4.7 (92.5K)
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Current version
Linksys USA, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Linksys

4.7 out of 5
92.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Flagamer
Velop Router
I spent 10 hours trying to set up two different routers from two different companies and had such a difficult time setting them up. After much frustration, I took them both back. I talked to two representatives at one of the local electronic stores and both had the Linksys Velop systems. They mentioned the ease of set-up and convenience of the Linksys App. I was convinced that if this is the system that they use, then this is the system that I need to try out. I figured if I couldn't get it to setup, I was going to have to have an internet specialist come to my house and install this unit. WELL, this was the easiest setup and literally took me less than 10 minutes to set up the whole system. The app is clear and extremely understandable and walked me through the whole setup (plug in wall, plug in signal, and it goes through a few setup steps) and WOW- it was online. Then, I set up the extra node with power and it connected right away. EASY, EASY, EASY. If you are looking for a GREAT system with awesome coverage and easy setup then the Velop system is for you. Thanks Linksys for making this system so easy that even a non-technical person like me can set it up in minutes.
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3 years ago, ShadowArmor69
It’s great
The app works even with iOS 14 (smh) and the router works well and has excellent range so in short the 1 star ratings(after reading several) are because people have no clue how to use or set up things they buy or use. I.E - the app lets you restart your router no need to manually unplug it and that’s a simple example, and for everyone complaining about the product or app I’m glad your so intelligent you can make your own that’s so much better so why are you buying or using other products? And also no one cares if an app can go to landscape or not it’s an app not a game or movie smh lazy self entitled people this app with their recent routers and nodes is excellent and anyone who doesn’t think so should take all their fancy over priced tech back to the store for a refund because your to stupid to use it anyway, also no one wants to hear your trolling comments and net gear is junk so stop pushing it like you get commission on the sales thank you for your time 🥳
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2 months ago, LucasNomad
Avoid Linksys Velop
This app is consistently useless when it counts. Say the internet goes down, or you’re restarting after a power outage. It’s default is to log you into its cloud system but that system is not up-to-date and this will show nodes down which are not down, or a system working when the entire system is down. And logging in locally (non-cloud) is practically hidden and unintuitive. But when the internet is down, that’s the best route to diagnose. The device list will show devices hooked up via Ethernet even though that’s impossible because they’re things like smart plugs which only communicate via WiFi, not Ethernet. Also, app is unaware what node a device is connected to. Overall the app is frustrating to use and lacks precision information. On Velop, nodes will frequently go down and are unable to self heal. App is painfully slow to use. App needs more maintenance/utility features like the ability to reset nodes to factory if necessary (and have it WORK!). Velop system needs ability to get back to operational after a power outage consistently. The only way the Velop mesh is usable is if every node is hard-wired via Ethernet. Users should be able to completely turn off “Linksys aware” features. Possible problems from that running in the background?
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4 years ago, constantnormal
Similar experiences to the other one star reviews
I recently (foolishly) opened the app – my network had a hiccup that spurred me to reboot everything, and after everything restarted and reconnected and was working fine, I wanted to see if there was a firmware update that hadn’t been installed (yes, I have the firmware auto update set), and was greeted by the app telling me that one of my Velop units could not connect to the others. All units appeared to be functioning ok, no red lights. So I followed the app’s instructions and power cycled the node it said could not connect to the others, it rebooted and displayed the same blue light that it had previously. I then used the app to reset the network, and when things returned, everything had a blue light, everything worked, but the app now flagged a different node as being “unable to connect”. I repeat, the network was functioning fine. I tried excoriating their tech support drones via the “send us a suggestion” link in the app, and received the final humiliation … the email was returned as the address it was set to did not exist. Folks, the Linksys development person has apparently expired or has relocated to an unused missile silo until the pandemic is over. Velop users are on your own. I have deleted the Linksys app from my iPad to protect my Velop network from software assaults.
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2 years ago, Jack3469643
The app looks good at first glance
But it is missing alot of useful features. It tells you the speed of your internet going into the router but not the wifi speeds. If your (wifi) speeds are slow (which mine is consistently half the incoming internet at the primary node) it doesn’t give you any useful data to troubleshoot. Child node connection strength, speed of internet at each node, it doesn’t even let you designated devices to 2.4 waveband to declutter your 5ghz. Here are the three things you CAN do. 1) Check if your internet provider is giving you internet service after a very slow login process. 2) see that devices were at some point connected. Most of the devices will be off or ones you are using will not be on there… 3) restart your modem Thats it. You can tell that your internet problems are this device and there are no other actions to take update: I had to drop the star further due to now linksy requires you to update your password to enter into the app. This means you are going to log off every device in your house and spend 3 hours logging each one back in with the new password … I hate I bought this system, I should have gone another cheaper option Update: the app barely works now.
