LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder

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LinkedIn Corporation
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder

4.14 out of 5
81.7K Ratings
10 months ago, Prevent Discrimination
LinkedIn excels as a premier platform for professional networking and career advancement, proving indispensable for job seekers and employers alike. It offers a rich array of features and a user-friendly interface that facilitates dynamic interactions and professional development. 💡 However, it could significantly benefit from enhanced privacy settings, allowing users to conceal the start dates of their career experiences to combat the prevalent issue of ageism in the professional realm. Just like in the education section of a user's profile, this added flexibility would enable individuals to showcase their skills and experiences without the constraint of timelines, promoting a more inclusive professional environment. Overall, LinkedIn stands as a powerful tool for career progression, but adopting more nuanced privacy features would further its commitment to fostering equitable and diverse professional communities.
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1 year ago, StrawberryBananaOrange
Love LinkedIn! But the app…
Update: LinkedIn heard my prayers and fixed my app. I no longer get kicked out when trying to send direct messages, and the app works generally faster. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to utilize this awesome app to its fullest potential again! Let me start out by saying that LinkedIn has changed my life in so many positive ways. I found my new career through the app, and started down a journey of positive personal development when I rejoined the platform. Hence the four stars. I needed to take one star away because, at least in the app, it almost always crashes and boots me out when I try to send a Direct Message to someone. I end up needing to go in and retype the message 2-3 times before it will send without crashing and closing out. I know plenty of other people are experiencing the same problem, because they post about it. Please fix this issue, I love this platform for so many reasons, but this is frustrating! Thank you in advance for your attention and all that you do to make LinkedIn the wonderful place that it is! Update: my app has worked perfectly since the last update. No more getting booted out when sending DMs. Thank you LinkedIn!
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1 month ago, @icamw
So, long story short… I downloaded the app on my phone and was looking for jobs and all. I was at work and had my laptop with me and some downtime so I ironically open linked in to look for positions. I get a free promo thing for premium and I accept to try it out since it was a much longer than normal trial (almost 3 months it felt like). Now I check my subscriptions monthly in Apple Store and thought that since it was downloaded from AppStore and it was technically an in app purchase (the trial), that it would alert me of LinkedIns subscription. Time went by and I didn’t see any charges so I figured the subscription ended automatically. I forgot tho, the subscription was a lengthy one. LONG STORY SHORT: I ended up paying months of unknown $45 charges because the only way to know I had a paying/active subscription was from the website. The app didn’t notify me of any charges and you rarely look at LinkedIn anymore or on my computer especially. I feel the company knows that is a way to capitalize on people who aren’t as high tech or into the subscription based life as much. Really displeased with LinkedIn. I wanted to like the platform but i don’t know if I can consider using them again
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3 years ago, Jinjarella
Need Auto-Saving for Drafts
I spent about an hour carefully crafting a reply to a message, had assembled a bunch of links and useful information for the recipient, and had to navigate away from the app momentarily to grab a link. When I switched back to LinkedIn, the app opened to the main landing page and when I reopened the message I had been composing a reply to, the text field was empty. I lost an hour of work and I feel so frustrated, distraught, and disheartened. Auto-save for in-progress messages is pretty basic functionality for most messaging programs and if your app had had it, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I wish I could setup a LinkedIn auto-response that directs everyone who messages through LinkedIn me to contact me on a different interface, so that I could avoid using LinkedIn’s messaging tool entirely. Objectively, the app is basically fine aside from this issue and does not really deserve only one star. I’m just still reeling from the emotional blow of this experience and looking for an outlet for my frustration as well as to share this feedback with you while it’s fresh and in a way that will help your team feel the pain that can be caused by this product gap and really understand the impact. Thanks for reading.
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3 years ago, ChanL996
Unprofessional customer service and inaccurate algorithms
After using the application for quite a while that I have added too many connections that I have never talked to. So recently I was trying to clean up those connections. Because I didn’t find any option to delete all unused connections all at once so I just manually deleted them. All of sudden I received an system notification that I was using a third party software and restricted for log in in 1 hour. I was so frustrated that I never used anything like that and I was just simply cleaning up my unused connections. I mean if LinkedIn has the option to let me delete them all at once then I don’t need to manually delete one by one and create a ‘high volume’ as they claimed. It is the inaccurate algorithms that mark me as something called ‘using the the third party software’. In fact I don’t even know there exists this kind of third party software. The customer representative was like this is a done deal that you are using the 3rd party software and any tickets regarding to this would be closed automatically. So LinkedIn made a mistake that they don’t admit it. And the customer has no right to point it out! See this is the way how they treat their customers!
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9 months ago, smithrof
Better as a creator
LinkedIn was okay until I became a creator. It takes courage to post but over time, like 3-6 months, it becomes easier. At that point it becomes a lot more fun and now I look forward to using LinkedIn and this app every day. Not sure what to write? Use the 2 year, 2 day, or even 2 hour rule (credit Nicolas Cole). Just post what you would have benefited from had you known it 2 years ago, 2 days ago, or even 2 minutes ago! Developers: thanks for your work on the app!! First request: wish the scheduled posts could be edited. Second request: wish commenting was just better organized for conversations. Like replying to a reply to a reply. Also wish that the best answers/comments filtered to the top. Would draw you in as a user to know that the first comments are the most valued by the community (when there are dozens of comments and you don’t want to sift through them all). Again thanks though for the great app!
