Lists To do

4.8 (86.8K)
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Thomas Tsopanakis
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lists To do

4.8 out of 5
86.8K Ratings
6 years ago, mirozepha
Simple easy effective no log in required!
It only takes a few minutes to figure out the interface. Everything is easy to find and the buttons only contain a few options in their respective menus, avoiding confusion. The colors are distinctive and do not blend with Apple's default color scheme. The simplistic design allows the user to easily make a list in mere minutes. Multiple lists can be edited and sorted for organizational purposes. Individual lists can be sorted alphabetically, or by order of entry. List items can be checked off much like a list on paper. Items can be deleted one at a time by swiping left or mass deleted by deleting all checked items with the option at the bottom of the list. Enable the option to delete list items as they are checked off, for those nights when you're on a roll and don't want to delete things manually. I recommend this only after getting familiar with the app, which only takes a few minutes. The app doesn't require you to log into any account which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to use an app to replace the pen and paper method, without giving up their identity. Lastly but certainly the most exciting is there are no ads. The app developer is a college student, who I hope will continue to keep this app ad free even after they begin to develop paid apps.
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4 years ago, toniexalexis
Beautifully Minimalist and Easy to Use!
This app is super cute and handy! I have ADHD and struggle remembering everything I want/need to get done sometimes so this has been very helpful in streamlining my thoughts. Typically I would have to-do lists all over the house and this helps me to keep them all in one place in a way that is organized, visually pleasing, and not as overwhelming. I love the icons and the color options, they are not necessary to use the app but worth it for 99¢ in my opinion! Beautifully minimalist and easy to use, I would absolutely recommend this app. However, I would love to get more use out of the reminders and notifications so the app would be more helpful for when I lose focus or just forget about something. The app requires a lot of manual input as far as reminders/notifications go. This can be time consuming and requires more setup than I’d personally like out of this kind of app. I wish you could put reminders/deadlines for entire lists instead of only individual items, as I use some lists to break larger projects down and it can be tedious to put reminders on every single item in a list. I feel I would get more use out of the “upcoming” tab that way, too. It would also make it easier for weekly lists, as I currently would have to reset the reminder for each individual item every week and tend to opt out of using the reminders in general for these reasons.
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3 years ago, thisismynikname-.-
Perfect for minimalistic people or people that are/want to be organized!
It’s a simple, easy to use, and minimalistic app. I really like it so far because of this. The little icons are cute and fun to use, and you you still get that nice feeling after checking something off you list. I do have some small improvements the developer could include to make the app even better. To start off, I like how you can still change the title and icon of your checklist. But maybe you could make it so that the names of the things to do can be edited too. For example, if I typed something wrong, I would like to be able to go back and fix it without having to delete the whole checklist and re-type it all. My next improvement I’m not totally necessary, but it would really add to the beautiful design of the app, and help you stay organized when making larger checklists. I was thinking you could provide the option to color the checks and circles, maybe just starting with the colors of the rainbow. Thank you for taking the time to read this, whether you are the developer or not. I appreciate your time and effort to view my opinion and seek to relate with it. I think this app will exceed in taking action towards improving, no matter how long it takes. Stay safe folks!
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10 months ago, marvinicus
Great Job!
So I downloaded this game because I can never seem to keep my schedules on track. So I put my daily routines and plans for the day and it helps me so much. I never thought that one simple game would help me so much in life. It helps remind me with things that I need to do every day and that I keep forgetting to do. For example,I have a weird skin condition that causes me issues and I need to put a certain lotion and stuff like that and I keep forgetting to put it on. So I use this app to help me get ready in the morning and never forget to do things ever again. I’m so in love with this game even though I literally just got it 2 days ago. So I would recommend this app if you are a rather forgetful person like me. Because it helps you keep your schedules and plans straight and help you with things that you forget to do. I recommended this to my friend and she is totally in love too. She uses the app everyday and 24/7 she’ll be telling me about her experiences with the app and how much it helps. So if your looking for something to help you keep your business straight: Get this app. Cause like I said it helps you with literally everything and anything in your life. Thanks for your time and thanks for reading this. Recommended. :)
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2 years ago, Burnt Out Babe
It’s How My Brain Works
Every person is different and needs different tools. It took a lot of trial and error and a lot of apps, but I finally found the right fit for my particular brand of ADD. This app is how my brain works. I can make a functional checklist that includes space for notes (my shorthand is often indecipherable to even myself), gives me the option to set a reminder for time sensitive things, and provides me with the options to tailor each list to my needs. This list needs to be organized manually because I want to do it in a specific order. This list needs to be alphabetical because it contains poems I want to reference later. I love how it lets me check and uncheck things super easily because sometimes I forgot to actually do the thing and sometimes I want to re-use the list again and again (finally an app that helps me make the perfect suitcase packing checklist). I’m honestly almost in tears because I have been desperately looking for help for a long time. I’m also a snob about user experience design and this app is perfectly intuitive and user-friendly with a clean and pleasing design. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating this app!!!!!
