License Plate Lookup

4.7 (2.3K)
30.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blank Canvas Development LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for License Plate Lookup

4.7 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
3 years ago, DaveLoves
Very useful, needs timestamp and history search.
This is extremely useful for my work where I need to keep record of suspicious vehicles in my area. What would make this app perfect is if every search was saved in the history tab with a date and time that you searched it. Also if you could search for make/model in the history tab to pull up all your searches matching your make/model. Lastly it would be nice if there was a tally of how many times a specific plate has been looked up but honestly if I’m looking at a vehicle that much I’ll mostly likely already have a tally of my own for the specific plate so it’s not that significant.
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2 years ago, Wm.
I wish it were not sideways on the iPad
Very useful app. Adapts to iPad screen but cannot handle turning sideways. Tough on iPad Pro as you end up typing sideways (rises from bottom to top as I type here). It would be such a small thing to be able to handle screen orientation changes… But on an iPhone, exceptionally useful.
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3 years ago, ajauaahs
App Doesn’t Work
I used this app before in September 2020 and it was amazing. There was no limit to how many license plates I could look up and it would give me lots of information. Now, whenever I try to look up a license plate, it just says “Internal Server Error”. This is happening for most license plates. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, T3CH9_
Outstanding UI
This app is perfect! It has the best user interface I’ve ever seen, don’t bother using any of the license plate lookup websites online that take forever to load and are ugly and confusing. Also the option to take a picture is super helpful in a lot of different situations.
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1 year ago, tralphaz283
Love your aop
I love your app it affordable easy to use thorough and ive never had any trouble hastle or delay gettin the info ii needed when i needed it. Five bright stars we need more apps with the convenience speed and accuracy that yhis one has. Thank you Mr Mike Mineska*****
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2 years ago, grim321
Awesome and cool
This app is really really cool and it’s really cool to just pick a random license plate and see some basic data and I checked out my car and I wanted to see if I had any active theft records and it told me but for some reason it will now just crash immediately after I try to open the app so I don’t know what to do with the app
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6 months ago, DarkPassenger38
Used to be great
Recent changes have made this app trash. Now you have to spend money in order to do the basic searches? No thanks, you can get that data from other sites for free. This app now lets you search 25 plates and then pay walls you to do more. We used the app for the past year to verify we were logging license plates correctly. Basically write in the plate and confirm the vehicle matches. Guess not anymore. App is going in the trash.
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3 years ago, MrGoDiegoGo
Great app
Easy to use but there are some times when it gives errors to correct license plates, and when I use another app to look up the license I get a car info
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5 years ago, Becca-Ecca
Quick and useful!
Don’t let the funny name stop you - “How Many Doors?” is a genuinely useful app when you’re curious about a car. Sure it tells you how many doors a car has, but it also helped me learn more in a snap about my car rental that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. Looking up a license plate is easy. The image lookup is really handy so I can take a picture and save for later when I’m ready to search. And the saved search is a helpful feature, too!
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3 months ago, Caballero714
Great App
This is a great app to look up the vehicles quickly either if you’re buying them or if there’s a hit-and-run, or anything of that nature such a great, entertaining app. I recommend it
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3 years ago, radboyradboy0071
This is legit
When I first looked at this app I that it was some crappy license plate game which is not what I wanted. But it had good ratings so I checked it out. And to my surprise this is the type of app I wanted.
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2 years ago, WWD Trvlr
BEWARE! Not As Advertised!
This App supposedly offers vehicle “Owner Information ‘Available’”, but unfortunately that IS NOT the case. You will be prompted to PAY, and promised such details, only after you use your credit card to gain “Premuim Access”, only to be severely disappointed with anything but vehicle owner information. What a rip off. Do not waste your money! SCAM! You have been warned. -Unsatisfied Customer
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6 months ago, O.D.B
Have several of these kinds of apps in my work, hands-down this one is the best one so far.
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3 years ago, Google Duo is the best
I can’t press done when I am making a group
This app is really good, but I have to tell you guys something. I can’t press done and I’m making a group so can you please update the app for me to press done for my group?
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1 year ago, gurybibe
Gury Bibe
I like this website I would really recommend it to everybody to use it. It’s worth it gives you all the information except the only thing that don’t give us the mileage.
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5 months ago, whorelisa
Allows me to keep tabs on criminals in my area
This app allows me to possibly identify the vermin criminals who buys drugs & plot scams in my neighborhood with criminal vermin that resides in my neighborhood so the app is a God sent.
