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LinkedPhone LLC
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User Reviews for Linked Phone Business Number

4.73 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Remy010377
Perfect for small start up
I was looking all over for adding another line through my carrier until a small business owner suggested LinkedPhone. This was the best idea ever. It was easy and affordable. I’m running my business on my own so cutting cost is crucial. And because it’s just me, I only pay an extra $20/month on top of my monthly phone service. This has been very helpful. It’s user friendly and serves the purpose I need it for. Allows me to record the calls, text my clients, set up automated voicemail. If you’re just starting out and do not want to use your personal phone number to put out there for ppl to call, this would be a great app to download and use. You can even pick out your own number (something easy to remember). Love that!
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2 months ago, powdereddonut1
After several years of use, do not recommend
This app seemed like a great option as my business line attached to my cell phone. However, over 2+ years of use it has turned out to be time-consuming and has caused some customer service issues in my business. I’ve had to delete and re-download it many times to repair errors, I re-download it almost monthly to fix issues and reset the app. It’s had many significant glitches, including: not allowing me to answer a call, sending customer calls straight to voicemail without ringing during our business hours, playing my personal voicemail instead of my business voicemail, randomly deleting my recorded business greetings and replacing them with a robotic/AI answering voice that does not provide any information about my business. Glitches where I could not send texts, and where I did not receive texts or calls for 1-2 business days. Sometimes when you save a new contact it saves with a nonsense name you did not write, or writes the name double in your contact list and you have to go in and edit the contact. For example, saving “Andrea Sloane” as “AndreaAndrea SloaneShower.” I have fully tried this app for more than 2 years and I have seen everything it can do, along with all of the ways it has errors. I am continuing with it because all my contacts and my phone and text records are in it, but I cannot recommend that others use this app.
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5 years ago, morganakat
*Update* Terrible customer service got better.
*I am updating my review of LinkedPhone because finally after leaving the last review, someone reached out to me with the instructions that I had been asking for and an apology that I had such a bad experience. Hopefully someone will be on top of their customer service from now on. I do like the phone service as it allows me to distinguish between personal calls and business calls from one phone and it’s relatively easy to navigate.* I got LinkedPhone a couple of months ago and the service is decent however the app pulled a photo from Facebook and set it as my profile pic without my permission and I can’t change it. I’ve reached out to support several time and no one has ever contacted me back or sent me instructions of how to take the inappropriate photo off of my account. Not great when you’re trying to run a business and have no support from your phone service app. I can’t recommend a company that has such awful support.
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2 years ago, theoldfam
Glitches ALL THE TIME.
I read the other reviews before downloading and was apparently fooled. This app is HORRIBLE. I’m a Communications Admin so I’m constantly calling and texting people. This app glitches so often that I have to close out and go back in. Sometimes restarting my phone is the only way to get it to reset. It won’t actually hang up some phone calls (why I had to restart my phone today also) as well as it glitches in messages to the point that I have to copy and paste my message from my notepad because if I try to type it out in the app, the keyboard disappears randomly and it won’t let me type more. Then if you back out of the message to refer back to another one, what you had typed disappears also. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to have a consistent workflow. I’m mad because I paid for this app and now have this phone number that all of my clients are contacting me on, and have to go through the trouble of hopefully transferring this phone number somewhere else so I never have to use this truly stressful app again. Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND.
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3 years ago, Olivianinja
Bugs left and right
I have quite the experience with this app, I have been using it in business for a few months now. I find myself deleting the app and re-download it multiple times a week to fix this bug issue. Every time I open the app it immediately opens it up to one single customer every single time. Even if I click to make a phone call instead, it will immediately take me to that customers messages. I have accidentally sent messages to this customer, and called this customer by accident on multiple occasions because of this bug. It is extremely annoying, and deters me from wanting to use this app anymore. This bug needs to be fixed immediately! It is extremely aggravating for me to have to re-download the app multiple times in a week, sometimes multiple times in a day! It is very disappointing to have to deal with that sort of issue when I am in the customer service industry.
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7 months ago, LinkPhoneUser
Great Phone App
Needed a solution to have multiple phones notified when a client calls in. The LinkedPhone app works great! All phones hear an incoming call. You can see if it was answered and by whom. All phones can see a voice message. All phones can view text messages and see who responded and what was said. No more asking colleagues what was happening with a certain client when texting is occurring. With the LinkedPhone contact list, my personal contacts are separate from business. The voice quality is great and it works seamless with our iPhones. Porting our business number was easy and quick. There are so many other features that we are not using. This app has something for everyone. Don’t hesitate get LinkedPhone today.
