Lookout Life - Mobile Security

4.7 (104.5K)
140.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
F-Secure Corporation
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lookout Life - Mobile Security

4.65 out of 5
104.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Rob78101280462
I have never had an app that was this easy to use while providing everything it promises in its description plus a TON more. Usually they are all using a form of click bait or they will just outright lie to get your business. Well guys and gals this is not a paid add. I turned my phone on today and there was an alert on my phone stating that I had one of my devices missing, 2 security threats and 1 important reminder. As I opened the app and started with my alerts I immediately found out that I had turned off my location on my tablet by mistake, my son had done the same by accident when using my phone, then it told me that there had been an information theft in my area that had some of the companies I use for my emails in the theft and then they lastly reminded me that it was time to make new passwords for certain programs that I use and also provided me with a list of them. Now fixing all these threats took less than 10 mins and the app guided me directly from that same app until all the threats were gone and even rescanned my phone again to make sure. AMAZING!!! I WILL NEVER NOT HAVE THIS ON ANY OF MY DEVICES!
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4 years ago, Greergma
A True Sense of Security
As cyber crime has intensified through the years, Lookout has been on my devices as my own little Jedi Warrior. I, originally, signed on because, let’s face it, I‘m a bit of a flake and kept “misplacing” my cellphone. At one point, we were in Louisville, KY and had gone out to dinner. In getting back into the car, my cellphone slipped out of my pocket. When we got to our motel, I realized that I did not have my phone. ( I hit my panic button because my husband was in University of Kentucky Hospital’s CCU and that was the number that their staff had to reach me ). I went on the Lookout website using my Son-in-law’s cellphone and they not only located my phone, they locked it down so that nobody could use it. Next day, when the restaurant opened, we retrieved my phone. Someone on their Wait Staff had found it lying in a puddle of water in their parking lot and, immediately, returned to the restaurant that was closed and placed it in a plastic baggie filled with rice. Thanks to Lookout and an honest young waitress, my phone and I became one again. I have counted on Lookout to locate my “lost” ( I prefer to think of it as “temporarily misplaced “) cellphone numerous times throughout the years that we have been BFFs.
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2 years ago, porsche porkchop
Lookout app
This FREE app is indeed completely free of charge with absolutely no hidden fees. The app does offer an upgraded version for a small fee if your not content with the free, basic service but the basic service (which is FREE) has always served me well. This app is excellent in my opinion, it’s worked great for me and my iPhone. Its nice knowing I’m being protected while I’m surfing the internet and it’s especially comforting knowing that it’s completely free of charge because like so many, I simply can’t afford another monthly bill added to my monthly expenses. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. It’s an excellent peace of mind knowing my me and my cell phone are always protected plus the app notifies you of any breaches within your email address etc. The app also notifies you of any system upgrades or suggestions to better fit you and your cellular device. The app also offers many other excellent options for keeping you and your sensitive, personal info safe & out of the prying eyes of thieves/criminals. 💚
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4 years ago, Sprinting away!
Lookout Rocks!
I’ve been using Lookout for 3 years or so. They will notify you immediately when things are “not right “! My phone has been hacked for the same amount of time. With the alerts they give you. If it’s a KNOWN HACKER, meaning, someone you probably know and by the information they give, I. E., your sims card has been taken out of your phone. Followed closely by another alert stating your sims card has been placed back in your phone, or a sims card has been replaced back into your phone. Geeez!!! That means they had my phone in their hands. 0h! At 2:00:am or 0600am, that about narrows it down doesn’t it! 🥺😔NOOOOOOOOO! Not another betrayal.!😡That’s a whole different story in itself! Bottom line! Worth every cent!!!! Blessings to you all, Jennifer Doviak, RN
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1 year ago, Xoey
Lookout security
This seemed really good until it caused my voicemail through T-Mobile to be completely blocked from coming to my phone, the only only way to get my voicemail is to turn off safe browsing mode very disappointing and while I agree that T-Mobile should be blocked it’s really not an option for me to lose voicemail completely since sprint sold out to T-Mobile and I’m on a contract I am unfortunately stuck with them and it seems really weird it took T-Mobile support 5 months resetting my voicemail, I reset my phone twice and hours and hours of support calls they NEVER figured it out and wanted me to send my phone to apple for repair, which nothing is actually wrong with my phone because once I turned of lookout safe browsing everything works fine and when I turn it back on no more voicemail, this is a real problem that needs to get fixed between these 2 companies because I know there are A LOT of T-Mobile users experiencing the same issue with being told to send their phones out for repair when they don’t need repairs and then the deductible falls on the customer
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5 years ago, Dayjavuu
Lookout, so far so good!
