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Letsgo Network Incorporated
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
10.13 or later
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User Reviews for LetsVPN

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1 year ago, TianChu
Efficient and Reliable: Let's VPN is the Best VPN App!
Let's VPN is by far one of the best VPN apps I've used in a long time with excellent features that match premium services. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient VPN solution. The app is user-friendly and easy to set up, and it provides excellent connection speeds and stability. It also offers a wide range of server locations worldwide, ensuring that I can access my favorite content regardless of my location. Finally, the customer support is prompt and helpful, ensuring that all my queries were well-answered. Overall, Let's VPN is a top-notch VPN app that delivers on its promises.
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2 years ago, MoreSlotsPls
Great VPN, but limited to 2 devices
This is a great VPN that has never failed me. There are different regions to chose from, it works fine, the speeds are slightly above average at around 5 MB/s (my normal internet is around 40 MB/s). However, the only thing that stops this from getting five stars is the limit on how many devices one subscription can cover. Currently, an account can only be connected to two devices at once. This is a major problem for me, as I have a computer, a tablet, and a phone. I have to constantly change which two devices are connected to my account if I want to work. This is very frustrating, and I hope more devices can be linked to an account in the next update or two.
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3 years ago, 我已重试
Great experience
My friend recommend me, it's also called LetsVPN in US Apple store. The speed is super fast as I was in other country. The price is good deal, while the first 24 hours are free. Easy to use!
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10 months ago, MILOZIXUNZHANG
I have been using this VPN for a long time and I also find it very user-friendly. But recently I updated the MacOS 14 beta and couldn't use it anymore. I tried other VPNs and everything was fine. Why can't you just do it? I even talked to customer service for two or three days, but none of the solutions worked. In the end, I was asked to remotely control my computer with them, which I really didn't trust, so I didn't agree with them. I'm really angry. I paid for everything, did I just waste these few days? Like donating you money? I used to think this VPN was very useful, but now I'm sorry, I have to give a negative review.
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11 months ago, wonderful 2023
The best one
I tried serveal VPN services in the past, LetsVPN is the best because it is so easy to downlaod and i can use it no matter what countries and regions I'm at. Highly recommend this one! Easy, stable, reliable
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8 months ago, ashhhkat
it works!!!!
wowowowow i hope this continues working but for now it has been so much smoother than any other VPN since the recent crackdown!!! thanku thank u
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5 months ago, Devoron
Block my account for no reason, cannot perform work
It was okay and limiting only 2 device. But after few days use, I was told my account has been blocked by AI. Support says I attacked other people's network. God, I was using VPN only for working and listening music. It blocked me for no reason at all, and now I cannot perform work. Support says she couldn't do anything. WOW!
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10 months ago, Sai-kit
Best VPN I ever used.
It can keep me connected anywhere and any time with the existing of an available WiFi connection.
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2 months ago, MatthewYang77
Increase the number of bound devices
It is desired to increase the number of devices that can be bound to the app.
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3 years ago, bujunfeng
verygood vpn, but
Very good software, compatible with M1 mac, very good,However, after using this software on the M1 macbookpro, the fever is very serious, the fan spins wildly, and the cpu temperature is high.
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2 years ago, sherry daidai
thank you, letsvpn
thanks for your work, it help me a lot. go ahead! we need you! Go, Letsvpn!
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1 year ago, Zeek_474925
So nice!
A very good choice for VPN, I like the "Random Awarding Time" best, that's great. Also, invitation rewards are also nice, first choice!
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3 years ago, Da.Master
The Best VPN Ever
Been using it for 3 years now. No service disruption. Always works like a charm. Best choice in China.
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10 months ago, Philip Win
Good Review
Very nice to use inn mainland China. The best one is we can share the devices. I strongly recomanded to use Lets VPN in mainland China.
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2 years ago, Alispog
First choice!
Second day into using LetsVPN, so far so good.
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1 year ago, 134562738459t
really good, recommended
this is a really good vpn overall, nothing else to say. i only wish that there was wechat pay for the payment method. otherwise, really good vpn
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2 years ago, KINGZWORLD
Does not stay coonected
At times my VPN keeps logging in and out or turns on its own. I will stop doing that
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3 years ago, Esther和
best one out there!
soooooo glad i found this app! price is decent and the speed is so fast, faster than any that i've used before
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11 months ago, TrackpadNoob
Cheap, and ONLY vpn that works in CHINA.
EVERY OTHER VPN: surfshark, express, panda, freevpn, hotsporshield, betternet, outline, AnchorFree, Avast, Kape, Gaditek, StackPath, Proton, Nord, Tunnelbear, Atlas, ALL DONT WORK, THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS IN CHINA WITH A STUPID SADIST GOVERNMENT
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1 year ago, 输啥都不对
fast and easy
i feel well when i pay for this app
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7 months ago, Chris_spirit
I have 600 days left,but today let's vpn BAN my account and because of I fill my account over one year they COULD NOT give back my money with alipay. 我还有六百天的订阅,但是今早快连无预警清空了我的时长。我只是在下载黑五买的steam游戏而已。而且由于我对快连的信任,我在去年充值了两年零一个季度的会员。但是因为刚刚超过了一年几天,快连无法正常退款。奉劝大家,不要买超过三个月的订阅,否则你可能面临和我一样的窘境。
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1 year ago, youhanqiu123
Great App!
Many many good!
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2 years ago, macuserr999
very slow
very slow, uses Google cloud platform instead of designated servers, does not work on my PC
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1 year ago, Biubiubiubunny
omg this saves my life
great speed
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3 years ago, Rachelbbyy
LetsVPN doesn't work
LetsVPN cannot connect to the server from Aug 31 in China. Does any person can be fixed this problem? Thanks
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2 years ago, Jeffer Woo
Totally trash!
It changes my DNS address so I can't access to the internet when I disconnect the VPN!!!
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2 weeks ago, 太极任天堂
i think the best vpn in china
i think the best vpn in china
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6 months ago, Laolisan
Bset Ever
The best vpn ever.....beats expressvpn by a mile.
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12 months ago, vfefafvadvavd
too expensive
one week 2 dollar????
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1 year ago, luckyrock8888
very good!!!
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2 years ago, ushangj
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3 months ago, obgnoos
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2 years ago, Allto Floris
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2 months ago, 谨慎充值时长
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2 months ago, mr_luke92
上午看还剩 37 天使用时间 下午突然过期了 问客服咋回事 确说只能退款处理,离谱的是只能退0.78美金,卸载了。
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9 months ago, 12123124123131
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6 months ago, Hearttlesss
莫名其妙被新加的AI ban了
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11 months ago, stantheman666
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1 year ago, VIIhenc
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1 year ago, WOTplayer119
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1 year ago, yuuunko
very goog
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4 months ago, Monica Y 2024
A very useful apps
it can really work.and the speed is fast.
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1 year ago, 于好话
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2 years ago, bingocoiner
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7 months ago, Shulalama
It works great in China
Much more stable than Express (sorry express, you used to be my favorite). And cheaper than Astrill. But stable, fast, and safe.Thanks!
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