Lucky Patcher

2.3 (651)
93.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
khizar Tariq
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lucky Patcher

2.29 out of 5
651 Ratings
3 years ago, brianjr1
Dan The Man is brawl stars??
Seriously, I activated it for Dan The Man gold. But you call it Brawl Stars instead!? Not good, but still a bit good app.
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4 years ago, Nick Nights
Let me explain
The app is good first they only pick three winner for the giveaway so be quiet that your not getting anything. Second they add a lot of adds because your getting free stuff for your game that you selected, they have to make money somehow. The people who say it is fake and everything don't read what they need to read so they understand. Your guys are hating on the game for no reason.
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4 years ago, skrttttttttttttttttttttt
You don’t always get the reward first
If you read I clearly says that 3 lucky winners will get the reward so pls stop complaining about not getting your reward and keep trying
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8 months ago, Scammerjdgdgd
Bro if you like this app get some help because this app if trash and fake and because of you dumb people that give it 5stars the developers will never improve the app
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2 years ago, Keta barker
It does not work😡
I tried getting free coins for hungry shark world So I tried this app I waited 25 minutes and it said I got my coins in that game and I went to hungry shark word and I still got the same amount of diamonds 618 I was supposed to get 99,000 what a scam don’t trust game and I’ll try getting diamonds for a hungry shark world from this game and it didn’t work that’s why the game should be shut down
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4 years ago, gissell24
It is so freaking annoying
There is so many ads that you can not even press a button without getting a ad plus it doesn’t really work it is fake but if you like a app made out of just ads then go ahead but if you don’t get ready to get frustrated because is just ahhhhhh so freaking annoying it is fake I don’t recommend this.😒🤬😡🤯
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4 years ago, Nuke9954CRITIC
Not real/ Fake
The app is a complete lie. Before you download the app please read. The app gives your hopes up big. They make you watch ads and want you to keep you app open in the background to get money off of you. I have reached the $150 cash out limit and it just says error minimum $150 cash out limit. It’s a lie/ false advertisement.
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5 years ago, Khizar382
I like it
Good enough. Ads amount should be less , so we can use it easily. Else overall its a good application
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4 years ago, hfugrgjo
Great App except all of the ads
The ad was in great but every time I touch something I just have to watch an ad so I go through like five ads just to generate my stuff and it doesn’t even generated whoever is reading this I recommend you do not download this
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3 years ago, rfbhhbrfhbrfybcfbcruhbf
This game is a scam I wasted a entire day of my life for nothing
This is a scam I tried if it works on riptidegp2 and nothing happened don’t download this game and the devs are dum and stupid for making this dum game to obiusly scam you for an entire day and it took a lot to install. Devs of this game I hope you don’t get money from this stupid game
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4 years ago, omonana
Good app so stop complaining
They only said three lucky winners read dumbbells
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5 years ago, Ze Best Hater
When will I get my reward?
I’m excited but when will I get my reward in brawl stars???
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4 years ago, CoolBoy 777
Where is what I asked for!!🤬
First of all every thing I press an ad comes up I can barely get to do anything. Second of all I waited 3 days and a few hours then I check my game “Pixel Gun 3D” and nothing!! This is really jus a stupid app that makes you wait for absolutely NOTHING.
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2 years ago, Quamzesmog
It’s really annoying
Too much ads on it every single thing you do wil alway come with an ad and it’s so freaking annoying as I can’t even start the app without watching an ad!
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3 years ago, Dane kitts
Good job
This is great cuz it gives you free money and it actually works
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1 year ago, Silas Handy
To much add
I opened the app and a ad then the second time a ad, basically everything you click is going to be a 30 second unskippable ad
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3 years ago, if it's real or fake
It’s not give me nothing
You liar
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4 years ago, 302746
This app
I swear every category every thing u do ads ads ads if you are looking at this this is going to prove how much of an enemy you will be to me u even made me throw my phone I will make sure this app get reported hacked or taken down
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3 years ago, fix your game pono
I get that they have to make money somehow since they’re giving away free stuff but an ad every time you tap the screen? That’s just obnoxious
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1 year ago, Nunya 171373
There is a add every single time I even click a button. It is very annoying to deal with.
