KY3 Weather

4.6 (22.4K)
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Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KY3 Weather

4.6 out of 5
22.4K Ratings
6 months ago, 4/ever cubbie
OMG! I’ve tuned into Ky3 weather for years, I can’t recall one time over the years was I ever disappointed or have even 1 episode or airing that I was disappointed or any kind of negative reaction! Brandon Beck was always my Favorite, with a little added humor just about every time he was on seem to keep it like it was always Family! Always wanted to meet Mr. Brandon, I actually worked with a guy who was an absolute nut over Ron Hurst! Several years back one of our salesman brought my Buddy Jack an autograph picture of Ron! I’ll never forget how my friend Jack was on cloud 9 for days! I myself have enjoyed several of the meteorologists that have come and gone over the years! But Brandon is Devoted!! I guess the only flaw that sticks out like a soar thumb would be his football team, the Denver Broncos 🙄 Anyway, they’re are my favorite team! That is “KY3 weather Team” I need to right a review on KY3 Sports, I’m afraid it’s not Quite up there with the weather Team, not the Anchors by no means, more so I’d say the producer! ……… Thank You for allowing me to Share my opinion on the Best Weather team in the nation!!!!
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5 years ago, miss.ma3
What is this?
I used to use this app all the time. Then it kinda slowed down on loading. During recent severe weather, it didn’t want to load at all. I haven’t had WiFi since I moved a month prior to this weather. So I uninstalled it and downloaded it again. Now it doesn’t help AT ALL to predict future forecast on the radar like the previous version I had. It used to show me future cells that might pop up which is detrimental to see how my job is going to go with cutting labor etc. it now just has a past, past + future, and future option. Anything that has future on it is absolutely useless. I have to check the past weather cells just to predict MYSELF if it’s going to screw me over and rain. The “hourly” option will say 40-60% chance but the future prediction on radar always gave me a rough idea if the cell traveling from the west was going to actually hit or not. I’m disappointed. I always liked the KY3 app because it’s local and felt more accurate than the weather channel but now I don’t know what to do or use.
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6 months ago, EndangeredLove
Tired of TEMU ads
I visited the TEMU shopping website one time, read reviews about how TEMU steals your personal info, and decided I never wanted to order from TEMU. Ever since that day, every ad I see on every part of your app is for TEMU, and the ads are often sensual and inappropriate. They aren’t something I want my kids to look over my shoulder and see. I constantly close the ads, report them as inappropriate, and report that the content doesn’t interest me. But it makes no difference. This has been going on for many months. I wanted to use and support a more local company for my weather app, but I am sick of this. I’m about to switch to a different app. Other cons: The app takes forever to load, and if I close it for only a second, it doesn’t bring me back to where I was. It reloads all over again. Also, the map often won’t load. Otherwise, I like the app features.
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5 years ago, iBShelbys
It’s ok but...
Not to drag KY3 down all the way... it is a cool app. I like the customization and the interactive radar is great. I haven’t gotten an error pop up in a while. That’s been nice. However... I get that this is a template and KY3 doesn’t have all the control but recently my new problem is the app doesn’t load completely and I have to close it and re open it OR most annoying, random audio starts playing from an ad or weather video AS SOON AS I open the app. It has been embarrassing because it’s usually at a higher volume when it happens. Please fix if you can. The only problem I have with the video ads is when an ad is longer than the weather update video I was going to watch. It does seem like the video ads are just to rake in more commercial money on top of the ad banners on every page. All in all there is room for improvement but we have seen some improvement. So thank you.
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8 months ago, Bass,s
I enjoy watching you weather and news. Every morning and evening. Your reporters and weather experts do a very good job keeping the people in formed. And you do your jobs without any favoritism or stretching the truth. I feel like I can trust your reporting of the facts without any bias. And I trust your weather experts and enjoy watching and listening to you all. I know that you do a good job reporting on sports. But I only follow motorcycle racing and stock car racing. But I still enjoy listening to your sports reports. Keep up the good work and God Bless each and everyone of you. Ricky
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4 years ago, lgmfnpc
Really poor app
I just deleted this app and am downloading again hoping that it will improve. I get CONSTANT notifications. I got one earlier in the week at 7:00am that woke me up about icy conditions that weren’t going to occur for FOUR DAYS. If I turn off the audio notification, then I won’t get emergency notices that actually NEED to wake me up. I don’t need constant notifications that it’s gonna be a sunny mild day. I need EMERGENT notifications. Every time I try to look at their video that they notified me about, I get a notice that the video can’t be displayed, but the advertisements usually make it through ok. This used to be a good app. Now it’s irritating and worthless. The only way that I can see a weather video is to go to the news app and hit the weather window. Whatever they did to screw it up, I wish they’d put it back the way it was.
