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Punch Through
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User Reviews for LightBlue®

4.39 out of 5
731 Ratings
3 years ago, iomracer
Found my Oura ring
I lost my Oura ring and tried many blue tooth location apps: BLE Hero, Bluetooth BLE Device Finder, BLE Scanner, Find My Lost Bluetooth Device, Wunderfind, and Find My Device, but none could find it. After a neighbor eventually found the ring, I tried all of these apps next to the ring, and they still couldn’t detect it. I assume it’s because the ring emits a very low powered bluetooth signal. However, LightBlue can successfully find the ring, up to 10 feet away in my tests. I’d give five stars if the app had the ability to manual name (and remember) unnamed devices.
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5 years ago, TheStarlighter
Complete Awesomeness.
I somehow misplaced my fitbit yesterday. I thought I'd have to buy another one after buying cute extra bands for it... I couldn't quite remember what I had done with it. Lost my previous fitbit somewhere in a very large park last year while running my dogs and was chastising myself for having lost my second, yet again. I searched and searched multiple times EVERYWHERE and for a few hours total, to absolutely no avail... Downloaded this app at roomie's suggestion and OMG-voila. This thing literally led me to my Marie Condo method-temporary mess of a room (cleaning out the closet so piles and piles of clothes everywhere) down to the specific area where the proximity bars were highest and upon searching around there, I actually found my strapless fitbit (had removed the straps to wash and must have dropped the watchface which buried itself into a little pocket within a pile! And I thought I had combed through the clothes. Drove me nuts. TYTYTY to my roomie for the suggest but most importantly to the developer(s) for creating this extremely useful app!! 💋🙏🏻👌
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6 years ago, klyhthwy
Great Tool!
Thanks for adding the ability to explore connected devices! I especially like the hex keypad to enter data when sending to peripherals. Nordic’s nRF Connect and others just give you the keyboard! It is so annoying to switch back and forth between numbers key and letters for A-F. Now, if a device you are using becomes disconnected please consider added the ability to reconnect without having to backtrack to scanning and selecting the device. My case is like this. I’m sending data to a device and, thanks to your wonderful app, the recent data I sent is stored within the characteristic that I sent the data on. But when the device disconnects I have to go back to the scan screen, reconnect, and enter the data into the app over again. In my case I know when the device is advertising or connectable.
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6 years ago, Lindalulu4u
So happy!
This app totally works! I never write reviews BUT had to for this one. I’ve been going nuts looking for my Fitbit for days! I had just bought a cute new band for it! I knew it was in my house because it was syncing with the app. Found this app (after almost paying $6 for a different one) and sure enough, my Fitbit along with my iPad and some various devices with no name came up! I started walking around my house and little blue bars started popping up and down next to the Charge 2. Still couldn’t locate it and gave up last night, still going crazy! Got up this morning and started the app up again and the bars came up again. I finally went out and looked in my car again and all of the bars lit up. Warmer, warmer, and bam, SCORE! I found it. Thank you!
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6 years ago, DS12056
I lost my fitbit and I found it with this even though the battery was SO low! This is free, no need to pay for the other types. You will see a list of Bluetooth devices it finds when you open it. Find the Alta or whatever you are looking for in the list. On the left there are some bars that will turn blue as you get closer - the more bars, the closer you are. I also used my fitbit app and saw which room it synced quickly with. Then I walked around the room and saw where the signal was strongest by number of blue bars. My fitbit had attached itself to a hanger in my closet - had totally given up on it as the battery was dead but gave it one more shot and found it - good luck!
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5 years ago, Lestye
I’ve spent half the day tearing my house apart, thinking I was going crazy...remembering having my Fitbit in my hand this morning...and not being able to find it anywhere after making a cup of coffee. I even began wondering if the neighborhood squirrel, who comes for hand-fed peanuts every morning, had come into the house while my back was turned, and somehow stolen it. Finally, a link on a help website took me to your App, and less than 10 minutes after downloading, the highlighted bars narrowed down the room and the Fitbit where I had apparently placed it while in the middle of a “senior moment”. Amazing! And again, THANK YOU!
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5 years ago, ThankfulJeff66
Had lost my Fitbit Alta. Looked everywhere. Had been lost for 3-4 days. Contacted Fitbit and got some vague help. Did have a link to this app. Downloaded it and immediately it caught trace of my Alta. I’m walking around the Yard, porches, bedrooms etc. can’t find it. I kept getting a reading near the laundry room but couldn’t find it. After realizing the more blue bars, the closer you are to it. Went back to the laundry room, getting a stronger signal. Raised the lid to the washing machine, STRONGER signal, BAM, there it was, washed in a pair of running shorts. Awesome!!!! Thank you so much.
