Lyft Driver

4.3 (97.8K)
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Current version
Lyft, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lyft Driver

4.32 out of 5
97.8K Ratings
3 years ago, 3.lotus
I like that as a driver, we have the option of having more rides queue up while we drive but I’ve been having a bit of an issue with the app queuing me with long distance (37-47min) trips without letting me know before accepting. I don’t know how long the trip will be until I swipe to pick up passenger. If I could know beforehand I could possibly stop for gas or a restroom break if needed. It’s just a inconvenience. Also the app update is very inconvenient when it blocks you from touching the screen while driving. I’ve tried to go offline in the middle of a ride so that I don’t get queued with another ride and it blocks me from doing anything onscreen until I stop. Sometimes I am on the highway and I can’t stop. I understand this may be due to safety reasons so that drivers don’t text and drive but I feel it is better to go offline than to get auto-queued with more rides and having to cancel on them afterwards. The same goes for not being able to click on the passenger’s info while driving. There was a confusion between me and a passenger about which address to go to. I could not tap on his info to see the destination address because the screen was blocked! Very frustrating
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2 months ago, karim-p
Latest app release bugs
I have seen lyft from just few landing pages to now a mega app. Good app improvement along these years. Kudos to the developers. The latest release have some minor trigger issues that may need to be fixed. 1. The app sometimes automatically put you offline after you just open the app and started working. If not focused you may not realize it and waste time waiting for trip while just got logged out by the system. 2. When you are completing a ride and is about to swipe and drop a customer, and it coincides with an automatic new ride about to be added to the queue , the app will auto reject the new queue ride and throw this error “something wrong happened..” 3. When you are in an AirPort Express pickup lot. For example when you are at LaGuardia airport the app will display a text saying “you’re in the JFK queue “. JFK is a complete different airport. 4. Is it really necessary that the driver always have to send your predefined message before being able to write his customized message to the client? I don’t think so. If you need more info I will be happy to provide error screenshots. I will stop driving soon and probably start my SWE career because I just graduated. (You can grab me while i am still going through interviews. Or maybe one of your competitors will offer me a role.) Anyway it has been a pleasure seeing your evolution!
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4 weeks ago, The sassy dryver
What’s w/collecting sensitive data?
The app collects sensitive data including & up to ur contacts. Why does Lyft want that? Total invasion of privacy. Drivers you CAN OPT OUT of the Arbitration agreement Section 17. That way if you want to participate in a class action suit you can. -I as a former driver had the worst time with the gps. I was told the drop off would be on the left at times when the drop off was at the right. As a new driver I didn’t know there were designated pick up areas for passengers & drivers and I got lost a lot & ended up having to cancel rides cause I couldn’t find the passenger . The app should tell both drivers & riders to go to the designated LYFT rideshare pick up area & it should be clearly physically marked. I’ve been to stadiums where no one knows where the Lyft pick up area was and they used a bar address that was nearby. The gps is just crazy in general wants you to zig zag a lot instead of taking you down a main street. There’s too much for me to write but on the positive side of things…. I did like the fact that Lyft does show the amount of the ride & how long the ride is. Uber doesn’t do that. You just take a risk of taking a crappy low ball ride. I like the fact that Lyft offers cheaper rental options too. I like that you can talk to a real person with Lyft if you do use the flex ride option. I like that you can be unmatched. Thanks for all those things.
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2 years ago, MustafaGoldsmith
App flaws and ripoff for drivers
I’ve been doing Uber and Lyft in Chicago for about 5 months now and I have to say I am quite appalled at how manipulative Lyft is with their drivers. They talk big numbers and bonuses and guarantee $500 a week, advertise big bonuses for new drivers, and make it seem great. But then you drive 15 minutes to pick someone up and they don’t show up and I make $0 for it. Lyft says “it’s because you didn’t arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled pickup.” Lyft doesn't care to ask if I couldn’t find the entrance because the customer’s phone number wasn’t in service. They give you rides that take you all over the place, making it 10x more difficult to reach your 100 rides, they pay you about $3 for a mile and a half ride that took 8 minutes (and that includes the extra 55¢ for gas), and they put up bonus zones with no intention of leaving them there long enough for drivers to show up. Why even have bonus zones when they disappear in 30 seconds? Because they are trying to lure drivers with zero intention of actually making sure they get the bonus. Lyft develops an app and leaves the drivers to take on all the wear and tear, time loss, gas money, and doesn’t even care to compensate them properly. I can assure you once I hit my 100 rides, I will never drive for Lyft again unless I find myself in a $10+ bonus zone or they decide to increase fares or quit taking such a high cut of the measly ones currently in place.
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4 years ago, mike mjf
Terrible company
I worked for them for 3 years and since I was permanently deactivated almost 2 years ago I still to this day go on regularly to write reviews as to remind and warn people to not sign up for this company. Years of work I put in while I maintained a rating around 4.9 to 4.8 and lyft has very little room for a bad rating considering 4.6 is risk of deactivation. Anyway my point is I was a good driver. I did thousands of rides for them and in the end was one day surprised by a message stating I was permanently deactivated due to ALLEGED violations of lyfts community terms of service. After emailing and calling for over a month to find out what I supposedly was accused of that was apparently so horrible and trying to get re activated I saw every email had been completely ignored out of the 30 I sent. I did however finally get thru to a supervisor on the phone who was as mean as they come and said I was accused of texting and driving which by the way I didn’t but anyway texting at driving and they now felt I was unfit to be a driver despite this being my only job. The rude woman then took a much more stern tone saying I’m a liability and that I will never drive for lyft again and told me to stop calling because it won’t happen. There was no proof given by the person who accused me nor was I given any chance to defend myself it’s simply just their word against yours and whether you’re lucky enough to have lyft believe you. I remain deactivated to this day.
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2 years ago, Superbat211
Lyft is a ripoff for drivers
I’ve been doing Uber and Lyft in Kansas City for about a month now and I have to say I am quite appalled at how manipulative Lyft is with their drivers. They talk big numbers and bonuses and guarantee $500 a week, advertise big bonuses for new drivers, and make it seem great. But then you drive 15 minutes to pick someone up and they don’t show up and I make $0 for it. Lyft says “it’s because you didn’t arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled pickup.” Lyft doesn't care to ask if I couldn’t find the entrance because the customer’s phone number wasn’t in service. They give you rides that take you all over the place, making it 10x more difficult to reach your 100 rides, they pay you about $3 for a mile and a half ride that took 8 minutes (and that includes the extra 55¢ for gas), and they put up bonus zones with no intention of leaving them there long enough for drivers to show up. Why even have bonus zones when they disappear in 30 seconds? Because they are trying to lure drivers with zero intention of actually making sure they get the bonus. Lyft develops an app and leaves the drivers to take on all the wear and tear, time loss, gas money, and doesn’t even care to compensate them properly. I can assure you once I hit my 100 rides, I will never drive for Lyft again unless I find myself in a $10+ bonus zone or they decide to increase fares or quit taking such a high cut of the measly ones currently in place.
