KSL Weather

2.9 (239)
102.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSL Weather

2.92 out of 5
239 Ratings
12 months ago, SongMom
Update: Put it back the way it was!
UPDATE: Zooming (very) quickly from the national view to the local view is not any better. It actually kinda makes me dizzy. Why can’t you put it back the way it was? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a good way to submit feedback. I have used this app for many years, it’s the one I go to first when I want to know about local weather. However… this latest issue with the map ALWAYS opening up to the whole United States is more than a little annoying. When I open the app, Every. Single. Time. I have to go to the pull-down menu and reset the view to my location. Please fix this! It’s driving me nuts.
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2 months ago, RagingRon
Too slow to load
I have used this app from about the time it was originally released (10 years ago?). It’s always been good and accurate data that I use many times every day. Lately, however, it has gotten to be just a giant KSL money grab from “Sponsored by” companies like Whipple Plumbing and RC Willey. If you open the app to look at something and then minimize it for a moment to answer a call or look at another app, it makes you wait for the long, annoying sponsor to show up on the startup page all over again. It’s like I had closed the app and restarted it. It lasts for about 5 seconds before useful information starts to load, but that is an eternity in the age of instant data. I just finally moved it off my Home Screen and buried it in a “References” folder on my third screen over. You know the spot. The one with cobwebs and the MySpace and Sears app. I’m just going to use Apple Weather for now and try other apps until I find one that doesn’t waste my time. I feel really bad for the hard working business owners and their employees that are spending a large amount of their advertising budget on this. Right now I have just been repeatedly seeing poor Whipple Plumbing while I’m mad for waiting to open an app that is already open. Sorry Whipple (and KSl). I’m associating your name with waiting in standstill traffic while there are quicker routes to take.
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5 years ago, Datbates
App gone way downhill
This was a very nice app for many years, but the recent updates have added too much bloat, strange rendering issues, super slow loading data, irritating pop ups about location and network issues when there are no such issues etc. certainly can’t recommend it anymore.
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11 months ago, Suisseinpg
What’s happened?
This used to be my weather app for weather info not only here but anywhere in the world. Since the latest update it doesn’t show any weather outside the US and local weather isn’t even accurate. It’s currently raining outside but the weather app shows no rain anywhere in Utah. I checked the Weather Channel app and sure enough, it shows rain in my area; I checked the Channel 2 weather app and it also shows rain. Even the KSL news app shows rain on the weather map. And why did we lose the weather info throughout the world. It’s nice to be able to track weather for travel or for keeping track of family and friends. At this point the KSL Weather app isn’t worth keeping.
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2 years ago, Darylbn
No better app - loaded with great data!
I love this app and won't use any other weather app! In fact, when I'm traveling or at home I will use this to check weather conditions around the world. It also features earthquakes and other conditions to note. There are current or recent weather forecasts uploaded from weather forecasters on the recent news. This is loaded with great data!
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1 year ago, Nocfenix
Latest Version is Awful
This used to be my default weather app, namely because it shows you the storm activity in our area with the radar imagery and such. After the last update however it no longer starts centered on neither my location nor my selected weather location, instead forcing me to scroll over to my city and then zoom in, which is just tedious. As for the weather alerts, I have those turned off because often I’d be getting alerts for things that had nothing to do with my region.
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5 months ago, guffybuff
Wishing for a Widget
The app seems great so far but I only just downloaded it. KSL has been the most accurate for local weather and I was hoping to toss my default weather widget in exchange for a KSL one. Unfortunately, they haven’t made a widget yet but I hope they’ll make one soon. Otherwise, I might just offload it and continue to use the internet browser to pull it up. Or stick to my not-so-accurate accuweather widget.
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2 years ago, !Review!