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8 months ago, Rgocon123
Good in some ways bad in others
I’ve been using the LinkedIn app regularly for the last 60 days or so as a job search tool. I’m not loving how under the jobs section it suggests jobs you’d be a top applicant for that aren’t even in the same state as me and they’re not remote. I’d rather do my own search and filter those out since it’s mostly showing me onsite and hybrid openings in other states. Additionally, the folks posting job openings either do not understand what Remote means or the options isn’t clear because a lot of the jobs that say remote, once you open the descriptions they have it typed out that you must reside in the state the company is in (which means those jobs are Hybrid, not remote and should not be shown to job seekers outside of that state). I understand the quick option of seeing jobs you’re a top applicant for or similar to jobs you’ve saved but when you don’t have the option to filter those it’s not a good option in my opinion. Additionally, as a paying premium member it’d be nice to have more in mail credits to use.
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9 months ago, A1n1m
Will not save profile picture
I have tried on my web browser on my laptop and in the LinkedIn App, and the system will not allow me to save a profile picture. It will let me upload a photo, edit it with cropping and filters, and hit the “save” button, but the photo does not save. In the web browser, the “save” grays out after I press it and does nothing else. If I then close the edit window, it warns that my changes have not been saved and gives only the option to discard changes and close the window or to cancel and return to the editing screen. In the App, if I press save, it comes up with a “saving” message and the wheel spins for about 3 seconds, then the entire app crashes and shuts down. Pretty worthless app if it doesn’t even function well enough to put in a profile picture. My other limited experiences with the app have also been negative. When trying to edit education history and work history, the app is clunky and sometimes slow to respond. It is also hard to predict where in your profile the info you are entering is going to actually show.
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3 days ago, FA236AF
LinkedIn: Career Catalyst to Clunky Chaos
I am writing this review after having used this platform for over 10 years. During this time, I found my first job, my first mentor, my first boss, and embarked on a highly rewarding career path here. So why am I being so critical? I write this review for the product leaders at LinkedIn who genuinely care about professional networking and are open to constructive criticism and feedback. LinkedIn was once a great platform, but it has become significantly less effective. My message box is inundated with spam, notifications are irrelevant, and the content has largely devolved into gossip. Furthermore, most useful features now require a premium subscription. Basic tasks such as scrolling and navigating are slow, clunky, and frustrating. The app takes an excessive amount of time to load, and finding the right people and content has become a daunting task. It seems some product manager must have created a presentation titled “Discovering and Executing Features for Maximal Monetization.” While that presentation might have been convincing, the result has been a product lacking user empathy. Consequently, my usage of LinkedIn has dropped to a bare minimum.
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2 months ago, Jbeicker80
My Personal Opinion About This Website Is:
I would like to start off with by saying that this is one of the most amazing app I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I would like to say Thank You for all your hard work and support on helping me through the tough times and the challenges that I had to overcome but I am grateful for still being able to try and keep my business going for the most part but I just wish that I could actually find people that really care about what they are doing and want to exactly work now a days. Because I have enough experience in this field and I would and most certainly could grow up to be a really great business and successful company that would expand all over the state and maybe even the country if proper tools were available to me. But yeah so I couldn’t have done it without you guys so Thank You for everything and Have Yourself a Wonderful Day
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2 years ago, jdjxsbakcnsmz
please read
I downloaded this app on my phone just so i could advise everyone not to use this website. For a senior project in my AP english class, everyone needs to create a LinkedIn account. Everything was going fine and I had spent about 3 hours working on the profile and only had about an hour or less of work left to do. The next day, I go to log in and there is an error message that says I need to submit ID due to suspicious activity. I talk to my teacher and this seems to be a problem with many other students. She contacts LinkedIn and they said it was due to a mass login on the same internet, and it will be fixed soon. The next day, very few students were still locked out, including me. I submitted my drivers license. The day after that, I was one of two students locked out. Skip a few days (3), and they FINALLY respond to me saying my account is permanently banned. I am now drastically behind in my class and this program is going to ultimately lead to my failure in this college class. I hope you guys fix your support team and maybe look at issues a little deeper before banning people.
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2 years ago, Jade Getchell
Not able to access on cellular, only WiFi
I recently transferred Service from Verizon to AT&T. The LinkedIn app only works on Wi-Fi it does not work connected to cellular service. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps with AT&T as well as Apple. I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro. Everyone has said it is not an issue on their end that I should contact the developer. Please advise if there is some thing I can do to make this app push through on cellular service. The app is up-to-date with what’s available in the App Store for me. I use this app for business regularly and I’m currently only able to use it on my home computer or I also cannot access the LinkedIn website on a browser unless I am The app is up-to-date with what’s available in the App Store for me. I use this app for business regularly and I’m currently only able to use it on my home computer or my phone but must be connected to Wi-Fi. The strange part is on my phone I also cannot access the LinkedIn website on a browser unless I am connected to Wi-Fi. Please advise. Thank you.
