KMOV Weather - St. Louis

4.7 (16.9K)
61.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KMOV Weather - St. Louis

4.7 out of 5
16.9K Ratings
5 years ago, TwklizBlondavenger
It’s the only news, traffic and weather I watch. When I’m out of town to visit family in Michigan or Colorado, I’m totally lost on their news programs in just hunting through their programs to get what I need for the days. I have Channel 4 on every single morning while getting ready so I know what I’m in for while I’m driving to work, what the weather will be and generally what the overall news is. The folks at work tease me because I always know the weather report. I’m am a disaster crisis manager for a large firm here in St. Louis but has offices located all over the US so I feel the need to know what’s going on. You even let me know about weather disasters in other states. Oh my, when we have hurricanes, I’m all ears. Thank you so much for your up to date reporting not just while I get ready in the morning but your evening and nightly reports, which I also look forward to. If I can just stay awake at least for the weather with Steve. I’ve tried other local channels, just not impressed. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
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4 weeks ago, C Morningstar
Channel 4STL Weather App
Hi- I’m a new user of your app and DO feel safer! Wish I would’ve known about this weather notification app sooner 🥲. I've come to prefer the way your “Team 4” presents itself on TV as well as having great online services, you automatically announce weather alerts (before, during, after the events) and I have “re-discovered” Channel 4’s other content, and numerous “TV Antenna Channels” available. I’ve been watching your morning Channel 4 New more than my normal station. We all sometimes get stuck in a rut. Everyones' unique “morning rituals” to get families out the door to start our days. Or starting a new day at home. You have provided me with a fresher outlook in general. Thanks to every single person who works at Channel 4 😄👍🏼🕕👍🏼😃👍🏼. You’re all very appreciated !! * From a regular old Local Viewer 😊
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5 years ago, paigeneliubin
Family Afar Forewarned
Thank you, KMOV! As a native St. Louisian, who has migrated to Los Angeles, it gives me great comfort to know your weather team is up to date and on the ball! I still have the majority of my family back in STL and thanks to KMOV phone alerts/app, I can stay atop of bad weather reports from afar. Many a tornado warning day I have spent texting my Mom as she was in her St. Charles basement surrounded by her critters. We could both view in real time, KMOVupdated radar and affected areas. A godsend, really! Thanks again for making STL tornado season more bearable from CA. -Laura Paige
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3 months ago, Idkwhattousehere
A small ease of use change could make it even better than it already is!
I love the app, and use it constantly for severe weather. I enjoy the ability to have it alert me when there is bad weather. I can also change the alert settings to match where I’m living. The only “problem” I have with the app, is that during severe weather, I have to scroll down a ways to find the live stream. Which, is not a huge problem, but it would be a easier during times of “stress” for the live feed to pop up on the top of the page so folks don’t have to go searching for it. Other than that little change, I love the app and recommend it to everyone I know and meet! An amazingly helpful tool during rough weather.
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2 years ago, STL Ambassador
Still new
It’s just been a week or so that you switched your format over and if longer than that, then that tells you I am not a daily user. That being said, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks when it comes to technology. I am sure after more use and getting better acquainted with this new App, it will be fine. I will say, def for now, I liked the visual clarity of the old overview weather map better, than this new overview map. AND the fact I have to pay for this new Ap was not stated until after I downloaded it. Do I need to pay additional to get the radar, too. Keeps popping up to download it and I haven’t because I don’t want to pay for it and if there isn’t a way to know till I download it, I am not going to try- 🥴
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5 years ago, Mr. Papa Georgio
Best App of All Time!
I do outdoor construction and also snow removal. This is the absolute best app for St. Louis Weather. It has everything you need all wrapped up in one spot. The best part... Forecasts, Radars, etc. are always kept up to date. Keep up the great work KMOV. You have set the standard for a wonderful weather app. And thank you Steve Templeton. You doing amazing job, detailing a forecast, that us guys that work outside can appreciate.
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5 years ago, healthymoxie
Live stream is poor
A couple of weeks ago when the weather was really bad and there was a tornado warning in our area, we lost power. I went to my live stream, and the information streaming was about an hour and 40 minutes behind real time. It was of no help at all. Also, are used to be able to click on the weather video and it would come right up. Now there are commercials, and when it comes on, it stalls and skips back to the commercial. I have to hit the button one or two more times to get the actual weather forecast to play.
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6 years ago, Cards47!
Great weather app
Like the live radar part of this app. Also, u can tune into the broadcast when the when weather forecasters are in the " Storm Mode " during a severe storm alert. Plus it's easy to use. Finally u are able to "zero down" to the street level on the radar part of this app. Highly recommended downloading this weather app on your smartphone
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2 months ago, 4Tommy2
My go-to weather app
This is my favorite go-to weather app for the St. Louis area. I prefer it to any of the national ones. There is just the information I need in short summary of daily, hourly, radar or if you prefer more in depth there are many radar views and sky cams. Even can see the live stream during severe weather. Well done channel 4!