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6 years ago, Macabre!
Multiple clients
I had to purchase a new router after I had an alarm system installed in my was a smart alarm system which consisted of a wireless controllable front door, Two wireless indoor cameras, two wireless thermostats, and two overhead smoke/heat detectors. Without realizing it everything on the smart home system affected my router bogging it down when I went to use the PC...I always used Linksys and at the time I had the best Linksys had to offer in routers which was I can't remember but it was the one previous to the EA 9500 that I'm writing about now. After reading the specs with all the antennas and the new technology I gave this a shot for $400 at the time and when I got back on my computer everything was cleared I was able to fly bonnet especially with gaming and I do play AAA games.. Also in my home I rent out eight rooms and not only does everyone have cell phones but they have laptops as well so that's a very busy system when I checked the app sometimes AC up to 24 items on there at once without even affecting the band with I highly recommend this unit
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5 years ago, gmbuen
Linksys Velop
We have Verizon Fios fiber optic which is suppose to be the fastest. They got changed to Frontier. Started to slow down. Then started to have issue connecting wireless to the the wifi wireless. They changed the modem first. It was ok for a short time. Then started having issue again connecting. Technician came and change the modem again and upgraded my service to a faster internet connection. Again started to have issue a couple days later. Another technician came and added a box in the garage. I told him that we use to have very good connection to the wifi before the company changed to Frontier. He recommended to get a google whole house wifi extender. I bought a Linksys system. It’s a great system. Now we have a very good wifi connection anywhere in the house. Even across the street I can connect to the wifi. Thanks to Linksys Velop. I recommend this system to anyone that has wifi connection issue.
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7 months ago, Squidward112
App has become unusable
This was a fine app but some time ago it lost all functionality. Keeps looping on getting router settings, once there actions cannot be performed as it goes back to getting router settings. Connected devices are not listed even though WiFi is performing fine throughout the home. But if there is an appliance that is not working with WiFi there is no way to troubleshoot the issue since I can’t determine if it is connected. Cannot even restart the router through the app, have to do it physically. The tech support solution is delete the app and reinstall; this has never resolved the problem. Had also been told by tech support to change the password but when the app is reinstalled it requires the previous password to add information to my account-but the thing just starts looping again. Clearly, the app is corrupted, there is no software update to improve the app or keep up with changing operating systems on the phone (this has been an issue since iOS 12 and across two phones). Doesn’t bode well for stability of Linksys products if I ever decide to add a node or upgrade a product with them.
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9 months ago, offline crashes
Don’t be deceived by the 5 star reviews - app is garbage and the wifi drops all the time
Been using Linksys Atlas Wifi 6 System. The wifi drops sporadically all the time. It is not my internet service provider because I monitor that too. Drops me from meetings or disconnects me from servers in the middle of doing work. I’ve tried to factory reset many times. The setup on the app gets stuck at every step - whether it tries to setup a new login point, or tries to connect my account with the network. Sometimes trying to accept the terms freezes and I have to delete and reinstall the app. Even now I have trying to resent it and I’ve been at it for over 2 hours. When it works, the app breaks all the time with cryptic error messages that are unsolvable. Save yourself a massive headache and waste of money get purchase a different mesh system.
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4 months ago, Yeahrightosammoduffus
This app has a very high rating in the App Store, my experience is polar opposite. I purchased a Velop Pro 6E three pack, installed the app, and so began an hours upon hours initial setup ordeal. The router took multiple tries and reboots to see the cable modem (itself also brand new). That eventually working the two satellites were even more difficult to bring up with the second unit requiring a full reset to bring it online. With it configured I moved the satellites to positions in my home. The wired and wireless internet works very well. Not so the app. Sometimes the app sees the system, often it does not and tells me I need to first connect to the wireless. I am connected to the wireless so I disconnect and reconnect. Again it fails to find the router. It is a toss of a coin, try again later and the app may or may not find the system. Furthermore when you cannot connect the app provides a way to send feedback to Linksys. Don’t bother, near the end of a lengthy missive the form suddenly disappeared bringing me back to the main screen of the app and so my input was lost. How this app gets a good rating in the App Store is a mystery to me.
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6 years ago, JFLund
Works great and fairly intuitive
This app does what it is supposed to do. It lets me easily change the settings on my mesh network, determine what devices are connected to which node, set-up statice IP addressed, and optimize the network as far as my limited knowledge of networking allows My only gripe is that the help file does a poor job of explaining what the various settings do. They have gone too far dumbing it down for brevity. Most help entries give an extremely generalized idea of what a setting is used for, then basically say “we recommend using the default setting” - leaving out the implied “because you are not smart enough to understand the concepts involved.” It’s hard to LinkSys them too much because it’s what every manufacturer I’ve used seems to do these days. I just wish they could offer more in depth help for those who are not network experts but would like to setup a well-formed network. Otherwise, the app is fairly well laid our and intuitive.