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2 years ago, pott848
Atrocious customer service
After being charged over $600 for a product I didn’t realize I even bought due to their confusing interface I am being refused a refund and sent the same generic message about their no refund policy over and over again. I have used this website for years and am appalled by their dishonest practice. If you decide to ever use this website or app don’t ever buy premium (it’s useless) and don’t ever put your card information on it or you might fall victim to what I’m going through. They make it too easy ti misinterpret something and buy something with an insane price tag without realizing what you’re agreeing to. The app is also poorly designed as well. If you check Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau, they have a one star rating which is a huge red flag. Personally I would say avoid at all costs and don’t ever give them any if your information except for the bare minimum. Don’t expect a transparent app, business practice or to ever any kind of real conversation with customer service. Avoid at all cost but if you must use it Keep your expectations extremely low.
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1 year ago, sojackmahogoff
Social Connect NOT for CAREER seekers or EMPLOYMENT hopefuls
ONLY use for a self propped social site to highlight career accomplishments, this is in NO way a site assisting with career, employment, job, or training for such in any way. I don’t believe anyone in it’s history actually found or obtained relevant employment by association with this site. The app is disgraceful with countless & continuous problems, the functions, features & customizations are only there to frustrate since no real functionality, majority if not all content from being contacted will be not or scam derived with no reportable solution for removal. If you have the time to waste, money to flush for the Pro version yet love advertisement inserts along with pro paying versions, lack of responsive support services & never getting much in return then you Will absolutely adore & promote this bug infested nightmare…there’s way better available if a serious job seeker, career hopeful & educated enough to avoid this mess individual or business looking for hires. Hope this fades from App Store listings & internet history quickly for everyone’s sake, the world could only improve for it doing so.
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3 years ago, DinaLove
One step forward, ten steps back
Updating my review (Jan 15, 2022): Everything below PLUS app freezes when trying to post or upload a photo. (Yes, I deleted and reinstalled.) No such thing as tech help from what I can see. Just consumer forums and FAQs. Down to 1 star and deleting from my phone. —— I used to enjoy this app, but it seems that it is getting less and less user-friendly on iPad and iPhone. For example, the landing page and profile page do not mirror the most important features that are on the laptop version. It would be nice to be able to easily view my recent updates and make changes to all of my profile sections--not just certain ones--from the app. A new thing I've noticed now is that some articles or links can't be opened in browser or forwarded through email/text. The "forward" arrow icon pops up with a "cancel" message instead and no other option. So weird. Sadly, the "app support" is just a forum of somewhat useless info, which is why I'm posting here. Hopefully the designers will read everyone's feedback on App Store and correct these issues in next update.
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2 years ago, bekqu
Racist platform - sells your ID on the Dark Web
When I first joined LinkedIn I had support help me consolidate two accounts and that wasn’t an issue. Then because I debated some racists and debunked their lies, LinkedIn decided I was the guilty party and suspended my account. They demanded a copy of my ID front and back and/or passport. My identity could’ve been verified through my contacts who are high level attorneys, CEOs and even the Chamber of Commerce of which I am a member and LinkedIn sees that. They refused to reinstate my account. They’re racists as revealed by an article in NY Times in 2019! I then created another account and rebuilt my profile. After a while LinkedIn seeing I was getting a lot of traction to my posts restricted my account again this time claiming I had two accounts AND I NEEDED to provide a passport or ID again! These people are insane! Suddenly my credit report warned that my email address was compromised and was found on the dark web! Guess who did this? Yes, LinkedIn. This company is a racist lying bunch of thieves and you should really avoid it at all cost. It’s no longer the professional platform it once was.
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6 years ago, Lisa cushman
Serious VoiceOver accessibility problems
I am a blind person using the screen reader voiceover for iOS and I am having some serious VoiceOver accessibility problems. For one thing, in the new version, when I double tap on my Contacts, the app crashes every time. Secondly, when I am browsing through my people you may know section, the app get slower and slower and slower the longer eyebrows. Thirdly, if you were using voiceover, there is no option to remove someone from your people you may know list so that you do not see them anymore. The accessibility problems with this app used to be somewhat minimal. I am really looking forward to seeing this app fixed and using LinkedIn again. It is one of my favorite social networking platforms. I apologize if other people are bored by this review, but LinkedIn also does not have any where in the app or on the app support page to provide feedback about the app. I would also be kind of nice if developer of LinkedIn provided details about its updates in its release notes, but many App developers don’t do this. It’s just a pet peeve.
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2 months ago, Neptunes Trident
Valuable Resource to find information and great people.
I have met many of the best engineering resources and talent that has been a really valuable source for information, connecting with professionals, and researching newly available or soon-to-be-available technology that benefits our businesses and the industry as a whole. We are still a young technology with advancements that will pass you by without a resource and professional community that help keep you current on what is available and what customers expect. It really is a place for the business and professional community to find others others with experience and knowledge that can advance your goals much faster than even the smartest of us could accomplish on our own. Thank you all for the wisdom, advice, and guidance that have been so valuable over the years. Best wishes and prosperity to you all.
