KFDA Amarillo - NewsChannel 10

4.6 (2.2K)
70.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KFDA Amarillo - NewsChannel 10

4.59 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
4 years ago, great'!!!!!
Charter school interview 12/10
Watched the piece on distance learning and charter schools. Thought the reporter slipped in a really low blow in her last comment about charter schools and did not give them a chance to reply. Completely unnecessary to the story . Left a very negative feeling to her report . 👎
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4 years ago, don't like all the ads
Too many ads
I have been enjoying the news in the app on my phone for years. Lately there are so many ads in the articles that I do not enjoy using their app. When there is ad after ad in a single news article I would rather be doing something else so I usually just close the app. If I wanted to buy something I’d be using a search for that item. I may just delete the app and rely on other sources.
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6 years ago, Luvslave61
Always on target.
I use my app several times a day. I watch them loyally. They are always on it!!! I trust them to always keep me informed about my area and the world. Doppler Dave has always rocked and Walt and the news crews are Wonderful!!! Thanks Channel 10!!!!!!
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1 year ago, k123098$
Poor management
Shouldn’t have to download one app for news and another for weather, one app should do both, not here. Also you had better fact check their stories, takes looking at all three Amarillo stations to get the right facts. What happened to fact checked News before reporting the stories?
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5 years ago, brit car
It updated last night and this morning but my app will not open!!! Please fix! This is the only way I know the news in Amarillo.
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4 years ago, selfthinker
Give the news
More and more you have your local newscasters spouting the slanted views of your national organization. I religiously watch your programming every morning for both the weather and local news but will be making a change. Seeing my favorite hometown newscasters morph into talking heads for your companies progressive national view is disheartening at best. Your coverage of local news was the best but when I hear the bias in reporting on national events I’m done.
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5 years ago, BritFlores
This app updated like 3 days ago and now I can’t even open it!! So sad. I look at this multiple times a day! Hope it gets fixed soon!!
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4 years ago, IzzyPena
I enjoy both of my apps they are so handy and useful! I love News Channel 10 they are my favorite news station!!!
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6 years ago, ☹️ weather
The weather is never up to date!! I just looked at the weather for my town and it is still on Friday!! Never had this problem until we had to do the update that was suppose to make our news current!! Very unhappy with the new app!! If you had a negative star to rate my satisfaction I would have chosen it!! I have been very happy in the past with my app.
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5 years ago, Hdtyler
Normally great, won’t open after update
I love this app. I love being able to get on my phone and look at the weather and the news. But I just updated about 3 minutes ago and now the app closes every time I open it.
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3 years ago, Dragons wing
I keep trying to open the app and it just immediately closes.
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3 years ago, cewjlw
Can’t look at since update. Pops up but disappears immediately. I can’t either. Disappears immediately.
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5 years ago, opelgt57
Stay up on current happenings
I can always depend on this News Before it even Nees Time
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4 months ago, Texasbbm
News channel 10
Best news ever for the Panhandle
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4 months ago, clbevel
Finding updates
I don’t like how difficult it is to find the updates after I get a notification!
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5 years ago, Vrnnona
Going down
In the past local news was local. Lately national news is creeping more and more into the local newscast. I don’t care what you want me to think is happening in Washington, if this persists I will delete your app
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3 years ago, hotrodcamaro
New format is junk.
Has glitches and constantly crashes. Not much improvement in grammar and punctuation from years ago.
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6 years ago, twitty girl
Good way to keep up with news
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1 year ago, sadus sackus
Foreign language ads get you an immediate turn off
Why would you be giving me an unskippable ads in Korean or Thai?
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10 years ago, Mahoney Muncie
Very good, notification issue fixed
I decided to review the app as I downloaded it recently. It is a very good news app, with local, state and important national/world content all in balance. It actually looks and works more like a big city app from a big TV station, not a local one from a mid sized place. Also I wanted to note that the cause of all the bad reviews from earlier this year - many notifications, is fixed. Now this is one of the least "spamming" news apps, so while downloading this version don't take that issue into consideration.
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3 years ago, Texaswildguy
Since today’s update it does nothing but crash every time you try to go to it I have an iPhone 13 it worked great until I updated it today
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5 years ago, Raiderbyproxy
App Developer needs to update
Please update the live feed feature. Great station when we can receive it live!
