McAfee Security for T-Mobile

4.7 (38.3K)
196.2 MB
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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for McAfee Security for T-Mobile

4.74 out of 5
38.3K Ratings
6 years ago, tones dones loans
So I got T-Mobile, downloaded this app, signed up and hooked everything up. The app is a bit outdated but still does its job. This app has some awesome features that you just don’t get from other companies. Say you lost your phone in your house, sign in on any other device and press the alarm button, your phone will automatically put the volume to 100% and start screaming so you can find it, which is EXTREMELY USEFUL. Also say you lost your phone or you think it’s been stolen, simply his login to the T-Mobile McAfee website and press locate, and it will tell you where your phone is in live time. It also backs up your contacts, vault, and some other things. Also, have some pictures you wanna keep away? Put it in your vault and put a pin on your vault. If someone tries to enter your vault, and puts in a pin incorrectly 3 times, it takes a front facing picture, and sends it to your email. It’s pretty amazing. You can do so many things from the website and it’s pretty amazing, don’t ever worry about losing your phone again.
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2 years ago, Domeatrius
Excellent Security
I have been using McAfee for years on my computers and when I found out that McAfee was offered to T-Mobile customers I jumped on the offer McAfee is a force to be reconned with their Antivirus is an awesome piece of software that has an excellent detection rate for detecting threats from the internet this app also scans your home network for threats which is more than what you get with other security apps on the App Store bottom line if you want top notch security software to protect your phone and more importantly protect your privacy than this is the app for you even if you don’t have T-Mobile the app is well worth the little you spend every month for the top notch security that you get from a world class company in internet security
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2 years ago, CantWaitUntilFBIthrowthemin
in less than 6 hrs even with the McAfee security my phone is once again hacked by a whole tribe who also ace hackers and they got in this time through my contacts app which i had the supposed security on at all times! And because they are gamers from at least 12 different countries because they are gamers they burned up all my supposed McAfee protection in a few hours!!!!!! This is ridiculous and Ive only had this phone for a ôlittle over 1 day !!!!!! What are you going to do to fix this and they are using my name, and location which is supposed to keep my personal business private and made changes to my settings and i dont have timie to change everything on a daily basis and my brand new number that I got after 6 tries and it was not even one I had tried to choose so I think thats how these greedy gamers some how get in as it said before it was the peacock app and this time it was the camera I think. Really not cool. Please fix immediately! I spent over $1200 to get hacked when i put on the so called protection and it failed miserably!!!!!!
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2 years ago, allen enriquez
Fraud through T-Mobile security breach
In September of 2021 I’ve been fraud from someone using my debit card that I changed many times and some how it got used, yet this app didn’t detect this fraud since tmobiles breach of security early occurred. Besides this this app is good for tracking black web and foreign country emails, personal information to see if active very good app but they need to track debit card more in depth. During the holidays I don’t have time to check my emails, Facebook bank account because I am very busy and use these types of apps to alert me. Unfortunately it has failed but thankfully my bank took only three days to resolve my issue. Be ware of all your accounts, loans credit cards as this is not the first time mac. Has failed it happen 3 times and counting my credit cards are magically being used without my authorization assuming due to T-Mobile security breach
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2 years ago, go back to India
Review for McAfee from RTonder
McAfee every time you use your app to check my phone for malware you give Safari permission or either opn his app so he will go into my messages and e-mails, WHY YOU DO THS? I am very angry that you Safari maliciously do this? Another negative for Safari is that they hire outside of the US their Customer Service so they can not control them or train them properly. We do not trust anything or anyone outside of the US. This is the reason we run out from our original countries due to crime and dishonesty. So Safari stop moving my private settings browser every night for Safari to open and read my emails and messages. They do the same in my other Google phone. This is the reason i do not give them a good rating and I will not give them permissions and will not use all their futures “ VOLT” and will not get ever a good rating from me at all. They need to respect all customers and stop hiring outside of the US. I wish I can give them a big “ 0” but the lowest rating is “1” Very sorry that there is no “0” Ruth T.
