Legion Workforce Engagement

4.8 (28.3K)
143.2 MB
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Current version
Legion Technologies Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Legion Workforce Engagement

4.83 out of 5
28.3K Ratings
2 years ago, sorry yall nick name tt
Downgraded some items
It was fine until I couldn’t see my timesheet. I know we are suppose to trust that our time is being recorded correctly but the timesheet helped manage that even more. I’ve had a time or two when I had to ask my time be corrected due to faulty equipment (timeclock) at my job and if I would not have seen it on my legion app I wouldn’t have known and my paycheck would have been messed up. That was a downgrade when that was taken away 😒
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8 months ago, Siriusly_Yes
Really don’t like the new update.
This was a great app up until about a week ago. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use, but recently the format changed. Up until recently, you could see all of your scheduled shifts right on the front page, with date and time. But about a week ago that changed. Now you only see one or two “next shifts” and they aren’t even the right days. The front page will say my next day is several days away when the schedule page will say it’s tomorrow. Today I have a shift from 5:00pm-11:45 pm with a 30 minute break from 8:00-8:30 and it says I only work 4.5 hours. Even if you calculate in the lunch break that’s incorrect. On top of this I have coworkers who’s Legion said they work entirely different shifts than what they’re actually scheduled for. In the past week people who have been late or no call-no showed has more than doubled. I’ve asked my coworkers and they’re all having similar problems. I even tried updating my app again and it did nothing. Please fix it, I really liked how it used to be.
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3 years ago, Lucky matter
Some improvements would be nice
I have to use this app for work since that’s what my employer wants but I know that there are some things that would make it a better app to use. If pictures could be sent at a higher quality that would be helpful since we often use pictures to convey important information. A better notification system for messages inside of the inbox section would be nice. The messaging part could be reworked to include a name instead of just a picture or initials when messaging in a group chat. Also why can’t we see our clocked hours using the app? This would be an important feature if your boss won’t let you cover shifts if you are going to work overtime.
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2 years ago, bsbcbksbfjmdndjcj
Fix the app!!
I had no problem with it at all for the past year and half up until yesterday. Everytime I got on it to review my schedule for the week it constantly logged me out. Had to log back in everytime. Today when I tried to log back in it would let me log in. Ive deleted the app and reinstalled it and i’ve even changed my password and made sure I typed everything right but it keeps saying I don’t have access to the requested application. I’ve tried to reach out for help and actually email someone but all I get is solutions that have nothing to do with the situation and also got another email to go to my manager for troubleshooting purposes. You guys should be the one to help with that not my manager.
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1 year ago, DOGZ146
Semi-good app. Fix time visibility.
I tried to view my (total) hours worked this current pay period, and I was prompted with the following: “Oops, we encountered an error while trying to process your request. Please try again later.” My smartphone’s software system and my app are updated to the most recent version. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this message either; it pops up every single time I’ve tried to view my hours worked, but per the clock, to see when exactly I worked during the workday. What good is an app about scheduling and worked hours if the visibility regarding an employee’s time is completely obscured? Ridiculous.
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2 years ago, BooBear1618
Wish other features were available but does the job
I’m on this almost every day to check my schedule and it’s pretty convenient. I wish there was a way to see when my schedule gets changed other than just noticing it’s a different time for my shift. Even if it was just a notification or a pop up when I open the app “hey your schedule for this day has changed from blank to blank” or let me see the literal edit history if it’s been changed after posting. Other than that, it’s mostly convenient 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 weeks ago, smushysmommy
Sub par at best
App support is non existent. Brings you to their website and is pointless because it just tells you to use the app. How are you supposed to get support when the app doesn’t work? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Had major issues when editing availability; will not save edits no matter how many times you do them and it says “save going forward/just this week” no matter what I do my changes aren’t saved. As a manager I can’t do anything helpful in this app; I have more control signed in as an employee which says a lot and not in a good way. Looks are nice andI like I can see who’s scheduled on any given day as an employee but that’s the best “pro” I can give.