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8 months ago, heyyy94
Useless and scams for money
First of all this app does not serve its purpose. There are no feasible jobs within a reasonable distance. All high school entry or hours away. I feel as though it’s more for pompous people to brag about their successful lives. Indeed is much more useful and actually has a variety of careers. Second they tried to ploy me for my money. I got an email offering me a free one month LinkedIn premium subscription. I put my required card info and the automatic purchase amount is set to a $500 yearly renewal? After I change it to a month and toggle with the premium benefits, I go to cancel. Now it is telling me I need to do so on desktop. I don’t have a computer, my laptop just broke. How is it that in order to sign up for features that require money my phone works just fine, but when I need to cancel said features I cannot use the same device? I’d say it’s all pretty convenient considering their strict no refund policy. You know what you’re doing LinkedIn 😉 I was able to google it and get it fixed in under 20 mins. A hassle and inconvenience. Thanks for the free benefits tho!
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5 years ago, kintobaR Rabotnik
Horrible Interface
I swear this site has provided me with so much stress just trying to set it up. I didn’t dropped out of college and I left my job but they are both in my interests and I cannot change them. Whenever I open the app it tells me to finish updating my profile but I don’t have anymore information to add. There’s no way to say no. When I tried to leave things blank because they don’t apply to me I couldn’t. I got a notice that I had shown up in a search but when I opened the notification I was taken to a page within the app that did not work without a laptop. Why would this happen on the mobile app? It makes no sense. I’ve made all the connections I want to for now but every time I open the app I have to skip through the page to make connections with random people I don’t know. This app and the website are infuriating to attempt to use. I use all kinds of other social media that work at least decently. This platform is by far the most angering to use. Maybe the team is overworked or has no time to fix these issues, but they are too glaring and long lasting to still be around.
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3 weeks ago, TheSocialRaven
Needs to do better
Job scammers are hunting on LinkedIn. I’ve been approached 3 times in the last 72 hours by someone with the same profile photo, same CV, different names, running a survey to find out if individuals are looking for work and then engaging with them to refer them to a Nigerian individual who charges for resume revisions that’s an obvious scam to get money from desperate job seekers. You have to help police this. It’s a reputable firm’s brand and tens of thousands of job seekers at risk. We trust LinkedIn, we rely on this site to help us grow professional, to be connected to honest members - we know you can’t be everywhere at once, can you set up a reporting site, so we don’t have to spend hours looking for away to tell you who’s a bad actor or suspicious activity. As premium members we job seekers expect you to have our backs as proactively as LinkedIn can.
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4 weeks ago, Sister Sue Grandmother Weaver
LinkedIn Function
LinkedIn will get 5-Stars when their customers get to self-select which research study group we can join. For your informed consent… The goal is to compare the before & after mood & energy score of the LinkedIn employees and customers who participate in the 60-minute collaborative game. LinkedIn will have to be willing to promote my “Does Humor Work for You?” offer and handle the registration to the private Zoom link I will supply them. My reason is that I do not want to collect any LinkedIn contacts or give mine out unless the participant really enjoyed the game. The option to add their preferred contact info will be included at the end. That means LinkedIn must be willing to interact with me, a retired nurse who did not have the opportunity to do this research project when I had a premium account. To be invited to participate in the innovative online collaborative event, the answers to ALL of these questions must be YES: 1) Will you commit to full participation in a 60-minute interactive health edutainment event via Zoom? 2) Will you agree to complete the mind-body-spirit survey at the beginning of the game before the rules are explained and another survey before the event ends using the same device for comparison? 3) Will you agree to express yourself without foul language or belittling others? 4) Do you understand this is collaborative to help everyone do their personal best? 5)Are you of legal adult age?
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6 months ago, Essential Workflows
LinkedIn: the essential social media
LinkedIn is a top level networking technology tool that allows the introduction of those working in areas of interest to its audience. It allows its patrons to connect with those who work within their industry from all over the world, gather the newest information to improve their skill set, and keep abreast of where jobs and pay are most plentiful. However, I believe it’s biggest claim to fame is bringing in those generations or individuals who do not participate in standard social media. Those individuals who have something to say from a professional standpoint, but still see the value in getting likes. Discussions on LinkedIn, bring in both an educated and experience level discussion on topics that currently impact society, making it essential when measuring a dynamic group of informed minds. Best regards, Francine Shannon
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1 year ago, katie123xyz
Terrible tech support as a professional platform
LinkedIn closed my account for absolutely no reason. After I’ve updated the Linkedin App, I was asked to re-login, but instead of logging into my existing account, it created a new profile for me, completely blank. I was confused at first but was still able to search up my old account and thought of it as a tech glitch. I reached out to the service team and waited a few days before reaching out again, after they said they’ll transfer my case to another team. By now I can no longer find my old account and am panicking, since it contains all my connections and the profile that I’ve built long and hard for. The team responded saying my account is restricted permanently for misrepresenting my identity, after I’ve provided my ID, and closed my case with no other details. Now I’m stuck with no information and a brand new account and no access to any of my past connections. I have offered the team to provide any relevant info to verify my past work/volunteering experiences, but I am just greatly disappointed by LinkedIn tech support. I’ve been patience since the start and comply with the rules, despite the great inconvenience that this has caused me work-wise, but I’m simply frustrated now that I may never get my account back for absolutely no reason. Apparently this has been an issue for many people and I don’t understand why it continues to be one, being one of the most professional platform used by thousands.
