Magic Eraser Background Editor

4.8 (93.5K)
68.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alan Cushway
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Magic Eraser Background Editor

4.77 out of 5
93.5K Ratings
1 month ago, Kelly961
Because of your generosity
Long story short. I use to draw and paint and even started writing a book. Well I’ve suffered with An involuntary muscle movement disorder for years Called Cervical dystonia. There’s so much in between but it is also associated with anxiety depression. There’s no good treatment and the medicine I did go on caused me to lose interested in Art and writing. Happy to say I’m off that medicine but even if I draw now I get hand cramps and I can’t even write for very long. I loved writing because cursive was also an art to me. Through the depressions I was still able to use apps that allow some tools to be used for free without eventually adding a fee. You and other founders of art apps that allow some free tools actually help me and I would guess others also through their depression and brought some comfort. So it’s not only a kind hearted things because people with limited means can use it; this app is also a blessing for people with depression or are going through some ruff times and can’t process their thoughts and feelings. So I want to say thank you so much for the use of your app over the years. God Bless You.
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4 years ago, (^O^☆♪/*
Insert Review Title Here
I recently found this app, and it’s surprisingly really efficient! I love how close you can zoom in, how you can change the picture’s angle, and adjust the softness of the brush. So far, I’m absolutely enjoying it and have been able to make some really good renders, plenty better than the previous app I was using. My only problem is how easy it is to lose all my progress. They can take a long time to make, so I don’t always do it in one standing. Whenever I exit an app or turn off my device, I always fully close out the app to save battery, but whenever I close out this one (which has happened a lot), all my progress is instantly gone and I have to restart. Aside this, though, I have basically no complaints! I’ll definitely continue using it a lot and strongly recommend it to anyone who regularly makes renders while trying to go for the highest possible quality.
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7 months ago, Artgirlcookies
I love this app... I need to create png files often for my graphics and this is excellent. However...... There is one thing they HAVE to change.... When I have erased the background of an image, and I have been working on it for a while, with intricate areas, then hit the download button, it shows the two images, both with and without background. The first inclination is always to hit the house icon in the upper right. When you do this, you lose everything you just did. Instead, you need to hit the photo of what you wish to save. I have lost so much of my work by hitting this house icon....only to have to start from the beginning. The least you could do Is have a pop up window and ask if this is what you want to do, as a precaution. Easy..just a simple precaution. Otherwise, this is the best eraser app out Thank You to the developers!!
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6 years ago, D-Mac06
Satisfied for Technology and Strategy to develop this app
As a expert at graphic design and using different industry standard technology, this app is great, since the option to properly digitize out ‘a field’ or section is what it does best. This is my first review... I felt I need to give this app a thumbs up for their effort to supply the creative industry a tool they can use to build story boards, to communicate a vision across visually. Please keep the PNG option as is don’t Change a thing this feature to export the file is perfect. Specially if your working while your traveling, this helps a lot, I wish there was an option to send larger file by a cloud base service. I am a believer that freedom to express should not condemn designers to a desk but rather experience the aspect of self and expression in the wonderment of everything. Sorry if this review is all words. It’s the feelings I feel of joy and sparkles... Like spongebobs wonderful life, and joy happiness to do what one does best, he loves flipin patties, and spend time out doors... peace. ~Stop the Pain and Wars make just make Love and be Happy.
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4 years ago, Karen T. player of this game
It’s ok
I like it! The auto cut doesn’t cut well though and it didn’t come that useful. That was the main reason I didn’t use it much. I am not patient so if you made the auto cut cut better that would be great! I would also recommend that you add video background eraser because I don’t know how to green screen yet and that would be useful. Also, the green screen would be a good idea because that would give consumers more of a reason to get the app. Plus, it makes MagicEraser unique and different from the other erasers. It still works and I would have used it more if I was more patient. I would also suggest that you make it so the premium ad doesn’t pop up right when you open the app. It can get annoying because I don’t spend money on apps and it looks like the app is basically begging for money. It is a pretty cheap part of the app, making it less useable. But other than my suggestions, the app is great and is still useable.
