LinkedIn Sales Navigator

4.8 (43.7K)
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LinkedIn Corporation
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

4.8 out of 5
43.7K Ratings
4 years ago, AK2771167
Great app except for the inbox
The mailbox needs a lot of work. I like being able to switch between Li and SalesNav but there are a large number of false positives-meaning it looks like the mailbox has new o mails when there are none. Also I have a read message in my inbox that won’t be marked unread. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I wish this was structured more like email. It’s currently designed like text messaging.
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1 year ago, Linkedin for startups
UX and UI
Links from text, slack, email, and social media often open only in a browser and do not enable users to access the correct link in the respective LinkedIn application. You also can not directly open links within the source application browser experience without logging in. Having 2 applications for mobile and tablet makes information sharing with other members complicated because it depends on their membership level. Inbox management and messaging are also a nightmare. When using both the native app and the sales navigation app, it divides the member's inbox when messaging a native members from the sales navigator application as the response may be captured in the native app or the other if you are contacting another sales navigator member from sales navigator. Email and LinkedIn are vital for working professionals but the division between the applications wastes time and create unnecessary friction for members. It also drives abandonment when the login credentials to access LinkedIn from a link are always required, instead of being logically rerouted. Members and engagement rate would greatly benefit from a unified interface and experience to access, share, and import/export information. Additional feature requests would also be an unsend button and editing messages for the accidental "enter" because inbox operates like chat however, utilized like email. We'd also benefit from a plug-in to my company CRM, CSM, and email applications.
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6 years ago, MikeyCashGames
I use the app constantly, so where the heck is the iPad version!!!!
Please, LinkedIn for the love of God, build an iPad app for Sales Navigator! I am paying a bunch of money to be able to access my network, share information and find new clients but I want to be able to do that with the best experience possible; I want to be able to do that natively on the iPad without having to go through a browser! Especially since I have to send all my InMail through Sales Navigator, we should have access to an iPad app. Please fix this for us as professionals who are constantly on the go, we should be able to get the best experience possible from something we are paying for. Thank you guys! Also, I must say, I absolutely love Sales Navigator as a tool and on the iPhone it is very stable, works smoothly and looks good. (Now just that iPad app, for reals) ok, I’m done, I think they get the picture.
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5 years ago, Staaldm
Can’t live w/o it - areas to improve
I couldn’t live without sales navigator and it gets the job done that I need it to. That said, I feel like the user interface and user experience are a bit unpolished in number of ways and it’s surprising to me that they haven’t been addressed. You can’t sort lead and account lists by header rows and since things aren’t sorted alphabetically (I can make sense of the order) this gets annoying when your list gets to be more than a page. Several other eye-rolling user annoyances but like I said, I’d still recommend it to anyone and consider it one of my top tools because of the up-to-date access it gives me to information.
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1 year ago, bronze66
It’s so bad I wanted to give you a 0, but that’s not possible so now I give you a 1
I hate to write this review because this app was a godsend during the pandemic and helping my business thrive. However, as the years have gone on it has been more difficult to use the app as they have enabled new restrictions, don’t allow individuals to send out as many connections, and now they are restricting accounts based off of viewing TOO MANY profiles. I don’t see the benefit in paying $80/month when it is such a hassle to even reap the rewards from it. I would further avoid using this app and holding onto that $80 until LinkedIn initiates change. I write this review in hopes that the creators of this app will see how restrictive sales navigator has become and hopefully initiate change.
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2 years ago, CajItalian Dude
Can’t clear alerts and why have two messengers
This app is very frustrating, indeed. I get the same alerts almost every day and I try to clear them over and over, but the app icon on my phone still shows the red circle with the number Of uncleared notifications. Every once in a while, it will clear and show no new notifications, but 99% of the time, it’s showing unread notifications when I’ve cleared them multiple times. Regarding the messenger option, why, why, why, would you not integrate messaging between the LinkedIn app and the Navigator app? Who wants to have to maintain two separate sets of messages to the same crowd of people?