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2 years ago, thegreatsongtraveler
Impressively robust app & highly customizable features
Impressively robust app & highly customizable features which are unique to the T-Mobile brand. Surprised just how many ways the company allows you to take true ownership of an otherwise locked smart device. For the brand to offer features an unlocked phone sometimes can’t even do is nice and freeing of an industry which along with Apple, has historically made their products safe from users changing features they felt the customer wasn’t responsible enough to do if they so chose. We can almost do what a “jailbroken” phone can do with our T-Mobile Apple products that are still under contract. We are far removed from the past.
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2 years ago, Kenrm
Works great
The app works great for what it’s supposed to do, it also searches the dark web to see if any of your information has been stolen and how to fix it, it could be a little bit more intuitive and giving more control to the user and also buy more selectionsIncluding a deeperScared of memory end apps individually, but for what it does it is good and I haven’t had any problems with it, it has theft protection and also takes a photo of the individual that had stolen your phone and also you can lock them completely out by using the web app on a different computer either windows or Mac so you’re not limited or someone else’s iPhone also or anything for that matter that has a Browser so all in all I think it’s a great app and I just wish it had more features.
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4 years ago, Debb Qa
I have gone through at least 10 IPhones in the last 12 months. All of them XSMax, 10, 11, etc. paid cash, thousands of dollars and the same issues over and over again. Tmobile-I ended up with my 2nd XSMax “compromised” per Apple Support-this Mc Afee app is completely USELESS. I had the Mc Afee on at least 7 of the devices and In a nutshell, because I can go on for days, I lost access to EVERYTHING the Mc Afee app doesn’t safely store anything. Whoever or whatever( bot, etc) who knows who cares at this point damage has been done-remotely accessed my MCAFEE ACCOUNT and wiped my phone right in front of my eyes, after taking what it wanted. Very disturbing. I also had fraud issues on my device and lost access to all my Google accounts, social media, PayPal, etc. STILL LOCKED OUT OVER 1 YEAR LATER!! all because a bad Apple push certificate was somehow placed on my Samsung computer that I backed my IPhones up to using ITunes. BE CAREFUL AND CHECK THE CERTIFICATES!! On your windows devices, Samsung devices, Apple devices etc. even Mozilla :) cheers!
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2 years ago, TodBon Obrn
Hacking = 20 years
Finally something that appears to beat the hidden untraceable back door where lives are destroyed. NONE of the long list of crap I have had has worked. The simple idea of not providing the world with a tone of Options to change the VPN so the hackers can still get to you was nice. Now if you could password the connections past the initial log and a create a scream notification instantly telling the some cowardly little thief is messing with your life and give the honest people a chance would be great. When I become president I plan on ordering that hacking is now a felony. Thanks guys.
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4 months ago, Hard to fool
Protection for Carol Nelson, Curtis Nelson+Shane Nelson
On 2/4/24, I tried to get to some questions I have about whether or not to continue with this program and was not able to see or read each area where I have questions. Each time I tapped an area to read what I’m in need of reading, there was just an empty page. I had already checked and scanned my Wi-Fi and it said that it was on and safe. Why was I not able to access that information? This makes me wonder what I’m doing with this program? Why can’t I access and read all of this data? Won’t make a decision to renew this plan until I can access everything.. Thank you, Carol Nelson Please notify me here in this app if you have read and understand what I’m saying and what I need..
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3 years ago, Charleen W.
My phone was sent a virus via messenger mail. This so called 24/7 security for my device did NOT
I am beyond annoyed with the integrity of today’s business practices. Y’all claim protection you do not provide… it’s dishonest. The only notifications I’ve received from T-mobleMcAfee Security are notifications that Im not using a secure wifi when Im out n about. Which is common sense when there is available wifi elsewhere that its open to all. My phone was compromised using my wifi so where was my notifications for the text that gave me the virus??? Consumers are receiving less and less quality from businesses, this is yet another disappointing experience expecting protection and receiving nada! Shame shame on YOU.
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1 year ago, Icky73!!
T-Mobile security
Excellent job T-Mobile for having such an amazing free security system for my phone. It protects my privacy, checks for threats, provides precise location information if my phone is ever lost or stolen. Thank you so much for this amazingly free security service. I can’t begin to say enough great things about T-Mobile, it’s services, protection and customer service. Thank you again. Highly recommend to all looking for great service, clear communication, provided free security, etc. 10 stars if that were an option.
