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Real Estate Portal USA, LLC
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for LandGlide

4.8 out of 5
46.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Horsestuff
Use this almost every day
This is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever come across. I use it almost every day for one thing or another. It is really helpful if you are looking at real estate - it gives you the owners name, a breakdown of the land type (how much is wooded, how much wetlands, how much open space...), deeded vs actual acreage, all kinds of great stuff. It also follows you as you walk around the property so you know exactly where the property lines are. My realtor and I are constantly finding mis-information in mls listings. The app Is really well laid out - navigating your way around is intuitive. It’s also kept up to date. I can’t say enough good things about this app. One thing to note - not every county has owner information so if you are looking for owner info in a specific county check your county before you buy this.
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3 years ago, Colorado Thunder
Not what I expected
I guess the app is good for some information like owners and square footage, Maybe one central gps coordinated. The app is not good if one is trying to stake out their property and avoid hiring a high priced land surveyor. Which what I was trying to avoid. I was hoping this app would take the place of a land surveyor. The app just gives you a general idea where your property boundary line are but is not accurate. On my property there is no boundary stake or boundary pins, or on any of my neighbors property. To find the corners of your property you will probably still have to hire a land surveyor. I want to put up a privacy fence around my property , but also want to avoid building on my neighbors property and city property. Instead of hiring a $500 land surveyor to mark four corners of my property I downloaded this app thinking it would do that for me, it did no such thing. For 7 days of the free trial I tried everything available to me in the app to mark the corners of my property. I still don’t know where my property corners are. I have a general idea where the boundary lines are but not accurate enough to build a fence. Unless I don’t know what I’m doing on the app , then the apps a little more complicated then it states. After the 7 day free trial I deleted the app as I had no use for it. This app was useless for staking out your own property. Guess I’m just going to have to hire a land surveyor.
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1 year ago, Larry in TN
App is great way to find parcel lines!
I've been using this app for more than a year, and I've been very happy with it. Makes it very easy to find the corners of the property. However, I just found out that this app is using my phone's contacts. I had placed a negative comment in my review regarding this practice. I received a nice note from the company saying they "don't use or access your phone contacts unless you choose the option to email a link to a parcel." I guess that's a nice feature, and it's optional, so I withdraw my negative remark, and I continue to love and recommend this program.
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1 year ago, Wood butcher2
Land owner
I signed up for the free trial on this app. It is definitely a lot more expensive than Hunt on X. I really like the fact that they use up-to-date satellite imagery. This is some thing that Hunter onX does not do. I live on property that was originally surveyed. Very old-school. Rods and chains. Land glide does not show the property lines being exactly the same as where I know the corner markers are. Given the people that subdivided the land it is hard to say which will be right when I get it, surveyed professionally. This is not a site that I would be willing to pay $99 a year for but I may pay the $9.99 a month in the summer months. Overall I really like the site much better than hunt onX. Different app for different people. I like the fact that the free trial does not require any commitment or cancellation. Will definitely use this app in the future. Will recommend it to the people who own land around me.
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3 years ago, 20Hunter
Just a few issues... maybe they can be fixed
I can’t really decide how I want to rate it just yet, only because a few months ago my husband and I bought land and the app still hasn’t updated so it still doesn’t show our land on here in our names, my mother and father in law also bought some land the same time frame and it doesn’t show theirs. And my brother and sister-in-law have had their land for a couple years and it still hasn’t shown theirs.. I’m not sure why, but it’s weird... I love this app though because I can see who all owns land around us, or at least I hope that’s who it is... I also wish it would show how much land was selling for because the land next to ours just came up for sale and we don’t know how much they are asking or it’s worth... it would just be awesome if it could be updated for these few things to get fixed.