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3 weeks ago, hennylamb0
Disappointed Platinum Driver
I rent a luxury EV through Lyfts driver platform. I’ve given 3,742 rides in 9 months. I have an excellent rating at 94% Platinum with 5 stars and my account status is in great shape. Yet it’s troubling me how Lyft adjusts its bonuses to match my driving habits and notifies me ahead of the week while its systematic background checks come as a complete surprise. I’m unable to login during my regular working hours on a Friday night during driver score qualifying and rewards hours because tonight is a routine background check. This means with no warning at all I can’t access driver mode. The app itself says it could only take a few seconds. But after a few hours and speaking with several chat support workers I’m told it could take 24 hours. When looking online it’s states it could take 2-10 days. So today Lyft because you’ve given me time to sit idly when I’d normally be working, I’ve taken the time to draft a platinum level complaint. In this time I’ve began contemplating if you want me or anyone else driving for this company at all. Hey there’s room for improvements all around so even if I stop driving for Lyft and all else goes well maybe you’ll have developed a protocol for keeping drivers on the road during background updates or at least notifying them ahead of time so we avoid any inconveniences they might cause. For what purpose would you disable a drivers access to driver mode during an annual update anyway?
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5 years ago, BradMacd
All kinds of problems
Just came back to using Lyft to drive. Generally speaking, I like the Lyft GPS system much better than Uber, but I just started driving again last night after a long break of about a year and there seems to be a lot of things broken. Several times, for instance, I had someone in my car but could not start the trip because I was not parked in the exact location they had set their pickup - like within feet. There was one ride where I was parked at the end of the driveway instead of pulling in. After 2 minutes of stammering my way through “this never happens” I figured I’d try to pull in the driveway. I backed up and didn’t even have my back wheels over the driveway entrance yet and it pinged saying I could let them know I arrived. This was embarrassing and I was super lucky they were so understanding (and happy drunks). And it cost me valuable time during peak Saturday night ride hours. For less than 10 feet. Another time, the same thing happened but it gave me the option to “arrive early” but said I would lose out on any wait time and would not be compensated if the rider cancelled. Of course, this ended up being the ride that I waited and waited and called the rider several times and he never showed up. So then I had to be the one who cancelled the ride (hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on my record so quickly after returning from a long absence). Lots of problems to fix here.
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11 months ago, Syzlex
Terrible experience and I rarely leave bad reviews but this company infuriates me
Things that could be better •Wait time after arrival is 5 mins.. should be 2 •Too many cancellations for the reserved trips (usually the older people who book through another app) •I drove for 10 mins at a normal pace, rider cancelled on me right when I got there. No cancellation fee. I though the support rep that if it didn’t get resolved I was done with Lyft. Of course nothing happened so I rage quit and uninstalled the app. •Both Uber and Lyft have a lack of transparency on the how much the rider pays. I can no longer easily access it in the app. •Usually rides I get in auto que are garbage (as in pay and distance+time driven) • Changes my trip on route to a ride I don’t want… Things I like •Choose not to be matched with a rider again •More destination filters Edit: not much has changed — though they did allow you to set destination filters while in a streak. Unfortunately won’t use them anymore. Apparently if someone throws up in your car it’s considered a damage report and you have to take pictures and submit within two hours. I had no idea so contacted support and got nothing — just read this website and sorry nothing can be done. They said fairness was important but really what it is about the $$$. They take so much from the driver. A passenger was going to pay $90 and I got $45. How is that a cut? Don’t drive for Lyft, not worth it
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2 years ago, Delavi002
Let me start off with this I don’t usually write reviews. I know, you’ve heard this from many other people too. However, I truly don’t. My issue with this app is the fact that not only are you deteriorating your car and cutting its lifespan in like halve, but when you address an issue with any of the workers at lyft NOTHING GETS DONE. I’ve waited over 5 days for someone to resolve my issue. I had a passenger who peed in my car, and not only did that stop me from reaching my goal for the day but I also had to pay to get it professionally cleaned. I’m sure you drivers who have been in similar shoes can empathize with my frustration. When I reached out to lyft they PROMISED ME to issue me an $80 damage fee. They said it would be available in the app within 24 hours, yet till this day I still haven’t gotten it. I’ve talked to them plenty of times and what do they say? “We’ve escalated this issue to a superior to assist you in a timely manner. You should be receiving and email within 24 hours”. Today is day five and I still am without the funds to cover my expense that had to come out of my pocket. All the hours, money and car damages that I’ve gone through for lyft not to be consistent with delivering their promises. This is unprofessional to say the least. I’m no longer using their app, I had a 5 star rating, but they are not going to respect us drivers they don’t deserve our service.
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2 years ago, Ride Hero.
Let’s work together for a better life!
Lyft. Please….use the “RELEVANT,” ACCURATE LYFT APPS, with DIGNITY, and RESPECT to the Lyft drivers, I started work hard in driving, then, your Lyft navigation system or GPS. In the place of pick-up, and I got my passenger; sitting inside my car. Then, your “ARRIVE.” To the area, it won’t pop-up in my cellphone, the same thing with the “SLIDE TO DROP-OFF, passenger. It’s because I’m a nice person, with compassion with others needs, and cares to people; I still continue gave them ride to their designated destination. And “I END UP FOR NOT GET PAY FOR MY SERVICE.” For my miles, distance, Bonus, and Time. I can’t live like this kind of situation almost everyday problem happened in your “ LYFT SYSTEM.” I don’t know, if the Microsoft that your company use or the area of driving is blocked by trees or building. I am new in your company in just two weeks driving, and encountering all of these problems. ATTENTION LYFT: “ LOVE YOUR DRIVERS.” Because we need each other to survive in this world. Thank you. For your kindness and consideration to your self-employed drivers. I thank all my passengers for rating me an ( 5 ), stars driving performance. May the good lord blessed us all. AMEN!
