KXAN Weather

2.8 (250)
194.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for KXAN Weather

2.82 out of 5
250 Ratings
9 months ago, bluebon1977
Not so good
I rely alot on the radar map, ever since the new 24 hr radar came into effect I can’t get the precipitation radar to give me a good view. It just flashes and its rare when it shows a good view of where the storm is or for that matter, traveling. I tried the suggestions of no wifi, no bluetooth and I’ve even deleted and reloaded the app, nothing helps. Like i said it worked well before-on this same phone.
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5 years ago, Samrochet
This WAS my favorite app...
Love/hate has progressed to just hate with the new edition of (approx.) May 2019. The annoyance of the app not respecting the portrait/landscape current position (which it did at one time) just required a restart of the app. But the “new, improved” radar page is abominable, and will force me to move on. Where the prior iteration radar page showed clickable watch/warning areas only when the animation was stopped, this version shows non-clickable areas all the time, totally obscuring the radar data beneath them. Surely Jim Spencer had no say in that, since it renders the radar data useless. The underlying map data is ugly compared to before... and if you click on an alert for your area, it brings you to a radar view of the roof of your HOUSE... decidedly less useful than the neighborhood view of before, so you’ll be “pinching” the screen over and over to get a useable view. This is the equivalent of switching from Google Earth to Apple Maps in the early days.
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2 years ago, csyry_4
App needs tweaking
Not happy with the newest alerts from the app. This makes the app like the boy who cried wolf with random alerts not relating to imminent/severe weather. Plus the tone is annoying compared to the useful announcement of the unmistakable Jim Spencer’s voice. That’s my main gripe, however having ads play when trying to watch a severe weather warning video i s clearly much more of an issue, especially when the warning is about a tornado touching down. Also a link to the live broadcast in the sidebar of the app should be added for the same reasoning, and as a redundancy. Don’t forget this app is supposed to help save lives, if it’s too annoying when there’s no bad weather people are going to have the notifications off or delete the app when it’s need most.
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2 years ago, Voaus
New feature: Commercials
This app is just one problem after another. I did, however, like to see an actual person give the local weather forecast. Now, there is a new feature added before every video, called forced to watch commercials. This is just a slight irritation, because the commercials load up and play just fine. Where it gets extremely irritating, is that after being forced to watch the commercials, the actual video that I want to watch, doesn’t load and play. I have tried to check other videos and reloading the videos over and over again. It turns out, I just get to watch 20 commercials in a row, and never the weather forecast. This app is now officially useless. I am deleting this app, because I have much better things to do in life besides watch commercials.
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1 month ago, Xoxoballs
Horrible and Dangerous
I would be embarrassed if I was on KXAN’s weather team, they’re forced to push this app on air. The app is designed poorly and if you do manage to find what you’re looking for you’re going to sit through an ad to get outdated information or see broken radar. I wouldn’t trust this app with my life, despite the repeated on air push to download the app for alerts. If I want up to date information I have to use the actual KXAN website. If it was an emergency and I needed information quickly, I’d be forced to watch an ad for air conditioner repair before I knew if there was a tornado coming down my street. There are a number of free apps that actually work and don’t make you sweat through advertising to get an answer in an emergency. All my sympathy to the staff forced to push the app.
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7 years ago, Raleigh
Negative 1 star is more like it
I would be more than happy to pay money for a decent weather app. I have at least 20$ invested in weather radar pro. KXAN app is buggy and stops short of malware...for NOW. Adverts go way beyond annoying to near infuriating. Theres nothing worse than having video ads co-opting your ap when you're trying to see if there is a tornado about to wipe you out. Wake up KXAN. Just FYI. The free weather radar pro pulls all the local TV weather radars together plus noaa/faa/nhc/usgc warnings and updates. Free version contains minimal ads, 1000x less than KXAN ap, and at least gives you options to remove via nominal purchase. I have licensed the aviation weather layers which are perfect for pilots. All notams and faa conditions etc.. This is not an ad for WRP but I've been soooo frustrated with weather aps especially kxan.
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2 years ago, Vietsa
Delete location option missing
I’ve enjoyed using this app for several years now. I like checking on weather conditions where my sons live. Whether good or bad. Lately the delete location option is missing. The only options are: Enable notifications (which I’ve done), Nickname, pinpoint and move to the top. Please restore the delete location option. People move and I don’t like keeping a location that I’m no longer interested in. An update might be useful.