A news station alert has been silenced
The push notification that has a random voice saying “a news station alert has arrived” is overused and abused to the point I have turned off notifications completely. It’s appropriate for rare or significant weather. But your average morning forecast video that you posted? I’ll check it if I need and choose to. Don’t give me such an intrusive notification because you did your job that morning. I see myself using this app less and less
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3 years ago, Tesla Is The Bomb
Terrible customer response
I typically, in the past, have used this app everyday for many years and have been very pleased with most of its contents. However, when I downloaded the latest update several months ago it quit working on my iPhone but still works on my iPad? I sent an email to customer service two or three weeks ago and I haven’t received any type of response to the issue nor have I seen any update to the app during this same time period... If and when the problem is fixed I will upgrade my rating!
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4 years ago, former crewmember
I’ve had to delete and then download this app several times for my iPad. It works for a few days or even a few weeks and then suddenly it freezes for no apparent reason. Once it is not working the only solution seems to be to get rid of the app and then go back to the App Store. It’s very annoying. Also, the hourly forecasts sometimes seem to contradict the information in the daily forecasts. I would rather have consistent information that is wrong than contradictory information.
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7 years ago, gettheskinny
Why is this the only option for iPad now?
This app is great on iPhone but TERRIBLE on iPad! What happened to KSL Vortex? Is it ever coming back? KSL Weather is so sluggish on the iPad, and it’s, clearly, not designed with iPad in mind. In landscape view, the black bar takes up much too much space that should be dedicated to the map. There is also a very long lag to switch to landscape view, which is not the default even if you have your iPad in landscape position when you open the app. Please update KSL Vortex to run on iOS 11 and bring it back!
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4 years ago, Dr.Norm
Ads with sound but no mute
This used to be a great app years ago but each iteration is worse than the previous. Now I get weather alerts but when I go to check it I get a video ad that I can't mute. So if I'm in a situation where I can't have an ad blaring then I go to another weather app. I've finally just started going to the other weather apps before KSL. I also go to other apps now because KSL is slow and bloated. It's too bad that they ruined a perfectly good app with greed and incompetence.
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1 year ago, Alison Tee
I don’t want national radar!
Have used and enjoyed and appreciated this app for years. Whatever this latest update is - defaulting to a National view of the radar when I have it set to “home” is infuriating. Make. It. Stop. I should not have to reselect “home” to see my local radar every time I open the app. Super dumb.
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6 years ago, '78 Trans am
No more “playing” past and future radar.
Used to be great but now I can’t play the past and future radar. So now it’s not much use. Seeing exactly where storms are tracking given my exact location is really helpful. Other apps and news services do. I don’t know what happened in the updates and why this ability was taken away. Bring it back and the app would be 4 or 5. For now I’ll have to use the apps and news services.
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4 years ago, JC Senoj
Base layer overlay
My favorite thing about this app was seeing where the precipitation was happening, but their newest update has made that hard to see. Anytime there’s cloud cover, I get a generic pink, purple, or blue overlay that I cannot get rid of, and makes it super hard to see the precipitation areas. I’ve toggled with the overlay features many times and nothing changes. It would be very nice if there was an update that fixed this because it’s super annoying.
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2 years ago, free2worship
Good and Bad
This is one of the best weather apps available with many customizable alerts and notifications. It can notify you of cities you want to follow or let it follow you wherever you go. Unfortunately you are not able to turn off notifications and alerts for Utah even with it set to only follow you. I live in Texas and I keep getting alerts for snow. This makes it almost unusable except for manually checking the radar.
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3 years ago, gypsykaky
The weather app follows you
I am so pleased with this app! I had no idea that it would alert me, not just in the SL valley but all over the US. It has kept me informed about lighting and other weather wherever I go! I highly recommend it!
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2 years ago, CF Musings
Weather symbols no longer in color
Since the last update the weather symbols (Sun, cloud, etc) on the 10 day view are no longer in color and I can’t figure out how to change it. Will use a different app because I can no longer look quickly at the weather symbols to know what to expect because they all blend together.