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3 months ago, Smiley face emojiii
Good Quality App
I use this app on and off, yet mainly for when I need a place to write things down. For a free app, it has a wide range of services- all of which are basic and fundamental. I haven't gotten the upgrade, but it looks like an okay deal: you'd get to change the theme colors, more cute icons for your lists, and a few more that are nice added perks that are definitely worth just a dollar. Every other app has pages of ads or things that cost an exorbitant amount for something ridiculous. This app doesn't have any advertisements that you can't close- or any, period. This one is pretty simple & to the point: it's a list-making app, what more could you need? On another note- the only thing I'd really want is the ability to make lists inside lists. Like, if I'm cleaning out a house and want a to-do list, I'd want a subject "House," a list of the rooms in the house, and a list of things to-do for each one of the rooms. I'm not sure if that's a part of the upgrade, but that's my only critique. And I can totally write lists without that feature, but I have a list for things I need to get for college & it'd be nice if I could categorize them tbh.
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2 months ago, Vince vader stewie
Needs subtasks
I love the app but I’d love to see the ability to make subtasks and subtasks within subtasks, etc, and maybe a little cleaner ui implemented in a future update. I use the app to track many different things and i’d just like more stats, and more detailed tasks and subtasks to be able to use it for more than 1 or 2 specific things you need it for. For example, i want to have a category for tracking me watching South Park episodes so I want to be able to make the task “south park” and then made a subtask “Season 1” and make another subtask under that with the episode numbers for that season, etc. so you could make a more organized more detailed list overall for whatever you need. Not just watching a tv show like in my example. If you look at the app Todoist, they use this feature very well, but they limit it to only subtasks, you cant like just keep going making a subtask within a subtask etc to really divide everything up and organize it well. I’d also like a bit of a upgrade to the stats page. It’s kind of barebone and missing a few quality of life improvements. A tagging system would be nice too.
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5 years ago, Books Are Great Entertainment!
Simplistic & Efficient — Just What I Needed!
Ok, so I have tried using a lot of planner apps, but none have really worked for me in the long run. They would fit my needs well in the beginning, but one thing or another made me just delete it. This app is simplistic and VERY efficient for my needs. Usually planner apps have a lot of features, like due date and reminders, which makes adding another thing onto your list a hassle. This app allows you to add things, add and create another, or cancel. This allows me to not have to press the plus sign every time I want to add tasks onto one my lists consecutively. Being able to quickly add homework assignments onto my to do list is a dealbreaker since I barely have two minutes to do so. I absolutely adore how you can organize your tasks by putting them into lists! It makes life so much easier. You can also pin tasks, which moves them to the top of your list. This allows me to know what task/assignment is the most important. I hope in a future update, there would be an option to plan out your schedule for the day & an option to add a reminder time (it would be an optional thing).
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2 years ago, AnnCho._.
Wonderful Productivity App!
The app is really easy to navigate through, simple, and allows you to take multiple lists. All the other to do list apps are difficult to simply make a task and most charge you to make multiple lists. I love this app! There are a few improvements that could be made. For every task I make that I need to set a date on I have to tediously add the task then go back and edit it to add a date, also the same with adding notes. I think it would be better to fill out the task, notes, and the date at one time rather than adding a task then editing it. Another small thing that I think you could fix is the order of the tasks in my list. I like how you give us many options on how to order my list but I think one order could be add, by date of the task. Sometimes I don’t make my tasks in order of the week, so my tasks will get mixed up in a random order. I understand that is what upcoming items are for but I want to have a specific order within my lists. Other than that, this is really a wonderful app! Thank you.
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2 years ago, taylorndowney
Great App
Love this app because it’s super simple and easy to use. I downloaded several apps before finally finding one that didn’t require a monthly or yearly subscription. 🤦‍♀️ I don’t mind paying $1 here and there to unlock extra features, but I’m not paying monthly just to make to do lists on my phone. This app has a nice clean look and didn’t make unrealistic claims to “transform my life” so I appreciated that. 😂 Some things I’d love to see: -easier way to move list items or delete. It would be faster if you could just press and hold items to move them around or maybe swipe to delete instead of having to use the menu at the bottom. -Love how cute and simple the image option are, but can only seem to use them to name the list, and not for each item on a list. I’m visual, so I’d like to have a little picture by each task I need to complete. -Also for the images, a folder just filled with standard daily tasks would be nice. A toothbrush, dog bowl, broom, sink of dishes, washing machine, etc. WITH ALL OF THAT SAID, a few minor improvements would be great, but please keep the app simple and no-fuss! That is what made me love it.
