LoopNet Real Estate

4.8 (41K)
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Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for LoopNet Real Estate

4.81 out of 5
41K Ratings
3 years ago, USA-TX
App is unstable and has no privacy disclosure
I want to love this app. It does the basics and I like that. There problem is primarily that the app loses state during every session. I will use the app for 10 minutes and it will ask me to log back in and then hang. I have to close and reopen the app to get it to log me in again. This makes every experience with the app tedious. This is a brand impacting problem. As a secondary issue, the app has poor privacy disclosures. It is unclear how they are using personal data. This must be cleared up. Two stars for the basics. I’ll revise if/when the app shows real improvement.
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3 years ago, I am Kdavi1
Software Block
There is only one review & it is negative, but the person did not say exactly what actually happened. Can’t rate adequately, maybe the person was suppose to try a trial first for a few days, but didn’t understand the connection process. Try again and if no response contact the software company by email or phone immediately! Good Luck!
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4 years ago, BJ 696969
Permanently saving filters
The app never saves your search criteria, it resets to all properties instead of what my filter is every time the app restarts. And if the filter choices were permanently saved, the notifications would work properly therefore giving the right filtered property notification and results. There is also some of the properties don’t have the prices listed for them. If these can are fixed, your app will be way more efficient and more appealing to your customers. there is no doubt in my mind that this will make this app way more effective, efficient, reliable, and up to date with uploading and removing listings. Love this app Thanks PK
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5 years ago, scmoas
Getting better
There have been some glitches over the years but the ones I’ve had issues with seem to have all be fixed. I received a response from LoopNet about the most recent fix, which I appreciated. I have one, minor issue that has come up recently, and I don’t know how fixable it is, but when I do a keyword search, I’d like to exclude addresses from the search parameters. For example, if I search with the keyword “sawmill,” I’m looking for sawmill businesses, not for every property on Sawmill Road, Sawmill Lane, etc.
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4 years ago, dots102
There is no sale status in the app
One has to use the desktop version to see if properties are already under contract. You’ll get emails that say the sale status has changed but not be able to see what changed without using the desktop website. You can call on properties left and right from the mobile app and chances are that if they’re older than a week, they’re already under contract and you just didn’t know it. There’s also no way to filter out properties that are already under contract. It makes the app almost useless unless you double check everything on a desktop before calling.
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3 years ago, UNCdental
Nice app but has an an annoying bug!
Nice app. Works well and shows lots of good features and views. However, when you review properties and add them to your favorites, you can not remove them later. I have pushed the “heart” icon from different pages to remove the property from my list and it even asks you if you want to remove the property from your favorites, but then it doesn't! It is super annoying because you end up with many properties that are no longer your favorites but are stuck in that list.
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6 years ago, Aceaxeful
Access Denied?
I don’t even have an ID and PW.. I was just using this app for couple days to find commercial properties around my place. Out of nowhere, the app and the website didn’t show any properties... and it say I violated their terms and conditions. There’s no contact information and I don’t understand why and how they blocked the access....
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1 month ago, TonyKie.
App shuts down on a very regular basis. Super aggravating! It’s very unstable. On top of it randomly shutting down, it will have a search pending for…. ever. You again have to shut the app down and open it back up, and hope you get to complete your search. The app should also force the realtors that post listings to divulge more of the financials, to save everyone a lot of time and hassle. A cap rate or NOI should be required for all listings, and a very small percentage have this info.
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5 years ago, Willaim Patterson
Successful marketing requires Loopnet
The most accurate to the sellers that pay for premium listings services insuring all potential purchasers. I have used loopnet in searching for investments since 2006 as well as selling I highly recommend from simplicity of use and detailed direct connectivity to brokers, investors and purchasers alike.
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1 year ago, alise95
Won’t let me login
App tried to open up the website for me to login and doesn’t allow me to login through the app. I don’t have safari on my iPhone for security reasons. I use a different browser as my main browser and have deleted safari from my iPhone. Other apps let me open and external link smoothly through my current browser, Brave, which is very streamlined. Seems to be a glitch that needs to be taken care of by your developer. Otherwise love the app.
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4 years ago, Cinthya Vodanovich
Great resource for busy people
I love to check out what’s available in terms of commercial real estate every once in a while and this app is great! I’m able to see different opportunities in various areas.
