KPRC 2 Storm Tracker

4.8 (45.8K)
204.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Graham Media Group, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KPRC 2 Storm Tracker

4.8 out of 5
45.8K Ratings
1 year ago, DRMA77479
Great weather app
The KPRC 2 weather app is far superior to the app included with the iPhone. The ability to easily see the weather radar, and zoom in and out on it lets me accurately predict rain for my exact location for the next hour or two. And the ability to turn on/off layers such as lightning strikes is also a great feature. I also have a few other locations across the country as favorites, allowing me to quickly see the weather in remote locations where my daughters live.
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5 years ago, lovesreading3
Great information
I like having quick access to current weather conditions through the maps and radar. I often use this app to check weather conditions before we leave to go swimming at the local pool. If there is a way to remove the blue menu bar on the right side of the screen, that would really improve our use of this app. The menu bar obscures 20% of the viewing screen and contributes nothing to our understanding of the current conditions. If the menu bar could be removed while viewing the maps and radar feedback, that would be great. Maybe a swipe left or right to add or subtract the blue bar? Also, I don’t like moving ads on the screen. They are annoying and distracting. I realize you need to have ads to support the website, but the moving ads are irritating and counterproductive to many users.
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2 years ago, The Eagle Trainer
Updates are great except when they’re not
The update feature is great. It’s a quick 3-4 paragraph snapshot of weather commentary on what’s coming our way. Frank is excellent at this and is always informative. Other weather folk have their own style but get the message across. Then there’s those folks who think the update is tacit permission to say a few words about the weather and then refer you to their TV News broadcast later in the day for details. I’m checking the update before I head for work and “details from 4 to 7” is not a weather update. It’s a commercial for the broadcast and a waste of time. I thought this kind of lead in was a gimmick from the past. Frank’s team should be better than this.
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3 years ago, BIG/ROB
Wear the rain is keeps us up to date with tropical storms and hurricanes
FrankDoes his best To let Houston and outlying areas search is Anahuac Tomball Hankamer and other areas around Houston and other areasAround Houston he lets us know when there’s a storm trying to brew up out in the Atlantic coming off so and he tells us one of the partners going to change and we’re going to get showers or thunderstorms after the golf I’m coming off of the West Coast Anna Frank like to give you a whole heartedly thank you very much for all the hard work you do
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5 years ago, Mythmaker
I miss much of the earlier user interface
I miss the earlier version’s opening page. I could choose the location that I needed to look into, check the current conditions, tomorrow’s forecast, and the ten day forecast —all from the initial page. This version makes me work harder to get that information, and I don’t think that the addition of photos and/or videos is a good trade-off for that simple clean design. I realize that younger users (I’m 68) love pictures, and other bells and whistles, etc. However, I find an image of a person with an umbrella less than informative.
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7 years ago, Scientist3026
Media the backbone of our communities
The media and the Good Samaritans have been the heroes during this unprecedented weather event. The local governments and our first responders have also been working to help people in distress but overall the govt at all levels does not seem to have prepared for the worst. All the journalists and the media have been braving the weather conditions and shining a light on all that is going on keeping us informed as this major weather events have unfolded. The role of global warming and the extreme nature of weather events was not discussed but these events will likely become common weather events as our globe continues to heat up and urban areas expand. We are very grateful to Chanel 2 and all media helping us to keep us informed with the help of their meteorologists who have been absolute heroes. Hats off to Frank and his crew. You guys were absolutely the best. Thank you so much for all you do.
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7 years ago, Elmasees
Ch 2 weather forecasts
We are very pleased with Channel 2 News weather reports. Every metererologist is very knowledgeable, thorough and concise with their reports on the effects of Hurricane Harvey. We have been glued to the TV each time they have an update on the storm. Excellent work to say the least! Always a pleasure to watch each one of them! We are blessed to have them work for us! I thank the entire staff at Channel 2 for keeping us informed, so that we can plan each day accordingly. Thank you all for being such great friends we can depend on!😍
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3 months ago, Texas Robby
Forecast to the day, not daylight hours
For whatever reason (probably because the same clueless app developer is developing all weather apps), the forecasted temperatures are wrong, every day. It’s 45 degrees right now. But my forecast says the low is supposed to be 62 today. I guarantee the low TOMORROW morning will be 62. The forecast isn’t done by the 24 hour period, like it should be. It is done by daylight and dark hours. A DAY’s forecasted high and low should be forecasted between 12am and 11:59 PM of that day. But this app will show the low today as being whatever the low temp is tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning. TWC app does it as well. WeatherBug used to, but it appears they fixed it shortly after I brought it to their attention.