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1 year ago, Highlightsgiggling
No Value
Went to known corners (by boundary survey) of my property and app was off by 25ft! Deleted app. Developer didn’t understand that their app is unreliable versus a physical boundary survey. Developers Response: "The accuracy of the property lines varies depending on different factors. In general, the newer a subdivision, the more accurate the mapped lines. In a newer subdivision, past five years or so, the lines are probably within 5 feet +/- of where they actually exist. In an older, more rural portion of the county, the property lines may not have been surveyed in many years. Those lines could have been mapped according to fence lines or other various assumed physical representations of where the property lines were thought to exist. Typically today, we rely on deeds and plats of record to map the property lines. In areas of concern, these records are checked to re-map areas that appear to be inconsistent. The property lines are certainly not "survey" accurate and are not intended to represent actual surveyed property lines"
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4 years ago, 193444
Great App.... but needs work
Let me start off by saying that I really enjoy the app and it has made my job (RE Investor) a lot easier but there are somethings that need to be tweaked in order for it to get to a higher level. 1. There needs to be a better way to manage all of your saved locations. Like when you drop a pin you should be able to put it in a specific folder that you can name. This way you do not have all of the dropped pins in one place and it is better organized 2. I strongly dislike the fact that the property that I most likely dropped a pin on is all the way at the bottom in my saved locations. It is very annoying to have to scroll through 300 + properties to be able to write a note about it. It would be 10 times easier if the most recent property you tagged popped up first 3. I wish it did a better job tracking as you are driving. For instance, I will open the app and once I start driving, sometimes my cursor will stay back at where I first opened it. I then have to hit the location button which just zooms all the way out on the map and then I have to zoom back in to me and scroll along as I drive. Suggestion 1 and 2 are the most troublesome and if those were fixed then this would be a 5 star app.
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2 months ago, Damann431sft
Great app but some minor improvements would make it better.
I use this app almost every day and it’s a great app, but I’ve noticed that the GPS location is quite slow to acquire. Whereas other apps like Google maps or Apple Maps it’s very quick to acquire the location and it’s very smooth when driving when driving jumps around and is not very smooth, when following the GPS blue dot. it would also be nice to label a location and also to remove the label of location if you accidentally click on it. The labeling in the GPS location UI buttons are side-by-side, which can cause you to accidentally click on a label drop pin button when you mean to click on a GPS locate button.
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2 years ago, Jim from Arkansas
Nice app, but unreliable
I use this app on a regular basis. It can be very helpful in many ways in looking at parcels of land and who appears to own it. However, from personal experience I know that it’s not updated with current data very often. Our metro area has over 500,000 people and is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. I purchased a large tract of land in February, 2022, and the Washington County, Arkansas, county clerk updates their records daily. It’s now over 10 months since closing and Landglide still shows the previous owner. I can understand being behind by a month or two, but to have the app’s data out of date by almost a year is unacceptable. Other than this type lack of reliable data it’s fantastic though.
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1 year ago, bruinim
LandGlide ROCKS!
LandGlide is an awesome app that brings together basic public information. The consolidation of information is much better than trying to navigate every county’s website that may or may not be user-friendly. I am looking forward to LandGlide to charge less so more people can access the Public Information. I believe that $1 per month or $10 per year would be great. I do not support one time fees as then there is no incentive for the app developer to maintain the app/information. Also, I would appreciate the feature to save designated properties for future reference.
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9 months ago, ColoringChris
Updating my review
I previously gave the app 1 star because my property’s attributes hadn’t been updated even after I had contacted support over a year ago. Support responded to me after my review and said they would request a data update. Today I was notified that the data update had been completed. I cleared my cached and was pleasantly surprised to see that our information is now correct. Thanks, LandGlide! I’m now giving this app a 5 star review even though the data isn’t always 100% accurate because unlike a lot of apps, they do respond to customer feedback.
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6 months ago, duthsh
Not helpful for finding my pins
I was hoping this app could help me locate my property line corner pins. It located my parcel and showed basically what we already knew from our county GIS, but when I took my phone out to find the corners of my property, the blue dot indicating my location would drift around the screen quite widely. It was no where near precise and accurate enough to be helpful in locating the pins. In one spot sometimes I’d appear to be 5 ft on my property and other times appear to be 10 ft on my neighbors property. I couldn’t accomplish what I hoped to with this app. To be fair, other similar apps had the same performance. No better, no worse, but equally unhelpful in pinpointing where my property lines are precisely and actually finding the physical pins in the real world.