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6 months ago, c͓̽h͓̽a͓̽s͓̽e͓̽y͓̽ⒼⒶⓜⒺⓇ
Was better when you didn’t have to pay
They should make it free again to look up plates.
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10 months ago, Billmo51
Very good
I think I would like it better if it gave the color other than that, I like it very much.
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8 months ago, Iampolo218
I think it’s a very interesting app, and it helps you know information about the vehicle
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11 months ago, Jr Tows
I use it daily for my job
This soy really saves me so much time. Thank you guys for creating such a helpful tool
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4 years ago, Copier guy 123
Great app.
App used to estimate current value. That is gone and so is the value of the app. Update. Developer responded by fixing the app. Current value is once again displayed.
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4 months ago, enrique in Idaho
accessible, only one problem.
I congratulate the developer of this app for making this accessible for those of us with visual impairments. However when looking up a license plate, the vehicle identification number isn't shown, or is shown but not legible to voiceover.
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2 years ago, i love Roku
It shows you the vin
This is so cool you can see literally everything
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4 years ago, TerryHatesSpam
Every time without fail when I look up a license plate it gives me all the information in detail. Nice job!!!
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3 weeks ago, BigCatBill
Only 25 Searches?
When did the free version get restricted to just 25 only? It used to be unlimited but only so many per day.
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1 year ago, Dbiers
95% success
This is a fantastic app. Most of the time I can bring up the last plate but on rare occasions it will not
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8 months ago, djwilliamny
Don’t work
I never download the car report, scam, this application doesn't work, When trying to download the report it gives an error message but they do not make mistakes when charging the $8.99 plus tax , unpleasant to be making a claim and waste of time
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7 months ago, Bud Beideman
Plate look up
I love it works great for info on cars at my shop at Westville service center
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2 weeks ago, ✅ADH9 on ROBLOX✅
All you do is put in the license plate and boom, all the information you need. I fill like I’m on a police CAD.
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2 years ago, R34l_C70
Great app
Very recommended if you wanna keep organized your car plates.
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2 years ago, lilcfbutt
Way better than I thought
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1 year ago, Lefty Prize
Never did I get a good response on data regarding a given license plate
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6 months ago, Panda1342
Best late look up app there is
100 percent accurate
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2 months ago, Uncle Jewf
Excellent App
I drive a heavy wrecker and run a garage for cars. This app is awesome for getting the info on vehicles.
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10 months ago, Weeby Wobble
Just links you to a paid car license plate lookup
This app does literally nothing that google doesn’t provide already. Just sends you to a website you have to pay for. Waste of storage.
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4 months ago, Jason 80 510
Unlimited Basic Searches
Description says unlimited basic searches yet they limit you to 25 plate look-ups and after that you have to “Buy more look-ups.” Misleading waste of time
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7 months ago, Darnell1976
Best way to look up specs and description of a vehicle
Good app
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3 months ago, Gaelpowers
New update trash
The app used to have no paywalls and you could search the info for free. Now you have to pay for credits. Instead of paying us ads at least. It’s free for the users.
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1 month ago, Shahdrip
Money hungry
I had this app for years until today when they decided to charge me to use it very let down definitely deleting this
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3 years ago, UFC!
Great app perfect for what i need and no problems.
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2 years ago, BestKidEva48
Add the delete
So this app is not half bad but can u please add a delete feature?
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2 years ago, Wiesiu33
Nice App
App is pretty good but it needs a DELETE feature. I want to delete some plates from my history.
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4 months ago, wants more rock
Absolutely worthless
Requires a subscription to get any information and the information that you get is inaccurate and incomplete. Waste of money and effort.
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2 years ago, Kaali Billi
Great app
Great app to judge other peoples cars on how old they might be😜
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5 years ago, Nazar Babak
Awesome app!
Very useful app with simple interface.
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3 months ago, mikehahfbnsnbf
Was free now it’s not
Having a app that was free to use is what made this app so great now they want to charge to use it if I wanted to pay for the app I would’ve purchased one
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2 months ago, snacksize0784
State tags
Only complaint is that it will not pull up native tribal tags and here in Oklahoma that’s pretty much 85%
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3 years ago, l@dybugzi
Does not work
I submitted multiple license plates, the information does not come up. Didn’t even come up for my own license plate number.
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If only owner names and addresses …
If only owner names and addresses …
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3 weeks ago, Man with a Gun 69
Pay to use
They have good information but one you use 25 lookups they make you buy more
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