LGeeRemote: Remote For LG TV

4.3 (11.9K)
25.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
yohan teixeira
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for LGeeRemote: Remote For LG TV

4.31 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Spinrichders
Great application
The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is the free version of the program pops up ads every minute making the program virtually unusable. The paid version has full functionality.
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7 years ago, Tonyurbina
Great back up remote app
I found myself looking for the remote control in for sometime I couldn’t find it. I had to manually change the buttons on the TV which is fine. But the convenience of it off with being missed. I downloaded this app, and in no time I had the ability to cast YouTub I found myself looking for the remote control for sometime I couldn’t find it. I had to manually change the buttons on the TV which is fine. But the convenience of it off with being missed. I downloaded this app, and in no time I felt more control. Kudos to the developers of this app.
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3 years ago, Gonch-san
Not very useful
I got this app for the primary purpose of controlling the sound level on an LG smart tv. It worked intermittently about half the times I tried to use it. Then it quit entirely. Being low vision, I really liked the size of the buttons and the screen on my ipad. Unfortunately, most of the buttons didn’t work. I could turn the tv off, but not on. The volume and mute buttons were about the only others I used. The app is free at first but blasts you with some really annoying commercials making it even more difficult to use. I paid for the ad free version before I realized it didn’t work well.
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7 years ago, This is Jess
Finally bought the full version.
It was pesky with the adds, and load up time. But I was putting off buying the full version (just being cheap). But my batteries were dying on my remote and gave in, & it was totally worth it! The load up time was solely cause of adds, opens quicker than any app on my phone. I spend less time looking for my phone than my remote anyway and now I don't have to buy a pack of batteries (:
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7 years ago, SpyderCanopus
Backup Magic Remote
Works great. I haven't paid to remove ads yet, but I might because it's only useful for a primary remote if it didn't pops ads every time you need it. Also I think the buttons could be laid out a little better and maybe have trackpad support for the Magic Remote TVs. Finally I think it's great there's a number pad in this, because it's missing from the original remote's minimalist design.
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6 years ago, use2378426844799531
Great idea, but the ads kill it
Nice layout and works well after the tv is powered on. But it doesn’t turn on the tv, still have to get up on a ladder to press the power button. And the ads are awful, pressing volume up and after I think 7 presses an ad pops up, you click it because you’re trying to keep bringing up the volume and now you have to close the ad, go back to the app and continue. Price is steep for what you get plus the money generated by the inadvertent ad clicks.
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7 years ago, SchwiftyD
Barely works
I love that I can still control my tv with my real remote being broken but it lags like crazy. The response times on button presses feel like a gamble. Sometimes I have to click a button 10 times before it actually responds on the TV. When trying to navigate sections I end up needing to hit a button, wait 5 seconds, hope it moves on screen then click again. It's agonizing trying to navigate any screen. The only good thing I can say is it's nice I can at least sorta use my tv with my real remote broken.
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5 years ago, Jonny Boy88888888
Pop ups
The remote is the best I’ve found. It works great and is completely compatible from the minute you download the app. However, full screen adds, and 5 second commercials pop-up every 8 or so key strokes which makes the experience very aggravating. The only alternative is to $6 for the premium version. But as back-up remote, I feel as if that is much too expensive for something I use occasionally, and I would rather find another app that isn’t as painstakingly cumbersome as this one.
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6 years ago, Nickname8282661849
Can’t connect
After I scan and select the tv I get the prompt on my phone saying confirm the connection with your tv... on the tv it says yes or no to confirm, well the problem is when I tap ok on my phone to get the prompt to go away so that I can use the buttons under the prompt, the selection box on the tv goes away. Then I tap a button on the remote (phone) again and the whole process repeats itself. Very frustrating when tapping ok to get the notification to disappear ends the GUI box to do the very task the notification is asking you to do.
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5 years ago, 😨✊🏼😨🥴✊🏼🤭
Honestly, if i can give this app 0 stars i would. I don’t ever write reviews but this one i had to. It’s horrible. that’s all there is to it. Let me tell you; at first it connected quickly and SOME buttons would work. Like the arrows. But the most important button, the “ok” button doesn’t work whatsoever. I tried redownloading and refreshing the app but it doesn’t work. and not only that, every button you click you get an ad. i understand it’s free and you need ads but NOT. WITH. EVERY. CLICK. i just feel like it’s not good. so there’s my opinion.
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4 years ago, joedsq
No previous channel button
Got this remote when my remote broke. Poorly designed. No previous channel button. I have broadcast tv. Most channels have multiple subsets (i.e. 4.1, 4.2 etc.) the only way to get to a subset channel is by scrolling one channel at a time, as there is no way to access the subset (4.4 for example) directly by channel number. Cannot access the settings menu either Would download a different one had I not already purchased the ad delete
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6 years ago, jprn
Smart app for smart tv
Ok as everyone know the wand stinks. This app controls everything on my lg tv with ease. It is more accurate than using a little pointer that needs calibration for accurate selecting. You will be so happy to download and use this app and leave the wand for magicians.
