Knoxville Weather - WATE

3.3 (37)
63.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Knoxville Weather - WATE

3.3 out of 5
37 Ratings
2 weeks ago, Okay199430
Great weather app!
This is the best weather app ever! I previously had it from WBIR but it quit working and would not update. I’m so thankful I found this one. It is so simple and easy to use for simple radar, hourly, and 7 day forecasts. Thank you!
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3 weeks ago, Skyanchor1
New Weather App Layout
Opened the weather app this morning as I do everyday to check conditions. The new one page scroll down thru everything is like looking at The Weather Channel app which I find way too busy and distracting. Simple is always better. You used to be able to choose what you wanted to see full page before. Now you can’t see the high for the day on the top section of a scrolling multi section combination of sections. Now I need to find another simple clean weather app. I used WATE weather app for years. From looking at local conditions to NJ/NY conditions. Very easy and quickly before to choose your location. I always had a few locations saved to check out conditions at my kids homes around the country. Now I will search for a simple clean app. Thanks for the memories.
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11 months ago, Tnkaren68
Used to be my Go To weather app
Within the last several months the app has been way below acceptable standards. After looking at other apps to compare, the WATE app was significantly behind, time-wise, on the radar. For example, this afternoon it said the radar had a heavy storm over us but it had truly been gone for at least 45-60 minutes though it said CURRENT. Please fix this issue because I go to you as my number weather team but do not delete the app because it isn’t safe.
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4 years ago, Sam.Zzz
Not available in your current location...
Been using this as my go-to weather app for years but suddenly it just pops up a message saying “This application is not available in your current location.” Can’t do anything but force close it. Thing is, I’m in the viewing area and haven’t changed locations at all. Guess it’s time to delete and move to something else. It’s a shame because I’ve always found the WATE forecast to be the most accurate for my rural location. 😞
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7 years ago, LalainTN
Favorite weather app
The map/radar page has so many options. Very easy to use
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3 weeks ago, jsbeusifjbrgwudidjef
App layout
🤘 Much better.
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6 years ago, gmmom2007
Not bad
It’s a pretty good local weather app. So far it seems fairly accurate. Will update my review once I’ve had it for a while. I do like how you can name and pin point a location.
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4 years ago, LordMontrose
Noisy popups
I’ve been using this app for years and suddenly there are ads with live sound popping up out of nowhere. I understand the need for ads but these are intrusive and annoying. Handy app but I’ll be deleting it soon if these continue
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12 months ago, Ghat270
Weather popping in and out.
What’s up with the weather popping in a and out? Like it’s flickering. Didn’t not do this before and just started a day or so ago. Very annoying. Fix to get 5 start rating other than that it’s a 2 star at best.
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4 years ago, Rouxbird74
Obnoxious and loud ads
This was my favorite weather app until it started featuring at least two obnoxious pop up ads with sound: a Robocall killer ad more annoying than a Robocall and a NOAA ad with sound that startles everyone around worse than a thunderstorm. I don’t want or need sudden sound on a pop up ad. STOP THIS PRACTICE! Please.
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4 years ago, qtyuf
Worse and worse
Used to be go to weather app. Last few months, parts just stopped working across different platforms. I switched. Don’t know what they did but no way to notify them through app
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4 years ago, Timmy Leadfoot
I uninstalled this today. I don’t trust it and find that it’s horribly inaccurate. I don’t watch WATE anymore either because of all their political attack ads. Trying WBIR for now, and I honestly think the weather app that comes with iPhone is more realizable than WATE.
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2 years ago, bailee willis
Noisy ads
Stick to your weather. It was supposed to be 15% of rain\ thunderstorms in Jeff city now it’s 80 something stick to your first guess.
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6 days ago, Mayme Belle
Weather App
Very reliable!
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9 years ago, 69..thats a good number
What the heck
This used to be good but now it seems like every time I open it now you change the interface around I can't find anything and now today is completely different than what it was when I first got it you need to stick to basics. I'd like to know where to find the weather at without you all changing it every day. Pretty soon you'll have it the weather won't be accurate at all you'll be like the weather channel app
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2 weeks ago, MSTIPC
I liked the previous layout better. I’ll get use to it over time I suppose.