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4 years ago, Bella@Epic
My Favorite List App
This app is my actual holy grail. I have ADHD which makes doing boring everyday things almost impossible. But a good way to get over that is to have a list of what needs to be done and when. So I’ve been looking for an app but every single time I think I find a good one, it’s features are SUPER limited unless you wanna pay a monthly fee. BUT, this app has absolutely ZERO in app purchases. It’s all completely free. You get to make as many lists as you want and have as many items on each list as you want. I have a list for things I have to do in the morning, things I have to do before bed, and one for my school work. A super cool feature is that it have the little red notification on app for undone tasks, but you can choose which lists do it. I have it set to only my school work list so every time I go on my phone I see the red dot and am reminded that I have work to do. TLDR; It is totally worth a download, best list app I have ever downloaded.
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4 years ago, JOwastaken
Nice app but lacks a basic feature
I’ve been using this app for about a week now. I’ll start by saying I like how easy it is to use, and how it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. It’s a to-do app, plain and simple. Having switched over from using Wunderlist for the past three years I know there are some quirks I’ll have to get used to. However, the app seems to be lacking in one big area. While it has the ability to set a reminder for each task, I don’t necessarily want to be reminded of my tasks, I just want to be able to go into the app and quickly scan a list of my tasks by date and sort by date. Sure, you could use the remind function to set dates, except you have to click into each task to see the reminder you’ve set—which removes the ability to scan quickly down a list. This is a HUGE necessity for me in a to-do list and it’s really too bad the app doesn’t let you do this. Aside from all that, I can’t even get the reminders to actually work—I haven’t gotten any sort of notification on my phone for any of them, so that’s confusing. This app would be everything I need if they could improve in that one area.
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4 weeks ago, MinnieTaylor
A Few Constructive Criticisms
Overall the app is great. Allowing different ways for the list to be organized while still allowing manual input was a great choice. When going to add a note and/or title under an item it doesn’t seem to work, and doesn’t bring up any sort of pop up stating you need to pay for premium, not sure if this is just a glitch. Having only one option for appearance was mildly frustrating. The lime green was, in my opinion, a good one to start with. Gives the app a great atmosphere and calming vibe. I’d say give two more options to choose from color wise and the option to go from dark mode to light mode. Having to pay for it to change based on phone settings was an interesting choice but it wouldn’t hurt to keep as is, and could prove to be worth keeping it that way. So far the app is well constructed and thought out, it was a nice change of pace to be able to add lists and items within each list without having a max input of 3-5 items/lists before getting restricted amount almost forcing you to get the premium version. 👍🏻
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4 years ago, MLE2468
Pretty good
I’ve had this app for about a month and so far I like it. I use it for my daily routines checklist right now. I like that I can keep checked items and that I can easily uncheck all. It makes it easy to make sure I get my routine things completed and then uncheck all the next week. The icons are cute, I haven’t purchased any extra ones as there are lots to goose from already. Everything on the app seems to work fabulously. I haven’t had it glitch or close on me. A couple things I wish I could change—I wish there was a place to group lists into other subcategories. I would love to use that to make another set of lists for errands or work things I need to do without making the list is lists so dang long. Even if I could choose to make each list a smaller icon and not a while line. One truly annoying thing is how often the box to rate the app pops up. It’s about every 45 seconds, and gets old fast. In fact it made me stop using the app for awhile. I’m hoping that it will stop now that I’m leaving a review because if it doesn’t I think I’ll be deleting it...
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3 years ago, Check List Nut
Check List Nut
I have used my iPhone Notes feature to make lists for many years and it has been functional, but not efficient by any means. When I have a few minutes or think of something I write it down because the thought will get away from me if I don’t. I’ve tried a few other apps and they are all way too complicated for what I need. I need to stay on top of the little things so I can focus on the larger projects which I use other planning tools. I also don’t need to integration with a calendar either. The biggest thing that bugs me about the iPhone Notes is that I sometimes will delete entire sections of lists because I am easily distracted and my fingers will do funny things on the screen while I am holding my phone. I like the fact that I can create a shopping list, check or uncheck items, and it will automatically sort the unchecked items to the top of the screen. After a few shopping trips my list is becoming larger and much quicker to complete. It’s a breeze to look through the fridge and the pantry unchecking all the items I need at the store. Bottom line, I like to make lists and I like to see the items I have to complete and the items I have completed. If I find items that were completed and something has gone wrong or I need to complete them again, I only have to uncheck them and they are at the top of the list again. This app fits my style and life!
