Malwarebytes - Mobile Security

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3 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Malwarebytes - Mobile Security

4.58 out of 5
49.3K Ratings
2 years ago, lifetime of learning
Never had Any Company that has Impressed me as this one!
Professional,educational and determined to Solve the Entire Problem; not just a portion of the situation. They start checking everything from the moment they are working with you. Beginning with passwords and safe websites. Expected; yes :the difference is that they don’t stop there. No, they are in for the Whole journey. Which is why they are better than Any Other Company; is they continue to monitor, searching for anything less obvious or not so innocent to the average user. I know that I am truly safe and continually being watched over by this talented family of Guardians of the web. I’m eternally grateful for this Group of Detailed, Consistent, Confidential and Caring Professionals! They have been instrumental in making me feel safe and educated in the cyber community. I know that they are not going to be able to insure that I never get into a bad situation, but I’m positive that they will be working with me on getting away with my head held high and new skills mastered. Malwarebytes; Thank You for being the best thing online! I’ honestly don’t think that any other company has a third of Your Fortitude, Skillset, and Diligence. You are Absolutely the BEST! Please edit this for me Ty!
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2 years ago, LMcPH
Only Ok-doesn’t work equally for all cell carriers
I’m not sure if the reason it doesn’t work the greatest is because of the company I use for cellular service. I do know that some cell companies work better with some of the apps similar to Mr Number. I know that some companies won’t work at all if you don’t use one of the big named companies like ATT. I honestly don’t know why it should matter which cell company a person uses to stop bad people with bad phone numbers trying to do illegal things. I know that Consumer cellular uses the exact towers that ATT uses so you can get the calls. And yet, even that doesn’t matter. What it does say is if you really want help to stop people calling you to scam and harass you that you need to pay more money to do that. But cell companies that are known to give discounts to senior citizens, who are direct targets to these bad people-that they have to decide if they want to save a dollar and be safer, or pay twice as much money with the big cell companies. ATT charged me almost four times more then Consumer cellular for using the same towers-so same coverage. And their customer service is fantastic. So, just know that it will seem like once you sign up for Mr Number that you will start getting twice as many spam/spoofed/robo calls for the first few months. Then it slows down and gets better. But I do know that the service does NOT work the way the app claims it will due to using Consumer cellular.
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1 year ago, tARAldOVE
Hi I am infected my iPhone has been for a long time and after studies research and the law says in its teachings that unfortunately with the fact that criminals can and do create and make and send out viruses to and from computer to computer that the invisible process and things involved are too invisible for the law to inspect gather information about and cut off any supply of laws being used to create havoc or computer virus software. Therefore I use Malwarebytes to help me every day just be able to say that due to the many many things that can be connected to viruses and online that we can see but remain unaware of malicious software that connects to bugs or worms that infect us the possibility of getting infected is high even with protection so to have some is the right thing to do any way you look at it. And Malwarebytes has been used by me and was taught to me at East Carolina University in 2005 and for years I have trusted security that no other program can hurt or damage my device or hardware with inside and that’s it. That’s the best way I can put it. It’s a cruel world out there and learning the background information that goes with Antivirus takes an effort. That’s all we have Thank you.
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4 years ago, Romkins1953
The best malware program
I don’t typically write reviews but this program deserves an excellent review. I have been using Malwarebytes for years, first as a freeware and then to premium version 5 or 6 years ago. First used on my home and (former) business desktops and laptops, and now on my iphone (iOS). Since using Malwarebytes I’ve never had a problem with viruses, malware, unwanted adware, or other software problems. I did have some viruses come through on “friendly” email and that prompted me to switch from free to premium version. Again that was about 5-6 years ago. Since then, no more trouble online or off. I also have high praises for the staff at Malwarebytes. They have been extremely responsive to any issues I’ve had (mostly concerning issues with loading key codes and billing errors on my part), and always courteous. I’ve used other malware software, both on business equipment and home equipment, over the years but none have been as outstanding in protecting my equipment as Malwarebytes. I would give them 10 stars if I could. An added note: the free version is excellent but I recommend the premium version for full online protection. It’s worth the few bucks it cost per year.