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4 years ago, Chipsundip
Desktop & Mobile App Login Inconsistent
Being able to log in with your gmail account on desktop is a huge plus. However, if you want to log in on the app, you must create a separate login as this feature is not available in the app. This, rendering the app interface useless unless you enjoy duplicating tasks. Which I do not. Please add google log in feature to the app so we can navigate using a single profile. Thank you
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3 years ago, Floatinghummingbirds
A bug on the My Favorite tab
I’ll admit that the is pretty good but when you favorite something the problem is is that it will not unfavorite the thing I want it to. I tried to delete the app and sign back in but it still doesn’t work. If you don’t mind please fix this bug in the next update. Thank you
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3 years ago, #)$)$38&;));
Consistently Logged out/ Limited property views
I am constantly logged out on all devices in the middle of a search. Approx every 10-12 minutes I have to login and it stalls. I have to uninstall the app to fix the problem. Once a number of properties are saved I can no longer view more properties unless I log out and log back in. The properties are grayed out and inaccessible. Extremely time consuming and frustrating.
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1 year ago, W.E.E INC
Keep up with good work
Thanks you LoopNet for easy to navigate and understand information. Please add the listing date to each listing, so brokers/ agents know how long a property has to on it market.
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5 years ago, Tom2072
Weird Messages
The is great for searching properties- however today I was getting weird push messages- some of them would say hello followed by part of my last name and some would be jgjgjgj etc so I made sure all notifications for the app were turned etc
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6 years ago, Alexander110101
Listings disappear. Unreliable
I’m using iPhone X with latest software update and fast internet connection yet most of the time the listings disappear. Basically no listings are showing on the app. Restarting is not helping. I’m guessing it’s their servers acting up but it’s been a week now and I see no improvements. Sometimes it’s working but making the search experience frustrating when nothing is showing. Hope you’ll fix it soon.
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2 months ago, mrrater98373859
Good except for 1 issue
Would have been 5 stars, but when you’re browsing images, about 50% of the time you get stuck in there and can’t exit out except by killing the app. Hope they fix it.
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3 years ago, ReadyToThrowThePhone
It’s great when it’s not crashing
It works great for the 1.5 minutes between crashes. It freezes, logs me out, then tells me I have the wrong username/password when I try to log back in. If I’m actually able to log in, it’s about a 50/50 shot of whether or not anything will load. Honestly, 2 stars is generous for the amount of issues but I really do enjoy it when it’s working.
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5 years ago, hemmorhoid buster
It’s good but could be better
Fix the issue with managing the folders. I cannot select a specific favorites folder. Anything I do favorite goes directly to my default favorites folder and makes it hard to categorize. Also fix the sort feature.
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5 years ago, Púca
Saved Searches don’t work correctly
If you create a Saved Search that includes multiple categories (say, Retail and Restaurant), then load that Saved Search in the app, only one category is listed in the Filters. If you go on the web, multiple categories are properly selected. Hard to recommend the app when it doesn’t work as well as the web. 🤷‍♂️
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3 years ago, mc_nak
Bugs galore...
Too many bugs to list here but here’s a few: app constantly crashes on iPad, when you click on a notification sent by the app on a mobile device it doesn’t load the content, and I have to constantly log back in to my account because the app doesn’t store or recognize me as an account holder. These bugs have been the most frustrating. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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2 weeks ago, United Private Security,Inc.
You can’t go back to the search once you review pictures of the property you have to close the app
When you click on the property to review once you trying to go back the app is not responding so you have to close the app and reopen and go back to search I was trying to reach app developer and it’s not available on the App Store either so it need to be fixed if anyone reading this.
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2 years ago, danno~
glitchy, bad experience
constantly have to login, doesn’t save credentials. sends to a web form to log you in. doesn’t have deep links so safari opens first on my phone. map is not responsive, app is laggy. really should have a bit more care and intention out to smoothing out alllll the rough edges. makes me want to use ANY other companies app or website with how poor the performance is for LoopNet’d app is. embarrassing.
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3 years ago, LabelDude
Locks up can’t eliminate
All my complaints asked already Locks up Have go out and back and still doesn’t work Eliminate properties not interested in Otherwise great app
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2 years ago, No update please!
App never works properly
Listings never open properly, even directly from the notification emails. I had to close the app, reopen and click the link again in order to view the listing almost every-time. When viewing a list of properties the listings begin to spazz out as you scroll up and down. Please fix this app as it is almost unusable at this point.
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4 years ago, lexuslvr
You need to look
As a REALTOR sometimes we have to think outside of the box and you have to look for other options. This is a great app to look up commercial and investment properties. Easy to use!!
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7 years ago, Earl Randall
Love this website/app
As a contractor getting more and more into real-estate. I've been looking for a real-estate app/website that is full of Commercial buildings/multi family houses for sell. Well loopnet has you covered!!!
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4 years ago, ChrisFAtkinson
I love how comprehensive this app is and how much information each listing has. I just wish it showed more properties. There are several available in my area that are not shown on this app.
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1 week ago, Wyatt2336
Real time market Vision
The App is saving us valuable time. We tried driving around and calling people. The result is that we have achieved more progress with LOOPNET. So will you!