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5 years ago, Geberhardt500
Sales navigator
Works good but I wanted to upgrade to Sales Navigator team so I can synchronize with my crm. Since I purchased through the app it was billed through the apple store so I was not able to upgrade. I had to cancel through apple who already billed for the first month. Then I have to wait for the month to end before going to the Linkedin website and paying for sales navigator team With a credit card. So I have to wait a month to set the service I need and have to pay for this month even though it’s mostly useless without integration with my crm. Very poor purchase/upgrade system!!! Update: I tried the link Sales Navigator suggested and requested a refund from Apple and it was denied!
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10 months ago, Redpaddle
Horrible Customer Service
I had Sales Navigator before and had canceled it after downsizing my sales team. This was pre-pandemic. Now, I want to get it again, but I’m stuck in that loop of, “You purchased it through Apple so you have to use them to upgrade.” Then, it fails to upgrade saying not available. I contacted support and they said I have to kill my LinkedIn Learning service as I have that through Apple. I did that, and now I don’t have either my LinkedIn Learning or Sales Navigator because I can’t even sign up for the subscription. Who in their right mind at LinkedIn made the subscription of this service so tightly wound up in Apple that people can’t just purchase the service online without Apple?
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5 years ago, BKennings
Valuable, but limited
Really valuable tool, but limited by two big factors, 1) thousands of companies have no presence on LinkedIn and 2) the information about those that do is entirely dependent on what is voluntarily shared. Filtering by Revenue for example is really limiting in that the data is often outdated or non-existent. It’s not culled from external sources but dependent on the company to keep their profile updated. LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B selling but it should not be the only resource. That said, Sales Navigator is a great tool for what it does. Just know that you’re only reaching a fraction of your market.
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5 years ago, Chooky the professional
How could you mess this up that bad
For the cost of Sales Navigator I really cannot believe how terrible this app is for iPad. The LinkedIn app rules. But c’mon I have to view in portrait so my keyboard on my iPad is useless unless I want to turn my head sideways. I can’t even log in via the web because it takes me right to the app. I thought when I signed up it would be just like it is on the PC, nested within linkedin. Nope, separate terrible app that now makes all my work on the go useless. I love you LinkedIn, I love you so much but dude I hate this App.
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1 year ago, Koda August
Sales Navigator - A total game changer!!
I’ve been using sales navigator for a little over 2 years now— and the ROI has been incredible. Worth every penny several times over. It takes some time to get the hang of it, but it’s truly a hidden gem when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn as a sales platform! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to generate more qualified business from the platform.
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3 years ago, JohnLane02
Powerful tool, terrible UX
Quite simply, at almost every turn, the design of the user experience is sub par. Two examples: Sending an invite. The text box is about ½ the size of the character limit. But sits inside an almost empty page. Why not make the text box bigger. (Yes write shorter invites too!). Search process. Boolean? In 2021? It’s crazy. Also why have the search parameters be live so easy input needs to load? It takes forever. (There’s more improvements I could mention. ) I have been on LinkedIn since almost day one. I love it. But the software needs serious improvements to the UX. And I’d love to help.
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3 years ago, tikky2708
Buggy—hardly usable
Constantly shows I have messages. Tells me I have anywhere between 2-964 messages when I have none. Not a huge deal buts it’s annoying to look at and also has me checking messages all the time so I know I’m not missing something. Second the search bar. I can’t even use this tool. Every time I go to search employees are a company it deletes me texts or gives me a oops not available screen. It’s one of the pricier biz dev tools and it’s hardly usable at this point.
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2 months ago, Alexander Flo
Log in process
The login processes on the mobile app is terrible. It never seems to want to log me on. I’ve reset my password all the time and it never seems to help. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling. I’ve had the app for years and didn’t have issues on the past but the last year or so it never wants to work. Too many windows pop up just to sign in(with my correct login information to works on the web browser!!) and app just doesn’t allow me to sign in. Kind of ridiculous such an issue hasn’t been solved, especially when there are so many reviews with the same comment.