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4 years ago, N&Beats
Too Many Ads & it only gives you one chance to add what you want lastly it doesn’t give you what you want. It overall is a waste of time.
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2 years ago, good g o
Trash don’t bother
Just one of those apps that has a million ads and doesn’t even work
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4 years ago, Denied by Impassable Ads
Impassable Ad Wall
Unable to even use the app. You can by pass the first add but for the second add not even the Close button works.
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5 years ago, noframez
Does not allow you to earn anything for free in any games. Whenever you click something, an ad will show up.
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4 years ago, Pooper900
Every single time I click my screen it gives me a add. I think that this app should be banned and taken down permanently
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4 years ago, Jenstark24
So cool
It is a lit hack app I got unlimited coins in hide n seek mini games
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5 years ago, Sfa Collection
thank you
got my reward ! wow how lucky I am :) . thank youuuuuuuuu
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1 year ago, A-10 Warthog08
Too much ads
Wayy too much ads when you open app ADS Press a button ADS it is just all ADS
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4 years ago, LIL BOYYA
I don’t like it
When I was tryna to get pro lisence for free all it showed was games that give me “money” but I’m not looking for that I’m looking for the won that has all my games
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4 years ago, djeh she
I hate this app
Everything u push is a ad that’s so annoying and u have to wait 25 minutes for it to be done
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1 year ago, Thx ghgg
It’s fake trust me on this one and also the real lucky patcher is gone never to be seen again :(
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3 years ago, Owen Derr
Never get this app. It is adware and is used just to make money. It doesn’t actually give you currency ingame. This app is stupid.
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4 years ago, KYE445
Not very good
Its not all that great its alot more complicated now then it was some years back and the game listing is kinda short don’t recommend
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4 years ago, brandr nelson
Fake doesn’t work
Whenever I use it gives me ads all the time it’s big scam
Show more
4 years ago, Paniziz
too many Ads
it doesn’t worth your time and energy
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4 years ago, a noony moose
Ive used this for about two months on the lowest settings, so the highest odds, and no win, i bet no one gets rewards and they just want ad revenue
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4 years ago, eygpt73373)3782
It just gives you a ad every time you open it
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4 years ago, so fake af
It’s a fake
The reason they put so many ads in is so those ads make money
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3 years ago, AvaDisco812
This is such a bad app, for the sake of your patience, don’t download. Too many ads, waste of time!!!!
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3 years ago, ojokureatiedepeluakara
This app is fake and have a lot of ads It doesn’t work Don’t download this app!! It’s fake Scammers
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4 years ago, Alastor Radio
Not much
This game is not very cash money don’t download it is just a load of ads
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2 years ago, Buffjock48303
So bad
You’ll basically be downloading an app for ads
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3 years ago, nba fan 14
Worst app ever
I have never downloaded an app this had.
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1 year ago, hdhdm73729
Doesn’t work this is fake
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4 years ago, ilovechichen
Do not try this is a scam
I couldn’t say it better Isaiah7164
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5 years ago, Hello917
Mlg ad thrower
Every button you click=ad So this app is legit trash
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4 years ago, Nikolas Junior
This app is absolutely terrible! If the game we want to be “hacked” isn’t on the home page, we have to put the game ID. I CANT FIND THE GAME ID
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4 years ago, hghkoploiyg
Yeah .. umm no! -5 stars .. 👎
Straight Trash app.. don’t download .. should Delete these useless things from App Store..
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4 years ago, alucard666121
Fake app don’t download if you want hacker games look up panda helper
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4 years ago, BillofRights1776
No payout
This ap after adss de says cash payout at $150. I am at $246 and will not let me cash out. Is this for real or an ad trap?
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