Magnifying Glass With Light

4.6 (3.7K)
8.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Falcon In Motion LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Magnifying Glass With Light

4.61 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
12 months ago,
Fantastic magnifying for viewing or photos
This is a fabulous app for looking at minuscule details of something & for photographing them too. Only problem - when google ads appear at the bottom of the screen, they disallow your from being able to press/click the photo button. And forget alternatives, they don’t work either: (1) the frame doesn’t rotate to reposition to get away from the ad to make the button visible again either; (2) you can’t press the left side click button to photograph it either. So instead, you have to wait an interminable length of time - until whenever, for however long, for the ad to disappear, because there’s no “X” or “close” button to delete the ad from the screen. Very frustrating, especially when you’re right in the middle of doing something.
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6 days ago, Jay.Jay03
New version
I purchased the pro version of this many years ago and after I upgraded to iPhone 15, the zoom stopped working. I can no longer get clear details on super close up like before When I checked today for an update, I saw an exact app except it’s Magnifying instead of Mag on the title. The settings and details of the app are exactly the same except for the version (3.8.5 vs pro 3.5). The developers are the same (falconinmotion). I’m not able to restore my purchase and send feedback link on the pro version doesn’t work. Can someone please let me know how I can restore my purchase for this new version which actually solved the close up issue on iPhone 15. Thanks!
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3 years ago, CloveRoast
Underrated Telescopic Light For Finding Things Anywhere At Home
With this you can find things that are really hard to find. I’ve looked for vape pods, spiders, my cat hiding, any accumulated debris. In crevices that are the hardest to reach. So helpful. I recommend using with lights out or at night, using only the phone torch in the app. The brightness maximum is much brighter than iOS stock maximum. When you’ve spotted something and zoomed in on it, you tap the screen to freeze frame. Then you can get a better look for your search, screenshot, and whatever. The freeware is really clever, and the paid features look cool too. Definitely impressed with this one, there’s no competing apps yet important.
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3 years ago, laurafromli
Mag Light With Flashlight Is A Top 5 Must Have App
This App is truly invaluable during the course of normal everyday life. As we get older we walk around with reading glasses on our eyes and the top of our heads. This app will change all of that. I no longer panic when I can’t see, I simply grab my phone and open this app. You don’t always have your glasses (or you can’t easily find you twenty pairs) but we always have our phone with us. Thank you for developing a truly magnificent and outstanding app, I consider the flashlight as the icing on this perfect cake. Thank you and great job!
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1 year ago, TennesseeJenn
Great app, not over run with ads!
This is a good functioning version of the app. Even with the free version, it’s completely functional! The ads are sized appropriately so as to not interfere with what your doing! The only reason it didn’t earn a 5 star rating is because saving images is and. And be tricky. I end up just freezing the image and then screenshot it. And once the image is frozen, it can be finicky about unfreezing. But I still say this is a really good app to have. It’s convenient for small tasks like when your shopping and need to read the small print from the price sticker at the grocery, or for when your working on installing a cable on your pc. Thumbs up!
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2 years ago, klr_ds
Super Good!
This app is surprisingly super good and free! I really didn’t expect much from it when I downloaded a handful of magnifying apps to search my plants for pests but this one is boss. Very clear image and love being able to adjust the light. There are other settings that I just came across I’ll have to check out. I love that it’s truly free and stupid ad banners are out of the way. My only complaint is it’s difficult to adjust one handed but so is my phone in general. I’m so impressed with the quality of this app in free mode that I’m upgrading it for $1.99 a month.
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9 years ago, Kimmyt5025
Frustrations outweigh the good
The ads on the free version are so frustrating - u r constantly bombarded with them and it seems they "take" u to the advertisers website more often than not even when u don't click on to view. So ur flashlight goes out and u r redirected suspiciously to the ad website and loose use of the flashlight. It also is preset on mine to not turn on the flashlight if it open in the light. Odd as I don't remember this on another app I had. So I have to put my hand over it when I turn it on if I use it with lots of indoor light say to look for something in the back of a cabinet. Light is bright but I don't find instructions on use very clear for the other functions it offers so haven't used those.
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3 years ago, cavemanpromking
My elderly dad uses it for reading, and I use it to photograph the amazing tiny world out in the garden! The only issue I have is the button to take a picture is too small, it's hard to keep the phone steady when trying to hit it, and even a small movement can cause you to completely lose your view when at full magnification. But that's very small criticism for an amazing app! I've also shown it to people who do gunsmithing and electronics repair, as well as those in the legal cannabis industry, and they all love it!