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6 years ago, MikeyMelendrez
Jim Spencer would be pleased.
I applaud the app developers, Jim Spencer would be pleased how you have provided an update to this app for us central Texans. The maps are back to moving! The radar maps are no longer useless! People will now live because they can see the tornado is heading towards them. People will LIVE because they know the flood is headed towards them! The developers of this app clearly are True Central Texans where the weather is EXCITING and animated weather maps are the norm. Thank you for helping us Mr. Tolbert and God bless Jim Spencer!
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1 year ago, Just putting this here:
Radar not working
Was in the middle of a tornado watch when I noticed they removed the live weather radar. The sole reason I was keeping this app. I checked over the “help” options, but I just couldn’t figure it out… because… you know… I was under a tornado watch… The advice I did see was the equivalent to asking if I I “unplugged the app” from the WiFi. … which, is also pretty silly considering emergency situations- such as a tornado- might have my WiFi off. If they get the live radar back on (or explain how I might have accidentally turned it off): I might change my rating. Either way: switching apps.
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3 years ago, amazingrace4u
Best weather forecast for Austin!
Not sure why this is rated so low. I want accurate weather forecasts and this app is from meteorologists who actually live here and pay attention. Love it! You need to look at the radar for future hours to see if where you are is actually affected. % chance means something may happen in your city but not necessarily where you are.
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4 years ago, Visionhorse
Radar Map and Alerts do not work reliably
The map intermittently freezes, area wide weather alerts as well as other data vanish, and now I'm receiving audio alerts for non existent weather conditions. I've reinstalled the App., everything has been updated to latest version, and set to my location. My other Apps are working fine. The App used to work great, but for several months it has been glitching out.I have reported these issues to KXAN, but nothing has been fixed. Apple should probably remove this App. because inaccurate weather information could have deadly consequences.
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3 years ago, p@dreislandgirl
Awesome app saved our lives
This app has literally saved our lives from a twister, the sound might not be great all the time but its amazing. There is an amazing weather team having our backs too. They are the best in Texas! It’s awesome to know people care because this app is free too. If you don’t like this app that’s your problem.
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4 years ago, ePaper reader
Commercials' sound volume are too loud.
I like the Weather notifications however when I click on the notifications there is a video with a very loud commercial and annoying sounds. Then when the actual weather video report comes it’s very quiet. Hence I rarely watch your videos. You need to adjust the volume levels so they are the same for commercials and for the video weather report. Quieter commercials. Louder weather report.
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3 years ago, g87248
Thanks for VoiceOver improvements
I use Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader to interact with the KXAN app. Appreciate your latest update which included some VoiceOver accessibility improvements. Home screen when I open app still does not read well (specifically the daily forecast) but other screens are working better. Please continue to make sure this app is VoiceOver friendly.
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4 years ago, robotmaunkey
Used to work fine
The app used to work fine up until 2 weeks ago. Now the app runs constantly in the background and drains my battery. Tried to close out of the app, delete and reinstall. It seems to happen when you watch a video. Something gets stuck like an advertisement.
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5 years ago, Penanns
I used to love this app
What’s up with the super annoying pop up ads? Every time I launch the app now (as of June 2019) I get a pop up add, have to close it, then can use the menu/click on weather info. This is especially frustrating when there is bad weather and I have to close an ad first. Did I mention the “x” close feature doesn’t always work and I end up being transferred to the ad’s website? Needless to say, I’ve deleted this app. Maybe I’ll try it again in a few months.
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8 months ago, Lieta
Getting worse over time…
It’s a poor mix of bugs, pop up ads, and head scratching decisions. Why does the radar become incoherent flashes of you don’t hard close the ap after every use? Why did there have to be a pop up Halloween ad every time you looked at certain screens? Why is there a warning red banner for “warm and muggy leading up to the next cold front” today when that should be saved for ACTUAL warning/watch information?
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3 years ago, ColericV
Very naggy
The app needs some fine tuning. Even though I have on location it shows warnings and weather nowhere near me. And whenever a thunderstorm comes in it floods me with so many notifications I end up turning notifications off. And almost everytime I go in to check the update/map, I see most often that the warnings are irrelevant to the area I’m in. Look, I don’t need 10 x severe thunderstorm warning notifications in 30 minutes. One is enough...
