KFPanda Player

3.5 (533)
82 MB
Age rating
Current version
SnowTop Co.,Ltd.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KFPanda Player

3.45 out of 5
533 Ratings
2 years ago, KEKE5587
This app is awesome until it wasn’t. I have had the app for years and suddenly when i click on movies or tv shows it doesn’t play any of the new episodes that have aired and it has the date set for when i try to watch it. How do i fix this issue. I have tried to watch house of dragons newest episode for two sundays now and still cant watch it. I’ve also tried lord of the rings new tv show, no luck.
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4 years ago, @justjanna_
Getting there
Another update .. it stopped working 😒 Okay I’m updating my review after reading some of the other comments saying they are figuring it out; that does seem to be the case. They have now added my favorites & theres a new history tab. So Its not the same but now Im okay with it. Surely it will get better to where we can download the app again. Its coming along. Zero Stars! This is the FIRST review Im ever writing in the App Store thats how mad I am. I work overnight so I need to watch my shows and know where I left off. So much so that I PAID for Movie Box Pro for a year. I have 4 months left until my renewal this needs to be fixed! This is ridiculous you cant even see the list of popular TV shows. As far as I can tell I’m guessing you just have to search for each show you want who knows?! This “app” if you want to call it that is outrageous and if I wasn’t with MVP for so long I would say this was a RIPOFF!
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2 years ago, Captain America - Sam
Wonderful App BUT Customer Service / Tech. Support
Yes, I agree with some of the comments about the Movies / TV shows being in “English”, then somehow a whole season is in a different language with no resolution. Yes, I did try yhe “audio” drop-down feature but only workrd in one instance. Not worth watching with “sub-titles.” Customer Service feedback needs to be a more understanding when providing instructions and steps as us “Users” do not no know the app / functionality like they do when resolving an issue. The HIGH rating is mostly due to timely content of new movies and TV shows. (Applause!!)
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2 years ago, Lesslies
Great, but…
At this time the fast forward / rewind doesn’t work and I can’t find a customer service contact… Sometimes my app will timeout in the middle of a movie and when I go back to play it the movie starts over and I can’t fast forward. Any word on an update to fix this? Am I the only one having this problem? It happens on my phone and my husbands, we have a family account.
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2 years ago, Rusty_Gamer
Batter consumption
This app consumes too much battery. Noticed it when I used a website on this app and went down like 5 percentages within 3 minutes and then went to the website itself on Safari and didn’t have the issue. I have a semi-up-to-date phone (iPhone 12 Pro) with no battery damage. I don’t know if this can be fixed, but if it can’t, oh well 🤷‍♂️
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4 years ago, xeola
READ THIS ⬇️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Don’t get me wrong I love this app but❗️ I was watching my show like normal until season 2 it was in a different language it didn’t have anything to change it back only subtitles in English but not the language in the video I would rate this 5 stars ONLY if u get this fixed and put a section to change the language of the video
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4 years ago, Chris81148114
What Happened?
If I could give 0 stars I would... I applaud this new direction your trying to go but it was so sudden that it took me by surprise. Where is my recently watched section? Or my favorites? Or my weekly reminders for new episodes? The Showbox app use to be so easy and straight forward and now I have to do more to get less... I'll be keeping my membership just because it is only $5 a month for amazing content but this new thing going on isn't worth it anymore in my opinion. Bring back the real Showbox 😢
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2 years ago, carepurr
Cannot read movie or TV show descriptions
I cannot read the descriptions of the shows or movies anymore because when I click on it, it takes me to showbox and does not let me see past the first sentence of the description. One reason I loved KF Panda and gave it five stars was because you could read all of the descriptions though the print could be a lot bigger!
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1 week ago, Joeyjoesal
Used to be great
It was always great till a week ago. Now all of a sudden I can’t watch anything due to a loggin 22 pop up. And won’t even let me update the app. Idk what happen but for years was a five star and now it’s A zero because it won’t work at all
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3 years ago, Kandi_94
Audio Issues
I love this app because it allows me to be able to watch the latest movies without having to visit the Movie Theater but the audio keeps muting in the middle of the movie.. Hopefully it gets fixed soon
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4 years ago, Royalty24k
Still Useable
I love it, it’s just like the regular moviebox. However, the reason I didn’t give the last star is because it doesn’t save the movies you were watching. Not the original Movie Box Pro, but it’s better than nothing
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4 years ago, ravennation2652
Better than nothing
Guys you basically have an alternative till they can get a new certificate to submit to Apple. The alternative would be nothing, that being said I cant in good conscience give this effort 5 stars though
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4 years ago, #LLJ
Could be better
See this could be a good way of using it just add all the features from the original moviebox pro app and it would be okay
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4 years ago, Thienyo
Good but i miss the app
This thing works and everything like i have no problems with it, i just miss having the actual app, this is still like a website. Hope the app comes back soon.
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7 months ago, yme478615
I loved this app until the last update. The crazy thing about it is something kept telling me not to do the update n I did it anyway now the app doesn't work. It was good while it lasted.
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4 years ago, Fluky Internet
Langue selection while casting
Works perfectly. Only issue I have is not being able to select different language audio while trying to cast/stream to my chromecast.
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4 years ago, Kimm💓🍑
This app is perfectly fine, its the same old movie box pro as before. I have no idea why everyone is complaining.
