KFVS12 StormTeam Weather

4.7 (10.2K)
71.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KFVS12 StormTeam Weather

4.69 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
3 years ago, TheHardcoreRob
Definitely five stars ✋ 🌟
I give honest reviews because I read reviews, I base my choice on reviews. I gave this app five stars because I couldn’t give it ten. Unless I’m in a place with no signal I know I can trust this app. I get up to the minute radar and videos from every meteorologist on the KFVSWEATHER team. I get lightning warnings which is very useful if you’re working out in the mess. I’m very appreciative to have this luxury in the palm of my hand.
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1 year ago, countrycowboysteve
KFVS weather
KFVS weather is by far the one that my entire family in Marshall county Ky can rely on I’ve watched KFVS news and weather for years as far as I have accepted ifyou want as close to accurate weather that nature allows you better rely on their expertise the only way a news and weather channel can earn this only with consistency. We are lucky to have anew sand weather team as KFVS!
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2 years ago, xxbonniezz
Missing ch 12
Our cable company took ch 12 away from us and we really miss it. I can get the weather with my phone. We thought of all of you as family. Sorry to see you have removed Randolph County from your map. We are still out there and we love you. Bonnie
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8 months ago, pftreader
Good App - Please fix the advertising at logon
This is a good app. I would have rated it 5 stars if not for the advertising. It is annoying to have to wait the advertisements to complete EVERY TIME you open the app. Even when I accidentally click off the app, I have to wait for the advertisements to complete when I return. It is very annoying and would be an easy fix.
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2 months ago, Beggsy1996
Would love to have widgets for the app
I love the app, and use it more than other weather apps. Always trust the weather conditions and temperatures it says, and would love for an update to be able to get widgets for the app to have on Home Screen and lockscreen for iPhone
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2 years ago, DGROSD
Weather App Review
Love the app! Wish you would allow closing the advertising like you do on news app. When weather is threatening its really frustrating to have to wait for the Southeast advertising to close.
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2 years ago, Tren98
Too many unnecessary alerts
The app works well but they push text alerts for a plug to watch the evening news. I’ll watch the news if a I want. Just tell me about severe weather. People stop paying attention to your alerts if you’re doing unnecessary stuff with it. You can use this to save lives but you’re going to desensitize people to the app.
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3 years ago, Jseabaugh25
Way too many adds trying to check the weather and the adds always interfere
Looks good. What good is it if you have to go and load it everytime??? Do everything it said to do still nothing!!! Its not as if everybody stares at their phone 24/7! Then says requires an action?? Last night was a action biizzard warning?? Gotta have a sound thats one of the main reasons!!! If its not fixed soon gonna try the weather channel!!!
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3 years ago, Mulerider + horses
Great weather forecast staff and great mobile weather app!
Don’t change the way you do your mobile app. It’s my favorite. And your weather forecasting is mostly about right. You’re doing a fine job!
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2 years ago, f u offerup
Crashed during tornado warning
I gave three stars for the men and women who stay with the weather all night and morning but today we had tornado warnings and the app crashed nine times I’m not joking and every time it crashed I had to watch an ad it is extremely buggy and choppy at times even on a pc needs to be optimized
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3 years ago, rollinjim
Weather app is very good on my devices are very accurate.
But the KFVS news and weather sound on my TV is lousy, you can’t hardly hear it. Some adjustments have to be made on the programming to correct this.
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2 years ago, Tortietat
Storm Team
Thank you so much for keeping us updated on the weather. You all do a wonderful job of keeping us informed during severe weather.
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2 years ago, 73 Paying too much
Hard to access
Takes too long to be able to see the weather, maybe put advertisements on the side??
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4 years ago, staorm
Weather app not working
My weather app says not available in my area. When I finally get it to show location map. It shows I’m in the ocean in South America
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3 years ago, DANSRS
Very helpful in my travels
I’m using the app constantly, very beneficial traveling through 3 different states. I can scroll to my location & exactly what I can expect.
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2 months ago, ki ki mom
Great! Its our time to put horses up warning system
"Lightening detected near location". Tap the notification, check out how close and where headed and decide whether to put our buds up or not.
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3 years ago, Ruthy Samuel and Slim
Do not understand the radar, why does it expand for further time, instead of speeding through what is happening in the present?
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2 years ago, My Nickname Is Mine
Alerts broken
I keep turning off the alerts so they don’t overlay on the map ( which makes it impossible to see the actual weather btw) and they keep coming back! They should stay off permanently when I turn them off. This alone is the reason I’ve downloaded another app and will be using it from now on.
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3 years ago, duramaxfarmer
Weather App
Like it , channel 12 is better weather personnel then Paducah, there forecast is more accurate but the weather app the first five seconds is a add and when weather is critical that five seconds is a lifetime. I don’t like to navigate threw ads to get to weather on my phone period. If your spraying, planting or in a tornado watch that five seconds is way way too long
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2 years ago, Don McNeely
Great job!