I like it so far, it seems to still be working! Actually I’ve had this app for the last five maybe six years now, I’ve only lost one device ipad but know exactly were it’s at! It’s at the Denver International Airport. When I was working I accidentally set it down at the B concord, after the bus picked us up I realized I left it behind. I went back to retrieve it, it was gone! Using my iPhone I had found someone who had taken it, realized they couldn’t get into it and it was lock. The dropped it into the water runoff sewer drainage what ever you want to call it. The next day and even days after I kept asking the city if it could be retrieved, knowing now the battery had run out, at first they said they’d look into it a week later, they said it would be to much to get to it, yes it crushed me, two weeks later my phone was stolen before I could set up an other device to find it. 2700 photos and lots of memories down the Denver International Airport toilet! I can’t blame anyone but myself. All in all yes this app works wonderful and I’m still using it today!
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3 years ago, Dj K-SlimDC
The Truth About LookOut Mobile.
Lookout used to be a product of moral good, willing to protect ALL devices from cyber threats. Now as Lookout have made their claim to fame, their services have dwindled to dust. Ethical and Non-Ethical hackers both agree, Lookout Mobile is easy to bypass and doesn’t protect your devices from threats as their key service has been removed, malware protection. With Lookout, no matter if you have premium or not, your device will not be protected. Malware removal tools and threat detection have been removed from service all together. What do you pay for?… Data Scans. Scanning the internet to see where your information is. Other competitors do this for FREE. Lookout only provides you with a notification telling you when a new update is available for your device. Your device has this feature built in so why would you need an app for a notification? Save device storage space and remove and stay away from this app and similar apps. A brand is only as good as the services they provide, you won’t be getting any from Lookout, inc.
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4 years ago, Archedeyebrow
Not what it used to be...
I had been using premium Lookout for two years. The first year was great. Very helpful and informative. Worth the $99. However the past year it would update me on leaks of my information, yet not the sources. Only the date the leak occurred. I’m talking about serious information. I called, because this is what you pay $99 for. No help at all besides to say THEY knew the source of the leak (the Dark Web!?!) and had nothing else they could tell me. WOW! I’m not computer savvy but isn’t the Dark Web something that is only used by the truly sick-minded people in this world that know how to build a computer to get into this sort of website? That aside, Lookout was no help at all with this disturbing situation. How were they able to have this information yet it was not listed on my notifications of source of leaks? What was I paying $99 for? Thankfully, after many emails, calls, etc. I was able to receive a refund. This one is NOT easy to get out of once you are “locked” in so please use caution if you plan to use their “premium” services.
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4 years ago, BeckVaughn
Lookout upgrades without consent (@BeckV)
This is an updated review: I started using the base subscription on my new iPhone 11 on May 22, 2020 and was undecided on whether I wanted to upgrade or not but then realized the next month, June 22, Lookout updated my subscription without my knowledge to the “premium” package. I decided to keep it since at that time I wasn’t having any issues (that I was aware of), however, the next month, July 22, Lookout did it again and updated my subscription to “premium plus” without my knowledge or contacting me. Frankly, if this app worked well I might have chose to upgrade my subscription MY SELF but it doesn’t. The VPN keeps disconnecting, I’ll get false alerts and it doesn’t show me further information and some sites are still able to see my location. Most of all... the fact that Lookout goes into your account, upgrades your subscription and takes out automatic payments without your consent is sneaky and utterly absurd. I started using a VPN after my previous iPhone was hacked and the people were threatening me. This VPN is supposed to keep me safe from creeps but now I’m not even safe from the app which is stealing my money right from under my nose? Needless to say I am livid... but I am forced to continue using it until I can find another one that is trustworthy and does its job as described — lesser of two evils I suppose.