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6 years ago, Sourdough Lady
Just right
I got this app on a day when it was on a special promotion, and it took me forever to try it out because all the other ones I’ve used are too complicated or are not as intuitive. Normally I keep my to do list on a whiteboard on my counter, but the whiteboard doesn’t travel well. This app works well because it’s just as easy to pick up my phone and make a list that I can take with me and won’t get lost or erased. I’m giving it only four stars because I don’t understand why I get a prompt for cute icons when I want to entitle a list. Instructions aren’t super clear as to how to add things to a list, or perhaps how lost headings are different from list items. Also, it took me a while to figure out that keeping several lists was better than having one that is in outline form. Making several small lists makes it easier to clear entire projects, which is supremely satisfying. What I don’t know yet is if I can save lists for future use, as in the case of events that recur. I’m going to keep using this app because I like it and it works for me.
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4 years ago, Happy_Little_Tress
Very well designed & user friendly
I absolutely love this list app. I am not one to take the time to review apps, but this one has certainly warranted it. I have been using this app for about a year now, and I have yet to find anything like it. I love its minimalistic design. A lot of list apps can be super busy with a million different options for things. Lists to do has everything you could need from a list app. It is extremely user friendly, you don’t have to be a tech genius to navigate it—something I really appreciate! Whoever created this app did a phenomenal job. I love the little details they put into this app. The clicking sound effect when you check something off your list makes you feel like you have accomplished something. Great, clean design! I also love that there are no adds with the free version. It makes a lot more enjoyable to use. Thank you List to do creators for making an app that I have recommended to a number of people and love so much myself.
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5 years ago, Måry Juana
Easy to use and very customizable
This is by far the best to-do list app that I’ve found; it’s very easy to use and highly customizable (and can be even more customizable by paying just $0.99). I haven’t had any issues with bugs either, which I found to be an issue with Apple’s “Reminders” app (it would almost never actually notify me). Some ideas... I think it would be awesome to have a few more features available, like maybe being able to have smaller sub-items within a list (ex. If you want to clean your house, you could have sub-items for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc) or being able to count the number of things completed in an item (ex. If you have to do something more than once in a day, then you could check it once to say “1/2” and check it again once it’s been completed the second time to display “2/2”). It would also be cool if more than one list at a time could be displayed using the red badge icon. Another idea is that certain lists could be reset at the end of each day if you have a consistent routine with the same tasks to complete each day, or even have day-specific lists for specific days of the week. Obviously none of this stuff is necessary for the app to be great, because as I said, it’s already the best to-do list app I’ve found and is super easy, convenient, and customizable. These are just things I think would be awesome to see in a future update. Great app!
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4 years ago, iSimp
Beautiful user interface.
The app is beautiful. Icons are beautiful. Its sImplicity is beautiful. User interface is easy and friendly. On the List Items page, I wish that the reminder date appears right next to the reminder icon (bell icon), If I set a reminder ON, so I would know the due date instantly on the List Items page without having to click on it to go to the next pge to see it. Also on the List Items page, I wish that when I click on the radio button (to complete the task), the checkbox would still stay in the radio button (currently the radio button disappears after the radio button is clicked). The checkbox staying in the radio button gives me a sense of accomplishment and momentum to get the task done and then checked, one by one. It would also be nice to have item (task) description grayed out after the radio button is checked. This would differentiate with tasks that haven’t done...the contrast would be visibly obvious.
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5 years ago, Jason 12345
Very good basic To Do List app
This is a great app if you want a basic app for creating To Do Lists. The main draw of this app is it has lists within lists. So you have one main page with a list of headings. And you click on each list heading for a sublist. For example, you click on Grocery and the individual food items are in it that list, each of which can be checked off and deleted. It also has a couple extra features compared to another basic To Do app I used to use. And although I want a basic app without too many overwhelming features, these few added features seem useful. (One allows you to copy several items within one list and paste them into another list all at once). My only criticism is that I dont like the font size and icon (emoji) sizes. The icons are too big and the font size is too small. Also, the row size for each list item is too big, probably becuz the icon/emoji size are too big.
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2 years ago, rissaview4u
Extremely helpful app
This app helps to keep me organized! I have many lists. I love the sense of accomplishment to see tasks checked off. I have a monthly call list to call friends and family on their birthday number of the month. It’s hard to remember otherwise to stay in touch. So, if I call everyone once per month minimum, I’m doing pretty well! Also, it’s fun to delete checked off tasks at the end of the day to see certain tasks disappear. I used to use paper for lists, which is nice, too, to see things crossed off. Perhaps that would be my one recommendation: the app could keep a memory of tasks completed by date, so that tasks aren’t permanently deleted unless a person wants the tasks to be permanently deleted. Best wishes for your app. I’m looking forward to seeing your improvements. For now, everyone could benefit from this simple app to keep organized, just as it is!
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2 years ago, lorriebird
Finally a Worthy Replacement of my old Clear App!