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4 years ago, honest unbiased reviewer
WiFi gaurd
I have multiple apps that walk you thru the process of what to do and how to do if there’s a unsecured open network. McAfee Security will scan and let me know I’m on a unsecured network suggesting to disconnect or put a WiFi gaurd up. I’ve written asking how to put a WiFi gaurd up and never got a response. The app doesn’t show a WiFi gaurd option or how to put a WiFi gaurd up that I could find. Maybe I’m missing something here but if it’s such a security issue I would think they would make it easier to activate. I give the app rating 2 stars because of this issue. Of all apps I’ve tried. I would suggest Norton’s lock life because they also provide a firewall. Hope this info helps others when making a decision.
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3 years ago, sour8apple
Awful Awful
I have had my Gmail, Yahoo,Netflix,Hulu,Facebook and PlayStation Network accounts hacked and stolen! I have been through so many phones and services in the last month and switched to T-Mobile got a iPhone se and thought by getting McAfee I could finally get things back to normal.. How I was soooo wrong!! I have had so much trouble with my ID portal and me losing my safe web browser and have had this app only for a month now and have had nothing but trouble. Seems like someone else is using my “McAfee” other then me and customer support is just as horrible. I would not recommend this to no one to use or even think about using. T-Mobile should be ashamed for even associating there name with McAwful aka McAfee. DONT INSTALL THIS GARBAGE!! HORRIBLE and NO HELP WHATSOEVER!! I would give it a tenth of a star if I could! T-Mobile get rid of this trash!!
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3 years ago, Old Man Mitch
McAfee is the best !
Time and time again my computer friend who handles all my systems iPads iPhones laptops always tells me thatMcAfee is doing its job… that’s going on six years now or longer… I have shared this information with a lot of people over the years and I hope that this is helped boost your business.. Because I truly have been extremely lucky as there were a few close calls and bogus attempts..McAfee pulled through every time !! Hats off !!!!
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4 years ago, Beer_zaygy
Inconsistently drops VPN and does not reconnect
Almost every time I use this app the VPN loses its connection. When this happens, nothing works when using a cellular connection on my phone until I shut off the vpn. For example, if use my phone while driving, and I want to use google maps , none of the maps load. The phone appears to be loading the map, but nothing happens. If I go to the gym and use YMCA app, I can’t get my membership card to load. Apple Pay does not work at checkout. Basically any app that requires a cellular connection, does not connect because the vpn is attempting to connect first. I sit there waiting for it to load. I have to go into settings and turn off the VPN manually. Then all my applications work immediately. Today I removed the vpn in settings and now I have no problems.
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2 years ago, Excellent714
What is here?
This is not the only antivirus security program that is almost a secret that’s the way it does anybody covers Norton is even worse this came from T-Mobile and I have it on I think but it came only after data was stolen from them. How I didn’t know what you’re exactly getting from any of these security apps is impossible the others have 12 prices listed from 349 to 499 to 1499 a month to 3999 you don’t know with any of the programs and I find this very offensive. Norton is probably the worst. They tell you nothing do you install it and then they tell you you signed up forever this one supposedly it’s free I suspect it is
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3 years ago, Sharrkiesha
Horrible Service
I am literally new to this app. The service comes with my cell phone subscription and I pay to use it. I downloaded the app so that I could utilize their services. Guys I thought I would be impressed but I was not. The location services to locate a device was inaccurate. The Safe Mobil Browsing option would not stay enabled & last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, customer service however nice was in way ANY HELP. I emailed support & it’s only an AUTOMATED RESPONSE. The CS I spoke with stated she could not help me due to the lines not being able to transfer me to the proper department. Now GUYS we ALL are in a PANDEMIC I personally DO NOT & CAN NOT afford to waste money. I can tell you personally I will NOT be keeping this service... So my review, HARD PASS. Don’t waste the download time...
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2 years ago, Chinga@TuMadre
App constantly kicks my phone offline leaving it vulnerable at times.