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3 years ago, Bublysh
Only sort of useful
An account is basically required by potential employers if you’re applying to white collar jobs, but is incredibly difficult to sort thru or actually get a response from companies- especially if you are applying thru linkedin itself. Would recommend only using the app to find companies that sound interesting, vetting them thru glassdoor, then applying via the company website itself. Suggestion 1 for better UX: limit applications to 100 per job with job listings closing automatically upon hitting 100 apps received. I am tired of seeing open job listings with 100+ applicants because i KNOW that the hiring managers are only skimming the top 5% of applicants from the pile and then underpaying them for their experience. Suggestion 2 for better UX: Years of required experience being listed as a filter within job listings search. I am not interested in a job that pays entry level wages or says “fast paced environment” and then requires 5-7 years of experience AND a bachelors.
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6 months ago, momohammed89
Appalling moderation system - Avoid
No longer a LinkedIn customer after many many years. I recently ended a romantic relationship with someone who turned to this platform to repeatedly call me horrifying names; threaten me with ‘war’ among other things only for this platform to continue to allow him on the platform. This platform is not worth it especially if you value your sanity and your safety esp even more if you’re a domestic violence survivor like I am. Unacceptable! I am appalled at the audacity of LinkedIn and as a CEO and C-Suite executive (I hold two positions) I will ensure my peers know about this. These flimsy moderation policies that social media suddenly has to appease a certain demographic so they can get away with bloody murder, is going to be the death of many platforms including LinkedIn. Shame for LinkedIn we were in the process of launching a hiring blitz following a funding round but will be taking our business elsewhere. This made LinkedIn completely untrustworthy in my eyes no question about it.
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11 months ago, Mojo2nyte
Out of all the Options
They are the most thorough platform available, full of many different types of new beginnings. However, I have not had quality customer support experiences with them. I have been trying to utilize a benefit that they offer veterans for some time now, and something is not working, but when I reach out to them for assistance, I get very little other than a vague response. I have contacted them on several occasions, but it’s still a mystery to me why this opportunity continues to elude me. I have given up hope, and I rarely use (or try to) the site anymore because of this. It makes me sad because I don’t have the resources and abilities I once possessed, and this is the best place for me to focus on what I CAN do and learn about new opportunities. I was looking forward to this being the beginning of the most lucrative and rewarding career in my lifetime. Yet, I have hit another stumbling block instead.
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4 years ago, NEMillennial
Notification Issues
I’m a job seeker and I’ve been using LinkedIn to aid in my search. However, I’m afraid of missing a job opportunity as whenever I get a push notification I never hear any sound, unlike with my other apps. I always see a red number on my LinkedIn app widget showing me how many new notifications I have however I never hear any sound. All other sounds seem to be working which leads me to believe it’s an app issue rather than a phone issue or operator error somewhere. Please help! Thanks! Also, unless I’m just missing it, I would LOVE the ability to select a custom notification sound within the app so I can identify a LinkedIn notification from all others. Thank you! Be safe! Oh! One thing I did forget to add is that I LOVE the section called “My Next Job Should Offer Me” where we’re able to specify benefits we’re asking for as well as the schedule we need. Oh and the Name Pronunciation feature is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!
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6 months ago, Developer6594
Please bring back exact applicants number in a job posting
Looking at job market being hostile, the least we expect from an app which somehow helps the applicants in the job market like LinkedIn to work against the job seekers. Now in new release the max number of applicants I can see is 100 to any job posting. Once its more, it says 100+ applications…why? Why did you do this? Were there not enough thousands already applying to each and every job? The count was at least giving us an idea how tough the competition was, how prepared we should be, fair for everyone. Now with this new feature, you are taking away the last ray of hopes from us as job seekers. I hope you are not going to behave like other arrogant market leaders and so you feel you can take any steps because who is going to beat you in your own game. Please consider this request, or if it’s a confusion at my end somehow, I will eventually get to know and, I will delete this review. Thanks
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6 months ago, TwoPlusTwoOne
Frustrating Experience with Persistent Notifications
I rarely leave reviews, but I felt compelled to share my experience with LinkedApp. While the concept of the app initially seemed promising, my experience has been marred by a single, yet significant issue that has significantly impacted its usability for me. The app features a "catch up" notification that, no matter how much I've tried, cannot be turned off. This persistent notification not only clutters my notification bar but also serves as a constant, unwelcome reminder of the app's presence on my device. Despite going through all available settings and even reaching out to support, the issue persists with no solution in sight. This oversight in design or functionality oversight shows a lack of consideration for user preferences and autonomy, making it hard to recommend LinkedApp to others. An app should empower and enhance, not annoy and intrude. Until this issue is addressed, I'm afraid I can only rate LinkedApp 1 star. Disappointing, as I had high hopes for what it could offer.