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2 years ago, Tennah W
Excellent and professional customer service
I wrote a snap judgment review before investigating more closely on my end and I want to personally apologize to this company for it. Your customer service team reached out to me multiple times to work out my problem and to apologize when it was clearly my fault and my fault alone. I never once had a problem with the app in regards to this product. I merely never used it and thought it was canceled when it was not, through no fault of this company or Apple. I highly recommend this company because there are incredibly hard working people behind the scenes who want you to have the best product they have to offer. And it is an excellent product.
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5 years ago, mr ebay man
Absolutely awesome app
I purchased this app about two years ago after using one of the other phone apps. I will say this app works great I get all my calls it always work I haven’t had a single issue with it. The app I had before was 7$ less but nothing but problems missing calls and it screwed up my phones phone as well. This app I can’t say enough about it. Very easy to change greetings on any mail box at any time it is perfect for business use and many others as well. You can definitely rely on it you won’t be disappointed. If you are worried about missing calls all I can say is get over 1000 calls a a year and I get them all. My customer like it and say that it works good and is easy for them to use. Thanks
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4 years ago, DigitalNomadSF
Great app. Everything I need plus more.
Wow what a breath of fresh air! Excellent updates. The LinkedPhone team is wonderful to speak to and very responsive to bug reports. Also, the updates are well thought out. I love the call notes feature the most. I can keep track of my interactions and transactions with customers all in the app. The call menu was more than I was looking for but it’s made a huge improvement in how I run my business. Easy to set up a call menu options to route calls to my support team or to my fulfillment guy. Very smooth. I only have three people on my team but it feels like a much bigger business with these professional features. Keep up the great work.
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3 years ago, Springmsm
Best option out there for working from home
I studied deeply to find the best option that would allow out team to work from home and still keep the business number we share on our phones at work. This is the best option at the best price. I love that we can easily label each number that comes through and the ability to take notes that the whole team can see is huge. Being able to transfer calls to each other is also key. There are still options being developed and I love that this company works to improve an already great product.
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2 years ago, L.Monk
Needs lots of work
I had this service for 3 months for my business and I had several issues. Too many to mention here. Linked phone was pretty good about helping me with various glitches in their system, but the one main one they couldn’t fix was a very important one! > The voice mail messages you receive from your clients is SO MUFFLED and hard to hear (like they are underwater) it’s almost impossible to hear what the client is saying in their message to you. This caused me to not be efficient in my business. I would sometimes have to listen to a message 5 times to hear a clients message because it was so muffled. This happened with all messages. Linked phone told me there was nothing they could do about this. The layout on the app is also not very user friendly. It’s hard to find actions and things you need on the app. It takes a long time to figure out where things are.
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3 years ago, drtl
Ironic that customer service takes no calls
Currently it won’t let me call anyone but one person, which is great if that was the last person on earth. However, since I do need to make more calls, this is unacceptable. Ironically, it’s very unlikely to get customer service on the phone to resolve. To end this on a positive note, when it works it’s the best business line app compared to others. Update: LinkedPhone support replied with detailed insight on the matter, which allowed me to solve the problem. Here’s the fix to help another person who may encounter this: it’s possible that an incoming call prevents further outgoing calls until another call comes in. Uninstall / Reinstall didn’t fix it, but simply receiving another incoming call did.
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3 years ago, Candicetg2
Seamless from customer side
For the price, this is very very good. My calls go seamlessly through the system to/from the call-in line to the cell number of the designated person on the team. Outgoing calls are also a breeze. The features are also very good and I’m happy to be using LinkedPhone. That said, the weakest area is the back end. Several features are tricky to figure out and I have had to call upon customer support more than once to get help adjusting seemingly basic functions. I have shared my feedback and am hopeful that the company will make these changes... but having now learned the system, I am happy.
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10 months ago, Karilynnanderson
Works good, but having trouble with imessages coming through..
I like it so far, the only complaint I have is after I switched my business phone number over to the app from my second phone, I’m not getting any iMessage texts back from clients. Most of my clients have an iPhone so I’m missing out on a lot of texts which is a huge problem for me. I did send in a report and got a call almost immediately, but the guy that called couldn’t help me and told me I would have to wait on an email from someone. He asked if I could turn off my iMessages on my personal phone, which I don’t want to do.. I hope I can get this worked out, otherwise I will have to go back to using a second phone instead.
