Local 3 Weather

4.8 (9.7K)
102.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Local 3 Weather

4.77 out of 5
9.7K Ratings
6 months ago, Nick Llama
Cedric is the best!
He is knowledgeable and personable and so thoughtful going beyond an average report. I have never heard anyone caution people to get the snow off of their cars so that the other people that are on the road can be safer from ice and snow coming from the top of another vehicle. That is a real concern that most people never consider. Thank you for consistently providing reliable weather forecasts and showing genuine concern for others.
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2 years ago, HeatherLandry
🌈 ⛅️ Yep ☀️⛈
I like the app. Great radar! Only one thing I want to mention. I can’t leave the app for any length of time - one second or one minute - without the app reloading the home screen, which always stays on the screen a frustratingly long time. I get it, you want us to see the Chattanooga Allergy Clinic ad, but come on... this is just tedious. Other than that, I’m enjoying the app and it has quickly become my go-to for weather, especially for your radar. I like having the earlier/now/later all in one place. The only other free weather app I’ve found that offers 7-hour radar is The Weather Channel. If you would just put the allergy clinic ad at the bottom of every screen instead of reloading the intro page all the time, that would be a major improvement. No one wants to wait that long for weather to load.
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3 years ago, C.I.W.
Slightly Better than channel 9
This app is almost identical to the channel 9 app in look and function. My channel 9 app became cluttered with ads that I could not move out of the way to see the weather content hidden beneath the ad banners so I chose this one. The ads do not appear on the map box which was my biggest frustration. This app adds the most recent weather video so you can watch what David Kearns says. (In my opinion, Body language and Tone of voice add a lot of detail to the weather forecast.)
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11 months ago, QWERTY / Emily Brown
This app is awesome!!!!!
I got this app thinking, this is just gonna be another weather app like any other. But what I truly figured out what is that is actually awesome! This weather app is more than just your ordinary weather app. It is an experience I can check the radar and I can check if it’s gonna rain and what the weather and the heat index. Get this app.
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4 years ago, Eeyore-7-3-2015
Almost useless now.
It locks, the radar is inaccurate, the latest video from the last weather broadcast is gone, the radar speed is virtually unusable, and, maybe not related to the app, the forecast is useless for more than 1 day out! I have to reboot it every time I open it. Why can’t you get a decent local radar view, with past, present, and future radar, and adjust the playback speed? And more importantly, ACCURATE! I also want to see, or a link to, the last broadcast weather report. Paul didn’t say it would be like this!! I’m just sticking my head out the window now. This app is getting removed.
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3 years ago, Happy Retirees
Great App for traveling
As a Birchwood resident, I have found that your app is not only great for home but also when traveling. Our family has been spending time in Florida. We have found that we can keep up with weather at home and also our present location. Thanks, channel 3!
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1 year ago, Buzzed Ewok
Lowering rating due to bugs
I would rate the app a 5 , but the radar bug that has been ongoing for several versions now has gone unfixed. You have to force close the app and reopen to see the radar work properly again.
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4 years ago, Yicducf
Alerts Failed
Don’t trust this app!! April 12, 2020. I received no alerts the night of the tornado in East Ridge. If my fiancée had not woken up on her own, we’d have both been asleep when that thing rolled through. I didn’t receive alerts from the Flash Flood Watches early in the evening, right up to the Tornado Warning. We checked every setting/notification/ alert box we could find and we found no reason our alerts shouldn’t have worked. I also have friends who said they use this app and we’re not receiving the audible notifications.
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3 years ago, bre hol
Slowing down radar progression
I would like to see the radar progression slow down while watching systems move over the map. I realize I can stop but would like to see a slower video.
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1 year ago, Bill165
Ads interfering with live forecast
I understand ads pay the bills but when dangerous weather is around. I get about 20-30 seconds of the live forecast. Then ad after ad. Missing big chunks of the live forecast. I have no problem with this during regular weather but it is unacceptable during periods of bad weather. When trying to watch the streaming forecast.
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4 years ago, Bah Bah Boom
Space watch
It is most interesting learning updates on things high above the atmosphere while prognosticating surface condtions. Other viewing choices don’t seem to offer that. Highyeva, I do wish I could get best fishing times of the day reports. -Poppy in Soddy-Daisy
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3 years ago, harold8353
This up has been basically useless we have hay we cut spring and fall you can never follow this app and get an accurate weather report because it is constantly changing that does not give an accurate forecast we need something that will give you a forecast of what is happening for the next 3 to 5 days not changing every 3 to 5 hours get someone to do the forecast not relying on a computer to do it for you.
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3 years ago, Sydpyd31
Most accurate weather always
We are locals who have always depended on our weather information and forecast from channel 3! From Paul until now, hands down best ever!
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6 years ago, Paint House
Hate new App
Absolutely hate the new app. Videos do not play and the radar is horrible. Also, there is no daily written forecast anymore. I have to switch to your news forecast app to get the weather. Go back to the old app please!!!
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1 year ago, Yellow Rose 64
Great app!
I have used this app for many years, even while I was truck driving out over the road & I love it! But tonight 7/1/23, it will not open, even after restarting my iPhone. ????
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2 months ago, CAReavis
Quick weather videos
I love the availability of these quick weather forecast videos. Good radar options as well.
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4 years ago, Garrett Bouldin
Best weather app
I appreciate most of my local news outlets, but WRCB is my go-to for television news. Their weather app reflects the high quality I see across all of the station’s productions and personnel.
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1 year ago, AngiMC
Gets 5 stars. If it works. 3 because only works half the time
Half the time I open the app to check radar and nothing shows up. No rain anywhere. I close the app and reopen it. Rain everywhere. Fix it so it always shows A this is the best weather app on the market.