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6 years ago, RedSymbol/
Where It All Began
....for me, anyway. This App is a masterpiece. From arts &crafts to AI, it subtlety becomes what all Apps and learning machines should be, Comrades. We’ve gotten into many a-harry-situation, literally. We never surprised each other, we worked for it. We did some pretty dumb stuff, too. Real dumb. Funny. And we broke some hearts. It looks like MIT just created a machine that has learned to distinguish and extract the background of any picture instantly. Good. But there’s still moving pictures, and I got “Video 2 Photo-HD”, “ImgPlay” and a fresh stylis, some albums I’ve been meaning to listen to. Or maybe I’ll just sit in the quiet and ease into that uniquely honest focus with an old friend. I never did really know the name, it was always the “red one, with the race flag” to me. Still the fastest car when I’m driving. Thank you.
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5 months ago, whw22
Fantastic Utility
I downloaded this utility today into my iPhone and iPad. I have a library of editing tools on my Windows PC, but I needed something to use on my iPad so I wouldn’t have to open my computer every time I wanted to do editing of this type on the computer. Today I cut out 2 people from one image with a background I didn’t want, and placed it onto a different background image I had. Wow!!! This tool is easy and intuitive to use. The results were comparable to expensive apps I have on my PC. Plus a subscription is only 10 bucks a year, which is 6-8 times less costly than a bunch of other utilities in the Apple App Store. When I saw the results I immediately paid for my subscription. I’m more than pleased with this utility!
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6 years ago, Pixel Wrangler
Excellent App For Making Cut-Out Images
I have used this app to help make some remarkable composite photos. It had a major problem that the developer corrected in a very responsive manner in this latest December 2017 version. Note that you will need to delete your currently installed version including in memory by double-clicking on the Home button and closing it to ensure the latest version is actually installed from App Store updates. Just reinstall it. No longer is all of the work done on making a clean cut-out image in progress lost when clicking on the back arrow “<“. There is now a prompt asking whether you want to retain your current work that pops up if you click that “<“ arrow. I have updated my rating to 5 stars to reflect the features and functionality of this app. It is my go-to app for making great looking images with transparent backgrounds on the iPhone, which I then use in image compositing apps.
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5 years ago, neemaweema
I am so mad and sad right now
I’m a gacha editor and I was working on a meme and it was going good then all of a sudden all the pictures I cut out turn back to white and when I look at the video it was was white and the pictures were the same as there was when I touched them 🥺😭 plz fix this also the zoom in thing fix that too bc when I do that it lags and all the buttons disappear. Other wise it’s a good app but that happed made me really sad bc I took 2 days doing all of that just to be wasted..😭 I just hat life right now memes are the only thing that keeps me up and at it with life but lately I been having bad luck so please fix the bugs I really Will appreciate it..thanks for taking your time and reading this thank you goodbye..
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5 years ago, JackandJen
So far so good
I really love this app. It is easy and straightforward to use. The only thing I really have an issue with is the ads cover a large part of the top of the screen. Basically they make it impossible to edit an entire photo because they are covering the photo. You can shrink your photo down to edit, but of course that also creates problems sometimes with making sure you’ve gotten every bit of background removed. I’m sure this issue is probably remedied in the paid version, which I will likely eventually get, but there should be a way to make the ads less obtrusive in the free version too. The ads covering the photo being edited is the only reason why this isn’t being given five stars. If that gets fixed to show ads that interfere less, I’ll revise this to five stars.
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10 months ago, Jonithan. Bbbbbb
New update has made things more difficult
So I’ve had this app for years and it’s been great, simple, straightforward, so I did’t mind the ads. The update that revamped the entire system has some improvements but after making my edits it takes you to the save screen where you can do touch ups on lighting and color, flip it horizontally, etc. That’s all great, but if you move the image it saves it that way, so you zoom in to see that you missed a spot and go back and then it’s still zoomed in. I use it for erasing the background on gifs frame by frame, and need them lined up perfectly when I put it into my video editor. It seems to randomly decide to zoom in when saving and there’s no way that I see to recenter it before saving if you moved it at all. Fix that issue and I’ll be very happy, but I unfortunately have to look into another app until then
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4 years ago, kaiami*
Great tool, but I don’t like the subscription platform
I used Magic Eraser for a long time before I decided to get the “pro” version. While I do enjoy having the option to change the eraser to a square and a triangle, I just can’t justify paying yearly for it. I would definitely buy the pro version if it was a one time charge, but I don’t think it’s worth paying yearly for it. One thing that’s lacking (both in the free version as well as the paid) is that it doesn’t have an option for “redo”. It has undo, but I have accidentally tapped that more than once and since there isn’t a redo option, I have to go back and do the work over again. Having a redo would be a great addition to this app! It would also be super helpful to be able to turn the triangle in different directions. I thought I would use the triangle often, but since it’s just in one direction and can’t be turned, I didn’t use it as much. I realize you can rotate the photo, but would be nice to be able to rotate the triangle eraser. I hope that the developers will decide to have a “pay once” setup in the future. Until then, I’ll have to stick with the free version. It’s definitely easier when you can make the eraser a square or triangle, but I can’t see paying yearly for this.