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5 years ago, Missourirose
Map needs serious improvement
Everything works great in the app except directions, we need a turn by turn listed and A lot of times when picking up a passenger does not have the exact location forcing me to call passenger. Also it would be nice to be able to send quick messages such as pre-populated messages we can click and quickly send rather than only having the option to call. I am grateful that there’s only a $.50 fee to transfer the money instantly it’s nice to know that Lyft isn’t being greedy with the transfer fee. And lastly I feel like 15 seconds isn’t enough to except a ride I was getting gas and didn’t want to miss an alert I missed a passenger due to the time it took me to open my phone to accept which in turn dropped my acceptance rate down 10% that’s really not fair. Otherwise I just started driving for Lyft and I absolutely love it. One last suggestion, Uber has an option to pre pick certain contacts in your phone when you want them to follow you The developers should look into creating something to same. What a great option to feel even more safe, which I have yet to feel unsafe!! Thank you Lyft for providing and outstanding second source of income our family ❤️
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1 year ago, the guy who commetted
They will let 5 star drivers go
I’ve been driving for Lyft for years have a perfect score and at the beginning of December right before the busy Holliday season Lyft put my account on temporary hold and the rep in the email named donavan told me they would reply with in a day or so to tell me why I was put on hold. They stated they are doing a investigation (which from other drivers is just a lie they can get away with legally) it’s now been a month I’ve sent multiple emails and still haven’t been contacted once since this supposed temporary hold was made. As a result a 11 year didn’t get a Christmas gift and I couldn’t travel home for Christmas. This trash company has made it impossible for contractors to find any resolution and help when they do this. They send one email and that’s your one option to get help. However after a few days Of emailing the thread to donavan and hearing nothing copied the email address to email and hopefully get someone who will actually help. It came back saying the email isn’t even in service. So Lyft is out here banning 5 star drivers without stating why and sending them a fake email about a temporary hold meanwhile they never had any intention of resolving the issue or letting you know what went wrong. Thanks Lyft ruined so many things I relied on you guys for. Stuck through the pandemic and everything just get banned for apparently nothing.
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5 years ago, Deziyer
Lyft’s Car Driving Program
I love driving for Lyft. I’ve met a lot of people while driving for them but the only issue I’m having is how much they take out from their drivers . They want you to pay $250 a week ( $1,000 a Month) more than any car payment and insurance u can have out their for a car that also does not belong to you. On top of that, they take such a large percentage per ride you get. They don’t factor in your time or gas expenses. They want their $250 regardless of what your going through or doing. If you want to take a vacay , you have to bring they car back , even if that’s your only mode for transportation. A 30 min ride will get you about 7-8 bucks all rides up to about 10-15 mins will get you almost $4 and sometimes riders are not tipping. They barely have challenges that will help you earn more money. It’s crazy the charges they take . You would think they would want the drivers to profit so we can be our best for their clientele but they don’t care. I appreciate being able to be flexible and make money but as a single mother , driving the car drains me . I can only work a few hrs a day because of my child so I hate to be on the road for 7 hrs to barely make $80- $90 . I would say if driving for lyft that you come in with your own car.
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5 years ago, likdaisymaisywaisy
I’ve been driving for lyft for about 2 years and when I first started things were good. Recently it seems like my app has bugs in it. Whenever I get a request it lowers the volume of my music. The only way to fix it is to force close the app after accepting the ride or force closing my music app and open it back up to restore the sound to its original volume. Also the map used to zoom in the closer I got to the passangers location making it easier to find them now it doesn’t so I have to manually do it. I don’t mind except I’m driving and it’s a pain to have to tap the screen several times for it to zoom in fully. There is also the problem with navigation at times. I’ve noticed that whatever app you are using for gps navigates the the pin and that’s not always where the address is. Sometimes the pin will drop on the opposite side of the street or in an alley behind the location. And unfortunately seeing the house/business number isn’t always possible especially at night and I’m where the pin but not where the actual location is so I’ll say I've arrived but I actually haven’t. I wish the apps took the address given in the lyft app and not the location of the pin.
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6 months ago, crasanthamum
If you can find another job, RUN
App has a bunch of things wrong with it and no matter what it’s always the drivers fault. App glitches and accepts a ride without my permission and it counts against me to cancel. App says a ride is 1hr in its really a 5hr ride to a different state and when you try to cancel, guess what? They threaten to terminate your account and remove your ability to cash out daily for the time being. The only way to reach a human is if you are literally being held at hun point, literally they will not talk to the drivers if it’s not a life threatening situation so you have to talk to an a robot who gives the same generic answers to every situation and doesn’t recognize complex situations. Oh and don’t get me started on how terrible and unreliable using Lyft direct to get paid by lyft is. Can’t access your money at random times they decide to do unscheduled maintenance, random double charges for gas which is insane with how expensive gas is. And instead of doing anything about it, lyft makes unnecessary updates to the app like changing the ride request chime. Cause I really appreciate an annoying beep beep beep while I try to figure out how lyft is gonna F me over with my next ride. Like I haven’t gone thru 2 cars and my life savings trying to make this crap job sustainable. Lyft prays on people like me who need the work. Deplorable if you ask me
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3 years ago, southern lady from tx
Bonus streaks and not driver friendly
One thing you need to know about this app is that I have noticed when I am doing a bonus streak there will be a cancellation and then it knocks you off of your streak and you either have to start over or it ends completely. You are driving to the rider and boom cancelled and then you get the pop up saying you lost your bonus. Pretty crappy and the support you contact is useless most of the time. It forces you to take the toll roads and then riders get upset. If you put on a filter and take a ride the directions do not come back up for you but is still filtering and so you then have to use maps app to find your way to the destination you set. Most of the time you don’t get rides with the filter and is a terrible perk they add for the levels of rewards. It should be available no matter what. Sometimes you get in a terrible neighborhood and need to use the filter more than it is allowed based on your reward level. Also, make an option to report no mask due to COVID-19 easier for the drivers to report riders. As well as under 18 or no car seats and you waste you gas and time. We need the app to reflect these issues and without the drivers dedication and safety 1st as a priority; driving for lyft with the app’s current situation is a real issue.