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3 years ago, RV_roadwarrior
Too many notifications, always too late.
This app shot out 42 notifications in the span of less than an hour. IF there’s a severe thunderstorm and it knocked our power out, my phone shouldn’t be spammed with all these notifications to kill the battery life. Even if there weren’t a notification every other minute, they still come well past the point when the weather it’s meant to warn about is already observable to anybody that still has their eyes and ears.
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4 years ago, mkeppler
Friendly faces from the KXAN weather team
This is a great group of weather forecasters and this app allows me to stay connected with them and get the latest on the weather. On a side note, thanks for reducing the volume on your commercials that play before the weather updates! 😄😄 Y’all are awesome!
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4 years ago, XxSkyBlueGirlxX
Great App!
I love this app! I recently downloaded it when severe thunderstorms started appearing in my area and I love this app! I love that it includes videos especially! I also really like the fact that this app actually sends you notifications of things happening in your area (example: thunderstorm, hail, lighting, floods etc.)
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5 years ago, Bike9582
Love almost everything about this weather app
The features seem to work much better on my iPhone 11 Pro, but for some reason I can’t seem to edit/remove a previously entered location. In the previous iteration, it was very easy to edit/remove unwanted location. Lots of good; and perhaps at least one opportunity.
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3 years ago, Christi M
The logo
I love this App. KXAN is the only channel I watch for weather. I trust Jim, David, and Team. I wish the KXAN logo that is in the background above the boxes to help navigate where I want to go can be moved down below the boxes. I cannot read the weather writing above the boxes on top of the logo. Either the writing needs to move or the logo does. Don’t keep them on top of each other.
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3 years ago, Txtabby
I’d give it a higher rating…
But what the heck is with these ads that pop up during a weather cast???!!! Never happened before. I can see an ad while you go a different section, but during a weather cast?? Fix this or you’ll get a 1 star and trash your app everywhere.
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4 years ago, Teej2819
Not made for anyone rural
We love super rural and when the weather gets bad, service gets bad. I’m so annoyed that any information is in video form now. I can see we are in a tornado warning, but no information on counties affected or timing unless I watch a video that won’t load. Just write something up so those of us not on 5G can see what’s going on too. Deleting app and getting my information somewhere else.
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3 years ago, pfef1
No sound in Videos
In general I like the app. Have had it for a long time but today I tried to view a video and I had no sound. My sound on my iPhone 7+ was on and I cranked it to the loudest level but nothing.
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3 years ago, ShellDear
Videos not working
The in app videos are not working. Please fix the issue. I rely on this app and videos as an important and usually reliable way to stay on top of weather. However of late when I click on any video the commercial is the only thing that plays. I have updated the app as well as deleted and reloaded. Appreciate you fixing it. Thank you
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5 years ago, 21911Sherman
App only works 1 in 10 times opened
This app has never worked properly since its initial download. I have the iPhone 10 and all software updates on both my phone and the app. Every time I get a notification I try to open it and it’s either a black screen or it’s the KXAN Weather background screen and never loads to the notification or weather map. I’ll stick with my Storm Radar App, never had an issue.
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7 years ago, 03222003
You've ruined a fantastic app. Last year, there were no ads... Then, there were ads to watch KXAN (which I'm doing by using the app)... Now, there are crappy ads for other things that block out the content that start without warning and interrupt the usage. NEWS FLASH: when I need "first WARNING" information, I don't need ads FIRST. I'm waiting 1 week for KXAN to get a clue before moving to a new station and deleting the app.
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1 year ago, TabbyKing3D
Too many notifications
The actual app is worthless with ads when I can get the info easily without ads elsewhere. I used to like the notifications of warnings but now every time it storms I get 6 notifications that I'm under a watch with absolutely no updates. Full on boy who cried wolf situation.
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4 years ago, a. n. swanson
Very Helpful
I think their app is user friendly and helpful especially for storm tracking and flood warnings. Glad to have something to notify me in case of severe weather.
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4 years ago, horrible update 3-14
Can’t play video error
Since I first downloaded this app it tells me that there is a new alert and I try to watch it and the moment it comes up it states that it can’t play video error. Why have the app if it doesn’t play the video. Everything else works and I’m up to date on IOS. No other apps have issues but this one.....
