Loom: Screen Recorder

4.8 (10.5K)
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Current version
Loom, Inc
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Loom: Screen Recorder

4.81 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Eaford
Efficiently personable
Been using Loom for about a year now. When I started using it didn’t think it would be as useful/ how excited about video recording could I get? But now I use it a dozen times a day for trainings, quick video messages (esp for something special like bday or work anniversary), giving an overview of a project to someone not in my time zone, or even recording a screen conversation between me and someone. Now with the transcription feature, documentation creation from training videos is so fast and easy!! Is a top 3 productivity tool for me that I now can’t work without.
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1 year ago, shesjustthegirl
Wastes 4 hours of my life filming videos I can’t view
Signed up for an account. Pretty familiar with how to use from previous job. Made my first video from desktop app saw the preview on the website after it uploaded. Went on to do 4 more videos over the course of a few hours to train the new hires at my small business. The more videos I did, the slower and glitchier it seemed to get. I didn’t think anything of it until I went to my library after I was done to upload to my team workspace. Received an error message. Followed all the steps about uninstalling, reinstalling. The desktop app allows me to create more videos but no matter where I try to sign into to view them, it won’t let me view. Tried to download the app, and I can’t get past the log in page. It seems as though it’s going to sign me in and then it doesn’t. Takes me back to the first app welcome screen to log in or sign up again. The app and website are totally useless. But yet the chrome extension and desktop app let me waste my time just fine
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3 years ago, Defrockedz
iOS app Half Baked
I’ve been using Loom for awhile now. Huge fan of the platform. When it comes to the iOS application though . . . it appears that it was designed only for content creation? When members of my team send me a loom and I open the link on my iOS device it opens in chrome (the whole interface works in safari but chrome is my default browser) and in the chrome mobile version there is no ability to respond (no option to open in loom). When I open the app, there is no ability to search for the shared video or even paste a link to the shared video (even though we are in the same business account). The business account folders do not even show on the iOS app. Great that you can record and quickly share but you loose a significant power of the platform without the collaboration piece and access to all your content.
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3 months ago, Neko.Chan109wins
Lag and design
I tried numerous attempts at recording a video, thank goodness I looked at the quality. I like the idea of Loom video but can’t get the quality to look good. I recorded about a 30 minute video, and I got a laggy one. After about 30 minutes of recording, it then kicked me off the site. I then recorded a little bit afterwards and looked at the quality to see that there was so much lag what I saying was not matching up with what I was doing at all. It’s also seemed like part of my video we just cut out completely. Terrible design as well I would love to be able to edit but I can’t and it won’t let me export it either. I was lucky I could share with a friend. The mic also kept cutting in and out. Again terrible design please fix it will help your app. Overall very disappointed with results, I was hopeful but this only gets a 1 star. Please try and develop your app and at least give it good quality.
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2 years ago, Push4success
It’s sad to write this because the software was amazing WHEN it worked, but they simply can’t keep their product or service good. After multiple failed, uses and attempts both on computers and devices, along with looms, constant hiding behind screens for so-called support I have had to cut ties. I thought this was going to be a lifelong product for my business as it expands, but turns out it was a massive waste of time, energy, and money. I hope one day to come back and be a raving fan for them but as they continually are unwilling to support customers except by email, and not get to the root cause of the problem, I can’t recommend staying away from this company more. Best of luck to you and them. I hope you can keep up with the market and improve and if you do hopefully I’ll be back. However, it seems like your company may be one of the 90% of businesses that fall in the long run.
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1 year ago, charlybrwn
Amazing service. Awful deeplink handling.
For a service with such elegant design from launch, your handling of deep links on mobile is hilariously atrocious. I bet the founder built the first version, and the founder had some aesthetic. Or at least a basic understanding of human factors. Forcing users who have your app installed into an awful user viewing experience was a hilarious UX decision. That product manager should be fired. The main reason loom works so well is because viewers could go from clicking a link to watching a video at 1.5x speed in less than two taps. But now… you force people to watch videos in the loom app. The interface is slow, crashes half the time, and shows the team who shipped this trash never even tried to use their own creation. Stick with mobile web for viewing in all cases. Fire the product manager who forced deeplink viewing on users.
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2 years ago, tsh85
Best App Ever!
