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LogMeIn, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LogMeIn

4.66 out of 5
11K Ratings
7 years ago, Lowertech
Wonderful app!
When I first used this app, at least a couple of upgrades ago, it was awkward, although rather useful. It has been a while since I last used it, and in that time there has been real improvement. It is quick and agile, connecting to my office computer easily. I can open and use any program on the computer, and, best of all, print from my iPad Mini to my office computer on command. This app is now a gem. I highly recommend it. Update: After the developer raised the price to highway robbery levels, I dropped this app. I miss it, but not enough to pay that ridiculous price!
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2 years ago, TimDawgz
Priced out 💰➡️🚽
Logmein used to be one of those companies that you'd have only good things to say but this is no longer the case. They’ve made clear efforts to shake off individual users and focus only on business users. Thankfully we have better options these days like Splashtop who gives you same functionality for $100/yr. I’m guessing the LogMeIn reviews are either from a PR firm hired to boost the company’s reputation, LogMeIn employees, or business users who are passing the expense on to their employers because no sane person would pay $350/yr for something that can be done just as easily and far more affordably by using a competing product. ALL of the LogMeIn services are WAY overpriced!! People like me that paid astronomical fees out of our own pockets for something we've already paid for many times over are NOT happy. When I voiced my concerns regarding the ridiculous pricing with their customer service they tried selling me this spiel that the costs are justified by their "active development" and R&D. Yeah, everyone else does the same thing and yet they manage to stay competitive with their pricing so what’s the problem with LogMeIn? $350 annually is robbery. 😳😡👎 Like most people, I know they don't care and don't even read these reviews so we're all wasting our breath.
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6 years ago, Corey J. Webb
Fantastic, but there is always room for improvement!
The company that I work for has been using LogMeIn for a couple of years now, we use it for about 150 computers. Working in the I.T. Field it is extremely useful to be able to hop on any computer around the country and resolve a problem with out having to run someone through step-by-step over the phone. Across our company, our PCs vary anywhere from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacOS, and LogMeIn works well on all of them! However, while it is fantastic, even on poor DSL connections, and works well with MacOS from a client standpoint, it could use some work on a MacOS host standpoint. When I use my MacBook from home to sign in remotely, I notice the app tends to loose connection more, and the app occasionally becomes unresponsive, causing me to need to force close the app. I also notice when loosing connection sometimes, LogMeIn has trouble reconnecting to the client, even though the connection status hasn’t changed. We’re paying about a little under $4,000 per year, which is reasonable for what the product is. We have explored other options that are a little more versatile (like the ability to run repair scripts from the program), but honestly, aren’t as UI friendly or quite as reliable. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to stick with LogMeIn and expand with them as well as we continue to grow!
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2 years ago, Macsterguy
Horrible software for Mac users. Run away!
It truly seems LogMeIn could care less about our problems. I have never been able to confirm nor do I think they have more than one person that is Mac centric working at this company. If that! They certainly don't mind taking my 3 to $4000 each year but I can't use the stupid Mac Desktop or iOS apps to login to 22 Mac computers. 13 are mine as well others I support... The only way to get anything done is to never let these computers monitors go to sleep. These are expensive computers and as soon as I lose one monitor I'm going to sue this freaking company for not fixing this **bleep** problem. The right thing to do would be for them to admit defeat and quit supporting the Mac & iOS platforms. Apple remote desktop, team viewer, slapshop have no issue with this. LOGMEIN could fix this if they wanted to… They just don't care. Too big… This problem has been going on forever and it is well documented. This company makes me absolutely sick. I hate LogMeIn and their garbage software (for Mac users).