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2 years ago, joeroybodine
Roy Browne’s place:
Roy’s been gone for almost three years now but I still reside in this place. I still check the temperature, much like he did, but I don’t call it in. I look out the window from the same chair he sat in and see the things he must’ve seen. Behind his old eyes there was a lot of knowledge and good sense that is too often forgotten by progression; you know, the things that made his “The Greatest Generation”. Roy thought a lot about KY3; especially the weather forecast and you Ron Hurst.
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4 years ago, greytpaws
Good Radar, frustrating video
While this is my go-to weather app and I love it in many ways, my main frustration is how often the most recent forecast video either has no sound or choppy sound. At first I thought it was my phone or connection but it has persisted thru phones and connections. It’s usually the one video I really want to hear—a severe weather update, etc so that’s really frustrating. The ads prior to it have perfect sound, just not the video. Anyway, other than that, the radar is awesome, I love the overlays and how much they can be customized. Overall an excellent resource for local weather. Needs a support link within the app!!
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5 years ago, Ksbraz
Developer support pages no longer exist
Where are all these users supposed to go with their issues? “App support” link here in the App Store takes users to a page on KY3s website that no longer exists. Isn’t this against the terms of service??? Also - WAYYYY too many notifications. I want to be notified when there are watches and warnings for my area, not the mold count or the lake levels. I get as many as three an hour sometimes when there is no severe weather in the area. Finally - new radar colors are not useful. Red is no longer a tornado warning? Why the change?
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4 years ago, mlw565
Like old app
I don’t always have time to get on the app and see what the alert is. The old app gave us a quick rundown. Example - Ron would alert to strong winds coming or heavy rain in my area. This app tells me nothing unless I take time to go online and look it up. Then you have to wade through all the other stuff “ads” and other eye catcher stories before you can even find the news you’re looking for. Will probably delete the app.
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3 years ago, Mysti F
Very Accurate
This app is spooky accurate! A couple times I got the alert of rain and lightning when the sky was clear and we just laughed… not 30 seconds later, we got the predicted rain and lightning! The voice alert scared me the first couple times lol but I got used to it pretty quickly! I tried 2 other apps when I moved to Kentucky but I didn’t like them… then I found this one and I’m super happy with it!
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12 months ago, Maybe I’m Just Grouchy
I’m a newbie
The app wants to alert you of every negative weather condition. For example, there is lightning 30 miles away. I don’t care. It took me multiple tries to get the alerts to my liking. I thought that I muted them, but I was still getting them and loudly. The overall visual presentation I feel is lacking. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it makes it harder to read. But overall I think I will eventually get the app figured out and be used to it. I recently switched to this app, because the weather is more accurate than the app I was previously relying on.
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5 years ago, Tmas04
I use it all of the time
I don’t know why it is crashing for other people it might be my phone because I have an iPhone or maybe your connection but this is the only app I can get to load on one bar my go to app for weather always I don’t know if those where just old and they have fixed it but without this app I wouldn’t even know if a tornado was above my head
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10 months ago, Dazed_Momma
App is broken guys
Might wanna get someone to fix this! Shows lightening bolts but no cells. And no watches/warnings or notifications of such. Has been doing it for a while. Doing it on my daughter’s phone as well. I’m currently in Alabama working and checked the radar and got the same thing….just lightening bolts. For the first time I downloaded KOLR10 weather app and have heat warning and storm warning. Please fix it because yours is the only radar I’ve used for years and I don’t really want to change.
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4 years ago, TJShocks
Great notifications, but...
