Light Pollution Map - Dark Sky

3.4 (912)
160.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dunbar Technology, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Light Pollution Map - Dark Sky

3.45 out of 5
912 Ratings
5 months ago, ScubaTeam
Used to be a great App, crashes now and is unusable
This used to be a great app. I used it frequently to plan routes when traveling to find good dark areas to stop for the night to do some imaging. Currently using iOS 17 and this app stopped working for me at about 4 months ago. The app loads fine and then as soon as the map loads the app shuts down with a hard crash. The main menu loads at first open, and you can use every menu item without crash, but once the map is opened the whole app crashes. Hope an update is put out soon to fix. It’s hard to find a replacement that does what this one used to do.
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6 months ago, Banditsuni
App no longer usable
For years I have used the app without a glitch, but now it crashes every time I try to look at the map. An update/fix would be nice. The last update was 4 years ago, operating systems have changed a lot since. I would be willing to pay for the app if it worked.
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7 months ago, s.mcmahan
So far, crashes
I just d/l’ed app and it crashed. Hoping that would be remedied when I purchased the professional version upgrade. Still crashes. I did a hard boot on my phone. Still crashes. Sure wish the developer would support the persons who are trying to support them. Four years since an update… hmmm. Tells me I was too hasty to download it based on the promises in the listing. Won’t make that error again. Oh well. Guess I’ll see if there’s a solution. Nothing in the help files about crashing either.
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1 year ago, user727484838272
App Crashes
I’m a beginner astrophotographer and I use the LPM app quite a bit. Recently, whenever I go to open the app and open the Light Pollution Map, the app crashes and automatically brings me back to my Home Screen. I thought that there’s an update that I had to install in order to be able to use the light pollution map, but I checked the App Store and there’s no update. Don’t get me wrong, the LPM app is great cause it provides information to people on what there Bortle is, where in the US (Or wherever you live) are Bortle 1 locations, etcetera. But the app has been crashing for me for about a couple of weeks and I’m hoping that it will be fixed.
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8 months ago, Rock4Jesus777
Attention Developer: You’re losing people
Dev, Your app needs some serious maintenance. If I don’t open the Light Pollution Map (the main function in the app), then the app as a whole seems to stay open and run as it should. However, if you go to use the LPM, it’ll just get your region loaded and the whole app crashes. This is rather disappointing. This app could be an indispensable tool for any astrophotographer, regardless of skill level. There are some very cool functions built in, but the Light Pollution Map was incredibly helpful and easy to use. Now it’s rubbish. It doesn’t load. So the app is effectively taking up space on my phone and sadly, I think it’s time to part ways. I will check back in the future to see if you got your act together but until then, I hope all is well. So long.
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7 months ago, Newclear Fishion
Go to Settings and Set Permissions to View User Location to Never. This will fix the app from SPAZZING OUT and crashing 100% of the time within 5 seconds. Other than that, it’s a great app, and can save a lot of pain trying to find a good spot, or settling for less.
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3 months ago, This is not NKJV
This app keeps crashing. When you zoom in on a area it crashes and sends you back to Home Screen.I thought if I could update it, it might would fix it. but they were no updates to fix this. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed using this app when it was working properly. but as of today I would to give it a 0 stars because it crashes. Hopefully they will fix it soon and then I can reinstall it on my phone..
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9 months ago, Val Hoffman
App crashes and is unusable
I used to use this map all the time. Loved it! But now it crashes soon after the map loads. If you try to zoom in on a smaller area-line your city, it crashes immediately. I have an iPhone 11. Been updated several times. Still doesn’t work. So I guess the LPM creators need to figure it. Doesn’t appear they are though, since it’s been doing this for a long time☹️
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5 years ago, eeowaa
Great app and customer service
As an amateur astronomer, this app is perfect for finding a good location to observe. If you are serious about astronomy, the paid version has enough useful features to justify a one-time purchase, plus you get priority support, which has proven beneficial to me. Hats off to the devs!
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9 months ago, Stewmeister50
When I click to go to the light pollution map it crashes
The main reason I downloaded this app was for the light pollution map. It crashed the first time I tried to open the map and had everyone since then. I’m going to uninstall it because the main feature I need doesn’t work. Might try coming back to it later if they can fix this bug.
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4 years ago, bcampbell
Will not load light pollution layer, minimizes app into background mode
My Astrophotography instructor from a local College recommended this app. Very disappointed, it is unusable. Allowed it to use my location while open, selected light pollution map from list, the satellite view displayed. Only 30% of the light pollution overlay manages to load from the left side of iPad Pro display, then instantly the app closes! Double click my home button, and I see the app in the App Switcher. There are no updates in the App Store.