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4 years ago, Jac4fldsm
Good Product, Terrible Update
I have used this product for nearly a decade in some form and this latest iOS app update is, in my opinion, overly and unnecessarily complicates once easy tasks for no apparent reason. System-to-System transfers are now so unintuitive, that I, a systems engineer, had to go to the knowledge base at LMI to see if it was still possible to do in the app. Even the selection of files and folders for moving or copying is now complicated by first having to select an option from a dropdown before making your selection. I get improvements in GUI and flow, but I for the life of me, can't understand these changes. Seriously, why the need to over-complicate the most simplistic and intuitive tasks this app once had as a strength over TeamViewer?? The reason I don't use TeamViewer just became the reason I may look for an alternative to LMI. Please fix this by reversing course and reimplement the older, more logical flow you once had.
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4 years ago, Cklv
Pure scumbags run this company
At a time when working remotely is vital to the workforce Logmein has once again proven they could care less about their customers. I once subscribed to their service after it went from being free to a paid subscription. That was fine as it was a valuable service to me although I went from access to all my computers to only 2. That was ok as they promised the app, which I paid $30 for at the time, would always be free and give me access to all my computers. This was great until yesterday when I opened up the app to find all my computers had “restricted access” and I would once again be subject to their subscription fees in the hundreds of dollars per year. I thank my lucky stars I had already started using jump desktop as the feature set destroyed everything logmein has to offer, which as of 13.4 iPadOS, supports full generic and Apple mice, trackpads etc. Adios Logmein you guys really take the cake for scumbaggery!
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3 years ago, K8TheSk8
Been using it since it’s inception (2003?). We started our business in 1999, and Logemein has made it so much easier to check on things when not in the office. Especially helpful with a small bus, when you have no minions! Helpful hint: Make a note in your phone as to how to access for those times you are stressing & cannot remember your own name! Sending LogMeIn some serious gratitude! And thanks for the little blue mouse, so helpful as screens get smaller. -Kate ;)
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5 years ago, SwankPeRFection
New Update Slowed Startup
Can’t copy/paste text from remote system to local device, so if I need to copy and paste something in a document or email on my iPhone, it can’t be done, so I have to swap apps back and forth if it’s IPs or something else. Stupid as 💩 that you didn’t test to make sure this would work! Guess no IT people work with LogMeIn anymore and the concept of needing to have a constant clipboard ever occurred to you?! This is why nobody wants to pay/use for your services anymore. One step forward and two steps back... New update causes app to start a lot slower now before it gets to login screen for account to use. This is on an iPhone XR, so since it wasn’t this slow before, there’s NO REASON for this to be happening now on latest hardware. Back to 1 star you go!
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6 years ago, BettyRick2000
Safe and secure
My IT has told me this is a safe and secure system. I was using Remote Desktop and I was told to disable it and stop immediately. I was having difficulty with Logmein on my iPad because I was trying to use it through safari. My error. I downloaded the App and all is good. Very easy to access my office computer and gives me even easier access than I was used to. It certainly meets my needs and standards. I even have the ability to right click. Thank you Logmein.
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7 years ago, SARAASB
App is amazing but leaving LMI
The iPad app is amazing. I installed Logmein at multiple clients who each have a server and multiple users. In a flash I can login and select the computer that needs my assistance. But the cost increases are out of sight and make no sense. We will be moving to another service. $600 year is too much. We don't have five employees trying to access their machines remotely all the time. I am an accountant who has to access once or twice a month.
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3 years ago, Nemco Underkoffler
Stopped Working
After years of use, the application stopped working and tech cannot seem to fix it. They have been working on this for 6 weeks. There call me via a bogus phone number and want me to change my password. Seems very shady. I tried to cancel my subscription but I couldn’t because the credit card they have has been cancelled and I don’t remember the number. I guess they will find out when they try to charge me for next year. At best, it was a clunky app that convinced me to use it sparingly. I found a better method of connecting to my office computer. I advise you to do the same thing before buying this.
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5 years ago, @Sigil
Logmein/ Logmein ignition.
