Magic Hour

4.8 (4.5K)
24.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
elfinda apps
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Magic Hour

4.83 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Wildawgy
I’ve been a fan of the magic hour for a long time, even before I knew there was a name for it! The app is perfect, and it does everything you want it to do. It’s also sleek and easy to use. You won’t ever have to wonder when the magic hour is happening because you’ll have a countdown to the minute! Also, if you use widgets, the widget is super handy. I’ve always been captivated by the magic hour. Not quite day, but it’s not quite night either. It’s as if day and night are shaking hands. Now, I never have to miss it, nor do you!!
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7 years ago, MJFalvella
Very useful app!
I love this app, it gives you the golden hour to the exact minute for your current location. I also like that it gives you the current angle of the sun in the sky. I'm currently traveling around several different countries in the tropics and can use that information to gauge the intensity of the sun before going on the beach. Lunar phases are also provided too. MESSAGE TO APP DEVELOPER: Could you please give the user to use their own photo for background or at least give us several to choose from 😊
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12 months ago, PJStoked
Couldn’t be more satisfied
The app not only tells you when the light will be golden outside, but also enables you to set notifications for when the golden hour starts as well as for any amount of time before the event occurs. There is a pro option but it isn’t needed for the average person, it merely allows you to monitor a remote location. You need to open the app to reload your location, but once you do, you’re good to go with the widget. Speaking of which: the widget is one of the best designed widgets out there. Not only does it give you a countdown, but it changes color depending on the point in the golden hour you’re in. This is by far one of the best free apps I have on my phone.
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5 years ago, MaineChapmans
Excellent app
We were in Moab and wanted to catch sunrise at Arches National Park. My brother told me about Magic Hour, so I popped it open and figured out our drive time and hike time to get to North Window. We were there easily in time for a gorgeous sunrise, and then when everyone else left, I checked Magic Hour and we still had 20 minutes left. We stayed and got beautiful morning sun photos with no people in them. Thanks for helping our expedition, Magic Hour!!
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3 years ago, Peepschattin
Daylight dependent!
I use this app a lot. I work in In the film industry, knowing exactly how much ch daylight there is going to be on any given day is a life saver. When a shoot is daylight dependent I know when I will be wrapped so I can make plans in morning with confidence that I will be able to show up on time, or at all. The only time I have a problem is if we shoot at the beach. The sun can reflect off he Pacific long after it’s gone down. Giving enough light to squeeze in an extra shot.
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4 years ago, thul11
Cannot determine magic hour at another location
I’m Not sure if I’m using this app correctly But there seems to be a flaw at knowing what the magic hour is at another location. I paid for the extra feature not Knowing that magic hour is only determined at the location you’re at. Can’t determine magic hour 15 min away same day or future dates
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7 years ago, mirage586
Great app for better pics
Knowing exactly when magic hour occurs (app gives exact times for the twice daily magic hour) is key to having the right light that produces better pics. This app is dead simple to understand and I couldn't get the same results (especially for my travel photography) without it. THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, Amybamy86
Bought app but won’t give me upgraded version
I wanted to see when the golden hour was in the future to plan a dinner party next month but it’s saying I still need to purchase it, even after restarting both the app and my phone, and it’s listed under my purchases in the App Store. Besides that, my only complaint is that the timing of the app isn’t right for sunsets and the golden hour around it as it doesn’t account for the mountain range to the west of Boulder.
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5 years ago, Brittski8
Can’t see future dates anymore
I’m not really sure what happened. You used to be able to go to the Calendar in the app and check the golden hour for any given date. Now when you click on it, it’s just making me add a golden hour event to my regular calendar. Not helpful at all. I don’t know if this is a glitch or something in the settings got changed when I’m frustrated. If it doesn’t get figured out soon I’m deleting it and finding a new one but I’m annoyed because I paid money for this app!
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4 years ago, T beno
I’m Obsessed
I love sunrises and sunsets but i always thought it was so hard to find when they were happening. I love this app because it will count down for you tell you and even remind you. The only thing I would change would be to have the chance to change to background where it counts down.
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2 months ago, Disgp
Outstanding app!