I love KY3 but this app has no value. I receive 3-5 copies of the same notification within seconds of each other. (I have 1 app and 1 account.) They’re great alerts but the majority of the time the video won’t play. The ad will play, but then the app crashes. It starts a new ad upon reopening. (THAT’S really annoying!)Still no forecast. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded but nothing helps. It’s to the point that when I receive a KY3 notification I don’t bother w/KY3. I just go to a non-local app and check what’s going on. Much faster. Thanks for the notifications though.
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6 years ago, Vanceattack
What happened?!
This app has been my go to for a long time! With the new update, I have to constantly delete and download the app again for it to work. When I tap the app to open it, it takes forever to load, if it does at all. It is stuck on the “KY3 storm team” start up page and will not load. After deleting and reinstalling, I’ve noticed the location services aren’t working well either, after allowing it to know my location, it will put me somewhere else. I have the X, so I know it’s not my software a full bars LTE, so it’s definitely this app. Stop making commercials for this until it’s useful again.
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3 years ago, mrstmr
Weather channel and channel 3 weather online
I enjoy television channel 3because the announcers are the best informative and knowledgeable compared to other tv channels. But weather channel online is better than channel 3weather online. Most of the time it takes to long to come up on screen or it says cannot show video.
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2 years ago, meitaogrey
Too much
This app sends me SO many notifications a day. It’s obnoxious. I want to know when there is weather to worry about and I want to check the weather to see what temps are like for the week. I don’t need 10 updates a day that it’s going to warm up at some point in the week. I changed my preferences in my settings. If that doesn’t work then I will choose a different app. I seriously appreciate the station and this app when I need to follow for severe weather but I don’t appreciate the constant notifications.
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1 year ago, Mrs. B of TRL
Mrs. B of TRL
The app needs to be more user friendly like the weather channel app. I use your app because I live here now, but I have not deleted the weather channel because sometimes I just get frustrated with yours. Also, you need a two-stage alert system which can be turned off individually. I really don’t need a weather alert to tell me it’s going to stop raining or warm up but I certainly need an alert when something serious is coming my way.
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6 years ago, Arangryth
Ky3 weather app What happened??
Like many of the other reviewers I too have depended on this app especially during severe weather. But now it won’t load or the map won’t show what it’s supposed to or it just crashes. I delete and reinstall about once a week or more. I like having a local weather app. But I don’t think the developers or ky3 realize that I, and I’m sure many others, depend on this app during severe weather like knowing if there are tornado warnings in my area or other severe weather watches and warnings. I have deleted and reinstalled for the last time. I’ll just have to find something else.
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1 year ago, ditched your app
no icon on phone screen
There is no icon for this app on my phone screen. I just got a notice from Ron Hearst that there was a new update. It never said what, nor could I read it. It was a link to unrelated videos. It does show up as an app in my settings, but I cannot access it. The 2 stars are because I like ky3, but there is no way to contact them about their weather app. One used to be able to email a real person about issues, but there is nothing I can find now.
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5 years ago, 3tzus
App worthless
In the last six months I have had to delete and reinstall constantly in order to get the weather! I watch KY3 all the time and like the personnel! I know it’s not my phone, I have no problems with other apps and it’s not in airplane mode or my internet connection! Please fix it so it works correctly again!
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2 years ago, Spamcop
Slow and loaded with advertising and trackers
This app is very good for reporting weather anywhere. However, it spends a lot of time loading advertisements instead of prioritizing critical weather event data. If you are in a hurry (tornado warning), you’ll need to wait for the Sun Solar ad (among others) to load. Weather? Check. Bloated adware and trackers? Check. Possibly impacting timely delivery of critical emergency information to sell you stuff? Check.
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4 years ago, Yellowtruck64
Works about 30% of the time
This app works so poorly it is hard to get information from it. If you play the radar it shows you nothing til the very end of the future cast. You have to play it a couple times til it catches up. If you want to play the weather video, it will play the advertisement (of course) then the video will not play until maybe after restarting it several times (and that’s only true some of the time, most of the time it never plays.). I really think they could do better.
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3 years ago, local resident 1971
I HATE HOW YOU MAKE EVERYTHING A “First alert”! That term is so annoying and we don’t need to have days labeled as “first alert weather days”! “”First alert this” “first alert that” “first alert!” You are the only station we have to see Local weather on or I would change in a heart beat. I hate how liberal and twisted your news stories are But we have no other choice for local news. Is that democracy???? Your twisted lies should keep you all from sleeping at night! Especially those of you who are Christians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Eathan and Sara “claimed” to be. How could they report that stuff with a clear conscious?