I am not a power user. I purchased Logmein Ignition, which is the most that I ever paid for an app. I did so, because it was a one time fee. That said, this company has honored my purchase. Splashtop has not. Ethics are important! They have always answered my (paranoid) inquiries. I rarely use the app, but when I do it works well. I have never had issues adapting to the UI changes. My connection is fast and stable. I have no complaints.
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4 years ago, Gator5000e
Way too expensive for prior App purchaser
As someone who made the $30 app purchase, I’m disappointed that the access via that program is gone. Now they offer a full subscription priced at about $350 a year. For someone who used this app to access a relative’s computer or occasionally accessed a work computer this price is way too expensive. I did sign up for the 1/2 price discount on switching over from the $30 app but at $350 a year I won’t be renewing. If they come up with a cheaper program I might consider it. But not at that regular price.
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2 years ago, brucecyz445
Laptop ID and password issue problem
Logmein to connect iPhone to windows laptop took 3+ hours due to windows ID and Password issues. I hate Windows ! But logmein works ! I hate Windows and would never use it if only my tax e would work on my Mac!!! My text rep. Mario was very knowledgeable and provided the expertise needed to get the windows laptop to connect to my iPhone using Logmein Pro.
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6 years ago, helpfull but
Very helpful but
This is a great program works with no problems. Only down side is the cost use to have a free basic which was great for a homeowner who has kids and 2 computers. Or used few times a year. Best part was couple times needed a document from work computer was able to log in and see documents.
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5 years ago, Why Doesn't it work 23455
Product’s becomes worse over 14 year instead of improving
They have increased their price so much over the past 14 years and their product is becoming worse. They do an update and move things around for no reason making one find everything again and waste time. They take away features and do not respond to complaints. Ridiculous! will need to find an alternative finally. This time besides all the money I’m paying & have paid with their crazy price increases, they have just done enough to make me move. Started off as a great product but has become horrible now.
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4 years ago, getagrip15
Room for improvement
Works pretty well but has one annoying flaw. If you run this in the background for more than a few seconds, your remote session is automatically timed out. So it can get annoying and means that you basically can’t do anything else on your iOS device while you’re using this app. I’m not 100% if this is the fault of iOS or the app itself. On the plus side, it does work consistently when you’re actively using the app.
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7 years ago, Clipperscp3
Price has gotten out of hand
I've also used logmein for many years to access my office computer from home. It is a great program and let's you use all your computer's features remotely. It started out free for several years. However, starting in 2014 they charged a $49 annual fee which I was OK with. Then in 2015 it went up to $99 which I could still deal with. Then in 2016 it went up to $149 which was my breaking point. Finally, in 2017 it went up to $249 which was a shocker. So, now I will be leaving them and will look for another more cost effective alternative.
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4 years ago, BusinessE
FaceID required every time I navigate away from app
Super super annoying, and makes app almost unusable. Every time I navigate to another app on the iPhone while I am in session, it requires a FaceID authentication to resume the app. This is infuriating to me as I am a multitasker. When I connect to my office computer, I will always be checking email, messages, photos, website in conjunction with working remotely. To re- authenticate 20+ times during one session is not productive at all. And forget when wearing a Covid mask. May have to go elsewhere after 10+ years of being a PAID customer.
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6 years ago, Man the second
Expensive but worth it
I work from home and the road a lot and this solution is far better than VPN. I can connect to my office computers from any smartphone tablet or PC quickly and get files or run data quickly. It is like you are sitting in front of your computer when you aren’t Highly recommend
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6 years ago, BetterAge
No tool like it.
I’ve used several remote programs in the past and none are a match for Logmein, it’s easy to use, relates to all of your hardware (local and remote), handles dual screens, notifies you of errors and updates, easily and quickly transfer files, turn on systems remotely, force restart a freeze error and so much more... No tool like it! Thanx!
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6 years ago, Lovinscrabble222
Keeps my business alive
I’ve been using Logmein for years-almost every day! (I still remember when it was a free service) My self storage business can be run remotely because Logmein works so well. And the few times I have needed support, their team has been extremely helpful and happy. Thx Logmein!! You keep my business running!