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2 years ago, UltraSonicMC
Good app! But annoying ads.
This is a great app that can take away the background of almost any photo! But it has annoying ads. It keeps asking you to pay for a monthly subscription at a ridiculous price. But who would want to pay for a monthly subscription for an app like this that you only use every once and a while? I mean, why is everything always a monthly subscription now? It’s just soooo greedy of them. If you have monthly subscriptions for everything you want, you’d be paying over a crazy amount of money a month just for everything, which is ridiculous! It looks like you can bypass the subscription though, which is good, but it still has annoying ads. I wish it was just a one time pay for the premium version. That would be so much better.
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5 years ago, madcopygirl
Perfect! Does what it says and so well
Love simple apps that provide flexibility and are quick to master. Simply well done. Lately, however, since getting an iphone xr and restoring all my apps via backup, I am getting a full page ad that takes too long to provide the X for closing it down. I am forced to press “restore” every time I open the application. Anyone else mention this? Is it a bug? Is it me? Is it the stupid xr which is a step back for the iphone in my opinion? Didn’t want but had no option after my almost great iphone 7 lost all audio capabilities (I say almost great because the earphones connected to the lightning port so you couldn’t charge the device while using the earphones). The xr makes my hands sad.
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4 years ago, 2344673575658349
It’s unique and a fun game to play on the go or just being goofy
This game is a fabulous way to erase things you don’t like about photos and I made my family pictures to many!!!This game is just so good to use when being goofy at sleepovers or real art it’s a good game and I like it very much<33! DOUBLE HEART!I think that it’s such a good way to hide mistakes and to learn from then for next time it’s a game that’s so fun and definitely double heart<33................ON TO THE BAD THINGS:also before I start on the things I don’t like no hate just opinions:) So I’m sorry but number 1 is that you can’t ever seem to get it perfectly how I would like to but yeah I mean no hate opinions everyone has them! I’m sorry! (If you know how to get it perfect then I wish I knew to<33) DOUBLE HEART
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5 years ago, Santiago59:)
This is amazing
This is a really good app I barely just used it and I’m already loving it. One of my friends asked me for a good app to edit backgrounds and I gave her this app as advice for her new app to use on photos. She also asked me to edit some photos and it was really easy, some of the apps I use are really difficult and have lots of ads or scams. One of my old apps I used was (eraser) and it was really hard because the pictures came out choppy or either I missed something to erase. However this app contains many features to help with that problem. I love this app and will use it more because it really helps my pictures look amazing and this app will add a good input to my work on editing photos.
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4 years ago, SportsFan1
Upgraded to 5 stars
Update - I still love this app! It’s very intuitive and easy to use. The issue with converting from a transparent image is resolved. I appreciate tech support reaching out help. I’m leaving the original post to draw attention to the need to select the HEIG switch if anyone else was having the same problem. Previous post: But after creating a transparent background it converts it to the original photo once it is backed up to camera roll. This means, if you create a transparent back ground to use later, you’ve wasted your time. I tried deleting the original image, however this still happens. This is very frustrating.