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2 years ago, shogut
Latest version breaks all functionality
UPDATE The app now works for me again! I never got a response from LinkSys support but the newest version of the app and rebooting the router got it working again. I wish LinkSys would include some recommendations with the app updates. If rebooting the router is necessary to get the app working again, mention that with the general “bug fixes” comment. Especially since everything is controlled through the app. My next step was going to be a factory reset. Previous comment: I can no longer connect to my network with the latest release of the app. It loads but doesn’t acknowledge that I have any nodes. In some menus I can briefly see my settings but then get “Unexpected Error” in all cases. I tried contacting Linksys support last week from the app which attaches a log file to the email but haven’t gotten an update. It doesn’t seem like the newest release was tested at all.
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4 years ago, Bubba from SF
Linksys App Ruins The Linksys Experience
I recently installed a Velop Whole Home Mesh Wifi network and I am very pleased with the hardware and my network. But I am not at all happy with the Linksys IOS app on my iPhone11. When accessing the network administration, the app frequently is slow to connect, it hangs or freezes. I recently tried to access the app, it indicated that I needed to enter my email address and password. After entering my email, the app froze and would not let me enter my password. When the app started working again and I entered my password, I got an error message indicating that I made to many attempts for password and I would be locked out for two hours (or I had to reset my password). There is something seriously wrong with this app and it is ruining my experience with Linksys.
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3 years ago, HeadBroski86
Great app in theory but seems very buggy
I will start off by saying that I own the WRT3200ACM. I bought this router close to two years ago and so far I don’t have many complaints about the router. I think it’s a great consumer router. My issue is the app and the interface that is used to manage the router. About 6-9 months ago I noticed the interface/app started combining devices to appear as one device within its GUI. For example I have a network security device and my child’s smart TV, but for some reason the router thinks they are the same device. When I click on the “device” in the GUI, the security device appears as the wired connection and the TV appears as the wireless connection. This makes it challenging to apply parental settings to the TV because it also applies them to the security device. On top of that I have created scheduled under the parental controls, just to go back in there later to see my settings were reverted back. On the surface the app seems great and would be extremely useful, but it seems buggy and unreliable.
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5 years ago, My.Iphone7.And.Itunes
Handy App
Very helpful and informative. The app used to be problematic on occasion where it would not let me connect and login, even though the Internet is working just fine and throughput seems good, even after resetting the router I could not log into the app. Just had to wait a little while and it was good again. I believe they fix that issue but I haven’t seen it in quite a while now So, I may not use this app frequently (at least a couple times a week). It’s quite handy for when I want to reset my router, or when I need to pause Internet activity on certain devices (the parental controls can be a godsend When your maniac children do not want to listen to their parents and go to bed on time.... ;-). Some other great things about the app - - I love being able to easily and quickly set up guest Wi-Fi - It’s simple and handy to send a friend a text with my Wi-Fi password - and a quick scan will tell me all devices that are connected. These are just the basics without even getting into the more advanced settings. Whether you are Tech savvy or had to have your Son/Grandson set your router up for you —. Give it a shot. You may not end up using it very often, but you’ve got nothing to lose, and if you do, I think you’ll be happy with it!
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6 years ago, CCguru
The Best I Have Had
When you are at or near the very top of the technology you become a big target for about everything. For now it is clear that Velop and Orbi are the two that are constantly in the shoot off. I have a 2X Velop system and spare no expense in optimizing my home network. I go through routers like paper towels looking for better. Who knows what will be down the road, but today it doesn’t get any better, in my opinion. Setup is brain dead easy and performance is great all through my 2600 sq ft house. I get right at or near my 60 Mbps ISP throughout the house on 5ghz. This is not a router for the super geek. It is made to more or less just work (well), and does not allow for much tinkering or customizing. I had to kind of get over that in the beginning, but after a year of great service, I am really happy with Velop.
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5 years ago, Now-This-Is-Living
First Impression
At first glance, I was impressed by the sturdy and eye catching packaging; very modern. Unboxing was simple but I would really like to see more eco friendly packaging. Installation/set up did take quite some time, but I’m convinced that it was the poor WiFi connection throughout my house. Devices look clean agains the walls and are simple to keep clean. Connecting my devices was the most straightforward process, as the app walks you through a very small amount of steps. I’ve been using all of my devices in areas I once couldn’t; patio, backyard, basement, garage, front yard, and driveway. This is the first time I have gotten full WiFi signal outside of the room my modem/router is in and I cannot be happier. I was ready to sell this house after cycling through various local internet providers and once I experienced this extended WiFi, I immediately felt relief that I could work from this home that I love so much.