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4 years ago, SensuousUp
Rock Hound
Everyone is dealing with this pandemic in their own way. I started a new hobby, back yard prospecting, and this app is an invaluable tool! I found it easy to manage and had amazing zoom quality! I definitely recommend to any hobbyists, crafter, or anyone that needs a quick and easy tool, you always have it in your phone!! To the designers, a camera feature would be great, it doesn’t appear to have that unless I missed something. But I use the freeze feature all the time and then screen shot for some amazing pics! Thanks!
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4 years ago, p-fletch
Absolutely outstanding and so useful!
I’m been using this app for several years and it is terrific! Very easy to use, especially useful for situations where you are getting so close the image is starting to blur, or alternatively when you are trying to read the serial number off the back of an appliance. Or just to read the fine print when you forgot your glasses. And all kind of things in between. Even if you have expensive camera equipment, having this on your phone will come in useful. Get it. Free and no ads.
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4 years ago, Procrastination11.....,
Must have for MICRO PRINT
Can’t read the label. Can’t make out the 6 vs 8, p or d. This is a must have app. Now matter where you are and you are struggling to make out what are the directions say and how am I suppose to use problem if you have this app. Just take out your device and read away. You even have a light to assist if you have limited lighting. Did I mention that you can take a photo for later review and it goes into you photo roll where your pictures are saved. THE BEST!!! I have the free version. It works well for me.
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9 years ago, gzrbkr23
Mag Light
I love this app. It does just what it promised and does it amazingly well. My senior eyesight really appreciate the ease and effectiveness of this app. There are increasing numbers of things that I find difficult to read and it seems more and more instructions are written as small as the most physically possible for the printer. Since I've got my phone in my pocket most of the time anyway it's a snap to pull out, open the app and use it to read whatever it is I need to. Good work to whoever invented this. Deafly makes my life easier.
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5 years ago, mastercrafter27
Mag light
This is a lifesaver at times, especially when you spill your whole billfold out accidentally, and it falls between the seat of your car and the console . Really hard place to retrieve your money, let alone “ see “ it. Also had someone following my granddaughter and I, we were in a area unbeknownst to us was “ commonplace “ for purse snatching , robberies, rapes, and sexual predators. Keeping my “ Mag light “ on bright throughout our 3 block radius of a walk because of my car breaking down , made us feel “ safer “ .
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5 years ago, BEHavens
Greatest app since panty hose
I love this app. I use it all the time to read small print on my pills. So many generic pills are small white and round. They are very easy to get mixed up if you can’t read the imprint on them. My eyesight no matter if I just got new glasses just isn’t good enough to read that small print so I’m using this app all the time to make sure I’m taking the right pills after they have been put into my weekly planner pill box. I don’t think I could go a day without this app. Love it !!!!
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5 years ago, 4.rty
This app does exactly what it says it does! The quality on the zoom is INSANE, and if you’ve used the zoom on the regular camera, you’ll see the difference incredibly. The quality is just amazing, and I’m using the free version!! Definitely recommend buying it. I’m working with coordinate graphs in geometry, and the lines are very small. This app helped me see my points so much better. And the light works great too! If it’s too bright, you can adjust the brightness!
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5 years ago, IHeartFS
Incredible Useful
It really enlarges the print while maintaining clarity. The light helps immensely. My credit card has gray numbers on a gray background and without the magnifier/light combo, I would not be able to read the numbers off the cards. I find this indispensable reading labels in grocery stores. This app also has the option to change the magnification so there is less scrolling while reading print that only requires slight magnification
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5 years ago, Hadlegh
Mag Light
I got this a week ago to read small print on a cleaning label. Very useful. But now more valuable for health issues. I was using Perrins product to rid of sun spots. I took magnified pictures to see how they looked at a deeper, closer look. Then I discovered the light works to have a better CLOSER LOOK, picture. One area is taking longer than spots that already cleared up. Looks crusty n red. Thinking I need a Dermatology opinion, plus I have documentation of slow healing concern.
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1 year ago, Book Addiction
This used to be my go-to app
I used to be able to read menus, appliances and a host of other things with this app. I was even able to read gate numbers at the airport. However, over the past several months, I've noticed the app isn't as clear, and the zoom feature doesn't increase as it once did. My vision hasn't changed, and I haven't had issues using any other magnification apps aside from this one. It's been helpful for the past several years, but it's time to move on.
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3 years ago, Karl Wuster
Everyone should have this
Many times a week I need to look at something that is just beyond what I can really see as far as detail. Having extra light plus magnification with a camera allows me to take great pictures of tiny objects such as makers marks in jewelry dates on coins. Not only that I can see details in the fine print of anything I look at or read.
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3 years ago, GWD4
Very functional
I have early macular degeneration and bought this to help with small print, which it does , but is very handy for many other things. For example, I had a small splinter in my finger, which I could feel, but not see. My wife was also unable to see it, but with me working the phone and her the tweezers, there was no problem! A really nice app to have.