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2 years ago, YandereBunnydoll
Adult Ads
I’ve been using this app for awhile now, and although I don’t have children, I do have younger siblings. I like this app, it’s helped me make some super cute pictures & edits. However, there are so many ads, I usually try my best to skip without pressing anything that’ll take me to some other app, but literally 30 seconds ago.. I finished one of my edits & downloaded. While downloading an ad popped up for an app called “Umum” & the first part of the ad didn’t phase me as I’m an adult, but had a kid seen that.. come on now. It’s an app to chat & meet new people apparently, but the first part of the ad showed a man watching the screen with huge eyes & a woman on the other screen pulled up her shirt to reveal her breasts, it was blurred, but we all know what was going on. After that it showed two other women seductively watching the man with their fingers in their mouths etc. Come on y’all, do better.
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3 years ago, Velociraptor G.
Wonderful app
Update: Tips for future users, shut down or restart your device. My storage is fine but I began to have these freezing issues with other apps of mine. I restarted my device and it worked, thank you developers! I love this app! Don’t get me wrong - it’s a cool app, really efficient works nicely. But the one issue I have is when I get to the final screen where I select a transparent or solid background- it freezes. I’ve tried shutting the app down and trying agian, refreshing the app, and even deleting it and redownloading it, only to meet the same results. Please try to patch this bug or glitch when you have the time, as this app is a big factor in helping me make stickers and such.
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5 years ago, YTKylita
Pretty Good.
I have used this app for a couple months, and let me just say before I get into the more serious stuff is that this app is amazing! It gets rid of most of the white line that we all never want, and it’s pretty durable and free! There’s only one thing in the app that I dislike though. Basically, when you hit the picture you want to save after erasing and it says ‘saved’ or something like that, it doesn’t take you back to the main page where you pick your picture you want to erase. And it’s pretty annoying to go all the way back there and have to do it over and OVER and over again, but that’s my only complaint. Great job on this app!
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2 years ago, Danilyngo
I never imagined....
I never thought Magic Eraser would be my go-to, #1 app on the App Store but it is, by far. Out of all of my apps, this is the one that never offloads because I’m always using it. Sure, there are ads but in my experience they’ve been minimal-fair for what the app offers to the user. If you need to remove photo backgrounds and/or replace the photo background with another image once it’s removed, Magic Eraser does both﹠has a lot of tools to fine tune your image when you’re erasing the background and believe me, I’ve tried every background erasing app, and this is best. End of story, without this app you’re missing out.
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6 years ago, wot-is-going on
It works
Whenever I’m in a group chat and something stupid or funny happens and I want to visualize it, but google doesn’t have transparent images of what I want, or make an icon for something but need to trim the edges, or make a meme, or make this or that or the other thing,,,, this does the job! It’s easy to use, quick to work with (I can visualize the silly thing in the chat and edit it together in another app and come back to have it still be relevant in the conversation), and most importantly, not frustrating!! There is an ad when you open the app but other than that, all it is is your pictures and the tools. It does what it says. No more, no less. :))
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7 years ago, Just 2 words
Loving it!
I'm a newbie and already I love it. I have spent hours removing the background from my pictures in photoshop in the most tedious way because I'm not an expert user. I opened this app and already removed the background from a picture in seconds without really knowing how to use it. Now I need to go figure out what all of the icons are used for and then I can go to town on making more of my pictures better. It appears the learning curve is simple, which is a plus. But again, I'm new to using this app and need to explore more but for now I give it 5 star on the basis of simplicity and how effective it is. It's super easy and quick! Just what I need! Thanks!
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8 months ago, Kate234
Always impressed
Update: The developers commented on my review and helped me figure this out! I got into the app and tried to mess around with some photos that have been difficult in the past… Turns out some kind of update has already improved the process! Nice work, all. Unreservedly 5 stars. Does *exactly* what it says it will. I mostly use this for product photos so I can add them to my virtual closet or apps that track my various collections. The only time it fails is when the product itself is white. I wish there was a way to adjust the sensitivity in cases like that, but for the price, I’m super happy with it.
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1 year ago, keysha Geronimo nunez 💖
Loving the game and the company
the reason I like the game because it so beautiful you can even earse the background also put colors and kinda of those little scales you know what I mean? and it’s just beautiful and sometimes it erases the whole thing but it’s ok. because there is a restore button that could put it all back again! also the company and group that made this game I just want to tell you that you really did a good job maybe you can make a number 2 of this game? If you have time to do it please do it I bet your other games are fantastic. also i bless god for you not to die and have good luck.