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6 years ago, davpen88
Overall Good Router
Like that I can control who is on line an when for the children. Parental portion in router doesn’t work as it should. You set the time you allow for child to have internet access it will work a day or two at best then I get calls or confronted about not having access when they actually should have it. Have to cut off parental control for them to gain access again. It sometimes gets sluggish when trying to video stream an others are playing games I have to watch videos in SD. Overall it’s a good router but for what you pay for it I expect it to work flawlessly but it doesn’t so that’s why I give only 4 stars. I had the exact one but refurbished an it only lasted a year. So thought I would try a NetGear 6400 Night Hawk. I didn’t like it at all not near the control. An getting it to work with iMac was a choir in it self. So went back to the Linksys 5400
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5 months ago, Nathanpgh
Slow and opaque
It’s too “easy” to use. And by that I mean that it tells you nothing while it’s doing things. Setting up a network with six nodes? “It could take 4-6 minutes per node.” I wait 40 minutes and no feedback about progress at all. I quit the application and relaunch declining the offer to resume setup process. When the node list updates half of the nodes are recognized and half are not. Along the way it never even said things like “we connected to node 882!” Or “3 nodes found ready for setup” or “found node 172, but could not configure” just lots of waiting and either failure or success with no advice other than “reset the nodes.” God forbid you have a failed node — that literally took 2 hours to confirm with tech support because the setup process is slow and provides no progress feedback to the user at all. That said, I have gotten it to work every time, but it takes hours more than it should. Incredibly frustrating.
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6 years ago, EZabala
App Review
It’s been just a few months since we purchased your product. So far it works as expected. However, I am disappointed the speed test feature is gone. We run a business from home and use the highest speed available internet available. The speed test helped us determine something was wrong with our router. Our provider sent out a tech who confirmed it was not working up to par and replaced the unit. This is something we would not have discovered so readily without the speed test of your app. I can’t keep imagine why it was eliminated but it was definitely a negative for us. The system as whole seems incomplete without the speed test feature. We’re in the dark about our system speeds and if it’s operating as it should because the speed test feature is gone. Good system but bad choice to eliminate the feature from the app.
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2 years ago, Alamocoso
Simple Layout, research product
Maybe I am more upset with the router than the app. Previous router was Netgear R6400v2. Had cable internet at 250Mb. Perfect match. Google laid fiber in my neighborhood. $5 less for 4x speed, sign me up! With 1Gb Google Fiber, R6400 gave the same results as with cable. Ordered the Velop AX4200 from the Apple Store app. First day running the new Linksys router showed a vast improvement. However, where the Netgear router loses in speed, it more than makes up for in reliability. Day 2 and I am having more connection issues than I had the previous two years with Netgear combined. Im not saying Netgear is better than Linksys, Im saying I don’t think this Velop is worth the price. App won’t tell me if it has a healthy wifi network and no internet, or vice versa since it has bluetooth. I should be able to use bluetooth to troubleshoot. When it works, it works amazing. Wish I could say it works enough of the time to make it worth your time.
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2 years ago, TheMacDaddy
I’m surprised to see even one positive review of this app and system. My personal experience has been terrible. First, the app: It’s slow, takes too long ti connect to my router, it’s buggy, temperamental and under-powered. There are more features available via the web interface than the app offers. Set up was easy but maintenance or settings changes takes forever and is unnecessarily complicated. Too underpowered for power users and too complicated for average consumers. The routers are “dumb” rather than smart. I’m 4 feet away from my upstairs node but my phone and computer insist on connecting to the router downstairs. The network does not route devices to the node with the strongest signal dispute setting it up that way. Wi-Fi signal is weak. I get no signal right outside my front or back doors. Yet my cable providers router gets a signal through those walls/doors just fine. I have a lot of experience with networking and routers and the Veloo system is proving to be by far the worst experience.
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5 years ago, CT412
Wow customer service lol
To start the system was easy to setup, it works great also. I have only had an issue one time. I came home to all the lights on the modem and nodes red, I called the customer service number in the app and waited for 45 minutes. Once someone finally answered it was pretty laughable. The tech must have been just learning English, didn’t know what iCloud was or the system I have was. I spent another 35 minutes giving the poor lady my email phone number and the model number of my system after this she tells me I’m connected to the wrong department lol and that she’s is going to put me on hold for 2 minutes while she creates my case file and then transfer me to the correct department. I’m literally still on hold waiting to speak with the correct department 2 hours 14 minutes lol.