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11 months ago, mypurpleplace
It works great
I have been happy with it. The app will tell me when my phone is in need of an update. The Notification is easier to notice on the device than the system software. The other feature that I’m glad I only needed once but it was a life saver was Device Location. I lost my cell first time & only time when a family member ended up at the ER. I was able to login in using someone else’s phones internet. I just went to my account & found my cellphone. I locked it out so no secure info could be stolen. But I was able to see on a map that the phone was still on the hospital grounds. I found my phone within 1 hour. Now that’s an app worth having.
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1 year ago, mares818
Does it even work + dicey privacy
I’m not sure this app works. There’s no third party testing, and there’s no real-time scans. It’ll check to see if your email was in a security breach or if the public WiFi is ok, otherwise it just kind of sits there smiling at you. Particularly egregious is the privacy policy that states it doesn’t sell your data then a cookie policy that states it puts cookies on your browser and sells that data. Too many conflicting messages and not enough useable features for this to be worth the money. Also, Lookout, why aren’t you doing third party testing? What are you afraid of them finding? The 2016 AV-Test came back with less detect and respond than industry standard. The AV Comparatives test in January of 2019 came back better but both tests were run on other versions of a Lookout mobile app. This current version has nothing testing to see if it’s real or just green toggles making you feel safe. Get a VPN instead.
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3 years ago, dalejrrocks04
VPN wouldn’t allow to connect over Wifi
I have been using Lookout for a few months. I liked it and felt good about upgrading to Premium. It worked for 3 months just fine. A month ago I would unlock my iPhone and try to open the web browser or Facebook etc and I couldn’t connect. I’d toggle the Wifi off and on. I also would toggle the VPN. I reset network statistics. I forgot network. I tried everything for a month. I used all my phone data. I’m not very tech savvy at all. I found out if I unlocked my phone and turned off auto lock and left Wifi connected for roughly 3 to 4 minutes I could get into any app easily. I was really frustrated so today I thought could it be Lookout? I deleted the app and immediately I could unlock my phone and it would let me get into any app needing the Wifi. I’m not sure what changed after everything worked fine at first but I canceled my subscription immediately.
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4 years ago, swoosh2020
It Took a while
I misplaced my phone on a Friday night. Could not track my phone through lookout. I set off the scream feature from Lookout to try to find it. Turns out, my phone was left at a restaurant in a casino - I was only able to locate it through a *free google map location sharing with a friend. We retrieved my phone the next day. That following night when I was in bed asleep, my phone started screaming and woke me up in a panic... Lookout was completely useless to tracking my phone and it took a long time to execute the scream. I'm thinking why pay for this service when it doesn't work? I've had lookout premium for years but it's seriously slacking and doesn't make me any happier that it only tracks my phone a day later and scream sounds at the most inconvenient times and very alarming to myself and those around me. This is not the first time I've had to rush to turn of the scream days after I found it through another source.
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2 years ago, Wetha Peepull
Do you want to keep your information secure? Do you realize that every program on your phone copied all of your personal and private information and sends it to their own servers every night? LOOK NO FURTHER! After paying your hard earned money for a security measure that was supposed to be already in place and ensured by the people “we” collectively voted on to represent us…..😐…..you can finally spend days going in circles trying to contact a make believe customer service department because you decided to buy this app, instead of paying your electric bill, which doesn’t even work! 🫡 God Bless, America!