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1 year ago, Jay Rawls
Incredibly useful app. Easy to use.
This is one of my favorite apps. I work in real estate, so I use it constantly to help my clients. I also find myself curious about acreage, owner info, or surrounding property owners/zoning etc. I also use it multiple times a week in my personal life for various reasons. It’s also very useful when you’re walking a large piece of land just to understand where you are on the property. Even more so when the property lines aren’t marked. I use it to measure how many feet of road frontage a property has. The distance and acreage calculation is so helpful.
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2 years ago, ThatGuy305
About time!!
Had app for less then a day and I can tell it’s amazing!! I Have been praying for someone to come out with this app years and as a real estate professional it’s A++ Only issue I see so far is the link to county website doesn’t take you direct to property but to the main search page :( not sure why.. if the county website is not giving good API support please add a way to auto copy the address from app so you can paste to website.. (FYI I'm referring property’s in miami Dade) not sure about other Area’s Thanks again and big 👍🏻👍🏻
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3 months ago, The AU Alum
Encourages privacy security breaches
Developer suggests using the same login across multiple devices. This is a very dangerous IT violation and can increase chances of the compromise Apple ID and passwords. They take payments and subscriptions by letting Apple do the dirty work through the Apple App Store, but don't want to be more than lazy programmers with their app to be part of full on Apple family sharing. No disclosures, no revealing of this policy until after the purchase of a subscription. Only a shift of blame towards the consumer as though I should have known this policy by reading their minds, or just follow their dictates and give out my Apple ID login to every family member and hope a child doesn't lose the phone or share with someone else.
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3 months ago, Benji&464
Great App For realtors!
This app has been so useful for my real estate business! It helps me track my location on large tracks of land by showing not only my location as I traverse the land but also shows the boundary lines to help me stay on the correct parcel! And it is very useful in finding my way back out of the property and so that I don’t get lost!! Thank you very much for a great app. I love the way it also links to the county public map system for quick reference. I recommend it to anyone going out to see land for purchase!
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4 years ago, Big Al and Co
Great app
App is awesome. Use it all the time while walking our property trying to find fence lines. Newest update has been weird since it seems to have started showing owners from nearly a decade ago and not who currently owns the land, which can be annoying if you need to contact someone about their property. But other than the recent update this app has been a life saver walking property lines. The Topo map has also been very useful and it is much easier to use than a plot book. Great product.
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3 years ago, CD-1906
New update to dropping a pin is bad
LandGlide has been a great benefit to my business as we are based heavily on driving for dollars. We have closed over 30 deals using the app so I was a little disappointed with the new method of dropping a pin. It may seem like a small thing to complain about but when you’re driving for dollars alone the extra distraction of having to press multiple taps in order to drop a pin and save a property is annoying and a bit more dangerous. Overall I love the software but this latest update drives me crazy, is there a way to revert back to the older version or change things in settings?
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3 weeks ago, chase09875431
LOVE LandGlide!
I’ve been using Landglide since they first launched their mobile app, and their service has been consistently fantastic! The app’s functionality and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable tool for my needs. Landglide’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every update and interaction. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable and comprehensive mapping solution. Keep up the great work, Landglide!
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3 years ago, pmiller.rlcp
Won’t load, difficult registration
Download the app, it sent a link to my email to login. Clicking on the link takes me to a broken link. Went to support where it had me register on another site and sent yet another email link, still broken. Cannot get this to work Update:That does not work when you try to register through email. Just as a thought, I opened it by using my Apple password on my iPad. Worked immediately, shocked me by instantly honing in on where I’m sitting at the moment. Let’s see how this works on a 23 acre parcel of mountainous land.
