4.7 (2.8K)
71.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTTC Wx

4.65 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
9 months ago, Huey1225
Best weather app around you can always count on Nick to find you to let you know there is updated information. He forgot us on a cruise to Halifax Canada.
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11 months ago, QWhitehead
A crapshoot the last few months
*Edit 20July2023: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THIBG HOLY, WHY AM I RECEIVING WARNINGS FOR OTHER AREAS THAN MY OWN?! I am so over this app. The only reliable part of this app is the radar map. I don’t care for the most recent update of it with the 24hr window because it’s yet to be correct. The predictions for rain and temperatures have been wildly inaccurate. If I had to pay for this app, I’d be demanding a refund. Will be looking into my AccuWeather app more closely for its features. Even if I have to pay, at least it’s more reliable for accuracy.
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2 years ago, uglyadds
Offensive adds
I like the app. Very helpful as others have reviewed and I know it is supported by advertising. However lately it has been full of gambling adds. More specifically gambling apps to download. I would not want kids using this who May click on these adds and risk downloading something inappropriate.
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3 years ago, Spotted_moth
No radar in bad weather
So this app works wonderfully...until there is a local weather event. Radar works tracking approaching storm but when it arrives, radar is a blank map. Don’t know if it’s heavy traffic or some other reason but it is very predictable. iPhone 10, LTE and all the bars, so that’s not my problem. 🤦‍♀️
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3 years ago, Stike one
KTTC weather.
I have been using this app for several years. It’s my go to for instant updates , info on road conditions and weather warnings. Wouldn’t be without it.
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2 years ago, Rebadeb78
So in depth
Love this app—the radar is hands down the best. Would really love to have it include Pollen data and forecast.
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2 years ago, christopherchip67
New version does not work on iPad
The new version of the app works on my iPhone 13 Pro, but does not work on my iPad (also an iPad Pro). I have tried multiple times and it does not open. This had been my go to app for local weather but….. I sent a note to KTTC but received no response. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, Teacher of 3’s
I would like to see the speed of the download of information on the map for example increase. I have another weather app what load about twice as fast.
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2 years ago, guffyluf
Local Weather
Local weather that focuses on our area with no commercials. A must for city and rural JMc
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6 years ago, =whiteshaddow14=
My mom and I love love this app
I love how it is always is giving notifications and notifies you when the wether gets bad and the live wether love it yeah!!!!!!!
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3 months ago, Cjm111cjm
Couldn’t get along without it. Great app.
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2 years ago, mnMOM123456789
Too many videos
cut the videos. When severe weather is happening I just want to read the weather statement. Having videos (and so many!) made it harder to quickly find the most recent update
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8 months ago, MNlady4WILD
refuses to open when running iPadOS 17
Updated iPad to iPadOS 17 and app quit working. Never gets past opening static screen. Deleted and reinstalled. Still refuses to open. My goto weather app. Was a solid 4+ until this happened.
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7 years ago, Emma Lorraine
Great update
Love the new look after the update, user friendly, and good features, thank you!
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2 years ago, gunboat rider
Weather map
Can’t figure out what the colors mean on the maps. There is no guide to look at. It looks nice but what the heck am I looking at?
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1 year ago, boilerguy1650
Why can’t i send to some?
We Why
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2 weeks ago, Baby.ajo
Not accurate
Radars look completely different between my phone and my dads phone. Not very reliable.
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6 years ago, El Baron Rojo
Still no mode switching
Portrait only. Stinks for iPad. I use only if no other option.
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9 months ago, Aà..
Not working
Sometimes work on my iPhone with iOS 17, very inconsistent, never works now on my iPad with iOS 17. Reinstalling is did nothing.
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5 years ago, Sweet jazz121
Bad update
I hate the new update, and the predictions aren’t ever very accurate.
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9 months ago, K0GMK
Doesn’t Work With iPad OS 17
Needs to be updated.
