Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST

4.8 (34.6K)
243.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
j labs
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST

4.85 out of 5
34.6K Ratings
7 months ago, Sythakic
This is a lifesaver!
TLDR: (no worries,I understand) : I am very pleased with the app and highly recommend it to those who don’t retaliate in any way! Remember that this app has good ratings for a reason so please try to educate yourself on the exact developers and their companies they represent. Not everyone will have the same experience but it does not any way make it okay to make others think wrong! As someone who can vouch even with disabilities, I hope this will convinced others, even able bodied people, to convince themselves that those who truly benefit from it are able to trust the app so it works (no way practically can as it’s simple 🩷) Thank you for reading regardless THIS IS AN APP YOU MUST GET IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WITH ANY SORT OF ISSUES. I can even have the ability to connect and or help me see and hear (loud sounds and lights). II have trouble with waking up due to hearing amongst other medical things that worsen this. I am able to assure that at least this wakes me up as I am “deaf”. Having multiple devices you can keep away for certain nights as well almost entirely (I’ve never had an issue but can’t promise something w/out consent or company in any way) 🩷🩷 I am so grateful to this app. I am able to wake up and function for longer spans of my day and it can positively affect us all even if we are in failing health.
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2 years ago, Tamona Smith
Just Want To Cry Right Now
I have suffered from not being able to wake up for over 10 years. I have lost jobs, been put on suspension, written up, talked about, missed so many appointments and opportunities. I’ve even been scared to commit to jobs or events because i knew I couldn’t wake up. I also conditioned my children to do the same thing, and it’s very sad in the morning waking up, knowing I’m failing them because they keep missing school and I’m too embarrassed to walk them in the school at 10am, almost during lunch time. I couldn’t find a solution. My military career in the Air Force was nearly ruined because of this. How can you just tell your job, I CANT WAKE UP, but hey Sorry for being late. I’ve been to sleep studies and bought so many different alarms and nothing helped. Doing regiments, taking meds, and still no results. Now granted this alarm wakes up the entire house, but I truly don’t care at this point. Wake up!! I’m telling everyone about this app and whoever created this, thank you is a absolute understatement. You saved my life!!
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4 years ago, QuinniWinny
Woke a Heavy Sleeper, 10/10 Espressos
Pretty much the title. I sleep through a lot of alarms and am a pretty heavy sleeper, but these alarms can actually get me up and moving. The “Espresso” system is one of my favorite parts, you don’t need to actually spend money to get them, its more of a reward system, get some for setting the first alarm, then a little bit each day for using the app and getting up to the alarms. Giving review and sending feed back both give you espresso too, but that’s just a normal app growth thing and you’re never constantly harassed by the app asking for a review so its ok. Being able to change the theme, background, and design color for free was an added bonus, other Alarm apps usually make that a purchasable feature, so not being forced to fall asleep to a mini flashlight I couldn’t avoid was nice. The name of the app helped me find it a lot easier, definitely happy about that. Overall, great loud alarm app with great features. Only time it ever fails me is if it falls (at my fault), if another app overrides it (can’t help it), or if I just forget to open the app before bed.
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2 months ago, 0Geophrey0
Will definitely wake u up
Had an issue with my past alarms. Either wanting to wake me up with their choice of alarm tones, 10 different tones of the wonders of nature (waterfalls do now t wake me up), or that in comprehensible necessity for the app to integrate itself into my many other apps - which i find suspect. (Once again, just wanting it to wake me up and not seek out new ways to make my health apps more complicated.) I even found an alarm app that wanted a monthly subscription! (LOL). Found this one the other day and recommend it. Extremely simple and stand alone, no subscription (LOL - that still kills me), and a choice of some good old fashion obnoxious buzzers, bells, etc., that are sure to do the job right and have you searching for the 'stop' button every morning with purpose. Can't say about any of the other features on the app, but i wanted simple that would wake me from the dead and found it. Good job app guys.
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2 years ago, Cdogg30
Annoying and so useful!