App constantly kicks off my main account line when I log into my spare phone when the app states I can cover up to 10 devices… leaving my phone vulnerable surfing the web checking my emails or whatever I maybe doing on my phone that use’s data. The whole time I’m thinking I’m good because I have the app activated on my phone and come to find out the app completely logs my phone out with out me even knowing even when I have the box checked under settings to notify me if it logs out or whatever it states. Leaving my device open for free game to cyber criminals. SMH
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2 years ago, native65
Suggestions with no info is bad policy
I’m on a business trip, connected to the hotels network, guests have to login but it’s an open network so Mcafee scan states to turn on WiFi Guard or disconnect. I go to Mcafee settings, there is no WiFi Guard, nor anywhere else on that app. I highly recommend that when the software tells its customers to follow through on a security recommendation it should provide a link or at the very least instructions on where to find this WiFi Guard to purchase or turn on or whatever.. it’s not intuitive and it becomes frustrating..
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3 years ago, cacioppo67
Review on the scan on my IPhone.
I am very satisfied with the security that Mac free provides my I phone. I have no worries because I know it will keep my phone safe and if I should lose it that it will be found. It would be very crazy not to have this on your from for your protection of your device and protection from all the hackers who love to steal your information. Thank you for the security you provide your customers.
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2 years ago, graygamergurl
This is a horrible app!
I had the upgraded McAfee VPN and browser protection which is way more advanced btw but wasn’t happy because it wasn’t allowing me into the important apps I needed to be protected from in the first place so when I got a new iPhone and saw it had a version of McAfee I downloaded it. Much to my surprise it was exactly like the old app was before I upgraded. And immediately I started getting locked out of accounts-my Google accounts, then I had bank fraud, and more. This is the only thing that changed. Now I’ll go back to the upgraded version that won’t let me in half my apps and try to figure out a way to undo all this mess.
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2 years ago, Brady48
Every time I click on the McAfee App on either my S22 phone, my iPad or my Windows 10 Laptop the app acts like this is my first time that I have used the app. Every time I have to log in and then it welcomes me as a new user! Then it always says that my contacts have never been backed up. So I back up my contacts. Next time I log in, it says that I have never backed up my contacts. I am getting very tired of this. I did not used to have this problem. It started when I synced all three of my items. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, ZeusMau
Great app and it’s very user-friendly
Great app for my iPhone. I’ve had no issues. They found my DL# being used in the dark web and immediately notified me about it. I don’t understand why there are negative reviews for such a simple app that works great! I highly recommend this app if you are a T-Mobile customer.
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3 years ago, MusicMac
Redundant & Invasive
SUMMARY: Useless, invasive & redundant! Deplorable support. I already wrote a review and mysteriously - it’s gone! It was too detailed anyway so this is the short version First: you can’t log out of the app!! Yea… yea… yea - it’s a security app so you wouldn’t want to log out and turn it off right? ** Wrong! ** Ask yourself - Why do they not provide a way to log out of the app? Continuous tracking. Heck one of its features is to help find your phone which means - - tracking. Gee!! I think Apple calls this “find my” iPhone, which can be done MUCH easier through Apple products, and… I can turn it on or off. This app does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more than what your iPhone already does and can do, and MORE! Here’s one last example. “Backup your contacts” One of the features the app touts. You can already do this for FREE using your free Apple cloud 5gb storage that Apple provides. WHY would I want McAfee to have all my contacts?! LIKE I SAID — Useless, invasive & redundant!
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2 years ago, bayside@949
Notification alerts on but app doesn’t notify
App always says I’m not allowing notification alerts but I do, have always allowed them and they are ALWAYS turned on in my settings. I have never ever received serious alert notifications from the app but have from other back up sources I use. Think it’s a terrible product and only have due to a serious security breech with T-Mobile that they have given to their customers for free to cover themselves. Waste of their money in my opinion Also they keep sending notifications to renew and have done so from the beginning
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4 years ago, tumble4weed
Great and easy to use..However I keep having problems with my switch getting turn off on my safe web browser and can’t turn it back on once it gets turn off. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app every time this happens. However I have been having problems with someone hacking in my phone for the past 4 weeks now. Please Mcafee help me resolve this and fix the issue at hand. I would be more then happy to give a 5 plus plus review. Thank you.