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3 years ago, Philoratio
Ok, Not Great
This app made it easy to set up my WiFi network. That was faultless. The app shows me the devices logged in to my network, and allows me to test bandwidth from my provider. I like those features. On the other hand, when I tap the “back” button after looking at a device that is currently offline, I go back to the list of devices, rather that back to the list of offline devices (it is the behavior I would expect to require tapping “back” twice). Also, the there is no way to get an alert when a new device joins the network, and I cannot connect to my velop devices when some cloud service is unavailable. I should be able to connect to my devices when there is a problem for more diagnostic data. The app should tell me if the upstream connection is down or not, or provide other diagnostic information, as appropriate.
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5 years ago, Andrej Fox
Very polished but Key feature missing
This has been a great router and the app is really fancy but in all honesty a HUGE flaw is not being able to remotely and very easily turn internet on and off to individual items in the list. What really is the point for all the other stuff for your average user If not to control the flow of internet??? Kinda pointless. Every now and then I want to devote resources to my TV that is streaming something important and cut access to other devices and to the kids devices but if I have to walk around the whole house and do it manually then what’s the point of the app at all??? Other then that it’s a great app, very organized and a good router for the money. (And yes I know about device prioritization but I want to remotely control things just like my thermostat etc without walking around and turning off 15 devices WiFi only to have someone turn it back on manually right after I do it)
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5 years ago, HASyvJrOrUs
Velop is my new go to mesh network
I was such a google WiFi fan for mesh network systems, because of cost and ease of use and setup. I set up the Velop system a few years ago and I found it to be irritating at times because if one of the nodes didn’t connect correctly, you would have to start all over again and hope it would work. Now, after Velop refined the setup process, added some additional features google WiFi doesn’t offer, and brought cost down for a three pack, this is the best budget mesh network system on the market! My favorite feature is the ability for Velop to be set up as an access point AND still keep the mesh network setup! Google WiFi does not do this. If you are looking for a great, solid and customizable mesh network system, Velop is your product!
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5 years ago, RHRkiko
To describe the Velop system as a whole house wi-fi mesh system is an understatement. I operate a farm and I use six of the Velop nodes to provide wi-fi in all of my farm buildings, in addition to the whole house. In addition to several cell phones, laptops, mini’s and a printer throughout the mesh, I use it to support 11 YI security cameras. I use the cameras to monitor livestock located in several buildings and outdoors. YI recommends a maximum of 12 cameras on a network only because there may be delayed response from the network. I am at 11 and have not experienced response problems. The nodes are easy to set up and the app is easy to use. Once in a while a node will drop off line but it is easy to determine which one from the app and easy to reset. The Velop mesh has saved me a lot of time and money compared to a hard wired system.
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1 year ago, Cmc5000
Why does Linksys need to access my network?
Very poor. There is exactly NO need for Linksys to have access to my home network. By forcing users to “create an account” that has full access to my home network this is a massive security risk. Unfortunately it appears that are FORBIDDEN from using the mesh features unless you had over control to Linksys. You can access the console from a desktop but are unable to access the mesh setting unless you give them full access to your home network. With the amount of data breaches happening constantly (and companies doing nothing about it) it is far too risky to give up full control to everything in your home. Can’t use this app unless you create an account and give up control to them. Without giving up full/unrestricted control to them you can use just a single unit of their wifi router. I will stick with that. It is very unwise to give up full control of your network to any company.
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4 years ago, Theycallme Tim!!
Recent update has a lot of issues
I left a good review a long time ago. This most recent update has been nothing but a headache! I have multiple routers in my house and I use to switch between them without any problems at the bottom of older side menu. Now I have to go through set-up (which it’s already set-up) and connect to it manually. Plus the names of things that I have had set-up for years are now all different because heaven forbid an app keeps the same aesthetic without breaking more then it “fixes”! How was this update rolled out so buggy? Please fix this I had very little issue with the older one. Outside of internal ip addresses of devices changing from time to time which is normal then I would have to go in and change some settings it still worked. This doesn’t.
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4 years ago, sklemow
Latest update a mess
They added a prettier home screen, but otherwise the app looks exactly the same when navigating to the separate menu options—same old dull blue and no new features. Worse, the app has always been somewhat buggy, but now it hangs on just about every screen, and the issue doesn’t resolve with restarting the app. When going to devices list, the return button doesn’t work. When going to list of offline devices, return button doesn’t work. It’s basically impossible to navigate between screens, which renders the app unusable. And it still hasn’t fixed the missing LinkShield enrollment pop up, and even though they are advertising HomeKit integration on all the major web stores, when you read the fine print it says “coming soon”. What’s more bizarre is that the HomeKit integration is apparently only being added to the older Velop models; the Wi-Fi 6 Velop system is apparently not included in the “upcoming” firmware update. Anybody at the controls, Linksys? The ship is sinking...
