Master Control: DirecTV Remote

4 (7K)
27.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Miles Hollingsworth
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Master Control: DirecTV Remote

3.98 out of 5
7K Ratings
5 years ago, no one cares about my opinion
Pretty good. A few flaws
My remote died after having the service 1 year. It found my device and worked immediately. It does have a bit of a delay when you push a button. I can’t figure out how to turn the box off or change the volume which has been annoying because my direct tv box is always on now and never shuts off. I can’t find a button on the box to manually shut it off either. Other than least I can watch the tv now. And I will get exercise getting up to manually change the volume :)
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1 year ago, Bobcat truck
Very good I like it
I can control my tv with my phone and very good I like this direct tv app better than the other one the one didn’t have the numbers or lets on it it connected right up I’m amazed by this app I highly recommend this app This remote control works and it’s very accurate I love this app so much and it’s hands free so you don’t have to touch the other remote control laying down the stand This remote control is good when you’re sick with Covid and just don’t feel like touching the hand remote control laying on the stand you can control your tv from your hands
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4 years ago, DominoDiva333
Cool remote, but....
I do like this app, asking t does what it is supposed to do. However, I have 4 receivers (DirecTV) in my house, and although the app finds three of the four, I can only control one of the receivers. I don’t know if this is because my other three are ‘genie’ receivers or what. The app finds them all, but it’s frustrating that I can not control all of my receivers. Rate 3 stars for that and 5 stars for functionality, user interface and ease of use. Average four stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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6 years ago, jaespun
Works great
I downloaded this app because I’m always losing the remote. I did not have high expectations because I have downloaded other apps in the past that do not work but this app automatically detected my cable box & connected right away.
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6 years ago, GorcheskyFamily
Not Auth?
Top 1/3 of the screen is wasted on a huge status bar that reads Not Authorized. Bottom 2/3's did work as the remote, which is confusing to why the top 1/3 reads not auth'd? Pros- once the app was installed all three receivers appeared (all though...not auth'd) with no log-in needed. I liked that, but I did spend 5 mins looking for a settings or log in menu to clear the Not Auth... clearly I was unsuccessful.
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5 years ago, kenaniganstoo
I'm rating this app according to does it do what I downloaded it for
We have DirecTV. DirecTV has an app, and it's terrible. The "remote control" feature is buried, and once you get to it, it takes too long to connect. Mostly when I need the remote on my phone, I'm upstairs and just need to stop what's playing. This app is only a remote, and it connects immediately. I've read the other reviews. I have my critiques for the app. But I didn't download this app to be a primary app that I'm going to live in. It does its thing, for me.
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6 years ago, Works Fine.
Nice app!!
This app will open up to control all receivers on the network. Just pick one of the ones named during initial installation and control it. Swipe left/right to switch between control screens. I can control my receiver and DirecTV receiver with my iPhone.
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4 years ago, Jrbjekejdnf
It works fine and then it says I need to change my DirecTV setting to use a “foreign” remote. Fine...I do that and it works for a month. No issues and it’s great. Yesterday, my box does not exist. Can’t be found and this app says make sure you are connected to the same internet. WE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!! What the heck is wrong here?
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6 years ago, liberty_
Not Authorized
Just as another reviewer said, it says “Not Authorized” under the name of my DirecTV receiver, but the button functionality still works, and that message wastes 1/3 of the screen. Odd, but works like a charm otherwise. Thank you for making this useful app free too! :)
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4 years ago, SCGay
Nice and Convenient
Love the app so far. Have used it over the past several hours. Connection was seamless and easy. But...what is the purpose of the colored button selector?
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6 years ago, DEJI S
Amazing app
I used this app after one of my brothers lost the remote and even though it found now I still use this app because of how easy and convenient it is to use
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3 years ago, p.moore328
This is real!!
This remote actually works and was real easy to use! This may not sound like a BIG deal but since I downloaded one that didn’t work first I found it to be awesome!
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4 years ago, yelp_reviewer762
Looked everywhere for the remote. Didn’t think the free app would work on direct tv. It worked instantly! Right before the game came on!
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5 years ago, sally0379
Works Great!
Wow my kids keep loosing the remote and this app completely saved us. Only this I can’t figure out how to change the color! Very small and I’m not sure if it’s something I’m able to do.. All together a good app.. Big thanks to maker!
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6 years ago, Y_Squared
Works better than provided remote
On my setup this app is more responsive than the physical remote provided by DirecTV. Would be almost perfect if had a keyboard option when in the search function screen.
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3 years ago, DeadlyKitten13159
Needs improvement
I like the app for the most part but could you add a power off button?
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6 years ago, Goochie1334048
Better then actual remote
My remote stopped working and I thought I was gonna have to buy a app then this thing came along and saved the day #godbless
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3 years ago, singin mechanic
Pretty good but missing a few things
The app works fine. But there is no volume control, and no power on , off switch. You have to use a regular remote, or manually power it on , or off.
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5 years ago, MrVonzipper
Been waiting for an app like this!