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7 months ago, enlightenedall
Great app
I love this app so far, I haven’t learn to use it completely so far I’ve been doing well there’s just one thing I don’t like and that is it sometimes when I take my picture and put it to the size that I normally do and then go to erase all the background it’ll flip the picture sideways and I don’t know how to stop that but otherwise my pictures are so much better so much cleaner there for selling online and I do so much better I love it The other thing that just stated is that it is totally erasing my picture when it’s sized and ready to start the back ground erase process and I can’t see why?
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2 years ago, bronyboy5463
Update Ruined Everything!!
Yeah no, I will not be using this app anymore. The app was fine before. Easier to navigate, very simple and not complex. There”s nothing inherently wrong with you guys updating the way the app looks, but making it harder to use was the price for it? Was the retooling of the app’s function really necessary? I don’t know why I’m even bothering to write this review in the first place, given that app makers these days don’t care about their consumers. Go ahead and reply to my review saying “sorry for the inconvenience,” cuz it’s not gonna change the fact that you ruined the app. This will be the last time I’m using Magic Eraser. There’s just better apps out there that know what their costumers want. I’m so tired of app makers these days thinking they can just make unnecessary changes and then wonder why no one uses their apps anymore. Peace out.
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2 years ago, Dulcilady
Easy to use background remover
I downloaded this app to try it out and found it worked great. A little discovery I found was when you think you’re through removing a background, select the eye icon which turns the background red. Any artifacts you missed will show up here. I probably won’t subscribe to this as I already have Procreate, a much more robust AND expensive editor that I use for other purposes. I do like the restore button on this app which I haven’t found in Procreate. If you’re looking for a simple tool to remove backgrounds, though, I’d recommend this one.
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3 years ago, Dollarponyo
Love the game but one problem
Ever since I got the app I loved using it for edits but one day well making a gacha tween something happened. I erased the background and got out everybody part out separately and I was just about to put the pics in different editing app and when I did I saw a white frame around each pic. I was super sad knowing I had put the hard work into erasing and had to find a new way to do it, thanks for reading but pls fix this glitch :(. Edit: OMG I’m so sorry, I got the wrong app, I tried a different app but the same problem happened, I’m gonna tell the other app, again I’m sorry for the mistake.
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4 months ago, vcryssie
used to be OK.
i’ve tried quite a few editing apps so that I can edit pictures of clothes I try to sell online. They’re all kind of glitchy but this one worked OK. But then, as time went on and they flooded the app with ads, it seems that they made the app even worse and annoying so that you had to upgrade and pay more. It became far more glitchy, user unfriendly, totally nonsensical, and even worse I would have to listen to stupid ads for 15 seconds or even worse, little freaking games – little app games that I’d have to watch until I could use the app. And I’m pretty sure that I paid for this about a year or so ago. regardless I probably want using it again because it’s just too glitchy into annoying.
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4 years ago, Chicken199
As I was going through my camera role but there was one picture that stood out the most, a family member doing a cannonball. I then decided to look through the App Store to find one where I can make him look like his is a meteorite crashing into a planet. I stumbled upon this one and downloaded it assuming I would have to delete it and look for a new app, but this one was perfect!! It did have some in-app purchases but it functions great without them. Although, if you are looking to do more editing then I recommend purchasing it. I’m very pleased and will tell family and friends about MagicEraser!
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5 years ago, Ragingwukong
2019 April 22 review. A very good and useful app
Alright so I’m looking to edit some words onto a picture but kept getting white inside of letters like A,b, B, D, d, and etc. But luckily was able to even point out can point out places it missed and bam gone. And even more luckily they don’t spam you of ads (but there is a lot but so are other free apps like this)and when downloading the picture they don’t ask for you to pay. Which I find is a great thing. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of backgrounds but can’t get it all or just gives you a different background. Then go for this one
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2 years ago, IPTuser
Mostly great
I really love using this app. It works better on some things than others, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. A feature that would make it easier for people (at least me) to use, is the ability to see which pictures already have transparency BEFORE you open the photo (right now, it’s ‘look at photos - find one you want to work on - open it - “Oops, this is transparent already” close photo’). Another feature I would really love is the ability to work with images outside of the Photos folder. I have my photos as of now stored in a folder in a different program, and would still like the background removal.