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4 years ago, Rickstermon
Premium Issue
I have used Lookout for years, ever since I purchased a smart phone. I use it on my iPhone and iPad. Recently my Lookout app would pop up and listed it as “Basic”. I have always paid for the Premium version and the app listed on my iPhone all the times I paid for the app. Their website provides instructions to cure this issue. So I uninstalled it as directed then reinstalled it, signed in and it lists all my payments differently and I still do not have it back to premium. Even tried to repurchase it and the app will not allow me to upgrade. Sent in a request to tech support but have not received any information back except for a case number. Frustrating. This was a pretty good app. (Update) - still cannot purchase premium and cannot get adequate support to make the purchase. I don’t want to stop using this app but it looks like I may not have a choice. Disappointing!
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7 months ago, carrieannisallak
Lookout Life
I am quite pleased with Lookout Life and how it seamlessly works with all my devices; it notifies me of data breaches, & also allows me to run my emails to scan for breaches at anytime. What I’m most impressed with is that it signals me to update my phone when needed, as I’m in a very congested and many times poorly-connected area with little to no Wi-Fi options. The app has ample free services, but you get quite the bang for your buck with the paid version. I’ve never experienced any glitching, just quality updates and information when adjusted. I highly recommend this to anyone who is security-minded, and honestly, that skills include ALL OF US!
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2 years ago, ckhm1st
Reliable and Stable
The app does what it says in excellent fashion. I’ve been a subscribed user since it was released. Added features and enhancements only make the best of breed even better. UPDATE: Today, without any indication, my iOS devices stopped working on my internal network. After full troubleshooting, main connection, wireless access devices, diagnosed issue linked to having Safe Browsing enabled. When enabled, all wireless access points indicate “No Internet Connection”. Turning the Safe Browsing feature off (iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 11) removes the error and restores connectivity. What has changed?
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3 years ago, coolroger07
It helps but I have a concern
So the app does help me stay secure, but as of late, it the background it has taken up 70% of my battery usage, it is draining my battery and it might be causing it to age a lot quicker, I don’t keep apps in the background running, but this app still drains my battery regardless according to the area in the settings app under battery. Not too long ago I didn’t have this issue, even with the app. My maximum battery life has gone down 14% now, my battery lasts for a lot less amounts of times, and I think it’s this app, considering it’s using 70% of my battery over the last 10 days, while not even being in my recent apps that have not been closed yet.
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5 years ago, Steve Athletic Trevor
Great app but he I have some troubleshooting ideas.
If you have a subscription to Lookout Premium on an IPhone and you reset the settings, Lookout app may generate basic (free) Mode without Internet security on. How to FIX THIS: Uninstall Lookout from the home screen. 3D Touch turned on the long press the Lookout Icon. After uninstalling, and iPhone message will appear saying manage subscriptions. Go to that, go to back button, and close yet then go to the App Store, sign into your app store with the iCloud ID, and re-download lookout. This will bring down the premium service that you had purchased it just needs to be set up again with your login.
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1 year ago, timonthy44
Mr. TimonthyW.
As part of my AT&T plan I also receive Basic Lookout. I’ve been comparing & contrasting to Apples Find my iPhone/Friends. Lookout provides much more even at basic Free Level. I’m debating whether to try premium for $17./year. After reading Terms and Conditions it’s a decision to not take lightly and as with anything once payment method is available… hidden charges often find themselves Charged and this is covered in Terms. For their transparency KUDOS but still need to evaluate more. Perhaps if a month trial is offered, I will then be more apt. Until then the basic is effective and efficient and you can’t beat free!
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1 year ago, HalfMoonBay Dreamer
APP not the greatest BUT customer service FANTASTIC
Natalie - agent I spoke to when I had Identity Alerts WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I’m an internet, Facebook, Technology Dummy and she walked me through everything that was going on very very patiently and THROUGHLY! She helped me understand what I needed to do and also the additional things lookout could do for me, in fact she had the main one, putting threat alerts on my credit reports DONE before I even stopped chattering away, in other words SAID And DONE while we were speaking ! The fact someone like Natalie is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, more than makes up for the so so APP
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3 years ago, LadyMo44
From the very first day it hasn’t worked properly. I tried to test the find my phone feature but when I did it was unable to locate my phone . On top of that it didn’t screen. It keep telling me it’s in the queue and it will screen when it’s Connect to the phone is turned on. Also, online it displays 2 devices it’s more likely for a bird to give birth to giraffe then to get help! I was on hold for 1hr 45mins. I really don’t understand, how do you stay in business if you are unable to service your customer and provide basic customer service.