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5 years ago, SS7694
Best News Station and app ever!
This app is the best weather app ever! It is the only news station I watch every morning, evening, and before bed. Number 1 news station in the region. Definitely a 5 star rating. I love everything about the app, I am not disappointed with it at all or have 1 dislike about it! I highly recommend this app for the STL area and metro area! :-).
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6 years ago, Sedona Bob
Best STL Radar
If you’re in the St Louis region and need a weather radar quickly this is the app you need. With a choice of 9 regional views you can see how your neighborhood is impacted. If I had a knock it would be that they’re a little free and loose with their notifications. I want to know about warnings and severe storms but I don’t need to be alerted about partly cloudy and breezy. Just sayin’.
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5 years ago, TheLou7
I liked your app a lot because you kept having updated videos up to, and during, the storm. I keep checking back and you have no weather videos now. I stopped using the Fox News app because their videos were not updated and then KMOV stopped putting videos. These apps need to be consistent so you can rely on them. Otherwise they are useless.
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1 year ago, lweirich
Recommend Highly
I love that no matter where I travel I can count on my favorite hometown weather team to keep me informed. Hearing Steve Templeton’s voice giving an update on weather conditions near my location whether at home or beyond is very comforting. Thanks for keeping an eye on the sky everywhere!
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5 years ago, St. Louis man
Videos not captioned. Respect the Deaf.
I am deaf and I like KMOV 4 news but at times I cannot watch the news due of my work hours. Instead, I watch the KMOV 4 Weather app. I would like to see some improvements in respecting the deaf community of St. Louis area by showing that your all of videos in the KMOV 4 Weather app to be more caption in the near future. Respect the Deaf!
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2 years ago, herrick wildlife reacue
Weather forecast
Up to date. More often correct than other forecasts. Love it for my area. Great job.I find your weather very accurate. When it gets stormy I am on your weather channel. I’ll be moving to Effingham and I’ll be taking you with me.
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9 months ago, dstrobe
Accurately notes current conditions and makes quick updates as the weather changes.
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2 years ago, blu-gal
Great App!
I absolutely love this new weather app. You have the most current update weather in real time. You can’t ask for more. I’m a devoted News 4 Fan! The weather team ROCKS! All of the News 4 team members are Great! Thank you! ⚡️💦☀️🌦
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2 years ago, Lin Baker
New Weather App
Thank you for upgrading this app!!! I use to rely on another source for my information, but this app is awesome and provides all the needed information I need to know before I go!
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6 years ago, Linda S K
Channel 4 Weather is Great
We watch the channel 4 news and weather every morning. The group of people that broadcast together are an amazing combination. ALL of the weather people are great and their forecasts are very accurate. Keep up the good work!!
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7 years ago, STLmusicfan
Useful app
I've relied on the live broadcast before when we were sitting in the basement with no power during a storm. It's great to still be able to get updates. I also use the app to plan what I'm going to wear for the week.
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2 years ago, dr bibba
Little difficult to find
I would suggest that you move the “Radar Room” to the top of the app. I had been missing it previously.
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5 years ago, hgdd:4567&'
Weather app
The weather app is old school in terms of design interface. It’s not user friendly if you want to get quick weather reports on alerts, forecasts, radar. Just clunky.
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2 years ago, Rexican2012
Good but needs better UI/UX
App moves fast and has all the night information action. That I would give 5 stars. But the 10 day weather section, you can’t see the blue temps against the grey/cloudy background (I’m sure it shows up on sunny days when the background might not have clouds but hard today it’s hard to see) The Weather Discussion image- not sure how often that is there since I just downloaded, but it should probably be at the top especially on a day like today with severe threats. Otherwise it loads fast, scrolls really well. Good job!!
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4 years ago, STL Hawkeye Fan
Whether I just open the general app or stream it live, it is GREAT to have when our Directv goes down (when a cloud goes by), the power goes out or if I am on the road. Don't leave home without it!
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11 months ago, Crsr1995
I wish you had a radar screen that showed the entire country
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1 year ago, Nandins
I allowed notifications so I would be warned if there was bad weather approaching. Then I heard Steve talking from my pocket just to tell me there was a new non emergency update. Steve is by far the BEST weather guy but I don't want to hear him multiple times a day. Maybe when there is a storm or ice approaching a shorter “heads up” voice notification.
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1 year ago, Razz42
Weather alerts play in video
It’s horrible. If you’re at work and get a weather alert and click on it, it opens a video. I can skim an article at work, but not watch a video. I’m also a bit sensory averse and really dislike video. The information is great when I can get it, but the alerts are functionally inaccessible.
