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User Reviews for Lexis®

5 out of 5
1 Ratings
11 years ago, Meh, ok
App Works Great!
Look, there are few things about law practice less than doing legal research. Keeping track of billable hours is the only thing that comes to the top of my mind. The Lexis Advance app may not make doing research all sunshine and lollipops, but it sure does a great job making it easier & more effective. I was able tonight to find a case directly on point to rebut an opponent's argument in about 10 minutes, due largely to how much easier this app makes it to hone in on exactly what I was looking for. Kudos to Lexis for getting it right!
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9 years ago, The1Vito
Really frustrating that frequently (even more frequently to nearly always recently) when switching between apps and keeping Lexis Advance running in multi-tasking then going back to Lexis, the app resets and you have to choose client again and start search all over. When using a case I want to keep, I view the PDF of the case and open it in a PDF application where I can save it and highlight/take notes on the case as I prefer to do. However, it's extremely frustrating to then go back to the app to look at the next search result or Shepard's result only to find I have to start all over again. It's actually caused me to stop working on a search at times because I don't have time to start over again at that time. They also need to improve the search results to better sift through results. When I bring up a case in the results in a search or after I Shepardize, they should make it so we can just select the next case and not have to go back to the results and open a new tab.
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5 years ago, HatMan ShirtMan
Some critical features missing
This app is nearly everything that it needs to simulate the functionality of the desktop experience. But there are some significant drawbacks. It makes no sense that you can’t edit search terms after executing a search. Because this is a mobile platform, it is more likely that users will make mistakes entering a search string. Yet if you put together a long search string and one part is wrong, you have to go back and rewrite the entire search string. Inputting search strings is already incredibly cumbersome on a mobile device such as a phone or ipad, and requiring perfection the first time is a real annoyance. One other problem is that once a search is completed, it is difficult to navigate and work with the results. Navigating between different types of content (cases, secondary sources, rules, etc.) is extremely difficult. In addition, finding and locating filters for the content is also difficult. The navigation is not where it should be.
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12 years ago, reddiekim
Broken App and Lexis Unresponsive
Not only has this app not been working for over 2 weeks, but I have repeatedly contacted Lexis Customer Support to try and correct the issue. As soon as I enter a case citation or term to search, the error message "Error occurred, please contact Lexis customer support" appears. Even after contacting customer support and going through basic trouble shooting of restarting and reinstalling the app, nothing has changed. Apparently the problem had to be escalated to an engineer, but over a week later it has not been fixed and customer service remains unresponsive to any updates or corrections to the problem. I am baffled that Lexis would even bother releasing an app that they are aware is broken and has significant problems.
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10 years ago, K Larson
Added features, works great!
This latest version works great, and I haven't seen any glitches in it yet. One if the most useful features is the ability to view content as a PDF document, including opening it in Adobe Reader in y iPad, saving it to my local files, or uploading it to google docs or other applications. There is also one-button printing to wifi-enabled printers.
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11 years ago, jbro307
Not there yet
Coming from using Westlaw Next on the iPad I found this app significantly disappointing. Too reliant on search terms, there is no easy way to browse statutes through a table of contents, which I often do on the full web version. The app also inexplicably is missing some states, including mine, in the search parameters, making it entirely useless to search state case law without a lot of irrelevant results. While I was able to easily locate, annotate, sort and save cases and statutes in Westlaw Next, all waiting when I got to the office the next day, with Lexis Advance it is clunky and less intuitive. Hopefully future updates address these issues and make it a more fully realized and featured app.
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12 years ago, soundtechoflumberton
Does not work
I really like the lexis platform to do my legal research as a law school student. I was also really excited when I found out that Lexis Advance has an iPad app and immediately downloaded it. The only problem is that when I attempt to search a case it gives me an error message and tells me to call customer support. When I called customer support they told me that they did not have any way to troubleshoot the app other than sign in problems. This is mildly frustrating and hopefully they will soon release an update to fix this problem. Once this problem is fixed I am sure this will be a five star app.
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11 years ago, Jmcho45
It's really irritating that you can't filter by date for a search under secondary sources unless you choose the subcategory of law review articles first. Why deny such a useful function to an entire category? The excuse that its because treatises are updated regularly doesn't make sense to me. If its been updated recently, then yes, I do want that treatise in my results if I wish to filter by date. I'm also not a fan of every new result opening in a new tab. I spend too much time waiting for tabs to open/fully load and closing dozens of tabs. Lexis advance just doesn't flow smoothly for users.