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9 months ago, oreginducksrock
Love LinkedIn & Sales NAV on Computer but mobile I can’t get in
I’ve been an avid fan of LinkedIn & sales NAV. I just realized they have mobile app, well so far I can’t get in. I go to the sign in, and even if I re-sign in or sign in as my current LinkedIN account, it goes to another page and it’s the get started page with the button. Well no many how many times I click the get started button, it does nothing, doesn’t load or do anything. I’ve uninstalled & re-installed the app 5 times and the Get Started button still is non responsive. So I’m sure it’s a great app if I can actually get into the app on mobile.
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3 years ago, arghhhhhhhhhh
Buggy search bar and inbox
Used to love this app, but recent updates have left the navigation of the app very clunky. The search bar is pretty much inoperable because it starts deleting my input after I’ve managed to type a few letters. Or it immediately starts backspacing on letters after I’ve finished typing. For messages, it keeps showing I have lots of unread messages when I don’t in either else’s navigator or regular LinkedIn. I reached out to support for help and they suggested clearing cookies from my phone, but that hasn’t helped one bit.
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5 years ago, Geniuskav
Need more CRM style feature + iPad application
I really enjoy using LinkedIn SN. I would love to be able to use the application via my ipad and have ALL the same features offered via the web on my mobile devises. Please consider adding more CRM style features: List Sort Run Reports Activity Value of opportunity etc... Sorting via address (location) Require a business contact card so when you connect you have the full contact information - managing business cards is very old school-maybe an e-card can be sent with a trusted new connection and updated based on any changes in jobs is updated. LinkedIn has become my most used tool and functionality adds are important. Also can you email the monthly statement for LI SN ?
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6 years ago, Snowflakesmom
This app isn’t particularly useful
I’d like to see an iPad version with more of the Sales Navigator functionality. So far, the “discover” feature hasn’t suggested anything even remotely related to the accounts I’m seeking, even though I’ve saved 100’s of accounts in Sales Navigator. Regarding the app and the web version of Navigator: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE integrate messaging between Navigator and LinkedIn. It is SO FRUSTRATING to have conversations in both places. I’m having to find contacts in Navigator and look up the conversation in LinkedIn just so I don’t start threads in two places.
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3 years ago, Road Warrior Salesman
Best mobile CRM app
I’ve been using it for years and each quarter it gets better. The voice dictation is stronger than the iphones text messaging app, believe it or not. What I love about the app itself is I can log calls while parked in the car, even take notes during a meeting and have it save easily.
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2 years ago, WesCandela
Look… I love the feature, but I cannot get past “get started “on the iOS app
I want to give this a good rating I really do It’s immensely expensive but it’s become extremely valuable to me however to this day I still have never been able to get past the get started banner on the front page of the app and I have no idea why please aluminate am I the only person having this issue I have deleted and reinstalled so many times I couldn’t tell you and I have tried to re-login I cannot do it on the iOS app bugs
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7 months ago, Mumshad Nahiyan
Get Started button doesn’t work
It’s funny how I am using iphone 13 pro with latest iOS and everything, still this app has this bug where it’s not letting me go past the “get started” screen, the one that comes after logging in first time. At first I thought it might be something related to their latest release but I have waited more than 2 weeks now, nothing’s changed. Uninstalled and installed, still same. I guess the dev team does not test their app on all platforms.
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5 years ago, Mango von Sales
Hands down the best sales tool I’ve ever used
Finding new prospects and actually being able to connect with them is incredible. Prospects become friends and I stay in touch with a ton of people. Great to see live updates and expand my network. 10/10
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4 years ago, sales guy named joe
Used to be better
I’ve been using Sales Navigator for 6 years now, and it used to be a lot more valuable. Lately it seems to have a lot of bugs. Why’d they remove the lead search function? How come half the time I click on a person’s profile, it opens their profile in LinkedIn now instead of keeping me in the Sales Nav app? I know LinkedIn will keep innovating, but right now, I think there’s a lot of room for improvement.