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4 years ago, WinGirls3
Difficult to identify devices and can’t remove online devices
No technical issues with the router, but the app could be a lot easier to use. I took the time to label ALL of my household devices and most of the labels have changed or are in duplicate/triplicate. There are 35 devices connected and I have no idea which are from my family vs someone who has visited. Identifying which device is which is labor intensive. Somehow, there are still devices connected to my router that are online that I know are outside of my family and I cannot remove them because they are some how connected to my router through their internet. Why can’t I remove a device that is online connected to MY router? I have no interest in calling everyone I know to tell them to forget my Wifi so I can figure out my family’s devices nor do I want to change my password and reconnect all of my devices just because I cannot remove an online device. Can’t you just make it easier, intuitive, and more logical?
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6 years ago, phil122209
waaaaay better than netgear genie
had a netgear router and it was ok. Little temperamental - would over heat from time to time and speeds would drop to nothing. Mostly i could cope with the hardware but the software was a massive pain in the a. I could log in to the route from my web browser, but functionality was limited - no parental controls. Netgear genie on my phone worked quite well the two times it worked. Mostly it would fail to log in. Brief search and saw lots of people had been having the same issues for more than a couple of years. So i bought lynksys. So much happier. Looks better, stronger signal, was easier to set up (ok, none of them are difficult), and both the app and the web based tools are sooo much better. Wish i has switched a lot earlier.
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2 years ago, jpgrl828
Inconsistent app performance
Updated review to 1 star: This app is garbage. It never works anymore. It used to work when I first bought this system 6 mos ago. But for the last 3 mos I have not been able to log into my own network without having to reset and create a brand new network. Beyond frustrating. Original Review: When the app works and lets you log in and set up or manage your network, it’s great. But more than half of the time when I try to log in it acts like it wants to let me log in but then keeps returning me to the log in screen. I’ve tried logging in both with the online account as well as directly to a node. And when I try to access the web page to manage my network, my browser indicates the webpage is not secure. It’s very frustrating. This has happened more than once to me in the past 6 mos I’ve had these routers. If I hadn’t spent so much on the mesh nodes, I’d switch to a different manufacturer based on the app performance alone.
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5 years ago, 8CX
Best Router for Parents Hands Down!
I own several businesses and decided to upgrade all of my routers including the one at my home. I bought the Linksys EA7500 for two locations and a fairly high end Netgear router at a third location. The Netgear works fine but is a bit more cumbersome to navigate and the parental controls are not nearly as customizable as the Linksys. The Linksys is AMAZING at keeping my kids off sites they don’t belong on. It’s so easy to use and the phone app is just as good as being on the admin PC directly connected to the router. I can set times when the internet is paused on their devices as well as manually pause it to get their attention and regulate screen time in general. I don’t normally write reviews, but this router is more than deserving of a 5 STAR rating! Thank you Linksys for helping keep my family safe!
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5 years ago, Wreshles
Let Me Choose How My Device Connects
My biggest complaint about this app and this system is that I cannot choose which devices connect to which node. I have a node for my bedrooms that’s 10 feet away, but all of my devices insist on connecting to my living room hub that’s a good 50 feet away and through multiple walls. As a result, my signal is awful back in by bedrooms and defeats the entire purpose of the mesh system. It makes no sense whatsoever. I tried restarting, optimizing channels, etc. nothing works. They need to stop idiot proofing things and give the customer some power because I can’t recommend this product due to this feature of being able to choose which device connects to which node being available. It’s been a complaint since this system came out for many people and they have yet to address it. I’ll definitely be going with a new WiFi solution in the future if this feature isn’t added in the very near future.
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2 years ago, musiqmwen
Wifi linked
I had a Nighthawk mesh that always seemed to need resets. I called their help network last week in an attempt to buy a service contract. After an extended period on hold I got some East Asian service agent I could barely understand who tried to give me a hard sell on a 2 year policy. I finally hung up and decided to buy a non Nighthawk product. I found this Linksys mesh product at Walmart with two nodes. It was super easy to hook up and works well. I decided to buy two more to hook up my master and guest Bedrooms. I have poured concrete walls, so four nodes may be overkill for a 2000sq ft apt but I now have great wifi all over my apt. And this includes 2 yrs of free service and thus no need to buy a contract.