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6 years ago, Z.sarai
Doesn't work
This app Annoys me so much!!! I bought it because I was annoyed of the advertisements every 5 seconds!!! But how annoying is it that it doesn't work most of the time like I literally have to close the app and re open so it can function just to change ONE channel so I take like 10 mins to get to the channel I want !!!!! Waste of money and time ! For every button I press it won't work until I close the app and re open ! Fix this problem please !!!!
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7 years ago, Night emperor
Doesn’t work.
I was looking for app to control my LG smart tv and found this one and was thinking that it would be good to seeing that my kids sometimes lose the tv remote at times. So I downloaded it and tried it out. I tried the scan for my tv and it said that it found my tv but every time I touch a button on my phone the message keeps popping about being on the same WiFi and doesn’t work. So I put in the IP address for my tv and it’s the same thing.
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5 years ago, TV_100
How it works
So first you music press the tv on the top left and then you will see a button 🖲 it will sat start scan then it will search for you’er LG tv so then it will take you to the Control then you can start watching tv whit you’er phone.
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6 years ago, Bratt0405
I have been looking for my remote forever it feels like. I have tried numerous remote apps on my phone and came across this one and it works so much better than the others. Also very easy to use. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Fjgfvnhffcvjyrdd
Need help
I broke my control and it won't connect to my tv it says it's found it but it'll ask me if I turned it in 30 seconds and to check if it's connected to the same network my tv model number is 49LH570A LG SMART TV
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6 years ago, mrsmiser
Mixed feelings
The remote itself works good, however I paid for the no ads, the money was taken from my account, but I still have ads every time I open the remote, and a lot of the ads I can’t close, I have to force quit the app over and over again until I finally get a different ad. I did contact them about it but I never received a response
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6 years ago, delstad
Worthless garbage
Bought full version which did not remove the ads, and there are a bunch of them, although they had no problem charging my card. The only thing this app does is turn off my LG TV and no other functions work. If you want to pay for an app that makes you view a ton of ads and only controls your power button than spend away. If not skip it.
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7 years ago, VictoriousDinosaur
Awesome app
This is a great app if you’re to lazy to look for the remote. Works like a charm just the adds are annoying but I’d rather have that instead of paying for and app that doesn’t even work.
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7 years ago, Aggrebbmtescg
Not helpful for my situation
You see I got this app because my actual remote isn’t functioning. I can’t use the app because i have to click ok with my actual remote which is broken. So I’m stuck with an app that can't help me
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6 years ago, TracyCW871
Too many ADS!!
We bought a Demo TV from the store and the Select button is broken so I downloaded this app. In the 15 minutes I have been using it to set up my new TV I have gotten an Ad Every 60 seconds!! Cannot wait for my replacement remote to be delivered. UPDATE Okay 24 hrs in and now I can’t use the app at all because an add pops up and locks. Same ad Every Single Time! I only beed the select/enter function.
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6 years ago, leatriceScherri
Life saver
My kids lost my smart remote so of course I couldn’t use any of the tv features until I downloaded this app now I’m back in action !! It’s a lil buggy at times but I’ll deal with it versus not having a remote at all
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4 years ago, Smokey mad pot
I lost my controller in a move and the universal remote i bought at a retail store didn't do enough for the smart tv options a friend told me about the app and it's working perfectly
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7 years ago, Soalia
Works great!
Haven’t had any problems since purchase about a year ago. Would definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, landiodo
You need another working remote to set this up
I got this because I lost the real remote. But the app wants me to click a specific bottom on the screen to set this app up. I can’t do it using the app itself. That seems like a bad business model to me. So, I’m going to download a competitor’s app that is easier to use. I’d give this zero stars if I could.
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5 years ago, iamtravjohnson
Scan doesn't work
'Start a Scan' button wasn't working at all so I bought the paid version to remove the ads and hoping it would fix the button issue. It didn't! 😡 It won't scan to find my TV, making the app completely useless. Happy to change my review to higher stars if app developer replies quickly with a solution.
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6 years ago, gdfgbbvx
Too many ads
This remote has WAY too many ads! I can handle a few ads here and there but you can barely touch a button for a second without another ad popping up. About 5-6 adds pop up within a minute of trying to pick a show on Netflix. I get it, that’s how they stay in business but an ad every 2 seconds is a bit much.
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6 years ago, Walid Shaibani
This was a great app but...