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4 years ago, VampDragon420
Live mcafee and now I know I have extra security
I have all ways love and trusted mcafee and now you T-Mobile I know my phone is secure as well extra level of protection for me my family and those who I communicate with both personal and business knowing that there information is safe and secure. Thank you
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2 years ago, mhaydensosa
McAfee Security is the best!
I've been with T-Mobile for 15 years now and since the smartphones like my iPhone came out I've never felt safer from scams and phishing. I'd recommend this McAfee app to anyone who feels like they need extra security and to be able to rest easy knowing their data and phone is safe. Sincerely, Michael Sosa
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5 years ago, MrossCC
Terrible App & Support
After verifying my phone number the app ask you to create an account with an email address and password. It gives you the error message that the email address is already being used. McAfee says that it is a T-Mobile problem and T-Mobile says it is a McAfee problem. Obviously by the reviews, I am not the only one with this issue. No one seems to want to fix the problem and just pass it off to the other company. Stop promoting an app that doesn’t work or fix it. Complete waste of my time talking to both parties(McAfee & T-Mobile).
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2 years ago, STEELERS_22
Excellent App
Love app, does the job so far real adequately. No problems except one with website protection switch, keeps switching to off in app with no switching in my settings. Other than that, it’s a great site. Would recommend to anyone to tryout app. Very pleased.
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2 years ago, Smitty325
User friendly?
It is aggravating when it pops up with a possible threat, you run a scan, which really does nothing as far as I can tell….THEN, you cannot go back to what you are doing as you cannot simply reduce the app to standby, you are required to close it to get it off the screen, then it aggravates you with messages that you closed it. Let us deal with whatever threat is found then remove from primary screen to the background….EASILY
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5 years ago, oldman_58
Very invasive and difficult to navigate
Seems to want to take over all iCloud security like find my phone etc. not sure this is necessary as Apple did a great job in that area. Where is the virus/phising/ and hijacker scanning. More like an up sell tool than a phone protection tool. The more I try to use the more frustrating, why does McAfee need to store my backed up contacts and get constant location updates. Not to be paranoid but I am uninstalling this app as the information requested is invasive and very salable, not protecting much but their bottom line. Going back to Sophos.
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3 years ago, Nuoxis
App says my number is connected to a different account please log in. Ok i was with metro so i login on that side no problem but thats the thing. IM NOT WITH METRO ANYMORE, I CANT GET PREMIUM SERVICE WHEN IM NOT WITH THAT COMPANY. So why in a million years cant your stupid app understand my number is with T-Mobile? I cant even begin to use it because it gives me the runaround when i try to login. I removed all my devices from metro eons ago and this is what i get? Trash. I paid for your service and cant use it due to a fall through on your side.
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4 years ago, csm.eier
Wish I could give 0 stars
I have tried making an account with different emails and every time I try to proceed in making my account it says that my account is already made. That is a lie because I haven’t made it yet. For a prestigious name as McAfee, I could expect better quality from their product. Hope this bug can get fixed.
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3 years ago, ros7070
Re please fix
I have enjoyed this app until recently, there was an update done that prevents the VPN to connect as soon as you hit the switch to connect it disconnects, I tried multiple times turning my iPhone off and reconnecting the VPN and it will not stay connected, for now I’ve had to purchase a different one that doesn’t offer all the same features, I am asking that you do whatever is necessary to fix this issue or I will have to discontinue paying for this
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2 years ago, YouAintAhit
Customers service is garbage. I’ve been going back and fourth going on 5 years trying to gain access to my account and McAfee is telling me T-Mobile needs to update my information, I call T-Mobile and they tell me that McAfee are the ones that need to update my information. SO WHICH ONE IS IT? Like y’all took my info probably sold it! Y’all probably was the ones that did that DATA breach taking info on people. Put some money in my bank account the next time y’all want take my info!