I have tried other apps to try recording my online lextures being held on Webex, and they all recorded video only. I was so frustrated that I wasn’t getting a response from their development team, so deleted their apps. I came across Loom and gave it a chance. I had a class this evening and wanted to try it out, IT WORKED!!!!!!! It recorded both video and audio, and I was using my airpods!! Finally an app that does wat it’s supposed to, record both video and audio with the benefit of using a bluetooth headset. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Katya Seberson
Always crashes, videos always go into “Uploading”, I wish there was a better app
I am not the one to write negative reviews, but loom is the source of my frustration. I often record tutorials for students and pay annual fee to loom. The app doesn’t work very well on any of my devices. I use Mac, latest iPad, and Chromebook. My personal pet peeve is when I make a tutorial for 10 minutes just to find out that the video didn’t upload. I reinstalled, rebooted, restated, contacted support - it’s such a waste of my time. I wish my time of this review won’t be wasted and Loom will do something about it. I am looking for alternatives, so please advise. I currently have dozens of videos that are “uploading” - that’s hours of my time and energy wasted. That’s it.
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1 year ago, smakcakoa10@$
Loom saves me so much time and money 🙌
Loom is incredible! Use it a ton on desktop and keep up to date with the app. Mostly for notifications. However, I’m now doing a lot of content ideation with it on mobile and would love to be able to create and organize my folders on mobile. It seems you can’t. All in all, Loom is a massive time saver and truly makes me so much money and keeps clients happy! Would love to make more use of the app though and make Loom more of a content tool!
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1 year ago, ronnie2255
No upgrade options in the app
I had to attend an important meeting, but it was conflicting with another meeting. I downloaded the app based on reviews and put it to record for an 1 hr of meeting. The app gave me no indication that i could record for only 5 minutes. if it had said upgrade to pro version to record longer - i would have done that. I lost all more than 5 minutes of the meeting. I tried to upgrade later , but it gave no option to upgrade in the app- i have to go to browser to to go to billing section - I had no option to use apple pay- I had to pay using a credit card to a company that i already felt deceived by - cause it didn’t record an important event i was looking forward to.
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1 month ago, djpresc
Best tool for interacting with clients
There is nothing bad to say about Loom. This platform allows me to communicate clearly with my clients and for my clients to clearly communicate to me their needs and wishes. LOOM Is a clear communication tool for any small business trying to help other small businesses SUCCEED. This is a great tool highly recommend it!!! If you’re not using it you’re losing out due to ambiguity and miscommunication. Do yourself a favor and get a Loom account today.
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2 years ago, Souljah953
I hope to keep seeing improvements.
I love Loom I’m a loyal subscriber but I wish there were more features in the editing tools and the ability to insert other video clips into a split video clip. That would be phenomenal. Also, if there was the ability to download our video recordings as an mp4 or mov files, that would be an amazing feature! Thank you to the crew behind the scenes you guys are the best!!
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2 years ago, _simplyjeroen
Great in concept, lacking in execution?
Concept is great and when I started using it I really enjoyed it. But now the product seems to be crumbling a bit? Editing, splitting and cutting the final video is horrendous and it keeps picking the wrong segments to be part of the final result ( which would be ok if it wasn’t for the fact that all mobile videos start recording from the loom app and not what I actually want to show) In terms of support, their chatbot is unhelpful as it only cares about recording issues and nothing else, and it takes a good bit to actually hear back from a real person (even though they promise to get back in a couple of hours)
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10 months ago, Chantmagick
Doesn’t work with iOS
This is an amazing piece of software that worked great on my MacBook, but the app for my iPhone did not work. I was able to record my screen and my voice with the iPhone app and then edit the video on Loom‘s website, but when I went to download the edited video, the edits weren’t there. I spent about a week and a half going back-and-forth with Looms tech-support and they acknowledged the issue but couldn’t resolve it. So if you wanna capture your iPhone screen and edit it with this app, look elsewhere.
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11 months ago, 808Sia
Must have app on phone and desktop
This app has proven invaluable for teaching, public speaking, better engagement, improved communications between team members as well as friends, family, business colleagues. You just have to drive in and try it. They make it super easy to learn. And it’s affordable. So, you have no reason to not check it out. Really — try it now!
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5 months ago, HotelCalifornia7
I lost access to the email I used to sign up for loom originally, and I emailed (because there is no number to call) and asked if they could switch accounts for me as I could no longer access that email and I was still being charged monthly. Long story short-I sent that email on January 10, as of today, January 29, there is still no resolve and I’m still being charged. They asked me to email them from the email I DONT HAVE ACCESS TO in order to change my email. When I told them TWICE that I could not, they asked for my credit card info so they could just delete it. I gave them the info and they did not delete it, in fact, they charged me again! Talked to a new lady today who told me the only way she can delete it is if I give her my credit card info. I have no words for the stupidity and poor customer service. This app is The Hotel California…you can check out anytime you like, but YOU CAN NEVER LEAVEEE
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2 years ago, gyhgdtiogrddyuohgfedho
Love this tool
I just started using loom! It seems as easy tool To use and very helpful ! Two first times for some reason my videos didn’t save on the phone . Maybe they were long and I didn’t wait enough for them to upload and closed the window to early thinking it all done. But when I did recording from My laptop it worked super nice !