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4 years ago, HellokittyKaren
The new cancellation policy
Now that we are in phase 2 and we now have LONG PICKUPS, this policy starts up! Now things are very different! Now we are going to lose money! Before we didn’t have all the long pickups! That’s when this policy would help! I hope I am wrong because I can’t afford to lose money! Why couldn’t this start when we go back to normal life! I never had long pick ups before the COVID 19! Now I have driven far just to pickup! Especially when the stimulus checks came out! I had a pickup 36 min away! And it was highway miles to pick up ! I love Lyft but I feel like this is going to hurt the driver! I truly hope I am wrong! And I would also like to say that when I have a ride in queue can you have an option where they can’t text or call until I am done with the ride I am on! I had someone who was texting and I can’t text back! I am not going to be rude with my current passenger and we can’t text and drive! That is a big safety issue for all of us! I hope I didn’t come looking on here like a nag lol! I just thought it was a horrible time to change the policy when our pickups changed drastically since the shutdown! I hate to cancel or not accept a ride because the distance was far and a very short ride after pickup! And many are like that! Thank you
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5 years ago, Dixon620
app slow to react when at red light or after making a turn
Hi, I’m a driver in Baton Rouge, La & I really have problems when at a red light & the app shows to go straight 200ft then after passing thru the light the app says to turn right or left! This requires a U turn & confuses the rider & driver as we have heavy traffic in our town & this error sometimes requires driver to go 1/2 mile or more out of the way.. Also many times after making a turn the app is slow to react & indicate the next move causing the driver to miss the turn as he has already passed it.. What are your guidelines for customers who are not outside when driver arrives & when driver attempts to make contact the rider’s phone doesn’t answer or goes to voice mail or has not set up voice mail? One would think the rider would be available but I’ve had this happen many times.. why does the driver not get a fee when the customer is a NO SHOW or cancelled the ride when driver is in the rider’s parking lot? I have trouble turning off my app sometimes while moving which causes the page to slide over then the driver has difficulty focusing on the road causing driver to get a low acceptance rating.. we could use a bigger % also!
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1 year ago, GoogleHelix
Poverty Ahead!
Amazing app for anyone looking to waste time, money, destroy your vehicle and have random people in your car doing random things. Im a 5 star driver with over 1200 rides over the past 2.5 years. In that small amount of time fares for passengers has risen substantially , while driver pay out stats the same and in many cases pay the equivalent of about 6$ per hour if you try this full time. One morning I opened my passenger app and a ride to the airport was $150. I opened my driver app, logged on and received various airport trip requests paying between $15 and $17! That’s beyond greedy. It’s unfair to the passengers and drivers. It’s predatory, disgusting, and exploitative. The average trip request is often 6-9 minutes away, 15-25 minutes out after pickup and usually offers $6-9. Pay rates have not changed in years and god forbid you rent a car from them, they give you even lesser rates, all while keeping all of your fares until the balance is covered. Pure scam that takes advantage of those who rely on income from driving. My heart goes out to anyone who has to do this; even McDonald’s is a better option than this racket. Avoid if you care about your life (research assault and murders of drivers). Absolutely NOT worth it. Lyft has nothing but contempt and hatred for it’s drivers and they prove it daily with their unethical and hostile policies.
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4 years ago, only God i trust
Lyft is the worst ride share app with un-professional employees.. I won’t recommend it to anyone
I would be the last person to leave a bad review for this rideshare or Lyft company, it has been a year few months now since they banned me from driving with them which I found so wrong.. just because a customer complained about a lie that had no further investigation I’m not hurt or mad writing this,it is just the fact.. you guys seem to care more about the customers than the actual driver and we are the reason you guys company expanding. I missed nothing but the good customers I have had that still reach out to me asking when will I drive again and my answer is like never .. it’s so unfair for Lyft to just ban someone from their company for the fact that a customer gave out a compliment and they didn’t even do a deep further evidence cause they care less .. you guys did closed the door for success on me but God’s plan is always working.. I wasted half of my vehicles mileage on driving for them and gain nothing, even some of the airport trips payments were less than the the time and miles driven.. For those of y’all out there trying to drive for them make sure you do not get any customers complaints for your own good if you rely your life on Lyft cause they’ll end you like a movie.. please don’t ever rely your life on Lyft if you looking to leave your job for this ..
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5 years ago, Chichi444
I like Lyft but I also don’t I feel like they take a lot of money out so you barely get anything. Sometimes I am driving 7-10 hours and only would make like $80-$90 which is nothing a lot of ppl only want rides like 2-5 minutes which results In like $3 for you as the driver. The passengers complain that they are paying a lot but us drivers DO NOT SEE any of that money only like little less then half. Not including the amount of time it takes to get the passenger which sometimes a passenger would want to be picked up like 20 minutes away which we don’t get reimbursed for and then for the passenger to only want a 2 minute ride after I just drove 20 minutes to get there to only make $3 this app needs to pay a little more to the drivers especially if this app sometimes is our only income. We have to put gas and drive many miles away for a little compensation you would literally have to drive a full 24 hours I believe to have a great pay at the end of the shift ridiculous Lyft needs to do something about that. As far as the app I don’t really have issues with it only the GPS where it would re-route me sometimes for no reason but other then the crappy pay it’s ok if you want to make a little bit of extra cash.
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2 years ago, Koalasoul
As a Driver in Utah, some edits would be extemely helpful
First let me say, I really love driving for Lyft. I think this app is wonderful for the most part. Pretty user friendly, besides the fact that it does freeze sometimes. That being said, there should be a feature that filters out rides through the canyon -to places like Park City- only to vehicles that have 4 wheel drive. October to April there is high probability of poor road conditions due to extreme weather. In these situations is a safety hazard for vehicles with front or rear wheel drive to pass through the canyon. I have literally gotten stuck at the top of the canyon doing a Lyft ride, and had to wait for the person to get another Lyft, so that I could get towed back to Salt Lake. Multiple other times I have had to turn back because of weather at the base of the canyon. This makes Lyft passengers very upset. But also cancelling at the start of the ride when finding it goes to Park City puts our accounts at risk of suspension. It doesn’t make any sense and only adds easily avoided stress. Please find a way to fix this!
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5 months ago, UnoHoo. SENA
4+ year driver and it’s not even worth it anymore. Lyft does every vile thing under the sun to the drivers and beyond a message thread of you complaining, they do nothing about it. THEY STEAL FROM US!!!! Wages, tips, cancel fees, tolls, bonuses, and personal miles(if you rent with them) are all tools they will use to take incremental amounts of your hard earned money from you. I’m still waiting to hear from “support specialists” from a year ago for more major issues. Lyft cut off our rides is about 2/3 and you keep 1/3 of profit 🥴 Passengers are supposed to be charged a $10 cancel fee when canceling within an hour but just this week they made sure I didn’t receive it 4 times which means they shorted me $40. They charge me almost $400 a week for 90 personal miles and this week I’ve been magically accruing mileage while driving less… now that I’m over my amount that’s an extra $25!!! THEN YOU TRY AND ADDRESS THESE PEOPLE AND THEY LEAVE YOUR MESSAGES UNREAD FOR HOURS AND WHEN YOU FINALLY GET THROUGH TO THEM THEY DISCONNECT AND FORCE YOU TO RESTART THE WHOLE PROCESS!!!! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A CONTACT NUMBER!!! I have soo many unresolved message threads of them sweeping issues under the rug that it’s insane. I’d be more than glad to show y’all these threads so you can first hand see how irresponsible this company is! DO NOT WORK FOR LYFT GET ANOTHER COMPANY MONEY
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4 years ago, KeeeKe
Lyft are Thieves !!!!!!