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9 years ago, Cairnblsd
Not Updating
Fortunately the current version did not overwrite the previous version as the print is way too large and the area given for radar way too small. I am continuing to use the previous version which I like, despite the irritating notification that there is an update available. Please fix the font and increase space for the radar.
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7 years ago, crbartz
Hate the new update.
I hate the new update where the main page you scroll through to see all the info. Liked it so much better when your home page was the radar with a snapshot of the current, hourly and daily across the bottom. Also doesn't work very well in landscape view, especially on the iPad. Used to be my go-to weather app on my phone and iPad but I'm currently looking for a different one since the new layout is terrible. Please go back to the old version.
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12 years ago, kuchera4
Fairly Solid!
Overall I like the app. I haven't had it too long so not sure how reliable it is with crashes etc but appears to do well. Only improvement I'd like to see is School Closings with notifications available for schools you select. This would be a great feature for this winter! Otherwise it's good!
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7 years ago, AngieF23
When this app is working properly it's not too bad. That being said it has to be working properly- sometimes it fails to open, there were pop-up ads, radar was wonky looking. I'm constantly in a struggle to appreciate this app so I'm taking a break from it for the time being and finding another.
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12 years ago, Alliballi84
Nice app
It's nice to have a local alternative to the weather app. Seems to be pretty well built and I appreciate the news portion to it as well. Had an issue with the precipitation overlay being too opaque, but reinstalled it and now it looks fine. Overall good job!
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7 years ago, Gordou812
Screen won't rotate
This app has gone downhill since being updated. The screen does not rotate on the iPad when the app is first opened. This is what used to happen to apps 4 years ago when updates happened. You would think that the people who do these updates would check their work before releasing these updates. Please fix this problem.
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12 years ago, Johnnykickin
Not too bad
A lot of nice features. Needs to be updated for iPhone 5. Would be nice if the video feed of the forecast was updated quicker. Seems solid though. Nice job overall! Great local weather app!!
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12 years ago, Feakbud
Very helpful on the local weather and news.
I put it at a four star because it has everything but the sports center and Tandy Brock's face other wise a very very nice app and needs to updated for the iPhone 5 to.
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11 years ago, DryFred
Not reliable during severe weather
In period of severe thunderstorms and I get only the weather radar from a couple hours ago. Sometimes the current radar appears but then it switches back to a couple hours earlier.
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7 years ago, StelaMomster
Like having local weather but after a recent update am frustrated it always asks to connect to BlueTooth. I'm not going to do that and wish it would quit asking.
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10 years ago, Youtfhgdrdhuf
Very Good
Show a precision forecast of what the weather is supposed to be in the next 4 to 5 hours.
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9 years ago, tonybongula
I work fine for along time, but started crashing recently
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9 years ago, RevDarby
I like this app but the past month or so it's been crashing and basically fouling up in ways that make it useless. Keep waiting for them to fix it but about ready to give up.
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9 years ago, dmj10
You should add the school closings to the app s everything is in the same place!!!
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8 years ago, Old lobber
Bring back the old App!
The new app serves one new purpose-to devote a large share of the page to advertising. No weather information improvements were made. Bring back the old app!
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11 years ago, Becky Jenneke
Great app
This is a great app, but would be nice to be able to see school closings.
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11 years ago, Lolab2012
Not bad
I like the 10 day forecast. Would like to see the road conditions map on app.
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11 years ago, Bigbenny420
Love this app
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11 years ago, Meg Megz
Decent app , wish you could view school closings and delays though .
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7 years ago, Mackie252007
Alerts are 5 minutes late!
I always get alerts 5 minutes after the alert occurred! Worst weather app ever!
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9 years ago, Mdf5284
Junk app
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2 years ago, KalicWulf
Okay app with the right platform
I’ve had good results on Android and my iPhone, however, on my iPad, no good. Just opens up and that is all. No forecast, no radar, nothing just starts up. IOS 16.1.1 with iPad gen 9
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