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6 years ago, NazLaMarca
This is a “Must Own”
With its ability to resize both horizontally and vertically as well as shine a light on what you’re reading makes it virtually impossible to put something in front of it you can’t read. In the unlikely event it does happen, you simply take a photo of what you wish read and end your inability to read it with the technology already offered. Very impressive app and a must own!
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3 years ago, Hotsparks66
Great app!! A must have
Getting older this comes in handy. But I really have to say there are some instances, for example reading the SN off the side of an LED bulb. Without this app there would be no way for me to even read it, even with a magnifying glass. (Tiny faded print) but with this app I can send a clear picture to the company for warranty information. Incredible. Thank You
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5 years ago, EddieInBahrain
Fantastic App
Love this app! It is powerful and comes in handy! Reading a menu in the low light with small fonts has always been a problem for me. Reading the small fonts on medications and other items were also an issue in the past! Not anymore with this app!!!! It’s so useful and easy to use! If you don’t have the best eyesight or need a light, you’re gonna love this app.
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7 years ago, Diplomat88
Invaluable in many situations
This app is really wonderful. It has saved me so many times when I need to get the serial number and model number off the back of a piece of equipment in a crowded IT closet. I also find it useful to get the tiny instructions off of some ridiculous packaging of products. There really is nothing else that can do this. It's unique and has saved me many times.
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2 years ago, JeffCville
I really like this!
When I first installed the app I wasn’t really sure if I was going to like it, well I’ll love it. I really didn’t know what I was missing because I didn’t know what I was missing. The magnification and the light help out so much in so many different ways especially with small details of things I need to see. Great job great app thank you.
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5 years ago, YeOldeFarmhouseFinds
Great app
I love this app for taking sharp, clear pictures of tiny things but also I use it as a magnifying glass just to read jewelry inscriptions and such. My only, only complaint is that the photo button is on the left which makes it very difficult for right handlers to hold the phone in the right hand and reach the photo button at the same time.
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4 years ago, lizard33333
Great for Low Light
I find that I frequently use this app when I am trying to read something that is very small or I’m in a low light situation. I pull this out of my purse often at restaurants so I can read the menu. For those of us who still use maps, it’s handy to read the teeny letters on the maps. I definitely recommend it.
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6 years ago, Piyaone
Oh Man!
I thought this app was going to make life easier. It kept getting in the way of my keyboard and when I moved it, it got in the way of me tapping on an app to open it, instead it kept opening its own controller. The final straw was when I was showing it to my friend who needs a magnifying glass and she asked to see if I could use it for the entire screen. Guess what? Yep, you can and it does a good job at that! It magnified the entire screen so much that I couldn't access my apps, nor could I scroll to access control panel. Not only that, I couldn't even swipe to turn the power off on my phone!!!
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5 years ago, Rudabudda
Best Close up Photo App Ever!!
We discovered we can take incredible close up photos with this app. We have been taking pictures of flowers, bugs and other interesting items. If you have this app, try this. If you don’t have it, I encourage you to try it out. I did try to pro version to see if the pictures were better, but they weren’t.
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7 years ago, Organizationally Challanged
BEST magnifier I've ever used
Hands down this is the best magnifier I've ever used, from the old time hand held ones to the sheet magnifiers and everything in between. If there is some tiny printing I can't read or its dark and I need to read, this gets the job done! And it takes pictures for me too?? Thank you thank you!! How did I get along before this app?
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9 years ago, wildfood
Magnifier ROCKS!!
Who needs glasses with this stellar Ap. ??!!! I first go the Free version and then had to get the PRO Version to support these wonderful geniuses behind this most useful Ap!!! Hey it's Only two bucks and you don't have banner ads at the bottom!! Don't be such a cheepo! It's OK to throw these guys a few bucks. Show your support to these Wunderkinder who dreamed up this super fab addition for our beloved iPhones.
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7 years ago, Grateful yser
Great app
I am legally blind and it is very difficult to see regular size print, writing, and most printed material. This magnifier is greater magnification than any hand held magnifier I’ve purchased from my optometrist Since it is on my phone it is always handy so I can read price tags, instructions and greeting cards while wearing my magnification glasses. Thanks you so much for this awesome aid.
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4 years ago, sherncind
I loved this app but I can’t even use it!
Literally like one out of five times that I go to use it there’s an ad there that I can’t delete so I have to delete the app and re-install the app. I need these magnified pictures to take for work related issues and it makes me look really unprofessional when I have to delete the app because I can’t use it because I can’t get rid of the the ad. If there was a way to pay tonight see the ads I would do that but since they haven’t made that clear I’m just going to try to find another one that does the same thing.
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4 years ago, joey m165
Camera button switch
I’ve had this App for several years and the only negative is the camera button is on the left of the screen! This makes it hard to hold your phone still to take a pic for a right handed person!! The camera button needs to be in the middle or switch the light button from right side to left side.