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5 years ago, TigerRod
Horrible Customer Service
Horrible Customer Service! The person I spoke with wasn’t even familiar with the product. She didn’t even know what the “Safe Browsing” function was and how to set it up. Every answer to my questions was “I can’t do that, you will need to email support”, and the number I dialed was a support number that was given as a result of an alert I received on an email I received 6-years ago! Also, before she helped me, she told me she had to ask me some questions to verify my account. All she did was ask my name, my address, email address, and my phone number linked to the account. Not once did she ask for a pin number, my password, or the last four of my social. You would think for a security based software company they would require more information than standard info that anybody could’ve given them... hmmm...
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3 years ago, Lookout user #1001
Does Lookout really work?
I have had the free version of Lookout for over year now and it never found anything on my phone that what be a threat to me and my files. I wonder if it’s actually working in the background or not. One would think that a phone being used every day for over 365 days that something would be harmful to my files or accounts. The only thing I can actually say is that it does remind me to install the latest and greatest operating systems update from time to time. Is there I file I can upload to test if Lookout is doing what it claims?
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9 months ago, TBHunterLady
It’s Been Years & It’s Still The Best!
“I’ve used Lookout since 2013 and over that period of time it’s protection has consistently increased. This app has lots of bells and whistles and in my humble opinion, is the best security app on the market today and it’s reasonably priced too (even for it’s premium protection!). Lookout has exactly what you need for every level of security you’ll ever encounter and it’s format is simple and straightforward. So, have a little blind faith in my mini-review and give it a shot - I promise that it’ll never let you down because it hasn’t let me down yet”!
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4 years ago, onepissedoffkristy
Highly disappointed!
I paid for the premium because my phone was taken thinking that when I made it scream the person who took it wasn’t given the option to turn the scream off on my stolen phone. ALSO when I locked it the person who took my phone was still given the option to unlock it from the stolen device! So please tell me what I paid for then??? You basically took my money and didn’t do anything that the “ security “ promised. Makes me think this app is a joke who takes money and doesn’t protect my info.
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9 months ago, Play open E
But I haven’t seen it at this time. I like Lookout for the most part. Some things need better explanation on what to do & what things mean. Leaves me stumbling around throwing boulders at problems. It also is quite expensive for the help it gives which is often just a runaround. I would find paying 9.95 monthly a better option than $99 per calendar year. If I don’t like it I get no refund to use for testing another app. Just continued use for remaining contract period. That’s the scam part. It could do so many other things too if they had a better processor.
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5 years ago, Deauxboy
Used to work great. PLEASE FIX THIS
My favorite feature was the out of range alert on my Apple Watch. Then awhile back it quit working. I recently misplaced my phone, leaving it behind at a store. I was several miles away when I realized it. Why did you remove the out of range feature for the watch. This is the main reason I installed this app. Maybe I would not have left my phone behind at a store if it was still an active feature. This used to be the best way to keep up with my phone being proactive. Now it’s useless. Was Hoping you’d bring it back. Now considering canceling the premium subscription.
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3 years ago, Truly Not Happy!
Lookout Security:
Hopefully this reaches the Lookout Team because I have had this App. on BASIC for years without issue on my phone . Recently I upgraded to the PREMIUM Lookout Security for $40. Since they put on the VPN to supposedly upgrade I have had nothing but problems with interference on my Home WiFi . I would love for this to be rendered by Lookout since I spent Hard earned money on this (Premium) upgrade! But unfortunately I have yet to find a actual Contact Phone Number to physically talk to a real person. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing!!! I am not a Satisfied Customer at this point, like I was before having the BASIC Plan- ☹️
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4 years ago, AmiMarybell
Upgrade Look Out App on iPhone or iPad mini
Upgrade Look Out App on iPhone or iPad mini. Due to interference or unauthorized incoming crash connections, all iOS is unable to access Apple Support. I checked Apple Support customer service, it is not in service. Due to NYC epidemic. Advance and create something better 24/7 support to monitor Apple Company and products, Apple computer, iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. Updating awareness and Apple Software systems. The iPhone download is as follow, April 2020, iOS 13.4, while all Apple iPads in NYC is delayed by iOS 12.4.6. I think you better check twice who is stopping your NYC Apple company. I just purchased Apple iPad mini in NY, NY. And on the Apple box it indicated it was from California Apple Company. I don’t mind what State it’s manufacturing, at least you have another Apple Assistant to reply at once.