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5 years ago, Sowtl
Pop up ads
Hate the pop up ads when going to different screens.
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3 weeks ago, porkies49
Liked the old version better.
The old version was easier to navigate.
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4 years ago, Jenny Lynn 83
Enjoy the app, but won’t open at all now. Been like this for several days.
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7 years ago, Nehani
Used to work
Just keeps telling me gps location failed or something to that effect.
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4 years ago, LNZ127
Turn off loud ads!!
I support WATE and their team but the new addition of loud ads are awful!
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10 years ago, AMGrail
Alert feature does not work properly
I have to accept the terms and conditions and set up safe-t net settings almost daily. No matter how many times I set it up and save it, it doesn't seem to store it and I have had several instances where we have dangerous weather in our area and I never received any alerts; upon opening the app, I get an error message that states there was "problem configuring safe-T net." I have checked my notification settings on my phone's menu and everything is set to allow notifications from the app, if only the app could remember it is supposed to notify me of dangerous storms. Stick to another weather app, because all this consistently provides is a forecast and there are better ones for that.
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8 years ago, Just A WX Fan
GREAT app!
The latest update to the weather app is great! The swipe-to-navigate feature is clean and easy to use. The best features are the severe weather and lightning push notifications. They seem to work VERY well and give you plenty of advanced notice. I also like that you can watch the Storm Team stream/simulcast during severe weather too. Very handy feature!
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8 years ago, MamaKvs
Quick and Accurate Knoxville TN Weather Updates
Up to the moment, accurate weather forecasting. Fast and easy to check, and easy to navigate to 7-day forecast, with one touch. Print size and graphics easy to view in a hurry.
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9 years ago, I love Jesus and grammar!
Love this App
This is a great weather app. The radar graphics are sharp. It also has streaming video which is an improvement over the last version.
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11 years ago, Sarakate1348
❤ Fantastic! Love the local weather!
The only thing missing is the temp on a badge for instant temp info, otherwise it's great because I live in the WATE 6 neighborhood and NOT at the airport. With the temp on a badge (icon) I will give it a 5 star rating. Especially great is the alerts during bad weather with satellite info to show exactly where the weather is moving.
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10 years ago, zenzer
Great weather app for Knoxville
Every weather related thing you need in one handy app. I especially like the forecast page that provides a nice summary of the near term weather outlook.
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8 years ago, Rogueq
Great Knoxville Weather App!
This weather app has a nice design and several useful features. Live radar and live streaming of WATE 6 On Your Side newscasts. And school closings and updated video forecasts.
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9 years ago, Mattrita
Video Forecasts
I love being able to see and hear what's happening with the weather. A very cool feature on this app.
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9 years ago, 7777wxgeek
Love this app!
This is the only wx app I will use for local, accurate weather. It's streamlined, easy to use, and I really like the alerts for severe weather!
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10 years ago, LSE1782
Love the hour by hour feature!
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9 years ago, Crzyolepop
Bug fixes
More than they were. Cannot look at news items
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8 years ago, Mot40
My FAV weather app!
My go to place for Knoxville weather! Best weather team in Knoxville!
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11 years ago, Worrier 13
Weather watcher
This is okay but would be better if the weather radar map had a future feature not just past because people like me likes to know how to plan events ahead . So this would help everyone plan out their day
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9 years ago, TripM11
Best app for East TN weather
Great local weather info. Video forecast is the best feature.
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11 years ago, 😴😴😴😴
This is the best app I have ever gotten! It beats the Weather Channel and any other weather app on the market. Best app hands down. And the weather on it is AWESOMEEEEE!!
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11 years ago, Lrw2013
Perfect app! I use this as my default weather app! Love it!
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10 years ago, Aaron0907
Great app
Great weather app. Love the radar function.
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10 years ago, Ish kabibble
Last update crippled the app. Absolutely no data on any page of the app. Nothing. Even doing a search for city turns up zero search results.
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10 years ago, BCinTN
Smokies Hiker
Straight and to the point!
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7 years ago, Mdsgji
Ads are annoying!
The ads in here are annoying!
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10 years ago, Opus132004
Won't work!
The weather app asked to use my location, my locator was on and I agreed. All I get is blanks!
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10 years ago, Knoxville Gurl
The latest update is horrible!
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