KLFY Forecast First and Radar

4.6 (2K)
71.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KLFY Forecast First and Radar

4.6 out of 5
2K Ratings
6 years ago, Scrabblemanic
Liked the old one better
The radar is awful. The time graph was better. Overall, go back to the old one. You made a mistake changing.
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6 years ago, lawtell beagler
Old app was much better
Need to bring some of the old app pieces like rain percent etc
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3 years ago, cjemanuele
If we can put a man on the moon we should have a first-rate radar! Especially with our geographic location with all the bayous and lakes and swamps and the coastline… I still turn to ch 10 first.
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6 years ago, Tyler Ardoin
Do not like this app any more
I loved this app Intel the update. I don’t like that it no longer shows the chance for rain for each day. I also don’t like like that it does not have lightning, precipitation, or severe weather alerts anymore. I would love if KLFY would put the the chance of rain for each day, lightning, precipitation, and severe weather alerts back on the app.
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5 years ago, None Bay
We have been watching KLFY sense we purchased a TV and that was years ago.
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6 years ago, Joecbud
Not as good as the old app
I believe that channel 10 has the best weather forecasters. What I use the app for the most is the weather forecast. Now, with this new app, the percentage chances for rain have been removed.. please fix this ..... I like to know if it’s 10% chance of rain on a particular day, or 80%.
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3 years ago, Shea kris
I came here for the weather!!!
I’d literally pay a couple of dollars to NOT have to endure all the pop advertisements. All this does is make me NOT want to purchase any items that are advertised here. I came for the weather NOT advertisements.
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6 years ago, me_myself and i
This used to be my go to weather app, but for whatever reason, they decided to change it. The pop-up ads are annoying on startup, and the radar no longer shows the time. I just downloaded the KATC to replace it.
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5 years ago, Chaunse Sur
Great weather app!
This past update is great!
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6 years ago, Cajun Vet
Weather Radar App
I very much enjoyed using The KLFY 10 Weather App before the last upgrade. Was easier to navigate, use & understand. The prediction radar was extremely vital to me as a shrimper.
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6 years ago, 😻😏
I absolutely hate the new update. It’s not only confusing but it’s to busy. They did too much with this update instead of just keeping it simple. Nothing was wrong with the other version of it.
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6 years ago, Love!2703
The old app was way better than this new app. I need hourly Winds temps and the radar was much better also. I know you want update but you are going in the wrong direction. Please do better. I appreciate your wanting my input. Ben Bienvenu May God Bless Y’all.
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4 years ago, Nonc Aldus
If you want to know the weather, look out the window. If you want endless commercials and no information this is the app for you! Biggest piece of crap ever!!
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7 years ago, Armen a
Still showing old branding
App update shows new branding but app itself once installed still shows old branding and old icon. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. Same thing.
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6 years ago, DivaLaKajun
Go back. The old one was better!
I go to KATC 3 now because it gives me what I need. In my line of work I need to know percentages hour by hour. The old one did that, this one is useless to me the way it is.
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6 years ago, jeighcee
Full screen radar
I just deleted this app because of limited radar screen availablity.
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6 years ago, Terryjc
Lack of info
How can you create a weather app and it does not provide info on the chances of rain in terms of percentages.
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6 years ago, bowietruck
Always love ch10 grew up with yall
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3 years ago, eight ball pool scam
If u like to watch Ads download
30 seconds of ads to watch 17 seconds of video + fat from accurate.
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5 years ago, candy nuts
Concerned person
Need to be more professional , way too much silliness going on with the weather reporting.
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6 years ago, Squash0220
Hate the new update
I use to love this app but since the new update I absolutely hate it!!! I don’t use this app any longer. They need to go back to the old version!!!
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5 years ago, Netsie1
Update to show rain chances
Please update the app to show the percentage of rain chances per day. Something a weather app should definitely have!
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6 years ago, Old-vet 68
I liked the old app much better
Looks like I'm not alone with not liking the new app. If it's not broken don't fix it...looks like I'm back to using My Radar.
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6 years ago, kgirl59
Y’all this alert app more difficult for older people to receive severe weather alerts
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6 years ago, Vpcajun
Weather app
Don’t care for new format😡 Before this update, could easily find & go to forecast. Please bring old format back.
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6 years ago, rinaquin
Weather app
I don’t like the new weather app at all. I like the old radar much better. Please change it back.
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6 years ago, Blahhhjhhhhhhhhh
Horrible app
This app is horrible it doesn’t tell you any info like % of rainy chance. I don’t even use it anymore!
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6 years ago, Filling Up My IPod
The old app was so much better!!! Radar graphics are not nearly as clear as old app!! Please go back asap!!! 😩
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6 years ago, Moms eye
Love how So Informative
Best communication going.
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6 years ago, wisesoloman
Need fixing for new update
On the radar I would like all the stuff like lighting, alerts, and that kind of stuff
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5 years ago, Jjb1223
Accurate and accessible
Over the past 2 days, I have taken considerable time to use this app and, as a blind/Voiceover user, I have been quite impressed with the accessibility of this app along with its other great features. First, the main screen, with the use of Voiceover, allows me to easily read the latest weather updates, but it also allows me to fully read the current weather conditions. Further, when I’m switched to the video screen, I can move through the additional info listed on that screen while listening to the video feed. However, the video area is not accessible as Voiceover does not announce the video controls. Additionally, the RADAR screen is not fully accessible as there is much difficulty in creating accessibility for that screen. However, Voiceover does announce the nearby towns that can be highlighted, so it is better in accessibility than most weather apps for the RADAR screen. Regarding other screens, I can easily navigate the hourly and daily forecast pages with no trouble at all which is quite difficult to do on most other weather apps. Further, the settings screen is accessible and easy to decipher, and I truly appreciate the variety of options for choosing locations and notification preferences. I also appreciate the customizable options for types of weather alerts received. Finally, I received an accurate notification of heavy rain entering my area minutes before posting this review. Thanks to KLFY-TV10 for producing such a quality weather app which is accessible to Voiceover/blind users. In future upgrades, please continue to keep this great app accessible to all. Go KLFY!
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6 years ago, ytefas1
Citizen of concern
I do not like the app as much as the previous layout that was in place.
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6 years ago, The Naq
I rather the old app !!!!!
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6 years ago, cajuniceman
Weather app
I much preferred the previous version of this app. This one is not user friendly.
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6 years ago, PGCody47
Best weather
Love it!
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4 years ago, HipCajun
Lending Tree add pops up and you can not swipe it away. You have kill app and launch again to use app. Very aggravating
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6 years ago, Mtrahan 22
Don’t like the new app
I liked the way you could see all the wind and direction
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9 years ago, Plate Lunch
I like watching the video forecast.
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6 years ago, Cajun ⚜️
Hate to be so brutally honest😳 I HATE IT! PLEASE GO BACK! Totally useless😩Searching for a new as I’m giving this review!
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11 years ago, Dezzymac 🏈
Cool App For Weather!
It's the best weather app ever! You should download it.
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9 years ago, Nee from LA
I really have liked it even the new version but since they updated the regular klfy app this one seems to be crashing. Please fix.
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11 years ago, 20th Century Limited
Great app! LOVE the slider & map. Keep up the good work KLFY!!!
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11 years ago, Dd3d4ew
The hourly forecast and forecast for the day always contradict each other. I don't find it very accurate.
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11 years ago, kohee
Slick, intuitive
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11 years ago, Swamper1997
Great for hunters
It is accurite
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5 years ago, ii fd
Don't cuz
Hog iu sfxvczbniiwz
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