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3 years ago, intenseapple
Painfully Opaque
When it works, it works well. When it doesn’t work, you have no idea why at all and can do nothing except wait until the next day to call support. Why does it take 30 seconds to connect to a node for setup via Bluetooth? Why does it force you to wait 3 minutes while connecting to a node with no option to cancel? I’ve even had to uninstall the entire app because it would let me leave the “would you like to continue setup” screen. Seriously consider some better exception handling and giving the user more control if needed. Also, being more clear on specific functions and how they will affect connection. For example, scanning for channels appears to disable the access points and only ever results in an error (after 10 minutes with no way to cancel of course). For some users, blindly praying that the app works is fine, but there needs to be better and more clear communication when things go wrong.
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5 years ago, Brad Eades
Extremely difficult to set up
Received a WiFi plugin that enhances current WiFi router connection, no matter the provider you already use. Was fairly easy to set up at first before requiring me to download the app to finish installation of device. Note: by this point the router still did not have internet connection. It proceeded to ask me to disconnect from my internet and connect to the router that ISN’T CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET to finish setting it up. It said to click the next button and that the next few steps wouldn’t require internet connection. As I suspected, the page didn’t load and my computer told me that the WiFi I’m connected to does not have internet connection. Wow. I called Linksys and got a lady on the phone who was very difficult to understand, had trouble spelling my name (it’s Connor) and put me on hold for what she said would be one minute, but ended up being 15 minutes. I hung up after she told me to reset the router for the FOURTH TIME. Garbage customer support and unusable app.
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6 years ago, TallGrkGuy
Good App
Linksys has done a good job with their app. They have addressed some of the past issues such as slow loading, slow connection to the router and even improvements in the user interface experience. There is still room for improvements to be made. Google’s router app gives both great information and access to controls that are less cumbersome than the menu structure of Linksys controls. For example with two strokes you can look at connected wireless devices; check status and easily control connections to devices (turn on and off connections) with much more ease. I think this is a good app but only gets 3 out of 5 because there a ton of UI improvements that they can make to the app to make it a better experience. I like Linksys commitment to the routine updates to the app in trying to modernize it and add updates in features.
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3 years ago, Seroy1
Great control
I have a used this application for quite some time. It has been great on accessing my router without having to use my pc interface. I still feel that there are some things that it could do to automatically reboot the device at night weekly or daily when there little to no traffic detected. I am having to reboot it more due some issue with fire sticks or some other xfinty gremlin. Also it would be nice if did some traffic testing and some other monitors to show if it’s really a certain device over time and just flush the connection. I also Greek that it could tell me with a pop up on my phone if a network slowdown is detected to the WAN. Not everyone has fiber or the fastest connection and this would great information.
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4 years ago, darth 007
It does the job, if it works
This app will generally offer what you want to do, it if works. While it has a wide range of settings, navigating is tiresome as the app designers thought going against general app UI practices was a good idea. This is worsened by the fact that you have to be speedy to do what you want, else you’ll be forced to restart the app. Which brings me to my next point and biggest issue with this app (hence the 1 star): it doesn’t know when it’s connected. I can stand right next to my router, with full WiFi signal bars, and navigating to another screen in the godforsaken hamburger menu, and the app will tell me it isn’t connected to the WiFi network. Low and behold, 5 seconds later after force restarting the app, it’s connected no problem. Annoyingly, it also cannot be told to remember a login, so gotta re-enter credentials every time, even when logging into the local network. I dislike my Linksys router occasionally, but I hate this app every time I use it.
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4 months ago, CarasDude
Pretty straight forward
I’ve had several manufacturers of routers over the years. Started with Linksys, went elsewhere a time or two. But came back to Linksys. Why ? Was it price or features? It was reliability in my book. Although, features were a very close 2nd. Price falls in there as well, but you get what you pay for. The app for Linksys is straight forward from your phone. If you’re on a laptop, it is also very well laid out. You don’t have to hunt and peck for everything when you need to see what’s going on in your system. And a nice thing about Linksys, the app is always the same. They don’t get a wild hair and change the format and the colors and where things are. It’s not broken, so they don’t try and fix it.
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3 years ago, Dr JMG
Excellent app, needs more advanced features
The app works very well for everything it is “supposed” to do. Unfortunately, you still have to go to a web interface to get a bunch of the more advanced settings. It would be nice if there was better documentation on how in-app settings relate to the webpage settings. Setup could also be improved when connecting nodes with wired backhaul, especially when the nodes can’t see each other over wireless, like when placing a remote node in a secondary building (detached garage, guest house, etc.) This setup is important because even though the nodes don’t see each other (over 5GHz), hand-held wireless devices being used outside in the yard (often connecting over 2.4 GHz which goes through walls better) need to easily roam from one node to another.
