Kiplinger's Personal Finance

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2 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kiplinger's Personal Finance

1.83 out of 5
340 Ratings
2 years ago, Aboard high
Can’t even download issues
Can’t download issues, and when I select an issue, app crashes.
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2 years ago, Kipling Fail
Subscription I paid for not working
I have been a Kiplinger’s app subscriber for years. I set the subscription to auto-renew on my iPad. As always, it renewed in January. However, I have been unable to get new issues since the January edition. It says to subscribe to read latest issues. I tried restoring purchases, signing out and signing in, signing out then deleting and reinstalling the app again. Nothing works. I contacted Kiplinger’s about the issue and they said to contact Apple. Contacted Apple and they said to contact the developer. Tried the App Support button and it took me to the same page and same form on Kiplinger’s site to report a problem that I used before. So now I’m in an endless loop and unable to get a resolution.
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2 years ago, Apar
Who Developed This App?
I cannot restore purchases from my App Store subscription after an app update deleted all my previously downloaded issues. The app tells me to log in to restore them, but log into what? I tried creating an account on the Kiplinger’s website, and it does not work. So now I’m out the subscription fee and I can’t even access issues I previously downloaded. Infuriating. Kiplinger’s customer support tells me to contact Apple. I didn’t, because Apple has nothing to do with an independently developed app, which is what I told the Kiplinger’s rep. They then told me to contact Magzster. It’s a game of “not my problem”. So who developed this useless app? Does anyone from Kiplinger’s ever look at these reviews? Major fail.
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3 years ago, Peter in Japan
Cannot read the issues I paid for
This is beyond disgusting. I try to read the magazine I have a paid subscription for, and when I click Subscribe I’m told I already have a subscription. To read it, all I have to do is log into the Magzter (?) account I may or may not have. I appear to have one because I can reset the password, but not ever actually log in because that part is broken. I originally signed up using my Facebook account, but that connection is broken, so sorry, you cannot read the issues or get your money back. This hassle has caused me to decide to stop being a Kiplinger read despite reading for 15+ years. I hope their staff can find new jobs…
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11 months ago, TurtleBoy187
Maintain the app if you want customers
I’ve been using the app for a few years now and recently it’s been very clunky to say the least. Having such a hard time to log and refresh my subscription. Tried to change my password and nothing works. No recovery email would come and still stuck with old subscriptions. If I will only see old subscriptions, why would I desire to continue paying for an annual fee. I know that quality of businesses are getting worse nowadays, but this is ridiculous. I will continue trying to get my new edition of the magazine, but there will be a time to stop my subscription if this continues. 👎🏾
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2 years ago, Scooter in Auburn ME
Crashes every time I try to open it
What is the point of having this subscription and this app if it literally never works? It crashes every time I try to open it. This is a big company and when you offer a product it should work. It blows my mind that you would put anything like this out of you actually cared about your reputation as a company. This app is so unprofessional and such a scam it’s like I just have a hard time reading the articles talking about best place for this and best company for that when you put out the biggest garbage app to read your product. How does this person or people still have their job? Please fix the stupid app!
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3 years ago, Diana Tyler
Great Financial Planning Resource
I have accesses this magazine for quite a number of years now. It has provided me with some good tips and guidance. I only have the online subscription and have never had a problem with it. I have given it 4 stars because it does not answer every question I may have and not every article applies to me personally but I believe that is OK. Bottom line is that I a. A happy subscriber.
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2 years ago, Bills787
Customer service
Very very poor customer service Asked to reset password although I believe password correct. The email provided on web site to reset password does not respond. The customer service number does not pick up calls or return calls. I have tried each on multiple days and multiple times. I have never experienced this much difficulty to update a password. Terrible response
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3 years ago, slende1982
No Customer Service!!
Purchased a year subscription but can’t read anything. Just keeps wanting me to pay again and tried to contact customer service to see what was going on and the button doesn’t work. No way to get a hold of them or get your money back. This is very crappy!! All I wanted was to be able to read this on my phone. I highly DON’T Recommend this app AT ALL!!!
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2 years ago, Kenny Ogun
Monthly Financial Top-up Magazine
I always look forward the the next issue of Kiplingers because there is always something to learn about how to keep and grow one’s finances.
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2 years ago, xXx_youguyssuck_xXx
Doesn’t work
Don’t bother with this app at all. Sign up on the computer and download the PDFs to your phone. The app doesn’t recognize my original account and upon entering my email used to purchase the subscription online, the app told me I needed to make a new account. One which doesn’t link to any of my currently held subscriptions. TLDR: the app is very poorly developed sign up online...
