2.9 (299)
116.7 MB
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Current version
LiveSafe, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for LiveSafe

2.89 out of 5
299 Ratings
4 years ago, Rpm17!
Make text BIG to show the 3/3 on screen
I echo another reviewer that there are some lazy developers here—how hard is it to make fonts larger and add contrast to the results of survey screen so you can show it to security? No thought at all went into this display interface. Again, others said it: a drop down list of recent entries also needed.
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4 years ago, Lwmavrik
Lazy App Developer
I downloaded this app a week ago for my sons camp. as I need to fill out the daily questionnaire regarding his health it would really have been smart if the developer would’ve enabled me to use in a drop-down menu or as a default if you’ve only got one name registered to automatically populate that name and email address every time or at least give me a drop-down menu if there were multiple children involved as this potential he could’ve had. Instead I have to sit there and type in his full name and email every time when it could’ve been seconds in and out! How lazy can you be guys!!?!? It’s such an obvious omission that this is why I’m calling you lazy!!!!
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4 years ago, S1c2y9
Incapable of getting past initial screens
App is completely nonfunctional. School suggested we get this app. Downloaded it, confirmed email- and got to a password screen. I had never set a password, so did the password reset. Closed the app. Reopened- put in the verified email and reset password... after minutes of processing got an “oops” message after which all other attempts were greeted with an error message that I had put in the wrong credentials. I reset my password again. Exact same process. I was unable to get past the initial mandatory login to even see what the app does. I have the most recent software update on my phone and no other apps are malfunctioning.
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7 years ago, MmaryMary
Use it every day
My family uses the app every day. My teenagers and I use the SafeWalk feature to “see” each other on the move when we need to. I can “watch” them get home safely. When they arrive, location sharing stops and they go back to being teens that jealousy guard their privacy. It lets us stay safe and see each other when we need to, without compromising privacy.
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7 years ago, ACook98
Livesafe has literally made reporting crime so easy. I’ve used it to report suspicious activity outside of my dorm but my favorite aspect is the parking part. My campus is notorious for giving tickets to people who don’t deserve it and not giving them to people who do. I can report parking infractions anonymously and this app will relate the message to my parking department! Thanks Livesafe!
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5 years ago, Ojblanco1987
An Amazing App!!!
The best part about it is that if multiple organizations use the platform you can simply add each organization and then receive each notification for each notification in one place. Simply go to menu, settings and then organization and finally add.
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3 years ago, RickHoppe
Massively Buggy
Have you noticed there are as many one star reviews as five star reviews? That’s because for half the users, the app won’t launch. They want to check everyone’s app the first time anyone enters the building each day. I touch the app, it starts to open, then crashes. As I’m dealing with this I can hear other people going, “My app keeps crashing!”. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it, but IT KEEPS CRASHING. Get it together, Developers!
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6 years ago, Beloved247
Thank you!
The mall I work at uses this app and it has made me feel safe walking to my car, requesting an officer to our store, or reporting suspicious behavior. I have used it on multiple occasions and have never had an issue. Thank you!
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5 years ago, yesj03
Great when it works
First getting the app was amazing I felt so much safer and put my friends and family at ease knowing I was safe but recently it will say I have “reached my destination” while I’m still there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and it continues to do the same thing, what a shame.
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3 years ago, pditty33
Silently logged out. Can’t log back in. Not good
The app appears to have silently signed me out during an update or something. Not a particularly great feature in an infrequently used app designed for emergency communications. I’ve tried signing in and resetting password for an hour now, including updating and reinstalling the app. I can’t get passed the login screen (despite having the credentials). This app is hot garbage in need of some real QA testing before it’s used to keep anyone safe.
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6 years ago, Ussteri
I recently downloaded this app and within days my state was hit with a winter storm in March! I was notified immediately. Just one thought, I work between two offices but it does not seem that I am able to download more than one. That would be helpful. Otherwise, Kudos!
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5 years ago, Samantha Ggirl
This app has made me feel so much safer every day. I have trusted friends watch me when I commute to shady areas and I have never felt better. With just the press of a button I can get safety. Must download❤️
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1 year ago, iSenPug
Great College App
For my school promoting it, it’s very useful for all round purposes and safety in general with easy access to anonymous reporting towards the school police. I think it’s very useful!
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5 years ago, Makay Kai
Wasn’t sure what to expect
Wasn’t sure what to expect when I shared safety info via an app. Response time of my security organization was impressive. Thanks LiveSafe for making this possible.
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4 years ago, Irritated mow
This app only works when they want it to. I had it set up to text me as well as alerts in the app. It required me recently to add my email so now I no longer have the option to get a text. I get an email, which is not my preference. It is a phone app.
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1 year ago, Germaine01
Awesome for Universities
Great way to make campuses safer. Love the safe walk feature when walking home alone from class late at night.
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3 years ago, ajl2112!
Won’t function & no realistic support help
App will not allow me to add any organizations. Endless loop of retry and fail. “Support”Consists of entering your email address and entering a support ticket. So maybe someday someone will get around to reading my request and get back to me. Meanwhile can’t enter location without it. Have to agree with the review calling the app creator lazy.
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6 years ago, Zuli Dilimulati
Best App ever!
This is a great safety tool for students and employees to leverage. I use it to Safe Walk with my friends when I have to walk alone at night after school! Love it
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3 years ago, WatuhDansuh
Doesn’t Work!!
I try to open the App and it goes back to the icon. I get emergency notifications from my area, half of the note pops up as a text on my screen, but when I tap on it, it goes back to the icon. I’m supposed to fill in the Covid Survey to enter my area and can’t get the app to open. Useless!!