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4 years ago, daoww
So convenient!
Having access to my desktop while having just my iPad is wonderful! I am even able to print to the team who are in the office while curled up in my bed. Working from home would not be possible without this level of remote access! Thank you!
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5 years ago, PL1111
Terrible renewal experience
I abruptly, and without warning, found that I could not log in with LogMeIn. I had been able to use it 3 days earlier. The link within the app was supposed to give me a way to renew. It instead gave what was useless information and did not let me renew. The upshot was that the account was apparently lost. Customer service could not find my account, except from 2018. I finally found a way to renew again. After doing this, the account info for the remote computers had been lost. Awful experience all the way around.
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3 years ago, Hunter Lair
Please add a way to map keys
LogMeIn works great, but has some limitations when using a Magic Keyboard with iPads. I NEED to be able to use the Windows “Delete” key and copy/paste functions, but I can’t figure out any way to translate these commands from the Magic Keyboard to inputs that Windows will understand. The LogMeIn on-screen keyboard helps with these functions but it’s a big time sink.
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5 years ago, Twn444
I left and came back
I tried another service because it was cheaper. After being stranded TWICE out of town with no access to my office computer because the other system malfunctioned and showed it offline, I came back to LogMeIn. Cheap isn’t cheap if it doesn’t work.
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7 years ago, *SEB*
Too expensive & poor service
The Log Me In folks only seem to care about large corporate clients these days. They charge an arm and a leg, and they won’t base your license on the number of computers used at any one time, only on the number shown on the account. So, if you have three machines, but only need to access one at any point, they want to charge you $500+ per year for three machines. That’s highway robbery. In addition, the customer service folks don’t understand the product, commit to do things but don’t, and aren’t nice.
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5 years ago, Tjsmi
Weeks well with very few issues over many years. On the rare occasions when issues have come up the customer service responds quickly and resolves the issue. I have placed this software in multiple businesses I am associa5ed with.
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4 years ago, Palm3r
Great app
The app is very easy to use but could benefit from better mouse integration. Free solutions already pass the mouse through to Windows with full support for left/right click and scrolling. If this feature is added, this app would be perfect. As it currently functions, I will look for alternatives for my firm that allow for better mouse integration.
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11 months ago, Phillysdon04
Computers tab
It would be great to see additional information on the computers tab like three date and time the computer came online similar to the web version.
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6 years ago, alejandro979
Issues login in
Every time I open the app it makes me log in again. Even though I have my credentials saved and use lastpass authentication. I’ve been using LogMeIn for over 5 years now and this started about a month ago. Please fix. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Hamed1963
App works, company greedy & dishonest. Go to zoho assist
UPDATE: we switched to Zoho assist since we were not willing to be taken advantage of and go from $300 to $1000 to $1200 to $3,500! Good riddance LMI, we will not miss you. Invoking such outrage and emotional dissatisfaction is only bound to hurt a company. As they says; negative feedback spreads like wild fire, certainly when you take advantage of a others in such way. I do not think I have been taken advantage of this way by any other company. This company is the reason that people must not trust advertising. Lure you in with a free offer and then quadruple the cost of the product and since you have so many devices, it is impossible to move away from it. Btw, no partial refund, who does that? Yearly subscription and they will not refund you when you cancel two months in!
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6 years ago, mikey186
Please have support for iOS 11 files app
I've been a Ignition user for over 8 years and pretty soon I'm switching to the original LogMeIn app, and now that it's been updating pretty good, but what it's really missing is the support for the iOS 11/12 Files app support. I want to drag files from one app to another. Please have support for Files app.
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2 years ago, NaderTallica
I was lost
In fact I was lost and it's been very hard to control my computers and servers! But with logmein app life is SIMPLE AND FREE; simple to control and to use computers any where smoothly and free because it can be done via any device especially mobiles and tablets! I LOVE THIS APP
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5 years ago, nooryan
No place to cancel subscription!! be ware of hassle autochage!