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4 months ago, hdhd627,;4
Great protection
I have Malwarebytes apps loaded to all of my phones and computers. I've been using this app and its previous versions for almost as long as they've been around which is quite a number of years now. Back in 2012 my wife's computer got compromised and I used Malwarebytes to fix it and get it secured again. I had been using another company's antivirus product. That's a mistake I won't repeat again! LOL The app itself has caught plenty of bad stuff for me and prevented me from having any problems at all! I also like using their VPN product. I honestly can't say how much trouble it has saved me but I do a lot of international traveling and I've never had a problem with my information getting misused since I started using it a number of years ago. Every time I've ever had problems with the apps themselves, the technicians at Malwarebytes have been easy to work with and very quick to respond and help me fix the issues or just answer my questions. Malwarebytes' customer service alone is worth the five star rating I've given the app.
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1 year ago, JP31454
I bought this phone, got a new Apple ID and new emails that I have in nowhere linked to any of my prior devices and even with all that I find my cyberstalkers have once again invaded my phone. They went as far as to change the name of the owner in the past the recent past I have been trying to unlock my laptop and my prior phone in which they remotely turned off the microphone and speakers on my device bought through one of those phone call apps my number and circumvented my calls and also sent my emails on a roundabout trip back to an older email of mine that I have no access to as well as all the others incoming emails as well. It was enough in the winter to cause me a nervous breakdown. Now, after not touching any of my devices, and being morbidly, depressed, clinically depressed with a psychiatrist and psychologist treating me I have this someone has invaded this device where Malwarebytes is supposed to be protecting me. I would like my money back as far back as when I began my contract with you and I want to remove the device after that, going through the Better Business Bureau and making a fuss about it isNot a problem. It is more work and perhaps maybe it’ll bring more attention to the problem because this is running rampant in the country. Never mind the fact that I can’t feel secure or even alone on my own phone. Sincerely, John Scharloo
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6 years ago, BlueWhiteBlack
Works but clunky activation process
So I was recommended this app because it supposed to work well. I installed it and only the ad blocking is free the web protect and call blocking are premium features. It's cheap though so I went premium and one fingerprint later I was up and running, or so I thought. She asked me afterward if I had activated it. I said yes, already paid for it. She launch the app on my phone and said no, you still have to activate. That's really annoying to have to turn on a feature that I specifically just paid for on an app whose sole purpose is to do just that. Especially since after I paid there was no prompt that says I have to go and activate the features. More annoying but granted could be an Apple restriction is the fact that clicking activate really is just a pop up telling how to go into settings to make the changes. Ideally after you paid you should get a prompt that says "would you like to enable so and so..." Click yes and you're done. But again that could be a restriction Apple placed on the process. One other thing, I now have to use Safari since it doesn't work with chrome which is my default browser. I think you should at least support the top 2-3 browsers instead of just Safari.
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4 years ago, L@FH
Misses a critical malicious safari extension containing malware
MWB misses a Malicious safari extension containing malware. I received your response - I have already removed it myself, I don’t need to deal with your company ever again. I am a cyber security professional & an ethical one at that. In your response you blame Apple for not allowing you access to the full system. That means you intentionally provided false information when you sent a notification to enable system access. Since I posted the review, a much more alarming issue came to my attention - and that is sad that you used to be a decent company & you are not anymore. As I said, I am a cyber security professional. I also help women who were affected by cyber crimes pro bono. And I just found out that you still tell people on your forum it’s “all in their head” or give bogus reasons when people, especially women, ask about somebody else knowing their info that they hadn’t shared - you actually just tell them it’s likely their passwords aren’t good enough etc - when you know fully well that stalker-ware/ spyware apps are being used & the kind of damage they do - yet you dismiss concerns putting people’s lives at risk. It’s unfathomable to me. I used to be a very loyal supporter of malware bytes & genuinely thought very highly of you & recommended you to everybody. I don’t know how you went from a trusted ethical company to what you are now. It’s very disappointing.
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6 years ago, Wallyjack
Off to a bad start
Signed up for the annual subscription and went to activate web protection and ad blocking per their directions and button wouldn’t slide to enable either. Turned phone off and on and still wouldn’t slide. Canceled shortly thereafter as not doing what they claim. iPhone 8 Plus with latest update. UPDATE: Ok, you people are the best like your product. Everything is working now and I’ll be signing up for premium service. I don’t remember how long I’ve used Malwarebytes on my laptops/desktops, but it’s been the best ever without a doubt. That’s why I’m so glad that it’s finally available for iPhones. UPDATE 2: I had a problem when I put the latest iOS update on phone. It was saying I had the free version which I knew I didn’t. Just as confusing was the next day it was back to the paid version which I knew I had. Some glitch In the updating process I’m guessing. But, as always, Malwarebytes is the best and working as expected. Update 3: This app has been the best antivirus app ever. On all my devices and works as I want it to for scanning on a schedule. It is a definite 5 star app worth the money.