I can’t get up for nothing to save my life!!! A tornado 🌪️ could literally come through my house and pick me up and take me all the way to a different country and yet I still wouldn’t wake up!!!! I wouldn’t even know it came through and I mean that with everything in me!!! Now I got this app and I actually hear it and I get up on time and don’t have no problems!!!! Thanks so much whoever created this because when I tell you, YOU LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE AND SOUL I PROMISE I’M TELLING YOU THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you making this because I’ve tried a million things and millions of alarm apps and I might wake up to it one time if I am lucky but after that it’s like my body gets used to them because it’s always the same sound every time!!! Or it doesn’t go off!!! So but yeah I highly recommend this app to everyone!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, McToote
Works very well, but....
It's exactly what it says it is: a very loud alarm. I sleep through the standard iPhone alarms, this wakes me up with no problem. The alarm sounds range from the normal iPhone alarm sound, to nails on a chalkboard, to an audio clip of some guy saying "Hey! You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? HONNNNK! HONNNNK! HONNNNK!" You get the idea. Why 3-stars? Two things. One, you have to keep the app open for full functionality. Night shift, low brightness, and a mainly black screen make it so the light from your phone doesn't keep you up, but leaving the app open for 8 hours drains battery. If your charger doesn't reach your bed, you're in trouble. Secondly- this has only happened for the past 2 nights, but it's enough of a problem to make me stop using the app- at around 4 am, the alarm starts streaming some radio station from Florida. At full volume. Waking up me and my roommate. It's possible this has been going on for longer and I just was sleeping through it, but unless you want a rude awakening in the middle of the night to random radio adds, don't use this app.
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11 months ago, T3r3s@82
It works… and then kept working!
I have struggled with alarms for my entire life. I set multiple alarms in multiple locations and have tried all different types. The first few days it worked great! Then, I had this thought, “I hate how jarring this is, what if I try a nice ‘morning sound’ (a feature on the app) instead of an annoying one. That worked for one day and the next day I drifted back to sleep until… the most God-awful, annoying sound woke me almost straight to standing! The same thing happened the next day. It is a fail-safe feature. I actually almost deleted it because of how awful it is until I realized, “but I AM AWAKE!” Hopefully, I can train my brain to get up BEFORE that happens… but at 40 years old, I doubt it. Still… I know it works and that feature makes it even more amazing…even if I HATE it, I love it!
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10 months ago, Sleepness Nites
Very Loud Alarm
This alarm clock works very well under certain conditions..you MUST remember every night to open the app otherwise it does not run in the background and the alarms will not go off. Not only being a heavy deep sleeper as an issue but forgetting to set my alarms was another problem. That is why I love the feature to set repeated daily alarms which come on almost every alarm clock. With the app being open all night it does drain the battery. Now with that said, if you keep your phone plugged in and remember to open the app THIS WILL 100% WAKE YOU UP!! It has no adds which is a nice feature. Again the need to open the app and leave it open on the screen was a deal breaker for me. I am currently trying out another alarm clock that does have this feature. If you can remember to open it every night, this app without a doubt will wake you up regardless of how heavy a sleeper you are
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2 months ago, Happy Camper Espresso
If Espresso was an alarm
If you’re having trouble waking up and you’re reading this, just download it. I had troubles with the default iPhone alarms, and I haven’t missed an alarm since using this app. If you use the app as intended by leaving it open, you will not be able to sleep through this alarm. When set properly, this alarm is 10x louder than the default iPhone alarm tones. Rating: 7/10 - FYI: you need to leave the app open on your iPhone to work as intended, and it will disconnect any Bluetooth connection to ensure it goes off. This came as an inconvenience when using AirPods, however once the alarm has been set as intended without any Bluetooth devices connected, the app works flawlessly. It has helped me get up for work everyday for the past 2 years, and I strongly recommend this to anyone who needs an extra loud alarm in the morning. Final thoughts: If you need help waking up, don’t hesitate to download this app. Though you can pay for features, there are no forced microtransactions and the app works flawlessly with loads of stock customization upon download. P.S. if you REALLY need a jump start, put on the nail scratching chalkboard alarm noise - you will be up in seconds. Happy sleeping :) and good morning.