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4 years ago, TreNec17
Junk!...Money pit 😠
Not even one minute after downloading I was bombarded with a pop up to rate. Here it is if I could’ve rated negative ten stars I would’ve been delighted to do so. It didn’t take me three hot minutes after logging in to realize this junk is immediately thrown on the junk pile no sooner than I’m done rating. I instantly noticed 99% of the options being displayed was premium items to be bought with no free trials or nothing! 😡 The only thing I was able to do free was scan my email address and it checked my phone for updates everything else was to be bought without even knowing if it was worth what you paid for. At least could’ve offered a day of free trial to get an idea of how what’s being offered perform. 🙄 I’ve wore my own welcome out of this junk!
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5 years ago, privacy#1
I’ve had this app for years (the free version) and just recently upgraded to include Safe Browsing. It is well worth the $2.99. a month. They alert you instantly to malicious sites and block them. Though nothing on our devices is completely safe these days, I feel more secure knowing I have Lookout protecting me. I have iPhones and a iPad and you can’t use the usual security/virus protection such as McAfee, Norton etc. I believe these Apple products have built in security, but having Lookout is an added layer.
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4 years ago, My Gift Go-To
Frustrating as #!€!! Don’t waste your time!!!
I don’t know what the heck the deal is here but I can’t even create a dang account on this site!! First of all a long time ago I had an account . So I reset the password and went to add the device because of course it was telling me it had no device!! Well every dang time I tried it said I needed to log in which I was!!! So I logged out and logged back in, same message I needed to log in to add a device. Aaaarrrrggghhhh So then I went into my old device in the app and tried to manually type over it my new phone. Not happening!!! I give up and I am MAD!!! I have wasted time and energy on this STUPID website/app that some dumb %#! developer had no idea what he/she was doing and I am still back at square one, UNPROTECTED!!! Don’t waste your time on this dumb app!!!
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3 years ago, tbfoto
Love this app!
I have the premium app on all my devices - iPhones & iPads, not just mine but my whole family! Lookout has found so many “dark web” sites that my kids phone numbers have been found and even mine! Since I have a business with an 800 attached to my phone, I would never have a device without Lookout protecting my personal information! They are awesome - I have been a super satisfied Lookout customer for about 5 years…and keep coming back! They are superior!
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5 years ago, Agheys
I’ve purchased this app two different times. The first time, my phone was hacked and all sorts of personal info stolen. Lookout claims to have no record of that account. I repurchased again on new Apple ID and have tried to file claim three times after identity theft and when I needed to hire an attorney and get assistance. I’ve had no response from emails I’ve been instructed to send and Lookout’s reps I’ve spoken to say they can’t do anything. Where’s my $1 million protection and assistance I’ve paid for? The last time they claimed the breeches occurred prior to my service. Yet, I had this service not months before a breech notification ever showed as having occurred years ago? And one was in June when I definitely had the app. What’s even worse is now I can’t cancel the membership!
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8 months ago, xVenomGamerx
Had to cancel
My family and I all have had Lookout for many years for all of our devices and have loved it since. Unfortunately, it would seem the recent update might be too much for Lookout to handle. It never loads in, but on the off chance, after 3 mins of loading, it will open the menu and continue to load. Can’t interact with anything and I have no idea if it actually protecting any of our devices because we stopped getting its usual “your safe” notifications. I’ve waited since then for an update from the developers, but none have yet answered. Can’t have an app on my device that has this much administrative authority on my settings, yet yields no sense of the application doing its job.