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6 years ago, Stephanie.plum
Older was better!!!!
I am removing from my phone. I need weather at a glance. You old app did that and did it well. I purposely didn’t update because my wife told me how bad it was. Well the old app no longer works and I updated only to be disappointed. I should be able to look at the radar, current temp, maybe a couple 3 day forecast and if I want hourly or seven day just click a button. Very disappointed that the app go worse.
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3 years ago, Ray poppy
Weather Apps Rating
Very good up to date with the weather and severe weather warnings would recommend to anyone that keeps up with the weather Channel 3 ROCKS
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5 years ago, Wrcb weather
New radar vs the old one
I want the older radar back because I liked the bright yellow lightning strikes better than the lightning now, I also don’t like that the lightning starts fading out wants it gets older and older. Also I liked the old hail,wind,tornado, and strong cell icons better than the new ones, I think the yellow one shouldn’t be called rotation just strong wind, and the tornado one doesn’t need to be called strong rotation, it should still be called tornadic.
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5 years ago, 021197
Radar could be improved
WRCB, I love the app and the only suggestion I would have for the next update is to add to the storm tracker to where it will show cities in the path of the storms and timing for each city.
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1 year ago, ScottyP no ragrets
Radar has to be the worst! Since the last update, I have to get out of the app and reload just to see the radar. Seems to work fine on the iPads, no the iPhone. Have deleted the app and reloaded multiple time to no avail.
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1 year ago, Annakish
I like your app because the radar is accurate and you show the traffic accident’s.
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7 years ago, Born Wordsmith
Pretty much worthless
The old version, clunky as it was, was better than this. The latest forecast video is good, but even that isn't being updated timely (DAYS behind!). Terrible layout. Takes too long to open — should open directly to day's info. Except for radar, the rest is pretty worthless. Come on guys. You can do better. Check out WeatherBug app to see how it should be done!
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3 years ago, KenzHiggins
Simple, Easy and Quick
Easy, Quick and Local! Love the app! It’s very simple to use and stays up to date with warnings and videos.
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1 year ago, the transporter67
I have been using this app for a while and have been happy with it. But now I can’t open it without some stupid ad taking over my screen. I absolutely despise ads and I will be finding another weather app. I flat refuse to have ads taking over my screen.
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3 years ago, meshup
Weather forecasters
I really enjoy the weather forecasters in the app and the recording in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It is my go to for the weather.
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5 months ago, mrgasque
Where are the lows on 7-day forecast?
The app is very good and I use it frequently, but with this latest upgrade the 7 day forecast no longer shows the low temperatures. I am now using channel 9 app. Bring the lows back!
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3 years ago, I<3RadioUser
By “coverage you can count on,” they mean “coverage you can count on two hands how many times it changes a day.” It is also pretty inconvenient that bad weather slows the app down. May as well get an old fashion weather radio and be done with it.
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1 year ago, the1cricket
I moved from Chatsworth to and still use channel 3 for my weather service. Paul may have retired but y’all are the best!
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1 year ago, vxmzknhridnjh k57676557
Weather accurate
This is a very good for the tristate area ! Most accurate weather I know of !
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3 years ago, Shopper ten
Great app but…
Would love to see current daily rainfall total on Home Screen along with humidity, dew point, etc.
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1 year ago, irish pop
Weather track
Great to plan out events. Accurate. Love the alerts. Helps keep us safe.
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4 years ago, virgilt2
Timely Weather Information
Have used the WRCB weather app to follow what is happening “now” with the weather. Thankd
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4 years ago, DeanAGross
I count on you
Nearly everyday I count on your application so that I can prepare/plan what projects I can do around the farm. When you have outdoor activities to accomplish knowing what to expect is critical.
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4 months ago, Jjojuju
Great weather team
Moved to Watts Bar Lake two years ago from Charleston S.C. The weather team here on channel 3 is outstanding.
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2 years ago, whatsupfiona
The new ap is Super Clean!!!
Everything is easy to navigate and understand…
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2 years ago, fishing/2022
I am sad to say your weather forecast is terrible. It changes every few minutes. I fund it’s just better to not listen to your news and your forecast. The equipment you all brag on is a joke! Frustrated!
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6 years ago, J.C. 85
Their app used to be my go-to, this new one is awful! It crashes all the time, after taking way too long to open. And whenever severe weather is in the area, it completely stops working. What’s the point of that? Uninstalled and won’t use again until a complete overhaul is done.
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3 years ago, ram it dangit
Ram it dangit
Check it out two three times a day
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4 years ago, Fans of Alison
Alison Pryor
Alison is such an asset to WRCB! She is so professional as she delivers the weather forecasts. She dresses immaculately, has style and great personality, as presents herself to the WRCB viewing area. Thank you for Alison Pryor; she is such a breath of fresh air.
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4 months ago, We the people 2024
Great app!
Always works and up to date!
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5 years ago, bartman50!
Good, but needs a update
Your weather app is nice, but it needs a update. When you look at the radar. And it’s raining but on the radar it shows nothing. Fix this.
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1 year ago, Budvhess
Nothing to report
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7 years ago, LosingFans
Old version
Go back to the old version. This set up is awful and the opening screen is not what people want when they open the app. Nobody wants to scroll way down to find what they looking for. The entire design is a failure. I will be looking for a new weather app!!!
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5 months ago, Convenient123
Channel 3 WFSB weather is spot on. Always 100% correct
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3 years ago, stuffybut
Great app
Gives me the information I need
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2 years ago, Z no mind
Local 3 Weather
My go to weather app! ❤️
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3 years ago, Barry Greenhill
Fantastic Graphics!
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