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2 years ago, Uncle Tookie
Velop WiFi-It Does Work
To Linksys, I just purchased your 3 pack of Velop this past Saturday and I want everyone to know it works. I first tried to install it myself but it did not work. I was ready to return it not even 24 hours old. I called Customer Service and several hours later on Saturday Nick from Linksys called me. Let me tell you and everyone reading this Customer Service in other companies should be like Linksys. Nick stayed on the phone (house phone) with me over 2 hours, while helping me install the Linksys App on my cell phone. I have 3 floors and have purchased several WiFi extenders but nothing was working. I even switched cable companies. Thank You Nick and Linksys.
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5 years ago, egodspeed
No Linksys Shield for MR8300
The app and products work great if you’re only running the standalone nodes (dual or tri-band). I bought the MR8300 to integrate with my three other nodes I already have. The MR8300 can only serve as the primary router and I’m okay with that. The MR8300 functions very well in my home setup except for two things. My nodes support Linksys Shield by themselves and the MR8300 does NOT. I subscribed and started setting things up yesterday. Today, I get the MR8300 setup and wham... no Linksys Shield anywhere to be seen. Also, why have a USB port on the MR8300 if it doesn’t even work? I’ve tried different USB drives and nothing is detected. The support site says the USB port is for future expansion. Um, then maybe you should have released the router when the USB drive was available. I’ll update my review later after a fix, but everything with the MR8300 and the app feels like BETA right now.
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6 years ago, Ross@live
Velop tri Band solves connectivity issues
Purchased tri Band 3 node system for 4000 sqft single level home. Was running WiFi off of a Netgear Nighthawk and having connectivity issues. Switched the the Velop and all issues are solved. I’m really happy with this setup. The only thing that is misleading is the speed readings on the app only show what the main node is getting and not what the node you are connected to is delivering to the device you are testing the speed on. You have to use a third party application to do this, and I’m not 100% sure which speed this is measuring either; could be the connection from the wall to the main node or the speed from the node the device is connected to. Anyway, it really does do what it is advertised to do.
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5 years ago, Chefchip
I use Linksys Velop access points in three buildings — my home, an historical building used for small office rentals, and another historical building recently renovated for high end apartment rentals. In all cases I have found the Velop system and its apps to be indispensable. Coverage is amazing. Setup was a breeze. Monitoring is simple and easy. And I’ve found enough flexibility to handle setups as simple as my home all the way to complicated setups with static IP gigabit service that is shared by 5 apartments, each with private Wi-Fi networks and smart home hubs. The app is simple yet decently flexible when needed. It could use more granular control —QoS that is not just device priority, anyone? But so far I’m very happy that I switched from a competitor’s mesh Wi-Fi system.
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2 years ago, PedroFicha
Linksys app crashes every time I log in
The wi if routers work great. Incredible how much the signal has expanded in my house and yard with my three towers. However, lately, I can’t log in. As soon as I enter my email address and password, the system will crash and I have to start over, or, I am able to log in for all of 5 seconds before the system boots me out. I currently have 1 of my 3 towers not working, but I can’t log in to reset it. I’ve tried downloading the app to my different apparatuses, but same thing. About a week ago, I clicked on the “need assistance” tab and the system basically created a log of all of my log ins that were sent to the developers, but I haven’t heard back one way or the other. I want to delete the app and start over, but I’m afraid that I’ll be down to 0/3 of the towers not working and then I’m out wifi. It’s almost as if I’m picking my poison here : live with it and be happy that 2/3 towers are working, or delete the app and / or reset my modem and risk not being able to be set up again. Any and all ideas will be welcomed.
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6 years ago, TristanL352
Simple and Easy to Use
This app is simple and easy to use for consumer grade applications and works pretty reliably even away from home. It supports multiple networks and access points to be managed so if you have two locations that you want to manage that’s not a problem (for example your parents home and your apartment in my case) I’m struggling to find a feature that should be added or improved for consumer grade solutions. This doesn’t work for business grade deployments but that isn’t what this app is for. Over all 4/5 because the initial set up with my Velop router system required me to call in and use my laptop to manually update each node but the Linksys support over the phone was very quick to get to and they diagnosed and helped me fix my problem quickly.
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1 year ago, shi-doh!
Poor Design & Bad on iPad
This is an app that won't even allow you to delete old networks. Configuring the router is a nightmare, so when I was on with tech-support, I asked them about this. They confirmed it, and said that they are supposed to eventually disappear. Swell. For some bizarre reason, they did not bother to implement dynamic text sizing, so on an iPad, the text is very small and difficult to read. And that becomes even more annoying when the system is on dark mode. You see, some screens will show up black, but the main screen always shows up white. So when you turn up the brightness really high to read the small text, it jumping back to the always white screen is particularly aggravating. It doesn't crash and it's not exceedingly buggy, so I give them credit for that. But boy is it a pain to use on an iPad!
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