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7 years ago, Grasshopper100
Absolutely Incredible (My Boss Thinks I'm a Genius!)
I do print and digital marketing for my employer. Being able to edit photos on such a precise level is such an asset! It took some time to really flow with this app (but not much time). Wow! This app is so advanced and produces very high quality results. It allows you to zoom in more than enough and chance the size of your pencil stroke - I use the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Its actually kind of relaxing to do this part of my job - it's like coloring! Thanks to the designers for an awesome app! Give your self a chance to learn how to us it. You will NOT be disappointed.
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3 years ago, Maggie&Hank
I want to say that the creators of this app are GENIUSES😁😁 There might be a couple of ads once and awhile but you can just exit out of them right away😀 I use this app a lot and it helps me so much! It is super fun to use too! This isn’t like any app where you have to buy everything, you might have to pay for pro but that is an option. Lots of other photo apps they make you pay for every effect and turn out😕 For the people that are reading this you should totally get this app😄 Thank you for reading and creating this app
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4 months ago, Mr.NIceGuy1311
Better than so many i tried
In terms of free with ads it allows more control to delete the background than dozens i have tried. Edit. After using the app i have to remove stars for the fact when you select the picture to edit it lowers the quality of the picture(even if it select the size as original). Original pictures that are smooth when uploaded or pixelated and squared. This is fine for me cause im making transparent app icons for my phone which are very small. If you plan to use this on large pictures to upload to social media you might not like that it lowers the quality of the image.
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9 months ago, A bean called Meredith
Not like others!
I was making a drawing and I needed to erase a background so I went to App Store and searched “background eraser” and a few popped up but this one really caught my eye! I downloaded it and I pressed a button and BOOM! The background was gone! I downloaded another one and you had to pay to submit and it was bad quality. So I came back after that and saw this one and it was the opposite! I will keep this app until I don’t need it anymore. But very good the controls are chef kiss! Thank you for making a app that actually works!
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3 years ago, anneonlife
Hit and Miss
I used this on dozens of simple photos over the course of my 3 day free trial. When opening images in photos sometimes the background was gone sometimes is wasn’t. I didn’t do anything different from one image to another so I couldn’t figure out why this happened. I don’t think the price is bad if it worked consistently, but for a subscription app, I don’t want to pay for something that is spotty. ——————— Thank you for responding but your response doesn’t fix the issue. The background shows as transparent in the app then when I open the image in photos the background is white. I did exactly the same process for every image and some worked others did not.
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3 months ago, uwgirl
Very close to 5 star
For the most part it’s great. A few things that would make it that much better: for some reason it couldn’t handle green/white tile floor and ended up cutting off part of the item, there’s a little square in the bottom right that makes it look like you’re changing the background but you still have to save and select background, after you save to photos it asks if you’re sure you want to abandon your project. It’s been a game changer but it seems there could be some defaults added that would make it even faster and easier.
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8 months ago, HelpT-T
Not tooo decent…
It certainly works! I used it quite a lot, usually to make pngs of game characters, but it ends up being a lot of work because the thing where it automatically turns it into a png is HORRIBLE. Also, the wand will remove things that aren’t even remotely the same color as what I clicked on, and it often deletes things I don’t want it to. And if you’re trying to make a png of a pixel-art thing, and your background isn’t white… we’ll then, you better except a really ugly, prominent outline… overall, it works fine. I’ve only used it to make pngs of humans a few times, and I mostly use it to make pngs for memes. It works pretty decent.
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5 years ago, Rouge Playz
Very smooth!,
This app runs very smooth! I didn’t understand the controls when I first logged on,, but it’s AMAZING! my FlipaClip MEPS will be MUCH better now! I really like the size selection of the eraser.. and everything else! But one thing that always gets me in the other apps, is that you can’t get in between the letters, YOU NOW CAN! but the one part that gets me on all again, including this one is that the tiny bits of green on the sides! Just if you could make this smoother (but it’s a,ready XD) just make one fix and make the green bits disappear, WAIT NVM ITS HE TOOL XD well that was a waste of my time! THIS IS THE BEST APP!!