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7 years ago, Jdtd07
It's loud and def really diff sounds but i sleep thru even the loudest alarms and so I set my reg phone (iPhone 7) alarms as back up and if u do so it cancels out the app alarm also if someone calls it stops the alarm and the sound doesn't return once the call isn't answered and stops ringing so that's def a big BAD issue for me. So in short it is a good loud alarm however if u get a call (u don't hear) and/or u set reg phone alarm for back up it totally screws u up and it has caused me to b late a few times until I found this out the hard way....so just FYI in hopes that I save someone else the trouble. So I've had to purchase a good old fashioned bed side table alarm clock as my back up. Granted most ppl don't have to get up as early as myself with only 3-5 hrs sleep tops each night...so I guess I'm in such a deep sleep by that time I cudnt hear a train coming thru my house! Anyways good app but I'm still struggling and wish they wud fix the two probs with phone calls and reg phone alarm canceling out the app alarm.
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1 year ago, wakeupyall
Oh you WILL wake up.
If this alarm doesn’t wake you up then you are dead and need a hearst. No more waking up for you. All these 3 stars because of having to keep the app open? Well here’s a little tip- Close the app. As long as it’s ticked to go off.. it’s going off.. open or closed. Could be because I’m on a dinosaur 8+ but I doubt it. I think the developer just wants it in your face in a subtle way because there are no noisy ads or candybubbleshooter games. Just try it. They harnessed the noise for the alarm! Hands down the best alarm on the market! The ads are super minimal and not annoying. If there’s anything fun or funny about having to wake up.. this chap has a joke or three for you at 4am. So if you absolutely cannot be late ?? Get this app!!!!
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9 months ago, Emojigirl7891011
im gonna cry
this app works i can tell you that much i cant ever wake up like seriously my school wants to take me to court because i quite literally will be late almost every day because even my mom pouring water on me and shaking me wont wake me up alarms i usually sleep through no matter how loud they are but this app is perfect its so obnoxiously loud it makes me want to punch walls when waking up but it wakes me up. they have it where you can have a different sound each time and that is the exact reason its working for me its new. my brain doesnt sleep through it. it gets startled. its. perfect. that being said it does not stop my sweet little sleeping self from deleting the app yes while im asleep dont ask, my body just loves sleeping MY ISSUE AND THE BIGGEST ISSUE I HAVE FOUND though its the only one you have to have the app opened for it to go off all night. the reason why i cannot bear this and its getting a lower rating my phone gets overheated super fast and i mean seriously its an issue i'll roll onto my phone and wake up because of how bad it burns like im scared itll catch fire - its that hot its not the apps fault that my phone is funky but ive seen other apps run the alarm without having it in the background please find a way im begging you 🫶
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4 months ago, BigDee111/2
Im a nightowl but have to be at work by 5:30am. In my youth i always managed well, was fine with 3-4 hours of sleep, and was never late for or missed work. Im getting older now, my body is refusing to get going with just a few hours of sleep, and i was late for work every day for a month. Rather than go to bed early, screw that, I downloaded this app. The app definately performs well. I javent been late one time since using this app. While i hate the fact that i have to sleep with my phone open and unlocked, i cant argue with the results. Apple needs to come down off their pedastal and allow their customers to use this app while still having a lock screen. Thats my 2cents. Dont spend it in one place. 😎
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5 years ago, elorene
It’s great but...
Like many, I am a very heavy sleeper and this app has saved me at times. However, there are some issues I have with it. 1) your sound has to be on for it to work 2) sometimes it doesn’t go off at the set time 3) some times in the middle of the night it will beep for no reason and wake me up. If it’s not beeps, it’s women talking and it has scared me to death 3) My biggest issue of all is that I need to use apps like Relax Melodies to go to sleep- I’ve been using that app for years. But if I switch it on and go back to the loud alarm app- bc you have to have the app open to use it- it’ll shut off my other app. I even downloaded Calm to see if it would do the same thing and lo, it did. So I finally switched to listening to relaxing podcasts bc they would work...until now. I’ve been late before bc I didn’t set the app exactly like it said to, but to be able to wake up, I need to sleep, too.
