KTVU FOX 2 SF: Weather

3.4 (48)
70.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTVU FOX 2 SF: Weather

3.4 out of 5
48 Ratings
4 years ago, thedoglady1
Live Radar Moves Too Fast
I like this app but the newly released version has the radar map moving too fast to get any real data except what you can infer from a glance (which makes it fairly useless.) The typeface is far too small (4 pt. typeface and less) when viewed on my iPhone X. The app is very cluttered and the typeface needs to be larger all around. I’ve switched to WeatherBug where the radar is easily readable, has a perfect pace and is ultimately helpful in planning your day around the rain. There is no HELP menu to report an issue within the app, but you’re in luck if you want to report “abuse”. What?
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5 months ago, unhappy64
How do I delete
I can’t find a way to delete a location. When I travel out of town I add a city but would like to delete now. How do I do that? There is nothing in settings
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5 years ago, EB Hiker
Good App
This is my go-to weather app. It has a good interface, is easy to use, and is pretty accurate. Two changes I would like to see: The ability to alphabetize my locations and A weather update each morning. I always check before bedtime and again in AM. They are always the same even though there is a change that occurs at night. Seems like the app only updates once every 24 hours Thank you for this good app
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6 years ago, FredTsui
Great app, but doesn’t switch orientation properly on iPad
Thanks KTVU for the only app that has radar images! During winter it is the best. My only complaint is that when I open the app in landscape mode the app stays in portrait mode. I have to rotate the iPad and then sometimes it doesn’t rotate.
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3 years ago, Sheri136
I love this app BUT
Haven’t been able to find out how to update. Tried searching for info but no help. Have iPhone 6s. If I can’t get the update, how do I make the update banner go away?
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1 year ago, jimp33
It’s OK
It would be nice to let the user set up display of alerts. List them yes - let users choose to display them on the map.
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5 years ago, Sjgokou
Loved the previous Version
Well I feel this new version looks great but the app is barely use able. I keep receiving an error message “Failed to connect. Please check that airplane mode is off or that Wifi is connected.” The app loads extremely slowly and I can't receive most hourly updates.
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5 years ago, Johnnie Walkie
Freezes and commercials take too much space
Worked a few times. Cannot get clouds and rain. Commercials are over abundant. Control buttons work intermittently.
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6 years ago, Adrine
Ads Ruined It
They have ads at the top which cut off the bottom so you can’t see the weather for the next few days at a glance. Useless
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5 years ago, wynnb
Ads cover controls
Way too many ads to the point where the ads cover the controls. You get full screen ads instead of weather info. Not a good substitute for the built in weather app.
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4 years ago, Debpadilla
Needs Work
Love the content but the app keeps freezing up. There is some type of bug that needs to be addressed.
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5 years ago, MBWSF
Latest Version
Seems buggy. Freezes intermittently.
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5 years ago, Cuervo1989
Too many adds
I like the app. Hate the adds that pop up.
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1 year ago, K6EL
The 411 update today broke it. Will try to uninstall and start over.
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5 years ago, Nvh9
Good when it works
But fails intermittently. I get the logo screen but nothing happens.
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5 years ago, Anjinsan1
Not great
This was really good but the constant freezes send me to Windy.
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5 years ago, SiliconValleyGeek
Location doesn’t work at all, even after authorization
Here in the Bay Area that’s pretty important.
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4 years ago, rvg6834
Stopped working 1/3/20
App won’t initialize unless I restart the phone. This started after last is update and 1/3 app update
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4 years ago, sansings
Not very user friendly. I need instructions on how to set up and use. Just blank pages??
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4 years ago, Cobra 4270
What weather
Please fix your app ☹️it quit working
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10 years ago, Not Jeebus
I thought that I had finally found a weather app which would supply accurate forecast and current condition temperatures. But, that has not been the case. There have been discrepancies of as much as 20 degrees between the forecast temperature and the actual temperature. Why the hell does it seem to be so difficult to build an accurate weather application for phones?
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10 years ago, Mediahound2
Doesn't work causes phone freeze
Tried it. Failed. Disappointed. Gives same info as the apple weather app but offers radar and video (ostensibly from weather report on ch 2). It's cloudy and the actual nexrad radar site shows activity all over the Bay Area, but this app's radar page showed nothing. Then I tried the video option and when I clicked on it to play the news clip it froze my iPhone. Tried it several times, froze it every time. I did let the app know where I am, but refused to let it "always know where I am even when the app isn't running," and perhaps that's the rub? But if that's the case, who needs it.
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8 years ago, Sep72
Video forecasts are 2-3 days behind
You wanna check the weather for weekend? Forgot it. They don't update video forecast for Saturday or Sunday. Whatever they predict on Thursday that's it. No update if condition change. Their Weekend TV forecast is not the same you watch here.
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10 years ago, Tenacious24
Great local app
This is now my favorite weather app. I would say a more reliable and detailed local weather forecast. By the way, you can add different locations. I wish people would explore the app before posting a bad review.
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10 years ago, Sweetnut 2
Cool weather app
Great stuff. To the person who said that not everyone lives in san francisco, um...here's a thought: change your location.
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10 years ago, iamlindalee
SF weather geeks rejoice
Feature rich weather app for the San Francisco Bay Area from the City to Sonoma Valley. All for a goose egg. Well done, KTVU.
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10 years ago, Hyside76
Why is this app only giving the weather report for San Francisco? Not everybody in the "Bay Area" live in SF. We are 60 miles north and our city is mentioned every day on the KTVU news. So why doesn't this app give all the locations we see on the TV? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but this app seems simple enough.
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9 years ago, cmarie413
Bring back the previous version
I can't even get it to open on my phone. I get the logo and it immediately goes back to my home screen. Ready to just delete it.
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10 years ago, Fogbog
Wow. I'm impressed.
Can get live radar and pinpoint neighborhood microclimates.
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10 years ago, Zenickname
This update is for the birds
I spend a lot of time between the SF Bay Area and Fort Bragg, CA. This app stinks. When I check on Fort Bragg current temperature it says 100 degrees and the forecast high for today is 65 degrees. I'll continue to look for a weather app that works.
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10 years ago, Bob580680
Great app
I love weather and climate
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9 years ago, Stella Lynne
Keeps Freezing & Crashing
Since I updated the app keeps freezing and crashing...please fix!
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9 years ago, Rigby600
Hate it
What happened to the old app. I will be deleting after this post. What a mess, new is not always better!
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10 years ago, BayAreaDanimal
Love it!!!
Awesome app on the go!!
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10 years ago, Jeff.L
Nice app, KTVU!
Well done!
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