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1 year ago, Jaison710
Not accurate. Might as well use Zillow for their map
According to this my garage on my house and more of my property is in the neighbors lot, and the street runs halfway between my house and the actual street. It’s somewhere around 70 feet off for me. All it’s good for is seeing some outdated public info on the properties and values, and an idea of the plot shape and size. Can just use the map on Zillow for the same information since the gps isn’t really a feature if it doesn’t even come close to being a reference. I understand the difference between a reference and an actual land survey, but I thought at best it would be up to a few yards off, possibly around 10 feet, not 70 or more.
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4 months ago, bruhhhhvvv
Homeowners occupied
It says the homeowners name are in the residence of the home, then it turns out to be a renter and not the actual homeowner, it states it’s been updated not so long ago so it’s accurate, turns out it’s not as accurate. The name on the property also states the name of the “homeowner” and it turns out to be someone else when it states “Owner occupied” Usually when it’s “Owner not occupied” turns out to be a renter - I’ve haven’t had such an issue with it before as it did save me time on my job- but now I’m second guessing as maybe those other homes were actually residents of the home. Just some fixes y’all can do to improve.
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5 years ago, tigerhhaaaa
Love the app
Couldn’t live without the app but have an issue after getting the recent update. When scrolling across parcels on the map, I used to be able to easily locate my target using the parcel numbers which were easily viewable at the bottom of the app screen. After the update, those numbers are no longer visible unless I arrow up that lower part - so know it’s move to different parcel, then arrow up to see if number is right, arrow down - move to different parcel and start over again. Can this be fixed?
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2 years ago, Gee eye
You need this app.
Property lines can be off a little but if you work in or sell to any of the trades this is a killer app. Let’s face it, property owners (both residential and commercial) and property managers lie all the time. This app will save you a ton of headache like wasting time on an estimate for work with a renter, how much property they have and where the prop lines are etc. You can even use it as a targeted prospecting tool. So skip one Starbucks trip a month and own this instead.
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4 years ago, Moose usa
Editing saved locations.
Hi, I would like to have a way to add notes to my saved locations that would appear on screen. Or be able to change the icon on my saved location. I am a salesman and need to be able label farms with an icon that will tell me if one of my colleagues is already doing business with them. It will also let me see where there is an opportunity to look for more work. Thank you
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2 years ago, Whoevencares11
Deserves 10⭐️⭐️
I started using this app about 2 years ago with the hopes of finding property to purchase in my area. App functions flawlessly. The apps gps location is spot on. Shows names of property owners, acreage, purchase price/market values, let’s you save areas and drop pins, ect. Just get ready right out of the gate to waste a few hours on it browsing. This app has came in so handy for me, and I can’t recommend it enough.
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4 months ago, einahpets80
Fix issue with iPad.
I have LandGlide on my iPhone and iPad. It works good on my iPhone. I can see the details on parcel. But on my iPad I can see address and location of property but no details. It keeps saying “there was an error loading details” when you click retry nothing happens. I updated the app as well and still doing the same thing. I want to give 5 stars because I prefer to use iPad over iPhone. But I gave it 3 stars on the count it does work on my iPhone perfectly. Also I should mention my iPad is updated to the latest software.
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3 years ago, steven ginther "stevente"
Almost Perfect
So I use this app almost everyday and there really hasn’t been any issues, but one thing has always bothered me and it is the fact that if you zoom out to far and click on the dot (to make the dot stay in the center of the screen) the picture will zoom way to far in. It makes looking for land owners very hard. Please consider making the app not auto zoom in. Thank you
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2 years ago, @BitBallerBrand Instagram
App doesn’t work anymore
It’s been about 6 months since I downloaded the app again , only to receive an error message . I deleted and downloaded several times within about 6 months , same thing . I’m not sure what’s going on but the app isn’t functioning. However , when it did function , about a year ago , it was the best thing I could find . So please , check it into
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2 years ago, priv8te
Useful and Informative
Useful and informative. I’m not one to pay for many apps, especially ones this pricey. But I find it worth the annual cost. They’ve made improvements since I’ve been a subscriber to a platform that was already solid. Works great in researching ownership data. Downside: property lines for larger plots of land don’t seem super accurate, but that’s a given with phone grade gps technology.