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5 years ago, ÆNGLAND
Needed the update
The app was definitely in need of more than just a standard behind the scenes update, so thanks for that! But... it now takes roughly 20 seconds for the app to load. About 10 seconds slower than the previous version. If that gets fixed then I'd bump into the rating for sure.
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2 years ago, EmilyJoEv
Update made the weather icons all grey
An update has made the weather icons all grey. It’s annoying to not be able to instantly look and see that there’s a yellow sun or a grey rain cloud or white snow flake and instead have to carefully look at each icon in grey to see what the weather will be like for the week. Please bring back the colored icons.
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3 years ago, Sun4kit
I am just curious as to why the app is quite a bit different in the forecast than what is on the weather report on KSL. I can watch the weather report with Kevin Eubank and look at my app and they’re two different forecasts.
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4 years ago, baddadhad
Refreshes data every time
Lots of cool features, but the app seems designed to use as much data as possible. The app will re-pull data even when you immediately switch back from any other task. Weather doesn’t change in 30 seconds. This is especially frustrating when you have poor cell coverage.
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1 year ago, nick3234
Always refreshes
If you switch to another app and come back, it always refreshes. Even if you immediately go back. Super annoying. It’s not hard to put in timeout and only refresh after so long. Even one minute would be great!
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5 years ago, DarthYogurt
Great map feature
I loved the older map features but after this last update it’s gone south. Stop with these stupid updates and bring us the old style back. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, come on ksl you should know better.
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4 months ago, CFlex
I don’t think the forecast is EVER correct
I usually only look 24 hours out on the forecast, and it’s generally been completely inaccurate. Forecasting rain when it’s snow, forecasting snow when there ends up being none, forecasting sunny and it’s rainy. I know weather forecasting isn’t an exact science, but this is pretty silly.
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3 years ago, JRDT797
Buggy and air quality feature doesn’t work
This used to be a good app but time elapse precipitation map crashes occasionally. The air quality feature used to work but no longer works. Can’t get it to display anything. Running latest iOS on iPhone 12
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9 months ago, Iphonewonda
Was my go to- no reliable radar now
Had this app for at least 10 years. Now I watch local news and compare to my app and lately I intermittently don’t get any clouds or rain on my map even when I’m in clouds and rain. What happened? Can’t trust for travel planning anymore. Update: Now posting error message on GPS location regularly.
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7 years ago, Hovies
Location alert glitch
Several times the app has given me an alert for Salt Lake City when I have my home, in TN, selected for alert updates. It happens every few months. It’s confusing and annoying.
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3 years ago, rat396
Can’t check weather while traveling
Nice app if you are sitting at home in Utah, but what if you want to check the Utah weather while traveling somewhere else? Nope. You get error and can’t open the app. Please fix this bug so that when I am overseas, I can look at the Utah weather forecast.
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9 months ago, Hikerdad
You will have better luck with the default Apple weather app
With the last major update to the KSL Weather app, it gave options for 6 and 24 hour forecast through the radar map. These maps show completely different weather patterns for the same time stamp. KSL, this is a reputational hit. Fix it please.
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2 years ago, ChantyShep
Grey everything stinks
This app just updated and for some reason they did away with color it was much better when the weather yellow sunshine instead of this grayscale crap. It just looks cheap and it makes it much less visually quick to see the weather it all looks the same. Ugh. 👎🏼
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5 years ago, B_RyBacon
Bug fixes needed since 2016
When will bugs be squashed in this app? I get “network error” pop ups on cellular and WiFi all the time, even though the app sometimes loads. And also, the app sometimes never loads, freezes up and I have to force quit. Really feels like one of the first iPhone apps ever.
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2 years ago, Silly Mustang
What’s happened
Why is it that the video updates for weather only happen every two to three days. I want to watch the current day not what I watched last night. Also the app and what is reported on air often don’t coincide. Poor news
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4 years ago, byulasfjazz
I only use the app to watch the latest video forecast. 50% of the time the video doesn’t even load. They need to to get rid of whoever they have hired to write their Apps.. the other KSL app is just basically their mobile site in an app. Don’t download this app unless you want disappointment.