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7 years ago, tkjjz
Best weather app
Best one I have found for weather. Like the alerts, weekly, daily and weather videos! It makes it super easy to add other cities where my family live.
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6 years ago, Lee1954
All in one place!
Love this app!& It has current & future weather reports as well as radar. I like the up-to-the-minute video option. I would give 5* if no ads. Would be great To have the allergy report tucked into it somehow.
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2 years ago, ThreeCards
Love the KXAN meteorologists, but this app rarely has correct temp forecasting. It doesn’t even mirror what is being show on KXAN. Its fine for giving current conditions, but that’s about all. The other night, I pulled op the app and it correctly showed current temp at 26 degrees, but the hourly forecast still showed the low as 31. The Weather Channel app is far better at temp predictions.
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5 years ago, Dallas Stars 9
The map view now isn’t great
Latest update now has the map so cluttered with watch/warning boxes that you can’t see the bands of precipitation. But overall, it’s still the only weather app I use for living in central Texas.
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5 years ago, skippr33
Excellent but could use one minor tweak. Please make it go automatically to horizontal when the user device, in my case an Ipad, is set to horizontal on a flat surface. This would be a 5 star rating if this was fixed.
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4 years ago, ksidbrbdovisbevdi
Terrible pop ups
Like others have said - This app used to be so useful but now I have to delete it. Every single time I go to open it I get pop up ads that are SO loud it’s ridiculous (especially when it’s night and I want to check how bad a storm is). If you get rid of the pop ups I’d love to use it again.
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4 years ago, bnvxzyt
Gets worse with every “update”
It used to be simple to name a custom location like “home”, and the app would reliably provide the forecast for that general area. Now, more often than not, I get the message that the app is not available for my particular location. Annoying.
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4 years ago, kasjdflka
Great until it isn’t.
This app worked well for years. Lately it works for a few days then it freezes on the opening image. If I delete it and download it again, it works for a few days and then it freezes on the opening image. Repeat.
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3 years ago, Hurry Om
Great Weather App
This App keeps me posted on Austin Weather with a user friendly interface and up to date status from the KXAN Weather Team!
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1 year ago, Tandango1
KXAN not accurate on weather anymore
Good app, functions like you’d expect. Just one thing - Since Jim Spencer left KXAN can’t even remotely come close to that’s going to happen with storms, when rain will hit, severity of the storm, duration of the storm. I use to be able to plan my day around what they said would happen, not anymore.
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5 years ago, Walburg11
Volume setting for voice announcements
Is it just me not finding the setting or can you not adjust the volume on the voice alerts? Drives me nuts because no matter what volume I have the phone and everything else set to...the darn voice announcements are always full volume.
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3 years ago, Miss my sleep
Terrible app
It ( once again) woke me up early (5:55 am) saying ‘there is precipitation in your area,’ Unless there is SEVERE weather coming, I don’t think I should hear that rain, lightening & other weather conditions are ‘in my area.’ Have not figured out to stop that but will delete entire app- once I’ve had my coffee!!
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2 years ago, reddykilowatt77
Bigger screen option
I the past I was able to click on a video or weather forecast and the information would appear in a big screen. Now I have to find glasses to see the weather. Please make it easier to see full screen.
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5 years ago, SuctionTulip466
Not a fan
Don’t like the new updates with the satellite views. They are hard to view - all three. Also the earthquakes don’t give location after this latest update. Add that back! The past/future radar is a good improvement. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!
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6 years ago, PWR SHOPR
My most-used app!
Very helpful app! I launch it multiple times per day. I like to engage in outdoor activities and the app helps me make plan, by the hour.
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6 years ago, Malizzard
Radar is fixed
Thank you for enabling the streaming radar to work. My favorite weather app is back!
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7 years ago, Janettea
Used to love this app-until now
Lately, I have been getting pop up ads that cover the entire page! Even when I click to close one, the same ad pops up again. Just now I tried to read a special weather statement and never got through. At least seven different ads popped up in one minute!! Fix this KXAN, please!
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6 years ago, Papi Chulo n Huki
Where did the videos go?
Many of us rely on the forecast videos as we cant always catch the news on tv. Ive reported missing videos so many times Ive lost track. Do you actually read your reviews??? Stop promoting your app until you can consistently provide a good product. You have lost a user and a viewer.
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