1. The pool options passengers have to select make the driver LOSE money. You drive around town to pickup a shared/pool ride that is 17mins away and they only go 5mins away from the pickup. A WASTE OF MY DURN GAS!!!! If you decline it will affect ‘Acceptance Rate’. 2. The incentives to driving ‘no longer is worth the paper they print them on.’ $36 dollars after completing $65 rides. Do the math....$0.55 a ride 🙄 3. I made more money in Arizona then I do in Atlanta!!! Arizona does not have Shared/Pool ride options for passengers. If they did not have shared in Atlanta as a driver I would make more of an income. Lyft retains more of the ride fund during a shared/pool ride. Especially when there is more then one passengers during the shared ride. THIEVES! You will not make money doing Lyft! 4. The Express Drive is a joke too! They give you under 250 personal miles to use during the weekly rental. You can do 200 miles alone within 2days in Atlanta. They are basically not allowing you to use the car but to use it only for Lyft. 5. If I am using my money to gas up a car that I am renting to use. Why do I get penalized for declining a ride that will not make me a lot of money? Lyft selectively and randomly now only give small bonuses and incentives. Every since they went public, they are no longer for the driver. Doing the calculations, I now make below minimum wage.
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5 years ago, PCo-Jorge
Make our phones SHOUT; Take us ALL THE WAY HOME!
1. As a (now) three year driver, and Ambassador with Lyft, I am still amazed that the App does not incorporate an iOS “take-over”/cover function that notifies a driver that does NOT have the Lyft App noticeably open (in front) of any Incoming Request (i.e., nav units). Rather, a request will only appear -momentarily- as an incoming SMS, that a driver, when DRIVING, can easily miss. The App, when a driver is in Driver Mode, should take over the screen (as well as audio) of any iOS device, like an incoming call, alerting the waiting driver if any incoming request. And, needless to say, the driver should have On/Off control over such functionality. 2. I’ve always been annoyed by Lyft’s Destination Drive limitations, whether by miles or time, that seems to ALWAYS cut out (off) before a destination is achieved. Case in point, during this week’s drive times I had set my Lyft (and Uber) Apps to a Destination Drive location (home), and while Uber takes it all the way to my destination point, then ASKS if it’s OK to go offline, Lyft (as usual) CANCELLED the destination drive stating that they (Lyft systems) were sorry, that there were no rides to be had until I reached my end destination... even though I still had over “35 MILES” still to go!!!???
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5 years ago, lyftSF
Does not give accurate location
I’m a new lyft driver but it has happen three times where the lyft app has failed to give me the proper directions. First time it told me to make a left on 24th and mission and I did but drivers are not allowed to make a left on that inspection does the lyft navigation not take that into account? The second time it told me to make a right on 5th and mission and so I did but the building where my passenger was heading was on our right side, if I dropped her there she would have to retract to get to her location. The navigation system should have sent me to go down 4th, right on Howard and right on 5th and my passenger would have not been upset. Then the third time I was picking up a passenger on mission between 3rd and 4th. I was on 5th following the navigation system and it told me to make a right on Minna, the system believed my passenger was waiting there even though he was on Mission. Once again I had to retract and go against the navigation system to pick up a passenger. Please fix the navigation system, it’s such an inconvenience to get the wrong directions especially when you’re in a metropolitan area like San Francisco and one missed turn during rush hour can turn into 10min delayed and a u happy passenger.
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2 months ago, Exodus510
5 star driver banned after 3 years for no reason
Lyft will ban you without notice. Well, my time has finally come. Lyft has decided to ban me from the app without notice. If you are working with Lyft I highly recommend you find something else because no matter how “safe” and “consistent” of a driver you are they will ban you without so much as an e-mail, phone notification, mail or anything. Lyft has ruined my life financially since they never activated my account again as I was hoping they would after after I spoke with their chat support. Their chat support said to rest assured that my account is not deactivated and will be back in service soon but instead the account remained blocked, again for no reason. Their chat support and phone support is a joke. It’s all an act to make everyone believe they have a customer and driver support but the customer support team really does not have any authority they are just there to act as a part of Lyft but will continuously lie to you every chance they get. After many attempts at re-activating my account I have finally given up. They were very helpful in the beginning but after so many years they have decided to ban me without any notice. Do not download this app in hopes to make money long term, it unfortunately is not stable.
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2 years ago, thomasg6464
Horrible Driver Support, Work Manipulation
As a platinum Driver for months now, I have been dealing with Lyft’s system manipulating the rides that I accept. What happens is something that the support reps even refer to as “ride-swapping”. It’s when you accept a desired ride and drive any number of miles to pick up the desired rider, the app automatically switches you to a lower paying ride that is going in a direction you don’t want to go and this often happens multiple times in a row causing you to lose much gas and time! This is a problem because you have to work strategically and not waste gas so you can make the most of your precious time. It took me over 5 separate times using the chat support option (because they don’t allow you ever to call them as a driver to speak on the phone with a human) to find out why this was happening. So after months of different reps telling me different things, lying about how to stop this problem, they finally told me that it’s their system and that they’ll work on it. Still nothing has been done. This automatic ride-swapping has completely killed the opportunity that was once present with Lyft and it’s a shame. Especially at a time where demand for rides has dropped precipitously. Don’t waste your time, gas and/or put the wear and tear on your car.
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5 years ago, Liv3xLaughxLov3
Keeps getting worse
Every single time, for the past few months, I will get a scheduled pick up and when I go online to accept, I have to reject random pickups because they send those instead of my scheduled pick up. So my acceptance rate goes down because of this. Then when I finally do get my scheduled pick up, and accept it, it freaking disappears! No message, no warning, nothing!! And that’s if I’m lucky that I’ll actually get the request at all. Sometimes I’ll go through the whole 15 mins waiting for my schedule pick up to pop up and it never does even though it’s still in my pick ups. Then it just disappears! If the passenger cancelled, at least have the decency to let me know! But I always ended up feeling bad because a lot of these are airport rides! People need to get there on time and these mistakes can cost them missing their flight! Or people going to work trying to get there on time! And it’s early in the morning (around 4am!) not a lot of other drivers around to pick them up in case this error keeps happening! On top of all that, it makes me look bad!! Oh and to add the cherry on top I can be driving in traffic for 20 mins, get a ride, and drive for another 20 mins (in bad weather) and only get paid less than $10. Passenger tells me they paid around $30. Ridiculous. Increase the rate pay.