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1 year ago, LittleWhiteButterflies
Great loud alarm feature balances out problems w app recognizing speech/slow response
Last warning alarm will definitely get you up 😂- but Jarvis? Has a difficult time hearing commands/responding to them in an appropriate timely manner- it may take me asking 3-4 times for an alarm to be set, with the appearance of exactly what I said floating by in words on the screen, yet the program doesn’t recognize it and trigger J give me the “say yes” confirmation- when I do, sometimes nothing happens. So I always set my backup alarm but I like having this alarm on - I would like a better idea of how to edit out certain alarm sounds as certain alarm sounds while still having it on mix. Overall, the loudness Of this alarm helps.
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1 year ago, Tiggerkm20
Awesome Alarm! REALLY ANNOYING!!
This is the best alarm app I’ve found. It actually wakes me up. I am terrible at getting up and listening to my alarm. I’m the person that has 5 or 6 alarms to wake me up. I’ve tried everything and I tend to sleep through most alarms… either that, or I just ignore it. This one has a “Stewie” voice that I can’t stand. That’s the one I have it set to. It also has several really annoying sounds that go off to wake you up. I have it set to “random sound” so I don’t get used to he same sound. Sometimes it’s annoying fire trucks, car horns, a screaming person, and other really bizarre sounds. It’s so annoying that I usually only snooze it twice… that’s a record for me!
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7 months ago, yeast bread
Very helpful
On top of being an extremely heavy sleeper, I’ve developed a horrible habit of turning my alarm off in my sleep by pressing one of the volume or power buttons. I haven’t been using the app for that long but so far it’s gotten me to stop doing that because I actually have to get up and open my phone to turn it off manually. The sounds they provide are also absolutely awful, which is perfect. You can also have your sounds randomized so you don’t get used to a certain sound. Only thing is to make sure to have the app open before you go to bed or your alarm might not go off. Highly recommend this for people who struggle with waking up.
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6 months ago, jengirlm
No longer functioning correctly!
I am so sad! I have used this app for many years now, and recently it has been messing up Big Time. I rely on the alarm starting out very quietly and then gradually increasing in volume. I snooze 2-3 times depending on the day, and then the “diabolical” alarm goes off (which is horrible). I generally avoid the diabolical alarm at all costs since it immediately send my stress level through the roof - I have an issue with jarring alarms. Recently it has been randomly just starting with the diabolical alarm. That is unsettling, especially with sensory processing challenges. Today however, it had the message for the “fail safe” alarm (diabolical), but it never made a peep! I overslept by 40 minutes! So now I’m starting my search for a new alarm clock app. I can’t keep messing with this being unreliable. It used to be so good 😭😭😭😭
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2 years ago, dylanation37
Does the job
This is definitely the most effective alarm app I’ve used. The alarms are definitely loud. My favorite thing is that if I somehow sleep through the initial alarm, it will start an emergency alarm within a few minutes, where it plays all alarm tones in the app together to wake you up. This app really does its best to wake you up. And another plus is that it will work even with your phone asleep, where many other require you to keep the app open with the phone screen on all night. As long as you keep the app open in the background of your phone, you can turn off your phone screen and it will still work. That’s a massive plus for users.
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9 months ago, Mavisless
Still a fantastic app
Hard to believe that any developer could go through this many versions and not break the app but it still performs great. I use mostly songs that I own but there are some, like arpeggios for a gentle wake up and Topsy Turvy for that final non-nonsense get up call, that just can’t be beat. Highly, highly recommended. This is THE best app I’ve ever bought. Still love this app. Best I’ve bought. Two things I wish they’d add is the ability to set volume individually and the ability to dial down volume on the personality. Though could be neither is possible with iOS; Apple is really big on a single volume handling everything. Re-rating, still my favorite app!
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3 months ago, Christian Strong
My favorite alarm app EVER!