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3 years ago, gdhdkdudhd x
Difficult and confusing
I was looking for something to make my computer faster This took hours to download and very difficult to use on multiple devices
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3 years ago, Jeffyb418
Does not recognize T-Mobile phone numbers
This app is useless if you are a T-Mobile customer. I have a T-Mobile account with 4 lines and 4 numbers. This app is telling me they aren’t T-Mobile numbers and I’m not a T-Mobile customer. It wants me to pay for it and if you have T-Mobile it’s free but I guess I don’t pay T-Mobile? Then who runs a T-Mobile website or app I pay $200++ a month to? Just a scam to rip off unsuspecting people who don’t know better. Scam city
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2 years ago, Ag1l1ty Add1ct
Device Saver
I’ve been using McAfee T-Mobile for awhile now, both my iPhone and iPad have both gotten viruses, this app has saved both my devices. I can’t put into words how Grateful I am for the McAfee T-Mobile App.🥹 Thank You 🙏🏻
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3 years ago, One of millions...
VPN option hinders iPhone Data
Since I enabled McAfee’s Safe Web option, I have had non-stop trouble with my cellular data. It will read bars of LTE, but no data will work in apps or web browsing. I finally found out it was the VPN being turned on that was causing the problem. Turned off VPN and had to completely remove the app, since it auto-enabled it again the next day, causing the same cellular data issues.
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4 years ago, BrandiD❤️
Thank you
This is the best security experience I’ve ever had. I’m so happy with the way it keeps e everything organized and secure. In the past, I have had some bad experiences with creepers and my info / data being exploited. I can finally rest peacefully knowing today’s activities and my personal information is my eyes only and perfectly secure! Brandi D❤️
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11 months ago, Lawdoc1
I have been trying to get my account set up for over 3 years now but even if I clear ALL data and try to start over I get the same result it has me under some else’s account and idk who the person is to this day I’m so disappointed with this issue I’ve got to T-Mobile in person even to try resolve this issue I’ve called technical support even have a link the sent me telling me I’m all set to enroll yet I am UNABLE to do so
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7 years ago, evrosado
Security App that Doesn’t!
I have tried with this app on several occasions. Just don’t like that if I backup my pics I have to delete them or I keep getting a message that says my phone is not secure. I’m deleting the app again and not dealing with it. It’s a nice concept but the company needs to really work on it. Password with no special characters is a HUGE no no. It’s included with my protection plan but I won’t be using it. My cable company also offers it but it’s the same thing.
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3 years ago, Kahuna15Baloo
McAfee has my back
Love the thorough and easy to follow tips, and how they cover and protect all aspects of my personal information and media. Great partnership with T-Mobile. Thank You T-Mobile for this awesome offering as part of your package!!!
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1 year ago, Love1!!
I did not download as she told me you updated it
and then you send me something that I already have you told me to change my password and I did that's not the problem the problem is they blocking me from change my password because they get into my family sharing in a keep turning on the game so I'm going back-and-forth and I recorded it for the court as well but I can see what I'm talking about I'm a keep
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2 years ago, Joey Plumber
I get around 100 text a day. 99 percent unwanted. This must stop. I don’t want to change my number but it may be the only way. I need help and need a now. This started last week. Is this a China thing????
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2 months ago, j '53
How to download
How the heck do you know if I got virus protection??? Been trying to download it for 10 minutes. Should say when you actually get it ! Still have a screen that sez I just been pooped on ! And it has a micro soft or name brand on it Makes me think I should smash my phone and melt what’s left
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3 years ago, skoman131
VPN doesn’t work on iPhone SE and 12
VPN doesn’t work on IPhone 12 and SE. When VPN is on, I cannot browse internet or make connections. VPN automatically turns on even when manually turned off due to app being downloaded. In other words, I have to manually keep turning VPN off every time I want to connect to internet. I called T-Mobile support who put me in touch with Apple who basically said to not use the app or download another VPN app with more controls. Very frustrating.
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9 months ago, Mugenracerman
Too much personal data collected
Has anyone read the privacy policy? Just look at what you are giving away….” Details about your internet, app, or network usage (including URLs or domain names of websites you visit, information about the applications installed on your device, or traffic data); and performance information, crash logs, and other aggregate or statistical information.”
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