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5 years ago, rastaman2010
Useful yet frustrating
The data LinkedIn has is unmatched but completing even simple tasks through the app is frustrating beyond belief. Seeing pathways to connections is only sometimes shown which is likely the most important feature. Doing searches within your own network is complicated to figure out. I wish they spent more time on the things that mattered- better ux around finding the right prospects and finding pathways to connect with them quickly
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4 years ago, Cr8143
Low rating on support
Their level of support for billing and other issues is sub-par. The last thing a person wants to do is click around on different articles and topics looking for a phone number to call or even email address for support issues. When you call their number they direct you to a live chat. They don’t even have a dedicated support team. The service itself is probably not worth 80$ a month. When I tried to cancel they offered me two months for 40.
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5 years ago, Steverodgers88
iPad App needed and PBJ
I like the product so far. But I am in agreement with all the very many request I see on your reviews about the necessity for an iPad App. In this day and age and for a paid monthly service this should be a given. This is a bit like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I can eat a peanut butter sandwich but not near as good or enjoyable in the experience of eating a good PBJ. Please realize the same applies here as it’s good but near as good as it could be. Thanks
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2 years ago, wyneie
I believe it is powerful….but
I am amazed at what I believe the power of Sales Navigator is but unfortunately there is virtually no “hands on” support. So….sadly to say I feel I get maybe 10% of the benefit. “If you can figure it out on your own……” seems to be their motto..
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6 years ago, Baldstormer
Best business platform for generating new business out there today
It’s the #1 tool out there today, the amount of information it provides on a prospect is unparalleled. I’ve scheduled more new business meetings through Sales Navigator then any other service or tool.
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7 months ago, willrasely
Just getting started
I have lots to learn but I already see the value in utilizing Sales Navigator for business. I use LinkedIn regularly but going to use Navigator regularly to improve my information and knowledge about markets.
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6 years ago, Vxsjzsnzhs
Complicated to implement - Hoping it delivers on its promise
I am one week into the product. I still don’t have the promised integration with SalesForce. Technical Support is non existent. I expected more out of LinkedIn. I am hopeful I can get it figured out soon or I will cancel my subscription.
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6 years ago, lrmdev
What is this UI?
I’ve never written a review before but this UI is an inspiration to write about. An old iPhone UI for an app on an iPad that you pay 80 a month for? It is inconceivable. It really isn’t very hard to build an iPad interface, have someone there read a book on Swift and convert it. Also, is there no web view? If so, what is happening? Please LinkedIn, take an immediate look. I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because it is useful info.
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6 years ago, Jbrobinson413
Needs improvement
The app is ok but has some big flaws: 1. The discover tab shows the same account results every day 2. LinkedIn and sales navigator messages are treated like two different things. They are the same and should show in both apps. 3. Searching for new leads/accounts by filtering is limited via the app 4. Push notifications only sporadically work (this is a big issue) 5. Can’t sync new leads / accounts to Salesforce. Makes it difficult to prospect and track without excessive data entry (More an issue with the service than the app) 6. The Salesforce sync that does exist is poorly executed. It’s using legacy notes/attachment objects.
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3 years ago, jasonnice
I’m not sure about the app’s utility but,
If you are going to use any of the premium accounts, use sales. The search algorithm is easy to use and you can find lots of contacts to reach out to. Tip: connect and use personalized message invites instead of Messages. Better for your network building I wish, for work, I could download an excel spreadsheet of the search (export search list) And for some reason, the text of this “write a review is white against a white background) apologies for any mistakes I have wile writing this lol.
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5 years ago, RRBD
Once in profile, none of the buttons work
Looking at a prospect and wanted to connect. None of the buttons (connect, add note, add tag, message, etc) work within the app once you are looking at a user’s profile. Any fixes?