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12 years ago, IndianaJim
Incredible Update
There is so much more functionality on this update it's ridiculous. They've added too many features to mention. It almost qualifies as a completely new app. I especially love that when I make notes and highlights on the documents in my folders via the actual website, I can see them in the app. So many new filters too! Amazing app.
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12 years ago, henegoon
Excellent app!
Thanks for the new update! It works great! I'm able to email without any problems now. Sounds like some of the other new reviewers might not have installed the update as it was not a forced update this time.
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3 years ago, TechLiteracy4Lawyers
Loosely functional
It’s fine for extremely basic needs, but this app could really be a game changer if it worked smoothly. Lexis is all gloss over a shoddy product. Not unlike WL in that respect. But an optimized Lexis app would put them miles ahead of WL. I want to click a link and it open a new tab, not redirect me from my current page. I’d like saving a page to a folder to work consistently. I’d like a less obstructive UI. I’d even pay for all of this. But right now, it’s just a crappy web reader.
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3 years ago, Balls inc
I noticed most reviews of the app are from 6+ years ago, but in my experience thus far, its been fine. The app is occasionally slow and there are some basic issues that could probably be fixed or done better, but overall the app gets the job done.
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12 years ago, Poundstone's Phone
App is great!
I have had the app since the first release which was good, but it seems even better after this first update. Love the amount of features available for conducting my research on the go or when I am away from my office and how it all shows up on my PC when I get back to work. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next!
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6 years ago, review457892
Buggy and needs improvement to be usable
Crashes, five clicks required to highlight text and highlights fail half the time, highlighting doesn’t stay with the text you marked (!), saving cases to folder takes too long, internal navigation buttons between search filter folders etc make no sense, and many other problems. Okay as a tool to read research, but otherwise frustrating and wastes your time. Lexis, this app needs serious improvements to even be considered an alpha release. Please fix.
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12 years ago, Sir Chispas
Remove and reinstall app to fix crashing
Lexis has done a great job with this app. But I was frustrated by the app crashing before it even launched. So I removed the app, downloaded it again from the App Store, and it works perfectly again. All my user information was retained, and I could start searching as soon as I opened the app.
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12 years ago, DeltaGammaSt
Would switch from WestlawNext, but...
1. No search within document function (think Ctrl+F in a web browser). Dealbreaker. 2. Lack of Graphical Shepard's, which may be the primary thing Lexis does better. 3. Lexis-provided content on cases (headnotes, etc.) is too dependent on raw, unformatted, poorly laid-out text. I'm reading on an iPad a layout that looks (and probably is) pre-HTML. A little bit of formatting, tables, etc. would make it cleaner and reflect the fact that I didn't get the document from an 80s era fax machine whose pages have strips of little holes on the sides, separated from the document by perforated edges. That said, this is a big step forward from the web-based beta I used for a day last fall before switching to WestlawNext.
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5 years ago, Jared Clemence
Bad interface prevents use
I am unable to search for cases on this app. When I am typing search terms, the suggestion bar appears in place of the keyboard while I type causing me to hit suggestions accidentally. I attempted to search Fourth Amendment issues surrounding consent. I was unable to finish typing "consent" and never got to the second item of "while intoxicated" or even just "intoxicated." Additionally, because I was unable to finish the word "consent," the suggestions were not useful.
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12 years ago, whitewateratty
I use Lexis Advance and this app everyday. It is simple and gives me access to quick and reliable legal research. PLUS, it has Shepards which is key. I cannot imagine a law student or practicing attorney who would not find this app time-saving and valuable.
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10 years ago, Grimpse
Almost, but not quite.
Great update but for three issues that really make it a pain to use. Listed in order of declining importance (imho): 1) Seems that we cannot search WITHIN a document we have open. 2) The "Jump To" button doesn't seem to work. This is a big problem when I have opened a huge document and have to scroll through it to find whatever is meaningful. Wouldn't be as big a deal if not for lack of search. 3) It would be nice to be able to change the display font. Verdana or whateer this is looks hideous. Changing line heigh, margin width, etc., would also be appreciated.
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12 years ago, Statueoffrogs
Much better
Thanks to the update the app actually functions like it is supposed to. Overall a great app to have in class.
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12 years ago, Chasehar
Does not work
This App does not work. Needs the bugs fixed
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11 years ago, Deepakds
App crashes frequently
Fairly easy to use app -- the search filters are helpful. However, it is difficult to highlight documents and the app crashes frequently. It crashes every time you try to email a document to yourself.