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5 years ago, btsoom1
Great features
Use it at my workplace but find the free SafeWalk feature to be especially useful with friends and family!
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2 years ago, rhakowkwhdjsj37372974
Can’t add organization
I got the app because I am in college and would like updates but I can’t add an organization. I would go into the manage organizations and I would get an “uh-oh something went wrong” notif and when I try to Add would take forever loading. So it’s pretty much useless.
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7 years ago, Just trying to watch futrurama
Difficult to remain anonymous
Difficult to remain anonymous. Also mandates location services when app is open. I'd just like to report a crime and I'll map it.
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2 weeks ago, OOPascal
Cannot Access App Anymore
Recieve an error message when attempting the access the app. Contracted customer support and never received a response. Poor choice as an emergency notification service where they cannot fix app or response to issues.
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3 years ago, Lisapizza7
Won’t open
I have downloaded and deleted this app over 5 times now. I also turned off my phone and turned it back on and the app still will not load. As soon as I touch the icon, it flashes and brings me back to the hime screen. Help!!
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3 years ago, DMeadows91
Not working
Not sure what’s going on, but opened up the Daily Health Check to complete it and keyboard was in top corner of screen, cut off and not allowing me to type anything in the boxes. Went to select no for the 4 bottom questions and app would highlight and select yes instead. Unable to complete.
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7 years ago, Car smith
I love this app. I work for a company that provided this app to the employees. I have used the SafeWalk feature with my family and friends.
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5 years ago, iCarpz
Amazing App
Makes me feel so much more secure that I can report crime on campus quickly and anonymously. This is the future of law enforcement.
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4 years ago, Eirene the Greek Goddess
I love this app. It keeps track of me and when I don’t move for ten minutes, I get a notification asking if I am okay. This is the best safety app ever! AND it’s COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Bbblass
Nice Bug Improvements!
Better app than it was a month ago! Very helpful for finding safety resources
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4 years ago, Peyton_2244
Invasion of Privacy
No option to turn off location tracking and in the app description it basically says that they track your location 24/7 even when not using the app.
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3 years ago, Damominator
Won’t stay open - crashes
Required safety app for students Can’t open for more than a few seconds without crashing No online fix Terrible software
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5 years ago, ATC1014
Great platform!
Intuitive, easy and convenient!
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6 months ago, Stlivensafe
Apple watch
This app should be available on Apple watch
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7 years ago, TomassoLP
Forces you to update
I understand why you should update, but if you're in an emergency and need police quick this is not a good feature.
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3 years ago, TheatreAmy
Terrible App
Can’t even sign in on this app. Multiple error messages and “try again later” messages. Why any organization would use this app is beyond me.
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4 years ago, Vargas2099
App is not working since update
App is instantly closing every time I try to open the app ever since the update plz check your app
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3 years ago, violetjohnson
As others have mentioned the app refuses to allow me to login despite resetting my password 3 times. Keeps giving me the oops message. No update is available. Please fix.
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3 years ago, williamwolf34
Doesn’t OPEN
It immediately crashes as I open it... completely worthless and we use it for school to report incidents....
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3 years ago, John.dddddd
Fails to login with saved password from Apple keychain
The app Fails to login with saved password from Apple. There is no way to use the app. The login button is grayed out after the password is filled in.
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5 years ago, ProfLloyd
Just another junk app.
Just junk. Waste of time downloading. Not even able to set up. College recommended, but they use junk apps too. I’ve lived 71 years without it, don’t need it now.
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6 years ago, WhoopWhoop_party!!
If you are out walking home late at night, get this app!!
This is a great app and I would recommend that everyone at ASU (or any college) use it, especially students who walk home late at night. This app is free and offers students an easy & discreet way to report sketchy situations -- all you have to do is send a description with the option to add an additional image, video, voice recording etc. One thing I would change, however, is the response time. It doesn’t really specify how long it will take your report to be processed. I wish they gave an indication of how long it might take for your file to be reviewed. Another great thing about this app is that it is really easy to use. You navigate by clicking on either the menu bar at the bottom (which includes a home icon, “walking home” icon, or announcements icon) or the hamburger icon in the left-hand corner to see additional info. When the app opens up it takes you directly to the homepage where there are 4 main options. All you have to do is push the right button to make a report, call if there are an emergency, view resources, or go to the “goSafe” options. I do think that it is kind of repetitive to have the “goSafe” options on both the homepage and the “walking home” icon. I really like the walk home feature because you can make sure your friends get home OK and visa versa. Once they reach their destination the location sharing automatically turns off. Lastly, the shield icon for the app is super fitting, nicely done LiveSafe!!
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3 years ago, THATOneduh
I mean
App can be useful however after my first use I have not been able to access my account
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6 months ago, Chunda2
Constant crashing
Constantly crashing - every time I attempt to ‘watch my kid walk’ it just shuts down. Absolute waste.
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3 years ago, bluangel31
Can’t get past login
Downloaded app set password said oops not valid. Reset my password 3 times and still cannot get in! Seriously!! Deleting app!
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4 years ago, mlulucam
Not working
It worked when I first started using it a year ago. Now it won’t let me log in because it hangs up at verification. I’m deleting it.
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3 years ago, shih-chun
Not working at all
Home Screen failed to update. It keeps popping out this message.
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8 months ago, Gosh shepherd
Can’t add organization. This issue has been going on for years. Read the reviews developer
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3 years ago, Broooooooody
Breach of privacy, snitch hotline
Why do I have to complete the survey every single time or search for the results in my email? Can’t you just leave it up in the app
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4 years ago, Febudfhtd
Don’t download!!
This app will data mine your phone and constantly track your location. Very sketch app
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6 years ago, isler
Location Sharing Required
The app does not allow you to decline location sharing.
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