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5 months ago, Errands driver
Customer service ignorant and useless
January 16 I reported a damage to my vehicle after picking up at spring valley Hospital ER. I did it through an email I had previously reported damage to my car before since it wouldn’t let me do it through that particular ride. Or as a new claim. someone named Layla “senior support” mistakenly assumed I was complaining about my last damage ticket payment and just close my claim and “deny payment” keep in mind this email had a full explanada of the damage and incident and pictures of the damage with a screenshot of the ride. Time, name, and location. She did not read a thing and just assumed something leaving my email on limbo!! Since then I have been emailing back and forth with different support people that have no clue of what is happening. And now I get a “Im sorry you are reporting too late” I have been driving for Uber for 2 years and just 2 months ago I started with lyft, I thought customer service with Uber was awful but Lyft has soon taken the first place and not just about the fact that they leave you on your own with something like a damage to your vehicle done from passengers but the read and ignore the problem just like that. Now is not about the damage to my car anymore. I will use my insurance and have them deal with it.
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5 years ago, Average Joe67
Endless problems with scheduled pickups
The Lyft Driver App has a continuing problem with scheduled pickups. I routinely accept scheduled pickups from the Portland-Metro area to Portland International Airport (PDX). The app instructs me to be online at a specific time in order to accept and begin the ride. I am always online at the set time and 90% of the time the ride simply vanishes from my app without any explanation or solution from Lyft. I have brought this problem to Lyft’s attention no less than 10 times and yet the problem continues. Apple & Sprint (my service provider) have both verified that my phone & service are operating normally. I am doing everything correctly. The problem is clearly on Lyft’s end, but they refuse to do anything about it. This ‘glitch’ is directly affecting my ability to earn money with Lyft. The fact that Lyft drivers can only contact Driver Assistance via text or email is also beyond frustrating and makes communication both slow & error prone. No one at the Portland Lyft Hub could offer any answers or solutions, either. It is becoming very clear to me that Lyft has no real interest in fixing problems within their app that directly affect their driver’s ability to earn income and serve their passengers. With problems, like this, it is not surprising why their stock price has fallen so far below its IPO value.
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2 months ago, Gosh-art
Scam company
This company stole over $1000 from me . one day I had a trip of over 12 hours. Without warning, it was canceled before it was finished .It calls “canceled by admin” (cancel it by LYFT). I got zero dollars for it. The support team did not help in solving this problem. To avoid resolving these issue, I’ve got response from LYFT in a week by email . They ask a question I answer ,they wait a week and ask next question and these going on more than a month . and in the end, they inform you that they can do nothing with this issue .The support service does not solve anything at all and does not support drivers .The second time, at the end of the work day, I forgot to complete the trip and only discovered it the next morning. The company accused me of fraud and took all my earnings for the week as punishment. Although I explained that it was an accident, the trip was to my house, I simply forgot to complete it. And of course the support service didn't help at all. Compared to UBER customer service, LYFT does everything to make the driver feel like a helpless piece of c..p . and of course they do it in a polite way. I don't recommend you work with Uber either. This is the same greedy corporation. At least their support service helps drivers and solves most problems.
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1 year ago, Charley31a94l
Terrible app
You are not dealing with humans, you are dealing with an AI algorithm that has absolutely no mercy whatsoever. I am an experienced Lyft driver for over six years. I’m a five star driver. If you get one bad rating because someone doesn’t like the way you smile or because the app makes you take bad directions, all your bonuses get taken away immediately, and you are left to drive with minimum wage having to pay all your gas and expenses without any help whatsoever. This is a worker abuse situation that if the government of California hadn’t stepped in, you would be paying to drive. Uber is about 70% better. The AI algorithm is terrible to say the least. Support is very nice, but they have no power,All they can do is sympathize with your issues if you describe them well enough. This app takes advantage of the driver and makes the passenger more important. It’s not safe, it’s not fair and I do not recommend this app. Don’t forget you have to pay for gas, all the expenses. Including insurance, your car and maintenance. So without these bonuses that they remove on a whim you are basically paying to drive. The more you drive, the smaller, the bonuses get. They trap you in with a nice bonuses when you stop driving for a while, but then they punish you for your loyalty.
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3 years ago, wont open at all
Hello. This is a class action scam!! Where to even begin??1. I got my car Tuesday instead of the normal work week beginning on Monday, so I was to get a slight discount- that never happened!! 2. Thier insurance- that i paid for expired after two days Into my week and I could not get rides until ‘I’ updated thier insurance with screen shots of it. Why why why would I have access to thier insurance?? 3 . No one ever answered any of these questions. I tried for 2 days to he someone. I called the number on thier insurance, it just hangs up on you. The only option to get hold of the company is chat help. And of course that was experiencing difficulty. 4 I cant return the car as thier is no option in my app to allow that. Supposedly it is in the vehicles tab. A re turn car option. For some reason my app lacks that. So I dropped the car back iff on thier lot. But my app still has it listed as active. So I bet they are still charging me. 5 thier is no phine number, no email and no way to get ahold of anyone that works for the company. At all Just stay away. If you have a car it may work. But DO NOT RENT THIERS!! Just found out they rented me a car with expired insurance and charged me for it!! Expired 2 months prior… so everyone had bad insurance!!! Does that seem illegal?
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5 years ago, izaeahh
Drive with Caution
I’ll start this off by saying that, if you choose to do Lyft for extra money or even a full-time gig, it’s worth it! I only did it for some extra spending money, but I was able to also connect with people from all walks of life and do things on my own time. However, if you are choosing to do it, GET A RIDESHARE POLICY WITH YOUR INSURANCE. I wish they would have told me that in the beginning because the past month has been one big headache (I don’t fault Lyft for that but it truly hasn’t been fun). I got myself into a car accident last month and long story short: my insurance wouldn’t cover me since I was on the clock with them. Lyft has their own insurance company but they are slow to service. You’ll be going WEEKS without hearing anything from them, and if you’re doing Lyft to pay bills, not having your car for a month is a gigantic strain. So again, GET A RIDESHARE POLICY WITH YOUR INSURANCE before you even sign up. My agent told me it was somewhere around an extra $20 a month (can’t confirm that, but talk to your own agent and see). Save yourself your money and the headache. Otherwise, you’ll just be sitting on your hands, waiting on insurance to finally get you back on the road.