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2 years ago, Wesley' Mom
Bright light - good magnification
I’ve used this app many times for different reasons ; slivers in fingers, fine print, etc. I like the brightness of the light. It helps illustrate the area you’re observing. The magnification is enough to see tiny objects. I have not had any problems using this app. It’s a very useful tool.
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3 years ago, Luberma
Helpful app!
I have found so many times when this app is the perfect tool to see some things. It’s my favorite app to use when I need to get a close-up view of an item. And extremely helpful to read prescription bottles instructions. I love this app. Thank you to those who developed it!
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3 years ago, BigRRadio
Just so darn handy!
I've been using this app for year's! It really has helped with so many different things! When I lose something in far areas, car, super small print, fixing something around the house. Just show my gratitude to the developers of this app. Great work! Thanks!
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3 years ago, Ren33luv
Fast easy and clear!
I would recommend this app to anyone who needs to read something that may be to small or look up and inspect! This app is great for many purposes! Worth the extra money to pay for the upgrade as well!
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5 years ago, BellaGigi
My generation Z child uploaded this app for me when I asked him to read aloud a contract for me. The font must have been 8 pt. He was having none of it. He laughed at me and took my phone and uploaded this for me and I love him even more for taking care of me. You see, I have a life now that my children have grown and I want to assert my independence. Thanks for a great tool.
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2 months ago, Fukitrol
Great for old tired eyes! 😄
With the magnification & light, you can easily see details of small font, small objects…a vast number of items. The Google ads are extremely annoying just as they are on other apps. But the app does exactly what it’s supposed to…magnify & light
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2 years ago, Amma I Am
Most appreciated app
Thank you for the app. I have a severe visual problem and your app helps me so much almost everyday. Before your Magnifying Glass app I would become so frustrated with tiny font on everything and I felt helpless. Your app has opened up my world again. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Coyotelw39
Amazingly helpful
This app has helped me so much. It magnifiers everything and the flashlight it very strong. You drop something under the couch, you’re gonna find it. If your reading if the small print on something, you can actually read what it say!!
Show more
6 years ago, Luv4equs
Mag Light
I’m past my fifties and my Vision from being on a computer has really deteriorated. When I opened a window using Remote Desktop the fonts are so small. This app has been a life saver. Without it I found myself straining to read the info on that window and this app has made it easier and saved me time. I love it.
Show more
2 years ago, jerimy585
Great app
A lot of haters saying it’s just your camera it is just your camera but it zooms in a little further than your camera can tested it and magnifies Better besides the random ads that happen once in awhile it’s a great app that does what it supposed to great for coin hunting
Show more
1 year ago, OhMia83
Worked great on iPhone 12 Pro but not 14 Pro
I have used this app for years on various iPhones and it worked great, definite five stars but when I upgraded to an iPhone 14 Pro it just doesn’t work. I cannot get anything in focus unless I move the phone 18-24 inches from what I’m trying to magnify. Developers if there is some trick to get this to work on an iPhone 14 Pro, please let me know. I miss using this app!
Show more
5 years ago, Pgh doc
Great multifunction device.
This is in just for people with reduced visual acuity. So many restaurants for example have quite subdued lighting and in addition have either multicolored or small sized lettering in their menus. Instructions in manual are often practically microscopic, let’s say Lilliputian. A device that can do double or triple duty on your phone Hass to be very desirable.
Show more
5 years ago, Running Ted
I must be doing something wrong...
I have the Pro version on both my iPhone 6, and my iPad Pro. I expected the app to work the same on both devices however, there is no Freeze capability on the iPad Pro. On the iPad Pro, I start the app, select the desired magnification and brightness then tap the screen (multiple times I’ve restarted the app and tried tapping the screen in various places) and nothing happens. When following the same steps using the iPhone the focused screen freezes on a single tap, and the tap can be anywhere. If it’s a bug on the iPad, I hope it’s fixed soon. Is there a user manual? Knowing what should be working on each device type, and how to fully use the app, would let us know what to expect and how to make things happen.
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1 year ago, tigergirl700
So useful
I have been using app for years! It is the best to see little things. I have checked many in grown hairs, throat issues and splinters and other medical things that 2 child can get. Love that I can magnify the area and take pictures then send to their doctors.
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6 years ago, A consumet
I purchased this App when I was out to dinner with my sister and she had forgotten her glasses and could not read the menu - it saved the day! I now find myself using it to read the fine print on items and in ads. It is great and would Highly recommend it!
Show more
8 years ago, Zimriah
❤️❤️❤️ Perfect for up-close photos & reading
At my age I can't read small writing on many bottles (like medications or small wrappers). This app is perfect for that & for taking lighted photos of the info I need to keep. I've also been able to take terrific macro photos, better than iphone camera.
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