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9 months ago, Slippchold
Very helpful prospecting
I can find people very well in my industry that I need to market to. I can message them through LinkedIn and learn about them and connect with them. The app would be five stars if it actually gave you email addresses.
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2 years ago, Delmarsk810
Business Performance Advisor
The app is helpful when I’m in the field. Not as easy to navigate and use as the desktop, but a useful tool to have. I wish I could see the employee count for a business like I can on the desktop.
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5 years ago, Chris @Unishippers
Sales Navigator
The iPhone app isn’t as good as the LinkedIn app. It needs to be just as robust. My user experience on the iPhone falls short to what I can do on my desktop. Also, this tool needs an iPad app. It’s disappointing that one hasn’t been created yet.
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2 years ago, ekrgreviewsw
Can’t get past the “Get Started” screen on app
I’ve downloaded & deleted & re-downloaded this app multiple times over the course of months, trying to access my account on mobile, but I can never get past the “Get Started” screen. I’ve tried emailing/requesting the online chat with support & never heard back so have resorted to writing this review. Can someone from support please advise on this issue?! Thanks.
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5 years ago, Babs177
So Interesting!
Ready for another level to satisfy your business acumen and curiosity? This is it. I am never disappointed with the intel it sends my way, each and every day. Intuitive and thoughtful. I give it two thumbs up.
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6 years ago, Emdub2112
Worked okay until April 2018
Just recently, I had to reauthenticate and have yet to successfully get back in. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing, hard resets, etc. At first I was concerned about being hacked but fortunately that’s not the case.
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2 years ago, Slalom38
Great functions-Terrible subscription structure
LinkedIn appears to be putting revenue strategy ahead of user benefit. They have made critical functions out of reach of their consultant and SMB customers. Shame on them
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2 years ago, Xojalyse
“Get Started”
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I am not on beta software, and up to date with current iOS. I have cleared everything there is to clear, and made sure there are no profiles blocking this from running. Alas, it will not move off of “get started” — as if the button does not exist bc nothing happens when I push it. It’s extremely frustrating.
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4 years ago, MacMoy
It’s not commercial like LinkedIn has become. I have not cared to much for the slanted articles in LinkedIn. It’s to the point and easy to navigate as well much more business structured.
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3 years ago, nickname alread in use
Doesn’t seem to sync properly
When I unsave an account from alert or just remove alerts while online they still show up in my app days after. Don’t see the point of having the app if it’s operating independently, ignoring what I do on the website.
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3 years ago, Coyabruto
Features would be useful if it worked
I get to use the app for about 5 minutes at a time before it logs me out and does not allow me to log in. when I am able to be logged in, The search bar is not super accurate and the updates are not updated to the desk top version or on the cloud. So if you need an extra app on your phone that brings you potential but guaranteed frustration, this is the one.
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4 months ago, Rob Stromme
5 Star
I have been using this for 4 weeks now and have found opportunities that only could have come from Sales Nav.
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4 years ago, egyptianfun3
Only room for improvement is messages
Very helpful, only thing that could improve is notifications from messages. Also it’s frustrating that sales nav has a separate message box from regular LinkedIn
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2 years ago, GambleWorks
Lies/ constant notification
I dont like deceit or shady business practices. There is a constant notification that I have a message and its not true. It always says I have an unread message just to make it look lively I guess but it is very annpying. I have checked all settings this is not an error I feel just a shady practice. Dont bug me with flags and notification badges just to keep me on site, cancelling plan!
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5 years ago, hvgjgdeghh
Good Info but a little sloppy
Sales Nav is a valuable tool. It was better in the beginning stages when it had more compatibility with traditional LinkedIn, namely the messages. I do not like having 2 message inboxes and sales navigator can have some glitches. I also have issues getting alerts related to Sales navigator messages.
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3 years ago, Boss of Many
Worthy of use for sales headhunters
If you are looking for clients, this is the way to go. It’s better than getting your email banned for so-called spamming.
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