I’ve had this alarm app for longer than I can remember, & no matter how many alarms I try I always come right back to this one. This is the absolute best alarm app there is, period!!! Huge variety of sounds! The alarms are so loud! So many settings so that you don’t have to worry about getting use to things & sleeping through your alarms. There really is something for every type of sleeper/morning waker on this app. It never glitches or has issues, & works beyond amazing. I can’t recommend this alarm app enough! From this hard to wake up/not a morning person girl.. thank you so much to the makers of this app, I’m truly grateful! ⏰❣️
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5 years ago, Roghue 1
Doesn’t Work! I Was Late To Work!😡
First of all I am a heavy sleeper and if not waken by an alarm, I will sleep till noon. The first time I tried it, the alarm didn’t go off. I thought maybe I set for the wrong day or pm instead of am, and I looked at it and it was still set for 5:00am it just never went off. The second time I tried it, it worked. The third time I used it, my volume was at full, I left the app open, my phone on a charger and double checked that it was for 5:00AM. It did not go off and I MISSED MY WORK SHIFT!!!😦😡 So after that l played with it and set for a few minutes in advance and some of them went and some of them didn’t. I like the different sounds it has and hole coffee shop idea is cool. I personally really hate, hate writing bad reviews. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. On other people’s reviews Loud Alarm looks like really good app, but for some reason on my iPhone the alarms don’t go off. If there’s anything I can do to help it, please let me know.
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4 years ago, Zac Chan
Impressive app
I downloaded this app after I had slept through my alarm for the last time. This app wakes me up on the first try and helps me stay awake. My sleep schedule changes due to work and school and any other shenanigans I get into, I appreciate that I can depend on the app to wake me up whether I’m going to take a short nap or a long peaceful slumber. I do wish Apple gave the app developers more freedom (meaning I’d like to close out of the app and not have to have it open for its full functionality.) All in all, I would highly recommend for heavy sleepers or anyone who struggles to wake up. There are a lot of alarm tones and many different customization options that can suit your needs. 5/5 stars :)
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2 years ago, Seraphima412
Deep Sleeper Proof
I dunno about you but I just can’t wake up to the alarm tones iPhone comes with. They are just too polite. This app certainly does not have that problem. I’ve been using this app for a short time now but it sure does the trick on the first alarm. Technically I would call these alarms awful. But for being a person who manages to usually hit snooze 50 times while completely asleep I have not hit snooze once or gone back to sleep. These alarms scare me awake. And that doesn’t sound nice (it’s not) but I can’t seem to wake up any other way so I appreciate the service this app is providing. So thank you for being a very alarming alarm.
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2 years ago, Nackpferd
Great Alarm, BUT new app issue, no support
I have used this alarm for quite a long time and always liked it. Lately, when I have left the app open, it closes on its own. I use the version that has ads and it hasn’t done this before. It will be open and left that way, untouched, but it runs an add then closes. It’s not isolated to my phone, as I have also seen this happen on my work phone. When I go to contact the developer, it’s not an easy form or email, you have to contact them on social media. What if you don’t have twitter? No other contact information. Just because I use the version with ads doesn’t mean I haven’t made any purchases through the app (sounds, etc.). But this is an issue that is just starting after a long time of working very well without what seems to be a way to resolve.
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5 years ago, Tatspep
Thank goodness for the fix
I’ve been using this app for a long time and it has saved me from sleeping through alarms. I have come to depend on this app to wake me up above all other methods; it always worked! Then that bug happened and I’m so happy it was on a later waking day so I didn’t oversleep. I’m so glad for the quick fix before I had to try something else. I swear by this app and I recommend it to everyone. The rotating alarms and how loud it is has become a lifesaver for me. It will wake me from the deepest sleep. Creators, I know this recent glitch was just that, a glitch, but please do everything you can to ensure this doesn’t happen again. People’s livelihoods depend on it. Literally.
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6 months ago, sophiamay$
The iPhone clock app alarm does not work. My husband ended up getting fired because he was late due to the fact! We tried everything. Almost every alarm clock at Walmart, even the old bell alarm clock. I’ve had this about a week and it’s went off every morning. And it’s very loud! I also love that it changes sounds so it’s not the same every day. That way your brain doesn’t get used to it. Only thing is change is to take the “nails on a chalkboard” sound off. Or make it optional. It scared me nearly to death the other morning. Not the greatest way to wake up.. 😩 other than that I give it a five star cuz it works great!!
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1 year ago, itwontletmechooseausername
This is my life saver.
I would sleep through 10 alarms everyday. I tried changing my alarm sounds so I wouldn’t get used to them, and NOTHING WORKED. When I say this woke me up every. single. time. IT DID. This isn’t a promotion, I’m not a fake person, but this app is something I will never ever delete. I would sleep through school, work, appointments, anything. The only way I could wake up was if someone were to physically wake me up. I was embarrassed and incredibly disappointed in myself. Thank you so much to the creators of this app so I didn’t have to buy a $100 shock bracelet to wake me up. I would pay a monthly subscription for this. truly.