This is one of those apps that make you want to voluntarily open the app store, search for it, and write a review. The interface of this app is extremely pleasing and the sunset / sunrise notifications are so helpful especially for someone with adhd but who also likes shooting sunset timelapses lol
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5 years ago, Mega App User
Love this app but....
I love this app so I decided to buy the add locations feature for .99 because I wanted to see how sunrise and sunset were different in Barrow Alaska compared to where I live in Michigan. So I added Barrow Alaska and the first thing I see is a message saying... “Our algorithms are not working for this location at this time. This occurs near the poles days and nights tonight.” The reason I bought this add on was to see data for barrow Alaska. I really hope this gets updated soon. 🙁
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5 years ago, AZBeaubaton
Why can’t I add a schedule to my calendar?
This app can display the magic hours for my current location, but I cannot add a schedule entry into my iPhone calendar so I can plan a shoot. It requires me to add a location first, then and only then will it let me put a magic hour event in my calendar. Why???? Why does this app display a background photo which has nothing to do with my current location? Example: I selected Huntington Beach, California. The photo this app shows for this location is some desert scenery. Why????
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3 years ago, Matattack Wood
More like a lifestyle utility.
Many people like using this app for learning more about that special timing when the sun is shining through just right for photography. I use it to know when it’s the best time to go enjoy nature or take a walk. Magic hour is so beautiful to the eyes.
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4 years ago, Smokydog10
This app is a really great surprise.
I had already found that my most interesting shots were during the “magic hour”. Now I have a clever assistant to help me be where and when I want to be to get the best pictures. It’s worth way more than it costs.
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4 years ago, Rdurk
This app really performs when you need to know that special golden hour. However, I noticed that I need to add another hour to what their golden hour signifies for me in Michigan. The golden hour that shows in the app is more like twilight hour for me. It isn’t a huge issue especially for a free app. It’s very nicely laid out and I can at a glance know when the sun is going to be setting.
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7 years ago, Lens X Lenz Photography
Nothing Better!!!
I am an amateur photographer and I use this app everyday. To have an app that reminds me when the best light to take pictures is approaching, I couldn't ask for anything more. I love how they explain what Magic Hour is and how they find Magic Hour, in a very understanding way.
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2 years ago, Jakenado
Photographers need this app!
Want to get the perfect sunset/sunrise photo? This app is the key! It tells you what the sun’s angle is at, when the sunset/sunrise starts, and you can even have it send a push notification to remind you when it’s golden hour.
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3 years ago, DJLayinLo
Easy to use
I’m really liking this app. I’ve been using it for over a year now. It’s very practical and needs very little setup. I’m glad the developers added in the moon function and info as well. 5 out of 5!
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4 years ago, RatedRAngelo
I love it
I wish I heard of this app a long time ago; it’s everything I needed and then some. It’s simply to use, easy to navigate, and on top of that it tells you what time the magic hour will occur, and it also gives you insights about moon phases as well.
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7 years ago, Midwestern Follower
Connects the left brain with the right brain.
This app understands my love of light, and quantifies its availability. One side of my brain yearns for this 'magical' light around sunrise and sunset. The other side has to calculate when it appears next. The two sides do not always connect. This app facilitates that conversation.
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5 years ago, drockjc
Good, not yet great
So many more obvious possibilities to improve the sunset watcher experience. How about curating the quality of the sunset based on user location, so I know when to really make an effort to step outside and watch an amazing sunset? Otherwise this is just an alarm clock.
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6 years ago, focuspull
Love it. Very accurate . Doesn’t take elevation or hills into account. That would be a lot to ask.
The old version worked great but had lackluster looks. Version 1.4 is much more attractive . Very helpful for timing the best light, figuring out when wrap will be and bumming out DPs .
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6 years ago, r2d2|c3po
I have quite relished this app for some time...
however, it has been crashing on startup with the new update on iOS 10.3 for iPhone 5 - disappointing to say the least, though I hope everyone else is being well supported. (June 2018) Thank you developers for your hard and caring work.
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4 years ago, jwestebaylor
App Crashes
I purchased the ability to add locations, however the app continues to crash when I attempt to add the new location.
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5 years ago, PhotophilerPDX
Great golden hour predictor
Helpful sunrise conditions predictor for photographers. I use it almost daily as I start researching weather predictions for an upcoming golden hour. It’s right most of the time telling me whether it’s worth going out to shoot sunrise or sunset.