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6 years ago, Skypilot1989
Sure beats all the others
Having tried other background erasers like InPixio, Word image format, Sculptor, and others, this app is one I can count on to not leave much in the way of shading or miss incidental areas. Absolutely perfect? No. But it does the job and is easy to manipulate. The tools to further refine are intuitive and easily adaptable. So far the only refinement I’d ask for is the ability to directly access online/cloud drives. This doesn’t mean fewer stars; only that it is an add-on that would be helpful. 5 stars for doing what it’s meant to do and then some, with a great price point.
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6 years ago, Victoria O.
This app is wonderful!!
From editing family pictures to graphic design, This app does it all. Out of all my experience on different apps this one was my favorite. When you’re erasing, the tool bars go away so you can work near the bottom, you can move around freely, you can zoom in as far as you need (which is my favorite) and the magic wand option works wonders. This app is so great I just had to write a review on it. I absolutely love it so much, It’s made my life so much easier. It used to take me up to 45 minutes, and now it takes 10! Thank you so much!!
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4 months ago, rose benjamin001
Perfect just perfect
I have to come here just to rate this app this app gives me beyond what I was even expecting such a great app clean precise and perfect what I love most is that is free and the the option to remove ads since I have used this app I have not seen any ads so far u may experience something different but u don't have to pay to get a picture at high quality or any thing like those third parties app them not knowing the is an app like this offering even something better recommend it to all
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2 years ago, CristinaHasArrived
one of the best png apps I’ve ever encountered
I’m not even lying about how good this app it, the best part about it? ITS FREE. you will see a bunch of ads but it’s understandable because at least they don’t charge you real money like majority of the png apps do!! The features are simple and quite easy to use luckily; you can do it by yourself or the help of the app itself. Overall, it this app continues to be free I will continue to advertise this app as many times I can, because I just genuinely love this app so much 😭😭(I swear I’m not being sponsored or smth)
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4 years ago, theunicornprincessjr
I LOVE! this app so much! if the creators are reading this you did an amazing job creating this app. i use this app all the time to either make my thumbnails, intros, or for work when i need a green screen image! it is so helpfule and if you dowloaded this app for green screen using, you should also dowload ibispaintx because on some photo’s it leaves a green screen border. but if your photo is not to complicated, you can delete IN MAGIC ERASER! this is BYE FAR the best app i’ve had in a longggggggggg time! i hope this was helpful! to the creators, keep working your magic! -love Queenginger31
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11 months ago, YvridioVaseilio
Beautiful app.
This has to be one of the best apps I’ve ever used ever, the performance is fantastic. It doesn’t crash for no reason, it runs smoothly like the surface of jello, it does t force me to pay for the smallest and most basic things, and the background editing tools are just amazing. There is so much flexibility and it’s basically perfect. Let’s hope it stays this way and one day there isn’t some random paywall making me pay just to save the photos I edit. My thanks to the creators of this.
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4 years ago, IM MAD. VERY MAD
It was great in the beginning.
In the first few months of downloading the app, it was wonderful and very cooperative. It was easy to use and had an incredible outcome. This past month though, there has been a freeze every time I try to save the picture after I finish. I can’t figure out the exact reason why it’s freezing like this. It’s very frustrating since I am a small gacha you tuber and I need this app to make my content. I have been very loyal to this app and will wait patiently for the problem to be fixed. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Andrea1_01
Hello, I need help. What happens is that I was editing a photo and accidentally pressed where it says you don’t want more ads. I did not know what to do and try to get out of the app by pressing the home button which causes a purchase of $10 unwanted. It appears as pending but I want to cancel it. I didn't want to make that purchase. I need help urgently. I tried to remove the app but still continue the purchase as pending. I really love the app, but I had to delete because of that purchase. Help me please because I really want to re-download this app. 😭
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2 years ago, Blue Pine
my life just got easier 😂
I just got this app a few minutes ago. That's all it took to learn the app, and use it to erase a white background behind a complicated shape. It worked beautifully with the default settings (maybe the first app that has worked so well, so quickly for me!!!). Checked the results in Procreate, and voila, PERFECT!!! And although it won't replace Procreate for other things, this is where I'll go for getting rid of backgrounds. Better than Procreate for that one thing - so happy ☺️
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