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4 years ago, Lovelylexi91_
MovieBox Pro is my favorite app but as right now it’s giving me hard time I just updated but it’s still telling me that it need to update new version please help me I miss the old version with the logo there’s few favorites shows but now I can’t watch them
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4 years ago, Bo12304$4
I understand the direction, but this is definitely not consumer ready. Just because it works doesn’t mean it ready. I suggest you leave both old and new apps for a transition period until such a time this new one is up to par with previous versions. I would prefer re-downloading and reverifying every couple of weeks with old app. BRING IT BACK!!!
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4 years ago, Opinions are opinions
Requires data
I thought this issue would be fixed with update but it has not been working on WiFi. I have to turn on data to get it to work.
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2 years ago, magentyris74
I have this app for a couple years , I have no problem with this application. for me works perfect !!!
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2 months ago, Lipstickgand89
The app is not working what’s going on it just keeping saying err
The app is not working what’s going on it just keeping saying err
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4 years ago, mario121984
Movie box this is worse thing you had ever done!!!! My membership will be finished in March and I will not be signing up again. You guys just ruin movie box. Never talk bad about anything until now. It don’t even give you option to select tv show or movies or there no filter of genre you want to pick either. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!
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1 year ago, Nitsud1221
Where’d auto next episode go?!
App is perfect but recently auto next episode feature has gone. Please bring this back!
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3 months ago, PrincessWill
Not working
New update stop certain things from working right. Otherwise like it a lot.
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2 years ago, Gameplaysir
Update broke the app
The app was working fine until it updated not it don’t even load can you please fix this I love this app and would hate to switch to a different one
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4 years ago, Queen of Atlantalovato
It’s good to have I just miss the old app by itself for movie box pro because on that app you can add movies or tv shows in your favorites. You can’t in the KFPanda
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4 years ago, DollFaceRose
Updating my review. I like having a history and favorites again but still miss all my folders of movies and searching by genres. I have been using movie box for almost 9 years I’ve went through every version and loved it but this is absolutely horrible!!!!!!!! I am so upset!!
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4 years ago, Brandednorton
Icon keeps loosing image
I keep getting the icon to turn into that white no icon app look and can’t open it till it fixes itself. Please fix
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4 years ago, GenuineMo
Doesn’t work
I’ve had MovieBoxPro (I even paid for it) for a while and never had problems with it. Now I can’t even load it up because it won’t show, even after following the steps. If I can’t even get the app back that I may need my money back... I paid for a year.
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2 months ago, Kingئ
App is cool and everything
Love the app keep up the good work adding more futures would be cool 👌🏻
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4 years ago, vanwingentho
It was better before
The old version of the MovieBoxPro app was so much better. That was an actual app. This is basically just a link to the website. It doesn’t even have the same features. If any MovieBoxPro developer is reading this, please bring the actual app back.
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4 years ago, why do we need nick
Love the app
The app is good. I don’t know why people are saying stuff about movie box, this is kfpanda, not movie box
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1 year ago, imchickenpls
You guys are basically advertising malware to me. Which I can’t even watch that many shows anymore, and it constantly interrupts the video process whenever I click the screen once.
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2 years ago, Zayuh33
Great experience so far! Been using app for awhile now💯
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4 years ago, 🐶😂🌹💯
I hate this app much everything I loved about movie box I hate. I can’t even favorite anything anymore. This is sooo stupid why did they even change the way we downloaded it. I even logged in to my account and ain’t none my stuff there
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3 years ago, Mobb205
It’s a good app but since the ads started popping up it’s messing up the app it’s constantly glitching now
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4 years ago, D-bullet
Messed up
I hate it, too much bugs, this app doesn’t allows you to download any of the contents that you wanna so far you can watch offline. So disappointed , bring back the original moviebox app that worked and it was amazing, this idk what this is!
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2 years ago, i expect extended vip
App worn open pls fix
App won’t open pls fix
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4 years ago, JuicyClrox
The app would be perfect if they still had my watch list on there. So now everything I was planning on watching is completely gone. It was a lot btw.
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1 year ago, $Uicidegolem666
the new update has it have the pop up ads from the website load in now and you can’t exit out of them unless u exit out the whole website
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2 years ago, bsisbsis d
This is app is so good
I love this app🤣 I legit just watch movies at school and it’s great
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2 years ago, Kemueltodd
Misbehaving after update
Since I updated the app a day ago i haven’t been able to use it because it does not even open
Show more
1 year ago, Chino_47
Feature recommendation
Please add apple carplay support for this app thank you.
Show more
4 years ago, Ressa Bear
Definitely Disappointed
I honestly don’t like the new setup. I believe that the MovieBox app has seriously gone in the wrong direction with all these new changes they’ve made to the app all at once!
Show more
4 years ago, VeronicaB7
Please help
Everything I favorited doesnt show up anymore and i cant download movie box as an app and it also doesnt show me the shows ive recently watched and i cant favorite my shows or movies anymore pleaseee fix it pleasee
Show more
4 months ago, littlek3000
Endless ads have been introduced, which were not there before.
Show more
2 years ago, sft89
This app is becoming a joke! I can’t even watch my movies through this app without it constantly crashing!!!
Show more
4 years ago, Ghost0111
This app deserves 0 stars bring back the old movie box app please!!! I can’t even switch between season on certain shows completely useless. 👎🏾😡🤬
Show more
2 weeks ago, nascardaschcar
refuses to sideload MBP
Any show or movie I try watching does not load at all through this app only. MBP website works just fine
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