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4 years ago, Ppdoodler
I used this service for better than 2 yrs. now. I take more precautions with my financial info because of this app. When reviewing alerts, there are a number of options offered, that put you on active pursuit. This gives clarity and peace of mind. You are less distracted worrying about nasty possibilities when you have taken time to sort things out in an orderly and controlled way. Try it out. The knowledge gained will keep you from making risky choices when surfing or browsing. Peace of mind is priceless.
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3 years ago, Taja711
Can not unsubscribe from this app
I have been trying for over a hour to unsubscribe by following the instructions posted. However, there is no way to do so. I have sent a message and will wait to hear back from your company. It’s rather ridiculous not to have a customer service contact number. I will screenshot this just in case it will be needed later on down the line if I am not able to cancel this subscription before my free trial is over. If worst come to worse, I will cancel my credit card and get a new one. Not sure about the service that this provides but I don’t like the fact that I have to keep the app running in order for it to remain working. I rather not have to do that as it runs my battery down very quickly.
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7 months ago, Beautybiz
Deb’s phone
This app doesn’t work. I had lookout they sold out to f-secure which goes out of business Nov 30,2023. I paid lookout for a year that ends March 2024. When lookout the app quit working. I have called lookout and f-secure they don’t help they just pass it off. Lookout worked until they sold out to f-secure which made the app lookout life. Don’t waste your time or money with this app. You will get screwed over just like I did. And they don’t help to straighten it out. They are worthless!!!
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5 years ago, No1Tyebah
I've used this app many times with purchased phones that provided this app for free. I also did the in-app purchase Everytime for the premium.......... Unfortunately................. (SIGH........ Hmm.) This makes me sad and mad because why? Because the last phone I had, I tested out the locate phone option for 2 different phones I had linked to this app and I was highly disappointed! Then realized.... So Everytime I paid for in app purchase.. it would of never helped me find any phone if I actually looked to the app for REAL HELP in locating my devices. Second thing I will add is the the app keeps telling me that lookout security can not warn me of safe WiFi connect. I did EXACTLY, what it said to do and the last thing I'm suppose to do in order to get the setting right..... THERE IS NOT an option to select "notifications" and then neither is there an option to"allow notifications". WISH TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE SOON TO HOPEFULLY PROVIDE AN ANSWER FOR EACH OF THESE ISSUES BECAUSE THEY AREN'T ACCEPTABLE WHEN MONEY IS BEING SPENT AND BOTH PROBABLE
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4 years ago, Wwf-addicted
Impossible to Cancel!!!
‘Cancel my membership’ is not on the app. And couldn’t find it on the website. Had to have Apple reimburse me. Still trying to cancel this...!! (AFTER an email response from lookout) Their is no active live support customer service option on your website!!! WTHuh?!?! The ONLY ‘support’ tab on your website that helps a customer cancel their subscription gives directions to solutions that don’t exist. You instruct us to go to the drop down menu on the website or the app and in BOTH locations there is NO option that says CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION. Yet, these are the instructions your ‘support’ gives. AND THAT ONLY. No “live chat”. No “email us.” No “contact us.” Just false information on how to cancel. If you want to be more transparent, allow people to cancel with ease. Otherwise, people like me get suspicious and want to cancel no matter how great your service might be. And we will post bad reviews. Suggestion: Hire a few people for the $9.99 a month from each subscriber and GIVE US CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not only responses to bad reviews.
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4 years ago, UnwackyJackie
Works for iPhone 11?
I had this on my iPhone 8 and it was wonderful. Worked great and did what it was supposed to. Notified me when someone was trying to hack into my Facebook account. Ever since I got the iPhone 11 it hasn’t been working. I transferred my apps over and it tells me it won’t work until I turn on the notification alerts, but when I check my setting to do turn on the notification, that’s not even an option. So now I’m paying for a subscription that My phone can’t use. Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon, is it a common bug?