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3 years ago, Scoot1412
Quite a few issues to work out
My app never works correctly as far as the ease of simply reporting a scam number. I get a “ network error” every single time. At least it will finally mark it as a scammer nowadays. Reporting a number successfully from start-to-finish did happen properly once or twice only, so I know what it should look like. I have clicked to activate my call protection over & over, but every time I close the app, it seems to unclick itself. The customer service person is not helpful at all. You go in complete circles. Then, the CS guy kept asking me if I was from a completely different country, which is irrelevant, as I speak / write my native language very well. This app has some work to do.
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2 years ago, Jeanne-d-Arc
Aggravating Marketing Alerts
I have a paid Malwarebytes account on my computer and I can only assume I also paid for the one of my phone but I can’t remember. I am sick of getting noisy alerts that they want me to buy call protection that I don’t want or need. I don’t want them snooping through my phone calls. I don’t need any help with that. And I really resent being interrupted when I’m working by their idiot app thinking the work I’m doing is less important than their decision to market and interrupt what I’m doing at that moment and leave my work to see what it is. They should only be noisily interrupting people with alerts to leave the window we are working in if there is a security problem they have detected. They should only send emails, not alerts, about marketing. I’m really disgusted. I wound out up turning off my notifications because of their obnoxious misuse of them for marketing. Their marketing is getting in the way of useful performance of the app. I’m going to wind up getting another app instead if this continues
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6 years ago, Pyrotech1620
Update 8/10: Alright so used it for a few days for call blocking and have got 3 calls that it dedicated as spam calls. So was going to switch to block but was warned i wouldnt be notified. which is not bad but having some sort of dashboard showing the number of blocked calls and some details would be great. Would really help me want to keep the app bc i know it blocked X number of spam calls. Otherwise might not think its working bc i dont get calls and is not worth keeping. The app seems maybe its not yet polished and ready for prime time. As of now dont plan on keeping after the 30 day time period. Update 8/5: developers responded and said they had an issue and its been resolved. It did fix the issue and call blocking has been activated. Now only time will tell how good the call blocking/detection is. Will update in 30 days. Update 8/3: Read an article about the app was amped to try it out. Only to be given an error message that it could not activate the call blocker. Sent email for help no response.
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4 years ago, Mike10plus
It does nothing, you have to supply to spammer to their database
I purchased this app based on the great experiences that I have had with the product on Personal Computers, I have used their software for over 12 years and on a pc it has always been reliable and trustworthy, unfortunately it is not the same with the phone spam app, it really does Nothing other then block the numbers that you provided on your personal spam list, I tested by removing the app for a week, and then another week with it on, I got the same spam calls on both situations, on my iPhone I just click on the number and then block contact , then I must proceed to copy and paste the number in the app, to blacklist it in the app so that other users can also stop getting spammed by that number, it feels that I am doing their job for them 😞 and the process is cumbersome. There are many better alternatives out their, I am forfeiting the extra 10 months I have of paid app and disabling autopay / auto renewal. Hopefully they can get their app to be functional someday.
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3 months ago, Hoeboy2
Malwarebutes takes a wrong turn!
I have used Malwarebytes for so many years I can’t remember, and still do on my computer. I used the “ Free” version as I couldn’t afford the paid version for a while. The only difference between the “free” and “paid” versions was the auto-update feature. Now for my phone, which I didn’t want, but at my advanced age my family worries about me and likes to touch base to make sure I am okay. So I first downloaded Malwarebytes to my phone. They like all the others, have nothing for me on the phone. If I lived on my phone like other generations do, it would be my pick for protection, but no more than I use a phone, there is no way I will pay the prices they are asking, even in my heart I know they are by far the best online threat protection product on the market. But, now I am back to where I started! Retired and in the middle of great inflation and they no longer offer a “free” version for us po’ folks! I would have to sell my best mule to pay the price they want to protect my phone! Malwarebytes is is the best, but not worth my mule!
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4 years ago, Voxgm
So I hate to only give 2 stars but for now I feel like this only half way works. Iv been a 100% satisfied customer with Malwarebytes company ever since I started using them on my computer. However I feel like this iOS release is lacking. First off I did upgrade to premium. As with every Malwarebytes program I have no issue supporting them. But the call protection doesn’t seem to do anything. Everything is enabled but at 9am in the morning thats when the spoofing/robo calls start. And they ALWAYS get through. I immediately report it on the Malwarebytes app and block the number on my device. The web protection and the ad blocker work fine. But unfortunately my main reason for buying this over ANY OTHER app out there is for the call protection. That and it’s Malwarebytes whom I’ve always trusted/supported. But please fix this and also give me the option to block every number if it’s not in my contacts.
