4.8 (3K)
71.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTUL WX

4.8 out of 5
3K Ratings
4 years ago, SequoyahKTUL8
This is a must app no matter where you live in the US
I Use it and I especially have all my family use it! It is the best Watch/Warning app there is! It will only alert you if you are in danger! Alerts you only if you are in the Polygon warning area! Most apps do it by county, so if you are asleep and there is something completely away from you in the other side of the county it won’t wake you up! You will be alerted Only if you are in the warned area!
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5 years ago, Ryneandcoltonsmommy
Do not like the update!!
This update last week was not bad at first. I was hoping the load time would improve, since we were on vacation with tornado warnings around us, but it was no better than before. But the thing I really dislike is changing the color of the watches and warnings. As far back as I can remember, the tornado warnings and watches were red and the thunderstorm warnings were yellow. Now the thunderstorm warnings and watches are in red. I just pulled up the map and about had a heart attack seeing a red warning barreling down on us. We do not have TV so the app is my only weather warning and changing the colors to the opposite of what they were was a really bad move IMO. Maybe rethink the color change and the update wouldn’t be so bad.
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2 years ago, beaveater
Weather reporting
I love this app with the hourly, daily, and interactive Map of current weather going on in my area plus being able to see weather coming my way and the voice notification of thunderstorms and tornadoes in our area a great asset to have on my phone !
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4 years ago, Fb user who hates this app
Needs work
This app is the best for radar and easy understanding of what is happening on the map. However, it gives an error saying app is not available in your location sometimes, is slow to load when it does actually work, and needs to be improved. Overall it’s the best for weather apps in my opinion especially for tornado and rotation warnings.
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2 years ago, jimw the legend
Weather app
Channel 8’s weather app is the easiest to use and navigate through of any of the local weather apps. Thanks channel 8 jim the legend
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3 years ago, Minnie's Account
Upgrade Needed!
This app is in need of a serious upgrade! Daytime temps and forecast are good, but overnight temps are illegible due to being too faint to read where positioned! Ridiculous!! Rain chances seem to change with Oklahoma’s wx, so can only assume it's accurate. Radar very good, but I also use another radar in conjunction which appears more accurate. Have lately had to delete app & reinstall to get it to work at all.
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11 months ago, Cmc101010
App use to be great-now it does work properly with last update
This app was my go to when it comes to checking out the weather. But with the most recent update, the radar doesn’t work properly. It won’t show where the storm is or the direction of the storm. I wish they would stop mess with the app, and take to back to the previous version!!!’ Until they fix it, which will take a while, I will have to find another weather/news app!!
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2 years ago, on the keystone poit
Channel 8 ex
We enjoy the accuracy of the temperature and the map. What a map. I can dial up Stafford Virginia for my daughter or Westminister Maryland for my son. There weather is just that close.
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1 month ago, rusty guy
Excellent radar
The past and future radar mode is very useful.
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1 year ago, Bulldoghines1984
Used to be much better
The updates the last couple of months have made this app much worse. 6 months ago it was probably the best weather app I had. Now it just fritzes! Wish they go back a few updates!
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3 months ago, CWGuist
Great app unless a storm is coming
Why does this app always fails to load during the times we need it, aka when severe storms are coming?
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2 years ago, pasopatti
Weather app
Easiest map to use!!
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5 years ago, VanHalensing
Everything is red
If there is any kind of severe weather in your area, you will not be able to see the radar. Severe thunderstorm watches and warnings are marked in red that obscures the radar. Good app for daily weather conditions, but you’ll need something else if anything potentially dangerous is happening in your area.
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5 months ago, Overnight Success (?) Lane
Cannot Trust
The app’s owner moved all its news to OKC, and I don’t feel they have my towns best weather interest on their minds. You could have the best app out there but if it can’t help you in a pinch it is worthless.
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4 years ago, wimcottage
I’m Done
Really wanted to use a local app, but this one is inconsistent and often wrong. I’m looking for a weather app that gets it right more often. I have noticed that none of our local channels have very good reviews for their weather apps. Hmmmm
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4 years ago, DG Bummed
Location identification
I live west of Tulsa. When this comes up finally it marks Tulsa not where I live it needs to follow my phone like all of the rest I’m getting where I don’t use it like I used to. This whole app needs to be trashed then revamped
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2 years ago, Stuts 1
8 Weather
8 is the Place for Weather. Dan and his team are the best in Tulsa.
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11 years ago, Amp63
Absolutely the best weather app!