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10 months ago, why cant you work?
Update it
My radar just randomly turns off. I have to reload the app to see the storms. If I move the map at all, or have it open for more than 2 min, it just disappears. It’s annoying.
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4 years ago, Movie lover 8923
Glitches now
Have loved this app and hasn’t given me to much trouble but now it’s frozen on 10 day forecast. Doesn’t change when I change locations. it’s not accurate anymore. Please fix the bugs.
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6 years ago, John-Apple
Good on phones, bad on tablets
This app has had ongoing issues on a tablet. It will get better briefly and then revert to the same irritating behavior of opening up in landscape for a brief moment and then rotating 90 degrees into portrait. The developers just can’t seem to get it right.
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5 years ago, Plandrew677
What happened???
I used to use the app most of the time because it was reliable. The last update it would freeze up and very slow. Deleted it went to other local apps Storrs has you beat by a long shot! Used to rely on this app not so much any longer it’s lists it’s touch.
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1 year ago, Frannnnnknnnjkkk
Used push notifications when I had them disabled; asked me to turn on “always allow” location services after I had already chosen “only when using app.” This is scummy, deliberate design choice and you really should be kicked out of the app store for it. Absolutely garbage app.
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6 years ago, Dzmoss
Too Slow
This app has just become too cumbersome. It is slow to start up. Love all the information within the app but like I said, it has just become too slow
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1 year ago, Pam_Stam
Defaults to national radar
I loved this app before and have been using it for years. But, they have made a change so that it defaults to a National radar and I have to go in each time and select my location. If they don’t fix this, I’m going to delete it and find something else.
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7 years ago, accarrino
Great local weather app!
This is my fav weather app. Easy to use. The future radar prediction is so useful. Even works when you're outside of SLC.
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1 year ago, Sjake072
Not what it used to be
This was my go to weather app. Now isn’t loading properly and useless. They’ve added a bunch of useless stuff. We want accurate forecast by hour and good radar that’s about it. Please fix
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4 years ago, JishGobb
Needs Update
I would prefer to use KSL over a more mainstream app for a more accurate weather report for local conditions. However, this app needs a serious design update, it needs to run smoother, and less ads. I get it, you need to make money but relax a little bit.
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2 years ago, Olivia4829
Consistency problems
The high temps shown in the daily view never match up with the high temps displayed in the hourly view. They are usually off by 5 or so degrees. The hourly view matches all the other weather apps and reports I see. Get your crap together, KSL.
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2 years ago, Tabright
Hate the new grey weather icons!!!
Not sure why the shift was made from the colorful weather icons to the grey ones, but I hate this change! If it doesn’t revert soon, I will likely no longer be using this app….I dislike it that much!!
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4 years ago, Timber Lakes Mr Plow
Nice picture, app doesn’t work
Nice update, just in time for Christmas. App doesn’t work, just shows the home picture. I rely on this for snow removal. Not much good when It doesn’t work. Maybe check it out before you release a new app. Especially before the biggest travel time of the season. Major disappointment!
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6 years ago, kleidascopeplanet
Once great app not working in iOS 11.3
This was once a great app on both iPhone and iPad, especially the 5 star ‘Vortec’ version. After that it’s been a solid 4 star performer until I updated to iOS 11.3 on my iPad, and now it doesn’t load up but hangs on the start-up splash screen, hence the 1 star rating for an app that doesn’t work on iPad currently.
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5 years ago, Jewel Engineering
Getting worse with each update
The latest map color schemes (all three) are far worse than the old version. Getting less useful with ea h new version.
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3 years ago, Vivaletour
Air Quality
After how many years and hundreds of updates they still can’t get the air quality maps to load consistently
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