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3 months ago, J.F.202403
App should be able to auto-update
Self-explanatory. The app does not allow you to enable a setting so that it automatically updates. These are protection updates that you should have sooner than later. Cyber criminals operate 24/7, not occasionally or infrequently. Having to go into the app near daily, just to check for an update, and then manually update it, is a bit absurd and is the reason for the lower score. It would be fine to have “check-ins”, say, once every few weeks or so. But I shouldn’t have to check near daily, to find an update half the time. It’s not a good use of time, and doesn’t make sense when the whole point of buying this software is to have some level of online protection. App should be updated to add this setting to enable auto updates.
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2 years ago, Assendahm
Home devices protection & customer support
We’re legacy clients of Malwarebytes, and we recently decided to add a couple new devices. Customer support (Connor) was very attentive & helpful. Later we attempted to add my iPhone to the “up to 6 devices) coverage. Had misplaced & forgotten my PW. The process of acknowledging “forgot password” was clear enough but we never got a verification # via email to initiate creation of a new pw. 5 or 6 tries yielded no emailed verification #. Finally found my original notes with my login & pw. Went back into the Malwarebytes app on my iPhone and presto, that worked like it should. Advice. Don’t forget or misplace your login profiles.
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3 years ago, Memoryleak
Seems to do nothing at all
Have been using for almost 2 years now and have to say it seems to do nothing at all. I still get 2-5 robo calls a day from off shore foreign callers looking for information. I also get unsolicited routine telemarketing calls from numbers I do not know. I never answer, and malware bytes, NEVER categorizes in a way that makes it clear what kind of call. I just listen to the occasional voice mail to see what it was. The txt protection is also useless, as I get 4-5 phishing attempts a day from banks, telco, insurance, etc, with badly encoded and obviously wrong shortened url’s that probably link to malware infested sites. I never click, but do submit them to malware bytes and you would think after submitting nearly 1000 of these over the last 2 years, something would improve. I guess machine learning and AI are not skills Malware employs in developing their tools for mobile ios services.
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7 months ago, Beejay148
Overhaul this App , most features don't work
I speak for everyone who uses Malwarebytes and can say the desktop version of Malwarebytes is the best on Windows , somewhat decent on MacOS, but on iOS this App needs features that ACTUALLY works. The call protection is ok but I still have to block numbers at times. The text message filtering needs some WORK. The Ad blocking and Web Protection are almost NON EXISTENT until we have stats and more info to go off of to see how we are being protected. There is no way to scan our phones to proactively look for viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms. So maybe implementing a scan button and following how things are already done in the MacOS version would be a start. I know Malwarebytes can do better than this and i more than willing to give a better review once i see some actual changes
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3 years ago, RockinPaige
Buggy!! Disables features and purchase constantly!
Purchased the annual plan for four phones last month. I enabled protection and activition for each phone. I noticed the call filtering seemed to not be working so I opened the app and discovered that it was saying I needed to upgrade to premium.. AGAIN. What?! I clicked upgrade and saw the message "restore previous purchase." I then checked the rest of our phones and discovered similar issues. Deactivated web protection, deactivated call protection, deactivated premium purchase and having to "restore" my only 30 day old ANNUAL purchases. Randomly clicking around the screen will suddenly change the purchase message, I've since witnessed the app keeps disabling itself or randomly deactivating certain features on each phone. 😑 Not very secure at all. I work in cyber security, I expected much better from Malwarebytes.
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5 years ago, Hlr0916
Not worth the subscription
I've had the premium subscription for the last week. I compared the before and after call logs, and it hasn't done much to eliminate all the annoying telemarketing/robo-calls, MAYBE one call less per day. I haven't noticed much change in the web browsing, but I never did visit a lot of sites that could potentially be troublesome. I've checked the SMS junk messages tab to see if it was filtering out spam texts, and there was nothing there. So I can't determine what effect that's having yet. Thankfully, the company let's you have a 30 day trial period before charging a small $2/month fee. So I gave them an extra star because of that. I had high hopes of finally being rid of these GD telemarketers, but no. To quote every parent, ever: "I'm not angry; I'm just disappointed..."
