Loyverse POS - Point of Sale

4.7 (294)
223.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Loyverse POS - Point of Sale

4.66 out of 5
294 Ratings
5 years ago, Dunninboaz
Excellent app but need help with one thing
Does this app have a place to enter my customers ship to address and it prints on the receipt ? The only way I found was either save the receipt first, then add the ship to address in the notes or add the ship to address in the customers name field. Is this the only way to add a ship to. Reason is I want to take sales orders at the national restaurant show in Chicago and email the customer their receipt, use my other credit card mobile app to scan/charge their card and email the charge receipt, and then use this awesome app to re-email all sales orders to my customer service person to enter the order in our ERP system.
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5 years ago, manbilla
Need a field which tracks expiry date
I tried this and this is great. Only recommendation is to add a field which records the expiry date for each batch of materials. In medical stores, etc this could be very useful as we will be able to identify the medicines that are about to expire and return them before expiry. Another suggestion if possible is to allow a field which can be used to store the location of goods (like a warehouse management system) so that we can just click on material and see in which shelf (row 3 column 4 or bin 20 etc) the material is. This will be most useful in retail stores with a lot of materials. P.s I implement ERP in enterprises and this is one of the best ERP software I found for small scale industries. There are other better open source ones but they are not as easy to configure.
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6 years ago, Bxx122
Works well for us
I manage a small, church bingo and this suits our needs very well. We had worked with another developer on a beta team trying to suggest ways to improve their app and found that most of our suggestions were available here. There are a few reports I would like to see added and the ability to access information offline expanded but other than that it is perfect for us. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Jeiel Cambridge
Great app they’re little things I think can be improved on though
Solid 12/10 without a doubt my only problem is that I wish the loyalty program could be adjusted to number of visits instead of just percentage on what a customer purchases Also if I was able to add custom fields in the customer menu for personalization or additional info that you may like to include
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8 months ago, Gary the hawk
Very Reliable
We’ve been using these guys for just a few years now, and they have performed very reliably. One of the most important things in operations is ensuring that we have very fast customer support enabling us to efficiently run and make changes quickly. These guys are extremely responsive and very helpful. A very ideal solution for a back office need.
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7 years ago, Majderp
Great app
I use this app for my convenience store and it works great. Everything runs smoothly and I am able see my daily profits easily and neatly organized into graphs. The only feature I would wish to be added is the ability to automatically discount certain items on special when you buy multiple of the same item.
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5 years ago, MCandRobloxjkXD
Overall Good, wish there was an offline mode.
This app is very well built and is very nice, but sometimes I lose WiFi and when that happens, most features are disabled, I can’t create or edit items, can’t edit/add/remove customer accounts, and when that happens, there are some issues that occur, it would be nice if there was a way to make this iCloud or iPhone based storage to allow these kind of changes.
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6 years ago, Alex.le03
Awesome app!
Would be nice to have a receipt send to phone text message in addition to email. Also, where do I go in setting to set up merchant service for credit/debit card charges into my bank account? Lastly, also nice if we can manually move/rearrange items and modifiers around both in-app and online...otherwise it’s a great app!
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2 years ago, angels.decay
Good Square replacement but…
I need to print a receipt, ticket number, and a kitchen ticket. I can print the Kitchen ticket and the receipt but not a ticket number. As result a need to go back to the purchase history and reprint a new receipt slowing me down quite a bit. Is there an app a date that can take care of this issue. Square app does have this feature but I want to try this app on real life.
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4 years ago, freddymontes
Solve everything in my business
I tried a lot of other apps and this one was the best option by far, I can manage my stores from anywhere and I was able to do an e-commerce site out this inventory
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2 years ago, ravenwrack
Really useful pls, but…
I love everything about this system, my problem though is that it doesn’t allow for bulk sales. If I’m selling nuts at $10 per lb and drop it to $8 per lb on orders over 30 lb, I can’t do that in the system. I found weird workarounds but it means I can’t keep track of inventory that way either.
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6 years ago, Gab05310
Great App
Still needs some improvements such as shift report printing and including all payments type in it other than cash. But overall, it is a great app and very friendly.
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4 years ago, topgun1363
Printer issues
I’m running a small hobby business out of my home. There for I’m using a normal home computer and printer. Why when I try to print a receipt for a sale do I get a weird print out that only has my business name nothing else I have gone into the back office and everything but no progress. How about some assistant please.
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10 months ago, DungTC
Good free app but missing features
Nicest app for free except having to pay for additional users. Feature Suggestions: Wish you give us a way to draw table map so we can just use map to select the open bill. Ad hoc item; add item like “others” giving us way to fill description and price in Sale, like a special item not in menu. A way to provide feature suggestions from the app. Thank you for making such good app available to us, new small restaurant.
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5 years ago, tennis30
Great app for restaurant!
Overall a great app and customer support is very quick and impressive. Could be a little more user friendly in terms of terminology and ease of managing orders. Given options out there, this is the best!
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3 years ago, AppReviewer929
Amazing, with a fee suggestions.
Hi there, You have another satisfied user! I love that we can create unlimited products for free. A few suggestions to make it better: 1. Allow all types of discounts to be applied to a specific item. 2. Maybe add NFC tags as an alternative to QR/Bar codes? Also, is there a way to view to the total number of items you have in a store? Thanks for the amazing free app!