Love it! So much searching and trying out almost every list maker app available in the App Store finally led me to this gem! Not kidding, I downloaded 20+ apps last night and tried them all. I wanted simple but not boring. I wanted customization but not so loaded with options that it’s a chore to learn and use. I didn’t want to ‘create an account’ but I wanted it to sync between devices. Bright and cheerful without being too cutesy. (Love the morning wave, btw!) I was a die hard fan of the old broken (read years since updated) Clear app. I limped along with it until iOS 16 killed it for good. But you know what? I like this one even better and immediately added the additional icons and set about duplicating all my old lists. Didn’t take long to figure out the functionality either. THANK YOU for this terrific app!
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2 years ago, JencaNS
Anxiety free
I have been so anxious about this long list of things I have to complete by the end of each week that I haven’t been doing them… Counterproductive right now… I tried writing them all down in a notebook or on a notes app with little bulletin points and it didn’t work, I tried to checklist app that made me pay for it if I wanted more than three notes or listings, and that just made everything worse trying to cram 100 items into three slots. I found this app and not only is it pleasing to look at because of the soothing colors and minimalistic designs, the even the sounds and the unlimited amount of checklist space makes the app so much better than so many others. I’m now able to more peacefully accomplish the tasks that have been making me anxious and I’m a lot more happy about them too.
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4 years ago, 21rdgm21
Great for ADHD!! Simple, clean & rewarding!
I got lucky downloading this little gem! I have ADHD and need a little motivation to start my day but get easily overwhelmed with too many options going on in an app. I was about to grab my notepad to make a new list to try and boost my productivity today and thought I’d look for a simple list making app. I tried two before this which were so complex and one required me to create a login before I could even truly test it. There was way too much going on with those so I went back to the App Store one more time and found this free app and hit the jackpot. I can make all my lists, head it with a sticker for easy association, schedule myself reminders and check things off one at a time in a simple organized format with rewarding sounds and check boxes. I love it! Thank you developer Thomas for keeping it simple & useful!
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2 years ago, Rider7599
Very Few Flaws
I absolutely love this app. It helps me keep track of things, motivates me, and it’s very simple. I love how the design is very calm and down to earth. When things are all jumbled up in different colors, I tend to stress then I don’t get things done. I also love how this app is not like other apps and requires a login or email. I also love how I can just pick up my phone, click a few buttons, and be done. The operation tools are very simple and easy to use. I got used to it very fast. The only flaw I have to say is, you have to pay for new background colors and themes. Not to sound rude, but I do believe people should have open options to be in their comfort zone when they pick their phone up to use the app. Being excited to use the app or not feeling like it’s a chore to use the app is important and usually what I look for in apps like these. Just a recommendation to the developer. I have nothing against the is app. I find it very helpful. Also I really admire that the developer is a college student. I’m very happy I’m able to support you. Note to developer: I want to thank you for creating this app. Please do not change anything about your app depending on what I or others say if it affects you and your app. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE EFFORT!!!
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1 year ago, Tigersoftball1313
Fantastic app
I love this app! The design is great and it has all the features I’m looking for in a to do list app. I like the ability to add a different picture/sticker for each list which makes it super quick to see which one I need. I like that on each task I can add notes to it. It extremely handy to be able to manually reorganize the notes so that I can have it in the sequence that I need to do the things. It’s really handy when I forget something and have to add it in later. The colors are friendly looking which makes me want to look at my to do list instead of avoiding it. The only thing I wish it had was a list within a list function. That way I could have a list like “summer to do list” but then organize it by separate lists for garage, gardens, organize bedrooms, etc.
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6 years ago, jb+gb
Clean & Solid
The app is clean and has no frills, but [almost] exactly the options needed to round out a solid app for making to-do lists, and very easily. App options regularly in use are: multiple lists, list sharing, organizing items on lists, sending items from one list to another, using stickers, the red badge icon. Listen, I absolutely HATE those little red demons on my apps! 😡 However, I absolutely love using that little devilish red dot on Lists To Do! The red badge icon displays the number of items incomplete, and updates as item(s) are checked complete. As I am not a fan of reminder alerts, the red badge icon on the Lists To Do app is surprisingly welcome. 🎤”For the first time in forever...” The only reason app is getting four versus five stars from me is I feel the option to edit a list item is difficult to find, which for quite some time caused me to create unnecessary excess list items and/or unnecessary excess lists.
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5 months ago, Hopelet2000
Works great, one suggestion
After a few minutes of fooling with this app it was pretty obvious how to use it and I'm enjoying it. But unless I'm missing something there is not a way to program in recurring tasks. It would be great to set up a weekly schedule where the same basic tasks might be there on specific days and then the user could add other tasks in addition to these. I wrote this review when I first got the app. It seems that another suggestion I would have made has been implemented, which is to have the option of putting new tasks at either at the beginning, or end of a list. Previously, they only came at the very end, and always had to be dragged quite a bit. Another suggestion. It would be wonderful if tasks could be color-coded.