Viewer since 1972. My only complaint is that KFVS has way, way too much national political news. We only watch the weather report.
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9 months ago, So. Ill. Transplant
Great station
Great station to alert this area about all weather in this area. Great coverage and notifications always.
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5 years ago, stopuselessalerts
Could you send anymore useless notifications?
I get more useless information from the countless notifications I receive from this app. I want this app to send me notifications of pending SEVERE weather and not that “it’s chilly outside today”. You want people to use the app on “First alert action days”, yet I quit paying attention after I receive ridiculous notifications.
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2 years ago, McNeeley ite
Wish you would show the low and high pressure positions on the national map like Don McNeeley always did
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2 months ago, OlJackson8
I’m currently looking for a new weather app. The temu ads here are pervasive and obnoxious, and nothing I change in settings or ad response gets rid of them. I love the local weather, but I hate the ads.
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4 months ago, Wkdlee
Missing alerts
I enjoy this app but I haven’t received an alert for almost a year? I really like the radar and I like being able to see weather anywhere.
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3 years ago, loho67
Brilliantly designed....very user friendly....I quit using other weather apps after discovering the functionality of this app.
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3 months ago, Nickname199,111
Very inaccurate
Hi! I hope you all are doing well and in good health. I appreciate the free weather app, but I'm afraid that the forecast is very inaccurate. When I looked at the temp, it said that it was 7 degrees when it was actually 39. It needs more work done. I apologize for the negative review and wish you guys well! Thank you for your time!
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3 years ago, Cowboy Grump
We did not receive much attention during our mean storm in north Cape County last evening. I thought we should have more coverage. Look at the replay? DON ✝️🇺🇸🤠Grumpy Gramp !
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9 months ago, bluanggee
Radar map
A problem is that preparation that is blinking all the time.
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2 years ago, Dishwater Blinde
I love watching the weather because it is the only one I get so I don’t miss it. !! Janet
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1 week ago, James G King
Nice to have weather App on phone to keep up very helpful with the weather, life saving
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3 years ago, Gary finklemorph
My rating
This app gives a accurate description and time for storms and more
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3 years ago, bcoew d. ken.
I love the app, wish there was more.
My radar is really glitchy when zooming in and out. A widget option for iOS 14 would be awesome if possible! Thank you😊
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4 years ago, Pho37
No good if it doesn’t load
The app freezes and doesn’t load more times than it does work. I can’t believe they can’t fix this and make it work like it did when they first introduced it. “improvements” have definitely NOT helped
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3 years ago, Mr. Cookman
More updates on weather
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3 years ago, dexter60
I am a truck driver. I don’t get to see the weather on your station. So I got the app to watch the weather when I have time But you have shows about things going on in South Dakota. I don’t care what is going on there. I want to see the weather here and now on my schedule. Thanks
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3 years ago, Furniture People
Best Weather
I use it daily! Couldn’t make it without it!
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1 year ago, I will never give up your app
I love your app
You guys are always on the dot for weather
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3 years ago, Stimger $$$
Half the time cannot get an updated Radar went almost 2 weeks without having any daily or hourly forecast on my phone
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4 years ago, pard20000
App not working most of time
Big problems with your app
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11 months ago, Allisoun
Hi!, I looooove this app see I’m soooo scared of thunderstorms so this is the perfect app for me hope you see this and great job designing it bye!
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5 years ago, jcramseyiii
No landscape mode. 😠
I use an iPad Pro with a keyboard so 99% of the time so it’s very difficult to use apps that only work in portrait mode. I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how complicated it is to make an app work both ways but I’m gonna have to uninstall it and use another source that works in landscape mode.
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4 years ago, zxcvbasdfgoutrw
Somethings wrong
Every time I go into the app on my phone it gets stuck on the southeast add and won’t go anywhere else. Then I have to totally delete the app and start all over. Needs to be corrected or it won’t be used
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3 years ago, gypse2
Does not work
Have the time your app does not work. Comes up blank. Or no information at all. Even had different temps from what was really going on outside. An yes I took pictures of it . An I update your app when I am suppose to . Just wish you could get it right. Thanks K. Wilson
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3 years ago, caperiverman
Weather coverage
A1 awesome coverage. Information ✔️, Alerts ✔️, on air storm warnings ✔️, much appreciated ✔️. 👍
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2 years ago, c@dE%
It’s helped me a bunch by telling me where the storms and more is
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4 years ago, Bingo nut!
This app started telling me it’s not available with my location, yet I’ve used it for the last 3-4 years with the same location. And I can’t look at the weather or radar or anything. Please fix!!!!!
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4 years ago, Blonde2714
Problem with freezing up
App freezes a lot and have to delete and re-download.
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4 years ago, Houstongmantexdawg
“Not available in current location”
I have used this app for years and now it says it is not available in my location. Will not allow me to use the app at all. I live in Cape. Makes no sense. Needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, Jesserpants
We need news at 3:00 to 5:30
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