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7 years ago, JonWhiteWrong
Great way to find investment properties
I use this app to search for unique investment opportunities. It presents a convenient interface to see what is available around the US. The search tool is a little quirky and could use some adjustment. Overall it is a great resource.
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5 years ago, Antwanette1523
Doesn’t load overseas
The website is not user friendly. It could be formatted better. The app does not work overseas. I’m searching for properties while I’m in another country and it doesn’t let me see anything. No photos are loading. The website always says cannot load when I use my laptop. Hopefully this gets fixed.
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4 years ago, Mrs. Aguiar
My Listing
So is my service with loopnet or Co-Star? I’ve signed into my account various times and my listing seems to be inactive. There are no photos showing and I’m unable to send my listing via text. Yes it appears when I go on via my laptop but I’d like to send my listing via the telephone (text) I’ve done it before but now this feature is not working. Will someone from mobile tech support please contact me.
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5 years ago, Giliard
OMG kill me
Man this app is o bad , i try to login enter credentials and click log in and it just clears everything and takes me back to the previous page , you message agents you get no reply , you save your searches and you go back you you don’t have anything saved , it’s so frustrating !
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3 years ago, Mr. Podos
The app is keep freezes... it’s kind of annoying This app after a while like 15-20 minutes is freezing and it keep happening every 15-20 minutes again and again and you have to start all of your searches from scratch again.
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2 years ago, diannavvvv
Wish it had more filters
wish It had more options in general for everything
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3 years ago, Lon100
App keeps on freezing on my iPhone
The app is great but I don't understand why after looking at least 4 or 5 listing, the remaining page does not load anymore. The remaining listing is blank and the remaining pictures are not loading or blank anymore. It keeps on freezing
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4 years ago, Shell'z
Great Concept but Glitchy
Great concept but glitchy functionality. Often while reviewing property details the app will stop functioning and if you’re on an active search for property to lease this will be very frustrating. When this happens you have to close the application and restart thus losing your previous location search.
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3 years ago, walruss2020
Wanted to report an error
I love the app but wanted to report an error. I receive a server error every time I attempt to save a search
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7 years ago, kdrits
Won't finish downloading, won't let me delete
So, I tried this out for a minute, and everything seemed normal. Then, when I tried to update the app, it paused a little over half way through, and hasn't started back up. Now, it's just sitting on my home screen, half-loaded, and I can neither resume the download, nor delete the app. I just want to get this garbage off of my phone.
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3 years ago, Robbiethelovemiser
This is seriously the best the commercial industry has
The information on here is so archaic and so unusable and if the information happens to be good you can’t possibly disseminate or distribute to anyone else easily Maybe it’s IPhone or maybe it’s just A significant lack of investment back into the platform while just ripping off and extorting commercial brokers every day #monopoly
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3 years ago, palusa5555
Usually good with a few hiccups
It is better than the websites on a mobile device. Occasionally, it is in loading loop or freezing.
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3 years ago, Emersom Biggins
App sporadically crashes
The app consistently crashes and doesn’t load photos after viewing about 8-10 different listings. It’s annoying having to re-enter all your search filters when you close out the app and restart it.
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3 years ago, Klyugjf12
Need to fix bugs
I love the app, but occasionally I will be logged out and app will tell me my password is incorrect. When the app is functionally correctly it is a 5/5
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4 years ago, -Deegan-
Love it
I have to be done with the car in about a week or two ago lol lol I wanna was a good night babe you got your time off your right back and I got it done for
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3 years ago, Guy 7 billion
Awful app experience since latest update
Only displays some of the search results in listings and continuously asks you to log in again, even when you are already logged in! 5 times within less than half an hour.
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3 years ago, sjcn718
One of the worst apps I’ve ever experienced. The devs should literally get out of the development business entirely. A newborn could do better building an app. Completely unstable and unusable. The dev team clearly can care less because the app has not improved with tons of horrible reviews. If I could give this 0 stars I would.
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4 years ago, dev.dog
Can’t log in my existing account or creat new...
Can’t log in my existing account or creat new and since I can’t do either of those I also have to set the filter ever time I start the app now and can’t favorite any properties either I basically goin find what looks good and screen shot everything that looks like potential, as of now this app is highly irritating
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3 years ago, Klrnmr
The information is great. But the app stops working after a while… you’ll be reviewing results and then suddenly the “diamonds” open to a blank data screen. You have to close app and start over.
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4 months ago, Crak-hed mike
Is Loopnet going under?
App crashes every single time I open it. It used to be a great resource, as a business owner, looking to lease new locations. For the amount of money it seems Loopnet makes, it’s crazy that their app has zero usability. Is this a sign that the company is struggling and cannot afford to reinvest in their most basic service?
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