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1 year ago, OCNJGirl
Best so far but still lacks
I’ve been so reliant on my iPhone reminders for years. But the last 2 it’s been so buggy it’s not functional. I downloaded and tossed a dozen apps already due to being overly complicated, don’t have repeating reminders, or don’t allow categories. I don’t need task managers or timers, I just want to look at my list of items to do daily. This is by far the closest I’ve found to what I want (what I really want is my old Reminders to work, alas). The only thing that is frustrating about this app so far, is that you can’t order your to do list by time. It only makes sense to want to see the item that’s due at 6am to be listed first. Instead these are only able to be ordered alphabetically or by date created. So my daily reminder for 6am (turn off outside light) might be way down at the bottom while the reminder for 7pm is listed first. It’s a stupid oversight in an otherwise good app.
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3 years ago, Adna Adii
Anyone can use, Well designed. Just what I wanted!
I’ve tried dozens of different apps that are to do list and reminders I have yet to find one that I like that has all the basic features I want besides this one. This app is very simple and well organized in it's set up. Anyone can use it. Not only does it come with a lot of free icons to upgrade it’s only $0.99 which is affordable if you do want the additional icons and background color, but the app itself is not stingy and does have variety icons to use. I wanted something simple check list style and filter options which this app does well. It is exactly what I wanted. The app even has a trash bin of your completed tasks where you can actually make them resurface or in 30 days it will auto clean itself.
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1 year ago, Pitbull lover137
My review
This app is quite amazing it has cute little icons for the title of your list and you can add emojis to the title of the list to all though some of the icons are locked you can add a quite a bit of things to your list and your able to check them off with ease but the only thing that I would change would be that when you check off all the things on your list that is would do a big check mark with like a small word of encouragement and then delete the list but anyways the app is quick and simple and you can add and delete things on your list quick and easy including your whole list at once. It is quite helpful and you can write anything you want on it it’s quite helpful and there are 0 pop up ads or any recommendations to try premium over all it’s a great app to have.👌☺️
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1 year ago, Silver Griffin
I love the app!! It’s very easy to use, and very clean. No ads and many amazing functions that make life easier. I wish I could make folders in my folders. I like very detailed organization and have many folders for many things. I’ll even make a new folder when only one thing needs to go in it at the time. I also would like to be able to move the tasks up and down the list in the way I like. Usually this functions by holding down on a task, being released from its spot obviously through line breaks, and then being placed elsewhere. The same concept should be applied to folders as well. Other functions like quick copy and share notes on todos is awesome! And the many icons are very helpful. Just needs a small update (at least I think that’d be small) and it’d get 5 stars from me!
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2 years ago, Silkspider
Delighted Again With a To Do App
After iOS 16 and my 14Pro phone I lost my favorite list maker of many years. It was a little complex but it suited my obsessive personality. I am used to lists without paper so I decided I would try to find one that was simple enough to keep me happy. (Too much to do, not enough time, keep me on track.) Although I am a word and not icon person, thus appeared to be a simple interface and I decided I could ditch it as fast as I downloaded it. Ha. I already love it — I can keep my tasks organized, chicle when I look at the list and not obsess keeping my life work/balance intact. Full disclosure: I am 3/4 of a Century young this month so I hope this app and its developer long outlive me! It us so easy to use, I might even be able to teach my husband to use it.
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3 years ago, sweetjenn1981
Really handy for ADHD
I have really severe ADHD. This app helps me make a extremely itemized list for each room of my house to clean. I can check off each item as I go or do several things then check them off. I love to create the list, print it, cross if the printed list, then after getting several crossed off checking them on the app. Plus, being able to print the lists gives you the ability to share the tasks with your partner and or children. And I believe there’s a share selection to share the lists. Haven’t tried that yet. It really helps me to see what I’ve accomplished to stay on task. Similar app charge or give you limited lists, or don’t print and do on. This app does it all. You have to download and give it a try! It’s so worth it.
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3 years ago, sweeetliltulip
I don’t write reviews often but this app is amazing!
You can create any kind of list’s your heart desires and have them all in one app to keep track off! It’s so simple yet so helpful, I create lists for everything and anything you can possibly think of. This app is not just a “To Do List” or a “Bucket List” or a “Goals List”, this app allows you to create any type of list and keeps all your lists in one place, making it easy to keep track and update your list all in one app! Which makes it unlike a lot of List Apps on here that only cover one specific type of list, so instead of downloading several different apps that only track one type of list and having to switch back and forth just to keep track of them, download this 1 in all app!
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1 year ago, JonahD🍁
Impressive performance!!