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3 years ago, CopeWell
Texting Issues
For the most part, this app serves my needs. I love how I can keep my business contacts separate. But lately I’ve been having consistent issues when texting. Extra characters....\\n\\...are added to the text message when it’s received. It doesn’t show on my end. This is especially bad when you are trying to send a web link or zoom link. The link will become invalid because of the extra characters. I’ve also had some intermittent issues regarding not receiving some text messages sent by clients. They will show me a screenshot from their end, showing that the message sent but I never received it. It happens randomly. I have reached out to customer support. I need a fix for this ASAP!
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3 years ago, Hope this helps with update
Update to 5 stars
I had some problems but their customer service is top notch. They reached out immediately due to some of my problems. Plus I found out that I can send pictures through text on their website and the pictures come out great. Previously, when I would through the phone, they would come out distorted since it had to jump through so many hoops. I need it to send pricing sheets, invoices, etc... sending them through the computer works great for me. My second problem was due to my own phone companies service and I had to get an extended reception for my house. However, Linked Phone still reached out to see if they could help. This service is great for my business partners and I. We all get notifications from guest for orders, etc... so everyone stays up to date with what’s going on. It’s great!
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3 years ago, RaoulDuke2
Just doesn’t work with my iPhone. I receive calls and texts but y vanish almost immediately and are gone. Contacted support several times to no avail. They claim it’s working fine but it’s clearly not and now I’m not getting responses to my questions. Looking for new options. Update: LinkedPhone is now holding my business phone hostage even though they have been paid every month. They refuse to give me my account number so I can move my business line to a different provider. I have spent hours and hours just trying to get my account number and now am on my way to the county court house to take them to court. This might just be the worst company I have run across in almost 30 years of being a small business owner.
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5 years ago, kenman1978
Top notch support team
The app and web based system are working well for me. I wanted to separate my business from my personal on one phone and this does that well. There are, as with any app, small issues I have encountered; however the support team is top notch. I have emailed them several times with different issues/suggestions and always hear back within a few hours and my issues are always resolved. The support team at LinkedPhone is a game changer for customer care!
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2 years ago, Bnire
So helpful for my husband and I running a small business
My husband and I have a home improvement/handyman business and LinkedPhone allows us to easily share a phone number…and can both respond to calls and texts and see the history with customers. It’s great I can even see if he’s on a call with one of our customers or typing a response to a text. We can see if it was me or him that responded to someone. Love it!
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2 years ago, Lgo987
It’s ok-not great
It’s definitely more convenient to use an app like this than get a second phone, but it has its flaws. It doesn’t always notify right away when there is a text message or voicemail; when calls come in you have to answer, then press 1 to accept calls; and I have yet to figure out how to add multiple people to a text message. The main positive is that it is very affordable, especially for a small organization like mine, and I like that you can set business hours so I don’t get notifications during my off hours/days.
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3 years ago, 2019Dustin
This is a great product, easy to use app, and great customer service! When selecting my new business number, I accidentally chose the wrong one. I emailed customer service. They promptly responded to my email and resolved the issue within minutes. Despite it being Saturday, they were very prompt and courteous to respond to my issue. I highly recommend this app. I have never received such quick response from anyone.
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3 years ago, Skeptic App Buyer
Can’t beat.
Forget Ringcental, Sideline, Google voice... this is the one. Yes, this has a monthly, AFFORDABLE, cost but so well worth it. All of the features are great and the customer service is amazing. If you have a problem with a 2nd line charge and a company’s customer service being email only... this may not be for you. BUT I was that person and I am amazed. The customer service gets back to within 1-4 hours and all the features are worth every penny.
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3 years ago, Kekileh
Capable little app
Best service and app I’ve found for carrying a second line on your phone. It has lots of features (more than most), some kinks (they all do, unless you drop serious cash for a business line) but the support team works hard to fix hiccups. Their call attendant/auto responder is pretty robust, I just wish you could save a bunch of the settings for “normal workday/weekend” autoresponse and “finally taking a vacation” autoresponse...
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2 months ago, Fernoffern
Must have for small businesses!
After a month of research and trying to figure out which phone service to get for my handyman business this one is a no brainer! Super fast and easy to enroll and set up. No contract needed and at one of the most affordable prices. Can easily add a line if your team expands. Has all the essentials you’ll need to start and run a business, can’t recommend this service enough.