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5 years ago, fehiby montufar serrano
Many thanks
I love this app so much. It works amazingly good and their is nothing I would change about it. It’s soooooooo perfect just the way it is. And i wish I had found this apps a long time ago. It is now one of my favorite apps ever. And I will always love this app with all my heart and I really appreciate the person who ever invented this amazing good maravilloso app. For creating it they are the smartest person in this entire world and I will love to give them a big huge thanks for this app that is free and anyone can use. It is very helpful to wake up in the morning and no be lazy and I don’t have any more words to explain how thankful and happy I am for this app. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it super much
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4 years ago, Sadly Disillusioned
The loudest alarm clock!!!
The is the best alarm clock I’ve ever used. Wether it’s on my mini or pro iPad this alarm always wakes me up. Lots of features, simple to set up alarms or change them. My only request for the developers. Please make the light dimmer go from from 0 to 100, and the existing pull down motion needs to be accessible on the main clock face when the morning message is up. The reason for my request is that I have to change the dimmer in iOS settings to get the screen dark enough not to keep me awake. In the morning it’s too dark to read the screen until I go to iOS settings. Thank you in advance for making this an even better alarm clock.
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1 year ago, Zombie narcolepsy
No espresso needed this app did exactly what it said
I don’t I don’t even drink coffee but this app it woke up and it guess what kept working well there’s one time I had the phone in my car and it kept working until I got out to my car to turn it off and even after that, I turn my phone off I didn’t turn the app off so it kept ringing. I had to get back into my phone and go onto the app to turn it off. That’s what I call a good wake her up or because it was loud and it made sure I physically turned it off before it went off. Thank you that’s exactly what I needed. I can sleep there anything not this one
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4 weeks ago, Adrienne2024
If I want to rest without the stress of not waking up, THIS IS IT!!
I can’t begin to say how many times I’ve woken up in a panic, late for work or appointments. If u have too I know it’s an awful way to start your day. I have insomnia that will keep we awake for a 2 days sometimes. When I finally crash it’s a wrap. Try and wake me with this little old iPhone alarm. It is very stressful on so many fronts. This alarm changed all that. I always make sure it’s set for my next work shift or appointment. This way I can always relax and never stress about waking up freaked out again. 100% recommend. And it’s FREE. What more could u ask for ;)
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4 years ago, MelValpo
I love it personally.
I really love it. It helps me get up. I’m a heavy sleeper and I turn all of my alarm clocks off. I also pair this app with the other spinning alarm clock where you have to get up and spin to stop the alarm. These combined really help me actually get out of bed. I use to be The Who has literally 10 alarms to wake up aka every 5 min. But I deleted them all. Only thing with this specific app SPECIFICALLY for me is I have ptsd with certain sounds and the first time I tried it I forget to press a non triggering sound. After I realized I can change the sound to what I wake up I have. I have brought the app in full and love the different voices as well. 100% recommend.
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6 years ago, Wingedlovely
Don’t rely just on this app.
When it works, it works well. I like the range of noises, and it’s easy to use. Unfortunately, it has failed me majorly multiple times by not going off at all due to interference from ads. Pop-ups happen, which causes the alarm to lose functionality. I’ve actually been late to work because an ad prevented the alarm from sounding (and evidence showed that I indeed set it for the correct time; it was open and my auto-lock has been disabled on my phone, so there was no other reason for it to fail like that). I don’t see any good reason to offer this app for free if you’re only going to be made to pay for a premium version. Either make it free without adds that interfere with its functionality, or don’t make it free at all.
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6 months ago, Kaydee 1
No more sleeping through Alarm
I was sleeping through my alarm that comes with the phone. The alarm would sound loud when I checked the volume prior to going to sleep. However, when the alarm would go off the sound was very quiet. I found this app searching for an alarm that would wake me up. This will do that for sure! It’s loud, fun, and funny! It’s also very cheap if you choose to purchase the extras. If you do not want to spend the money, you can earn espressos by using the app. Just download this app! You won’t regret it and you will never sleep through your alarm again!