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4 years ago, Goldi09
Change app icon
The app icon looks nothing like a weather app and I don’t care for it. Also lose the scare verbiage about the first alert. Rain and snow happen. That’s the point of the app. Alert should be saved for something seriously wrong. I just have been turned off by the app ever since it majorly changed in looks.
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4 years ago, CrazyBoutYaBaby74
Mostly a great app!
Mostly a great app! It’s just that when I go to watch their little weather clips 9/10 times they don’t play. The ad, of course, plays perfectly, but the main video just sits there on the first frame. The app support tab isn’t working, so here we are. It’s pretty frustrating since I don’t watch TV to catch the weather, so I rely heavily on the app to get my weather updates.
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7 months ago, Metadrew
Too slow to open
Nice to have a local weather app, but it takes over 9 seconds to open. The native weather app takes 0.2-2 seconds. 9.5 seconds feels like an eternity to sit there staring at a weather app trying to load, it shouldn’t be that slow just to check the temperature real quick. I’m disinclined to use this app except if I am going to be checking radar now just because it is so slow. Please fix the boot time
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2 years ago, mmmmmmkmmkmm
I love KY3 since I was ten now I’m 41 ewww!
All of you have been a part of my day since 1992. Everyone who has come and go and who is still on the air, I’m talking to you Ned, Lisa, and Steve, but you’re all awesome. I love it when you all stutter over your words sometimes and kinda make fun of yourselves. Grateful Emily Dickerson
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12 months ago, Jenciebstsjrbrjsjwv
Used to be better
I still use it a lot, but a while ago the customizations in the map stopped being saved. I have to change my view settings on every use. Most recently the current forecast videos are not available. I still see them on the web site. I got a lot from the morning forecast from Brandon Beck before going to work.
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6 years ago, Mcgap
App Crashing
I use this app often and since the last update, it crashes when I open it. If I persist, it will open, but only in portrait. If I have the screen lock on in landscape, I have to turn it off. Then the app reorients. Loading anything on it, takes forever. It used to be quite snappy, but not more. Also the pop up notifications work, but if I click on them, it tries to open the app and crashes. Please see what you can do to sort this out. I am still using IOS version 10.3.3. Once this is fixed, I will revise my rating.
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9 months ago, LishaKel
Why doesn’t this app ever work right?
No matter how many times I update it takes this app forever to load so long that it times out and then it has to start all over again. Also the map rarely fully loads right away and when it does it takes several rotations to actually get any weather on the radar to pop up.
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3 years ago, Guyusmc
Never right
It’s very hard to depend on this. I live on the third floor of an apartment complex and if a tornado is showing on the radar within 30 miles of me and it does not get removed then I have to run for shelter. I have to pack up my bird go down three flights of stairs and go hide somewhere. Most of the time nothing ever happens and I’m thankful for that but I wish that the radar would be updated more often. Also on the hour by hour for my neighborhood it has said that it’s been sunny and I’m watching it pour down rain outside my window.
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1 year ago, f dug uh Co j
Temperature forecast is not showing actual temp
This app weather showing the actual temp right now as 24 but forecast low today as 41. It is 8 am Jan 6th 2023. There are always discrepancies like this with temps and precip status. Usually every weather app has the same wrong info. The source of the info must be the error, they don’t actually create their own weather forecast, they just repeat a supplied forecast. Would be better if we knew a hard freeze was possible this morning.
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2 years ago, waboolilly
KY 3 weather
I i’m never disappointed watching KY3 weather from my out because it is precise and exact and I can know how to dress by just clicking on the app. thank you for having this up-to-date site for the weather in Mountain-home Arkansas!!
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1 year ago, MDeter67
Love it
It’s a great app as far as local news stations go. I’d love to see more work and effort put into it though. The one thing the app needs is a weather widget for the Home Screen and Lock Screen. I’d also like to see them focus a little more on the local news app itself. That needs some work to.
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2 years ago, jules the fabulous
Y’all did great!!!! Thank you for this app!