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9 months ago, Haka jack
App performance
The app has good intentions, especially for astrophotographers trying to plan out those good shots. But the app keeps crashing in the light pollution map, and I just downloaded it. The events calendar also isn’t up to date either, I’m sure there are more events than just meteor showers.
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2 months ago, stevedubya
I want to like this app
On iPad 10 I open app and US map displays fine but when I pinch zoom or select my location icon it crashes every time. Deleted app, reinstalled but same behavior. Using ipadOS 17.4.1.
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5 years ago, jalangle
A busy disappointed
For the pro price, I’m disappointed. The location manager part of the app just crashes when trying to use as does the aurora. There are issues with zoom resetting when weather overlay is on and it is telling when the darkness here ends in the middle of the day. Also, the calendar appears to have nothing in it.
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2 days ago, Lightscapes
Cannot access light pollution map
I just downloaded this app despite reading its lackluster reviews. And now I am experiencing what the naysayers wrote: the app crashes when trying to access the light pollution map. After uninstalling it then reinstalling, it isn’t any better. At least I didn’t pay for the app.
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5 months ago, TravelingTex
This used to be a great app and I used it all the time! But somewhere in the last year, not sure when, it keeps crashing. I thought it was my iPhone as I’m still using an old iPhone 7 Plus. But two months ago I got an iPad 9th Gen and am up-to-date on all the iOS updates but it still crashes on my iPad as well. Sadly, this app is no longer useable.
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1 month ago, Goldenrod farm
App just crashes
Every time I open this app, it shows the big map, then flashes to some sort of smaller map for a second and then crashes. Trying to contact support just results in a message that the ticket is closed. The app has not been updated in 4 years so I assume it is no longer supported and should be deleted from the App Store
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7 months ago, Valentine021488
HORRIBLE all maps crash.
Idea of the app seems legit. As soon as you open the app it looks legit. All map features, which is the only useful part of the app, crash upon opening. Upgrading to pro is only a waste of 10 dollars because maps crash as well. This issue has been occurring since April. Wish I had read other reviews sooner.
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1 month ago, 12fpi23
What happened?
I liked this app. I’m not sure where it went or why it was removed and I’m very upset about it :(
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5 years ago, travellingbears
4.3.5 version map zoom issue
With recent update to 4.3.5 I notice when zooming on iPad that map resets to original full USA view (starting point) after a few seconds automatically rather than holding at zoomed view. Using icon to go my location (drilled down view) gets same result. So you can’t get to detailed view of LPM to look at sites. What’s the point of the LPM now?
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4 weeks ago, TheWeather123
App crashes on map load
Please fix the app crash once the light pollution map loads!
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6 months ago, sk2007
App crashes iPhone 15 pro max
I’ll give it two stars because I am hoping this is a bug that will be fixed. But the app is unusable on my phone. I even bought the upgrade but no dice. Tried contacting via chat on the app twice with no response.
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3 months ago, M. C. Jordan
LPM Crashing
Like others have noted, of late LPM crashes and burns on startup. I had hoped for an update as well to solve this stabilty issue, but there is no update. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not help either. When it was working, it was a dynamite app! Are we now forced to look elsewhere?
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5 months ago, new_macbook_user
The app crashes 100% of the time.
It starts to load the map but when it goes from the large area to my local area it crashes. Everything else seems to work. App and iOS are up to date. 15 max pro
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2 years ago, Wacoed
Too Cluttered
Have this app on my iPad Air and Pro and am happy with. Will be upgrading. Added to my iPhone. There is so much junk on the screen you can hardly see the map. I have an SE. Apparently the developers think everyone has the bigger screen phones.
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5 years ago, Bmehta
Unable to search
The app is great. However, for some reason I cannot type in a location. It keeps saying unable to search try again. I have internet connection and all.
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9 months ago, fit4apit
the most important feature crashes the app
I downloaded this so I could see the light pollution map but clicking the map crashes and closes the app. Other features work but the fact that the feature that shares the name of the app doesn’t work is… confusing at best.
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10 months ago, akitty13
It keeps Crashing
This app was my favorite and it was working great for like 2 years. Recently anytime I open the light pollution app it crashes. I am so sad. I really hope it gets fixed.
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3 weeks ago, Lockca
App crashes
I use the website version of this app frequently and love it but this app just does not work when you open the map. It crashes instantly. If the developer fixes this issue it is a 5star app.
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5 months ago, Geddyme
Take this junk down.