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2 months ago, MSpsofsht
Skill limits, and skills in job posting.
Recently the max skills was updated to 100, however still that limit is bit enough. Why you could ask? Because job postings and skills did not match!!! As an example if a job posting requires Business Intelligence and you have Business Intelligence (BI) for LinkedIn are 2 total different skills. If you have Business Intelligence skill that have endorsements that were given years ago and today completed training that indicates the skill is “Business Intelligence (BI)” there are no option to consolidate them. Also based on LinkedIn job posting that applied I saw one same skill wrote as “Technical Specifications”, “Tech Specifications”, “Technical Specs”, etc. and depend on what have in your skills will match or not with the job posting. So please improve the skills section to use a matrix of synonyms that match with match with the skill, and/or increase the skill limit.
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2 weeks ago, bhirt
Spam spam spam
I received over 1500 emails last year. I have never opted in to email communications. They opt you in automatically. Forget clicking the unsubscribe link in the emails, because there's literally 100 different categories of emails that they send out and the unsubscribe link only opts you out of that particular emails category. Go ahead and spend 10 minutes unchecking all of the email communications in the app, but that wont solve the issue because they add new categories and you start getting emails again because they opt you in automatically. I've also noticed that categories you opt out of magically get opted back in every now and then. I’m sure some pencil pusher somehow justified that because of some nuance thing no one cares about. Its just unbelievable how spammy this service is. Whatever benefit I get from LinkedIn, it does not outweigh the annoyance of this spam machine. I finally deleted my account and I encourage others to do the same until they change their morally questionable practices.
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9 months ago, GTaylor95
Ugh another update
I wish developers would embrace a “less is more” philosophy around updates, especially those that change the UX. LI fills its niche well as the dominant social media platform (no surprises there)… but I’m here to discuss a different issue. After being harassed to update the app every time I opened it for 2 weeks, I finally caved and downloaded the blasted update. To my displeasure, the scroll function has been altered to have an annoying “momentum” feature. Why was this necessary? Why, for that matter, are most UX changes necessary? I will now be using the app less and going back to desktop because I don’t like this new experience. This isn’t just an issue with LI — I’ve noticed many popular apps changing UX in a way that’s counterproductive and irritating. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Focus on stability and security… the things people don’t notice unless there’s a problem.
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3 weeks ago, CLFSeaCrazy
No Politics
I like LinkedIn a lot. I have used it for years. Especially because this is an election year, I don’t want to read endless articles or see endless comments about politics here please. Its divisive and I thought not a true part of LinkedIn’s Mission. Perhaps I am wrong? Also the attitude that one side or the other is better or right while the other side is evil or wrong needs to go from this platform. We are here to learn, share, improve, grow, make a better living. I like that that is what I thought LinkedIn provides. I hope it continues to provide that while discouraging arguments about personal politics. We have to agree to disagree about that and avoid hate speech. We are all adults so this should be possible. Am I wrong? Thank you for your support and your platform for business
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1 year ago, Makduevduriebsgto
Show me your papers! Repeatedly suspended.
I have used LinkedIn for the last time. There is so much effort in building a LinkedIn profile and like other texh giants," they" have the ability to suspend one's account. It may be automatic, it may be AI or it may be someone clicking buttons. It could have been me making a joke, asking, "What? No fact chexking?" to a post where someone said, "Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is doing it and right is right, even if nobody is doing it." Whatever the reason, they have shown me repeatedly that this is not a platform that I can trust or depend on when I need it. I resisted giving them my government issued ID to regain access to my account, the last time this happened and eventually, "I Loved Big Brother," like at the end of 1984. I sent them my ID and they still did not unlock my account. The promose was broken and was just a lie. They feel that they have power over us but it only works if we cooperate.
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5 years ago, 1953ZBirdman
Changes to LinkedIn.
I too am very disappointed with LinkedIn and the direction it has taken. This previously was a great site for people to communicate with other people and companies. Whether it was trying to get a job, improving their position, finding a new workplace due to moving to a new area or trying to move up to a better job, talking with others about how to improve their job skills so they can prepare for a better job or keeping in touch with friends they worked with in the past or, even better, finding old friends and learning how to stay in touch with them. It WAS a great site. Now, as the previous commenter said, LinkedIn is now just another Facebook or Twitter. It’s totally lost all the professionalism it started with. If anyone in power within the LinkedIn organization reads this comment, please, please, PLEASE change the format back to what the original people or person had as their vision. If you don’t, I can foresee this site going down the tubes. I, for one, will do my best to start a new site with only one goal... to make a website for companies and individuals to get together and help each other grow both as a company and as individuals who want to help a company grow and a company willing to help their dedicated individuals grow within the company. Also, have learning institutions small and large contribute to the individuals growth. Is anyone out there with me on this?
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5 months ago, Coyabruto
Charge you for premium service. You never get it.