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5 years ago, carneri1
Ship to
This is a good application but didn’t have ship to or customer address option which is critical for business that have delivery service. Some time ago on the order field we use to have an order number but they changed to repeat the customer name which you already have on the customer field.
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2 years ago, HungryMeandYou
Great Service Great Software
I love this software and the customer support is 2nd to none. The reps are always available, knowledgeable, and helpful!
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5 years ago, B_Jennings
Needs multiple orders
Need to make it where you can have more then one ticket open. Want to use it for keeping track of bar tabs. Would be a great addition.
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6 years ago, H@FV
We use Loyverse in a retail setting and love it! We appreciate the fast response to our questions and all of the helpful videos and articles.
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3 years ago, mla manila
So easy to use and perfect for small businesses
Love this app. Using it on our small cafe business ☺️
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3 years ago, salena subbba
Custom Check out
Update custom amount check out option, amount due option, other everything good
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9 months ago, Josilio
Is ok
Nice app missing lot custom information. Missing custom receipt number. Missing where bussiness owner can ad custom information in header and footer. Since is a pay app we should be able to change layout of receipt.
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2 years ago, rahirck007
Decimal needed 0.000
Some place currency 3 decimal We expected that next update they will fix
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6 years ago, Junison
Great App! It will be so nice if you could add a feature to change food list order.
I would really appreciate if you could add a feature to drag and sort the food items order manually. For example, 1. donut 2. Coffee 3. Milk 4. Cookies It will be perfect If I can just easily drag and drop these item manually, so donut can easily be placed after milk. That way I don’t have to delete the item and reorder them one by one.
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2 years ago, thanhnho
Printers problem
Why is other printer model(bluetooth) not available for iOS?
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6 years ago, intermezzocaffe
Extra app
One of the most useful applications on my phone.
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6 years ago, wetjie
Very happy!
This app offers so much! We use it in our restaurant, and I am very satisfied. The support is also brilliant! Thanks Loyverse.
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7 years ago, oXXIXXo
Can you help to print Taiwan receipt lottery print format?
Can you help to print Taiwan receipt lottery print format like this ? Thank you!
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7 years ago, jackson-86
Great app
It has classic interface and their features is great and easy to use
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6 years ago, Aj stimmel77
Is this real???
Wow I wish I could give more stars
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5 years ago, Jayceeisbi
Only suggestion is add more of a variety of printers like normal office printers like ho printers preferably hp envy 5000 series
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7 years ago, Gabjjjjjj
Awesome app!
Great service, very intuitive app, fast.
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4 years ago, Phirasb
You have a shop but you can’t separate storage products from shelves products! It requires you to open another store!
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6 years ago, akhkhani
Very good; easy to use; & flexible app.
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2 years ago, Halmekaimi
Love this app with free features
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5 years ago, moonmoong
i love this
this app gives me comfortable condition to run my small cafe. without any cost!!! unbelievable!!!!! i love this app and so appreciate for developing loyverse!!!!
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2 years ago, Mr Ali Myanmar
What sort of thermal Bluetooth printer is compatible for IOS¿
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6 years ago, Nick Nooden
Awsome free app. This is set up so well! I love the color coding and shape options! LOVE THIS!!!
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3 years ago, h446ty
Really nice 👌❤️
Really nice
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8 years ago, Timber Kh
Once you try it, you will love it!
I'm very lucky to find this POS. I'm a rice distributor in Cambodia. Since I start using the software, I have a lot of time to think about business improvement and service development. The software still need some function to complete my needed, but I give five star as I got very best support from the Loyverse team. I would love to say thanks and please keep going!
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4 years ago, Muthana26262
Its good app but just need add expired day to it
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4 years ago, Mirilinda1890
Great App
Love it
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7 years ago, al bannapanya
business owner
Downloaded the app and got everyting set up. I was using the app during the test mode and everything seems to check out just fine. i then started using it live at my restaurant 2 days later i updated the app, and now the app keeps crashing when saving a ticket. took me about a few weeks to set up my dish and inventory. Really easy to use and would like to keep using it, but can not use it because app keeps crashing. My only downfall...
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8 years ago, Lllhgbbfjgch
Overall this user-friendly app has met all of my needs. From price, to cost, to inventory, to receipts, to a VERY easy checkout system, this app has it all. If I was able to change one thing, I would ask that the "back office" section please be moved to within the app rather than online. Thanks!!
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7 years ago, SpartanFit
Easy sales and great tracking
Started using this app/tool to sell product in order to get funds for our Children's Hospital in Laos. Simple tool to add inventory and make sales with your tablet or phone. Then keep track of sales in your laptop/phone in the back office. Great app and customer service!
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8 years ago, Viza101
This is a definite must try software. It's amazingly simple and easy to use but doesn't lack any depth and options to manage your inventory and keep track of customers. Try no matter what business you have, it's very adaptable.
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7 years ago, Pony Driver
Ready to go live
Testing so far, app looks great, runs well, and just the features we need. Looking forward to a long future with Loyverse.
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7 years ago, Ogrill food truck
Great app easy to use
Discovered this app 3 months ago and been using it since to run my food truck business in west Africa. Great app and awesome customer service.
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8 years ago, Abdul196
Great app
I have been using loyverse for one week, so far everything is great, responsive support team, well done
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