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2 years ago, Cristiano Moniz
It takes a little while to watch the videos.
I don’t know what happened but always when I try to watch the videos the video stuck in the middle or in the beginning and we cannot see anything you got to wait 10 minutes sometimes one hour I don’t know what’s going on but that is the problem.
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2 years ago, Kb0jik
Super easy!
Love how it is so easy to get Loom started, then pass on the info without having to stop someone else’s train of thought. Record what you’re seeing on a screen or a video, explain how you got there, and then you have info for your review when they’re ready. They can fix, schedule a time, or record their own video reply!
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3 years ago, Gwilliamz
Best way to communicate with your team
I’m obsessed with Loom. Hands-down the easiest and most convenient way to connect with your team or customers whether you want to walkthrough a complex topic, share feedback, or give an update. Saves me hours each week and helps build better relationships. A must-have for hybrid remote teams.
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12 months ago, Kitty5432150
I tested this game out made a video that I couldn’t even see
I am trying to be polite but all those people their if u play on an iOS like me it might not work and go find a better screen recorder app bc I was testing out this app and I made a test recorder I could watch but when I made an official video it didn’t work. It could’ve worked but it didn’t. first I thought it was bc of my internet but it was perfectly fine and so I waited and waited …… AND WAITED BUT IT STILL DIDNT WORK so then I remembered I saw one of the reviews it Smth bout dat 2 but ig it works for some people anyways don’t waste ur time on this app. Sincerely TA
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12 months ago, Mike Gowans
Attn: Online Educators
If you do any kind of teaching online, have a business where you communicate a lot online, or you’re out on a trip, and you need to create some thing having the Loom app will dramatically improve the efficiency of your business and life. I use Loom every single day inside of my online education business training company. We tried to follow the mantra… Eliminate. Delegate. Automate. It’s what many successful entrepreneurs are trying to do every day from the looks of it. So… If you don’t have Loom, it’s just probably taking longer and a bit more stressful. Go do great things! Appreciate it Loom, and keep making it even better! -Mike
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7 months ago, gregy.
Need more options
Loom is not a new business or new technology, but they are growing in popularity and have put a ton of work into their UI/UX and that makes it easy to continue using it while hoping for quality of life improvements on the functionality. Web app / desktop app / and mobile app still need more options and settings for the recording setup.
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2 years ago, msweene
Work-Life saver
Loom is a life saver for me at work. I push async communication as a remote worker. I’m fortunate to have the ability to work on my own schedule and share core working/meeting hours with colleagues around the globe. Answering questions, and posing them with Loom has eradicated meetings that I used to have that often got long and drawn out. Loom4Life
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2 years ago, Loudstain
Been using this app and desktop for two weeks - upgraded asap and now send pretty much 95% of all comms using this - the engagement return is better for sure. No major crit except J wish there was a way to pause video and then continue and also a way to transition clips nicely.
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1 year ago, CLange1
Great value to the home owners
The home binder is an awesome way to keep all your home records for the future. It also lets you know if you have any appliance recalls. Being able to put all your receipts, inspections report and contractors all in one place can be a huge time saver.
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3 years ago, Jesseness
I can’t imagine working without it anymore
Writing up a huge email again instead of just recording a quick loom is something I can’t imagine ever doing again. I’m a fast typist, but this is so much better for certain emails / slack posts.
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3 years ago, EuropeBackpacker
Great for watching videos on the go
Often, I’ll see a Loom shared with me while I’m in a car, or not by my computer. I love that the mobile app allows me to have a great viewing experience, react to videos, and even create videos! I taught my mom to use Instagram using Loom and it was great :)
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1 year ago, Parenting Groove
It couldn’t be better or easier…
Can’t count how many times a day I use this on my desktop, and the mobile app allows me to do screen, video, or audio recordings on the fly. My clients love the feedback this way.
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2 years ago, nrt144
Worked great for a year+, now it Crashes when opening
I can’t get the app to open the past few weeks. I open it and it acts like its starting and it quits. I have tried deleting and reinstalling. I loved it prior to this. I would like an option to record your screen and your camera on the phone app just like the desktop version.
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7 months ago, wwjhsjskso
I used this on my computer, since the built in recorder was really laggy. And the quality was amazing!! It didn’t run slow, didn’t mess up the audio or anything. Definitely should get.
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3 years ago, Steve8669
Loom boom
I absolutely love using Loom to share quick training videos from my team on the fly, as well as gather feedback into who’s actually watching them and feedback directly from within the loom video link
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2 months ago, angry turds
People that five starred this app got payed by the company
Please do not buy this piece of junk app…please! Half your videos won’t upload, if they do it takes hours, and good luck even seeing the video! They decided to make this app look nice but work like a toaster on crack. The product manager spent more time upgrading his Town hall to level 2, than on making this app work like an actual app. Don’t waste your time or energy on Loom, just find an alternative.