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9 months ago, Ida II
Updates on Properties
Rating 3 stars because I like the ease of use, simplicity and graphics. However….the data here is 2+ years behind. In my neighborhood alone I see many properties with prior owners from years ago, and I personally know some of the new owners. This app would be awesome except for the old data. This needs to be up to date by at least 3 months. That’s enough time for filing deeds and liens. In my state of NJ, NJ Parcels is the most up to date land info I’ve found. Please consider using sources like it for updating your records. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Traver v
Makes my life a whole lot easier
I love landglide. It is very comprehensive and I am glad they have a desktop version for my Macbook air. The issue I run into daily is not being able to zoom in and out all the time. It works when I first open the app on my computer, but the eventually stops working. I can still move around, but cannot zoom back out or in then I have to restart the app and go back to where I was
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5 years ago, coologger
This latest update is the bees knees. I use it to find property boundaries in the timber when agreeing with multiple land owners at one time where the lines are actually at, not where old pa told everyone for years where he thought it was at. This app has resolved over 25 issues that would/could create a legal issue. Thank you LandGlide! If you update this app again Please do not take away the current features...Please.
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4 years ago, KayaOndineMare
Efficient & streamlined/Needs a few basic features
I’m a real estate investor and am always taking note of properties that catch my eye. This app syncs with public county data and is perfect for quickly looking up parcel info in a clean GIS interface. I love how the app specializes in parcel look up and does this very well without clutter. Best of all, you can drop pins on parcels to save them. Then export all the data for your saved locations into a clean spreadsheet. However, I would like to have a feature to create folders for your Saved Locations. Right now all the saved parcels go into one folder based on most recent with no way to organize them. If I could, I would create folders such as “residential” or “Neighborhood ABC”, then export the data from that folder specifically. This simple functionality would bring a lot of value.
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3 years ago, Jicha Papa
LandGlide is a great application to ascertain multiple types of information pertaining to land Parcels, Tracts and other Indian on property owners, tax appraisals, legal descriptions, coterminous land owners and various other types of property information. I would highly recommend this app to anyone needing up to date and correct land mapping Information. Once you load LandGlide, you’ll see the resources available I’m talking about.
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4 years ago, MadyP!!! :)
Legal descriptions have changed
I love this app and use it all the time. As a realtor, it has been well worth the money. However, I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that the legal descriptions are not correct any more. If I go to the county link, I can see the correct legal. But when looking at the map and trying to find a specific legal, it is not working. For instance, I’ve seen a small residential lot with an incorrect legal description of large acreage in another part of the county.
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3 weeks ago, Veghd
Bad Customer Support
I found a glitch in their system and I received canned responses only to my notification. Property information is not updated in certain counties. Their answer was they update when the information was received. All other apps had the correct data. Also, there were broken links for certain counties. I received no response to this inquiry. I don’t leave bad reviews as a practice, but this deserves notice. The good: Easy app to use and love the functionality. There were no problems looking up properties or getting to linked data (in the counties that worked).
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5 months ago, Olgsereda
Used to be great app, until they updated it and owner name disappeared
I am experiencing issues with LandGlide in the past week. It doesn’t show property owner name anymore. It’s harder to find who owns it. Instead of owner name it shows “Owner of record" for every single property. You can't tell if it's municipal, individual or business owned. I did uninstall it and install again. Also logged out and logged in, rebooted my phone. Still same issue. I also tried to work it from my personal phone without logging in and it has the same issue. So, it looks like it’s a bug that came with new update.
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4 years ago, hagndagz
Reasonable for average shmoe trying to find property stakes
So I’m just an average shmoe that didn’t want to pay a surveyor to find my property stakes, and didn’t want to buy a metal detector for the sole purpose of find the said stakes. Using the GPS feature I was able to locate 1/4 stakes... lucky for me, I was actually only looking for that particular stake, and the stake cap just so happened to be visible above ground.... never the less it saved me time and money so I would recommend as a tool for others trying to locate their property stakes. Hope y’all get lucky too!!