I used to love logging into LinkedIn to see What my professional network was announcing, who was moving where, and keeping up-to-date with all of the new product announcements. The new algorithms allow all the “influencers” to push never ending promotions to everyone, but should you want to announce a new product launch and copy paste it to 3 groups, you will be classified as breaking the rules and using third-party software and thereby blocked. It has basically become unusable for a small business to announce product launches, as even if you copy paste, something you’ll be classified as using automated third-party software and breaking the rules. I’m pretty sure every big company won’t be struggling with this issue, but the small guy is as always screwed. I have tried to contact customer service, 11 times in the three weeks that I have been blocked, and yet they don’t answer, but still happy to charge me for the premium service.
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3 years ago, JeffTNYC
Needs improvement
I was just trying to apply to a job on LinkedIn. They said to contact the employer by email and provided the email. When I press and hold LinkedIn does not allow you to select text to copy and paste into your mail. The email is also not a link I can click on to email. I unfortunately have to manually type in the long email letter by letter going back and fourth. Please fix this. I was also recently searching for jobs and reading a number of job descriptions. Many were in my field but did not apply to me. I would like to be able to hide them so I don’t see them in the future. Don’t see a way to do this. I only see Apply and Save buttons; no hide. When viewing a clients portfolio web link and clicking on it nothing happens within LinkedIn. This link should open up in Safari; I can not copy/paste it into Safari either and have to go back and fourth typing letter by letter.
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5 years ago, SendingOutAnSOS
The absolute worst networking app...
LinkedIn is the absolute worst, corrupt, and non user friendly social app out there. There are too many reasons to even begin mentioning all of them. Just to name one: if a user wants to unfriend or leave a group, LinkedIn intentionally makes it impossible to do so on the mobile app. I’m also still dealing with a “glitch” that the app had a few years ago. Without giving any permission to access my iPhone’s contacts, LinkedIn automatically dumped every one of my LinkedIn contacts into my iPhone’s contacts. Well over 500 contacts were combined with my personal contacts. Not a big deal you say? Well those contacts birthdays were then automatically also added to iPhone’s calendar. Everyday I would have at least a couple of these birthdays showing. For well over a year I was manually removing these contacts one name at a time. LinkedIn admitted to the error. Thanks that did nothing to help. So at this point I have zero trust in the integrity, honesty, or reliability of LinkedIn.
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6 years ago, Mike O PhD
Chronological content feed - second attempt.
LinkedIn... I love your platform. I have already posted a comment on the lack of a sort by “recent” function on for iOS. When I’m on my phone, the work around is to go to your mobile site, then request the desktop site, then select “sort by: recent”. The most recent update you just pushed out now has “lives” or something that feels like a clone of Instagram/YouTube/Snapchat/Facebook, etc. I do not subscribe to these platforms because I believe LinkedIn is the only social media platform of any substance. There is quality content and networking happening everyday. Why did your newest update add a cookie-cutter “lives” function and not a simple “sort by:recent” function. Why am I seeing 3 week old posts with recent posts scattered about. Totally ridiculous... The one platform I thought was doing a service to a community of professional people is slowly becoming just another social media platform.
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2 weeks ago, Chuka Arinze
LinkedIn is the best professional app
I have had the pleasure of working with LinkedIn for a very long time and can confidently say that they are an exceptional professional. Their expertise in categorized professional provisioning is unparalleled, and their dedication to excellence is evident in everything they do. LinkedIn consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating not only outstanding technical skills but also remarkable leadership and teamwork abilities. Their ability to solve complex problems with innovative solutions has been invaluable to our team. Moreover, LinkedIn's positive attitude and unwavering commitment to success create an inspiring and motivating work environment. They are a true asset to any organization, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-tier professional.
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10 months ago, CJF1408
Need more options
When a job expires I can’t see it on the app only on the actual website. There’s to be a way to archive old jobs that I’ve applied to. When applying to jobs externally it reroutes you to a different web browser entirely so you don’t lose your application. Is there a way to add quick swipe left so when there’s a job that you’re not interested in you can hide it? It would also be nice to add a filter to where you can check “see only see United States jobs available for anyone in the United States and the state you live in for remote jobs instead of the app showing for example “Chicago, IL United States” and you can apply for these jobs because the job poster only wants candidates from that area state. This would make job searching a lot faster.
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7 months ago, ndndhebe
It has potential
LinkedIn is 5 stars when it comes to your profile and networking options. However, the job search feature needs work. The filters do not work very. For example, I always select the “on-site” and “hybrid” options for locations, and yet I will get job after job that is “remote” even though I have purposely not chosen that as an option. The website has the same issue if you try to use it on a PC. The site is also buggy from the employers side. My team has tried multiple times to post a job and I have received the same error claiming that there is an issue with my email. The app/website support is poor and I have not been able to successfully contact them. LinkedIn could make every other platform irrelevant if they could just improve their job search engine.
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9 months ago, Aly Marie Beauty
Account was Banned?
I log in to see that my account was banned and have to verify??? That’s never happened to me before and there’s no reason stating what “suspicious activity” is being done? Even to get help as in a support ticket, or via email, you have to sign in but I CAN’T because my account is banned for no apparent reason! You guys need to seriously state the specific reasons as to why accounts are banned because I haven’t done anything but use your guys clarify app to get verified and also apply to jobs and post my degree so what’s the reason I’m so called “banned” for? Your customer service is horrible as well.. they’re should definitely be an easier way to contact someone other than being a member because you ban us for no reason and it’s impossible getting a hold of you guys. At that, it doesn’t even state WHEN our accounts will be off banned mode or how long it takes for them to verify. It’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t recommend this app.