For the next few days it’s going to be really really cold!! But thanks to KY3 our family’s plants will hopefully survive the cold because we put a sheet over them!!! Thank you for making sure the world is safe!!!
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3 years ago, dealt50
Simply the best
KY3 always keeps you up to date with the weather. Back in 2008 in February. Brandon said that Gassville Ar. was in for a bumpy ride. And he was right. The was the day of the tornado. Because of KY3 keeping the public notified all day. we were safe. Thanks to all the KY3 weathermen and ladies. Your simply the best
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2 years ago, LisaBob69
KY3 weather app is great!
I very much prefer the KY3 weather app over the weather app that came on my phone, as I feel it to be more accurate and reliable. Thank you for making it so user-friendly!
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4 years ago, slaydog repmo
Too many ‘notifications’
Notifications are sent way too often. They have notification settings where you are supposed to be able to set up what notifications you want to get, but they don’t apparently work. I have mine set for severe notifications only, yet I get silly updates frequently throughout the day. App is great, if you turn off notifications. Kind of defeats the purpose for severe weather though.
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6 years ago, Djs353
Use to be a better app
I have used this app for years but the past three weeks when I open the app it takes a few minutes to load. I tried deleting it and reinstalling it and lots of other fixes and none of them worked. Then I came back to the App Store to see many are having problems since the “bugs” were fixed. Hope they are able to get them fixed so I can update my review. I will use the national weather service until then.
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2 months ago, jmr pinrod
App slow to load
I love the app, but it has issues of loading and sometimes when there is a storm close I don’t wanna listen to an advertisement before I get to listen to the meteorologist talk and tell me what’s going on because where I live at the storm is on top of you by the time, the national weather service ever issuesany warnings
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3 years ago, Terrm123
Forced review
Didn’t have time to do a review but every time I hit not now 1 second later every time when I switched screen no matter how many times I said not now after the 10th time in less than a min I decide to give it a 1 star and if I could have give a zero better yet a negative that would have been better. 1 second is not enough time passing when I hit not now. Next time I delete the app. A day would be proper enough time
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1 year ago, IBMiDude
Doesnt save settings
I have a fairly new iPad, iOS is current. App doesnt save settings after you modify them. So like today rather than quickly checking radar all you see is the whole screen red and orange. Change settings to remove overlays to what you need. Close the app. Next time, same thing. Otherwise an ok app, but the overlay issue is a big problem.
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3 years ago, Rushbabe
Even worse than before. Nothing is showing up on radar and it’s raining here RIGHT NOW!!
Used to be when you opened the app. The current temp and conditions were right there with the map. Now you have to scroll through a ton of weather stories you couldn’t care less about to find the current temp and you have to go looking for the radar map. Neither are readily available when you open the app >:-(
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5 years ago, Mighty Eggplant
Bring back the KY3 radar
This app use to be perfect. Never had an issue with it and use it 100% as the only weather app on my phone. Since they changed the radar from the actual local radar my radar will not load. At all. WiFi or not. Will not load. Then I came to realize that when they “changed” the radar it’s the Weather Channel radar. Bring it back local. The app has ads out the wazoo, bring back the radar that actually works.
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2 years ago, lizardkingrulz
Ky-3 my go to weather
KY-3 weather is my go to weather choice. Missouri weather changes on a fast dime, so keeping up with those changes takes a reliable weather station to keep you safe. KY-3 the place to be!
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4 years ago, kidzwriter
When it works...
This new weather app has refused to open three times lately. I delete, reload and it works for a few days, then stops opening all over again. PLEASE fix this new app or go back to the old one.
Show more
2 years ago, Tiffany Rene'
Too Many Notifications!!!
While I appreciate the local content, I’m probably going back to the weather channel app. This one defaults to over 30 different types of notifications. I turned off most of them. So I’ll try a little longer. But I’ll likely just delete it.
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9 months ago, POedToo
The “Flasher”
Occasionally this app works n a usable manner. However, most of the time, after starting the radar animation, the weather graphics (reds, greens etc.) begin flashing on the map. Once this starts, the radar is unusable requiring app restart. Just like the old guy in the rain coat, this ain’t what you want to see! In a way, it’s too bad, because this really is a pretty good app.
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