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5 years ago, OSOMANOSO
Malwarebytes If you want great protection
I have been using the iPhone now for about a decade. I was starting to receive odd text messages and phone calls from all over, especially those dreaded rovo-calls. Malwarebytes has virtually stopped them. I see the good and bad calls which are clearly labeled. Sometimes I see “fraud” calls and I just don’t bother answering those. There is a level of malware detection that can be used across all devices you have. This product works smoothly with the operating system and does not take long to scan, just under one minute. I do not feel any delay either. The efficiency of the phone does not seem to be impaired.
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4 years ago, hairryapple
No problems
After my computer started acting crazy and spending hours, literally with APPLE CAREon line then schlepping the computer to the Apple store, purging the computer and reloading everything, which too hours, only to continue with the same issues, I called back Apple Care and got a tech who knew what he was doing. He suspected malware and so did I. It took him 5 minutes to help me clean out the offending items, then suggested loading MalwareBytes. I have it free on my IMac and pay for it on my IPad. No issues at all in over 1 year, at least. Highly recommended by everyone I know who understands and has had experience with the product.
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4 years ago, Ayyub_BX
Doesn’t want to work
For some reason I was using this before and it worked but now it doesn’t want to screen my texts. It just says Activate when I’ve been on a premium for a year now. I set the setting to screen texts but still it says to activate. Update ( Feb/9/20 ) so I contacted Malwarebytes support and still no answer. I’ve been subscribed for a year and this is how I’m treated?! I sent an email and I was supposed to receive a response within 24 hrs it stated. It’s been a week. It doesn’t support text filtering for iOS 13.3.1 This Dev is a scammer they know this app doesn’t function properly due to limitations from apple supposedly but yet they still sell it without informing that it doesn’t scan for anything and only blocks ads. I WANT ALL OF MONEY BACK! YOU DID NOT FULFILL YOUR PART OF WHAT WAS DESCRIBED ON YOUR AD! SNAKE! Got a response to an irrelevant issue. The malware tech Manny says due to iOS restrictions malwarebytes cant tell if the filtering is on which is what the error message says instead of him telling me whats really wrong. It was working a day before and now it’s not . I just want all of my money back! Had I known this app has not been working correctly at all shows how apple and malware bytes try to sucker to consumer for money!
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4 months ago, Krista Moser
Wanting to run root-kit on IOS devices
I bought the subscription because all of my Apple devices have been accessed remotely and mirrored and I was specifically looking for something that would run a root-kit security search and solution. It said it had it, but there are no settings to verify that it has in fact been run and anything removed. This is such a big problem between Apple and Microsoft Power Shell Scripts. You would think that SOMEONE would want to be able to address it. Women being stalked and someone losing complete security of all of their devices is a BIG DEAL.
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4 months ago, can't recommend Malwarebytes
Worst app I’ve ever used (updated)
(Clarification: I accidentally hit the send button before I was able to proofread it.) The email I used to use with Malwarebytes was compromised and no longer available. With most companies, you just contact them and update your account. Malwarebytes has made that impossible. When you fill out a support ticket, they only look at the email you type into the email box, which is of course my new, working email, and never read the content of the ticket, where I provided the now inoperative email linked to my account. So you get an email saying they closed your support ticket because there is no account associated with your email. Calling them was a complete dead end as well. Hard to believe any company is so stupid to create a catch 22 situation like this. I replied to the “there is no account with this email” response explaining their mistake, but they never responded….until five days later, after they read the review. THEN THEY SENT A LINK TO THE SAME DOOM LOOP. Plus an email from the support ticket bot…not sure if they will read my response. I just want my money back. Had to buy a competing product from a company that…answers their phone. Imagine that!
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4 years ago, HairyGorilla1
An Annoying Time Sink
Based on the highly favorable reviews of this iPad version, and my use of the MacBook version, I downloaded this app. After a week, it still displays only in the portrait mode, which is not compatible with my linked keyboard landscape usage, and I can’t get rid of the self-advertising pop ups for Malwarebytes upgrades without upgrading. Tapping on the little gear wheel for options doesn’t yield any workarounds. I’ve lived without you for 4 successive iPads, and here we go to “delete”.........................Developer has responded that I should check in with their support team on (website URL). (A) It’d be nice if this weren’t made necessary in the design of your app, and (B) It’d also have been nice if this were on the drop down from the settings gear wheel on your app’s face page. Finish your product development and test its function before you put it out there.