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8 years ago, Mal9185
This App is the BEST!!!
I love this app! It tells me exactly when the "Magic Hour"Hour is so I can catch the BEST pictures of the sunrise and sunset plus when there is a full moon, new moon, etc. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone!
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2 years ago, Echo Three
Blue hour option ?
Love the app and check it every day. Is there any way to track Blue Hour? Happy to pay for that option. Thanks!
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4 years ago, 091707081911
Why you should get the app
This app will help you tell when golden hour starts and ends. It can send a notification when it starts and ends
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5 years ago, David L Crooks
Pretty good app
I use this app to tell me when the magic hour happens a lot. Recently I looked at the weather forecast and it said light rain and there was no rain...
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6 years ago, Coloradooo
Generous App
It’s a great app, it offers in app purchases but they would only be needed for professional photographers who travel a lot, which actually makes sense. For recreativo uses it’s perfect.
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6 years ago, Vwampage
Lovely useful app, could use more consistent updates.
If it could update locations automatically that would be the best and most rad thing.
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1 year ago, Dave_the_Wave04
Love it!
I love this app! I love all the information provided and especially love how it is displayed. What a handy reference for all photographers - whether amateur or professional. Great job!
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6 years ago, mayhem6
Great app
I use this primarily for golden hour photography but also sometimes for shooting the moon. It does the job and reminds me each day so if I want to shoot I can in time.
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3 years ago, jlb462606
Does what it says.
Simple convenient clean interface with necessary information available instantly.
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6 years ago, Kana Mauna
Update crashes
This was a great app. Had some issues with a previous update but the current update takes care of everything. Good work.
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7 months ago, Love77JC
This is the most amazing piece I’ve ever seen.
“Magic Hour” is a beautiful piece of art. On every level. From what it delivers to how it’s designed, and that’s everything before, during and after the artwork on display in the sky. The designers and creators of this application are brilliant, creative and cohesive. This is a perfect gem. Kindly, Sincerely and Joyfully, Angela in New Orleans
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3 years ago, unique nickname chris
Widget doesn’t update
This app is great, except that the countdown widget gets “stuck” unless I open the app (which defeats the purpose of having a widget). This is a fairly major flaw for me because the widget is 90% of what I want the app for.
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2 years ago, Rockii2012
Forced in App Purchase
There was no opportunity to set a location at install and it loaded with some obscure long/lat. Tried to set location and it is a fee for $0.99!!! If I knew I had to pay I probably would have paid for DLCA. Nope, not now, not ever if you are forcing an in-app payment. Business decisions are ruining your content.
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7 years ago, morgan2053
Best app for calculating the magic hour!
Love this app. Not only has it helped my photography, it helps me figure out the best time to walk on the beach for those gorgeous views.
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7 years ago, User112244
Best app!
This app is very unique. It's easy to use and it always reminds me when to take the best pictures! Highly recommend!
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10 months ago, Chips Stewart
Alerts me to the possible
Magic Hour app details tge precise sunset and sunrise plus other essential variables. Pits a wonderful tool
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7 years ago, keith30xi
Great for vacations
Recently traveled to 7 US national parks in the SouthWest. Magic Hour was incredibly useful since each seemed to be in a different time zone.
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5 years ago, jillymc
How to get to settings
All I can see is a screen with a clock. I dCant find a way to get to any setting aLike the screens on the ad in the App Store.
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5 years ago, Advocat4
Simple to use
Straight forward and easy to use. Recommend. . .
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8 years ago, Christian Klehm
Great app, clean interface
Hey, it works. Gives you tons if information and doesn't ask for money. Love it.
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4 years ago, dhanson66
Every time
I love that it alerts me every time on my Apple Watch 6 Big thanks!!
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4 years ago, sungazin AZ
Attractive and easy to use.
I use this app for sun gazing. It tells me when sunrise and sunset occur with a simple and attractive screen. Love it.
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8 years ago, rtwaka
Wonderful little app
Nice to know when to get out there to take pictures.
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7 months ago, briar photos
Great App
Missed something…..developer advised how to scroll and app works as advertised! Great addition to my planning kit!
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