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4 years ago, 35 feet up
Man in The Tree
LandGlide works well accurate and smooth navigation, I would like for the settings to be able to “keep” it in satellite or topo and not have to select those options every time I get in the app.. All in all it’s great to have if your an outdoorsman.. The service is a little pricey 9:99$ a month so it should be half of what the service is a month. The average person won’t pay that.. It’s still a great app...👍🏻🦌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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4 years ago, D468B
Pretty good
As a Realtor working in an area without cell service this has been wonderful. My only couple comments are: when im typing the name of a pin i cant see what im typing, new pins are at the bottom, cant organize pins, and finally i need offline maps for a pretty large are and had to download them in pieces trying to make sure I overlapped each on. That was a real pain. If there was a way to handle a larger are somehow that would help.
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3 years ago, SocialDiva
Really helpful
I really enjoy using this app as it has helped me locate and find property owners and other valuable information that I need in my line of business. I appreciate the updates and wondered how long it takes to update the system when changes are made at local levels. Thanks for creating this app.
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5 years ago, Masi54
Awesome app!
I love this app mainly for when I’m hiking. It’s super helpful to know when I’m about to come into private land or if the gate I’m about to jump over connects to other public land. I don’t like not knowing if I’m trespassing and this app really helps me know if I am or not. Plus it satisfies my curiosity to learn who owns land near me. As far as I can tell it’s really accurate too. It’s developers have done a great job!
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4 years ago, Tulsaperk
Love it!
Fantastic app. A few “suggestions” if I may. It is in no way a gripe. Would be nice to be able to make a note from the main page instead of having to go to “saved locations.” Also, a way to sort the “saved locations” as it get hard with such a long list. This is a MUST get all!
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4 years ago, Shawn Pike
Costs 6% of App I used to use, and LG is better
I used to use a $150/month subscription and my engineer friend showed me this. $100? That can’t be right, it must have huge gaps. Nope, it is beautiful and it has saved me money, time, hassle, and personal safety. I went to Texas and tried it while there, just as wonderful as in California. Thank you, thank you! (Who are these masked avengers?)
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5 years ago, MEvansIsAPopularNickname
New version no longer has lat/long available?
I’ve been using LandGlide as it’s been helpful for my line of work, we use it as a rough guide for parcel boundaries while on site. I may have not been able to find it, but the recent update no longer has the option to drop a pin with lat/long coordinates. This feature had been super helpful, can it please be added again? Thank you! I appreciate your 8/2/19 response, I did not know that was an option. Thank you.
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1 year ago, MelRoed
Wow, love it! What a rabbit hole I went down
This app is so easy to use & it is fascinating to see the land ownership in my area, esp of public lands. It is also great that it doesn’t make you sign up for a paid product that you will forget to cancel as the free trial doesn’t require a payment method. At least in my understanding. Thank you!
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3 years ago, newest addition
Blown away
This app is absolutely phenomenal I had a land dispute with a neighbor who was encroaching, as it turns out they were about 10 feet past where the line was and had built an outhouse on my property. This app was awesome to be able to show the building inspector the situation. Wonderful app I would give 6 stars if I could. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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4 months ago, Need2sk8
Broken Work issues
LandGlide will not load county link ever since the updated user interface rolled out. I can still click the navigate option, but, upon clicking the county option, I am just taken to a blank page. I use this for work constantly still, but looking up parcels through local appraiser sites on mobile browser is often a real pain in my….
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2 years ago, mellies2
Not good for finding property pins
I have found 3 out of 4 property pins on my own and am having trouble with the last one. I thought I would try this to find the last boundary but it is not pin pointing my location correctly. The app kept showing me somewhere else in my property than where I actually was. So I knew it would not be able to help with the last pin. The info provided is kind of neat.
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