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3 years ago, USA36
Useless app
I don't really know what this app do. I guess nothing. First they don't use VPN protocol to scan for malicious web sites 24/7. Second they don't work with any other software except maybe for Safari and thats even questionable. (What happens to Microsoft Edge,Mozilla and Opera oh yea i know you don't have VPN protocol to scan sites regardless of browsers we use). I'm very surprised that company like this have most useless app in a store compared to many other apps. They should be leading industry not walking miles behind. Even for .99c this app don't worth money. You have much better choices out there for your iPhone protection. This app wont do it and is really bad. And i mean really really bad. Don't expect phone filtering to work because is not. All this app do is scan you for .99c and they should be sued for that and i hope they will.
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6 years ago, MythicalXFaze64
So I’ve used the windows version of this program and it’s my FAVORITE antivirus ever! But!!!! The issue is I’m kinda disappointed with the current IOS version of the program. I’m having an issue with it, (free version) I wanted the ad blocker the most out of the two free parts of the application. I went through and enabled the SMS filtering but the app has not showed any indication that it has recognized I turned it on in settings. Then I tried the ad block and it’s greyed out in settings and won’t even give me a chance to turn it on. No clue why. And the only thing on my phone as a restriction is the “ adult website block” besides that I have not restrictions and limitations. Can you help?
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3 years ago, Lady of Colors
I like it!
I notice it’s letting me know calls are scams or frauds, even possible spam. I still am getting odds calls. It doesn’t seem to stopped them from keep coming in. BUT, it does not let me hear or get the calls to come thru and have contact or communication. Also it lets me know Malwarebytes has stop it from passing thru, and this call can be dangerous. Therefore I like the program. Thank you developers from helping to keep the crazy callers out and stopping others from taken control of my device and tapping in and listening in on my calls. Rating a 5 plus A.
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5 years ago, LilBit a Sose
Force feeding you Safari
I purchased the one month cheap subscription and I find out this app only works if you use safari. That’s nonsense as this works on all browsers I use with my Galaxy phone. :Update: I forgot to also mention that all this app does is block ads, so they say, and she web browsing in Safari only, as they said in their reply. It doesn’t scan for malware as it does on Androids or windows. I definitely feel like I’m gonna have a hard time trusting this dev after this one. I will definitely not be renewing my subscription and am canceling ASAP. Well done however guys, you got my money anyway. Stupid me! I figured whatever I’ll just use this crap for a month since I already paid but now there is no easy way to cancel this subscription. Yea, this app “is gonna be a no for me dog” !
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2 years ago, Ostriches5.0
After all the other main 3 anti virus software I have found my saving grace through Malwarebytes! Don't be fooled by the rest you have got to get the absolute best! Do yourself a favor and get with the program you will ready easy trust me after over a year of fighting to get in front of my hackers Malwarebytes has taken the heavy lifting from an exhausted victim of some nasty people that feed of the misery of others. The more time that passes with Malwarebytes at the forefront the better my life is becoming more normal and stress free! Trust me you will not have to look any further for help!
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5 years ago, cA Lange
Bait and switch
This app is hackable. I installed it and upgraded to premium on my old HACKED IPhone , but it wouldn’t allow me to submit a hackers phone number, so on new iPhone I installed, and it says “free for 30 days” which is not true. It immediately comes up and says I need to upgrade to premium if I really want what is advertised to be “free” for first 30 days?!? All it blocks are ads, app says it can’t tell if text messaging is turned on... I went through prompts to activate that through settings, but it still isn’t blocking anything but ads. I WILL NOT pay again to upgrade to “premium”. I will not put credit card info into new iPhone. This is as much of a scam as the hackers. Don’t get fooled into thinking this is a good app. It simply doesn’t work, and there’s no way to contact a human regarding this bait and switch app to get it to work properly .
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2 years ago, pacinoo
Awesome saying it’s the first release we will see
Thank you Malwarebytes. Your products are always superior. Malwarebytes is a great product indeed! With its exhaustive database of spyware and malware combined with an alert system giving users a double layer of protection. Also the ability to add suspicious URLs and phone numbers. Great product. Not only does it provide protection but it empowers you to fight back against malware, phony recorded spyware. It gives power to the end user to report devious minds who only want to scam innocent people. Highly recommend!!! Been using it for decades. Originally on my PC and router!!!
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2 months ago, Upset Con
I have a major hacking issue and Apple recommended me
I have had a major hacking issue and we know who has done this and my next step would be changing my phone # and wiping my iPhone 15 Pro clean which I shouldn’t have to do so they recommend this application and my problems are: 1- All of my email address, cell #, passwords, Social Security #, my Apple ID I run off of as well as all of my drivers license information is on the dark web! 2- I purchased your application, but I’m not getting a private VPN as well as it’s not working for Spam Texts OR Calls ! 3- I have Fraud Issues and this Product is NOT catching Emails OR Texts ! 4- I’m having to deal with a BOT to schedule a call “YOU ARE BOOKED 5 DAYS OUT … This is NOT good Customer Service at all !
