
Waste of time
Totally useless. I can’t enter in anything without getting an error code.
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