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11 months ago, DemonDoraa
Amazing and so loud 🕊️🍰☕️
I LOVE THIS APP. I’ve pretty much trained myself to sleep through alarms. It almost feels like I’m dancing to the wall music in my sleep when I use normal alarms but when I started using this, I selected random alarm and I didn’t even listen to any of them. I set my first alarm and when I woke up the morning I heard was this annoying sound in immediately but since you have to go through a lot of stuff to actually turn it off when your phone is off it woke me up for sure because of how long it took to turn it off. Definitely get this app if you cannot wake up.
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4 years ago, Pcat191
Loudest most annoying alarm ever
Good thing too, the standard alarms were no longer breaking through my subconscious and waking me up. I sleep like a rock. My only gripe is that you have to leave the app on overnight for the loudest alarms to work. There’s still an alarm when the app is closed that is loud, but not as jarringly annoying as the one when the app is open. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t slept through an alarm since I started using it. Probably saved me my job! Thanks for such a great app! If you could find a way to make the alarm work when the phone is locked, it would be perfect.
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2 years ago, sillab0186
Great annoyingly wonderful sounds
The alarm sounds available are absolutely perfect for forcing you to get up and be alert enough to get the alarm turned off and stop the annoying sounds. I am a very heavy sleeper who struggles with getting enough sleep so when I do sleep, I sleep like a rock. I have a very difficult time finding alarms that I don’t sleep through or just turn off in my sleep. This app is a lifesaver helping me to stop missing my necessary appointments six days a week every morning by 6am and helping me also make it to work on time. It truly is a lifesaver!! Highly recommend
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3 years ago, TheAllMightyToad17
Wow, best alarms ever in the history of alarms
This is the best app on my entire phone app selection. I forgot to turn off my alarm once in my office and it went off full blast and now I’m that guy. The best part is, I wouldn’t have made it to work that day without this app. When I sleep I fall into a deep sleep. The end of times could be happening and I would be asleep. Not with this app. I wake up faster than 6 shots of espresso straight to the heart. If you don’t have Loud Alarm on your phone then I think that you are wrong. Why stop at five stars? All the stars. Easy to use. Infinite selections of numerous alarm choices.
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1 year ago, GunClub1775
Great app, but a request?
I am in the military and we tend to get sleep where ever we can find it and this app is great for that! I am a very hard sleeper at night and this alarm wakes me up 95% of the time for my morning routines! My only problem is that sometimes I accidentally turn the alarm off when I mean to snooze it which has caused me to almost be late for work a few times. It would be great if there was an option to disable the off button until after the last snooze. Other then that I count on this app to wake me up every morning no matter how early! 5 Stars
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11 months ago, bffncdg
Great app with one minor problem
I’ve been using this app for about a year and a half now to wake up in the morning s and it works great. I also used this app as a clock as I can see the second but I’ve noticed that sometimes when you open the app with your AirPods connected, the AirPods will stop working and they won’t connect back unless I reset my phone. I don’t know if that intentional or not, or if I’m the only one who’s had that problem but that the only negative thing I’ve notices, other then that the app does exactly what you need it to do and works fine
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3 years ago, Beachgirl1230
It'll wake the dead
I love this alarm because I can set it to "random sound" when it goes off, so I don't get used to one sound. And the sounds are awesome for waking a heavy sleeper: fire alarm, police siren, carjack alarm, "most annoying sound" and several others. If you pay for the premium (or whatever they're called) sounds, there are several characters you can choose from for your alarm sound. I personally only use these for my fourth alarm (as in I set 4 alarms every morning) because they're not as startling, but I do love hearing Yoda say "Get up, or job you will not have."
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2 years ago, R-elyt
Sleeping is hard
I have been looking for a alarm to wake me up, I’ve tried the shaking to turn off, math to turn off and many other alarms to no luck. I was waking up at 8 just to fall asleep to 3pm even when I went to be on time. When I came across this alarm system I was unsure if it was going to work or not,but the first day I awoke a start. At first I was angry at such a startle, but then I realized I’m wide awake and not tired anymore. With the noise changing all the time my brain can’t mute the noise a fall asleep. It may be annoying at first, but once your awake you will be grateful.
