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Matrix Absence Management Inc
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7 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Matrix eServices Mobile

1.61 out of 5
255 Ratings
2 months ago, GrandpaAges
Atrocious excuse of an app
It took a solid 5mins for the login screen to process after submitting my info. Submitting documents is a pathetic. I had to take the photo and give it a name, but it wouldn’t submit. So, I logged out and back into to reset the client and upload documents. I had to do this 6x before it actually worked. As for “signing” anything, still won’t even let me. Every time I select the option to sign, it takes me to a blank white screen. No error message. No scrolling to see if stuck on top or bottom of the page. Just a white blank screen of uselessness with nothing to do and no where to go. This app is apparently the only way to sign because for some reason you can’t do it online. For something that’s required by employers for submitting medical time off, this is a worthless piece of junk and I hope the failures of this app don’t screw me out of pay or a job… you get ZERO STARS if it were possible.
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2 months ago, gudgbchnc$@
This app is the worst app ever so inconvenient. I cannot get anything done. I can’t open any of the documents to view them. You have to download them to your text messages or other weird places. There’s no phone number to reach your examiner there’s no email address to to contact your examiner, I can’t find anything I’m looking for in there. It is absolutely the worst app ever they should’ve just left it alone. The other one worked perfectly fine. Whoever developed this. The documents I need to view are all on a time schedule and if I can’t open them to view them, then this app is absolutely worthless please somebody fix it.
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2 months ago, RainieBear
Barely an app
I received some generic, grammatically incorrect response, to my review. The instructions took me to just one more non-functioning link. What does it take to reach a real person that knows something about my company and state leaves? A miracle!!!! Original review below. This app is terrible. I am planning a leave for March 2024. I would like to review information now. I am being proactive because of all the issues my coworkers are having Every attempt at more information is a useless loop back to the more information page. I thought Unum was bad but Matrix makes them look like the elite leave processing provider. Your company is being paid for services you are making impossible to access. Messages go to no place! I want to see paperwork for OR paid leave, find information about how the state paid leave works in conjunction with my short-term disability benefits and how FMLA/OFL work in combination with both. Why!? can’t I simply find instructions and blank forms?
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1 month ago, kimjims
Not functional
I have not been able to access my account in this app or the desktop website. There is always some kind of error notification. I’ve submitted 3 help tickets already to get this looked at with no response in the past 3 or so weeks. I’m unable to check the status of my claim or upload anything. It’s unusable. Someone needs to address this pronto.
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3 days ago, Baysidepirate
Create account-Didn’t get past DOB field
Entering DOB does not allow entering a date. It pops up a calendar where you can only scroll back a month at a time. My DOB is over 650 clicks ago. No way I’m doing that.
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2 months ago, SlackPuter
It’s what it is
This is what an irresponsible employer would use in order to pass the buck for issues relating to health and scheduling. If it’s not the APP it’s the HR representative if it’s not it’s the doctors office it’s the Matrix personnel.
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3 weeks ago, scania900
Horrible app/company.
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7 months ago, RedPyramid player
Nearly unusable
Neither the file upload nor image upload options were functional, and had a pop up that would occasionally cause the app to freeze entirely informing you of file size restrictions while not allowing you to select photos. The login process initially hung for nearly 2 minutes when I attempted to login and then failed to log me in. At least the password was kept in the box after the failed login attempt, but that is pretty much the only positive I can give. I had thought the function to take a photo and upload it worked, but received 3 calls the next day informing me that they do not have my medical information so clearly that also doesn’t work. It took me nearly an hour out of my morning to get the file uploaded that I was not informed of or able to upload through the website. I learned that it needed to be uploaded by a text on a Sunday morning. There are many parts of this app that are just explicitly broken and the fact that it was required for me to be allowed to return to work makes this absolutely unacceptable to me.