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3 months ago, PublicAnon
Paid for subscription but it doesn’t register
The app has minimal account management features. Purchased a subscription but it still shows all magazines as preview or purchase. When I go to the subscribe button it says I’m already subscribed. Super frustrating and a waste of money. For a company that writes such good content, they should invest more in their app
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2 years ago, GC_Ach
Very buggy
I can’t even open the app without it quitting. I even deleted it off of my iPhone 12 and reinstalled it, only to have the problem still there. Most of the reviews are 1 star, for a good reason. Get with the program people. You are charging us for this product. It should be better, or at least stay open.
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3 years ago, cswestphal
Great content but buggy interface
Content is great, but the interface has gone downhill in performance the past year. Incredibly buggy, constantly restarting even when the content is 100% downloaded. Great way to read the magazine on an iPad, but need to get the app some basic functionality and stability.
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6 years ago, Hawkcreek
I have already paid for the hardcopy and digital Subscriptions, but to have this on my phone / iPad I would have to buy ANOTHER subscription for the SAME 12 month period! That would be a huge waste of money for the convenience of having the app. Especially ironic given that this magazine is supposed to be teaching people how to be good with their money
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2 years ago, Seartower
App does not work. Won’t give money back.
For the last 4 months, the app crashes every time I try and open it. Contacted apple, and they told me to contact the developer, who never responded. In the end, I paid for an annual subscription for something I can’t read. Best money lesson from my Kiplinger's experience, don’t subscribe.
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2 years ago, Endiman
App constantly crashes
The app immediately crashes when I click on it so there’s no way to read the content. Sometimes it gets fixed then it starts crashing again. Only app of over 100 I have that does this. Stay away as you won’t get your money’s worth.
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3 years ago, SB Ray
No Interface Between Print and On Line
Someone is “asleep at the switch”. I have a paid subscription, but the app asks me to purchase the magazine in order to view it on line. Come on Kiplinger, where is your management? I note from other reviews that I am not the only one with this problem. If I could give a zero rating, I would.
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2 years ago, mcdad61
Horrible app
I can log in but it won’t let me read or download the magazine. I have tried to reload the app and signed out and back in again. It doesn’t recognize me as a subscriber, even though it shows I am logged in. It also won’t let me click the Contact Us icon. Worst app.
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2 years ago, Disappointed4674
Confusing App
The app seems to be completely unrelated to the magazines own subscription service and presents this as a completely separate way to purchase the magazine through magster. Makes absolutely no sense. An app should be included with your regular subscription. Don’t bother downloading this garbage.
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3 years ago, Reslly frustrated!
I have a subscription but cannot login... why?
I enjoy reading the Kiplinger magazine, the hard copy. However the Kiplinger website works on my desktop computer but when using my cellphone, it shows me as being logged-in but I cannot access any information from the website. It keeps showing me advertisements about subscriptions, although it shows me as being logged-in. I try calling the Kiplinger telephone number but no one ever answers. I’ve also tried using the email contact option but the AI responses are not satisfactory. Frustrating!
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2 years ago, Ray Burlap
Kiplinger app crashes every time I try to open a magazine
The title says it all. Has the app been updated to use the latest Apple OS? Why doesn’t that happen for every new release? If the plan is to discontinue the Kiplinger app and have everyone use the Magzter app then please do so and let everyone know.
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10 months ago, Mr. Danneskjold
Stole My Money
Absolutely pathetic app. I paid on the website for the digital subscription. I log into the app and try to read the issues and it says I have to subscribe (pay again) to read. The app is also the worst designed layout I've ever seen for an app.
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2 years ago, Forego2
App constantly crashes
App constantly crashes when you start it up. Don’t waste your money on a subscription. The app worked fine for the last few years but since the update it has been unusable.
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2 years ago, Drews10186
Cannot read subscription I paid for
Always a bit wonky, now I can’t read my subscription at all. Clearly shows a paid subscription in iTunes but unable to download new issues nor restore purchases.
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11 months ago, koobe1290
Doesn’t recognize subscription
I already subscribed for a digital and print version. Yet when I log in, it is asking me to buy each mag. And there is no support number anywhere. The ratings for this app is 2* anyway, so I should have known.
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3 weeks ago, jrchastain
Does not recognize subscription
I love Kiplinger but their online recognition of subscriptions is terrible. For starters look at this site to find where a subscriber logs in. Then try the system button in the bottom left. Good luck getting connected.
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1 year ago, lfeats
App is unusable
The app has no way of allowing you to add your subscription, it just prompts you to buy a new subscription or buy individual issues. This will become more of a problem as Kiplingers elderly readers become more computer savvy.