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10 months ago, Woe3e
Actually gets you up!
I am a VERY heavy sleeper… and when I do get woken up by an alarm I always snooze it. This app lets me choose how long I want to snooze and how many times I can allow myself to snooze before it plays a constant annoying sound that you can’t snooze but only turn off which is amazing. I definitely recommend this to those who struggle with snoozing their alarm and waking up to one in general. They also have voices of Stewie, Rick, hermione, and many other funny characters that plays after you snooze or stop your alarm. A nice start to your day!
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5 years ago, noalanxnx
Good alarm
Great alarm if you are a heavy sleeper like I am. I found that the only way to wake me is on the random alarm sound setting. I’m the kind of person who has an alarm for every 15 minutes and I do not use snooze. Only two downfalls for me and the first is really my fault. The alarms tones that I’m used to won’t wake me if played while in the random setting. Again, the first being my own fault really. Anyways, the main problem is after a weekend I can sometimes forget to open the application up so that it wakes me Monday morning. I wish it wouldn’t need to be open and active for the alarms to sound.
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5 years ago, lalaLacyDe
Loud Alarm gets the job done!
App does what it says...wakes you up with really loud sounds. I’m a heavy, deep sleeper and can sleep through anything. This has been the only alarm that can get me to even budge. So I give it 5 stars. If it can wake me up, it can wake up anyone. Oh and no adds is really nice!! There are a few at the bottom but they’re not in the way and they don’t take up the whole screen like they do with some apps. Hope this helps someone. I’m not a paid sponsor or whatever, and no one bribed me to post a bunch of bs. I’m a real person that uses this app to really wake up in the mornings to go to work.
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3 years ago, Unicornbella2327
Good but...
This app was pretty good, but the only one that wakes me up a fire alarm... it sounds on headers is coming to kill meh :(keeps on asking access for my location, I am getting a bit uncomfortable... can you please make it stop asking for my location? I’m just a kid that wants to wake up at 4:00am :( And I need to keep the app open at night!!! It’s so bright up in my room whenever I had to have the alarm!!! I know I know it says loud alarm I didn’t know they meant “let’s kill your ear drums until you wake up!” A bit more help I guess... he can fix these problems I want to hear happy to give you five stars thank you! ✨🥺✨
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5 years ago, grumpy88mommabear
Great alarm
I am such a heavy sleeper I have to set an alarm every 5 minutes for an hour. I also set 2 different alarms. One is a “screaming meanie”. It’s an alarm clock you can purchase online or at truck stops. Made for truckers. (My father was one.) anyway those are super loud and sometimes I sleep through it. Or will shut it off. It doesn’t have a snooze. But I always end up dosing back off or literally shutting alarms off in my sleep without realizing it. But it does the job. The ONLY COMPLAINT I have is the thing will randomly start playing a radio talk show sometimes. Literally freaked me out once as I thought someone was in my house in middle of the night. And it kept annoying me so I had to DELETE the app to turn it off.
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10 months ago, LanceyD&E
Super smart app!!!
I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease w Polymyositis, SLE, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Endometriosis, etc. Not counting CFS/ME, I have 5 different types of fatigue. Seems I hit the genetic jackpot of a very healthy family!!! 🥇lol plus med grogginess🥹😵‍💫🤦🏽‍♀️ So glad I finally found an alarm app that can actually wake me up!!! This has been the only one so far. And it’s actually pleasant. The only one that worked before this one was the one where you have to do a random math problem. It was the worst. My bp would even go up w it. This I can actually choose what to wake up to. I absolutely LVE it!💗🙏🏽
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12 months ago, 50More!!
Only 1 real complaint
Has a few diff alarm sounds but very very limited. Ig it is an alarm app and it serves it’s purpose. However, I found out the hard way that the app needs to stay open in the background or it’s rendered useless and won’t go off at all! You’re limited to the “extra” choices you have, and make sure you have plenty of Java points in order to get that song or that sound. The OG alarm that comes standard with the iPhone has many more features! Many alarm sounds to choose from, plenty of different sound options and my FAV.. the choice to choose a song. All without paying or collecting points to do so.
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