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2 weeks ago, KayReag
Excellent App!
I LOVE this app. KPRC’s meteorologists put together regular daily updates; this adds a nice personalized touch because I watch KPRC News daily and can hear the meteorologists' voices as I read each update. More importantly, these updates contain **useful** information. The execution of this app is impressive and I’m proud of the KPRC team; this team is the cream of the crop when it comes to local news (the meteorologists, developers, EVERYONE involved in creating this app). Go Houston!
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1 year ago, Storm4chaser
Great App
I really love this app. It is accurate and consistent. I also love the fact that it has a live background as well. Would love to see more different backgrounds as well. For example, freezing rain or winter mix should have different backgrounds than just rain. One other thing I would do with the app is show the evening/night forecast as well, not just the day and have to Waite for evening to come. I would definitely recommend this app to all my friends and family, especially if it makes theses changes!
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6 years ago, SBCpp
Keeps getting worse
The ONLY weather app that always start with full screen image of the meteorologist that hangs on for a few seconds. This is always followed with the app crashing on my Phone X. I have then to start the app again, which then works fine. This happens all the time. Do I really have to get my phone out of my pocket several times each day (and night) to check for important notification just to find that this app is telling me “ great weather” or “the dry weather continues” or “mild rain close to your location” .. I allow notifications only to know about severe weather. I got rid of this problem by disabling notifications. I keep this app only because of the live radar is good.
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2 years ago, T2shark
One of the few APPs that still works on older iPad
Love my Channel 2 Weather APP! I love getting alerts to know when rain is near and being able to watch the radar check today tomorrow and a 10 day forecast. This time of year and Houston it's also great to be able to track the hurricanes. This is one of only a few apps that will still work on my older iPad. Thank you channel 2!
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2 years ago, dabidf18
Weather at my fingertips
I added Frank’s app while watching the weather on KPRC2, and now I check it several times throughout the day. It helps me know how to dress, even just going from Texas City to Galveston daily. Not only do I get my own dependable forecast, I’ve added my children’s locations in MI and OR so I know how to pack when visiting. The added feature of a morning pop-up is a bonus too! Thanks Frank and KPRC2 😁
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3 years ago, MaryAB/G
Thanks Weather people. I love maps! It is so much fun to travel the world using your maps... Thank you, Frank, for signing me up with daily forecasts and/or what’s happening at the exact moment in time outside my door. Your kindness in taking care of our city (and me) is really heartwarming. It is a wonder to be able to connect with all of you! I am glad you are my cyber friends! Marian
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7 years ago, ddgonzal
Treating us like FAMILY
The site has kept my family updated and safe. For example, there was a break in the weather and my wife and I thought to drive to college station to drop off items for our two boys. We were on N 99 approaching 290 and the site immediately alerted us and warned us on a tornado. We immediately turned around and went back home. Thank you
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4 years ago, maryclarern
My go to for weather
Thank you for this great weather app! I use it all over the country when I travel. Not just in HOUSTON! And the alerts for my business to keep everyone safe. The doplar radar is very good and I can spot storms and where they are in real time, where they are going and warn my staff in other areas of town when weather gets crazy.
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5 years ago, DCG 2
Fast and accurate way to check the weather!
Love being able to check the weather anytime I want. One of the first things I do in the morning! Only thing I have trouble with is when I upgraded some time ago I can no longer get the full page radar. The side panel stays there. I go to 2 Hurricane and use their radar.
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4 years ago, PilotScooby
Was good - deteriorating rapidly
This was a great app when I first got it a couple of years ago- now, it is constantly tinkered with making the content I liked so much difficult to find. Much like Weather Underground It is quickly driving me away. As of today the layout o. The home page is botched up again and no longer shows the 10 day forecast- one of my favorite pieces of info. Now I have to go click around to get to it - the home page layout was great but now barely gets two stars and a “poor” rating. Time to move to another app
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5 years ago, laminana
Should have left well enough alone
The old version worked perfectly. The new version is poorly designed, doesn’t work properly and the layout is difficult to read. I’m uninstalling it and moving on. GAVE IT A SECOND LOOK. I was previously very disappointed in the new design but gave it a second look today and see a big improvement. I'm happy again, thanks for working out the bugs.
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5 years ago, Revel 25
Miss Features From Older Version
After recent changes to this app, which was my favorite weather app, the lightning indicator and the storm direction detector are missing now. The lightning tracker has been especially missed, as it sent out lightning notices as lightning approached, and helped keep us safer by knowing lightning was so close. This is important feature which should be restored, as well as the storm tracker with directional icons part.