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5 months ago, Hutchdiggi
Great product, wonky app
Loom is such a time saving way for me to create content and get videos spun up for my clients. However, I’m shocked that devs haven’t updated the glitch in this iOS app after more than 6 months of it being in there… If you turn the mobile to watch in landscape / full screen view, every single video will eventually fall out of sync with the audio. The video ends 5-10 seconds early before the audio does, as the audio fall behind the pace of the video being played. Please fix this simple error.
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7 months ago, Mr. David Tito
Second to none to give feedback.
Your face on top of a video sounds simple yet this is very intuitive and great for giving feedback and guiding people over a video. This is just great.
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3 years ago, mznbx
you guys charged me over 100 dollars for not using the app. i had to buy the subscription ONCE for a school project because you guys don’t let new users record for a longer period. every time i tried to cancel it it would tell me an answer. i sent several requests for help and nobody answered me. i’m now out 100 dollars that I could have used for food, this is ridiculous and a prime example of poor business. you shouldn’t be charging people for “unused activity”.
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2 years ago, The Ellerbys
Great Idea, but too many tech issues
This app has a lot of potential. The video quality is amazing but that’s where the good stuff ends. Editing is difficult, videos take long to load and they buffer, the videos also freeze when editing. They freeze A LOT and it’s frustrating so it’s makes editing harder and it takes forever. This app could really be great once the bugs are worked out.
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1 year ago, Juan Guapo
Buggy! There are better options available.
It was great during the pandemic, and I really loved having the cloud storage space. However, in the last six months, probably closer to a year, the reliability and quality of the software has just taken a nose dive. Customer service really is more miss than hit, I finally gave up and deleted my account. There are better options available.
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2 years ago, Jesse Stoddard
Most useful software—use every day.
I use this constantly. If there was only one piece of software I could use for my business this would be it.
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2 years ago, Scottmys
Great product!
Very helpful tool! Greatly encourages async collaboration, and increase productivity. One idea for improvement - when opening loom links from chrome, the video tends to pay in chrome. Ideally, if someone has the app, the video would open in app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Lef46
Someone recommended this app and I was very excited to use it, but unfortunately it had technical problems during the registration process. When I tried to verify my email address, it just kept looping back to the verify email page. I tried multiple times, resending the email, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it would not work. Very disappointed!
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2 years ago, Oleeejek
App don’t work
I really like loom, have been using it at my laptop for a while. But mobile app … I don’t understand why they can’t make it work. It’s 2022 after all. I tried to log in, but my login and pass that I used for a few years on web version didn’t work, so I decided to create new account, but it didn’t work ether. Cause they require to verify email, and when I do that, nothing changes.
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9 months ago, Yvette Moreno 23
You are the best!
Loom is God sent. I get to record my lessons for the days that I’m sick and not able to teach or simply for kids to look at anything that needs repeating. Thank you so much!
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6 months ago, Dm2006
Please fix pesky bug
After I hit “done” or “finish” recording, I get a persistent popup error message about my time limit (I have a free account). I can’t get rid of the message (only solution is force-restarting the app) and it turns out that the recording keeps going, even though it should have stopped. Please fix this. Device: iPad (9th generation) OS: iOS 17.2
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11 months ago, programmatical
Landscape mode only works in one direction
You can only use landscape full screen video player mode in one direction making it difficult to watch loom videos while your phone is charging because you can’t use landscape mode in the direction where the charging cable isn’t bending horribly
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3 years ago, ABH118
So convenient
Love using Loom for iOS to record and share videos super fast. Having URLs for all my videos makes it easy to organize and send recordings. So convenient!
Show more
2 years ago, laura martson
Amazing, just what I needed!
It works so well for making videos and I use it for just about everything! Totally recommend!
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2 years ago, dieggnasb
buggy app.
The application has been pretty buggy for me, different from the one for desktop. I stopped using it on the ipad. Whenever I need to record something i would just jump to Loom on my mac. Last time i used it, the video i recorded never got uploaded... it is actually still there, i'm "uploading" stage.
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2 years ago, jmb7697
Don’t waste your money or time on this app!! I’m a Realtor and TRIED to use this all but very few of my videos actually download and the ones that they say is downloaded once sent the receiver can’t see the video!! This all has cost me missing deals not getting videos to potential clients. Use another app because this ain’t nothing but a headache!!!!!
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8 months ago, condappa
Great app
Great app but I wish I could do recording with myself narrating in the corner(don’t know what it’s called) not only on my laptop but also my phone or tablet. It’s that’s my only “problem” with this app so far
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