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2 days ago, Old Fan Turned Angry
Much better than the other BLE dev apps out there. Especially appreciate the ability to quickly recall (write) something previously sent to a characteristic. My biggest issue is their default format of HEX. If I subscribe to a characteristic to receive notifications after changing to the UTF-8 format, I’d expect the notifications to be in that format, not HEX. Please add an app wide setting to change the default format, or at least retain the selected format for notifications.
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5 years ago, ielondblock
It worked!
I don’t leave reviews for apps but I feel strongly for this one because it actually worked. My fitbit was in our house - I know it because it synced but I couldn’t find it. I found this app when I was looking for ways to find my fitbit. Not only did I not pay for it but it actually helped me find my versa. So once you know what the numbers mean (the lower the number the nearer you are to your device), then you are on your way to finding your lost fitbit.
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4 years ago, e22e
I just discovered that I misplaced my Fitbit. I am sure it is in the house and looked everywhere but couldn’t find it until I came across this app while searching for solution online. I simply downloaded this app, my Fitbit was listed but out of the Bluetooth range. So I kept walking around the house while trying to connect it. Within 5 mins it indicated the Fitbit was nearby and there it is! Found it in my laundry basket! Thank you!!
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2 years ago, Its That End User Again
A great app intended for TESTING, or DEVELOPMENT.
If you do not understand how Bluetooth can Bluetooth, this app may not be for you. Read: It’s not meant to find your lost left earbud.😏 It’s great however for testing, development, DIY, and learning. That’s what it’s made for, and it works. The Punchthrough site also happened to be a awesome resource about Bluetooth, and I learned from it. Check it out.
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3 years ago, Ravingmad
Find your lost Bluetooth device
I lost a $300 bluetooth peripheral and had no idea where it went. At first I thought this app wasn’t working because it was directing me to the back of my closet which made no sense. Turns out the thing had gotten tangled up in the Velcro on a duffel bag and was, in fact, on the floor in the back of my closet. I would have never found it again without this app. Five stars.
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2 years ago, s.500
Extremely useful
A family member lost their Xiaomi smart band and asked for assistance. Their phone was still getting the band’s Bluetooth signal but wasn’t saying how far away the band was. In comes the LightBlue app. It took a few minutes to find the band’s Bluetooth signal, but once it had, the band was easy to find. Many thanks, without this app we never would’ve found the smart band.
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7 years ago, FedUp1000099987112
Lost, then found
Lost Fitbit One while doing yard work. Noticed it missing later in the evening. It still synced to my iPhone, so I knew it must be nearby. Within five minutes of opening this app I was guided to check outside, where the One had slipped from my pocket. Mind you, this was in darkness, with only the light from the phone's screen and the app's detection capability. A genuine gem of an app! Tried three, and this one did the job!
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4 years ago, Kaity03220322
Found Fitbit Charge like *THAT*
I had a fitbit charge 2 that i had been missing for 5 days because someone else moved it in a house of 8 people and no one remembered doing it. This, while it does help in a strange way, only helping to locate while i tapped on it before it took me to the next screen, it did without a doubt point me to a drawer in the corner of the house where it was. Amazing. This is the future haha.
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6 years ago, Zach1215
Super helpful
Although it’s not exact it can definitely help narrow down a general location and once you find the location start slowly scanning for phone over different areas until you get a signal in the 40’s which means you’re right on top of whatever your looking for, in my case my Fitbit which I would’ve never found without this app
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5 years ago, absmarie10
Found my FitBit in 10 minutes
It’s been gone for a month and I have had no luck in finding it, I turn on this app and how it works is it pops up with all these names but you’ll find, for example, charge 3. You follow that signal around till you see the negatives go down. Eventually it’ll lead you to the room or space it’s in. So happy, worked like a charm!!!
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5 years ago, SamAnnSim
Seriously, Saved me from killing my husband
Husband lost his Fitbit (that I got him with my reward points) and I was determined to find that mother f’ing thing. After calling/texting his phone over and over again (it said it was connected so it had to be in the house!) I googled other ways to find it and came across this app. Hallelujah the heavens opened and we found it! Thank you!