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3 years ago, irishgal222
I honestly have never written a review before, but I left LinkedIn because of this when I was fond of building connections on LinkedIn. However, someone had to make me very uncomfortable. LinkedIn is for professional use. When posting, there should be a sensitivity filter so what ever comment or post is being shared on LinkedIn directly is not hurtful or disrespectful. I had a horrible experience with someone disrespecting my profession and the person said “in ms your considered a joke” on my post that involved my profession having an appreciation week. That is the total opposite of what LinkedIn in is used for. Update: it’s sad to see that my review was overlooked and not cared about. Bullying or any form of making someone uncomfortable especially on a professional job app should be taken seriously. You should be able to post about your profession without someone trying to undermine a position. What a shame. Adding on to my review: I hope LinkedIn is able to talk with him, and give him a warning. It’s sad because I did not want to leave LinkedIn, but because of this behavior that should not be tolerated I left and it was probably for the best. I just wanted to be recognized for all the hard work I do for my job and post it on my page and someone had to ruin it all. I know it’s not you LinkedIn, but I hope you can help me.
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4 years ago, (Joe)45
Please add an unlimited word count
I love LinkedIn, but would like to see an unlimited word count. There are so many times that I have a post that exceeds the allotted word count and it’s frustrating. I could condense what i need to say most times, but sometimes I need to be able to say more than what LinkedIn allows. If the post is good, people will read it. If not, they don’t have to read it and can just scroll on past. I’m sure if you took a poll from other LinkedIn users, you would find that most of them would agree that LinkedIn needs an unlimited word count. Don’t limit it solely for the purpose of making sure people’s posts are shorter. Give people the opportunity to add as much as they need to their posts. Sometimes you need to be able to add more to your post to properly say what you need to say because tightening your word count doesn’t always cut it.
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1 year ago, g57252929263
This app is really frustrating to use. When looking at a company’s open roles, I can’t filter by location because it will just reset the search to all jobs in that location, not restricting to the company whose page I was just on. If I try to restrict further by searching the company name, all these unrelated jobs show up in the search. This doesn’t happen on desktop so I’m not sure why it’s happening on mobile. Also the filters aren’t very functional - so many jobs that are included in the “entry level” filter but require 7+ years experience, or are marked as fully remote but are actually fully in person. The jobs I’m recommended aren’t even close to the field or function of my current roles. My home feed is just full of fake inspirational posts about CEOs deigning to give their employees breadcrumbs and people foaming at the mouth over their “generosity”. It’s not a good tool anymore.
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7 years ago, M Kutman
Option to improve feed needs to be improved
The app is solid and very easy to use. My complaints are the content in the Feed and that the option “improve my feed” really offers no real options except adding new people to follow. It should be flexible and let you choose what you want to see more of OR less of. For example, in my feed I don't need to see every single time a connection “likes” something. I also remember I always used to see when my current connections connected to new people. I used to see those a lot every day. That was helpful info if a contact connected to someone new in my industry. It worked well in conjunction with the other “people I may know” info. I almost never see those types of updates anymore in my feed. Can you explain why the feed offers me zero flexibility to see the things that are most important to me?
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5 years ago, twr_167
The newest update has them limiting your preferences for your job search an forcibly showing you state wide jobs like that helps. If someone like myself has set up job preferences why take them away and why start showing jobs to them that are outside of their preferences like a job search isn't already hard enough and tiring enough. Now I'm every time I open the app instead of being able to scroll through the recommendations I have to create different searches because the jobs recommended to me are 8+ hours away and don't interest me in the slightest. Just because I live in a state doesn't mean I'm comfortable commuting far and doesn't mean I'm trying to relocate to the opposite side of it. So who's dumb idea was it to add that useless and annoying feature that shows jobs to people outside their now very limited preferences. I don't want to be shown state wide jobs and according to the customer service rep it's a feature I can't manually get rid of. Dumbest update to date.
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3 months ago, Peace Out! Go Iowa Hawkeyes!
Everything else about the LinkedIn app is great, but using CLEAR verification is a terrible move by LinkedIN. I got scammed into getting CLEAR at the airport once too and it was utter trash. Apparently, clear won’t verify me on LinkedIn because my phone plan isn’t in my name. I’m a student, so I’m under my family’s phone plan. As are many other students, as are many other cousins, wives, siblings, etc. What a scam!! Also, how is having the same name on a PHONE PLAN even verification of IDENTITY. Customer service tried to then tell me longevity - what a lie - I’ve been on the same phone plan for 15 years!! To maintain its reputation and continue to get new users, LinkedIn needs to discontinue the usage of CLEAR now! For new users like myself, it’s really frustrating that hold users were able to get verified no problem before CLEAR came in the picture. The only thing clear here is that LinkedIn should stop working with such a joke of a company.
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