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3 years ago, reallyhj
I’m actually Impressed
After voicing a concern about this application, we were able to get a response back from the developers, who were extremely helpful. After talking on the phone we were able to sort out our issue and we were very appreciative. Like I’ve promised, I have removed my 1 star review and I truly believe this company deserves a 5 star solely due to there excellent costumer service and a well developed, fully functioning app.
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2 years ago, Bubba Yaga
Slow and laggy
I have to use this app for my work and as of now it’s very slow and laggy then what it used to be. It doesn’t show me who I’m working with when I first open it like it used to do, I have to go where it says schedule most of the time to see if I work and who I work with. I do like the app because now I don’t have to take pictures of my schedule all the time now.
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1 year ago, Nathan Couture
I love this app it notifies you when your schedule is published and you can see the hours for the whole week which is awesome and I like that you can request days off or switch shifts and I love that I can see who I’m working with to prepare lol
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3 years ago, sidnye99
Somehow needs more maintenance
Almost every single time I open this app, the screen loads for a solid 10 minutes. This, on top of the almost constant maintenance makes the app unusable. They give you no warning on their “scheduled” maintenance. (If it’s scheduled, let people know) The other features are great, it gets two stars because I can only stand to use this app to quickly peek at my schedule and then close it. Something that should take a minute at the most takes upward of 15. If you have the option to use a regular old paper schedule, I think you’d save yourself the hassle.
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1 year ago, Tammy1022
Something is wrong
I continue to get logged out. My employees too. After doing the update it once a week I’m logged out and only can scan the on boarding to get logged back in. This doesn’t work out well if there is a schedule change or even to plan the day quickly as a store manager. Please fix this. Never had this problem in the many years of using this program through the business.
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2 weeks ago, Feedback2525
I think the features are really nice to use. It’s easy to understand but one thing I’ll really appreciate is if you could make a widget of the app, especially for iPhone users. I would appreciate being able to see my schedule in a way so that I don’t have to open the app every time. It would be a lot more convenient and I would appreciate this change!
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3 years ago, airdecah
Still needs improvements
I wish I was able to have the desktop version and the mobile version all in one. In the mobile version, it’s hard to manually put in hours so I’m always having to get on my laptop to input hours when I’d rather just do it all from my phone. Same for when I’m off on Saturdays (payroll days) and I’d rather just approve peoples times but nah it’s easier to do from laptop then phone. Other than being able to see the schedules and being able to create time off this app still needs a lot of improvements.
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9 months ago, Mroahr
New Update removed one of best features
Just updated dislike the changes. The Home tab showed my next (present day included)7 days of work. Currently it Now shows the NEXT 2 days of work ONLY. Doesnt even show the Current Days Hours. I thought having the 7 days it showed was so MUCH easier than having to parse the week in the other tabs. Please undo the mistake of an Update for the Home Tab. Dont break what was working.
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1 year ago, somecringyname
An almost perfect app
I love this app, don’t get me wrong, but it needs a couple more things to be absolutely perfect. There needs to be a section where you can check your clock in and out times for the day. It would help us forgetful people not be back late from their breaks and would also help massively with calculating your paycheck. That and virtual paystubs would make it the greatest
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2 years ago, Ethan Womack
Slow and Unresponsive sometimes
The app used to run fast and smooth a while back but after updating, it will be slow and has to reload every time you move the screen. I also think the notifications should tell a bit more about your published schedule. Also for managers that make the schedule can’t see the days I put for my availability but only the hours requested.
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5 months ago, 🌻Jazzy💛
Need in the app.
This app is an amazing app to keep track of everything but it would be a 10/10 if I could see how much I am making. Like the app said it was showing I only seen that for a second and when I clicked it, it disappeared. I would love to c that back on this app and working with the amount of money I should b receiving on a weekly basis.
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7 months ago, Skidz1340
Worst App I’ve ever been forced to use
This app only works part of the time the rest of the time it’s convinced that I’m signed in when I’m not signed in so I can’t access the info for my schedule. I have gone on my iPad, my iPhone, and our work computer and signed out. It still won’t work. I wrote the developer and they wrote me back and said that it’s a problem with my work and even my work is written in requesting help getting our employees to get the app to work and there is still no fix. I hate this program.