I’d been looking for an app like this for years. All were garbage prior til now. Took a couple min. to figure it out but it’s better than I’d expected. So stoked.
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4 years ago, Bluesoftail
Developer Abandon
It was very good but last updated 2 years ago and recent email to developer not answered. Developer abandoned all his apps.
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6 years ago, Rocknrickn
What a Control
I love this Control! Only complaint is the color buttons do not work! But other then that, this is awesome!!!! Hope they fix that soon!
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5 years ago, babygirl- dimples
Remote is awsome
This remote is kool if u loose ur remote it does work but sometimes it stops working so u gotta reinstall it again And again can you please fix this app thank you annamaria
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4 years ago, xzyno123
Direct iPhone remote.. it is a good app only thing missing is volume control.
It is a good app. Only thing missing is volume control. Today the app works great as is. Dennis
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4 years ago, BobnKC
Not detecting device
Is this app being maintained? It seems there haven’t been any updates to keep up with iPadOS. It was working when I first installed it a few years ago (before the OS became iPadOS). After a few updates to the OS it no longer finds my receivers. I’ve gone so far as to delete the app and reinstall to no avail. The app still works fine on my iPhone 7.
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4 years ago, TheRealGod
Big fan
What a great way not to lose your remote. If it could turn the tv on and off... I’d pay for that! Good work miles
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5 years ago, Ryan&Deanna Mom
Can’t fix problems. Doesn’t work
It did find 2 of my receivers (hint, make sure your iPad is on the same house network, 2.4 vs. 5G). But it says my receiver doesn’t accept external devices (I checked, it does). And once I picked a receiver, I couldn’t redo the selection - had to uninstalled and reinstall to even be able to pick which one. And it still didn’t work. Buh-bye.
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3 years ago, Whoamj
Works great no issues wish it could control volume!
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6 years ago, lagunter
My stupid dogs kept eating my remote no matter where I put in (on a shelf, in a drawer, in a cabinet). This app worked right away, was super simple. So happy right now.
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4 years ago, EdFest
It works!
First Direct TV app I found that actually works. My dog is always chewing my remotes so this will save me some money. Would recommend.
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5 years ago, TheAudiobookworm
Doesn’t work with new receiver
Worked fine until I got my new receiver. I’d been using it for a year with no problems. Now it says the new receiver is not authorized, despite following sparse instructions provided by the developer. It looks like I’m going to have to purchase a competitors app now.
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5 years ago, RottenTomatoesReviewer
AMAZING, and if you’re having issues, HERE’S WHAT TO DO:
Click “MENU” on the remote. Then click “Settings” then “Whole-Home” then allow to all.
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6 years ago, Mrodflow
Simple to use, works great
No set up required. I’m really impressed tbh lost my remote and this was a quick simple way around it
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3 years ago, mailladie79
Remote malfunction
Stops working often. I have to delete and re-download or turn my phone off then on for it to work!
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4 years ago, bigskimeister
Something positive about an app. It just works. A few issues of speed but this app works.
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6 years ago, konc3ptsF
Works great
Not sure why complaints about this free app, that works with direct tv when you misplaced a remote. Thanks a bunch 🤘
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5 years ago, Carlosthehousepup
My remote got water spilled on it and won’t work
This app is saving me right now. I spilled a glass of water on my DIRECTV remote and it won’t work. Thanks for this app!
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5 years ago, G Hux
I have a question
Is there a way to turn on/off the tv? And is there a way I can control the volume? If not, pls add
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6 years ago, ZooChef
Must Have
Great app, does everything the remote does with no’s like having a second remote....
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4 years ago, DentalMom05
Love it
I love the app!! Easy to use!! I am, however, attempting to remove one of the channels from from app favorites list...
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5 years ago, cfkiii
Free. And it works when your kids lose your remote
See subject line
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6 years ago, Daytondog
Great remote control for DIRECTV receivers! Found all of our receivers and immediately allowed us to bring up guide and menus. Thanks for creating this!
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4 years ago, Tenis/soccerMAN
My actual directv remote was not working so we downloaded this app and it’s the best thing ever!
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4 years ago, goaliegi
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I love this app I don’t even use my tv remote anymore
Just tried it and I love it ‘cause I have access to all my tv’s!!!!!!
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3 years ago, hdrjgisisnn
It’s good but….
I can’t find the power button to turn on and off the TV.
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5 years ago, carbkit
Simple-identifiable controls.
Works great. But I got off on a sub-menu that had no exit. I just restarted the app. It is a great little tool. You will love it.
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5 years ago, Motech617
Dish remote app is much better than that other one I have I like this much better and I give you more info
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6 years ago, Valerieee16
It works perfectly fine with my tv. The only downside is there is so volume button.
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2 years ago, dmcsoup
Trouble connecting
Connectivity issues. May need to delete the app and reinstall
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5 years ago, TYSHAWN HENLEY
Best Remote App
Workss Perfectlyy Fine ❗️ Just need to be connected to the same wifi network .
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4 years ago, masternatertater
Channel list
I hate that I can’t rearrange my channel list in a different order. It’s stuck in the order that I added it to the list.
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