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3 years ago, Suzieco9
I should have read the reviews first
Even though I subscribed, I can’t download or read anything but a preview, unless I spend more money to buy an individual magazine. And the help section is pretty worthless. I’ll be asking for a refund.
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2 years ago, FGCrocker
Kiplingers Magazine
I cannot open the magazine - the App crashes every time I click on the icon. Do not subscribe to this magazine as you will not be able to read the digital version. The customer service is awful
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3 years ago, Raoul O'Banyon
Terrible UX
Good luck trying to figure out how use your hard copy subscription with with this app. It’s so counterintuitive your best, or at least, less aggravating ting course of action is to just give up. The contact support button doesn’t even work. Do these jokers even know how to QC their work?
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4 years ago, Gfx99
This is a scam
Even if you paid for print and online subscription, you have to again to access the magazine through this app. So much for money-saving magazine that is supposed to provide you good advice on money.
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6 years ago, Asdfqwerzxcb
No support
Subscribed. Read two issues. Had to change password. When I entered my email (about a dozen times) to have a reset email sent to me, nothing came in. Checked the junk email. Nothing. Tried to re-register but my email is already in use. REALLY??!!
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7 years ago, Pgmay2
Hard copy subscription doesn’t count
I have a hard copy subscription to the magazine but would also have to subscribe to the app to get the same information on my tablet. Don’t quite understand why I have to pay twice.
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10 months ago, 10/2=5
Can’t access magazine
Unable to access the magazine and then the only button that doesn’t work is the button needed to show I do have a print subscription.
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2 years ago, BossmanNoMore
App crashes almost every time it is opened
I cancelled my subscription after being an avid reader for over 10 years. It is amazing that the publisher would release an app that is unusable.
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6 years ago, RCSul
Don’t waste your money
My account indicates that I am paid through December 2018 but I cannot download the current edition of the Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine. The email that I sent to support requesting assistance has gone unanswered. Spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. Do not use this app from Magzter.
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4 months ago, looking for goodness
Rip off
Although I have a paid subscription the app won’t restore my purchases. The website is useless because it won’t let you log in while overseas.
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4 years ago, DAPPPLE
Can’t sync with on line version without subscribing
Can’t access with iPhone app with paying for additional access although I paid for on line version and print version? Is it a rip off or a financial strategy to cash in on loyal fans?
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6 years ago, jhljack
Subscribed for a year and auto-renewed. Following renewal, could no longer access it...paid for it and got nothing. Apple says contact them for issues but then tries to pawn you off on the app developer...not worth the trouble.
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5 years ago, MSPNYC1
Kiplinger app is terrible
I am a subscriber of Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine (both print and online) and yet I am absolutely unable to access it on my iPhone or iPad via the app from iTunes. It does not recognize my password and is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out. I will be canceling my subscription shortly.
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3 years ago, baklid
Kiplinger magazine
Very disappointed. This app loads the magazine almost a month after it is available, despite paid subscription they iTunes. Called both iTunes ( Apple Support) and Kiplinger and neither can help
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2 years ago, Scurt323
App crashes and doesn’t work
This app worked up until a month ago and now crashes constantly on my iPad. No service to report to and can’t get help. App is garbage.
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4 years ago, SmashAppisaJoke
Pay twice for the same magazine?
Does not allow you to read your subscription on the iPad unless you subscribe again. Why would anyone do that? Seems like a perfect article on KIPLINGER’S PERSONAL FINANCE for what you shouldn’t do. You can’t make this stuff up.
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6 years ago, Expoke
Hard copy subscription doesn’t work here
Like all the other reviews say, your hard copy subscription won’t get you access here. This app is useless to current subscribers unless you want to pay twice.
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2 years ago, Mbethw222
App crashes constantly
Have downloaded the app but crashes every time I try to open. Reinstalled but still same issue. Worthless.
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4 years ago, trsp50
Greedy app developer
The maker of this app (Magzter Inc) doesn’t recognize existing Kiplinger subscriptions and wants you to pay again. Restoring existing purchases under Settings doesn’t work either. Really... how ignorant is that? Total rip-off app. Uninstalled.
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2 years ago, RayR19
App not working
APP keeps telling me to subscribe when I’m already a subscriber. My iPad app does not show the latest issue On my iPhone it shows the latest issue but keeps asking me to subscribe.
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2 years ago, Mug Shots
This is perhaps the worst app ever! After signing up and paying for a subscription, I still cannot log into the app. Worthless. Absolutely worthless.
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2 years ago, PhillyScienceGuy
No customer service at all
I subscribed to a magazine and the App doesn’t acknowledge that. Tried several easy to contact customer service. No response
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