This app is extremely handy and makes everything 100 times easier. It has definitely been very well refined because it always runs smoothly. I haven’t had a single issue with this app, which is surprising because every other List/Organizing app I tried previously had at least one issue at some point. Making this the best List/Organizing app by far. I don’t usually go out of my way to leave reviews, but this case is an exception. It’s just extremely obvious how much work the creator has put into this app. With how much effort and polishing went into this app, the least I can do is put in the minimal amount of effort required to leave a review, giving it the credit it deserves. I highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, Reesie0726
I love love love this app it’s the absolute best. It actually motivates you to get things done gives you reminders you can use it for anything. Like I have goals for the end of the year so I Made a big checklist with the cute little calendar icon. It’s great for everyone but especially procrastinators like me or just add adhd people haha. Also this is a legit review from me during quarantine because of this stupid corona virus . Also it’s much easier to use then other checklist and I’m pretty sure u can make an unlimited amount too which is great I’m probably gonna buy some more icons though I love them. Also because of this pandemic it’s feels so good to just check things off bucket list haha anyways yeah comes in handy with school life goal everything so thank u so much for this app I love it and I totally advise u to get this app!!!!!
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2 years ago, knockturnallie
Simplistic and clean
This app is pretty great! The only thing I wish it had was was a way to add categories within a list. For example, creating a packing list I would like to be able to make lists within my list for clothes vs toiletries etc. I went ahead and just separated lists for those things, but it would be nice if I could look at all of it at once. I also wish it was easier to move items around in my own order after adding them because I just kind of word vomit all the things I need, then organize them later. While this is possible with this app, it’s just a little slow and tedious. Otherwise this app has been wonderful! I like the simplistic look and the satisfaction of checking things off my lists.
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2 years ago, Freezin Barrage
This app is super fun but….
I wish this app was available on Samsung as well. I was trying to get it on my phone but found out it doesn’t exist. That doesn’t make this app any less of a 5 star review because I can use it on my iPad I just wish that if I wanted to look at what I needed to do today I didn’t have to pull out my whole ipad to look at what I need to do rather then being able to pull out my phone and find it there also I don’t know if there is a way to link it if this app was able to be installed on Samsung but if there is or isn’t I would love to be able to see any updates that I made across my technology. But other that that is the only thing I have found so far that I wish could be changed.
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3 years ago, Canada_lover
Only needed it to do 1 thing!
My needs are so basic it’s almost comical. I need to make lists check them off when done and then uncheck them WITHOUT deleting the list and retyping Daily, weekly etc. So to check off if I did something everyday and at the end of week uncheck each day all at once and start the next week. Same for procedures I want to make sure before leaving for the day. Peace of mind that’s it’s done. Seems simple but it’s not available on almost all these apps. I had one and the developer didn’t update it. My only wish is for spell check/ auto correct when in your list as you add tasks etc. This app does a ton more I expect but at the moment all I need is this one feature and it does it great!
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2 years ago, SweetPotatoes3000
5/5 Stars
Amazing app!!! Compared to the others I was trying this is the only one that lets me have multiple lists and set reminders for free, which I need as a young person who doesn’t have the money to pay for stuff like that. I need these lists because I’m extremely forgetful but also need my tasks to be separate so I don’t feel overwhelmed. If I only had one list or no reminders I would either forget what I need to do or feel so overwhelmed I just don’t do it. Also the icons and design are just adorable and help me feel calm when facing all my tasks! If I could rate this higher I totally would :D Only thing I would add is the feature to set a task for a specific day like only on mondays or something along those lines
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3 months ago, dichenla
Request and suggestion for a 5⭐️
Dear Team, I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful team behind “lists to do “. You have truly created a gem of an app that has revolutionized the way I manage my tasks and stay organized. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing such a fantastic tool into my life! As someone who loves to cook and experiment with new recipes, I have a small request that I believe would take this app to the next level of awesomeness. It would be incredible if there was an option to add photographs to my to-do lists. Picture this: I stumble upon a mouthwatering recipe online, and with just a click, I can seamlessly add it to my cooking to-do list along with a photo of the dish. This way, whenever I'm ready to whip up something delicious, I not only have my tasks laid out but also the recipe right at my fingertips, making cooking even more delightful and effortless. I genuinely believe that this feature would elevate the user experience and make “Lists to do “ even more indispensable in my daily life. Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you once again for creating an app that brings joy and productivity into my world! Warm regards, Dichenla
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7 months ago, Potatobaby926
ADHD Perspective
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Before that my life felt like a dumpster fire for absolutely no reason. Then I learned how my brain works. Grated, everyone’s ADHD is different, but this app really helps me stay organized without the constant notifications and guilt/overwhelm of overdue tasks. I like that I can uncheck all my tasks and reset them for the next day. Other apps don’t let you do that, let alone create a task w/o a deadline and notification. Your app works for my daily checklist as I need help remembering to make my bed, take my meds, etc. I like that I can reuse and reorganize them as I see fit. I would, however, like to see less space between tasks (single-spaced, as it were) and a larger variety of icons. Those are just my personal visual preferences though; not a deal breaker.