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4 years ago, Chuckejr
News information is great. I realize to pay for it you need ads but I don’t need to know how to clean my bowels every other ad. Sorry it just ruins the app.
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3 years ago, 2019 jules
Please go back to old version
Please go back to the old version. News channel 10 was my favorite but really don’t like this new layout.
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4 years ago, appaholics
Annoying Ads
Since the update annoying ads pop up while reading the news. I deleted the app immediately.
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5 years ago, Dino96
Watch Live should be available during live broadcasting.
It doesn’t work during broadcast since latest update. Fix it!
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3 years ago, Sunni7
Won’t even open
Crashes as soon as you try to open it…. Worthless
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5 years ago, amarilloJim
Made me update now it crashes when I open it. Thanks
They update the app more than they updated the news!
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6 years ago, fortufive
Old app
I liked the old app better it was easier to read and find stories you wanted to see.
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6 years ago, willnotlet me send
I just wish the same things were not on there for days at a time.
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6 years ago, Gerund sucked
Hate the new update
I hate the new update I liked the one before because it was easier to navigate
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3 years ago, Andy Epps
App locks up
App locks up and will not allow navigation
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4 years ago, j1837;)(
Slowest news ever
Same stories no updates just crap. Never changing takes five days to se a new story and ofc it’s six days old
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5 years ago, J. DeOtte
It’s great
It a good app to get local news.
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3 years ago, WeevieLS
Bloated with Ads
Lame weather app bloated with ads. Not accurate nor does it coincide with what they reported on TV. Removed for good!
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6 years ago, risdb
Not impressed
I’m not impressed with the new update!! It’s harder to read n so many ads you miss the news. I don’t like it!
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4 years ago, 105.3thefan
Radar Crashes App
Whenever I try to view the radar, the app crashes.
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2 years ago, BP14370
Too many ads
Every video has a add.
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5 years ago, Dotrob34
What the heck!!’
With the new update my app won’t open at all! I use this app all the time! Plz fix this!
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4 years ago, 806 viewer
App doesn’t work
Needs attention .... not working.
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5 years ago, hague0352
New update not working
App will not open after update! Iphone XR.
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5 years ago, jxgyr
Needs Work
I updated and now the app won’t open.....
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7 years ago, Amarielowe26
Great app, except...
The app was great, until the last update. Now my radar isn't working correctly. The weather patterns take a while to load, and when you press play for motion, they disappear entirely. I like tracking the storms as they move closer to my location, so this was a pretty cool feature. Other than that I really like the app. The local news aspect is great, and the notifications are nice! Fix that pesky radar and you'll get a 5 star from me!
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8 years ago, Gramga
Great app for some quick news
I really like being able to quickly check out the news at a moments notice. First thing in the morning for weather. Anytime during the day when I am waiting for whatever. Plenty of stories to choose from, local and national.
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11 years ago, Clintcrmcp
Love this app!
This app has vastly improved! Far exceeds other local news apps and weather features are exceptional! Much better than any other weather apps I have found and I!
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6 years ago, Gabbygoose94
Sometimes yes sometimes no
This was a decent weather app until they updated. Now it takes FOREVER to open and I can only see current conditions about half the time. The rest of the time advertisements overlay the spot where the information should be. And there’s no waiting them out or closing them. I’m giving it another week to see if they fix the bugs and then I’m deleting.
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8 years ago, 6 Kids and a Goat
Worse than the original
It was easy to find everything in one place before and the app worked well and was fast. It wasn't broken. This new UI update introduces a long menu and vertical scrolling making it difficult to quickly find news. And it keeps sending me push notifications to install the latest version of the app EVEN THOUGH IT IS UP TO DATE. Will I uninstall it? Maybe. Will I use it? Doubtfully.
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14 years ago, Ca5honeycutt
Update Problems
Love my News Channel 10 app! However, the latest update dropped my app completely. Yikes! Had to reboot my phone through my computer to get it back.
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14 years ago, Spunkylvr
The app used to work fine with no problems. Now everytime I try and load it, black screen and then takes me back to my home menu. I liked the app though the news stories and knowing the weather was available to me since im never home to catch the news. FIX iT )-: Updated the app and still doesn't work!!!! This is lame
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10 years ago, 50xphotography
Push notifications
I deleted this app, which i used daily for weather, because of the dozens of daily push notifications. I will check back in a few months to see if it has stopped but until then it is outta here. By the way you cant turn them off, even in notification center.
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