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User Reviews for Log-Book

4.02 out of 5
48 Ratings
5 years ago, SCPinJC
Great app
Takes all the guesswork out of logging miles and makes record keeping easier.
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1 year ago, Zebraa32
Only able to track one vehicle no product updates
This app works pretty good for one vehicle to track without little effort. However it could be better if it allowed you to track multiple vehicles. Also all entries are added to the bottom so you have to scroll all the way to bottom to view. Would be better if you could have it sort sending out descending view. This app has allot of potential if only updated more often. Doesn’t look like developer had too much interest in improvements so don’t purchase if your looking for updates on product.
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4 years ago, Pryn625
Does what I need - log mileage for trips
I like that this app does exactly what I need it to do (record mileage for trips) without trying to use my phone’s location services, maps, GPS, or any other automated capability on my phone. The rating of 3 is because I do not like that it only supports one vehicle. It should allow you to record entries for multiple vehicles. I also think the user interface could use an upgrade.
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2 years ago, prefertowalk
Keep getting error message
Cannot figure out how to record mileage without getting message “miles cannot be less than…you cannot go back in time” Looking for simple way to record miles to/from doctor appointments and volunteer work. There does not seem to be instructions on how to record miles
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5 years ago, Dancin ernie
Simple and nice
Finally a simple app that doesn’t take over.
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5 years ago, LSUSYCO
Awesome tool
Use this for work, keeps track of my mileage, makes life so simple!
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4 years ago, Paramedic178
Been using a while
Great app, simple, does what it needs to.
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7 years ago, They Call Me Gray
Great App
Thanks for keeping it simple and straightforward. If I want directions, listen to music or kill aliens, I will get a different App. All I want to do is keep up with my business mileage. This is the perfect App for that. I have three go to Apps and this is one of them. If you want a simple to use App without all the useless options, this is the one for you.
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5 years ago, HX911
Should have looked better
Seems good for trip logs, but no way to enter fuel, expenses etc so for me it is useless. Just one ca5 with no option is not great, as I track 6 vehicles. YMMV - but as I said, I should have looked better...
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4 years ago, Amber33547
Absolute Garbage
Can’t believe I paid money for this. What a joke. Cent even use it! It literally crashes every single time I open it. Have never been able to log not one entry. So infuriating. I want my dollar back.
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4 years ago, f7223
Latest Version
Today I updated the app, and now it shuts down whenever I try to make a new entry. Please fix this right away. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Josh5768
Can only add 1 vehicle. I have 2 work trucks and this app only lets you keep track of one vehicle. Waste of money.
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10 years ago, KE163
Very useful app
Much easier than paper books for sales people who log miles. Love it.
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10 years ago, gamerceo
Nice app
pretty easy to use for logging
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9 years ago, Del0000
Great simple app
Best app for daily entries of odometer. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Papabear53
Ok app
What I like is this app allows me to track mileage for work on my personal car without requiring gps. I prefer the manual entry. What I don't like is you when you enter a log for a trip the app requires an ending mileage before you save. If you leave unsaved but open in background the log is deleted or lost. The other pain in butt is I ask for a summary of the mileage for one month but when it arrives in my email the file the total log is present. Which requires me to edit to submit to my employer. It doesn't save me time. If other programs had manual data entry without gps dependence I would probably use them.
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10 years ago, Phantom77778
Crappy little app, only wasted a dollar. Don’t bother.
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