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2 years ago, Lolly baa
All I needed was a simple easy checklist app. Everything and all kinds of apps are so complicated and annoying and have so many features, which is awesome for people who use them- not me. All I need is separate lists I can name, put items on, and cross them off without them disappearing (things I can SEE I check off). This app is PERFECT. While it doesn’t match my aesthetic completely and some of the stuff is a little chunky, for a lack of better words, the app is perfectly designed and looks simple and so easy to use. The fact it was made by a college student spoke to me which is why I’m writing this review, so to that person, congrats I am actually enjoying your app and I hope for more free icons in the future since I am also a college kid who has $0 to buy icons. Maybe in the future i’ll give in, because I really am a sucker for the cute little icons you can use to label your lists with. As a person again, who LOVES lists, I also NEED them. ADHD sometimes takes a toll on finding things, these simple icons make it easy for me to distinguish my lists other than the titles. The app is awesome, I love it. Very much. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, ode2shel
Lists app
I have ADHD and when I have a multitude of things on my plate I end up writing different lists on whatever paper I can find- which means I never keep track of my lists. So by the time I go to the 3 different store for ex I can’t remember why I’m there. That leads to me getting frustrated and leaving. Or if I have a bunch of phone calls to make ie for my children- I forget 90% of them! I came across this in the App Store and gave it a shot. I even paid the 99 cents for access to the icons. I just downloaded it and started my lists of things I have to do today (and I have 3 different lists so far) and it’s great. I can add/delete easily and get to each list quickly before I forget what I need to add! So awesome job so far to the college person who created it!!!
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4 years ago, Ø N I C K Ø
this is the first review on any app ever; maybe excluding clash of clans 4 years ago. anyways, i’ve been using this app for about a week and the red notification feature is something not found on any reminder app (even apple’s!) and is extremely useful in reminding you how many tasks you have yet to accomplish. in this past week, i haven’t forgotten the occasional math HW assignment or any other school related thing, and this app really changed that for me. so much that i told my mom and sister to download it, which they did and are religiously using every day just as i am. thank you from the bottom of my heart for not including annoying ads or “premium upgrades”, if there were to be any donation link i would gladly donate though. all in all, fantastic app!
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4 years ago, taysherrrz
Keeps My Family On Track
My family needed a way to keep track of our daily to-do lists. We wanted something we could all access and update from our own devices. Of all the apps we tried, this is the one we decided to stick with for a few reasons. First, I love that it easily syncs to-do lists across all of our devices. This is especially useful for my kid who does not have their own email address and, therefore, cannot easily sign into different apps. I can update their daily to-do list from my phone and they can see it easily on their iPad. Second, the interface is so simple and easy to use. It has everything I need without all the complicated bells and whistles. Overall, I am happy with this app and highly recommend it.
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10 years ago, brainybrunettegirl
Worked 3 days - now nothing!
I was so happy for the first 3 days. I bought it for my new iPhone 6+ and then synched it after downloading the app to my iPad. I loved making lists within lists and assigning icons. The options for text size, wallpapers, sounds and alerts were very helpful. I thought I had finally found a TO DO LIST that did everything I needed. BUT, on the 4th day... the iPhone version crashed. I can open it, but no matter which list I tap, it crashes. I can access the settings, but if I tap any option, it snaps shut. The only item I can access is contacting the college student developer for support - which I have 3 days in a row without a response. I hope the student fixes the bug soon, because I really liked it. Hopefully the student will work on it during Thanksgiving break. I do most of my list work now on the iPhone 6+, so if I can't access the list there I'll have to buy a different app. Too bad... I really liked it!
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3 months ago, Blart69
Simple and Effective
I’ve been using this app for all things including groceries, packing lists, and most importantly, my daily tasks. Having this readily available makes it easy to track my day and be more productive. Being able to check off a task on this app is both rewarding and motivating to carry on to the next! The only thing I would like is a notifications feature that has a time stamp attached to certain tasks so you are aware of both the time and what you should be doing, as well as making the app easily accessible from the Lock Screen. If you want something more interactive and fulfilling that the “notes” app to check off you lists, this is the best!
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4 years ago, Urmomtooktothername
Great for organized lists!
This app is great for organizing various lists in a way that is more readily and easily used than my iPhone “Notes” that I was previously using. I have lists for grocery shopping, general shopping items, even wish lists and travel bucket lists. This app makes it easy to see all of these and organize them in a way that isn’t too clunky or complicated. I like the simple clean design. Only thing I would change is having more symbols for the lists. Also rearranging some of the buttons on the app. There are some in easy access on the bottom that I never use. And others that I need to search for to use. I would recommend buttons like “new list” be placed on a “home” page of sorts and have only buttons relating to the current list at the bottom.
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