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3 years ago, Freyja-Ann
I GO TO PUT 3 STARS, IT SHOWS UP AS 5! VPN NOT WORKING WHEN IT WORKED FOR YEARS! Update: I paid for Premium the other day and it is saying premium without the premium services. Help This app does keep your stuff safe and you up to date on anything that needs addressed. * Make sure you check your subscriptions to see what your being charged. I was somehow charged 9.99 when I only approved the 2.99 a month subscription. I was refunded, so all is fine. I am watchful so I caught the issue but many do not catch these charges they may not have approved. That adds up with all these subscriptions online and offline that most of us have.
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5 years ago, Lookout User
App no longer working
I used to love this app and recommended it to all of my clients, but now the app says that my iOS is out of date and needs to be updated to iOS 99.0. There is no 99 iOS, we’re still on 12. I have reset my phone several times hoping it would reset Lookout, but it didn’t. When you go to Support within the app, you do not have any option for contacting support, only to search their FAQs, which from what I was able to find, doesn’t seem to be listed. You cannot have a security type app without the ability to contact the company for support. It’s just bad business for an app that they clearly aren’t truly keeping as updated and aware of issues as they have led the public to believe.
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3 years ago, ccjhatch
Hello, This app is little difficult to use. I’m paying for the year, premium plus, and I have to be connected to Wi-Fi just to ensure my information is safe. Not all Wi-Fi connections are safe, and I would like to be able to know that even without a connection, or if my phone dies, that my information is still protected. I do love this app, it has increased my peace of mind. However, I still receive a lot of scam calls, as well as unnecessary spam from sites that I have shopped with but discontinued those accounts. Kind regards
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6 years ago, Agape-Love
So, here we go again. I have been contacting lookout for about two weeks after I made a purchase for there premium plus plan. Days went by nothing. So, I paid for something I couldn't use. Anyway finally on the 2nd of this month lookout reached out via email to tell me they don't see the purchase,which I paid for. A day goes by after giving them what they asked for then to tell me early this morning that I have to talk with iTunes since it's a problem on their part. Spoke with iTunes, for them to tell me the same thing Lookout Rep mention. I have had Lookout for 5 years for my iphone and my Samsung. I must say for no one to find a solution to this problem is beyond me. And provided my proof of purchase. I'm moving on.
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3 years ago, BKAJ1123
Affordable but not practical
Downloaded this and started using it immediately with the $17/year version. Worked alright, but it keeps then VPN on 24/7. So, I kept having issues because the VPN was not connecting properly and the data wouldn’t work until it connected to the vpn. It gives you no easy way to control the VPN. It stays on until you uninstall the app. So, it has potential, but in my opinion it needs to be made more user manageable. Got a refund so I am giving it a higher star rating.
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5 years ago, forgetful charlie
Best for finding lost devices
I’m really absent minded and have left my phone and tablet at a few restaurants and in my home, using the location and scream Lookout has located my lost and misplaced mobile phone and tablet many times. The last time I lost my phone it was off so I upgraded my service which permitted me to lock device and add a reward message which resulted in getting my phone back. The $50 reward and locked phone saved me $1k in not having to buy another phone
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6 years ago, dsw2988
I Love this App!!!
I first heard about this app on 60 Minutes (CBS). The free version of the App is awesome, and the price for both upgrades available is absolutely reasonable. It notifies me when ANY service I’ve subscribed to has been breached w/some fairly detailed info regarding the nature of that breach. The function I’m particularly happy with, is that Lookout tells you when any WiFi Network you’re using is safe to use. This has come in handy numerous times. I have upgraded to Premium Plus; and again, I love this App!!!
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4 years ago, The Original Rockwallian
Locate Feature Won't Stay Enabled
I've had locate activated on my iPhone for years and never an issue. I'm currently having problem with locate Feature staying ON in my phone settings. It's a daily occurance to get notice that I must enable the locate feature. Nothing posted in Support....I believe it might be something with recent version 13 setting. Update.... Still no response from support....changed rating to a 1 star for poor support. Best fix may be to just delete....
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