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1 year ago, Ray131101
Horrible - A product designers perspective
I usually don’t write reviews. But this app drove me nuts. The process of filing for my 70 yr old dads leave because of a family emergency is already stressful. At least make the experience something comforting. Also, why am I forced to download this app to upload documents, and not on the website? Why when I click on photos, it doesn’t take me to my recents and instead takes me to photos from 2 years ago? Also, why when I take a photo of the documents, it comes off all blurry and misaligned? I seriously recommend this company to invest a UX team and reconsider what screens and flows can make can make the experience better for people who need to file leave, for any reason, but especially for those who are stressed out and wants to have this process as seamless as possible.
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4 years ago, eight363
poorly compatible with ios
doesn’t offer to save password using integrated ios password utility. have to go through a workaround to manually create saved account in ios password manager. app doesn’t Keep You Logged In like i want it to and like multiple other HIPAA protected apps do so don’t tell me it’s about protecting my anything. banks and hospital apps all allow this. once you’re in, it’s somewhat counterintuitive and there are limited things to even do. have to use this app or just not use an app so that’s my choice, but this this is barely passed Minimum Viable Product on a good day. the Claim Filing wizard is busted and will blank out or forget things or yell at you for doing things in the wrong order, refresh, and then make you start all over also why on god’s green earth do i need a Phone Call? that is the last thing an app should require “oh thanks for requesting some stuff, we’ll have a human look at it in some hours maybe, copy and paste and retype in the stuff you already did, see if it works, and then give you a phone call like it’s 1993 and we’re all doing nothing everyday beyond sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs waiting from a call from our relatives.
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1 year ago, simonethesparrow
Literally the worst
I have used a lot of bad apps. I can say without hyperbole that this is the worst app I have ever used. It’s utterly unusable, yet you HAVE to use it during the most stressful time of your life IN ORDER TO GET PAID. It’s unconscionable that Matrix calls this an app and has those of us who are otherwise very sick, disabled, and stressed struggling with this. The app constantly doesn’t load things, freezes, shuts down, etc. The UI is so bad I truly believe it has to be deliberate. I think they want to make it difficult to use to deter people from being able to submit their leave claims (which is illegal). Shady, horrible app for a shady, horrible company. If I had any choice this would be off my phone in a New York minute.
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8 months ago, Kimberly4964
Worst service I’ve ever received.
If I could give zero stars, that’s what they would get! This company is a slap in the face to every day, hard-working Americans, who get a personal illness or get hurt. Surely work places can find a better short-term disability company other than this. They want you to send them your information and all your records immediately and will contact you every until they get the information they need and then, it takes them forever to return a phone call after that! I’ve been out of work for a month already, and have not received one single check. They need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau and that’s exactly what I plan to do.
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3 years ago, Maryleeusa
Worst EVER!
Locked out of acct, ask a question that I know I never answered when I set the account up, what my father‘s middle name is, however I know what it is and I know I got it correct but it’s saying it is not. It offers no other security questions just that one. They don’t return calls they don’t give you any way to get a hold of them and for you to be paid you have to access this account to approve documents. It is part of a scam for Matrix to just not pay out claims it has become very very obvious. This company is a ring of thrives making sure you NEVER maneuver through it. The LAST thing you need is this stress when seriously I’ll. I can’t believe they haven’t been shut down.
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2 years ago, Aaron Nguyen
Worst registration questions ever!!!
Ummm - in order to register, you must create a question/answer pair- seems simple enough. Except the questions (6) of them expect an exact answer, but there so much restrictions on what you can answer. Example: question “father middle name” - well, a middle name like “Claude” wouldn’t be acceptable, because it’s not ar least 8 chars. Umm so make up a name for your father and remember it? Well, for me, the answers to all the questions didn’t meet the criteria- so I have to make up random stuff and hope that I can remember them. Also, for birthday- you can’t select a year - you gotta scroll month by month for - my mom 70 years!!!!!
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6 months ago, mynicknameisgreg
It’s not an app, it’s a login screen
I cannot log into the app as I constantly get an error message that “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.” Repeated efforts yield the same result. I’ve tried every day over the span of a week. Same problem. My guess is they don’t have a server and the login screen is the app. And of course they tell me I have to sign documents in the app and I can’t use the just-as-terrible website. It’s humorous (in an exasperated way) and borderline criminal how they can get such a pathetic attempt at an app on the iOS store.