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6 years ago, onlysocialmediaissnapchat
I had checked everywhere for my fitbit and just could not find it! I came across this app when searching up how to find my fitbit online and after I downloaded this app I walked around the house and I could narrow it down the places it could be:)) If you lose anything that has bluetooth connection, definitely get this app because it helps a TON!
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6 years ago, Niche1159
Lost my Fitbit for work
I lost my Fitbit for work, the kind of fit bit you get to keep your insurance low and because of this app I have found it. It was in the couch but in the back where it slid through the cushions to the back of the couch where it was not visible. Thank you so much. You do have to linger in a spot to let the signal catchup, however this app is wonderful.
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2 years ago, AtOurGates
Saved me $250
I loaned my bike GPS to my teenager. He managed to knock it off his mountain bike. All we knew was that it was somewhere in a 3-mile segment of forest trail. After riding the trail and looking for it unsuccessfully, in desperation I looked for an app that would look for Bluetooth signals. I found LightBlue, loaded it up and re-rode that 3-mile segment of trail. About 50’ from the GPS, the device showed up on the app. We jumped off our bikes, and used the app’s signal strength to triangulate. Finally, we found the $250 GPS unit hiding under a bush where we would have never, in a million years, found it otherwise. Couldn’t be more thrilled with an app.
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2 years ago, loot-lama-life
Amazing app
I use the app all the time to find my earbuds and it works amazingly one problem is that it would be nice to be able to blue tooth connect to a device through the app because sometimes my phone won’t connect but light blue shows it’s possible. Again great app
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5 years ago, Izzybeth3212
Great app!
I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my fitness tracker. The manufacturer recommended this app and I’m glad I got it! It took a bit to understand the distance related to the signal strength, but once I got close the numbers got down to around -56 I knew I was super close. After moving some clutter I found it under the night stand. Darn cats.
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1 year ago, MzRizza1
Apple Pencil
If you're having trouble connecting your Apple Pencil with this app you have to go back to your old iPad Bluetooth settings and “forget device” then head back to this app to connect and it should work. I was struggling until I did this and works great now!
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5 years ago, sharjhar831
Fitbit found!
Thank you LightBlue. I lost my Fitbit One almost 2 weeks ago. Since it was periodically syncing and IT friend suggested it must be nearby. I Googled finding lost Fitbits and saw this app referenced several times. Much like a metal detector, I used the Bluetooth strength indicator to find my missing device just now. THANK YOU!!!!
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6 years ago, cjfun1
BEWARE steals private information
I had this app installed for less than 12 hours when they began accessing information from my phone and apps, which included my PayPal account. I get an email early this morning saying I changed my password. The only way I knew what it said was to have it translated to the English language since it was sent in Spanish. Once I logged into my account, I see that my page has been converted to Spanish. This is a fraudulent app. They have all my private information and are using it!!!!!
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3 years ago, Flip Girl 111
Does not work with dead devices
This app did not work unless you were on top of the item and I was trying to find my dead Fitbit. It did not work for me and I would only use it if your device is charged. I eventually found it but it took 1 hour to find. I would not recommend this app if your device you are looking for is dead.
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2 years ago, Anuj Gulati
Helped me find my Fitbit!
After trying multiple apps that claimed to help find Bluetooth devices this is the one that finally worked. I thought I had forgotten/ dropped my Fitbit somewhere but this app found it in my house!
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4 years ago, IAmBeerBear
A co-worker lost her fitbit and was ready to give up. I used a couple apps that wouldn't work and then as a last resort we used this one. We’re so glad we did! It was in a box of supplies somehow that she had taped back up somehow the band broke and fell in the box. Will be keeping this app forever!
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1 year ago, Gatlin21
Lost Fitbit Inspire 3
Used the app to find my sons list Fitbit Inspire 3. I had to open the app and select the Inspire 3. I could see the reading in the background. I just kept doing that as I walked through the house. I found it in a closet in my wife’s inside pocket of her winter coat.
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4 years ago, mikeallenfpv
Without your app, I may have lost my GoPro for good
Your app is the reason I found my GoPro in the middle of the night and I can’t thank you guys enough for it!! Picked up my GoPro and from there I just walked around til the signal got stronger. Led me right to it! It was so reliable! Thank you Punch Through Designs! 👊🏻
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4 years ago, angrycheeto36
This is the best app ever. I lost my Fitbit on a bike ride in the woods, and was really upset. I went to fitbits website and download this app and after going around the woods for only a couple minutes it located my Fitbit a couple feet away. Thank you so much!( I would give 6 if I could!)