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1 year ago, GreenTee66
Last weekend, They sent me a txt for a $580 promotion for 33 rides on Thursday 12:14 pm, Thursday afternoon till 8pm I completed 8 rides and the app was normally counting. Friday I went back driving and completed 2 trips but the count is now showing only 2! Instead of 10! Wheres ky yesterdays rides?! I stopped the car and started a 4 hours txting aggravating conversation with them. First sneaky rep. respond was the promotion started 5 am on Friday, Not 12:14pm Thusday! I said where sod you come ip with this 5 am?? The txt msg is jot specifying the time frame! I cussed him all kinds and another rep. apologized and said they will work on fixing this issue and add the time frame to their messages. And me? They ruined my while weekend. I didn't work neither I planed for something better. I deleted my 4 years account with them. I never had a problem with any passenger and my 2016 car was always clean. They have a term within those promotions states that they can change or pull these deal they MAKE with the DRIVER any time they chose! Meaning the hand shake on any deal woth those low lives means nothing to them and they can chose to canceled it before a driver finish his/her last drop off to get paid for a promotion!! What a joke?! So disrespectful for my time and rights. F this company.
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4 months ago, Jtwice_1345
Deactivating Account???!!!
I put in 5 stars to ensure this review would be seen. I have only been driving Lyft a little less than a month and, as of today, my app just decided to fully deactivate. I cannot log into my account even when the option is given for me to “sign in,” it has me move forward with steps as if I was a new driver. Including asking me questions about what car I drive and my vehicle inspection report. I just did rides yesterday afternoon and had no issues until this morning. And because Lyft does not have a customer service phone number and only in-app support, I cannot even connect with anyone about this issue because my account is no longer active??? I have been driving for 25 days and have had consistent 5 star ratings since joining. My Lyft ride share app has also been deactivated. I am not sure what is going on and I have no idea how to solve this. All I know if I am losing out on making money every minute this is not handled. This is incredibly frustrating.
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3 years ago, VW Joe
Need place name with address
The app is great, but need major update, especially when it comes to business address, you need to linked up with google or add to your data base business addresses and get business name with the address so passengers can choose a name . I’ve been a Lyft driver for little over 2 years, the app has came a long way since then. But One thing kept stressing me out every time is when I’m dropping a passenger to a business I have to ask then what’s the name of the place, It’s kinda embarrassing, to ask the passenger the name of the place because the app is telling me destination is 301 Main Street, which include a series of businesses where the address 301 is in the smallest letters printed on one of the main door of the business. I suggest if the pick up or drop off is a residential a small home icon next the the address would be great idea so drivers can look for a house, if it’s a business then business name instead of address, this will be more efficient and time saving. All business advertise their names in huge letters not their address.
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12 months ago, Jadirk2
They didn't pay me for a very long trip
I made a trip from San Jose CA - Los Angeles 400 miles and Lyft did not pay me because according to them it took a long time and what they did was finish it giving as an answer that the system closed it and supposedly did not charge the client and for that reason they did not pay me either For me, it took many hours and miles because I had to go back to San Jose so they wouldn't pay me, it's very difficult but there was no way to make them understand, there is no phone support, nothing, everything is done as they say and I don't have support, just support from someone who Put yourself in my position and do the right thing in a situation like this since I took the client to his hotel safely and as it should, it was very easy to talk to him and thus pay for my work because it was done and it was done. did well…. It is something that I hope does not happen to anyone else, because it is not fair and even more so in such a long distance I regret having such a long trip for a very low cost and if they also do not even give you gasoline it hurts even more how unfair
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4 years ago, Empresskali
You can earn but they make it extremely difficult
Lyft will send you bonus opportunities when they notice you aren’t driving, the earnings are great. As soon as you get your first bonus for driving 60 people for a $64 bonus they will no longer offer you decent ways to earn. I have never seen a power zone in a year nor destination bonus. They cancel the driver streaks as soon as you are 1 ride away, all of a sudden when you check it the bonus offer disappears. Many people I have spoken too states that Lyft asks them to drive for unattainable goals. Customer service is a joke, you might as well ask yourself a question because their goal is to close the ticket not give you answers. My door lock mechanism was damaged from riders slamming my door, the door gets more use than any other part of my car because that’s the door most people use to enter my car. I have 24 hours to send a picture of something you can’t see you have to actually take your hands and feel or use. Drive UBER, a customer told me she was charged $40 for a ride through Lyft whereas Uber charged $80 for the same ride. I got $24 for driving someone over 48 minutes away. Drive Uber!!! The ratings for this app are from employees and friends of the developers, that’s a proven fact!!!!
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4 years ago, TDeshonOfficial
If i could i would give them zero stars.
Lyft deactivated my driver account back in 2017 from false accusations. Someone, from my understanding, reported to them that I was in an accident while driving for them. Now, the issue is, instead of getting all of the evidence from both sides, they completely went off of the reporter’s words and deactivated my account. At the time they stated I was in an accident on the platform, I hadn’t driven with lyft at all in over 3 months because I didn’t have a vehicle at all because of life trials I’d been going through. My vehicle that was claimed to be involved in the reported accident had been repossessed already, so it didn’t make sense how I could be involved in an accident with a car I no longer had. This whole thing was just completely bizarre to me with how lyft handled this whole thing. I reached out countless times to try and prove my innocence and show that it was false accusations; however, lyft completely disregarded any attempt i made in trying to clear it up. This is by far the worse company I’ve ever worked for. They care more about the money than the employees and it is very disturbing and sickening. They automatically go off of the reporters words with no regard to the person they employed.