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2 years ago, Tacomajen
App and Website hasn’t worked for months
I have no issues with logging in. This is not a Forgot user name or Password issue. This app simply does not work. I had to call into Matrix and the intake representative mentioned they had an upgrade to their website and told me to remove the app and reinstall it. I did. This did not fix the issue. The main website to Matrix also is non-functional. I have reported this a few times to the claims manager that worked on my FMLA submission but he continued to direct me to eServices to get to my forms. I explained several times the Matrix website and mobile app are not working.
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8 months ago, amandamunich7777
Worst app I’ve ever been forced to use
Boy I thought the website was bad. Why does this app have NO features? And you can only see that if it ever lets you log in. You can log in maybe 1 out of every 6 attempts if you’re lucky. Talk about giving someone a hard time while they’re already suffering. This company needs an entire redesign for ever digital interface they have. This is pathetic and I’m so sorry if you have to use this for work. I pray you have extra time to get things worked out because good luck getting anything done in a timely manner.
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1 year ago, flywire91
Terrible app!
First of all, it is ridiculous that I am required to download this app to complete a claim. Why can’t I just do everything I need to do on the website?! Second - this app doesn’t even freaking work!! I was able to login twice, then I started getting a “service not available” error. I haven’t been able to login for over two months! It’s worthless. The two times I did get logged in to the app the user interface was terrible, there is nothing intuitive or user-friendly. Overall - one of the worst apps I’ve ever used!!
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2 years ago, Nothappywithvenmo
Worst Short Term Disability Company
Although the company claims the app and website are Self-service, you are not able to track when your physicians submit documentation and when Matrix receives it, which delays the review process and ultimately delays your paychecks. You have to spend hours on hold to track down your claim examiner. Their medical review team, aka nurse practitioners, don’t seem to have medical expertise to review complex medical records and pick and choose notes so benefits can be denied. Rather than having a smooth process that supports employees, the process is a complete nightmare.
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1 year ago, ChirpieDelite
This app is worse than hurting and being unable to work
Being unable to work and to provide for my family is hard enough but having to succumb to the horrid existence of this experience of a pathetic excuse for an app completely intolerable. I’d give this app zero stars if I could. I love my job. I love the company that employs me but this app and matrix does not deserve the right to represent me or my employer. I am notifying my employer of the inadequacies of matrix’s failed attempts at customer service. The humans that I have spoken to at matrix were complaining professional but their app and online customer service seems to be controlled by a high school dropout that lives in mom’s basement. This experience is horrible. You’re dealing with people’s livelihoods. Utter failure. Do not do business with this company if this is the best they do. Great employees deserve better treatment.
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7 months ago, SourSquach
Slow and can’t even log in.
You guys really need to fix this app some people would rather fill out their own absences and yet this app makes it near impossible. The last thing i want to do is call a company tht will ask me pointless questions for them to fill out for me when I can do it myself but I actually can’t because this app doesnt even work when jobs are at sake it should be an effective app but it feels pointless based off of how many times it just will not work at all.
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2 years ago, Wilsonali
Horrible app
I’ve wasted so much time trying to use this app. I feel like this company manes things as difficult as they possibly can to file a claim and provide the necessary documentation. I can’t call my examiner from the app, I can’t email from the app, and I get errors when I try to upload documents in the app. I don’t want to use gmail to send my protected information so now I’m having to download other apps so I can fax in everything. It would be better off they didn’t even have an app.
