Machinery Trader

4.5 (1.4K)
9.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sandhills Global, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Machinery Trader

4.51 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
9 years ago, FordHighboy
Best Results!
This app has the best results for the equipment you want to see, it's pretty fast, and the number of category's you can choose from is nice. The only problem that I would like to see change is a search option where you can find specific make model hours, overall this app is stunning
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2 years ago, TonyLovesPopTarts
The new layout is a mess. When I search for cranes, it’s a free for all, not able to search by type(AT, RT, Crawler, etc) and the filters are clunky. Just go to the mobile site. At least on the iPad, that’ll orient in portrait or landscape. The previous release was great minus the landscape orientation on ipad, they they went to fix something that wasn’t really broken. 1 out of 5, wouldn’t recommend.
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8 months ago, Brett203
Good app.
Great app. Works well. I would like to be able to select the types of controls. Like joysticks or hand/foot controls. Also would like to select if it’s track or wheel machine.
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2 years ago, eustis 1235
Liked the old app better.
Old app was easier to search with. This feels cumbersome and not smooth.
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1 year ago, Shdurjrn
Good content, fair accessibility
Not as user friendly as it once was, the old format was easier to search for things and way faster
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1 year ago, Coleston 2.0
Difficult to use
The old format was so easy to navigate. Now it it hard to just browse. And had enough of the stupid pop ups that are hard to clear without clicking on them. Put it back the way you had it!
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3 weeks ago, Timelogix customer
Swiping takes you out of your search
Annoying to say the least. Search for an item with filters one moment. Swipe and now you are back at the homepage. Now to do it all over again…
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1 year ago, Mat2813
Old app was 10 times better. Not sure why it needed to change just to make it worse.
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2 years ago, Takeuuuuuchi
How do we get the previous version of the app back? Too many clicks to work through the filter, and there are machine locations when your scrolling through listings. Ugh.
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2 years ago, Kandontwantspam
The App has been ruined
Any way to get previous version back? The recent update has destroyed any ability to find what you’re actually looking for. The old version was at least useable. This is complete garbage now.
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2 years ago, Irven11
New update is a total bust!
Wow, wow, wow…. Who let the third grader take a perfectly functional app and screw it up?!?!? The new version is fubar. So many steps just to find what you want. Please revert to the previous version. You tried, failed, now go back to the basics.
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1 year ago, watt87
Machinery trader
I updated the app and it changed it completely to more like the desktop version. It is no longer very user friendly on the app compared to the old version.
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12 months ago, Oregongamer
Bring back the old app
This new app is not intuitive and takes forever to find what I’m looking for. Cannot choose thumbnail view or sort on pricing. Please for the love of Pete bring the old app back!!!
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2 years ago, Truttura
New version
New version is horrible. The interface is terrible. Cannot find anything. Too many clicks through filters to get what we are looking for for.
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2 years ago, dmurph2016
New update is awful
Need to go back to the old layout. There was nothing wrong with it. New design is awful and very hard to search for items
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4 years ago, bigdave1231
App is ok but frustrating
The app gets really jumpy and glitchy for my iPad Pro then it will close on its own and crash. Can only use it for about 10 mins at a time.
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2 years ago, The bozZZz
Terrible update
The new update is not user friendly, and is awful. The original version was fine
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1 year ago, jay183735415179292726251
So many pop up adds
So many pop up adds for shipping and everything else it’s hardly usable
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2 years ago, dovdhsuhwb
No good
To hard to look up what you want u don’t even have crawler loader’s on the front page old way was much better
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2 years ago, tc411+
Update concerns
What happened to the previous version of this app ? This new updated version is trash 🗑. Takes twice as long to find equipment I no longer use the app unless I have to Layout is horrible Please return the old version.
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2 years ago, kraigermade
New update
5.0 version….Terrible….not user friendly at all! Needs to go back to original format.
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2 years ago, lmwqphtfbgkc
Update is horrible
The last layout was perfect. The new update has made the app basically unusable
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2 years ago, pickup farmer
New format
Hate the new format, very difficult to use compared to the old version
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2 years ago, JDboy8200
New layout
The new layouts from Sandhills are beyond stupid. Someone from the government must have joined them and said “this is nice let’s screw it up”
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2 months ago, X Excel User!
Poor layout
Way to hard to search. Old app was 100x better.
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7 months ago, CHAllnger
Trouble finding machines
Too hard to find the machine I’m looking for. Loved the old way.
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5 months ago, Wags1645
Poor app
Get tired of logging in all the time. It’s an equipment site not a bank.
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12 months ago, controls_lancaster
The load speeds of the searches are not that great.
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2 years ago, JR-359
New update no good
New update very hard to navigate Previous layout was great
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2 years ago, awsome catholic
Old app way better
Please fix app
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9 years ago, Dmax2007.5
Crashes when other equipment is selected on iOS 8.2
The app is very useful. Has no spam ads which is awesome!!! Other than crashing when other equipment is selected. iOS 8.2 operating system
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14 years ago, Cheko's
Search Parts
It will be the best one if you add the option of look up for parts too. You have it already in your web why not here. For me that sell heavy equipment and parts and most of the time I'm visiting customer will be juts nice to have that option on my phone.
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14 years ago, Keely Bear
Awesome app!
This app is the best app I've seen for machinery equipment. If your in the business of buying trucks, trailers, farm equipment, or machine equipment then this app is a must have!
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7 years ago, EricGarlock
I use this app all the time and it is pretty handy!
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9 years ago, Bug Juice 3348
need ipad ap
This is a great app but needs to have an Ipad version. Its aggravating turning the screen back and forth especially if you use a case that has a keyboard
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14 years ago, MachineBuyer84
Machinery Trader app
The Machinery Trader app is awesome for searching used equipment! So easy to use!
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14 years ago, Brian Switzer
Absolutely useless. Crashes repeatedly, to the point of being unusable. Tractor House has an app with the exact same layout and info that actually works. I recommend it instead.
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9 years ago, GErard Del
Watch list doesnt work
When seeing other items the app crashes and exits ! Please fix!
Show more
14 years ago, MCX9
Would have earned 5 stars if it had auction results!
Show more
9 years ago, Horace Elmore
Heavy equipment operator
Nothing runs like a Catapillar
Show more
12 years ago, todd.vohs
iPad support?
iPhone app is great. Any support for iPad? 2x zoom of iPhone app on iPad is grainy and won't adjust for landscape/portrait.
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9 years ago, Mack guy
Dirt guy
Great way to look for your next piece of equipment but can't view pics in full screen
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1 year ago, PetroFab
Older app was easier to navigate on an iPad or phonemobile app performance, it was a very user friendly platform and then it was reconfigured. No longer is working well on my iPhone or iPad.olde
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12 years ago, Equipment browser
Sort, sort, sort
Needs a sort command very badly to be able to sort through all the results Like price--high to low Year--new to old Distance--near to far Fix this and it would be a great app
Show more
8 years ago, Hoyt98765
Not working
I can't not get the app to open on heavy equipment or trucks or farm equipment
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9 years ago, Jamesmq
Destroyed app
Values for year and price doesn't work anymore
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14 years ago, Benfebb
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