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6 years ago, lara012345
Necessary tool for all creative entrepreneurs
As a small self finance start up we need a way to appear professional, on top of our communication, and efficient to our clients. Linked phone helps us have a business number, a business voicemail, and a way for me and my business partner to communicate and share client calls. Perfect for photographers, make up artists, hairstylists, salons, freelancers, and any other small business that works from home and doesn’t have a landline.
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2 years ago, Kaylin0814
Pure Crap
I convinced my boss that this was the app we needed for our small dealership. We have 5 users and we message all our clients through the app. 1) The text history never loads. They blame our cookies and chrome history. I wipe them like they tell me to and they still do not load our text history. We have to wait for the customer to text us back before we are able to scroll back through the history. 2) It’ll say one person answered the call when they didn’t. 3) One phone rings a couple times before everyone else’s phones ring. In a sales setting that just doesn’t work. 4) We did the contact upload and now when we search for someone it’ll show 2-5 contact options for the same person with the same phone number. Then if you delete one it deletes then all? Makes no sense. This app is in its beginning stages and needs a lot of development before you use this for your business. Save yourself the stress and just use a different app.
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6 years ago, WFoote
(UPDATE) A solid phone system
In my first review I downgraded the system from five to four stars. I complained about the transcription as being almost useless. Since then the developer significantly improved transcription. I was contacted about that change and then watched my messages. The new transcriptions make sense and the names are reasonably accurate. The setup is still easy. The phone system is excellent. It really is a great phone app at a decent price.
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3 years ago, LivingstonPA
Very useful
This has worked better than we thought it would. My main complaint is that it does not have an option for it not to ring for return calls. I cannot selectively turn the phone number off. I’ve only had one phone call with bad reception and an echo in the couple months we have used it. You also cannot see the number you are dialing when you hit the final call button.
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4 years ago, faerymuffin
Excellent customer service
I have had LinkedPhone for about 3 months as my main business phone while getting my small insurance biz off the ground. I have not had any issues with the phone service, and have experienced excellent customer service the few times I’ve need help making adjustments in the call menu. I definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, upstate ny lawyer
Solution to working remotely
I’m am attorney working from home during the Covid pandemic. This app lets me use my office number as the caller ID on outgoing calls. Without the app I would either have to disclose my personal cell phone number to everyone or make calls from a blocked number. Using it my clients know it is a call from my office and I can keep my personal cell number private. Very easy to set up.
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4 years ago, Dalbertson
Great idea but buggy
I like the idea and how the app is laid out but parts are confusing and buggy. There are multiple places to record your voicemail greeting. For some reason I still get the computerized voice when I call the number. But, if I upload a mp3 on the website it works properly. That tells me the app needs some work or I’m doing something wrong. I want to switch my business number over from vonage but this might be a deal breaker. The last thing I want is to lose business because of a buggy app.
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4 years ago, Tab135
I am a medical practice business owner and operator. This app has been a lifesaver! It has provided a way for us to have 3 additional phone lines without the extreme cost of adding phone lines to my business. The number displays as my business, which is awesome. It has freed up our 2 phone lines for incoming patient and business calls during a time of telehealth due to the pandemic! I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Hutch1967
I got my personal life back
This has gave me a personal life again I can turn it off when I am closed and still us my cell phone for personal. Your wife will love it when you are having alone time and some is not calling when you don’t want them to. Works great on my new iPhone X’s max. So it should work on all great. It is web based. So that’s nice to Just try it. Your family will love it. Me Hutchins
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3 years ago, Madatmyself1892
Has some quirks, solid customer service
Won’t lie, I have definitely had my share of issues with the app. User interface can be weird, screens will be covered by other screens. However, every time I have an issue my support tickets are handled within minutes. Customer service with Linked Phone is top notch.
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5 months ago, Lana Boo 19
A little temperamental due to internet viability
I absolutely love that I can assign tasks to coworkers and employees and hold not just phone conversations but text conversations with clients. Menu options are great and call routing is amazing. The only thing is that internet viability has to be top notch perfect. If you are in rural America, this line runs off the cell tower and if your cell tower goes down, so does LinkedPhone. Would be 5 Stars if not for that!
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12 months ago, Madear007
Great Product
I highly recommend this product! I have had my linked phone line for over 3 years now and I have had exceptional customer support and customer satisfaction! The product has great quality and all the necessary features to use for business. The price is of great value.
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6 years ago, Rupsuhana989789
Easy, efficient and effective!