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2 years ago, damcmahon1
App does not work
Matrix basically requires you to use the app for everything, however, I have not been able to login for days. Despite multiple attempts to download, delete, and re-download the app every login attempt ends in the same message: “service unavailable”. You can’t even file a help claim without getting the same message. Extremely disappointed as not being able to use the app makes a difficult process even more so. Please fix this!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Graceful Frog
Does not work at all
With the APP the wheel spins for a bit as if it will load a new page. Then the message “service unavailable appears. The “help” link did not work. On the website, it tries to load a new page and stalls half way, over and over. So clicked on the help link and was able to send a note. They sent me a link to change password which I did and the same problem with bot APP and website happened. It is stressful enough trying to apply for leave c
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7 months ago, bullpen10
Easy to Use
This app is so much easier you use than filing the mountain of paperwork with your company. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. This app makes it easy to check this status of your claim. Far better than having to deal with my company.
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2 years ago, ematrixx
Worst customer service
This company does whatever it wants and they make themselves very hard to reach thru phone calls or emails. I tried multiple times to contact someone and they never answer the phone it’s always voicemails and they respond to emails days later or never. I left a voicemail to the supervisor Jessica Lopez to file complaints and also hasn’t returned my phone call but it sounds like that’s how they operate. Be ready for a headache and a run around with these people.
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7 months ago, tjatsd
I am due to have surgery and was told to submit my information through this app. The representative had no answers for me and just kept referring me to the app. In trying to access it, the app kept telling me I was using cellular data…yes, I’m on my’s an app! It wouldn’t log in unless on Wi-Fi. I’m only giving 2 stars because it allowed me to upload my files on Wi-Fi easily. Other than that, the app is in need of an overhaul.
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2 months ago, joben20
Do not update- new update
Updated today with new version now all my info is gone. All my past contact letters to payments are missing. I do not recommend updating. New update- the app is displaying all my info now. I did get a response from them with an apology which was nice too see they monitor there app. Hopefully no more issues.
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2 months ago, Honest Reviewer113
Terrible app, worse customer service
I’ve never left an app review before but Matrix found a way. Wow what a terrible app. It doesn’t accept any documents you upload. Pretty crazy to see something so broken in today’s day and age. Beyond this, the “customer service” offered by this company is awful. Several phone calls, voice mails, and emails sent with no response whatsoever. We must be able to do better than this company.
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2 months ago, Tay 77
Horrible update
What was already an annoying app to use has now become non-functional after most recent update. Existing claim no longer shows and have of the buttons do nothing. Extremely frustrating especially when managing leave is an incredibly important task. Needs to be fixed asap. Even the website is crashing at the moment so there is no way to access info.
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2 years ago, Bregales
Please Try Again
When a claim is opened we are sent paperwork for a treating doctor to submit. The only options are to fax, load onto the app, or mail in. I have tried 16 times today to upload the app via my iPhone. Each time, after a 25 second load wait I get a single response, “Please Try Again.” Each time you must manually select, crop, and try again. No difference whether you load photos from your phone’s photos or take them within the app. After 14 failures I had app added to a relative’s iPad and manually let gged in and tried on the newer device. Still without success. As has been previously recorded, device must have password entered each time you open app. Very frustrating!
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8 years ago, MMA_Ninja
Very convenient and easy to use...
This app works fine for me every time I have used it. I find it very convenient and user friendly, which is something that is very much appreciated since it's usually used when you're feeling awful and sick.
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5 months ago, antimatter58
Basically non-functional
Spent an hour of my morning trying to upload an 80KB picture of a positive COVID test but instead all I got was a pop-up that maximum image size is 25MB. Pop up could not be dismissed and the only way I could get back out was to fully close and relaunch the app. About half of my logins failed on the first attempt with a generic error message, as did half of my attempts to access my claim once logged in.
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1 year ago, NewDad0216
This app is a human rights violation
Close to 200 one star reviews don’t lie. This app is an embarrassment and makes it harder for me to spend time with my wife and child during paternity leave because I’m dealing with the app not functioning. Can the app, make the document upload a functionality on the website, and stop making life more difficult for people at times when they need to focus on more important things.
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8 months ago, Zang1975
Terrible App
Unable to login to the app. Also, do not like the fact that I need to download an app to upload documentation. I should be able to upload whatever required documentation from either a laptop or a mobile device. Restricting users to a mobile device is inconvenient. Not to mention, if I can’t log into the mobile app, how am I to upload any sort of documentation?