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5 years ago, Chill4Will
They do NOT take care of their Drivers
On 6/9/19 at 6:25am, I proceeded to pick up a Rider at a designated address. After arriving at the address on the app and having to wait a couple minutes I received a call from the rider. She said the address was wrong (wouldn’t be the first time). I proceeded to attempt to find the passenger. After several minutes of trying to locate the passenger I told her to try to find another driver because I didn’t get the sense I was close. I marked the rider NO SHOW and cancelled the ride. I realize the app didn’t credit the $5 cancellation fee. I contact support and the first one stopped texting without notice. Another came on (ended the same way). Then finally after 4 agents I connected with Evangeline. She explained the same thing as the others but at least she was nice. Bottom line, they said because I canceled not at the address that I couldn’t get the cancellation fee. The problem is, the ONLY reason I wasn’t at the address was because the passenger called me wanting me to come to a different one. Lyft couldn’t care less about the circumstances, their “strict rule” says blah blah. So basically forget the passenger and obey their rules? No customer service in that. Therefore I’m deleting both the driver and rider app and moving to Uber. What a joke!!! 👎🏾 Very disappointing
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3 years ago, Klassye
Worst customer service ever and you cant use express pay
Ive been driving for over 4yrs 4.98 star rating hundreds of rides and great review. But as of these last 10 months or so the customer service is extra crappy. You can only contact by email. Which it will take a few days for them to get back with you. I just received a response for an email i sent 4 months ago. An it literally said sorry it took us so long an that was it. If you have a problem you better figure it out yourself because none on their people are capable of helping. They read everything from a script and cant do anything beyond that. If your actually talking to a human. An they say they have express pay but they dont. At least i dont,a card expires try change it and it doesnt save it just trys ti save for hours. I have actual video if it trying to save. I have spoken with over a dozen different lyft agents about the problem and no one tell me whats going on. They ignore my emails now. They could just say lyft wants you to use their debit card so they can keep control of your money. Heck ive even had to wait over 3 weeks to get paid after emailing 6 different agents and still the same monologue and no results. Uber is not even this bad
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5 years ago, iitscorey
Issues that need fixing
I have been driving for Lyft a little over two months, and these issues are still on going. I thought maybe the app would fix it with updates however, I was wrong. 1. First week went great, my buddy had his feedback button right away. I figured if I waited a week for my first results it would come to the app for me. I have still not had this option 🤷🏼‍♂️ .. 2. Before I pick up a ride it is suppose to show how long the ride is estimated to see if it’s worth it, have NOT received this option either. 3. The GPS needs fixing because it keeps bringing me to the back of buildings where my customer is not! Lastly.. I could not pick up one of my customers due to an issue that happened in town, she had to walk to me. And she got in & it didn’t register that she was with me or an option to say she walked to me. She had to cancel the ride and hope 🤞🏼 that I was the ride because she was late to work already for the state of emergency issue! Please fix! I love the app , love working for myself. Great way to earn money for yourself the way you would like, making your own hours. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, daniquinn19
Lyft is TRASH! I have a valid az license and a valid document saying I can drive in az, but trash Lyft says my license is not valid and I need to take it up with the dmv. I’ve called the dmv and was told that I am and they provided me with the document. I have been trying to “validate” my license for a week now! All Lyft keeps saying is that I’m not valid even with proof. Another reason Lyft is TRASH is their lack of gps giving correct directions. Who uses a garbage route as the main route for driving on Lyft? It makes no sense. There isn’t an option to use Apple Maps either. Google maps is TRASH. Lyft need real people to help us not some fake ai who doesn’t know how to read documents. The rates are not fair for what drivers have to put up with and Lyft doesn’t care about the safety of their drivers either. You could be picking up Katrina but really is mike and his homeboys… Lyft needs to make its passengers provide proof line they do for drivers and if the passenger doesn’t let the driver know the ride is for so and so the passenger needs to be penalized. Just like when a driver is told “you were reported for not wearing a mask” (when in fact you were) just so the passenger can get a free ride out of lying. So in conclusion. Become an Uber driver.
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5 years ago, Vel in Cali
No help with app. Why? No choice of inspection site. Why?
Lousy app. Makes me question the company as a whole. I am in Southern California. I do NOT want to drive to Oakland for the inspection. I can find no other options. Clicking of change location and clicking on the “map” box was a waste of time. Sure, I can see all over when I click on “ map”, but doesn’t matter you cannot choose a different location. I’m guessing this is because when I first started the process Oakland was sort of in the area. It’s 400 miles from where I am now. I canceled the Oakland inspection as soon as I knew I was going to SoCal. Why am I not allowed to pick a different location? Why is there no FAQ section or a “write to us” or ANYTHING to catch someone’s attention. We should be able to get help through the app. A link. An email address. A phone number. Something. I’m getting texts almost everyday reminding me to get my car inspected. You can send repeat text messages but I cannot contact anyone??? Why? It’s not like this is a new company. It’s not a new app. What’s the problem developers? I refuse to believe people throughout California have to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area. If it’s this much of a hassle to schedule an inspection, do I really want to work with these people? The jury is out.
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2 months ago, Tokirin
Almost got scammed
Received a phone call right after accepting a ride. The person on the line claimed that the ride I accepted was a test to get my attention, there was no rider, and that I had been selected to participate in a survey for Lyft and get $600. They said I should cancel the ride, and asked for my phone number and said I would get a confirmation for all of this through email. He started talking about a whole bunch of other stuff like my application had been updated to make gps tracking more accurate, and other stuff that didn’t make sense. At that point I became suspicious, and asked how I could know if they are really from Lyft. Then he hung up. There’s no specific feature on the Lyft app to report fake passengers, so I put in a help ticket to report it. The answer I got was sorta lame, they just said thanks for letting us know, we won’t hold the cancelled trip against you, and try not to get scammed. But I didn’t get the feeling that they were serious about preventing these sort of fake passenger scams from occurring. Who would want to drive for a company where you could get scammed for doing your job and that gives out your contact information to strangers? How else were they able to call me?
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2 years ago, joetdz
Not user Friendly
This app has extremely limited functions for drivers, it’s not at all user friendly if you look at it from a driver perspective. The 2 destination limit is horrid b/c it counts off when it didn’t even get you to your destination, and you can’t do anything should be 5 uses atleast but honestly there should be no limit we’re not kids/slaves/employees , . If you’re in the middle of nowhere you have to end your shift just to get back home, it’s even worse that you can’t edit it. Not to mention, I can’t see any info about the trip except pickup which if I could I wouldn’t have to logout every time I need to drive back to my city. It’s so bad not knowing where a trip will take you expecially for people with families, you’re forced to not even log in for fear you’ll immediately be taken 60 miles away on your first ride. We don’t even have the option to reroute or avoid tolls. Worst part is having to go 20 minutes for a pickup, not knowing where droppoff is and often times it ends up being a 5-10 minute trip ($2-3) which is a complete loss with the amount of time/gas/damage it took getting there. It’s not user friendly at all, and if you get a family emergency good luck making it back.
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1 year ago, tryitlater
Unsafe Unpleasant traumatizing experience
After few incidents with Lyft riders I found it that it’s not coincidence that such violent aggressive passengers are more in Lyft than Uber! I did both Uber and Lyft since 2014 and I can say that Lyft passengers are three types : The first is those who just got used to use Lyft and they are ordinary passengers The second type is those who don’t like Uber and they are awesome passengers The last type is those who were kicked from Uber because of their behavior and switched to Lyft and these are the aggressive violent chaotic type that will traumatize you! So basically Uber is throwing its trash on Lyft and Lyft is not doing enough to clean its community from this type because it’s very likely that Lyft will side the passenger while Uber take very decisive stand for any report against passengers behavior! I did Lyft from 2014 and an incident with violent type of passengers in 2019 pushed me to switch to Uber ! Beyond that Lyft is paying drivers way less than Uber and driving with Uber earns driver nearly double the amount for the same driven mileage! Last night in Chicago area a passenger showed me that Lyft charged him $86 for the trip , Lyft paid me $43 for that trip! The navigation is unsafe unreliable and doesn’t reflect the actual ETA.
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