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5 years ago, Rad99004
Not very useful yet
I’m sure Malwarebytes is building their database and one day will be useful. The interface is very lacking and doesn’t show much of anything. I have a year subscription and consider it a waste of money so far. The call log sometimes shows it was a Spam caller after the fact but not during the actual call. Mostly there is never any information. I think the cell phone providers can provide more information via there apps since they don’t have the same restrictions since they are the phone company. I would advise your company to provide this service free until you can be more of a service. An idea is to make your other subscriptions for Mac and Pc available via this App and this service would be free with one of those.
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4 years ago, ✌︎ Emma ☆
Ok so I downloaded this app because I was getting random links texted to me from Hotmail emails and I was getting worried if my phone had a virus or something. I got Malwarebytes and everything changed! I was never worried if I should open the link or if I knew the number. I love this app because it can also block ads as well as separate your texts to a junk folder if needed. Very trustworthy and incredible app, a definitely recommended! Last thing, GET PREMIUM! It’s totally worth the few extra dollars, and you only have to pay it every year! All in all, wonderful app, thank you for it!
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The best protection available for iOS.
I had called AppleCare several times because I mistakenly opened some junk emails and it began to cause problems. Battery drain, long lag times, etc. I heard (unofficially) that many Apple people, both reps. and people in the community that this was the best, easiest, cheapest, and offered protection options that many others did not have available!! It is on the majority of my iOS devices. I would highly recommend checking out Malwarebytes. There is a free but limited version to download!! Give it a twirl!!
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4 years ago, Tripped up by tech
Trying to resolve a false positive
Only the caller number is displayed, not the caller’s name, so really, I’m flying blind on deciding whether to accept an incoming call, some of which are scammer cold calls. My policy is I don’t answer calls flagged “Known scammer” and then block the number on my phone after they hang up. But TriWest Health that coordinates specialist appointments for the Veterans Administration was flagged as a scammer a couple of days ago, and it was only on their 5th call that I, distracted by what I was doing, answered and got important medical scheduling info! Not just the caller number but also the caller’s name needs to be displayed for incoming calls!!!
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4 years ago, Adam fHz
Saved by the “Bytes”
I had a scammer call me with enough corroborated information to convince me they were ready to receive payment for a credit card bill (which they must have hacked). Only, because Malwarebytes labeled their call to me as a “known scammer” I did not wind up accidentally coughing up double the amount of my bill that month. These scammers are not just preying on ignorant or misinformed people; they can present you with enough hacked evidence to convince you of their feigned legitimacy and the only thing to debunk then might be the fact that their number shows up as “Known Scammer.” Thanks, Malwarebytes.
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1 year ago, Britishlady
Fantastic customer support
I purchased the subscription for five devices iMac, iPads an iPhones and honestly did not understand how to install the program on the iPad and iPhones. I scheduled a phone call for customer support and Mr. Tim called me at the exact scheduled time. I’m not computer savvy (usually get my kids or grandson to help me). Mr. Tim patiently explained the steps I needed to take to install the program on the iMac, IPhones and IPad. I am so grateful for his help to not only set up the program but to explain in layman terms how the system works. He has put my mind at ease.
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5 years ago, MoxiRox
So happy to see this for iOS!
I’ve been using their software on my laptop ever since it was recommended to me in 2014. I also got to test the beta version of this app. Love this company, love the price, love the customer service, and the protection is top notch. Even the beta was good enough for me, but I will get the premium... Note: Just a suggestion, but I’ve been getting a lot of random insurance calls and loan related calls, and I’ve been blocking them all on my phone but Malwarebytes is not recognizing them as spam. I wish I could just import all my blocked numbers at once on the app! And also that Malwarebytes could do a better job at recognizing this.
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1 month ago, madison#1245
Malwarebytes is a Great app and does a better job than Norton or McAfee!
Purchase Malwarebytes; Is easy to use & offers Excellent protection on-line from the thousands (millions?) of bad actors out in cyberspace. Much better than Norton or McAfee - both of which slow down your operating systems and are Almost impossible to get rid of once you’ve subscribed to them. Both Norton & McAfee are kinda like fleas: you have to bomb your entire house (again and again) to get rid of them once they’ve been installed on your Apple or PC devices!