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5 months ago, Mihstee03
App keeps crashing
The apps has been so great up until yesterday and it started crashing. I’ll open it and it will close so I’ll open it again and it will close I have to do it multiple times before I can actually get on it. But other than that issue the app has been great!
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2 years ago, Winchek
It freezes every. single. time.
I can’t even get past the unavailability time screen and it just completely freezes. I’ve tried like 5 times before giving up. I don’t understand why we changed to this. The last 6 years I’ve been working with the company and tomorrow is our first day to switch and I’m frustrated, especially after dealing with this. Everything was fine. I hate when there has to come change from something that’s going good. 🙄
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1 year ago, hattiejay
Dollar General is a fast pace company and it is important to me to know when I will be working. By being able to keep up daily to my work schedule makes me able to plan my life around it. Jayne Allison
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2 years ago, bdishsisnskn
I loved this app when I first started using it, but one day it logged me out and I haven’t been able to get back onto it since. It’s so frustrating and no one is helping me with it. Everything I need to view for my job is on this app and I cannot get into it. Hopefully leaving a review will help speed the process of someone helping me up because this has been going on for weeks.
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2 years ago, Katerina Medina
There was a section on legion called timesheets you are able to look at your time punches for each day and see how many hours you have worked. I opened the app and that section is completely gone l. 🧐 where did it go? Please 🙏 bring that section back
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8 months ago, Mr.Mr. H
Work schedule
It is so impressive that my schedule popped up every morning with the exact time and wake me up in a good mood This app makes my life easier and better every day Thank you 🙏
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7 months ago, harthansen
To buggy to be useful
Legion as scheduling software has been a C- app. With the update they released over a month ago now it is total garbage. New employees can’t get on it at all. The mobile app no longer lets you change the schedule on it. Just keeps shooting out error messages. How have they not fixed this by now? If you are thinking about getting this app for ur business DONT. I work for a major retailer and we all hate it!! AVOID!
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2 years ago, khalilharazin
I wish this app will show who is on the clock and if employees are on break it shows that as well and how much time they have left . We just moved to this app and in the past we had Mirus which provided great deal of such info . Also time on main app screen showing sales in always off never accurate .
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1 year ago, Macienzie
App freezing up
It’s perfectly fine, I went to put in my login and password and went to put in hours I want to work and everything like that then I got to where you put in when ur busy at what times during the week and I clicked the button to go to the next page it it froze up. It’s been like that for 10 minutes.
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3 years ago, DASSTV
It’s convenient.
I wish this app had a dark mode to it. It would make it so much more easier to see it!! I also think that it would look better too.
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1 year ago, ChrissyR1023
It’s ok
I don’t have any issues with seeing my schedule when it’s updated but my timesheet is always getting messed up with I clock out for lunch and back in. I have to keep getting them fixed. Sometimes my hours don’t even show that I worked the previous day. Please get this fixed.
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4 months ago, ShadeyPlayz-YT
It works
It works and everything i just wish we would be able to change our schedule or request a schedule change on this app
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5 months ago, tidrizzler
I have been using this app for the past six months with no issues however, most recently with your update the app is crashing and unless I close it out and reopen it multiple times it will not load anything it’ll just close itself out. I inquired with management along with other employees, and it’s not just me.. please look into doing another update for this.
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1 year ago, NickCell
Can’t use
I have installed and re-installed this a dozen times. I cannot get through to the main system to view my schedule or any other information, it repeatedly gets stuck at ‘work preferences’/‘when I’m usually busy’ and regardless of what I input I cannot go any further. It will flash what appears to be the homepage before redirecting me to that inescapable page every time. Beyond frustrating.
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1 year ago, Famously1
My timesheet isn’t working!