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6 years ago, Nhardymo
Horrible radar refresh rate
When minutes count, don’t use this app. At 1:22 am the last refresh of the metro radar image was at 1:06 am. Even rebooting my phone did not help. They send out notices that are not important everyday. Total waste everyones time to read. There is no way to opt out of the useless notices. When I needed to stream the live weather with hail falling, I was shocked to find a rerun of the national news from the night before. Useless app!
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1 year ago, mml1420
I downloaded this app to be advised of severe weather threats in my location but when I go to view the video, I have to watch an advertisement first?! Kind of defeats the purpose of having an immediate alert and viewing details when I have to see ads first.
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6 years ago, KittyMom8
Grade A-
I can count on the KMOV WEATHER App to give honest, clear information regarding today’s weather and that upcoming. The KMOV App is well laid out, easy to find specific info for my area and great radar images when storms are happening.
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1 year ago, Schwimps
First Alert reports
I like the idea & access to hourly forecast of temps & precip. potential, but only expected/wanted alerts for severe weather. Steve Templeton’s voice alert scared me the first time I heard it! IDK that it’s necessary several times per day. Thanks though!
Show more
6 years ago, Dondi_1
So Handy!
I love that the first page gives most-used options right there- no other searching for how to find forecasts or radar. And, of course, the accuracy is appreciated!
Show more
1 month ago, Austin cue
Keep up the good work, I hope you guys will always be there for me to go look, and get a head start, because ware I live we don’t have a tornado siren. 🙏
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2 years ago, Kdgst
Good local weather source
We come rely on KMOV for our weather. Their weather Team is informative, reliable, and enjoyable to watch.
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3 months ago, jeeves78
WAYYY too many push notifications
If it’s going to rain anytime in the next 10 days, this app feels the need to send a push notification about it nearly 4 times a day, every day until the rain comes (or doesn’t). Why does the weather need to be this click-baity?? Just send notifications if the forecast has CHANGED. Please and thank you
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4 years ago, rickthetraveler
Please keep this weather only app
I like that if I want weather not news I can use this app. I use it a lot because I work outside for a living and rely on it tremendously. Thanks
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3 weeks ago, NYCS Trainutt
terrific weather app
great for localized weather alerts or you can opt to receive alerts for the entire viewing area, plus it’s the KMOV 4Warn Team
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4 years ago, James Greenwald
Weather App
Very accurate and dependable. I’m a school Supt and I must have 24/7 weather access and reports. Ch 4 always is there. A plus all the way. Jim Greenwald Granite City Community Unit District 9. I always depend On News 4 Weather.
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5 years ago, Iloverainydays2
I love channel 4!!!!!
I’ve been watching channel 4 weather for a long time !!!!! I love all of the members on the 4Warn I Weather Team!!! I have to be honest Megan, Matt and Especially Kent🥰🥰🥰 Just kidding I love ❤️ everyone on Team!!! Keep up the great work😃
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6 years ago, Mix2thgs
I use this app every day, but I especially appreciate it during storm warnings when I stream live video while taking shelter in my basement. Excellent storm coverage!
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4 weeks ago, Angedinah
Channel 4 Weather
Your team is the best! I love to watch the weather on channel 4; you have kept us informed to the minute!
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5 years ago, Popcorn 131
4 weather
Always right on. Anytime we hear about weather of any type we pull up weather 4 to check it out.
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6 years ago, MIKEHEFF4
Local Radar
Love the instant weather radar. Up to the minute report of any precipitation in the area is why choose the app. Kmov is my actuate weather station. Above and beyond the other locals 🙂. Thanks kmov
Show more
2 years ago, loving STL
Switch over from Channel 2
Very happy that I did , it feels like everything is much better ! 💯👍🏻🇺🇸
Show more
3 months ago, xxcvjkjfddfgnmjvcxsdfghjj
All the weather people are likable, and they’ll say we really don’t know until we get closer to the weather event.
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6 years ago, Monanax3
So much better than Weather Channel app
Love being able to get local weather even when out if town
Show more
4 years ago, bikeman 69
I love to hear the weather from Kent in the morning special out in the country of Robertsville, Mo. Keep up the good work and may God blessed the whole crew in channel four for the wonderful job they are doing. Steve Hartnett
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1 year ago, July 10 2018
Kmov News 4
There is nothing that we don’t like about news channel 4. Keep up the excellent work.
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5 years ago, playedccforyears
Too many bugs and difficult to access on the go. Definitely not mobile friendly! I’m looking for a new app that can give me up to date weather and traffic on the go in one app and is local. I always watch the KOMV morning news, weather, and traffic before I head out the door. But this app is more trouble than it’s worth.
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2 years ago, alwaysworse
Weather app
I hate it. I have to scroll and hunt for what I want. Nothing is where it’s supposed to be. I don’t know that I’ll keep this app, now.
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