Great app. I've used a version of this app for several years and was happy to see it come to Tulsa. I have noticed one glitch and the link to your support doesn't actually work. The glitch is that even though the GPS shows the right location, when i am in Edmond, it says i am in Bray Ok. I was in Edmond today about five mile due East of the tornado when the tornado warning sirens went off and the app didn't reflect the warning because it thought I was 100 miles to the south. I expect it is an easy fix but it is important to know you are going to get the tornado warning if you are not at home and the app looks like it is working. I don't see this problem anywhere between Tulsa and OKC and it works in OKC proper.
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8 months ago, Mrs. Brimmer
Map flickers 90% of the time
The is my go-to app for weather but recently the map just flickers. Please send out an update soon!
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6 years ago, Skydnzr
What happened?
This has always been my go to weather ap, now it takes so long to load I go to a different ap!
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4 years ago, Big Al The Punk
Freezes upon opening
Freezes up when opening all the time and never make it to the weather. Deleted it
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10 months ago, Haley dental girl
This app used to be good now it will show is the heat index in pink and whatever the orange covering is. I need to see the storms and rain map please!! I keep waiting for a upgrade change.
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2 years ago, mojomarko
When ever I need to look at the weather, the map doesn’t work. If it’s sunny and calm it works all day. But if there is a storm in the area it won’t work.
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4 years ago, disappointed$&$&
Not working radar will not pull up after update
Not working
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6 years ago, Needs Faster Load
Needs Improvement
This was a Great weather App but now takes forever to load if it even does. What happened?
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1 month ago, Advisor2012
It doesn’t open when I need it.
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5 years ago, 123557893224686115
New radar
I hate the new radar. I liked it better before the update.
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5 years ago, TWAG13
I do not like the new update and I’m deleting the app bc the radar needs to go back to like it was
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9 years ago, Bear glock
No alerts with sounds
I've been though apple with this issue,I have no alert sounds just banners. All systems are turned on. I need to have the bugs fixed for alerts. There's a lot of others in my town that are having the same problem. This was a great app until there last "fix".
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10 years ago, Sinasdi
Love it!
I love that this app shows temperature, forecast with split screen radar and that the radar has storm tracking with labels that let me see wind speed and other details.
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12 years ago, Kdppp
Great local weather!
Nice having such a highly detailed app on the local level. Fastest live radar I've seen on a phone, too.
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8 years ago, Desiree512
Worst app ever
This is seriously the worst app ever. It warned me all day about how there was LIGHTENING in the area that had "touched" down but FAILED to mention the fact that a tornado had touched down a mile and a half from my house! Even after the tornado passed I checked the app to see if it had sent out a warning and I was disappointed to see that it said I was only under a sever thunderstorm warning. Deleting this app.
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11 years ago, lovecassiejoy
Awesome app!
Thank you for creating such an informative and user friendly app for local weather! Love having this with me wherever I go!
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9 years ago, Jgrove171717171717
If say it's fixed!
Been on quite a lot, no crashes so far. I'd say they fixed the glitches.
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12 years ago, GenoWeiss
Awesome App!
Works excellent. Lots of options, loop is quick, and it's free! Everyone in Green Country should get this app.
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8 years ago, Scmtent
We loved the app until you removed the earthquake information. Please put it back on, that is one thing that made your app better than the others. M
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9 years ago, Bree-Brit
I wish you guys would fix your app when I get on it it turns off unless I keep adjusting the map until it's fully loaded and it's annoying because that doesn't always work.
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12 years ago, Fantasticgameloveit
Love it
It's nice to have an app that I can get the weather where I live! It's great!
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9 years ago, J5836W2K
Channel 8 Weather App
You have ruined a very good app. Please "Up Date" it back to the original. Why mess up a perfectly good app. It used to show me where road construction was going on and it had a nice square map with roads, weather and land features. You messed up so see if you can "Un-mess UP."
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11 years ago, SassyPres
God Bless!!
So great and it helps me out to be safe when needed. Thank you.
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10 years ago, Sucio Wayne
Detailed and informative!
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8 years ago, TTown101
It's okay
I liked the old one better, had more are to see the radar, no it doesn't show up very well.
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10 years ago, Hddlibhinb
Warned me that my horses were close to a tornado.
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10 years ago, 00_jackie
Good app!
love it. accurate.
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9 years ago, MainJ11
Crashes Constantly
Crashes more than works.
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9 years ago, Blake the Awesome
Never lets you open the app. crashes 3-7 seconds after it is opened.
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11 years ago, Letzlannie
Good app
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9 years ago, Guest61566156
Super glitchy. 80% of the time it doesn't even work!
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9 years ago, Former 8 fan
Channel 8 App
I dislike the app so much that I deleted it!
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