I see reviews from more than a year ago about the iOS app crashing when the map (the major reason to get the app in the first place) is opened. Obviously not being supported any longer. I’m using iOS 17.2 and would rate 0 if possible.
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7 months ago, Alex6es
Current location map crashes
Unfortunately the app crash every time the current position map is about to load. App has lot of potential but the main fixture, the light pollution, it crashes every time. Hopefully developers fixes this little issue.
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2 months ago, Nbenadom
Crashes 100% of the time
If I could give 0 stars for this, I would. It’s got a lot of nicely advertised features, but I can’t use any of them. iOS is updated; deleted and reinstalled app; restarted phone; etc… nothing works, including the developers. It crashes EVERY . Single . TIME.
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8 months ago, nikonpointer
Crashes on loading with iOS 17.0.3
Was my go to app to find dark locations but since the recent iOS update it just crashes when trying to load. Looks like it hasn’t been update since 2017 according g to the App Store. There’s a $4.99 pro version but what are the odds that’ll work?
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1 month ago, Bdpiligian
Keeps crashing
I like the layout and functionality but keeps crashing
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4 months ago, Banjer dude
Used to work great
Used to work great but now just crashes whenever I try something like light pollution map. Uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, etc. It simply just won’t function. Moved on to another app that works consistently.
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6 months ago, Matrix365!
Can’t use
App crashes all the time, will not load so not even usable. I use my computer to look at the stuff I need since this app has not worked in a while with no one apparently working to fix anything. Don’t waste your time or money for this app.
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1 month ago, Uncle Bruiser
Just upgraded to Pro and now when I try to open map it crashes
After the upgrade the app no longer will open map. It shows “loading” then crashes. So far inquiries have gone answered including a final request for refund. Crickets
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4 months ago, DrJCMonty
Dunbar no longer seems to support app
It‘s now Feb of ´24. No updates x 4yrs. Data in lower left corner of screen never refreshes. Never has as far as I can remember. App randomly freezes. Attempts to get to app help at developers website dead end.
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9 months ago, rigpasword
Non functional crashing app
Went to use this app after not using it for a while and it now crashes with most things I try to do with it. It appears as though the developer has abandoned it and is working on other apps for photographers.
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9 months ago, Focus_Tom
Good idea overwhelmed by greed.
Shows sky pollution by artificial light but only for a few seconds just to disappear. Essentially software is unusable. Once a message indicating that I should pay if I want to use this appeared. I’m giving one star because I can’t use this even to evaluate how it works.
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2 weeks ago, AcheronXaris
Doesn’t Work
I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled this app … and every time I open the app and go to look at the actual light pollution map, the app crashes and closes. It used to work but now it doesn’t work at all. This is a total waste of money, useless.
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6 months ago, MikeW805
Abandoned app but I have a tip to make it work
The developer has abandoned the app but there is a way to make it work. Go to your “phones” settings and scroll down to this app. Under “location” select NEVER. Viola she works, kind of…
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1 week ago, KYjaybird
Doesn’t open.
Can’t report an issue; can’t contact developer; useless app without being able to let anyone know there’s an issue. Hopefully someone will see this and respond. I love the idea of this app. Hope it gets fixed.
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4 months ago, mutate me
App Crashes
This app used to be wonderful & informative but it crashes when you open it. Just takes you back to your Home Screen. It’s been happening for years now. Don’t know why they haven’t fixed it. Try another app!
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8 months ago, What’s a nickname?!!
Instantly crashes 😖
This seems like a very good app. However, every time I load it, it crashes. And I’ve noticed a lot of other people have this problem unfortunately.
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3 months ago, no towns
App is crashing
Is this app supported anymore?? Keeps crashing like a couple other users have noted. Would update rating to a 5 if the crashing was fixed. Used to be a great app.
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9 months ago, David65465
App crashing
I paid $9.99 for the pro version, which was a huge mistake. I want my money back. The app crashes every time I open it. Apple — take this off the App Store… it looks like others are having the same issue and it’s not getting fixed!!!
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7 months ago, JHLreviewer
I paid $10 for this app and have never been able to load the light pollution map because it crashes. Every. Single. Time. It’s incredible disappointing. I’ve tried to reach out to the developer and heard nothing back.
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6 months ago, JordiFerre578
Repeatedly crashes whenever I zoom in on my area on the map. I’ve redownloaded it countless times, but it just keeps crashing before I can zoom in to my city
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7 months ago, Hikerwog
App crashes with map
This app used to work great but for awhile now it crashes every time I open dark sky map. I paid for a little extra for cloud cover and all but now nothing as it just crashes and brings me to Home Screen.
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