They don’t alert you before the date of automatic subscription payment like any other respectable service will do, and you will be surprised and stuck with a full year subscription! There is also no where in their site to cancel your subscription, I have contacted them them through email to cancel it and retrieve the subscription that I don’t want to use, and I am still waiting for their response!
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7 years ago, SMill1159
Great Remote Access
This is a great product that gives you remote access to multiple computers on multiple or same networks. It doesn't require any special port forwarding on router. It helps with remote administration or people wanting to work remotely.
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4 months ago, Pgeorge1944
More and more people are using pins
This app works great and saves lots of time for both client and technician. The trouble is you cannot log in with a pin. This needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, TC21010
Unable to sign into LogMeIn
For the past three weeks, multiple users on our master account have been unable to sign in to LogMeIn without completely forgetting all credentials and reentering them. We’ve reached out to LogMeIn support daily, reached out to our LogMeIn Account Executive weekly and have tried every troubleshooting method possible. LogMeIn has us paying $1,900 per month for this service, and they can’t even be responsible enough to respond to emails asking for support.
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3 years ago, Base92
Helps to have a good remote system
Love this app I hate when it needs to verify the security but I understand. Just seems like it happens at the wrong time for me. Hopefully we get our timing on sync.
Show more
3 years ago, Upset77-2341
Pays for itself
Extremely useful on one’s phone to solve a Customer complaint. The Wndows app asks too many security questions. Would be nice if it remembered longer
Show more
6 years ago, Agentf64
Continues to make a good program bad
Recent updates of the program no longer log in automatically when you start the app. Very inconvenient when you had grown used to certain behavior. This combined with continually raising the price makes the use of their service and this app a terrible investment. To give credit where due however, functionally the app works well.
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4 years ago, Amtwwo
Getting worse
Every year, it crashes more and has more bugs. Approaching 50% fail now. That is, about half the times I log in to another computer, it crashes or fails. My last 10 sessions have failed completely. Also, they promised 2 years ago to fix a bug on the mobile app, but still have not done so, and each time I call it’s news to them: The bug is this: the app disconnects within seconds of using another app on your iOS device. So you cannot check your texts, email, do anything at all without immediate disconnect. And yes, I have contacted tech support way too many times and for way too many hours. I have been using it since day 1, many years ago. Time to switch.
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7 months ago, Gauranvi
Unable to drag files
fail to drag files within folders of host computer. Mouse becomes unresponsive. Can use control function to select files but unable to drag them from one folder to another
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4 years ago, tscozz11
Great to keep an eye on my restaurants!
Invaluable tool to log into my restaurants point of sales and back office software from anywhere. This, combined with cameras, are invaluable in allowing my wife and I to get away but not be “away away”! TWS
Show more
7 years ago, Cleo1437
Love this!!!
I am type A and feel so much better being able to access everything from anywhere.
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4 years ago, Widdy76
Very buggy
App works well once its up. Takes VERY long to login to my account, and if I get disconnected during a session I have to close the app and re-open to get back into what I was doing. For the amount of money required for a LOGMEIN subscription I think this needs more polish.
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6 years ago, iFixconsulting
Almost perfect
90% of the time it works every time. Doesn’t work when the software decides on its own to just turn itself off, which isn’t exactly awesome when you have an emergency that only remote access can help with.
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6 years ago, SUGIE#1
No complaints
Easy to use and secure when logging from a remote location. User since 2013. Plus I can work from home when I don’t feel like driving to the office. Sweet.
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4 years ago, GKnightman
Great app
Logmein is a very good company, they have a few great product on their websites. I personally use few of their products. The app is very easy to use can let remotely connect back to your computer.
Show more
7 years ago, StAloysius
Works great. Needs to be free again
Great product and I’m glad I have it BUT it needs to be free again for those of us who only need a hand full of computers - 5 or less - so that we can admin our computers.
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