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5 years ago, Amujo2
I have been with this app for a few months now it worked well at first , but it can’t recognize some of the calls. One day I received a call from my boss who used his cellphone which I didn’t have in my contacts but it said it was a scammer likely but my boss left a voicemail that’s when I realized that it doesn’t recognize some numbers. The reason why I have given it a one star is because it can’t block the real scammers.. I have been waiting for my surgeon’s call to schedule me for surgery, but I have never received the call. Yesterday I received a letter from the hospital saying that I gave them a wrong number, but they have the right number though the app listed their number as a scammer likely 🙁. I’ve uninstalled it for that reason yet my subscription is still on till June 2020.
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5 months ago, jeds7
Bad app, NO technical support offered to anyone who purchases App from Apple
I contacted malwarebytes after not being able to sign in to this app with my only email address after several years of paying for the “premium subscription” to adjust settings since it did not appear to be working at all anymore. Malwarebytes tech support wrote back (after a full week) but not only could they not find any of my payments, invoices or even the email address associated with the account, said they couldn’t help me because I purchased their App through Apple instead of directly through Malwarebytes! Who even does that? I cancelled this useless subscription immediately. Do not waste your time buying this app from this pitiful unhelpful company.
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4 years ago, NeverQuitEvans
I can’t enter the malwarebytes key I purchased.
I have searched throughout the whole app and I cannot find a spot to re-enter my key that I purchased. I can do it on any computer but not on the app. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to have on the computer but it should be coordinated well on the app. I never purchased it on my phone before so I cannot redo a subscription since I did not have it before on the phone or purchase it through App Store. I did purchase it though and it is a good application to have. I cannot argue with that. It is very unfortunate that I purchased a key for a series of devices and I cannot even activate it on my phone. Is this a way to get more money from the consumer?
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5 years ago, Mcarma42
Not that helpful
I continue to have to input a number and request it to be blocked. There doesn't seem to be any automatic blocking or warning. Hiya is probably a better app. Also have to keep asking support for a support tool, doesn't seem to be one for my Mac or iOS unless it's just clicking on report to enter the phone numbers I want to quit calling me. I get at least 6 unwanted scam or spam phone calls every day that I have to write down so I can type them in to block them thru malwarebytes when I can just use my iPhone and have them blocked. Really can't say this service is anymore helpful. Also no way to report text messages that are phishing.
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4 years ago, wants a hooker
Paid for Premium for 1 year and uninstalled one and a half months later.
Although I already paid for a year of Malwarebytes for IOS I chose in the end to uninstall simply because it is not effective in anyway whatsoever to block scam calls. It may block scam text messages but I never get those so I wouldn't know. I also do not allow ANY app to run in the background and apparently Malwarebytes for IOS needs to use background services in order to work. Well I made the exception for Malwarebytes to run in the background and it still didn't block scam calls. That's when I realized it's just another piece of software sending telemetry to Malwarebytes in the middle of the night while I sleep. Giving a company, any company access to your phone and text messages is a huge deal and I would only trust a very few companies with that level of access. I do trust Malwarebytes because I have used them since 2012 on my PC's. I own 3 PC Lifetime subscriptions and it has saved me numerous times from threats. However the iPhone app simply doesn't cut it. Love you Malwarebytes but this IOS app is the sh!ts.
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3 months ago, AnamCar@
Trouble activating on multiple devices.
Easy to install on computers, but iPads and iPhone are a different matter. Also took advantage of renewing before my old subscription expired. I was told that the renewal would be added on to the one I currently have. But instead it expires after 1 year and overlaps ols subscriptions so I am paying double for 5 months! Can’t find anyway to actually communicate with anyone. Only links to “help” pages that don’t address my problem by “knowledge base” or go to community forum. There must be other similar apps like this one! If anyone can suggest one, I’d be happy yo give it a try!
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2 years ago, ShoobyTaylor
Doesn’t do anything except promote itself with notifications
I’ve had this for a few weeks now. I paid my money for a subscription, and this app has done absolutely nothing except bother me with occasional notifications that I should turn on a web filter that I have already chosen not to use, to supposedly protect me from web “security risks” of the type that I have never once encountered in 15 years of being an iPhone user, so they can see my web surfing habits. It hasn’t blocked or filtered anything. I’m getting just as many Robocalls as before, there is absolutely no difference. It did nothing at all about them. Complete waste of time and money. Enjoy my 10 bucks. I’m canceling my subscription and removing this app.
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