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1 year ago, Kooshbomb
Horrible, never works, not user friendly
I’ve been on matrix multiple times on this app trying to do the things I need to do and it never works. It always says service is unavailable and I either cannot sign in at all. Or it will not let me even start a claim. Save your time and do it on a desktop. Apps are used for ease of access this is the opposite.
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4 years ago, Elvy's Iphone5
I like this app, however, it doesn’t show a detail description of your payments, just a summary (check date, check number and amount). So if you get paid via direct deposit, this is all of the information you’ll get.
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7 months ago, Rhsisushxbz a
Gave up!! Delete!
Not sure if there is another app developed that sends you a reset password (Your Matrix eServices password has been reset to R2yx7iW8D4) that you are unable to cut and paste from your messages. Once you do get in, it freezes constantly, Note that i have the latest version of iphone.
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3 years ago, ahenrylaw
App is terrible on iPhone
The DocuSign section started working but when I tried to go back to read a section, the entire document stopped working. I closed the app, restarted and I got the same error message. I was never able to complete the documentation from the app. The app is unusable by anyone who wants to read the documents they are signing.
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3 months ago, AaronInCal
New update, existing claims are now gone
There was an update to this app today. Now my existing claims I had on here have disappeared. Hoping it’s just temporary, but not sure with how this app has been in the past. Really wish my work did not insist on using them. Everyone who has had to go through Matrix has never had a good experience.
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3 years ago, ShonnyDG
Information with adjuster
I have my adjuster contact me with no problem and the updated information is always on point . I go to this app when I’m having problems reaching the information I need
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10 years ago, Debbie Johnson
Matrix with an iPod
With an iPod, I can't see the dates that I reported, but it gets the job done. The info that is shown on the download window shows different windows that someone can access, this also is something I don't have access to. All I can do is report and see the length of time I reported.
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4 years ago, PayingOff
Works great
Has been a great tool for communication. Being able to file a claim from the app was really beneficial to me getting my claim in earlier. I have experienced no problems with it.
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5 years ago, sunshyne51
Does not work. Very frustrating.
This app does not work. Prior to my claim, it did not give me an option for file the claim via the app. Once claim filed by phone, it shows my claim as incomplete but provides no prompts for completing. Pretty frustrating esp bc it’s supposed to be more useful and easy for people who are on some kind of medial leave than having to deal with their own HR. It is not. It does not work at all.
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9 years ago, thepinkcrow
Great app
I use this app to report an absence (required by my employer) for my intermittent FMLA which is monitored by Matrix. I have it installed on my iPhone and iPad. Super easy to use and saves me time rather than emailing or calling Matrix (as required by my employer).
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2 months ago, Breia94
New update
Since they have updated this app my claim has disappeared. Please note with this company if you are receiving a paper check from them, don’t be looking for it anytime soon . I get paid every Friday and the check comes a whole week later . Maybe a week 1/2 later. Get direct deposit .
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3 years ago, Gecinator
Not a great app
It doesn’t seem to let you know if an upload was successful or not, and it seems to get stuck only showing me “recent photos”, and it is a blank recent photos queue at that. It doesn’t save my password and I have to re enter it every time.
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7 months ago, myowncategory
Can’t log in
It lets me log in whenever it feels like it. A lot of times it says cellular data will be used, data charges may apply. I hit okay then it just stays on the same screen without letting me log in. Even sometimes when I am on Wi-Fi it just loads for a long time then says try again later 🤦‍♂️
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2 years ago, GNews4BadTimes
Bypass and use a computer...
Most reviewers are right about the one star reviews. I had trouble after creating an account. Then I see a message box saying: “Upgrade your system to iOS 13 for optimal performance.” Did the developers take in account that not all people can have or afford the newest phones?
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1 year ago, AKB3478
Very easy to use
Great interface. Allows me to check claim status and even contact my examiner.
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