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6 years ago, Marty P 1952
Mr. Martin Russo
If you’ve ever lived in Houston are the surrounding communities in the last 20 years you know that Frank is the man to go to when it comes to whether he’s articulate and gets down to the necessities of what we need to be looking for in our forecast. Don’t waste your time clicking channels stay with Frank and you’ll never regret whether it’s a bright sunny day or a strong thunderstorms he’s your man
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4 years ago, Bodica65
Frank does a wonderful job of giving us the weather. I started with Looking to Frank for the Hurricane reports as We have property in Galveston. Since that time I now get warnings about weather in Flint Texas where we live. If he says rain will start in 10 minutes. It will start in 10 minutes. We’ve been able to get out of the car and into the house on more than one occasion because of Frank’s warning. I also like the information Frank share about weather, such as the Direcio that hit earlier this year. We very much enjoy the information he shares. By the way Frank’s forecasts are more accurate than the local weathermen. Sincerely Carol Runnels
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3 years ago, hhftyTx
You cannot tap anything without an ad popping up.
The forecast on the app and the forecast on Channel 2 are usually very different. I really like everyone at Channel 2, but this app needs some changes. The ad pop up is getting beyond ridiculous. I realize they are necessary to keep it free but why o why every tap and the same ad. Once is enough.
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5 years ago, Michael 77355
Best Weather Team
I love this app I use it when I travel so accurate I really appreciate the access to accurate information at a touch . It’s the best app for weather I have found I love the updates I recommend this app for all my friends and family. Thank you I trust my weather team to keep me posted on weather wherever I am.
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3 years ago, shftless
Review and suggestions
I always choose channel 2 tv weather forecast, especially in the morning. Britta does the absolute best job of explaining current and forecast conditions. She does it honestly, clearly and professionally while including a delightful and positive impression. I would like to see all of your presentations include a radar view of the future time period. It is done on the weather channel, and is informative and specific more than words can convey..
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3 years ago, MLRuck
Great information always!!
We watch your tv news and weather and it’s so convenient to have it on our mobiles!! For up to date weather and news join us and add to your mobiles!! Thank you so much for making this possible to all of us!! 🥰
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2 years ago, k3kid
A Necessity for me!
I check this site every day so I’ll know what to wear for work. I work in a location where I’m subject to winds & high/low temperatures. I can always find the information I need right down to the hours I’ll need gloves, hat, extra layers of clothing or short/long sleeves. A must for me!
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5 years ago, Texas Patel
Works all over the world!
I downloaded the app because I live in Houston and watch Frank on Channel 2. But it was the MOST useful while traveling in India! Anywhere you can get a signal, you can see the weather. Especially helpful when you don’t have access to traditional weather reports.
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5 years ago, txtranger
New format challenging to figure out
Used the old version quite a bit. New design is less intuitive. Something simple like to see what is the forecast for the rest of the day requires scrolling to find the temps but since that only shows 6 hours so than to see the rest of the day by selecting next 48 hours which gives some weird hieroglyphs. Radar seems about the same with slightly better graphic than old version though.
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6 years ago, L'insanity
Better than most but...
I love the layout and functionality. However, it's not nighttime user friendly. I work swing shift. When I come home to check for forecast, today means before midnight tonight. Tomorrow should mean after midnight. But, today and tomorrow are not changed after midnight. Not changed at 2 am. Not changed even before I go to sleep. I don't know when it gets updated. My suggestion is add a date.
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3 years ago, Saints Go
This app is so helpful!
I use it to keep current on hurricanes. I live in the coast and it keeps me informed on what is coming my way. I also use it daily to figure out what to wear. This app is fantastic. Plus Frank is a top meteorologist and so you won’t need anything else. Trust me. Download it!
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6 years ago, m.e. 2
Television Before the Vision
To many interruptions to get a good review at this time. You need my appraisal because I am one of the pioneers of broadcast television in 1953 the year FCC licensed tv stations after WW II. Living now on Galveston Island. Written my book on the journey soon to be published. I would share it first with Frank and 2. First 14 years were with an NBC affiliate. The rest are with what everyone in the industry would have loved to have ridden along. Creativity of origination First! m. e. 2
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3 years ago, Farmer4Astros
I like the app, but...
I do like the app and always reference it. The radar is good. I relocated to this area from Austin and KXAN has an app I really liked with future radar, blog, the full video of the forecast that broadcasted, etc. I do really like KPRC’s weather team! Frank, Britta, Justin, Eric are very good. One day their app will improve!