I'm a freelance strategist with a small team and work with several different companies. This app allowed me to easily set up a phone system to route calls to me and my team. So easy to set up and change for real time needs. Definitely recommend to anyone with a small or medium size business looking for simplicity and peace of mind...
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3 years ago, K's Sweet Visions
Since I started my business I haven't had a business line until my sister told me about Linked phone. It's very user friendly and it works. Only thing I'd like to see maybe in the future is a auto response for text messages for clients. If it has it I don't know-how to get to it. Other than that it's been a life saver.
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8 months ago, Anvaldo
Crashes a lot ~ slow to update messages
This app crashes so often, I’m not sure why we took so long to switch. Each time we contact customer service they fix the issues pretty quickly but then it happens again the next day, which is very frustrating. We rely on this app to operate 7 days a week almost 365 days a year and we have had so many issues.
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1 year ago, mherman
Bad service
After their service went live with my business, it unfortunately did not meet our needs. It did not provide the call forwarding and call messaging options that they had promised. I therefore opted to cancel with them and return to my prior phone set up. I was told that this process takes 5 to 8 business days to perform. In the meantime, my business phones are only marginally operable. This is severely damaging for my business. Use this product at your own risk! I cannot recommend it at all.
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2 years ago, Jonnie20$
No calls
We’ve been having issues with not receiving phone calls. Our option two keeps going straight to voicemail with no rings and overall the experience has been subpar the past month
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1 month ago, Fastermtb
Poor Option
I have been nothing but unimpressed with this app. I needed a number to use for business while waiting on my new office phone. I have not been able to answer calls from customers and my customers caller id is telling them I am from a place far away from where I am. Trying to reach their customer service has been a dead end. I canceled my subscription through iOS. I had paid for the service up to May 21 but was evidently cancelled today, May 15th, without a refund.
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10 months ago, AKML23
Continues Issues
We have 70-80 employees who rely on quick response from myself and my our other managers. We struggle with the app freezing, not loading, or unable to send a call/text. Then we are told that we need to reinstall the app. This seems to be the only thing that we’re consistently told to fix the issue but it never fixes the issues. We’ve started looking for another provider due to ongoing issues.
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2 years ago, FizzFuzzBuzz
Best App of the 3 top apps I tried
I have a small business with only one employee and I tried Ring Central, Sudo, and other phone services. I had these major issues with other services: 1. They were too expensive 2. They didn’t have texting as an option 3. They collected data - their privacy policy was bad and I wasn’t ok with that since my business is around sensitive matters. 4. I wanted the option to have ONE phone number ring multiple people (customer service) so that anyone who was free could answer. LinkedPhone has it all. Highly recommend it.
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6 months ago, tina1553
Get the app
I love this app it has helped my business !! We have a small team and this is the best thing to get when it comes to connecting with customers. We only use the text and phone call features but everything is great !
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4 years ago, Tina 369
Business Line
I love having my business line connected to my phone so I don’t have to carry two phones. I did have an issue with my line , but Linked Phone contacted me right away and gladly fixed the issue. I would definitely recommend using Linked phone to my business partners. Thanks
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6 years ago, DianaUS2018
Efficient and user friendly!
I can’t believe how easy it was to get set up on LinkedPhone! Given the demands of running my business, I needed an easy fix so I can be accessible on the go. LinkedPhone made both the process of setting up as well as the experience smooth. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, RiRiBri3434
Great app, needs more instructions
I think the app is super awesome but it took me 4 days to figure out how to get everything set up. Yes, i love tech and very savvy. It just seemed like when i changed one thing, everything would change. This app had so many great features. Im glad everything is set up cause now I’m scared to change anything 😅🤦🏾‍♀️
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3 years ago, Montesino78
Ring/alert tone selections
I’d love if the programmers would allow the option to select a ringtone and alert tone different than your cell phone default ring/alert tones. I’d like to be able to know when my cell phone rings if it’s my business versus my personal line without having to be right in front of the phone. Personally, I handle my business versus personal calls differently. My business calls/texts are a priority where my personal calls/texts are not.
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2 weeks ago, Ctjeablack
Don’t expect it to work.
I purchased this app and in the beginning it was working great. After about a month I stopped being able to receive text messages. I can still send them. Trying to run a business where a lot of people would prefer to text makes this very difficult, especially if they assume I am receiving their texts. I have put in multiple help requests that have not resulted in even a call back from this developer.
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