The app is great overall I just want to be able to see my clocks. Every time I try to it says I’ve encountered an error. Can someone help me with this problem please? 🥹
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1 year ago, martenmad
Shift offers aren’t showing up
I’ve been trying to get back into my old job but every time my employer tries to offer me shifts and I click on them it shows I have no offers available, and when I leave it shows a notification like I do have shift offers. I need this fixed it’s seriously messing with my need to work
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2 years ago, SwaggyGQ007
Hours worked
There should be some type of way for employees to see the amount of hours they’ve worked.
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4 weeks ago, DAK2355
Why I love it
It’s easy to use far from confusing easy to find what your looking for like the hours you’ve worked I ABSOLUTELY love that you can see who you’ll be working with it just makes me feel better
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3 months ago, Tray Daniel
Cinemark Movie Bistro
It’s the best number one app in the world. Now you can use it to check on what time you’re supposed to go to work. I love working at Cinemark. You can help out people, and help out
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4 years ago, Mrs. Tanya!
I used to love this app. But, the past couple of days I haven’t been able to look up my schedule or re register or anything. It’s acting screwy and I am left with having to refer back to the paper schedule because of these issues. Not cool! Major inconvenience. I am not a happy camper! My fellow employees are having the same problems.
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1 year ago, momarazzi rochester
Great app to know EXAZTLY what’s going on in my store❤️
This app is the perfect way to see my schedule, who I’m working with, and what hours I’ll be getting in my check each week!! Love it … EXTREMELY helpful, so thanks legion
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8 months ago, TonyTreiling
Shifts only shows one day at a time on main page.
Only shows one shift at a time now for the last month. Ever sense the update it hasn’t been working right. Clock in and outs wrong and only shows one shift at a time doesn’t show the whole weekly shifts like it use too. Needs another update or bug fix.
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12 months ago, XxLeoxX89
Unhelpful Support
I haven’t been able to access my account for weeks now and still haven’t gotten any kind of response to my email reporting the issue. The app itself is fine, with minor issues but the big issue is with the login.
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1 year ago, pinko6969696969
It pretty useful
Alot of my work people don’t know how to use it but I do and its really helpful tell me when I need to work and who I work with that’s day and others days I don’t work either ,easy to put the days I need off .🫵🏽
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2 years ago, hdhdjdbdjeijcbejnf
Time card
Why y’all take off the time card I can’t see how much hours I worked fix it back please
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3 years ago, Worker.B
Rediculously Stupid.
I see no one though that a typo was possible. Now that I have to verify the wrong email that I don’t have, I guess I’ll never be able to use this app for the 2 different stores I work at. Thanks devs, you made my life harder, all cause something simple slipped right past you. Verify my email? It’s in the DG system. With my Emp ID. And name. I though I could just use my email... dummy me huh? One little typo...
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3 months ago, BizzyMama07
Schedule Tab Glitch
When going into the app, the schedule tab always has a red dot next to it as if there is a scheduled offered up. Nine times out of 10 there isn’t anything in that tab. Can this be fixed?
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3 years ago, Bayleighde
Won’t send link
I need to use this app for my new job and for some reason it won’t send me an email verification link. I’ve resent the link, checked my spam folder and even made sure it was the correct email. I shouldn’t have to keep asking my boss what my schedule is when there is an app already for it. And I can’t find a way for anyone to help me to get it to send.
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3 years ago, Ahgracey
Worst work app ever
Aaron H Gracey didn’t have job any more after using this app for work in Holton Kansas at Dollar General times do to poor cellular service, somebody got some going have to fix all the less then average system(Siri can’t even tell me which way to turn on the maps after I asked the person talking to me. How many smart minds does it take to make smart so called cell phones???????????????????
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1 year ago, tigger 2022
Why is it asking for my Card information when I’m trying to download the he app it never has before my phone went out and I got my replacement phone and trying to download the app and it keeps asking and when I don’t put it in it keeps going back to have me to hit the button to download again
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2 years ago, Eliza Hollar
App logged me out and won’t log back in
I have never had any issues with this app until recently it logged me out and will not log back in. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it and still nothing. This app is how I request time off and check my schedule for work. With it not working for me right now is a huge inconvenience.
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