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5 years ago, Cgirl10
We found our Fitbit piece!
This app is awesome! Someone in my family lost their Fitbit when we were looking at furniture the other day, and we were able to find it with this app and the other app that the website recommends! :)
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3 years ago, Tony Stark6_7
Wasn’t working
This app would never work for me to locate anything. Always said disconnected and always has to refresh. Overall I would say do not waste your time.
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4 years ago, ?>#@!#%^&*
I recently dropped my right Skullcandy earbud into my yard at night and this allowed me to track the signal to find it. Your neighbors might think you are nuts crawling in the yard with your phone, but you can find a matte black needle in a hay stack at night with this app.
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6 years ago, MrEdOB
It works great!!
The wife spent $5 on an app that could not lead us to her ‘lost’ Fitbit. While she was trying to locate with the other app, I download Lightble to my iPhone. Once started, her Fitbit “Alta” registered and going room-to-room I found it in a bag within 3 minutes. Great job!
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6 years ago, njlibrarynerd
Great free app
Does what you need it to do, identify nearby Bluetooth devices and show signal strength. Ideal for getting an idea of what is around you or as a guide for spacing out Bluetooth speakers. Also works well as a divining rod for lost devices. Found my Fitbit twice with it.
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5 years ago, Makayla Ann Herbert
Not Working
So i lost my fitbit and have no idea where it is, i read the reviews so i decided to download it and find it. Well when i open it up it says there are no bars, but when i click on it the bars show up, but then it goes to its profile. It only shows the bars when i click on it. Please help.
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6 years ago, JamminJayJay
Found my Fitbit in 30 seconds!
This app is incredible. I lost my Fitbit and my whole family looked for it for like an hour. Then, downloaded this app, and found it within thirty seconds. This is the modern day metal detector, and was perfect!
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3 years ago, ustommy
Probably the best BLE utility app
Although this app doesn’t contain all the possible features, it’s probably the easiest to use and the best outlined app. This is my go to application when it comes to analyzing Bluetooth.
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6 years ago, Gerg14
Awesome App!
We’ve used this app to successfully find lost Bluetooth devices several times. Without it, these expensive items would have been lost forever. A great, intuitive solution!
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6 years ago, RonaldsLady
Doesn’t work as well as all these people claim
I’m in the room with the Samsung TV but not once have any of the bars turned blue. I’m wearing my FitBit Blaze and it’s only picked it up 2x after reopening the app several times. Now I’m looking for a second FitBit Blaze but it doesn’t come up on the list of nearby at all but I know which room it was lost in. Very frustrating. There are also a lot of unnamed devices and when you click on them, they time out.
Show more
6 years ago, l3lueyes77
I was directed to this app because I lost my flex 2 fit bit. I had very low battery but it was able to let me know I was at least close by and I found it!! Thanks for not sucking!
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7 years ago, gold_leader
Great companion app for creating BLE accessories
The app allows easy discovery of services and characteristics on the BLE device as well as reading and writing to the device. The cloning feature is especially useful for debugging the APP side BLE communication and discovery.
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1 year ago, look2day
I misplaced my Fitbit Inspire & was desperately searching for it because my son bought it for me with the 1st paycheck he ever earned. Kept reading good reviews that this app would help me find it. For 2 days Lite Blue would have the word Inspire show up but no numbers or lines would indicate if I was close to it. When I found my Inspire & laid the phone on top of it there was no indication it was anywhere close.
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5 years ago, MidMoJo
Works great!
I downloaded this app because I had lost my old Fitbit flex. It took me a bit to figure out how it works, but once I did, I found my flex in less than 5 minutes.
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1 year ago, Redbean6x6
My headphone dropped out of my ear when I was carrying some boxes outside and this was the only way I was able to find it
Show more
4 years ago, Ze Bayati
I found my Fitbit
True it took me 30 minutes to find it but thank god my Fitbit was charged. It would be more awesome if it showed a location but I still found it 👌🏻
Show more
3 years ago, Krys5y
Found lost iphone
My daughters phones were missing in the house. Eventually died. This app let me know my phone was somewhere in my room. Dead and all. Amazing. Thank you
Show more
6 months ago, NW23
Didn’t help me find my FitBit :(
I lost my FitBit somewhere in my apartment after taking it off and setting it down for a shower. Been going crazy and thought this would help. No cigar. I know its in here somewhere bc I didn’t leave after taking it off and it keeps syncing, its fine on battery too but for some reason this app is still not picking it up. Le sigh.
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