This was a great app I've always used it with my TV. You have one ad that you have to deal with every time you open the app but the developers got greedy and now you get an add after every single clicks which makes the app unusable. I am so disappointed. They don't care about the user experience but how much money they can make from every ad they display
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5 years ago, jrwncewbjfernf
I love the remote it solves when I don’t wanna get up from the couch... The only thing is that I can’t turn the tv on I can turn it off I just can’t seem to turn it on but otherwise this is a cop not a drop
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5 years ago, Sethster1234
Ads pop up every 5 seconds. It seems to work fine but I can’t even consider purchasing the ad free version because I’m not done testing all the features. For God sakes at least wait 10 seconds before your next add. You almost had $6.99 from me. Moving on to the next app...
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5 years ago, Drmalako
Overpriced and falls short
Other applications recently are doing much better job! You have to pay $6 for this to stop the annoying adds! And after this, you have to search for your TV every time you want to change the channel or even raise the volume! Very inconvenient honestly
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6 years ago, 357pete
Takes too long after going through advertisements
Too many advertisements
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6 years ago, augustinechick
Never connected and ads are super annoying
I never could get the app to connect to my tv despite being 10 feet away and connected to the same WiFi. I followed all instructions...it just never worked! Also annoying ads played anytime I pressed any button to try to sync the tv and app! Too frustrating to waste anymore time on!
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6 years ago, I support TC
Downloaded this app, most of it works ok but the 3D, mouse, and keyboard buttons do not work. I thought by purchasing the paid version these items would work. Nope I was wrong. The only thing paid version does is remove the adds. Who cares! Sent a support email and the only thing I have gotten back is an auto reply. Absolute waste of $6. Don’t waste your time or money!
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7 years ago, Dhugaa
Fixed the zoomed display problem
Thanks for responding quickly in updating the app for the display problem after the software updates
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3 years ago, carrieseto
Opens to an AD website and stays there. No remote.
Installer the App and tried to open. It took me to spectrum Internet service website that wanted me to signup for their service and there was no way to get rid of the ad nor get away from the AD website page to ever get to a remote. Will be uninstalling this totally useless app. Just opens to an AD website and stays there.
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5 years ago, RaterJenn1718
When it wants to work
It works good when it’ll actually connect, but is disconnects often without even turning off my TV. And sometimes the buttons will lag. But when it actually wants to work, it works well!
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6 years ago, Jonathan Learn
Good app easy to use
LG TVs are the hardest to modify to your needs but this app makes it easy to install and Incase you loose the remote still have a backup, I recommend this app
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5 months ago, stan bts and bp
Very bad app.
I downloaded this app because I do not have a physical remote for my LG TV. When I come to set up the app, it tells me to confirm the application with my physical remote on my TV. which makes absolutely no sense because I do not have the physical remote. This app is a rip off, and I do not like it. I would never download it again worst app ever.
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7 years ago, Shaolin dini
Great remote ++++++
My go to remote since I can't find my tv remote and works on both phones and doesnt waste any AA batteries like my doofy remote (Hate the ads but I understand it's a free app)
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6 years ago, L8niter29
Some ads refuse to close
Free version is somewhat functional but large number of ads refuse to close even after extended time to view, multiple presses on “x” to close, and clicking to visit advertiser’s site. Have to close app & restart to function. Seems intentional to force you to upgrade.
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6 years ago, 4677eddierchkng
These scammers recently updated the free version to add an Ad every four or five buttons you press which is RIDICULOUS! And if you decide to spend the money on the “full version” you can consider yourself dooped because there will STILL be ads just not as many(still a lot though), this app is a complete scam go online and buy the remote for 7 dollars.
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4 years ago, jackemon
LGEE - worst app - endless ads
If you have this app delete and install Smartify I only give it a “1” star because there is no choice for “-10” stars
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2 years ago, k25wall
Good if you only need volume control
Volume control is the only thing that works majority of the time. Paid for the ad free version bc if you hit rewind & ad immediately comes up, causing you to rewind a minute longer than needed.
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7 years ago, itsgiz
Works perfect with out any problems love this app especially when my kids lose the physical remote
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7 years ago, Gabe101K
Good but a few problems
Just when advertising pops up and you need to pause or something right away it makes it slightly frustrating
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4 years ago, thegilr
It’s helpful, but the ads are annoying a ad pops up every second which is annoying. You guys need to remove all these ads I can’t even type anything without a AD, get rid of this, please.
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3 years ago, Olympian279
Why its great and bad
Its an amazing an easily accessible app but the only issue is the ads. You see the ads come every 5 seconds and are very irritating and annoying and since this is an online app you cant turn off the WIFI is which presents a major issue. Hopefully the app creator will decrease the ad pop ups
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6 years ago, Crunchymomma3
It requires wifi
My remote's batters are dead and I don't have enough money. I find the app and download it It downloads and click it. I test the app and I click the power button and it says "Turn on the your wifi and go on the same wifi as your tv but I don't have wifi so I can't play any movies or play any games.😡
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