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12 years ago, Brathna
Does not work
It didn't work the first day I signed up for Lexis Advance, but it worked the day after. However, since then, I keep getting an error that tells me to contact customer service, like the other review says. The website works just fine though.
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13 years ago, -bb
Absolutely beautiful app for legal research.
Wow. This is amazing.
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12 years ago, Stuart Wilder
Cannot log in, and customer service is atrocious!
I cannot log on. I have spoken to three people and they had no idea how the app worked. The advice they gave me was apropos a web browser, but made no sense for an app. I tried deleting and redownloading the app, and it still did not work.
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10 years ago, GreenMtnGringo
Could be better
It does not remember my login info and it often crashes and exits without warning. Please fix these two issues, thanks. (iPad 2 with iOS 7.1.1)
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2 years ago, daKingO'Lexis
7 years later same problem as The1Vito
Seven years later and they still haven’t fixed the problem.
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10 years ago, Lisa2341
can't send any case anywhere
This app is the masterpiece of any attorneys library. It is the Swiss knife of looking through case files. It is the single most important website an attorney could use. But they screwed up the send function, and now this app is worthless to me.
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9 years ago, Makafu
Does not work.
Ive been using this app from I entered law school 3 years from now and is the best. But from the last update, the app isnt recognizing any network connection or it doesnt communicate with the servers of lexis. I already deleted the app and installed 2 times and nothing. Please correct this.
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3 years ago, robert homlar
Not well organized or constructed. Don’t let Lexis salesperson tell you this is worth anything. Lexis Advance is a terrible product with login issues and horrible customer service, this app is just an offshoot of that.
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5 years ago, eoverpec
Not intuitive
Very difficult to get where you want to go and search what you want to search. Like LexisAdvance on the web, but the app really needs some work.
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11 years ago, Zhukos
Still lot of work to do
It does not have table of contents! You need to click a hundred times to get to the page you need!
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6 years ago, dmklawyer
Crashes too much
I try it every few months and it gets better, but it crashes way too much to be usable. They need to focus on the bare minimum of having an app that works before adding features.
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6 years ago, JennMarie
Frustrating when you have full WiFi and cell bars but it keeps saying no network! How am I supposed to look up cases while being mobile with this thing?
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11 years ago, Emily Frazier
Email function not working
App crashes every time I try to email a doc.
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10 years ago, LadyDDC
This thing won't update!
I login, the app tells me to update it, I apparently updated it, I click open in the App Store, re-login to the app, and a message tells me to...update. Fix this!!! It's pure crap now. Wish I could give it zero stars
Show more
9 years ago, Spearfamed
Not sure what the point of this app is when you can't even log in. Can't wait until my company's subscription is up so that we can move to a service fit for the 21st century.
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6 years ago, AlwaysWorkingEsq.
I wish they would fix this app
I would use it all the time! I haven’t used it yet to find a case because it crashes whenever I select the client number.
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3 years ago, Krh12
Crashes too often
Freezes all the time
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9 years ago, Jp 024
Can't log in
Since the last updates the app is logging me out, and then by some error it would not let me log in again.
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4 years ago, Vicky Christy
Add highlighter colors
Currently can only highlight in yellow. Please add the other colors
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6 years ago, hannahbeaunana
Doesn’t work — session times out
So much for all those fancy features of the search engine can’t return results.
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10 years ago, Cutwolf
Update broke it
Most recent update broke it. Constant errors in searching or opening cases. "If it ain't broke don't fix it" should have applied here. Previously a 5 star app.
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5 years ago, rob gaudet
Lacks certain databases
On this app, I cannot find the person report database that is part of my subscription
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12 years ago, Jylx84
Fix app
It crashes before it even finishes starting up. Used to work really well, now not so much. Please fix or I'll have to go to WestLaw. Thanks.
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8 years ago, LTCBisch
Immediately Crashes after logging in
Would be great, if I could use it.
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11 years ago, Bloffredo
App crashes
Useless because I cannot email documents from the app. It continually crashes
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11 years ago, treppehinauf
this version broken
Version does not display documents.
Show more
10 years ago, Poodletude32
Doesn't work
It keeps asking me to update the app, which I have already done.
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12 years ago, Stejm
This app crashes upon opening every time. Lexis Advance is a great resource, but I sure wouldn't count on this app in a pinch.
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