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5 years ago, itchy in spring tx
Weather is all around us and it’s unpredictable
What are you going to do??? I’ll tell you what I do??? (FRANKS) my guy he’s always looking up so you stayed informed I don’t worry I just look to Frank he’s time tested and he’s the most accurate so when you want a weather report you can count on look to Frank , that’s what Franks my guy!!! GARYL
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7 years ago, Caroline-elsewhere
Invaluable during Hurricane Harvey!
Having this app - esp the live radar image and the regular forecasts - was in valuable during the last few days while we were swamped by Hurricane Harvey. This app, and all the KPRC weather and news teams have done an amazing job to keep Houstonian informed of what's still to come. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Zuzo56
This app is my go to for all things weather. We always check with Frank, no matter if we are at home or on the road. During HH2017, we were able to check the progress of the storm, even if it was not the best news. Thanks for this service.
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2 years ago, Idiot Proof App!
This app has everything, including the personal input of each meteorological expert. They are genuinely interested in your knowing how to prepare for the different aspects of your experience. Because you have their forecast throughout the day, you can ACCURATELY plan your outdoor fun!!!
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5 years ago, Acroaviator
One stop shop.
The application is easy to use and has everything I want, even earthquakes around the world. The tropical weather maps are especially good. From a technical standpoint, the application is always stable and I’ve never seen it hang up or shutdown unexpectedly. It’s perfect for me.
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6 years ago, Fun Gran
Can’t live without it
This is my go-to source for instant weather updates for today or this week. When a storm is coming I use the radar to get a handle on the severity and whether it is coming my way. Channel 2 is my weather channel, and this app is my on-the-go helper.
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2 years ago, Chabiler
Favorite weather app
I plan my daily activities according my Frank’s forecast cause he’s has the nack for dead on predictions and people are amazed at how I am prepared for all types of weather when it changes so quickly down here in H Town USA!!! Keep up the good work Frank 👍🏼your the best
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3 years ago, delpete
Channel 2 Weather
I love watching channel 2 weather and watch daily. This app is perfect for checking the weather at any time. I love the radar and all the features of this app. Pretty good and accurate app for weather. I recommend to everyone.
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4 years ago, CCRX
This is great!
Thanks thanks thanks for this app! It works when you need it! Reliable accurate easy to navigate and NO nonsense extras that get in the way of the info you need. Living in Texas with serious weather threats means you need the right app to get you informed and keep you safe. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Sjakubik
Visually the old app was better
The new app works great! Doesn’t crash, loads quickly, has complete information. However, the most important info seems to be buried with this iteration, specifically the ten day forecast. Please consider reworking the content organization.
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4 years ago, budagirl
10 day forecast
I would like it stay on TV a little longer & the person showing the weather to step out of the way so we can see it! Also, if there is anyway possible I would like to see the date of each day as there are a lot of us that base our errands on the weather. I would like to see all earthquakes on the radar everyday on my I-Phone.
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7 years ago, stevemike35
Just a comment or two
Frank and his crew are the best! Britta in the am and Frank in the evening, I grew up in Houston and Channel 2 has been my weather channel for decades. I'm 68 and retired construction contractor and the morning weather was (and is) important to be able to plan my day/week. Keep up the good work and stay safe during Harvey. Regards, Steve Haygood
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5 years ago, cymone1991
Very accurate 100% very pleased It has not been wrong so far very dependable
This app has helped me in so many ways by keeping me updated with the weather and I love how accurate the app is way better than watching the news for the weather
Show more
6 years ago, Mezza'Lee
Love the text messages
Each time I get a message about a storm approaching or rain in the area - bingo! right on target. The lightning hits in terms of distance away is extremely appreciated especially being a golfer. Love the app and love your service. Thank you very much for keeping us informed. Gail & Earl
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4 weeks ago, Houston Ariana
Always ahead of time and accurate
This app always notifies me of weather conditions with regular updates and I always have a plan in place thanks to the timely and accurate reports.
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7 years ago, Kgs318
Ads in the way
The advertising within the app block your view of rain percentages under today and tomorrow sections. The ads also slow the performance and sometimes cause you to tap them without knowing. Also your temperature gauge is about 10 degrees higher than what the actual temperature is. (Can also be noted when watching live broadcast)
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5 years ago, Deb Maganza
This WAS a great app
When I first got this app I loved it and recommended it a lot. But in the last few months it seems that when bad weather is coming and I really want to see the radar it doesn’t work. Like right now the sky is very dark and I’d like to see what is coming, but nope, the radar won’t load. This happens both on WiFi and on cell service in various locations. I’m looking for a better app for radar.
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